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    Most Recent Crime House Videos! more
    11 minutes


СAST: Annabelle(Ilsa), Max(Viktor)

    Ilsa, the gorgeous girlfriend of a powerful crime boss.

    Viktor, a trusted enforcer that works for the crime boss.

    Mikael the crime boss does not appear in the film.

Mikael believes that his girlfriend (Ilsa) has stolen financial information from him. He believes that she is planning to turn it over to a rival gang. 

The story opens in the basement of an abandoned building. Ilsa is seated in a chair with a gag in her mouth. Her hands are tied behind her back. Her legs are tied at the knees and ankles, and her bare feet are sitting on top of a small table directly in front of her. Much of the fetish action involves showing the soles of Ilsa's feet - so as long as they are clearly visible any position will work.

On a nearby table we see a laptop computer. The computer is locked with a password. 

Viktor is on the phone with Mikael. "The computer is locked with a password," he says. 

On the other end of the call Mikael instructs Viktor to extract the password from Ilsa. Viktor complies: "Yes, boss." he says. "I will extract the password and call you back when I have the information."

He hangs up the phone and approaches Ilsa. He removes the gag. "Mikael knows what you did. Give me the password and I will let you go."

"I didn't do anything!" Ilsa cries. "I don't know the password!"

"This is your computer, yes?" Viktor asks.

"No! I've never seen that thing before in my life, Viktor. Please!" Ilsa is frantic. "I didn't do anything! Let me go!"

Viktor takes a CLEAR PLASTIC BAG and pulls it over Ilsa's head. He secures it around her neck, cutting off her air. We see Ilsa struggle against her bonds. Mouth open. Gasping for air. We see the toes of her feet clenching hard as she fights to breathe. The soles of her feet erupt with wrinkles.

After a time, Viktor removes the bag. Ilsa screams for air.

"Give me the password!" he demands.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she cries.

Viktor pulls the bag over her head once again - suffocating her for a much longer period. Again we see Ilsa's bare feet struggling as she sucks frantically against the bag. Eventually Viktor lets her go again.

"This is your last chance," he says.

"Okay," Ilsa says, gasping. "The password is DARKROOM... now please just let me go!"

Viktor uses the password to unlock the laptop. He puts his phone to his ear again. "Mikael," he says. "I have the password."

Mikael barks instructions to Viktor. "Yes," Viktor responds. He opens files on the desktop. "Yes. I see it. It is all here. What do you want me to do with Ilsa?"

Mikael tells Viktor to put Ilsa out of her misery.

Viktor hangs up the phone. He takes a thin wire out of his pocket and wraps it around Ilsa's neck.

"Wait!" Ilsa screams. "No! I didn't mean to do this! Please! NO!"

Viktor tightens the cord. Ilsa strangles. Once again we see her body writhe and strain. Her barefoot soles clenching as she suffers... and ultimately expires.  
    9 minutes





- police badges attached on jackets or on belts,

- gun holsters for all three girls (hip or shoulder),

- perfect, very expressive make-up and nice hair styles.

- handcuffs attached on the belts,

- leather cap for one or more girls (like in your movie "To Kill or be Killed"),

- sunglasses for one girl,

- hair in bun for some girls.

Elements of the action:

- girls carelessly talking at the beginning, laughing like adolescent students in classroom before the lesson, sitting frivolously on tables/chairs,

- guns put on the table(s),

- commander listening to the phone call with the strict expression,

- putting the guns into the holsters,

- man (witness) shivering with fear telling the girls where the criminal is,

- commander talking arrogantly to this man, two other girls watching him scornfully standing with hands on hips,

- girls calming the man down (verbally and non-verbally),

- searching the place with guns ready,

- one girl fatally hit before the shootout starts,

- commander and another remaining girl in shootout against the invisible opponent,

- self-confident firing positions with legs spread,

- girls exposing their figures to fire but then being hit,

- three individual girls' death scenes, one by one,

- surprised reactions when being hit by the bullet,

- natural deaths,

- real blood holes/wounds,

- bodypile in the final scene,

- the dead bodies only in more unfastened blouses with visible bras and in skirts but without jackets (undressing the jackets, opening blouses and putting the bodies into the bodypile are all out of screen),

- death positions in the bodypile: lying on backs, legs and hands spread, death stares, mouth open, shocked expressions (the bodies can be either put on each other or they can lie beside each other).


Scene 1:

Three girls sit in some office/room. They talk carelessly and laugh loudly.

They sit on the tables/chairs or then they stand in the sexy positions. The atmosphere is very light.

They are the cadets of the special academy that train the young students for the dangerous and secret missions.

The girls went through all the lessons but they have not been in the real mission yet.

