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    11 minutes

Cast: Angelina and Den
«Wow! You have way exceeded my expectations! Angelina is a real beauty and I haven't ever seen someone playing and reacting so perfectly. Her vocal reactions were also outstanding!
Thanks a lot for the professional work for all of you involved! Dan was also perfect in his role.
Flow of every scene:
No text is needed but as you feel.
First she is visible alive, sometimes neutral, resigned or depressed, sometimes fearful or thrilled.
Then comes the execution itself by an off camera squad and gun(s) and she dies. All are relatively quick deaths, no or very short agonies. We see the execution always from front (but not as a POV shooting) but not necessarily from the middle.
Facial expression varies: surprise, shock or pain, please keep it relatively natural and realistic.
She always dies with open eyes. Sometimes wide open, sometimes only a bit open, sometimes looking up, down, or front.
Her mouth ends also open, as it is natural after the reaction and relax of the muscles.
After the execution there is a guy to check if she is dead. By checking her neck vein or grabbing her hair and lifting up her head to see her death stare.
He always shoots control shot(s) into her already dead body:
one to her head from distance or by holding it by her hair. At least in one scene he shoots her dead body 6-8 times all over including lower leg, head, an arm
Every scene ends with a very short view on her dead body or face.

There are 3 set ups (all can be indoor or outdoor, it does not matter to me, which one fits better to you):
1. Tied to a chair.
The girl can die by leaning once forward, in another execution backward, another one can go sideways as well. Let's the chair stay standing always and the girl is tied so that she cannot fall from it either. Arms tied back, legs are free. Her upper body is roped to the chair.

2. Tied to a pole tight.
Tied so that she cannot fall, e.g. her knees cannot bend much and her upper body cannot bend forward either. Her arms are tied back.
Her head falls sometimes forward, sometimes backward when dead depending on how her body ends naturally.
When shot she shakes or twitches for the bullets depending on the length of the bursts. Then her dead body relaxes sometimes slowly (dies quickly but relaxes slowly), sometimes very quickly. And ends as the ropes let it, in different standing positions. It is important to see that she does not hold herself but the ropes.

3. Tied to a pole so that she can bend forward.
Similar to #2 but she dies so that her upper body bends forward. Her hands are tied back behind the pole so it keeps her body from falling fully forward. Her legs are also tied so that her knees cannot bend much so she stays standing.

Execution style varies, some examples (guns and squad not visible):
- one uzi with one quick burst (6-8 bullets), instantly dead, then other quick burst or bursts in the dead body
- one uzi with a long burst (not longer than 2 secs); dies realisticly quickly but her dead body continues to shake to the bullets
- one AK-47 in slower machine gun mode, different styles like the uzi cases
- a firing squad of 6-8, all shoots at once
- a firing squad of 6-8, shooting criss-cross the 6-8 bullets
- a firing squad of 6-8, shooting in a mess but not longer than 2 secs

Nude or in lingerie
Hair in pony tail, in a bun or her mouth is tied so that her hair cannot fall to hide her face when dead.


Or go to

    26 minutes

CAST: Mira, Li, Nadya

Fetish Elements:
Headshot, Death Stares. Catfighintg, Bondaged, Kidnapped, BDSM, Shooting to the chest (lots), shooting to dead body, strangulation, strangulation face (crossed eyes, tounge out). Passed out, neck to the neck, stabbing, cruel, stockings, leather, fighting to the life, girl kills girl, Mira Kills Li, Mira is near to kill Nadya, Nadya Kills Mira 

