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    Crime House - Firefight

    Clip Description

    ONE OF THE BEST OUR CLASSIC SHOOTERS EVER! We did this film in classic death fetish traditions, taking the most favorite fetish elements in one movie!
    Fetish elements:
    Type of killing: Much shooting with *****
    Clothes: White shirts, black miniskirts, black stockings, high heels
    Death stares: Open eyes, closed eyes
    Postmortem –stripping, touching

    Great erotic shooting spy thriller

    First part. Shoot out.
    The movie starts when 3 sexy female agents are waiting for their enemy – agent 0016.
    They are special female army, machines for killing. Well educated in prestige special high ******, very sexy and smart they seduce their victims, take all they need and then.. kill! But agent 0016 is very professional contract killer from Mi6.
    During shooting out and firefight he kills them all - Juliana falls by shooting in her back, Luiza was wounded in her arm, then she gets bullet to the chest and then to the neck (bullet time slow motion effect).
    Hass takes the bullet in her bellybutton and then falls by headshot.
    Second part. Postmortem. Agent 0016 checks dead bodies. He searches for secret flashcards, documents, so he needs to dresses them for nude staying their nude corpses inly in black stockings. He closes their eyes, puts bodies in different poses.

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4438.63 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - Firefight

    Crime House - Firefight

    Crime House - Firefight

    Crime House - Firefight

    Crime House - Firefight

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    Investigation - CUSTOM VIDEO

Police officers (male and female) come to finally arrest the **** lord's girlfriend. Rich **** from a good family, after a dose of cocaine did not calculate the ****** and decided to shoot the cops. In a shootout, a police woman is killed by a shot to the heart. Her partner was shot in the chest with a bad ****. After the agony, the bitch is dead. The policeman begins a long game with the bodies ...

Shot in the chest,
The dead person
Freeze look
Death stares
Much playing with bodies
Full nude content

    Capture Factory - CAPTURE FACTORY

Starring: Annabelle, Juliana, Pola, Kit, Anatloliy


3 garrote ************* from behind
Standing strangulations
Military theme
All victims have tongue out death stares, very aggressive death agony and fighting for life
Two men attack females
Two men carry bodies, strip bodies and search keys at dead bodies
Dead bad *****’ bodypile

It’s a secret factory where crazy dr. Ko  clones people for illegal army of  mercenaries. Two special agents, cold-blooded killer from East Europe were sent to steal programs codes. Three special female guards patrol compartment  A of the plant. Agents decide to operate silently. They creep up to the first guard. Unsusceptible young woman stands near fencing in her headphones. Agents ********* her suddenly with her own headphones cord! She couldn’t use her gun and cry for help – she could just wriggle in standing position and try to catch cord. She died standing and softly slipped to the floor with ********* death stare with tongue out her mouth and eyes opened very wide.

Agents moved to the next guard. A woman stood at the elevation. Kit ********* her with the cord from behind. They fought at the staircase but this battle was fatal for the female-guard.  

The third guard was standing with her machinegun. Young blond ****, he didn’t look like ****** employee of secret military structure bur she was it. Agent attacked her together, Anatoliy snatched machine gun  from her hands and started to ******** her, Kit hold her legs to not let her stir, fight and move. The miniature blonde was absolutely helpless  in deadly arms of two gigantic intruders. Terrible death!

After they killed her they brought the copses of two other dead guards. They carried them offhandedly, like trash, carrying them by hands and legs. They threw still warm bodies in bodypile and started finding keys from area B. They stripped one of guards full nude while searching, it was their courage of winners.  No keys. They searched frail soft body of dead blond, touching her legs and ass – no keys. They found keys in the pocket of jeans micro shorts of brunette. They left bodypile on the floor and moved to the area B…

Three dead female guards are lying in the floor like waste products. Three stupid young army ***** thought that they earn big fees just for standing with guns  guarding the safe places. But it was their mistake. They were implicated in crimes of cloning people and making monsters, they were involved in crimes against humanity. Just as guards, bun they were involved. And they were punished. They won’t be even buried, they will be stay in this secret desert  forever. With opened eyes full of terrible, fear and thirst for life. With tongues out making them look grotesque dead and silly. Nude, topless, leggy dead terrorists…


Recommendations. If you like this clip please also check Captured, Side Effects.