The academy uses the unified clothes for their girl cadets:

black and white dresses with the black short leather (biker) jackets, black wide belts, black very short miniskirts and white blouses. Only commander can wear black leggings. The police badges on the clothes also show that the cadet is the academie's member.

So the girls are in the these same black and white clothes.

Two girls have black leather miniskirts. Their commander wears leggings.

Their guns lies on the table.

When the girls talk suddenly the phone rings. The one girl (commander) answers the phone and when she listens to the call her cute smile turns into the strict expression.

She is informed that the dangerous sexual criminal is hidden in some place.

She seriously nods her head during the call.

Finally she says to the caller: "Yes, understand it.... Of course, we go there immediately ... No!! We will do it ourselves!".

Then she stops the call.

"Girls, our time finally came! We know where this ugly molester is... Our first mission is really here!".

Two other girls stop talking and one of them eagerly asks: "Really? So we are going to get him just now....?"

"Sure!" commander answers.

All three girls put the guns into their holsters and they leave the office.

Scene 2:

In some place there is a scared man. When three cop girls arrive he tells them:

"I, I, ... saw him.... He, he is still th...there...." he stammers shivering with fear.

"Fine! Are you sure that is him?" the commander asks looking scornfully at the man.

"Yeah..... certainly...." the man answers.

The commander shakes her head with an arrogant smile. This man is just a funny coward for her.

"Ok.... let's get him" she says silently just for herself watching the man.

Two other girls all the time stand self-confidently with their hands on hips and with their legs put apart.

They also look at the man smiling arrogantly.

Then the commander turns to her colleagues and says loudly: "Follow me... Keep together. Shoot him dead if necessary".

The other two cop girls answer at almost the same time: "Yes, commander!".

When they leave the man one girl taps him on his shoulder, nods her head and smiles at him self-assuredly just to show him he should not be afraid. She treats him like he was her much younger brother.

Scene 3:

The girls search the place with their guns ready.

Then the gun shot can be heard. And for one girl her first mission ends before it started.

She is fatally hit into the chest. She only sighs silently and painfully and falls on her back. She dies immediately.

The commander watching this quickly looks at the direction from which the shot burst and she yells:

"Fucking bastard.... He is over there.... Get him!".

The commander and remaining girl hide behind some furniture/boxes etc. and open fire.

They expose several times and shoot bravely.

But the criminal is a very good shooter. 

During the harsh action also these both girls are killed one by one. The deaths of girls are quick and sudden, their self-confident expressions and sexy shooting poses with legs spread are suddenly shocked  and puzzled when they are hit by the deadly bullet. When the other girl is hit the remaining commander does not notice this and she continues firing until she is hit too.

This scene ends with the shots on three dead girls' bodies.

Scene 4:

The man who before showed the cop girls the place still waits in the same point.

He only heard a lot of gun shots, shouts and screams. Then there is dead silence.

He still shivers with fear but he believes that the three well-trained and brave cops managed to get one man.

But the silence lasts and nobody returns.

After endless minutes the man sighs deeply and finally dares to enter the place. 

And the scene he can suddenly see is horrible and unexpected.

The girls lies dead in the bodypile.

Their murder undressed their black jackets. Then he opened much wider their tender white blouses.

The girls' bras can be seen. There are big blood holes on the tender girls' chests/throats/foreheads.

Their dead eyes stare into the emptiness and their mouth are helplessly and uncontrollably open.

The man shockingly watches this terrible picture uncapable of any movement.

But then he realizes that the criminal could still be there so in panic he runs away.

The film ends with the detailed shots on the bodypile and on the faces and bodies of the dead girls.
    7 minutes

CAST: Ksyusha Zaichik, Max
A wealthy and powerful woman calls upon a strong, muscular soldier/mercenary boy to carry out a mission. While waiting for the boy to arrive, the woman gets ready beautiful and sexy, puts on make-up and dresses in a single transparent robe, she is completely naked. A little later the soldier arrives, shirtless,  greets his female boss and tells the lady that he is ready to carry out all her orders. The lady orders the boy to recover a briefcase with confidential documents and to eliminate a group of enemy soldiers. The soldier carries out the woman's order and goes to carry out the mission. After numerous shootings and fights, the boy completes the mission, eliminating all enemies and recovering the briefcase. After completing the mission, the boy returns to the lady to receive his fee.

The boy enters the lady's luxurious apartment, shirtless, and calls the woman saying that he has completed the mission. The woman appears completely naked, greets her soldier and sits down on the sofa crossing her legs. The soldier hands the briefcase to the lady saying that he has eliminated all her enemies, convinced that the lady will pay him for the excellent work done. The woman, sitting on the sofa, completely naked and with her legs crossed, congratulates the boy saying that she will give him a nice reward. The boy smiles pleased to see the woman completely naked in front of him, convinced that he will receive a nice fee from the lady.

