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    Crime House - Last Dream

    Clip Description

    Custom video

    starring: betty

    a young woman is walking home when see a strange say dream when she is in great mood is dancing topless when suddenly shot dead by a hitman … she doesn’t understand why she has such a strange and dark feeling. But it wasn’t just coincidence. She is shot by this stranger in real life. She is in shock and she is slowly dying in a bullet in her chest.

    fetish elements: two shooting scenes, shot dead, blonde, surprised death stare, surprising before death, jeans mini shorts, white blouse

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4487.79 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - Last Dream

    Crime House - Last Dream

    Crime House - Last Dream

    Crime House - Last Dream

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    Crazy Casting - Both parts
6 deaths
shooting stories
Playing with bodies 

In the first part 3 female singers are shot during casting.
In the second part 3 fe,ale casting producers are shot by singer.

    Crime And Punishment - Starring: hass and anna

it’s the new page of crime house fantast studio development, the new work with new staff. From now on we make our movies in professional, art-cinema and very erotic style.  

we introduce new fetish-model and actress anya – she does very good acting!


a poor student rents a room in at petersburg. It’s payday but he has no money. He reads «crime and punishment» by fedor dostoevsky and finds himself like raskolnikov. When he reads about murdering of flat-owner and liza, he is exited. He decides to repeat a tragic story.

but the room’s owner isn’t an old lady at all! Young, success  businesswoman and her pretty young long-leggy ******** came to his place for their money. But instead  money they find nothing but death!

the student takes a gun and shoots the woman to her chest. ****** Surprises and dies in quick death agony. Her ******** in the shock and we can understand her – ****** she loved so much now is dead with a bullet in her body. Young **** rushes to mummy’s corpse, seats on her knees and cries:

 - oh, no, mummy, dear, no! Bastard, what have you done?

the student finds the scene of this tragedy is very exiting. He feels himself like «overman» in dostoevsky’s  and nietzsche’s proceedings. The **** is so pretty in panic. Her short skirt is up, she touches her dead ****** in hope that she can help her. But she can not. The student transforms to cruel monster and makes her to play a sexy game with her dead ******, to touch her hair, tits, to put off jewels from her neck.  Young babe wants to live so much, that’s why she does all he says. But he isn’t going to stop. The next his order is to take off her clothes. The ******** takes off her shirt and skirt shyly, and then she takes off tights.

-play with her body! – He orders again. The **** touches mummy’s still warm corpse, but she can’t stand so cruelty any more, she gets panic.

    -i won’t do it any more- she cries desperately.  – Stop it now, bastard!

         this is her last words. He shoots her to stomach. It pains. This **** didn’t  know what is pain. But now she does, she knows this shocking terrible feeling of fear, pain and death coming. She is looking at him confused and he shoots again, now in her chest. Deadly point! She falls on her mum’s body smoothly and gracefully. Two dead ***** lying in a body pile. Mothers has a calm face with clothed eyes. Seems she is just ******** but bloody wound says about she is dead. ******** has a opened-eyes death stare. Her eyes look like they made of glass.

the student comes to the bodies and starts playing with them. He takes off bra from young ****’s big boobs and touches them, smashing spreading *****. He plays with *****, like with dolls made of real *****.

then she seats them is dead-dolls poses, seats near and continues to read dostoevsky. He touches their faces. He is reading all the evening and when he reads about raskolnikov’s atonement his courage  with «overman» idea failed.

it’s sexy, erotic, taboo, fetish work with lost of fetish elements:

******-******** victims, shooting, *****, ****** stripping, surprised faces, body pile with two *****, stockings, playing with dead bodies, much of different dead playing, interesting plot.

    Bride - Based on the play of aleksandr ostrovskiy the poor bride. 
the plot. The poor bride larisa is the youngest da...Ghter in the family. She has no any dowry, so she has to marriage a rather poor functionary karandishev. But she doesn’t love him, escape the wedding to meet the rich playboy she loved. But after a night with him rich man said he is married. Dishonored and shamed larisa decided to become a kept woman and to escort rich businessmen to europe and usa trips. But karandishev catches her on the river beach and says that he is inlove with her and wants to kill playboy. She is too rude with him, she sais he is just  wretched clerk, but she is a thing, but expensive thing, too expensive for him. 
he kills her in the back…
of course crime house made this story more erotic, and the death scene more agonistic and long. 
let's see how noble aristocrat **** directly writhes in agony, her white dress is up, her bust is bare, she is slowly dying in the arms of men she didn’t love!
fetish elements
shooting in the back, white elegant dress, surprised reaction, long death, touching dead body, bust, *****, ***** from mouth, death stare.
if you kike this type of video (elegant shooting, sexy white clothes, death reactions) check also  last dream and home not alone.