We fade on as Nadya is outside on her phone holding a pistol with silencer. We hear her say that she’s tracked Mira down but she’s got a hostage. They tell her to use whatever force is require to take Mira down.
Nadya Enters the house
We cut to Mira who is dragging Li into a room by her hair, Li has her hands tied behind her back. Mira has a silenced pistol tucked into her skirt and is carrying a suitcase with her. Mira tells Li to shut up or she’ll have a hole in her head.
Mira peaks out of the door and sees Nadya walking around so quickly hides the suitcase and forces Li to her knees and stands behind her waiting for Nadya to enter. 
The camera follows Nadya as she Enters the room where Mira is. Mira holds Li’s face up so she can beg Nadya to save her life. Mira kneels beside Li grabs her face and slowly licks up from her jaw to her cheek. Mira tells Nadya to put her gun on the floor and kick it away. Nadya does as she’s told. Mira laughs, telling Nadya she should have put a bullet in her when she had the chance. Mira and Li look at each other, Mira blows Li a kiss before firing a single shot to the side of Li’s head killing her instantly. Li’s eyes open wide and blood pours out of her mouth before she collapses onto her side (eyes wide open, mouth slightly open). Mira aims her gun at Nadya and tells her not to move. She rolls Li onto her belly and removes the rope that bound her hands together. She grabs Li’s face and tells Nadya that she failed to save Li. Mira stands up then uses her foot to roll Li on to her back. A couple of overkill shots make Li’s body twitch, reacting to each shot. A close up on Li’s face sees more blood come out of her mouth eyes remain open. 
Mira then walks over to Nadya, gives her the rope and tells her to tie her hands together, she tells Nadya to face the door and puts the gun in her back of her head and tells her to move. They walk out of the room and into another. Mira demands that Nadya helps her escape or she’ll end up just like Li. Mira walks away from Nadya, Nadya seeing an opportunity to take control kicks Mira between the legs. Mira drops her gun and holds her pussy in pain (close up of eyes crossed in pain) Mira collapses to Her knees. Nadya rushes to pick un the gun, she instantly presses it again Mira’s forehead (who’s still kneeling holding her pussy) and demands she unties her wrists. Mira does as she’s told. Once she’s finishes she drops the ropes to the floor, Nadya calls her a good girl before hitting her on the top of the head with the bottom of the pistol knocking Mira out. Mira’s eyes cross and her tongue comes out before she collapses onto her chest with her butt in the air with her tongue still out (see attached image) camera is behind Mira to get a view of her bent over as Nadya walks behind her and comments that only a slut would fall in such a humiliating position. She then uses her foot to push Mira onto her back. Nadya says that she best check for any weapons and undresses Mira down to her lingerie and stockings (Nadya spreads Mira’s legs apart – making the comment that she bets Mira is used to spreading her legs). She Finds a knife tucked into one of her stockings, she throws it to the side. Camera pans Mira’s knocked out body, eyes rolling, tongue still out. Before fading to black.
The Camera pans Mira laid on a bed spread Eagle with her arms and legs tied to the 4 corners of the bed. She is blindfolded and gagged (see image for gag example). Mira is still unconscious. 
Nadya Slowly runs her pistol up Mira’s leg. Over her pussy and up her whole body before pushing the pistol against her temple. Nadya pushes Mira’s head with her gun to wake her up. Mira gains consciousness and panics as she doesn’t know what’s happening. Nadya Demands Mira tells her where the suitcase is. She removes the gag and blindfold and places them beside Mira. Again, Nadya demands Mira tells her. She forces the pistol into Mira’s mouth. She holds it in there for about 5 seconds (Mira staring at the gun then into. Nadya’s eyes) Nadya then starts slides the pistol in and out of Mira’s mouth (like oral) Nadya tells her that that’s all her mouth is good for as she isn’t telling her what she wants to know. Nadya tells Mira to open her mouth and stick her tongue out, Mira does as she’s told, Nadya put the gag back into Mira’s mouth. She then runs the gun down Mira’s body and slides it into her panties. Tell me or I’ll shoot, and no games or I’ll make your last moments alive agony. Mira nods, signaling that she’s ready to tell her. the gag is removed again and Mira finally tells her (the wrong place as she wants Nadya to leave the room) Nadya leaves the room to retrieve to suitcase. Once she’s left we see Mira manage to get a hand free. She rushes to Untie her other hand and legs. We then see Nadya look Where Mira said realising she’s been tricked she rushed back to confront Mira. When she enters Nadya sees the empty bed.
Mira suddenly appears behind her and using one of her straps starts to strangle Nadya. Nadya manages to break free, the girls start fist fighting/attacking each other exchanging punches, grabbing hair, rolling around on the floor etc. Mira manages to get on top of Nadya punching her and strangling her. Nadya barely conscious manages to get Mira off her. Mira asks Nadya how she’d like to die. Mira goes to attack Nadya again. Nadya dodges her attacks before punching/kicking Mira several times. Mira falls to the floor and tries to crawl away. Nadya follows her as she slowly crawls towards the door. Nadya opens the door and tells Mira she can leave only if she tells her where the suitcase is. Mira admits defeat and tells Nadya. As Mira puts her head past the door Nadya slams it shut on her head. Mira’s eyes cross as she slumps to the floor on her belly her body is twitching/convulsing. Nadya grabs her hair and walks her (Mira crawls on her hands and knees) into another room with a sink/bath. She’s not finished with her yet. Nadya turns the taps on and forces Mira’s head into the water. Mira struggles, she manages to get her head out of the water a couple of times but each time Nadya forces her head back in. Finally, Mira’s body weakens a few twitches before going still. Nadya pulls Mira’s head from out of the water, as Nadya is holding Mira’s head Mira’s mouth opens, her tongue comes out and water pours out of her mouth. Mira has her eyes closed and her tongue far out. Nadya Holds her head up before allowing Mira’s body to fall back so she’s on her side. Nadya rolls Mira onto her back and checks her eyes (see attached image). 
Nadya, thinking she’s killed Mira leaves to collect the suitcase, she gets the suitcase and opens it to check it’s what she’s after (we don’t see inside, just Nadya looking). In the background we see a wet Mira standing holding a knife. She screams at Nadya that this isn’t over and she’d rather die than know Nadya got away with her suitcase. Nadya tells her that can be arranged. Mira runs to attack Nadya, Nadya swiftly turns and shoots Mira in her heart stopping her immediately. Mira shocked looks down at the hole in her chest before looking back at Nadya, blood flowing from her mouth. Nadya fires again near her heart. Mira collapses to her knees as Nadya walks up to her. Mira grabs onto Nadya and look up to her, she begs Nadya to make her death fast and painless. Nadya tells Mira how pathetic she is, grabs her head and snaps her neck. Mira falls onto her back, her body twitching. Nadya kicks Mira’s legs open so they’re spread really wide. She then grabs the knife out of her hand. Nadya holds the knife and slowly inserts it into Mira’s neck. More blood comes out of her mouth her eyes stare into the camera shocked before rolling/crossing. Nadya removes the knife (Mira’s body jerks at its removed) Mira’s body is still twitching so Nadya; tells Mira ‘you deserve this you fucking bitch’ before forcefully slamming the knife into Mira’s heart. Her body jerks again before going still. her eyes are crossed and her mouth slightly open with blood coming out of her mouth. Nadya stands up in between Mira’s spread legs and fires 3 more bullets into Mira’s body. Her body twitches with each shot. Nadya collects the suitcase and leaves. The camera pans Mira’s spread eagled body with shots of her whole body and close ups of spread legs and face. 

    11 minutes

«Hi Ugine - thanks so much!  As you know, I've been wanting to do a movie like this for a very long time, and the movie is great!!  You followed the script very faithfully and the whole cast did a great job.  Anyone who likes the Magnum Force pool party massacre is going to LOVE this!!!  I score this at 95%.»
From Customer’r Review 
CAST: Alice Miren, Angelina, Bella Lenina, Li, Lika, Luiza, Mira Green, Xena, Ivan, Max

Pool Party, Shooting, Machine Gun, Wounds, Death Stares, Falling to the water, Touching Bodies, TOUCHING BREASTS, Bodypile, CSI

8 girls are having fun in the swimming pool – they are drinking cocktails, laughing. They have great mood and strip topless.
But one of them is a wife of a businessman who plays unfair games with mafia and mafia decides to punish him and kill his wife. Contract killer with machine gun arrives by bike and goes to the swimming pool. He pays girls’ attention to him throwing something in the water. Girls look at him with surprised and shock  - who is him? He starts shooting with machine gun. Shooting all, Many bullets and wounds  appears in the girls’ bodies (good make up fx effects)! It’s quick death but very reslistic. Girls fall to the water or to the skirting trying to escape. Mira is able to ome out from the swimming pool but poor girl is  shot near the pool and falls to the water.
Killer takes out all bodies from the pool to the skirting and looks at the dead girls. He touches some bodies to the breasts, legs, stomach. 
After the detective comes and sees all eight bodies. He touches the bodies too and examines wounds…

for WAR IS HELL  Luiza Failed Assassin
    14 minutes

      Luiza Failed Assassin - LUIZA FAILED ASSASIN
«Wow this is really great!  Great camera work showing all the camera angles and views of Luiza.  Luiza did a great job too, good writhing.  Alex and Max did great too.