But the woman, completely naked and with her legs crossed, suddenly takes out a silenced pistol that she kept hidden and points it at the boy. The woman, completely naked, smiles at the boy saying that she no longer needs him and that she doesn't want witnesses. The boy, incredulous, doesn't react and stands still looking at the completely naked woman with the gun in her hand.

The woman shoots between the boy's eyes, eliminating him instantly. The boy with a hole in his forehead stands for a few seconds (he must be well framed in the foreground) then kneels down and falls at the feet of the completely naked woman. The woman, after eliminating the soldier, smiles satisfied and remains seated on the sofa with her legs crossed.  MODEL TRYOUTS
    21 minutes


Elizaveta is vicious lingerie designer and have desires on woman she loves guns and have fetishes about girls.
Elizaveta will be sitting at chair , Marta will enter to room. There will be body mirror - chair in the room.

Marta’s scene:
Marta will be slowly getting naked and put oil on her body we will see her hot body oiled , Elizaveta will be patiently watching 
Elizaveta will say “Well done you have perfect body now do some walking”
Marta will walk towards Elizaveta and go back , stands still and and looks at Elizaveta 
Marta says “Its pleasure for me Madame”
Elizaveta takes her gun from her small handbag , puts on silencer and says “Dont worry”
Elizaveta says to Marta “come on oil your body more”
Marta oils her belly , boobs 
Elizaveta aims at her and shoots her from bulletposition1, Marta starts to agonize (this scene can take 1 minute)
Elizaveta says “come on dont cry”
Marta stands still and looks at Elizaveta and says “What the fuck did you do you little asshole”
Elizaveta shoots her from bulletposition 2 and bulletposition3 , Marta falls to her knees and agonizes in pain more(1-2 mins) we can see her sexy body from angles  then Elizaveta shoots her from left boob and she starts to die with blood coming her mouth.
Elizaveta carries her body out of room
Then Svobodnyh enters to room:

Svobodnyh’s scene:
Svobodnyh comes into room Elizaveta welcomes her , Svobodnyh says to Elizaveta “could you give me few seconds my boyfriend texts me”
Elizaveta says “ofcourse honey”
Svobodnyh textes to her boyfriend “This woman is mad she is acting weird she might kill me come little more faster”
her boyfriend texts “Alright i am there in few mins”
Svobodnyh closes her phone looks at Elizaveta and says “Sooo what i am supposed to do”
Elizaveta lights a cigarette , then says “Oil all your body honey”

Svobodnyh starts to oil her body we see her hot belly-boobs-ass gettin oiled she plays with her boobs-belly (we can see that scene 1 minute)

Elizaveta says “Enough honey”
Elizaveta aims at Svobodnyh 
Svobodnyh says “What are you doing Elizaveta isnt this for model elimination did you stop taking your pills , calm down and get down this gun!”
Elizaveta says “Noo i am feeling welldone and yes this is model elimination”
Elizaveta shoots Svobodnyh from bulletposition 2-1 
Svobodnyh starts to moan-agonize in main she goes to mirror looks at her sexy body she cries for help 
Elizaveta says “Stand still you dumb fuck”
And shoots her from bulletposition 3-4 , Svobodnyh falls to the ground but she is still alive agonizes in pain  
Elizaveta shoots her from left and right boob , Svobodnyh slowly dies 
When Elizaveta about to carry Svobodnyh’s body 
Svobodnyh’s boyfriend enters to room 
Pushes Elizaveta away and takes her gun and her handbag
Svobodnyh’s boyfriend says to Elizaveta “what the hell did you do you fuckin psycho”
Svobodnyh’s boyfriend checks handbag and finds extra magazine for the gun , reloads the gun and aims at Elizaveta and says “come on you bitch now its my revenge time!”
Elizaveta says “come on i can proof its not like how its seen she tried to attacked me and stole my money i tried to defend myself”
Svobodnyh’s boyfriend says “nooooo you fuckin liar , its not your first incident i know you injured many models just for your pleasure”
Svobodnyh’s boyfriend aims at Elizaveta and says “comee onnn get naked”
Svobodnyh’s boyfrien sits at chair and watches Elizaveta to get naked , Elizaveta gets close to guy , guy touches her belly-boobs and says “you cant get away from this thing easily go away and oil your whole body come on!”
Elizaveta goes and starts to oil her body she oils her belly-boobs , she looks at herself at mirror , looks at guy and says “damn i am really hot”
she laughs at guy 
guy says “ i am not laughing”
Elizaveta stands still and looks with sexy look to guy 
Guy aims at Elizaveta and shoots her from bulletposition1 she looks at her belly moans like having sex 
and says to guy “its not enough honey”
she bloats her belly , guy shoots her from bulletposition 2-3-4 she agonize in pan , sexy moanings she barely walks to body mirror we see her sexy body from angles 
she takes a deep breath and says “They die for me and killing me will change nothing you dumb fuck”
Guy gets angry  starts to repeatedly shot Elizaveta from various locations (her belly,boobs) all gets riddled with bullets she will fall to ground and agonize some time blood will come from her mouth and she will die
    20 minutes



CAST: Annabelle, Ksyusha Zaichik, Judi, MaryAnn

2 girls are about to go to a court, to witness against very powerful mafia boss. They are therefore under a witness protection program and guarded by their armed personal guard. (secret agent)

The Mafia boss got a tip where the witnesses are and he gave a contract to top professional hitwoman Miss Black to eliminate the girls quietly.