Please also check out TRUE ART by YELLOWPRESS

    Shooting In The Office - Three young women (office and secretaries fetish dressed) were shot during office invasion.

    Drawing Lessons - Full HD, Very good quality, new video equipment, new level of the sound
Fetish elements:
Chase with shootout
Shootout in a civil place
Mass murders
Many shots in the chest
Human shield
Many shots in the chest, stomach, to the back
Quick and long death by bullets
Body examination, body stripping
Making nude bodypile
Cop is chasing a gangster. While escaping gangster enters an old factory where many companies rent their offices, one of them is art master class. Young very sexy woman, an art teacher has a drawing lesson for 3 young students. Gangster tries to hide in their class when the cop enters and tries to shoot him dead. Cruel shootout starts. Cop’s stray bullet kills teacher to her head.  Students are in panic. Gangster opens a fire, cop does it too. One if the student hides under a table and other ones stay under crossfire…
Four random bullets kill the first ****. The second ****’s death was terrible… 10 Bullets to her body! Two bullets to her chest, near the heart. Another two bullets are to her back. She twitches. Gangster catches her as a human shield but in doesn’t stop the cop. He shoots to her trying to kill gangster. Gangster pulls her out and runs away. Poor student stands with 10 bullets in her body with a pain shock, then falls to the floor, has some agony and dies…
Cops returns to the class. His mission is fallen – gangster could escape. How will the cop explain three dead civils to his chief in his office? Dirty work! Hi doesn’t want to be fired and he decides to burn the room with bodies to hide evidence. When he was carrying bodies he saw the hidden student under the table. He attacks  her and ****** with his own hands. The 4th dead **** now! It was the line where myrmidon of the law became the monster himself.
He strips bodies to bring down the investigation astray. He makes a pile of bodies and thinks about burning them. He is looking at four dead, nude or practically nude young females. He killed them. Not the gangster, he did it. Many dark thoughts  are in his head…

    Clip 60 - Liquidation 
Starring: Angelina, Juliana, Victoria

A business woman hired two special female bodyguards after she got a notice that a contract killer was going to kill her. She was in the building and had a rest when a killer came… He ********* sexy bodyguards one by one and after he ********* business lady. 
Fetish elements:
Office theme, white shirts, black mini skirts, pantyhose, stockings, high heels, ************* fetish elements

    Nerd - 3 hot, long ************* scenes and great bodypile



6 scenes

5 Girls

20 deaths

Much limp fetishes, touching bodies, erotic stimulation, female last orgasms. Non-porn at all, but very  erotic. See famous Crime House models (Luiza, Angelina, Mary, Marina, Tora) simulation their pre-death orgasms before their death.

Shooting (no blood effects, machine gunned, death by  strong orgasms, knocking out, fights )