Great video!»

From Customer’s Review

Overview: Failed assassination attempts
Luiza is an assassin sent to kill a male target, but she fails every time and is killed in multiple quick scenes, mostly belly deaths and many good camera views of Luiza’s ass and belly. She acts more sensual and only a little pain mixed in here and there.  When she is stabbed or shot, her reactions should be more like surprise (loud gasp with eyes and mouth wide open), moans that can be soft or intense, squeals, and a variety of sounds, just avoid painful sounds).  Final deaths should have a final tensing of her body, final gasp, and slow exhale (sometimes with soft moans or sighs that the camera can hear).

No blood required, but if used, only a small drip where stabbed or shot and maybe small drip at the corner of her mouth, but not required.

Camera guidelines:
●	Her hips, ass and belly should be within view most of the scenes.  When showing her face in the camera, I prefer her hips, ass, and/or breasts to be within view as well.
●	I like multiple camera angles, especially when she is in her death pose.  Walk to a different side to get a little footage of her from a different angle.
●	I like good views of her ass and belly and between her legs, sometimes up close.
●	I like profile views (showing her side and curves of her body), including camera low to the ground looking over at her
●	I like camera angles where the camera is low to the ground and looking up at her
●	I also like good camera angles that show her facial expression but her body, her curves are still visible in the background.

Things to avoid
●	Avoid very painful facial expressions or sounds, avoid wrinkling forehead or nose
●	No coughing, gagging, gargling, or harsh grunting
●	No fear, no facial expressions of fear, no screaming or whimpering or crying
●	Do not double-over or hunch forward (this conceals her body)
●	No crotch stabs or shots and no stabs to the neck or head or legs
●	No scenes where she dies sitting down or leaning against something like a wall (no seated poses)
●	No scenes where she dies and she is in a flat pose with her legs straight and close together (see sample pictures of poses I like).
●	Avoid death scenes where she slowly fades away, where she moves slower and slower and then stops.  All deaths should have a climactic final stab or final lunge before death. Scene 1 (about 2 minutes)
●	Luiza has a gun and sneaks into the room, looking for her target.
●	The male has a gun and sneaks up behind and captures Luiza, making her drop her gun
●	He pushes her toward a table or desk and makes her lean forward, her hands on the table and her legs spread apart (see sample pictures), her lower back is arched downward.
●	He then pulls out a knife and moves his hands across her body and her ass, looking for a clue to who sent her. Camera shows good views of her ass.
●	He moves the knife across her back, then gets beside her (opposite side of camera so it does not block view of her), and slides the knife across her body, her back curves down more.
●	He then stabs upward, stabbing below her bellybutton (not her crotch), causing her to gasp loudly as her hips thrust upward a little (she lifts up onto her toes) and her lower back curves downward more.
●	He then puts one hand on her lower back and thrusts the knife upward more, making her hips thrust up a little again as her back curves down and she moans. He pulls the knife out, making her body flinch and she exhales with a soft moan or sigh as her eyes roll back and she dies, slumping forward onto the table or desk, her legs spread apart.
●	After the camera angles, he pushes her off the desk or table and she falls to the floor, her tucked underneath.
●	To make sure she is dead, he stabs her one more time in her lower belly, reviving her with a gasp and her back arches up very high (see sample picture)
●	After a pause for a few seconds, she dies with a slow exhale as she relaxes her body down, her eyes and mouth open wide and a couple more good camera angles

Scene 2 - attempted seduction (about 2 minutes)

●	Luiza comes into the room and tries to seduce her target. She walks up to the man and gets close to him, then she pushes him down on the floor, and he willingly lays down.  
●	Luiza walks away and removes her bra. She puts down her bra, but picks up a needle with poison, and hides it in her hand. 
●	She turns around and walks up to the man in a sexy way, walking toward his head, her legs spread apart.
●	She is attempting to seduce him, rubbing him (with one hand), moving her body over his, then she crawls over top of him and sits on his stomach (see sample picture)
●	Luiza grinds on him a little, and takes out the needle, but she doesn’t know that he grabbed a knife
●	Before Luiza can stab the needle in his leg, he reaches around and stabs her in her lower belly, making her gasp loudly with surprise (eyes and mouth wide open) as her head tilts back (facing toward the ceiling), her breasts stick out and her lower back curves
●	He pulls the knife out, making her body flinch and she immediately exhales slowly and her eyes roll back and she goes limp
●	Luiza slumps forward forward, her ass propped up and her legs straddle him (see pic below)
●	The male sits up, pushing her down a little, her as propped up in his lap. He caresses her ass and searches her body for clues. 
●	To make sure she is dead, he stabs her again in her lower back, causing her to revive with with a soft moan as her ass lifts up some and her back curve down more and she lifts her head, after several seconds, her eyes cross and she exhales with a soft moan and she relaxes her body, her tongue hangs out.
●	He grabs one of her knees and lifts her leg up and begins to roll her over his leg, her body is sprawled, legs far apart, and he searches her body a little more before leaving.
●	Luiza walks into the room, hiding a knife behind her back, walking seductively.
●	He is also hiding a knife. She walks up close to him and then pulls out her knife.
●	He grabs her wrist, and pulls out his knife, and Luiza grabs her 
●	Luiza pushes up against, her ass sticking out, legs apart.  They fall to their knees as they continue to struggle (more focus on Luiza’s body). Luiza’s legs are spread apart, and her back curved. Space opens up between them and his knife goes down low, close to the ground, between them, the knife pointed upward toward her lower belly.
●	He slowly overpower her, the knife moving upward toward her lower belly, then finally stabs upward, below her bellybutton, causing her ass and hips to thrust back as her lower back curves downward and she gasps loudly. She drops her knife and puts one hand on her lower belly and she moans.
●	Luiza then falls on all fours and tries to slowly crawl away, but he gets beside her, puts his knife under her and stabs upward again into her lower belly, causing her back to curve downward and lift her head up.
●	He pulls the knife out, causing Luiza’s eyes and mouth to open wide as she dies, then slowly slumps forward, her ass up in the air, legs spread apart, her eyes and mouth open wide.
●	He searches her body, and pulls one knee forward, causing her hips to sink down to the floor, and he re-positions her as he searches and caresses her body and she ends up in a pose like this (see 2 sample pictures below)
Scene 4 Fight for gun (about 1.5 minute)
●	Luiza has a gun and is looking for her target.
●	He sneaks up on her and grabs her wrist holding the gun and they fight for the gun
●	They fall to the ground and roll around for a little, but Luiza is able to get on top (exactly like this picture, Luiza’s back arched down a little)
●	The male reaches over and grabs a small knife and sneaks it underneath Luiza who is unaware he has a knife.
●	He stabs upward in her lower belly, surprising Luiza as she gasps loudly and her hips thrust upward a little, back curves downward a little.
●	He thrusts up a little more, and Luiza’s eyes go crossed as she dies, then she exhales and goes limp
●	Luiza slumps forward over top of him, her ass propped up (sample picture)
●	He then slowly rolls her off of him, her legs sprawled, and several more angles shown, her eyes crossed and tongue out.
Scene 5 (about 1.5 minutes)
●	Luiza struts in while the man is sitting on a couch or bed
●	She tries to seduce him, putting one knee up.  She is planning to seduce and strangle him with a string.
●	She then sits on top of him, and begins to grind on him, not knowing he has a knife.
●	He completely surprises her with a stab to her lower belly, making her body react (her shoulders fling back, her face looking at the ceiling)
●	She looks back at him, moans, and says “you killed me”
●	Then he puts on hand on her lower back and pushes the blade in more
●	Luiza tilts her head back, then exhales with a soft moan as her eyes go cross and she dies.
●	Luiza then slumps back, and he holds her up and she slowly falls back between his legs
●	After several camera views, he searches her body a little, then grabs one leg and rolls over over (still on the couch or bed), her ass propped up on the couch cushion or bed and searches her body a little more, then pushes her onto the floor