The girls are in a room together, there is also a second room, which is empty and outside that room is their female guard, sitting next to closed doors and guarding. 

The scene starts with the girls (witnesses) together in the room 2 fondling with each other legs in pantyhose and admiring each other outfits, pantyhose and feet.

Then the camera skips to their guard outside checking the closed doors and the vicinity – there is no one allowed there. The guard checks everything in the vicinity, checks her gun, if ist loaded, then sits down like a lady. She then takes off one of her shoes and rubs her foot. (the camera shoots details of her foot rubbing)

After that she puts her shoe back on, crosses her legs, picks up her smartphone and checks the web while making a shoeplay (dangling one of her shoes)

The hitwoman arrives at the scene (she is approaching slowly, walking lady-like, she is a high class hitwoman and has a style) The camera is shooting the hitwoman from below up, as she walks.

Then she stops, takes out her gun and the silencer from her purse, then she slowly (with her fingertips) screws the silencer on the gun. After that she hides the silenced pistol in her purse and aproaches the sitting guard.

Then the hitwoman grabs the silenced pistol, puts it out of her purse and points it at the guard. As the guard sees the silenced pistol, she is still sitting, tries to put her gun out, but the hitwoman shoots two quick silenced shots into the guards chest.

The guard twitches with every shot and moans quietly. She then starts to slide from the chair to the ground, so the hitwoman quickly grabs her, so she stays sitting, her blouse pierced with 2 bloody dots.

Then the hitwoman checks the body, checks her pulse, searches her, checks her gun, then her shoes, admires her feet in pantyhose, sniffs them and fondles with them a little.

Then she stands up, readies her silenced gun and knockes on the door.

The girls are still playing with each other feet in pantyhose as they her the knocking on the door.

Witness 2 goes to the next room, and closes the door behind her, as the other girl checks her hair in the mirror.

Witness 2 cames to the door, openes it and sees the hitwoman with her gun pointing at her from her hip.

The girl twitches, moans quietly then turns back. Just as she turns she gets a second silenced shot in the middle of her back, moans once more and falls down on her belly. 

The hitwoman then enters the room. The camera shoots the dead girl from her feet to her head, with one shoe off, and the eyes rolled up. As the camera shoots the girl, the hitwoman is going around the girl, checking her feet and her pulse.

Then the hitwoman starts to walk quietly towards the second room where is the last girl. As she walks, she raises the gun in her hands next to her face and lightly kisses the silencer.

She then quickly openes the door, and points the gun on the last girl. The girl turns her head from the mirror, and gasps, scared.

Just after she says the last sentence, she shoots one silenced shot from her lap, the girl gets a small red dot on her chest, moans, twitches and falls to the ground on her belly. Her shoes are going off and flying away.

The hitwoman (still sitting) then points her gun on the girl and shoots her in the middle of her back.

The girls reaction after the second shot.

The hitwoman then takes off her shoes, massages and rubs her feet, moaning a little, because, she´s on her high heels whole day. Camera shoots details.

Then she checks the body of the last girl, her pulse, her feet, her bloody blouse... and as always admires her work and plays with her feet a little.

Then she sits back down, takes her smartphone from her purse and makes a call to the mob boss which gave her the contract.

After that she goes to the first killed witness in the next room, ste steps on her back with one foot and shoots her 3 times. 

After that, the hitwoman goes outside, where the dead guard is, she grabs her, places her on the ground, grabs her legs and drags her inside, so no one can see her dead. 

After she drags her in, she also picks up her shoes, which are still outside, throws them inside, she points her gun on the dead guard and shoots her one more, just to be sure. The guards body twitches. 

Then the hitwoman, unscrews the silencer, blows lightly through the silencer, hides everything in her purse, goes out and closes the door. She then walks away like a lady she is.  DEATH KALEIDOSCOPE
    26 minutes



Juliana, Annabelle, Judi, Li

Juliana went into Li bedroom to find some pantyhose, Li shows up at her back, Li grab Juliana’s waist and pulls out an injection needle. Needle pokes in Juliana’s head. Juliana starts twitching for about a minute. When Juliana dies, she slice down to the floor. Li takes off her heels and step on Juliana’s cheeks checking if there is any movements. Li move Juliana to her bed and picks up Juliana’s feet and smells, she feels extremely satisfied, then Li lay on the bed and put her feet on Juliana’s face to humiliate J while smelling J’s feet.   