Part 1 - Infiltration
Theme - special agent infiltrating the crime syndicate's HQ, eliminating as many enemy clone agents (girls of course) as he could find, using his power fists that will send the girls flying, or weapons like pistols, machine guns, swords, etc.. He then carefully searches some of the bodies (enjoying the touch of their sexy bodies and pantyhose-covered legs in the process) until he finds a special entry pass card on one of the dying enemy agents for entry to the next section of the HQ. He sends one of the dying clone girls' lives away by rubbing her crotch and giving her a massive orgasm before she dies.
Clothes - similar to Clones 2 - white shirt/blouse, black miniskirt, black high heels and long dark-colored sheer stockings (NOT opaque tights) or dark-colored sheer pantyhose (note - those girls wearing pantyhose don't have to wear panties)
Part 2 - Elimination
Theme - special agent uses the pass card to gain entry into an area where young clone call-girls are gathered in different rooms. Some are just relaxing in a room while others are walking around, talking to each other or sleeping in another room, and still others are playing with themselves in front of webcams as part of a paid online live chat service, the primary source of this crime syndicate's revenues. Special agent kills all of them with guns, machine guns, power fists, bare hands and arms (for strangulation), neck snaps, etc. and he also used guns to destroy the computers. In the room with the most girls in it (the webcam room), he drags / carries them to the center of the room, checks out each dying girl, opening some of their clothes, For the one or two that are not yet dead but are moaning and rolling around in pain, he interrogates them as he touches their sensitive body parts, and rubs their crotches until they give out the answer he wants (where the ringleaders are located), and then they either die after a forced orgasm or get neck-snapped by special agent. 
Clothes - casual clothes of any color; mini dresses, jean shorts, bra/bikini and panties, very short shorts, mini skirts, camisoles, heels, sneakers, flats, flip-flops, etc. (just wear something that makes them look leggy and sexy, but NO SCHOOL GIRL look or long socks)
Part 3 - Termination
Theme - special agent arrives at an office/conference room where the 5 girl ringleaders are found. No clones - they are the originals from which the clones are made. They are all shocked at how this special agent could single-handedly breach their premises and reach deep into their lair.  They all try and run for their guns. He approaches one of them (Masha please) and knocks the gun off her, and then knocking her out as he hits her head against a wall. The others try and hide behind cover to shoot him but they all miss. He shoots down 2 girls in sequence, scoring 2-3 hits on each of her chests and torso, leaving them writhing on the floor in pain. He then scores a couple of good shots on the fourth girl, sending her flying onto a table/sofa, and leaving her twitching as she dies. He tries to shoot the last girl but runs out of bullets, so he dashes to her, knocks her down and strangles her until she too is breathless and convulses. He then humiliates each of the girls, opening their clothes, touching their sexy bodies and sensitive areas. For the KO girl (the first girl - Masha) who's about to wake up, he carries her next to the safe, lays her down, removes her heels and interrogates her for the safe's password, which she refuses to give, so he tickles her hose-clad feet and legs and even her crotch and kisses her toes until she couldn't stand it anymore and gives out the password. He goes to the safe and takes the criminal evidence papers of the syndicate, while the girl silently gets up and tries to put her shoes back on to leave, only to be discovered by the special agent who then shoots her several times on her back (or snaps her neck) and she twitches and dies lying on the floor, one shoe off and one shoe on. Special agent then touches her feet and legs one more time before leaving the scene with the papers. Mission accomplished.
Clothes - sexy office girl / provocative secretary clothing, light-colored pantyhose (no panties) or stockings, high heels.
Fetish elements - death, KO, death twitches, legs kicking/convulsing, writhing in agony, moaning softly and sexily, closes eyes, opened eyes, mouth / lips open, undressing, body searches, disheveled clothing, ffondling legs,  forced orgasm before death, light foot/leg tickling to accelerate death or for interrogation, long pans of death scenes, multiple girl deaths. 
THE PRICE HAS SALES TILL MONDAY. REGULAR PRICE IS 23$ for many models, many scenes and ultra erotic content.

    Clones 2 - CLONES 2 


Epic action sci-fi  thriller


Shooting by gun
Shooting by machinegun
Mass killing
Japan sword deadly fighting
Neck snaps
Plenty of dead poses
15 dead ***** in one scene
More than 100 killing
5 huge bodypiles! 
All clones dress in classic agent-office style  - white shirts, black short skirts, black stockings or pantyhose, shoes with high heels 

After mass clones killing in the first part, another clones were sent to kill anticlones agent to his own house.  Agent was warn that it could happen so he set traps in the garden. But he didn’t know that it would be SO MANY CLONES…

The first group of clones was killed by gun, another – by machinegun. But after the cruel fight began…

 It’s one of the best our action movies with plenty of killing, different ways to die and huge groups of deadly super sexy clones. Tarantino style!