    Killing Love - Custom video
last betty’s job in  crime house!!
betty becomes a jealous ****** of a man who loved her and was sure she had another lover.

he suddenly shoots twice her with gun. She makes great death reaction! It’s very emotional  movie with wonderful acting.

it’s last video with model betty for this year, don’t miss it!

fetish elements:

pov shooting, *****, emotions, death reaction, white sexy clothes.

    2 SPIES - 2 SPIES
Custom movie

Fetish elements:
Knocking out
Limp fetishes with uncensorious girl
Touching face, boobs, body 
Shooting to the back, shooting to the breasts (twice)
Searching USB in under skirt of girl in her dead pussy (non-porn scene)
Shooting to the breasts 
Death stare with open eyes
Death stare with closed eyes 
Two dead sexy bodies 
Black stockings
Spy theme 

Annabelle is dressed in a low neck black dress and Mary in something similar to Black Widow’s outfit she has unzipped the frontal part. The theme is shooting.
A door opens and Annabelle enters in a hurry. She leans against the Wall, she is afraid of something and is breathing heavily, her breasts rise and fall. When she calms down, she extracts from her bosom a USB and go straight to a computer that is on a desk in front of her.

She inserts the USB in the computer and do not notice Mary who silently walks toward her and hits her in the head with the butt of a pistol with silencer.
Annabelle cries and falls unconscious to the floor. She is on her left side. Mary turns Annabelle´s body so she rests on her back and we can see that her left breast is exposed because of the low cut of the dress.
Mary, checks Annabelle´s pulse and then caresses her exposed breast and then her face. Anabelle takes out her cell and calls someone. She says that, as they supposed, Annabelle was the doublé agent and that she has the information in a USB.  A voice in the other end tells Mary that she has to hide and let Annabelle think that everything is alright, but before she leaves the room she has to kill her.
Mary cuts the call and sees that Annabelle is recovering, so she hides away and waits. Annabelle is stunned by the blow, but she stands up and rearranges her dress to keep her breast in its place. She takes the USB, puts it inside her bosom and walks toward the door. In that moment Mary shots her in the back.
Annabelle reacts to the shot and turns around not understanding what happened, then Mary shots her two more times in her left breast, her hands go to her breast and she sees the blood in them.  We see Marys satisfying expression and hear Annabelle´s body falling to the floor.
Annabelle is on her back. Her eyes closed, her mouth slightly opened. A line of blood is coming between her breasts to her neck. Mary put her fingers in Annabelle’s bosom and extracts the USB stained with blood.
Mary goes to the door but when she opens it, she sees someone and her face is full of surprise and fear. She pleads: No, no please and she walks backwards inside the room. We hear 3 shots and Mary falls backwards. Her eyes and mouth open in disbelief and 3 blood stains in her left breast. Someone takes the USB from her clutched hand and leaves. The 2 beautiful spies lie dead in the room.

    Sacrifice - Hass and angelina are full nude first time in this gory video!

















Nata is in her apartment. She is wearing a mini skirt and a sleveless T-shirt. She looks nervous. She grabs her cell phone and dials a number.

“Security service?” she asks. “You were right, they call me and they will send my clone to kill me. Please I need your help”  A woman’s voice answers: “Don’t worry, we’ll send an agent right away”. Nata hangs up she is still worried.

Time passes and then the doorbell rings in Nata’s apartment. She smiles and runs to open the door.  “Thank you I’m…” she stops talking, in front of her, outside her apartment there is a woman with her same features. She is identical to her, even the clothing, the only difference is a gun with a silencer that she holds in her hand.

Nata steps back into her apartment walking backwards, fear in her face. We saw the gun firing one, two, three times and then we see that Nata has received 3 bullets one in her torso and two more in her left breast.

Nata tries to speak but no words come to her mouth only a trickle of blood. She closes her eyes and falls to her knees. She then falls to one side her body shudders one more time and she dies.

We see the legs of a woman enterig the apartment and walking to Nata’s corpse. Her gaze watches the beautiful body for a while, then her hands reach the corpse by her armpits and pull her to another room.