Scene 2: 

Annabelle is looking for Juliana, she when into the bedroom and finds Juliana’s body.  Li kills and plays Annabelle with similar acts described in Scene 1.


Scene 3: 

Judi feels strange that her friends are missing. Judi put some poison liquid on her pantyhose feet and put her shoe on again.  Judi walks in bedroom and find her friends’ dead body. Li kills and plays Judi .Because Judi’s feet is poisoned, after smelling and playing Judi, Li dies of poison, she drops Judi’s feed on her cheek. Li feet twitches on Judi’s face. 

Dream 2 : 

Li offers drinks to all girl, the drink is drugged. After drinking all girl are sexually high. 


Scene 1: 

 Annabelle is high after drinking, she slowly goes down and take of Alice heels, and start smelling her feet.  Li is happy with that. After a few seconds, Li gives Annabelle a neck chop using her feet. Annabelle slowly lay down on the floor, twitching. Li walks to her head, and step on her cheek, and finish her with a snap. Li sits back and drag Annabelle’s leg to her nose and starts smelling. And she slowing put her feet on Annabelle’s face and playing her face again. 

Scene 2: 

Juliana wants to enjoy Li feet, she takes Li feet off from Annabelle’s face and start smelling. Li is mad about this action. Li gives Juliana a neck chop. Juliana goes down slowly on the floor twitching. Li grabs an unused pantyhose, to strangle her. While strangling, Li step on Juliana’s face to humiliate her. Juliana’s twitch milds down and dies. Li use her leg to wipe out Juliana’s tears and repeat smelling. 

Scene 3: 

Judi is so high, she wants to put Li down in order to enjoy all the feet. She give Li an electric shot. Alice twitches for at least 5 seconds. When twitches milds down, Li goes to fake death.  Judi pushes Li on the couch, and start enjoying her feet. She also put her feet on Alice’s face playing.   After playing 10 seconds, Li wakes up from fake death, but she present she is still dead. Judi is so high and did not realized that. At one point, Li put her feet on Judi’s cheek and gives her a snap. Judi twitches, and die with eye open mouth open.  Li feet are still on Judi’s face.
    16 minutes


This was phenomenal! This followed the story idea to every detail and was very much as imagined! I am very grateful your studio was able to make it. This was well worth the wait!!

Excellent job and very well filmed!

Review from customer

Elements: Superheroine, Spy, Battle, Fighting, Choking, Traumas and Breaks of bones during fighting, Strangulation


Superheroine Shadow Girl who works destroying villians is very strong, smart woman who always wins.T here are plenty of dead enemies in her collection. It’s her last mission when her enemy is too strong and fast. It is unexpected and humiliating to lose a fight to this opponent, break your body and be strangled with part of your own uniform.  WHEN GIRL KILLS 4
    5 minutes

A wealthy and powerful woman calls upon a strong, muscular soldier/mercenary boy to carry out a mission. While waiting for the boy to arrive, the woman gets ready beautiful and sexy, puts on make-up and dresses in a single transparent robe, she is completely naked. A little later the soldier arrives, shirtless, greets his female boss and tells the lady that he is ready to carry out all her orders. The lady orders the boy to recover a briefcase with confidential documents and to eliminate a group of enemy soldiers. The soldier carries out the woman's order and goes to carry out the mission. After numerous shootings and fights, the boy completes the mission, eliminating all enemies and recovering the briefcase. After completing the mission, the boy returns to the lady to receive his fee.
The boy enters the lady's luxurious apartment, shirtless, and calls the woman saying that he has completed the mission. The woman appears completely naked, greets her soldier and sits down on the sofa crossing her legs. The soldier hands the briefcase to the lady saying that he has eliminated all her enemies, convinced that the lady will pay him for the excellent work done. The woman, sitting on the sofa, completely naked and with her legs crossed, congratulates the boy saying that she will give him a nice reward. The boy smiles pleased to see the woman completely naked in front of him, convinced that he will receive a nice fee from the lady.
But the woman, completely naked and with her legs crossed, suddenly takes out a silenced pistol that she kept hidden and points it at the boy. The woman, completely naked, smiles at the boy saying that she no longer needs him and that she doesn't want witnesses. The boy, incredulous, doesn't react and stands still looking at the completely naked woman with the gun in her hand.
The woman shoots between the boy's eyes, eliminating him instantly. The boy with a hole in his forehead stands for a few seconds (he must be well framed in the foreground) then kneels down and falls at the feet of the completely naked woman. The woman, after eliminating the soldier, smiles satisfied and remains seated on the sofa with her legs crossed.
    12 minutes

      MURDEROUS REVENGE - "Thank you for the perfect video. You did a fantastic job of delivering the story.