Scene 6 (sneak up behind) about 1.5 minutes
●	Luiza is searching for her target and is standing with her legs spread apart.
●	He has a knife and sneaks up from behind her.
●	He puts one arm around her neck and reaches around with his other hand and stabs her in the lower belly (exactly like the sample picture)
●	Luiza then slowly falls to her knees, then she falls back on him. She is on top of him, then he stabs her again, causing her to gasp and lunge up
●	After a moment, he pulls  the knife out, making her lunge one last time, pause, then exhale slowly as she dies, eyes and mouth remain wide open even though she is dead.
●	He feels her body and searches, then rolls her off into this pose and continues to search her body a little.  Camera shows good views of her ass and profile view and of her face with ass in background

Scene 7 - writhing and climactic death (about 1.5 minutes)
●	Luiza has a gun and starts a shootout with the male
●	Her legs are spread far apart as she aims, but is hit in her lower belly, making her react.
●	Luiza falls to one knee, and tries to raise her gun but is hit in her belly again
●	She rolls onto the floor and begins to writhe and squirm and lunge, rolling around on the floor while moaning and squealing (see sample pictures below)
●	In a climactic final death, she suddenly gasps loudly and arches her back up very high, pauses for a few seconds, then exhales slowly and dies, relaxing her body back down as she dies.

She is left sprawled and several good camera angles.
     AS HE SAID 2
    60 minutes

      AS HE SAID 2 - AS HE SAID 2
35$ first 5 days!
The Regular Price is 45$! – High Budget Production
The film was shooting 6 cinema shifts in different locations 
1 Hour Movie! 12 actors! 
The Next Part of Franchise About Crazy Family!
Script By Bob Crane
«Dark Rooms does it again and goes in to the studio and comes out with another full length fetish movie…   Well done to this production team their hard work as the story unfolds..  The cast turns in an amazing performance.  All of the scenes are woven together in a  splendid film.  The story does justice to the first effort as our diabolic family returns in this amazing sequel.   Many thanks bringing this from paper to the big screen!!!!!»
Bob Crane’s Review 
Rebecca…………………Scarlett Fandera
Judi, Nadya, Tanya, Angelina, Sally, Li, Louse, Bella Lenina

Stocking Party, Slasher Plot, Garrote Strangulation, Stabbing, Harpoon, Knocking Out, Dragging Body, Masturbation and Web Cam scene,  Shooting, BIG NUDE 8 DEAD GIRLS BODYPILE 
Nadya was strangled from behind with garrote by Scarlett . Unsuspected girl was doing sexy show by webcam when was long brutally strangled
Judy was knocked out after searching Nadya’s dead body 
Li was stabbed to her back for going topless in the house
Sally was stabbed to her belly button by billiard cue
Angelina was stabbed by harpoon in the swimming pool
Bella Lenina was forced to stripped full nude by Scarlett for her sexy lingere and stabbed by big knife to her chest
Louse was bandaged and bagged 
Tanya was hanged with her month sewn up with threads
Judi was shot by gun to her chest trying  to escape (classic slasher scene in the car)


After massacre of 8 girls in the winter house crazy family of cultists worshiping the righteous snowman sell cars and devises of killed girls. But money is near to be ended! The father decides to rent the house again but this time he asks his family to be more careful and not to hurt guests. 
Another 8 girls arrives to the house for stocking lingerie party. Judi celebrates her office  promotions and arranges a corporate bachelorette party. Scarlett can’t stand seeing sexy girls with beautiful lingerie. She founds them dissolute and not deserving of life. Her brothers support her in the murders, and her father has no choice but to conceal the crimes of his family….