Nata’s clone returns to the living room sits down and wait.

After a while the doorbell rings, Nata’s clone goes and opens the door. Outside is the security agent (Annabelle) she smiles and shows Nata her ID. Nata’s clone lets the agent come in.

The security agent doesn’t know that she is not with the real Nata, so she sits and says: “You are in mortal danger, so we are moving you from here to a safe house. You just need money, your passport and some clothes” Nata’s clone stands up and says: I’ll pick up the money and the Passport, my clothes are on the bed, would you pick them up for me?

The security agent stands up and goes to the bedroom and there she finds Nata´s body. It’s lying on the bed, face up, her head hanging down. The agent is startled for the finding and turns rapidly to get out of the room.

She finds face to face with Nata’s clone that is pointing her with a gun. The agent reacts and with a fast movement hits the hand that is holding the gun disarming the clone and immediately hits the surprised clone in the face making her fall on the floor.

The agent reaches for her own gun but the clone reaches hers before and shoots from the floor to the agent. The bullet enters under the agent’s left breast. An expression of disbelief and pain fills the agent features and then she falls to the floor and dies.

The clone stands up with a malevolous smile and checks the dead agent’s body to assure she is dead then she smiles again, but this time to a hidden camera in Nata’s apartment. That is why she knows the clothing Nata was wearing and that the security agent was coming.


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    Beach Shot Dead Cocktail - BEACH SHOT-DEAD COCKTAIL



SHOT DEAD COCKTAIL is mix of shooting videos with no ***** effects.

This one is especial.

FIRST TIME at CRIME HOUSE there are silencer shootings with very realistic silencer gun effects.

FIRST TIME at CRIME HOUSE there are revolver shooting effects.

Rich location and many murder scenes with very sexy fallings, reactions, death stares.

Much nude content. Beach theme, bungalow theme, jungle theme, Asian theme. Professional operator work by DarkROOMS production, special sounds effects, clear sound.

Body touching with gun, ass views, vagina views, different poses, different dead faces.


Wifes  of oligarchs are killed at resort by contract killer with silencer gun (many variants), Nude ***** at the beach are shot by maniac with revolver, Asian Harem are shot by sheikh, Sexy-Dressed ***** are shot at the beach.

20 minutes only deaths, deaths, deaths, body touching, playing with bodies, POV shooting, sexy poses.

12 compositions, many deaths, quick deaths, slow deaths, head shots, *****’ Mexican roulette, shots in the back, shots in the hearts, open eyes death stare, closed eyes death stare, death stares with open month, agony, surprises before death, exotic nude poses.


    Julia39s Shotdead Cocktail - Shooting short scenes with our new model julia!

short shootings no ***** stories about different deaths of young pretty julia.

funny and hot poses, super death reactions, surprised before death, death stares and many other hot fetish elements for shooting lovers.

    Star - Pop star


amazing angelina


two new actresses:

russian and italian actress and  fashion model pola


 angelina plays famous but stupid pop-star. She is in the cottage with her pr-manager (pola) and image-maker (juliana). They are discussing new concert and pr-campaign when mad fan with gun breaks in the room  and shoots poor pola to the chest.

when pola is dying other **** are in stupor. The next ****** is juliana: she gets a bullet to her stomach and slowly dies on the bed. Then the maniac puts angelina’s throat and strangkles her on the bed. He takes her bra as a fan’s fetish element, takes ****’s bodies and makes a bodypile on the floor.

 fetish elements in pola’s death scene:

character: business ****, rich ****

look: white blouse, black office skirt, high heels.

death scene: one bullet shot to her chest, surprised reaction. She stands up in stupor, falls to her knees first and than falls to the floor.

fetish elements in juliana’s death scene

character – young , a little bit stupid ****

look: very jeans micro shorts and white t-shirt

death scene – surprise, taking a bullet to her stomach, agony, dying with surprised face

fetish elements in angelina’s death scene:

character: very rich glamourous pop-star

look expensive lingerie

death scene  - long  manual **********, legs kicking, tryong to escape, panic, tongue out, death stare

postmortem manipulations  - stripping dead body, making bodypile

fetish elements: shooting, *************, death stares, death reactions, fear, horror, *****, shooting to the chest, shooting to the stomach, sexy clothes, legs, bodypile

price: 15.00
run time: 11:00 minutes
file size: 400 mb	format: .Mp4
category: shooting, **********