The actresses are great. Everything fits together. It is depicted very realistically. They chose the clothes well and matched the activity. 

The music and the environment fit the story perfectly. 

I'm glad you edited the story and I'm happy if you produce more films as well."    Customer's review

Thank you again and best wishes to you and your team.

The girl finds out about her husband's betrayal with another girl, and decides to take revenge. With a friend, they sneak into a girl's apartment and take her by surprise...

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Moscow 2345

Wrong Place Wrong Time

Wrong Place Wrong Time 2  DEATH GAME 2
    54 minutes



Starring: Max, actors of mass scenes, Sonya Krueger, Merci, Ksysha Zaichik, Tatiana

A futuristic grotesque dystopian horror film about the fall into sin and the lack of morality in a future

society. Terrible amusements appear on the Internet in which people are executed for the sake of

spectacles of anonymous users. Users vote whether members live or die. The winner receives ten

million dollars, while the loser faces a terrible death. Unlike the legendary Squid Game, players do not

come to this scary show voluntarily, but are brought in as a result of kidnapping.

In this series, the lives of four celebrities are at stake - world champions in tennis and swimming, a

special forces officer and an MMA fighter. The organizers of the show prepared terrible tortures and

traps - a stake, a cage, a choke collar and electric chains. Who will win and who will die?

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POOL PARTY 2. FULL MOVIE (last week of premium price!)



    Random Crime House Clips more
    22 minutes
Elements: Knife to vagina, Grabbing Tits, Cuting Tits, Tortures, Slow Terrible Bloody Death 
«This is personally one of my favorite videos you've done. Excellent work!
Angelina's acting is top tier, and same for the other actors. The effects were really well done as well.
The set, lighting, props, and wardrobe were all great as well!»

Customer’s Review

CAST: Angelina, Alex, Max

Juliette has fallen far behind on her mob loan, and they've come to collect.

She returns to her apartment wearing a dress and heals after a night out. She enters a room and sees a camera setup and is then grabbed from behind. She's terrified.

The debt collector explains that she's fallen too far behind on her payments, and now she's going to put on a show to make good. Viewers watching the stream are going to bid on what they do to her, and she's free to go once the $12,000 she owes is collected.

She's forced to strip out of her dress and bound with her arms raised above her head and legs spread shoulder-length apart. She's wearing nothing but her underwear and heals, standing in vulnerable and exposed in front of the camera. She stares at the camera in disbelief that her body is about to be broadcast to a bunch of strangers, and she begins to tremble.

The requests start off mild, and the only damage is to her dignity:
- $25 to remove her bra
- $50 to remove her panties
- $75 to pinch her nipples

...but then they start to turn violent

Someone offers $500 to punch her hard in the tits 5 times. She pleads with her assailant as he approaches, and braces herself as he drives his fist into her tender flesh repeatedly. The pain is immense and brings her to tears.

Then someone offers $1000 to knee her hard in the vagina. Still crying from the previous abuse, she barely has time to preparse herself for what's about to happen. With her legs spread apart, she's completely vulnerable, and the knee connects squarely to her mound. She briefly goes wide-eyed shock before letting out a gutteral moan and some pee escapes her, running down her legs.

As she moans and trembles from the abuse, the next bid comes from a wealthy viewer with extreme tastes: $20,000 to insert a large knife all the way up her vagina. The collector only has to think for a moment before he commits to the act, retrieving a large knife from her own kitchen.

She frantically pleads with him as he approaches. "At least this will clear your debt" he says coldly, as he kneels down, preparing for the act.

He places one hand on her quivering hips to stabilize her, and with the other hand he begins the insertion. The pain is unbearable as slides it in, and there's nothing she can do. It takes a surprising amount of force to drive it all the way inside, and he takes his time working it in. When he finally pulls it out, streams of blood begin dripping and flowing down her legs, splashing into pools on the floor below.

He backs away now and lets the virtual onlookers take in the sight of her bleading body for a fair amount of time, the pool of blood continues to grow underneath her.

Then another bid comes in: $100,000 to do that 20 more times. Even though her debt is more than payed, he considers the amount of money they'll take from this, and decides to go through with it.

He approaches her with the bloody knife in hand, knowing there won't be any coming back from this. He bends down once more and begins the second insertion. Each one he gains more confidence and thrusts harder bringing sounds of pure agony as the blade begins to slam into her.

Blood now flows out from her freely covering her thighs and pooling on the floor. Juliette feels her life flowing out of her.

When he finishes the 20th thrust he slowly withdraws the blood soaked knife from the quivering woman's body, and steps back again so the viewers can take it all in.