SYNDICATE (All Parts!)
    16 minutes


«Wow! The film is absolutely amazing! Judi did a great job and my script is realized in a perfect way. This is my first custom ever like I said and I am I am very satisfied with the result. I’ll definitely order more customs in the future»
Customer’s Review

CAST: Judi, Max
Firefight, Brave Kind Policewoman, Young Police Woman VS Bastard, Three Bullets to the chest, Being seriously wounded, Judi’s firm surprised reaction with wide eyes opened, Trying to Fight with wounds, Three More Wounds, Much Blood, Very Emotional Agony, Begging for life, Turning from brave policewoman o young dying girl who doesn’t want to live, Begging: «I am too young, please don’t kill me», Death After Long Agony, Great Death Stare, Pink Lips, Stripping  Body, Topless, Examining Wounds, Playing With Corpse, Many views of Dead Body, CSI, Covering Body with a white cover, Black Stockings, High Heels, Legs, Tits, Plastic Agony.
Judi is a new policewoman on her first mission and is knocking a door of the suspect’s apartment. When the suspect opens the door and sees the police he runs back inside the room and gets his gun. Judi rushes in and draws her gun and yell “ hands up I don’t want to shoot you”. The suspect does not listen and shoot her three times on her chest. She is in shock and drops the gun and blood comes out of her mouth as she stumbles and drops to the ground. She then tries to retrieve the gun on the ground when the suspect calls his boss and says he just shot a police. She gets her gun and struggles to stand up and fire a shot but missed. The suspect turns and opens fire on her and hit her three more times. She then drops to the ground and rips her shirt to check on the wounds( realistic bullet hole). She then tells the suspect to let her live as she is still young and call an ambulance but could not finish the sentence and have a lot blood cough. She then struggles to breath and convulses on the ground. Finally she dies with mouth and eyes open with some death agony. The suspect then undresses her shirt and bra and sees her wounds and leaves. One day later, the suspect was told by his boss to return to check on the body and saw the corpse with realistic corpse makeup, he touches her face and breast and say “what a pity for a beautiful woman to die like that” and put a sheet on her and leave.
    17 minutes

      HEIRESS - HEIRESS (Stepfather) 

CAST: Alice M, Den, Luiza
«..the custom is really nice...»
From Customers Review 
Fetish Elements
Sexy Clothes, Black Pantyhose, Boots, Dressing, Family Conflict, Rich Bitch, Seduction, Conflict, Poison, Agony, Long Death, Shooting to the Back, Death Stare 

A spoiled chick has made an extensive inheritance of her deceased mother. She lives in luxury, expensive clothes, often celebrates wild parties. Her stepfather wants her money. So he decides to kill her. He invites her to his apartment. On the pretext of talking to her about her future. She always knew that her stepfather found her very sexy. So she wore particularly provocative clothes for this evening to provoke him. He asks her for a glass of wine. The wine is poisoned. He's watching her after she's drunk. She's getting hot, she's struggling for air. Then she falls to the ground, fights for her life, moans. The fight is long and hard. She tries to crawl on the floor to the door. She stands up, can barely stand on her feet, wants to open the door and flee. At this moment, her stepfather pulls a pistol with silencer and shoots her from behind. She moans loudly, sinks to the ground and dies quite slowly....

If you like this film please check out
    13 minutes




Directed and Shot By Ugine


«Extraordinary work......i really amdire the actress....she plays her role very very and sexy outfit....

another top spot for this custom.....i am really grateful for our cooperation...»

Customer’s Review




Strangulation, Garrote, Sudden Attack, Strangulation from behind, Strangulation in the car, Boots, Legs Kicking, Face Reaction, Death Stare, Trying to escape, Begging for Merci, Corpse in the car, Throwing body out of the car, Black pantyhose


A lonely road in a wooded area in the late afternoon. It is the most visited place for sale sex. But today there is only one hooker. She has to stand there all day because she has not made enough money in the last few days. The other prostitutes don't come until the eveninghours. A car approaches. The hooker looks expectant. The car stops. The alleged customer opens the door and asks for the price. "For 150 dollars you get everything you want," she smiles at him. "OK, get in, that's a good price, where are we going to go?" he replies. "It doesn't matter where we are undisturbed," she replies. The customer turns into a lonely path and drives a little further. Eventually, he stops. She begins to touch him, plays with her tongue, kisses him tenderly. He carefully grips between her legs. "You can do that well," she moans quietly. "But please give me the money beforehand," she asks him. He gives her 300 dollars. She is very surprised and puts it in her boots. "Let's go and take a few steps and enjoy nature," he blinks at her. She laughs. "Yes, let's enjoy," she smiles back. They get off and go for some time, talk about sex. Then she stops, touches him, caresses his face. "Do we want to do it here?" she asks him. "I want to seduce you first, turn your back to me, feel my hands and close your eyes," he tells her. She turns around. Carefully caressing her hips, ass and breasts from behind. She moans first quietly, then louder.

"Yes, more, do it to me," she whispers to him. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that he's an insane killer who has already killed two hookers and never been caught. Unnoticed, he pulls nylons out of his pants pocket. He quickly puts it around her neck and pulls her. She is surprised, screams, fights back. He pulls tighter. She starts moaning, barely gets air. "Please let me go, I'll do everything, please... aaaarrrrghhhhh," she chuckles. Slowly, he pulls her to the ground. He kneels behind her, she lies on her back. She is fighting for her life, but she has no chance. Their suffering is long and cruel. She is getting weaker and weaker. "Die slut, you deserve it, like all hookers," he yells at her. He pulls even tighter. Her body begins to twitch. One last loud groan then she dies with her mouth open and her eyes wide open. He stands up satisfied. 'This strangulation was really expensive. I think 300 dollars," he laughs at her. He takes the money out of her boots and leaves the lifeless body in the forest.


    22 minutes




JUST 29$ till Monday, 33$ Before the End of the Month and 40$ After September!



Next Portion Of Hundreds Bullets In The Girls’ Fleshes!


\"I just watched the video. First of all, I will not say much to thank you. I have already told you a lot.))))))) This project is really big and consumes a lot of our energy. I can see your seriousness through every scenes. So I will take the trouble to say thank you again. You have created a history Sir! This style is unprecedented.It almost perfectly blends this with bloody elements and some erotic elements.Send a little red heart to the members of your production crew and the models you found.\"




Alice M, Yana,  Luiza, Angelina, Mira Green, Judi, Max

Ways Of Murders And Fetish Elements:

Alice M – Head Sot – Bloody, Very Bloody Long Head Shot with her brains on the wall!

Yana – was shot in her pussy, after was shot about fifteen times in her body with splashes of blood and finished by long fat headshot

Luiza  - was shot many times in her body by shotgun – bloody realistic death

Angelina – was exploited by shot gun with her meat and guts outside (complicated trick made with crew of pyrotechnics)

Mira Green – was shot in sieve - clothes and body tore into a bloody mess

Judi – accidently shot in her genitalias – urination with blood, rain of blood to the floor from her!