    SHOOTOUT COCKTAIL JN - Starring: Juliana and Nadya

Shot Dead Cocktail with plenty of death-fetish shooting elements
16 scenes, 32 death. 
Different clothes:
 - office bitches (black miniskirts, high-heel shoes, black stockings, white shirts)
 - spy bitches  - office+guns
-college stupid adult girls (fetish college clothes and stockings)
 - topless an black and white stockings
 - nude content 

Different situations:
Man kills girls, POV murders
Short and long death reactions
Many begging for life, cries «no», fear fetish emotions
Different death stares (with eyes closed and eyes opened)
For more shot dead cocktails please visit our main CRIME HOUSE store

Action as usual! First day sell is 15$, after – 17$

    Clones - CLONES

Custom clip 

Fetish elements: Bad *****, smoking *****, shot dead-cocktail, *************, shooting, digital *****, neck break,  headshots, breast shots begging for  life, clones *****, ski-fi, pantyhose, office style, spies   
Special effects! Many clones ****! 

Special agent takes a request to kill bad ***** in their rent apartment into North of Russia. But they have special abilities: they can do clones of themselves. But special agent kill all of them in different ways . 

    Deadly Interrogation - This clip has no description.

    Office Shot Dead Cocktail - 4 Models
22 Scenes

    Capture - CAPTURED
Starring: Hass, Luiza, Annabelle, Juliana
Stabbing, Shooting, Burning, Shootout action!
Super sexy agent VS terrorists saga
FETISH ELEMENTS: Spy *****, Bad *****, Shooting Out, Shot into chest, Stomach, Breast, Long deaths, Quick Deaths, ***** with guns, Stabbing, **** with Sword, **** with Machete, Stripping bodies, sexy shorts, sexy uniform, boots, army, burning bodies, interesting plot, bad *****’ death 
Czech Republic, 2016
Special agents gets an information about terrorists attack. 
Reference: Terror group RED EAGLES  - radical world groupment. Their purpose is to destabilize political situation all over the world. Includes mercenaries from Russian Federation, USA, Kenya, South Africa and some other countries. Sponsored by unknown oligarchs. 
RED EAGLES has female departments.  The recruitment of ***** going around the world. Organization needs cruel well-educated *****, teaches them to fight, to shoot, to use steel arms and to use sexuality to destabilize the enemy. RED EAGLES ***** take special ***** to be more sustained against fire and pain. 

 The first army **** from RED EAGLES enters the room of Check apartment house where secret information about world banks is stored.  The agent shoots her in the stomach and to the chest. Slow death! The first target was easy. Seems she is rookie in RED EAGLES. It was her first mission and she died. 
The second mercenary was more experimented soldier. Sexy Annabelle is fluent machete fighting. She attaches the agent, but after  a short fighting he pulls her machete and stabbed her through to the stomach, She has pain shock, shouts, and falls to the floor dead with surprised death stare. She was sure she wouldn’t die. She killed 20 persons – men, guards, super agents, very strong soldiers… 
The third mercenary (Hass) was to more slowly than the agent. She got two or more bullets to her body, writhed in agony and dead. She was so sexy in her latex leggings. 
The agent hid in a shelter. The male terrorist and his female assistant entered the room. The man looked to the dead ***** and went away. His assistant (sexy Luiza with a sword) stayed to check bodies. The agent opened fire from the cover and caught the **** unawares. She was killed. 
The agent checked dead bodies and went away searching for another terrorists. 
A killer from RED EAGLES (man) went to the room with four killed *****.  He played with bodies (RED EAGLES is very cynical group – you’re well paid when you’re alive but you’re just toy for fun or utilization when you’re dead) and threw  corpses to the bpdypile. He decided to trace: he doused the bodies with gasoline and burned the room. 
Boom! But corpses were still sexy after fire. It was ****’s action  - their bodies were resistant against external influences. Only clothes were burned. So, ***** staid sexy after death and fire. Can we say they were lucky *****? Hah, if being lucky gorl is to stay sexy after death, may be. But I think they were losers and now bad bad ***** are just pile of dead bodies with stupid death stares.

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