After a bit of time, one final bid comes in: $25,000 to slice up her tits, then untie her and let her bleed out on the floor. He takes the knife and makes several deep cuts across each breast, then undoes her restraints. She collapses to the floor and while moaning clutches her breast and vagina in a feeble attempt to stop the bleeding.

As the camera streams her last moments, she slowly succumbs to her wounds as she lies in a fetal position in a pool of her own blood.

The collector takes some video of various angles of her expired body to make sure his patrons get their money's worth.
    16 minutes
«Thank you! The performance and makeup are fantastic! It is beyond my expectations! I'm very impressed of how your studio make progress in these years! And the makeup definitely followed my instructions, even the very detailed patterns! And Keila is definitely a great actress! Her performance is so attractive, nature and realistic!»
Starring: Keila and Billy Brag
Fetish Elements: Poison, Agony, Very naturalistic agony and death scene, sweat during agony, cadaveric termination, cadaveric decomposition, stages of cadaveric decomposition, undressing the body, transferring the body from place to place, dressing the body, playing with the body, necrophilia, necrofetishism, dead body in the forest



CHAPTER 1: Alive
background: Max and Keila are best friends. Keila is dying due to some disease

1.	Keila calls Max to see her. She told him she is dying
2.	Keila induce Max to play her dead body
Talk: Keila and Max. [Keila lying on a chair and she is very weak]
Keila: Do I look ugly now?
Max: No, you are a beauty
Keila: But … I will become a dead body … this body … will be no different to a giant dead meat …
Keila: Will you feel sick of me? I will be cold, stiff, and smelly …
Max: no…
Keila [weak smile]: After I die, please help me to dress in these white clothes, and let me become soil in the forest…
3.	Keila suddenly feels bad and fall down to the ground
CHAPTER 2: Death
1.	Pain: Keila is pain
2.	Last struggle
a.	At first, she is struggling with large movement;
b.	Then her movement becomes smaller and have high frequence, like tremble;
c.	She was drenched with sweat. Her full body is sweat include part of her hair
d.	Then, her mouth and nose have blood coming out.
3.	Last words
a.	Keila is in Max’s arms
b.	Keila’s eyes are closing, and she tries her best to re-open her eyes. Her eyes can rolling back in this process;

Keila [very weak]: This corpse is yours…
Keila’s eyes slowly become half-open
4.	Die (very important, see image below. This face expression is always the same for the entire film)
a.	Keila’s eyes are half-open
b.	Keila’s eyes are looking straight
c.	Her mouth is half-open

CHAPTER 3: Clean
1.	Max removes Keila’s clothes genteelly
a.	Note: when removing clothes, there should be sweats on her abdomen and breasts
2.	Max cleaning Keila’s sweats and blood
a.	The blood should not be fully cleaned. There should be some trace of blood.
3.	Changing clothes
a.	Max carry Keila to bed
b.	This process should show her body is soft
c.	Keila has no underwear
CHAPTER 4: Change
1.	Day 1: stiff
a.	Max carry Keila to the forest
b.	Keila’s body become stiff and hard to change pose
c.	Max turns Keila and sees her back. There are some red pattern on her back, which is the “Livor mortis” (see image below)
d.	Max put Keila to a sexy pose, but Keila’s body is still stiff

Livor mortis: on her back, there are red patterns. But the area that contact ground don’t have such patterns
2.	Day 2: soft
a.	Max come back to see Keila
b.	Keila is soft again
c.	Max opens her clothes and touches her breasts, moving her body, changing her pose, huge, etc.
3.	Day 3: rot
a.	Max remove Keila’s clothes in a brutal way
b.	He found Keila’s body is rot (see reference image below)
c.	Finally, show her body


    12 minutes

Starring: Lu, Luiza, Nadya, Pola, Evgeniy, Alex, Anatoly

Father, Mother and two sisters are shot by uncle during traditional breakfast

Contains brilliant erotic horror scenes: 
Mother is shot three times in her tit
Daughter is crying near dead mother and she is shot two times to her breast
Sister is forced to strip by brother and uncle and shot
Father is symbol beheaded by gun shit
Uncle and nephew scoff shot family