    Killer Absolution - Introdusing new model mary!

this stylish erotic movie is based on the famous game «hitman absolution». It’s dark, gothic thriller with head shot, ch...King, bodies carrying and funeral entourage

young cruel murder loves beautiful rock brunette. She is his partner. He is going to leave city forever and decides to have a last meeting with his g...Rl. They choose abandoned monastery as a place for meeting – this place has a very big value for them both: one day he saved her life and kept her there in safe from enemy organization.

but she lied all the time. She invited him to the last meeting just to lure him into a trap… she and her new partner from enemy organization, female killer dressed in fetish nurse costume, are waiting for him to shoot him to the death. When he came to monastery, his g...Rl is waiting for him in red dress. They are dancing last time saying good buy when a female killer suddenly appears. But he has great instincts and kills her. Headshot, long ****** headshot, made like in games. May be her reaction to headshot is too long, but she feels strong fatal pain and shock realizing her end with a 45 mm bullet in her brains!

she is dead. And now is time for revenge to the traitress.   It’s not easy choice – he loves her, but he doesn’t forgives. He ch....Kes her very strong with all his power he acquired in assassin-******. She can’t do anything to get free, and just writings in agony and horror of her mortal fail, last fail in her life. She dies with a face full of hopeless looking with her death stare to the sky where the court is waiting for her…

he carries two corpses to the corner of the prayer hall. Long time ago people repented and prayed here, and now he has just committed a mortal sin. He puts his dead lovely doll to the throne as a symbol of her roual value for him and throws to her legs a corpse of nurse-assassin as a symbol of treachery and discord…

now two bodies are resting in pease in this gloomy forgotten old gothic building. They conceived a murder but became victims. They didn’t expected death. Now they are like sculptures lost forever…

fetish elements:

sexy red dress, fetish nurse, long headshot scene, *******, death stares , carrying bodies, sexy sitting and lying death poses.


gothic location looks like old church, expensive postproduction effects (thunder and lighting), interesting plot with bad ***** as victims.

    Sheriff Mrjonson - Sheriff, mr.Jonson!
angelina as a business woman
hass as a cop
luiza as a country woman 
anatoly as a worker 

this erotic horror film  made in classic slasher-movie style. 

the countryside, hot weather, old factories and cowboys, so, it’s rather strange and dangerous place. 
when government closed an old factory, many people left the town searching new job. But jim, an ex-worker, decided to stay and live in left house. 
young realtor, a woman from big city (angelina), came to this town for houses assortment. She had a meeting with mr jonson, a seller. But angelina got lost and went to the wrong house. Jim saw her – young, sexy, groomed city bitch.
he had never seen such womans before. She was calling mr jonson. Jim said that he was mr jonson and suddenly attacked her.
angelina fought as desperately as she could , but redneck was much more stronger that city gal, so – he killed her. 
she was lying on the ground, long leggy with black nylon, in short office skirt and shirt, with her tongue out. Jim decided to play with the dead doll but heard police noises. He hid  the body…
fetish elements in angelina’s death scene:
look: black stockings, high heels, office skirt and shirt
character: young city business woman is in wrong place in wrong time
death scene: sudden attack from behind, trying to escape, long ******* scene with legs kicking, trying to fight, guttural sounds, scared face, death stare with tongue out
after death playing  - stripping, touching her boobs, body carrying.  
police woman, the ******** of sheriff and sheriff assistant came to him. She thought it was a simple case about the eviction of the homeless, but stupid young cop didn’t know it was her last case. New «mr jonson» attacked her, drew her pistol and… shot her to the head. 
attention – it was very fruity long headshot scene. 
poor cop died not so quickly as we used to seeing before in movies or clips. She was standing with a bullet in her head, with freeze-look and after her last  moments, she died in ultra sexy pose. 
maniac takes off her dress, touches her fresh body and takes her hat. Now he is a sheriff! 
fetish elements in hass’s death scene
look: sheriff hat, black ultra short police dress 
character: the  town sheriff’s ********, brave good woman 
death scene: sudden attack, fighting, head shot, long   «how could it happen?»  Reaction», freeze look, dead body’s agony, very long fetish style headshot
after death playing sexy body views, stripping, carrying

a woman (luiza) who bought a house in this places was just walking when she met crazy sheriff. 
he shot her three times  - in her stomach, in her chest. She died slowly. He put three dead woman to the house and made a terrible tea break with three nude dead dolls! 
fetish elements in luiza’s death scene
look: white t-shirt and jeans mini shorts
character: nice country woman just walking 
death scene: pov shooting, 3 bullets shooting in her stomach and the chest, long death reaction, surprised face, death stare
after death playing sexy body views, carrying

three womans are sitting nude together
common fetish elements:
3 womans killed in different ways, *******, *************, legs kicking, black stockings, office style, long headshot, police fetish uniform, surprised face before death, freeze look, shooting in the stomach, shooting in the heart, agony, stripping.