Time came back to reality, and the filmmaker who was watching the film with the girls received a text message. The text was about credit card arrear payments, and the filmmakers were sad.
He muttered to himself.
\"I can\'t even afford to eat because of this virus, and pay it back?\"

Judi asked the film-maker with a smile.
\"What are you talking about?\"
The maker said, \"it\'s okay. girls ready to shoot.\"

The filmmaker had these girls stand around him and say, \"that\'s enough for me. I don\'t want to live anymore. I\'m sure you do, too.\"

Alice began to laugh, and everyone laughed when she did. \"The script is not like that either,\" says Yana.

Suddenly Alice was shot in the head and her brains splashed against the wall.
dead. The filmmaker said, \"don\'t move if you want to live.\"

Yana then sneaks out a gun, points it at the filmmaker and says, \"don\'t move.\"

The film-maker laughs and shoots Yana in the pussy.
Yana\'s pussy crazy spouts blood and then she loses her strength and leans against the wall behind. The filmmaker sees yana alive and continues to shoot at her body, which continues to spray blood. Yana seems to have lost a lot of blood and becomes unconscious. She leaned against the wall as if her body were still moving.

Satisfied with the bloody scene, the filmmaker took a shotgun and shot Louisa\'s body.
Louisa\'s body was shot to pieces.

Mira sees something wrong and wants to run, but the filmmakers find out. The shotgun was so powerful, Mira ended up just as badly as Louisa.

Angelina is scared and asks not to be killed.
But the filmmakers have turned their guns on her.
At this moment Yana struggles to get up from the pool of blood and points her gun at the filmmaker. The filmmaker responded quickly, picking up the pistol that had just shot Yana and shooting her in the head. Yana\'s brains spurt out and spill onto the wall. Yana also slides against the wall and sits on the ground slowly.(the urine slowly flows out)

The filmmaker picks up the shotgun and shoots Angelina, who bleeds to death.

The film-maker saw that Judi was not dead, but he felt his actions were too criminal. He looked at the bloody bodies and the organs sprayed on the floor can\'t believe what he\'s doing. \"You go. I don\'t want to kill you, Judi. You\'re a good girl.\"
Judi, still in shock, walked carefully away, but to her surprise she stepped on the gun that had accidentally fired. The shot hit Judi in the pussy, spraying blood like a water cannon for a long time. (robogeisha example) When the blood finished spurts out, Judi also ends her own life, the way of death is very absurd and funny.

The film-maker saw beautiful corpses lying around, and he undressed the girls. (The actor looked directly into the camera and said, \"life is not easy during COVID 19. Please don\'t learn from me. Life has a long way to go.\")

Then the filmmaker committed suicide and died with the girls.


    21 minutes

Part 1
Special Price This Week!
The Regular Price 35$!
Absolutely New Level of Shooting!


*All scenes were done with plenty of make up bloody effects*
The crew of pyrotechnics were invited!! REAL EXPLOSIONS! 

Fetish Elements
Six models are doing makeup and finishing clothes(Give some close-up)When the models were finished, the camera crew called them over.

The movie producer is watching the news from COVID 19 on his cell phone

Filmmaker asked the models to look at the video they had shot earlier. He complimaented the models, saying,''Girls you've done a great job. This time is gonna be like the last time."

Six models came over, and in the middle of the conversation, the secne from reality into the screen.

Scene 2:A game of life and death for a pair of partners begins

(Louisa and Angelina)(Yana and Judi)(Alice and Mira)

Louise looked at the sky and said to Angelina who was sleeping, "get up, it's time to go to the game“

Ag said with a look of disdain:'' let's wait until the two groups are finished, let's wait.

Louise said,'' are you crazy? you're the worst shot here. They'll find us first. Let them 2 groups come together you look your little physique who can you fight?

Ag understands herself, so the two people begin to act.......

In another group, Alice and Mira are already on the move, they run fast and looking for there two groups.

Yana & Judi seemed very relaxed at this time, rely on a wall as their shelter

Yana took the barrel of her gun and poked at Judi's body. J said"can you concentrate a little bit, we don't know how to die after a while.''

Yana curled her mouth and said, it's all right, wait until they fight."

At this time,louise and Angelina have secretly come to the side of Yana and Judi. When Angelina found that the two girls had not noticed her, she sneaked into the rear of the two girls

Before Angelina made her move, Louise tried to stop her, but Angelina wouldn't listen. Louise is very helpless, she can only stay in place, observe the situation around.

At this time Alice and Mira also came near the battle. Mira spots Angelina closing in on Judi and Yana. Mira wants to act on her own, kill 3 people. But Alice said,"Mira you look around. There must be someone else."

This time Angelina has secretly come to the back of Yana, Angelina took her gun, put the barrel on the top of Yana's Pussy. BOOM B B B! The gun was powerful and scary, and the bullet went in form Yana's Pussy and out from her head......In the moment of being shot, Yana has a very tragic scream. The blood was gushing down from Yana's vagina wildly, and also from her head. And Yana die, very cruel, her body unconscious convulsions and spurting blood at the same time.

Angelina, who had been sprayed with blood, was very happy to see that she had killed someone, and she pointed the gun at Judi. Angelina threatened Judi with a gun, Judi had no choice just put her gun down.

Angelina laughed, feeling that the battle was nothing more than that, so she aimed at Judi and fired. But there was no bullet in the gun, and Angelina was surprised. Judi quickly picked up her shotgun and fired wildly at Angelina.

Angelina's body was shot into a sieve(her upper body was beaten to pieces. body was beaten and the flesh was flying.) Angelina's organs in her chest and abdomen were shout out by shotgun. When Angelina fell to the ground, Judi shot again, and Angelina's uterus flew out.

Louise saw the tragic death of Angelina, involuntarily covered her face and said," fuck, how can there be such a stupid teammate...

Louise picked up the gun and aimed it at Judi. But before Louise could fire, a bullet hole appeared in Louise's chest. Blood spewing out uncontrollably. But L no time to suffer. She had to find out who had hit her. Unfortunately, she got another shot in the chest. This shoot makes L can not help, she leaned against the blindage behind her.