Welcome to the casual breakfast of grotesque patriarchal family. Father is giving spoons to his kin: sexy stupid wife, idiot-son, college-student daughter and  the elder daughter – manager assistant. The father is the head of the family. Suddenly his brother – Joe enters the living room. Joe is a crime element and  sociopath, who for a long time was  in jail and in a psychiatric hospital. Uncle Joe is rehabilitated and he asks his relatives for help him to start a new life. But his brother drove him away in the rude form. His wife and daughters said that Joe is ugly idiot. Jot couldn’t stand it, took the gun and shot to the father head. No head! Headless father’s corpse was agonizing, when his fife and daughters  was crying in panic touching the ugly corpse of their benefactor, Alfa Dog and Archi Father. No more support and sponsorship.  No more protection and leadership. Joe forced  relatives to throw daddy’s corpse from the window like rubbish. 
Hoe shoots his brother’s wife to her tit. She slowly died in terrible agony. Blood was from her mouth and three holes. The daughter was suffering near her dead leggy mum with emotional death stare and was shot two times. Dead daughter fall to the floor near her dead mum. Elder sister  fall to her knees and started to beg Joe for life. But her brother sided Joe. He told that always respected his Uncle while all others put him on the cross. Nephew told that his «good girl sister» teased him in the childhood and it she never closed the door in her bedroom when she changed clothes. Men forced her to strip, to show her sexy body last time. She stripped and was only in her black sexy pantyhose when she was shot twice by Uncle Joe.  After twitching in agony blonde girl died. 
Nephew strewed corpses of  his  loved ones with  traditional cereal that eat every day. Joe fingered body of his nephews and his brother\'s wife. Helpless  loved and hated dead females with frozen horror on their sleek  faces. 
Joe, nephew and Joe’s girlfriend  left dead house to move to the South where cops couldn’t find them…

Fetish elements: 
Dialogue, Family conflict, Mother and daughter death situation. Father and daughter death situation, brother and sister death situation, shooting, blood, blood from mouth, taboo, ultra violation. 

Funny and Brutal, absurd and socially, sophisticated, deviant, unusual fetish splatter
So, one very high quality, surprising big-clip from a Crime House, which is becoming a tradition 

If you like please Check Out TV Shot, TV Killer, Crime and Punishment (Crime House store)
Note. It is only fiction adult horror movie fir fun. Crime House team respects institute of family and is opposed to violence and crime. All characters are 21 y.o. and more, all actors are adult. 
    12 minutes
      Web Bitch - When his lover is in social webs all the time he loses control...
    10 minutes


Starring: Tory (Vika) and Kit

Fetish elements:

Forced to strip

Going to the noose

Crying before being hanged

Hanging in different angles (in the full weight, from behind, in front of, on the side)

Tied hands

Twitching hands and fingers

Carrying from the noose to the cart




Young girl was kidnapped at home. Killer hanged her…


If you like this clip please don’t miss







    26 minutes
      SMOKING KILLS MEDLEY - Starring: Pola, Nika, Mary, Nata

Fetish elements:
Shooting Stabbings Last smoke before death Smoking cigarettes
Searching for the flash card, touching and stripping dead body
Shooting to the chest, dying in the bath, full nude, smoking girls, dying girl with cigarette, agony, death stare, long death from shooting, silencer gun
The room where crime woman is hidden. She is sitting at her PC and she is searching at the google map location where her organization is going to hit. She is going to the window and she is smoking a cigarette.
We show the killer who takes her photo and sees her location in his devise. He shoots her to the chest when she is smoking cigarette. When she is falling, the smoke comes out of her mouth. The cigarette is still is her hand. She is still alive.
Killer sits down near her and asks some questions about the organization. She answers, coughing. The killer takes a cigarette and gives her to the mouth to let her do some tightening with smoke. She dies with opened eyes and mouth and clods of smoke are still near her face. Killer puts the cigarette to her mouth and goes away.


Lady boss is too rude with her employee. He decides to kill bossy bitch. She is smoking a sigarette during her death. The smoke is going out her wounded belly.
Lusty sexy spy had a hard day in her dirty work. Now she can relax in the bath with a cigarette. But killer surprises her in her bath  - where she’s so helpless, so nude and wet. It’s her private territory  - she can’t do anything to save her life. He is quickly as an animal. Silencer noise  and… hard pain in her chest! Shot… but not dead yet. She is in deadly agony. Killer hates when girls smoke. He decides to have fun with her bad habit and suggests her have her last cigarette while she’s dying!

Starring: Nata
Woman  was smoking a cigarette near the window and gets a bullet from the sniper.

    Welcome to Crime House
    Crime House Fantasy Studio (also Crime House & Crime House and Dark Rooms) is independent production company with female death fetish orientation. Crime House does very erotic stuff, but not porn. Why we advice to offer our videos? 1. SEXY VICTIM-ACTRESSES ONLY 2. REALISTIC DEATH SITUATIONS 3. GREAT ACTING 4. CSGFX EFFECTS 5. NEW MODELS EVERY WEEK 6. ALL DEATH FETISH GENRES 7. NOT PORN BUT VERY-VERY EROTIC AND HOT 8.RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPE HOT MODELS 9. WE DO KNOW HOW TO PLAY SEXY DEATH 10. ALL MOVIES ARE MADE IN VERY HIGH QUALITY

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