    5 Women Shot Dead Cocktail - Starring:
angelina, luiza, pola, juliana, arya
the best clip in «shot dead cocktail» from crime house ever:
-	  5 models
-	bodypiles
-	shootings with gun, two gins and with machine gun 
-	10 different locations 
-	25 death shooting scenes 
-	 41 female death!
-	pov shootings
-	man killing *****
-	full nude content
-	different death fetish situations and clothes:
stockings, pantyhose, mini dresses, long evening dresses, jeans shorts, full nude content. 
shootings in the breast, shooting in the back, shooting in the stomach, headshots, quick deaths, long deaths and many other surprises!

    3  Shotdead Cocktail - 25 female deaths in this video!

starring: hass, inga gros, angelina tihnenko (new model!!!), Kit

this is our first «shot-dead cocktail» made with professional camera with 3 *****.

this is really hot one! Great quality, great acting, different poses and sexy reactions. Many ****'s death. 

death stares, crazy poses, ***** killing *****, man killing *****, many reactions, agonies, bodies.

shooting, shooting in back, shooting in the chest, long death in agony, quiqk sudden death, ***** shooting each others,  carrying bodies, crying and shouting  and voices of agony, sexy clothes, execution, bodypiles.

    Deadly Home Invasion - Sexy tall russian brunette with long legs

starring: luiza, angelina and kit

two ***** live together in the flat. They are young, beautiful. Their casual lifestyle is facebook, clubs, parties, college. So, it’s typical life, it’s typical day. Angelina is using her fitness machine,  luiza is relaxing in the bed next room and chating with her friends. It’s summertime. Birds are singing sings on the street, the sun is shining so brightly! Does this pretty day look like the last day in their young lives?

a man with a gun enters *****’ flat. Angelina gets a bullet in her stomach first. Her neighbor luiza is running iut  when she hears a bang but she gets a bullet too. They are suffering in agony. Why, why this warm sunny day is so cruel for them? They ae lying on the floor and  bleeding out together. They are begging for mercy but a murder shoots them ******.

they are dead with surprised faces. Their leggy bodies are still warm and sexy. A man carries corpses to the hall, strips them and puts into the wardrobe. Birds are singing their summer songs, indifferent sun is shining for all living people but not for the ***** any more. They are dead sitting in the dark wardrobe.


fetish elements

ultra sexy jean shorts, fitness clothes, shooting, *****, begging for life, deat stares. Body dragging, postmortem stripping, touching dead bodies. 

very realistic sexy movie made in 1980-s american slashers  and italian giallo style

    Inhappy Birhday 2 - Starring: Luiza, Nata, Julianne, Annabelle

Fetish elements:

*************, *******, stockings, tongue out, death stares, legs kicking, sexy situations. neck breaking, body carrying, 4 dead ***** bodypile

25 minutes! 4 ************* scenes and lots of dead playing!

Last summer, a terrible crime was committed (see Unhappy Birthday). 4 ***** were ********* at the party. It was probably manic-strangler. The case was never solved.

****** birthday **** *********, which was not in terrible fateful holiday, continued to live sweet. She inherited the estate of his ******. And today she celebrates her birthday with her best friend!

Keith Maniac read about the events of last summer from the newspapers. He was very excited by what had happened and decided to repeat the "feat" of his predecessor. He tracked down the sisters of the dead **** and rushed to her holiday!

First he ********* Nata in the bathroom. He put the corpse on the toilet. Then he attacked Juliana, while she was resting on the bed. At the end of ************* he broke her neck with a crunch! Later he attacked the very traitor and ********* her in the bathroom, shower cord, leaving her body in the jacuzzi. His last ****** was a club **** Annabelle. Later, he stripped the body and folded in bodypile, like his predecessor.

    Shooting In The Office - Three young women (office and secretaries fetish dressed) were shot during office invasion.

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