Mira triumphantly walked in front of Louise, she won't give a shoot over Louise's life. But Mira deliberately coquettish pace make L very angry.
L took the gun aimed the body of Mira, crazy shooting. Mira got a lot of bullets hole on her body, but luckily she not die, even though bleeding wildly. Mira took the gun and shot L in the head, L's brains flew over the blindage back there. Louise Slowly slipped and died.

Mira was not dead, but the bullet hole in her body was bleeding like pouring water with basin. Mira endures the pain and wants to go to Alice seeks her teammate's help.

Meanwhile, Judi and A are shooting at each other. It was obvious that Alice was a better shot than Judi. Judi bleeding from the bullets in her legs, fell to the ground and groaned.

At this time, Mira came to Alice with her bleeding body and told Alice in a week voice, "help me" Alice told Mira," to go to hell and not to come to me!" Alice then shot a bullet in Mila's head. Mira's brain flew out and her body jerked and she died.

Alice haughtily went to Judi's body and step on the Judi's wound to humiliate her. But she didn't expect that Judi had a bomb in her hand, Alice was startled. Judi detonated the bomb, and the two girls were mangled. Two people's organs were blown all over the floor. Blood spatter everywhere. Alice's head was blown to pieces, and Judi loses her left arm and right leg.

Six bloody corpses lay on the ground......

(coming soon…)

    Random Crime House Clips more
    19 minutes
Starring: Angelina, Luiza, Vika, Dan
«The Movie Was awesome»
Customer’s Review
Fetish Elements:
Stalking, Cunnibalism, Stabbing, Gory
3 girls arrived to the house for some fun but cannibal hunter stalked them, killed very cruelly and ate.
    6 minutes


Sword-fighting to the death
Hass kills Annabelle by two swords
Hass kills Yana with a sword
Kit kills Hass with a sword
Kit cuts Juliana’s throat!  
Aristocracy VS slaves
Gladiators’ Arena
Fighting to the death
Nude bodies with oil
Blood, brave fighting and fear 


	It’s modern Gladiators’ and Amazons’ Arena. Group of very rich people love watching fighting to the real death. They do bets and enjoy the show. 
 	Alex is a son of oil tycoon, Pola is socialite VIP girl, his lover, Juliana is his second lover, his ex-maid and now she is luxary girl of this young rich minion of fortune.  
 	Hass is a girl from poor family who battles for money trying to collect money to save her mother from cancel. She is very brave and strong and she wins. It’s her last battle, if she wins she gets 100K $ and leaves Arena as a winner. 
	Annabelle is an orphan. She worked as a worker, as a waitress, as a whore and because of her strong soul and body she decides to change her life battling in Arena. It’s her first battle. Unfortunately for this young sexy girl, she looses the battle by mortal sword hit.  
	Yana (New Crime House Model!) is a girl who lost her parents, broke her heart when her young man went out to another girl became cruel and asocial and went to Arena via invitation for money and adrenaline. She had some victories before and was good Gladiatrix but this time  was killed by strong Hass.
	Kit is mercenary. After some War Crimes in the Army he was discharged from military and he became contract killer and Gladiator. He was last test for Hass. Oh! Brave female warrior lost it! She was stabbed by Cruel Kit!
	Is show over now? Show must go on! Capricious Pola  says she is tied of show where only poor people fight and die for money. She wants to see «Expensive Elite Meat». Alex wants it too. They have a plan – to throw Juliana to Arena for fun!
	It was surprise for Juliana! She stranded in the Elite Balcony as a Queen in her red dress and now she is lying on the bloody floor of Arena. She liked to see how another people died for her fun and she is a helpless victim now. Kit comes to her. He understands she has no chance, she can’t fight. He orders her to put off her dress. She is scared to death, she thinks it’s a joke and her partners just have fun. But this is deadly joke. She was a maid and VIP Alex and Pola, heirs of rich parents let her in the High Sosiety only for this moment  - to throw her to die! She is topless, in her red panties. She won’t be nude like others because she is from another social class. She is still queen for Kit, but she is in her knees, topless, helpless. He cut her throat. Her eyes are full of pain, fear, agony, humiliation. She dies and her body lied in the pile of another dead girls. 
	Kit wins all money. He leaves Arena. Four bodies lie on the floor. Dead losers. They will be fed to Alex’s dogs soon. 
	«Great evening!» - says Pola. «I’m tied of blood! Let’s go to the casino» - she suggests. 
	Alex and Pola leave the castle, seat in Bentley and move to casino for next enjoyment. Dead faces of losers look to the sky. Hass can’t help her mother, Annabelle couldn’t understand why she was agree to this adventure and to die so young, Yana couldn’t believe she loose so shamefully, but the most spacey was death stare of Juliana  - she was going to casino with her friends but her life changed another share – to be dead between losers!
     BLOODY SUPERGIRLS SuperGirl Origin
    11 minutes
      BLOODY SUPERGIRLS SuperGirl Origin - BLOODY SUPERGIRLS: SuperGirl Origin
Starring: Nata

 Lots of upskirt shots from the back and the front, full body shots)
 during the fight blows are concentrated on her crotch, ass, breasts and upper thighs
 costume rips are small, not large rips, and the costume never comes off
 tights get runs, that lead to tears, but are not torn off)
 brownish/darkish tights
her upper thighs are torn up
in the end the crotch is a bloodied mess

Supergirl arrives on a Spaceship. Demon like creature approaches her. She tells him to turn his ship around and not to attack Earth. he comes up to her and punches her, and hurts his hand. she hits him back. he goes flying backwards.  he presses something on his hand and continues to attack her they hit each other back and fourth until supergirls punches and kicks start to get weaker and weaker.
Then her punches and kicks have no effect he punches her in the stomach, bruising her instantly he then knees her in the crotch and she clutches it backing up slowly he digs his nails into the back of her thigh, right below her ass (maybe catching the bottom of her ass) and slices into her thighs going from the back to the front He then slices into both both breasts, cutting them open he then slams her head first into a window, cutting the side of her forehead and then she sees it, a red sun she says no, my powers, the red sun  he then pinches her ass repeatedly he punches her in the back, bruising her back he then places his hands between her legs and squeezes her crotch, causing extreme pain he then throws her to the ground and she lands on her back, hitting the back of her head hard, cracking it open and bleeding he then lifts her skirt up with his leg exposing her panties he spends a moment admiring the view then he stomps down hard on her crotch. she screams. he repeats the attack once her panties are torn up a bit, and her crotch is bruised and slightly bleeding  he turns her over onto her front he then lifts the back of her skirt up and again pauses to admire the view then he stomps down hard on her ass she screams .he repeats the attack. once her panties are torn up a bit, and her ass is bruised and slightly bleeding he turns her over onto her front. he then picks her up from her blood-soaked hair he lets her stand on her own to feet, his powers do not allow her to fall down then he punches her in the ass repeatedly, until her panties are torn up and her ass is bloodied he then punches her crotch until her panties are torn up badly and her pussy is bloodied He then cuts off her pussy lips and shows it too her he then beats her mercilessly every part of her body is either bloodied or bruised she is still not allowed to fall down he approaches her pulls back for a powerful punch, she can only watch in horror
There is a white flash he is taken a back a bit, but notices nothing has happened to him she shrugs and with all his might he punches her in the stomach, tearing a whole in it he pulls out some guts, then allows her to step forward she walls face first to the ground in a bloodied mess he turns her over and says now for your planet she whispers no, and dies.

DEEP INSIDE  4 Girls and Maniac
    12 minutes
      4 Girls and Maniac - 4 GIRLS AND  MANIAC

Christy, Pola, Annabelle, Nata and Alex


Fetish Elements:

Foot Fetish, Neck Breaks, Toe fetish Toes, death stares, carrying bodies



4 girls are watching TV in bed. We can clearly see their feet. It\'s getting hot and they undress. One of them goes for water, and suddenly a maniac attacks her from behind and breaks her neck.

The other girl does not understand where the girlfriend has gone and is looking for her and at the same time to bring champagne. The maniac attacks her, breaks her neck and takes her body.

The third girl goes to the kitchen, where she is trapped by a maniac and breaks her neck.

The fourth girl falls asleep. The maniac breaks into the bedroom and breaks her neck.

The maniac has laid out four corpses. We see bodies with a priority on foot fetish.
     Unhappy Birthday 4 Bodypile
    23 minutes
      Unhappy Birthday 4 Bodypile - Crime house summer season: unhappy birthday

4 young women ********* one by one, bodies are stripped and lift to one place for 4-women’ mega sexy bodypile!

it’s the most sexy crime house clip.

introdusing new model – anna rose.

 luiza celebrates her  birthday in the cottage and invites her 3 best friend. They have fun, but they don’t know a maniac-strangler is walking near the house.

he attacks poor g...Rls one by one and brutally ********* the, with his strong deadly hands. His first ****** was angelina. She came to the kitchen for some water when he surprised her, grabs to the floor and ********* slowly. Angelina makes very sexy agony and dying face.

luiza goes to the first floor to have a little rest. She takes off her shoes and massages her feet. Maniac surprised her, attacks and after a fight he ********* her. She does active legs kicking, her tongue  out from her mouth. Dead one! Her topless body in black stockings is lying on the bed.

hass goes outside to have a smoking break. Smoking kills! Maniacs ****** her and snaps her neck.

ann  doesn’t understand where are the *****… in this time the maniac is carrying bodies to the living room, stripes them and makes a bodypile of young *****’ corpses. Ann comes back and sees her friends naked and dead  in pile of corpses. She is in panic but too late. Maniac grabs her and strangler to her death. He takes off her clothes and puts her in the bodypile. 4 dead g...Rls in one pile now!

-          all ********** scenes are long and very sexy – different angles and body views. Death stares, naturalistic death reactions,

-          all *****’ dead bodies are carried and lift

-          -all body is stripped

-          great ultra sexy bodypile


fetish elements:

**********, death stare with open eyes and tongue out, death stare with clothed eyes, lifting bodies, carrying dead *****, black stockings, bare legs, foot fetish. Short party’s dresses, many dead poses, fear, fighting for life, sounds of *******, underwear, stripping bodies, playing with bodies, touching bodies, smoking ****, 4 ***** bodypile.  

price: 24.00
run time: 23:00 minutes
file size: 462 mb	format: .Mp4
category: strangluation, *******, dead play, necro  Evening Guests
    13 minutes
      Evening Guests - EVENING GUESTS

Starring: Lu, Nadya, Pola, Luiza, Alex, Anatoliy
Fetish elements:
Two men choke one girl
Two men choke two girls in one scene
Two men attack, strip and choke one girl

Two violent thugs broke into the apartment where four girls lived. They need cash for drugs but it’s not just robbery. It is cruel deadly violation!
We see how they are choking poor topless raped girl in torn pantyhose. One of them is holding her twitching legs, another one is squeezing her throat. She tries to get free but what can she do against two strong bulls? Poor young woman died, they let her body face down and rush to another room where girls are watching TV and even don’t know about tragedy in their home. 
Thugs choke them at the same time. We see terrible scene of murder of two girls in one scene. Girls actively move, resist, wheeze, their faces are red, their bodies shake, they are full of terror and horror. When bastards end their durty job they strip bodies and put them to the sofa. 
Monsters go to the second room. Last girl tries to hide herself under the blanket but they attack her. In four arms they strip her and choke. After she’s dead they turn over her naked body leaving you shocked in your imagination what will be after.

    Welcome to Crime House
    Crime House Fantasy Studio (also Crime House & Crime House and Dark Rooms) is independent production company with female death fetish orientation. Crime House does very erotic stuff, but not porn. Why we advice to offer our videos? 1. SEXY VICTIM-ACTRESSES ONLY 2. REALISTIC DEATH SITUATIONS 3. GREAT ACTING 4. CSGFX EFFECTS 5. NEW MODELS EVERY WEEK 6. ALL DEATH FETISH GENRES 7. NOT PORN BUT VERY-VERY EROTIC AND HOT 8.RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPE HOT MODELS 9. WE DO KNOW HOW TO PLAY SEXY DEATH 10. ALL MOVIES ARE MADE IN VERY HIGH QUALITY

    Featuring 607 Clips / 9592 minutes of video!

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      Luiza Failed Assassin

    Luiza Failed Assassin

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      AS HE SAID 2

    AS HE SAID 2

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