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    58 minutes

Custom Movie
Cast: Billy Brag, Max, Tatiana, Luiza, Li, Emma, Nadezhda Preura
Chloroform, Crucifixion, Nails in hands, Torture, Slow death, Hopelessness, Execution


A group of drug dealers once again arrange a demonstrative sophisticated execution of girls who know too much and pose a danger to the cartel. An hour long slasher film, which is a continuation of the first part.
    25 minutes

Custom Movie 
Cast: Emma, Max

A maniac photographer signs an agreement with a model for a BDSM photo shoot. However, his fantasy goes too far, and when she is in a helpless position, he brutally cuts her stomach with the precision of a surgeon and removes her intestines. Her death is terrible and painful. Afterwards, he stitches up the corpse, places it on the X-Cross, and arranges a photo shoot with the dead body.
    23 minutes


Young man has a series of three dreams during which he is brutally killed by a masked killer (like a Jason in Friday the 13th or a Michael Myers in Halloween) and then wakes up in horror after each dream death.  Masked killer and young man are the main characters; there may be a few supporting characters as needed for each dream.  Here are the three dreams:

(1).  Man is cuffed spread eagled to bed frame at ankles and wrists.  He’s nude and thinks it’s for some fun with a girl he picked up at a bar earlier.    But the killer torments him (with a sharp hunting knife) and then kills him by repeatedly stabbing him with that knife.

(2).  Man is running in the woods wearing just shorts and running shoes.  He’s nice and sweaty since it has been a good work out.  He flexes his muscles and smiles cockily.  He takes a selfie of himself flexing. He continues his run, thinks he hears something  and thinks he sees something.  He backs up against a tree and the masked killer wraps a leather strap around the man’s eyes and slowly and cruelly crushes his head.

(3). Man is sunbathing nude in nature.  He looks at his phone, and it’s June 21 (the summer solstice).  Then he’s knocked out by the masked killer who nails him to the cross and watches him die.

After waking up after the third dream, the man garroted by the masked killer using a metal wire.

All these scenes should be much longer, more violent / intense and bloodier than what we would see in a commercial horror movie.  The young man should be screaming a lot in pain/ horror as he’s killed; his body should also be struggling a lot during the death scenes.  

Introduction:   Shot of the young man sleeping in his bed.  He tosses and turns some.  His window is open and the curtains move in the breeze.  

Cut to first dream.

Dream 1: (based on a scene in Basic Instinct):  Young man enters his apartment with young woman he has picked up at a bar.  They flirt, kiss and remove the clothes from each other.  Woman takes four handcuffs out of her purse and nods her head in the direction of the bedroom.  He agrees, thinking he will be the one handcuffing her.  But she reverses the roles and handcuffs him nude  by his wrists and ankles to the bed frame.  She blindfolds his face with an eye mask; promises that he’ll have the best night of his life and goes to use the bathroom, where she is killed offscreen by masked man.  

Masked man approaches blindfolded young man who thinks it is the woman approaching.  He flirts thinking it’s her.  Masked man takes hunting knife and rubs the smooth cool blade against the young man’s limbs and torso; young man thinks it’s foreplay.  

Then the masked man takes the tip of the knife and nicks the cheek of the young man, who yells in protest.  Masked man removes the eye mask from the young man who realizes now that something has gone seriously wrong with his date.  His eyes are open in anger; he struggles against his bonds  and he yells at the masked man to let him go.  

The masked man slowly makes long shallow cuts along the pecs, abs, arms and legs of the young man.  He screams in horror, and he struggles in vain to get loose with his muscles flexing as he struggles.  He looks in horror at the masked man and down to his own desecrated body.

The masked man then takes the hunting knife and plunges it repeatedly in the pecs, abs, and muscles of the young man.  His body bucks back and forth in pain.  Blood flows from the wounds, spurts from his mouth and drips from his nostrils.  Young man is screaming in horror.  Should be some different angles, close ups.

Masked man looks down at victim who is growing weaker and and dying and asking why he did this.  Masked man is silent. Victim’s body and limbs tremble and twitch.  He dies with a horrified death stare open eyed.  Camera pans along the length of his entire body.

Young man wakes up screaming from dream and checks his torso and limbs for wounds, but there are none.  A bit disturbed, he goes back to sleep unaware that masked man is in or outside the building.  We see the masked man from our POV watching the young man and holding a leather strap in his hands.

Dream 2: (inspired by a scene from Friday the 13th Part 5):  Man is running in the woods wearing just shorts and running shoes.  He’s really  sweaty since it has been a good work out.  He stops and flexes his muscles and smiles cockily.  He looks great and he knows it.  He takes a selfie of himself flexing and admires his own photo.  He doesn’t notice the masked man with a leather strap watching him from behind a tree.

He continues his run, thinks he hears something.  He looks around, but the masked man is hidden behind a tree.  He runs a bit and thinks he sees something - maybe a glimpse of the silhouette of the masked man in the forest.   The cry of the hawk startles him and he backs up against a tree.  He smiles, realizing it was just a hawk.  That’s when the masked man flings a leather belt from behind the tree around the man’s head covering his eyes and slowly, cruelly crushes his head. 

Man is surprised and cries out holding the strap screaming.  

Several shots of the man struggling and screaming horribly as his skull is slowly crushed. 

We should have close ups of the head and shots of man above the waist, as well as shots showing his entire struggling body and struggling arms/legs.

Blood should flow from nostrils and maybe his mouth, as well as from where the strap is crushing his eyes.  As the crushing proceeds, the blood should drip down on his torso, legs and drip on the ground.

Towards end of death scene, young man’s body is trembling as he dies standing upright with his head crushed against the tree trunk.  Then his body goes limp.

Masked man uses the young man’s phone to take a picture of the victim.

Masked man posts two pictures on an anonymous Internet forum:  the young man’s posing selfie and the picture of him dead.

Young man wakes up screaming from the dream and touches his head and looks at his hands expecting to see blood.  But he is all in one piece and fine.  He is disturbed, but lies down and falls asleep.  We see masked man holding mallet and heavy spikes watching the young man, who is unaware of his presence.

Dream 3 (sacrificed on the summer solstice by being crucified):

Young man is sunbathing nude.  He looks at his phone and it’s June 21 (the summer solstice).  Masked man knocks young man out.

Young man awakes.  He is on a cross with his arms tied to it and his legs as well.

Masked man uses mallet to drive spikes through the young man’s wrists and the sides of his ankles.  (Ankles should be nailed to side of cross, not the it’s front.). Young man screams and his body arches in pain each time  as he’s nailed.  Blood flows from each wound.  Some shots of his screaming face as well.

Next shot is of upright cross with young man nailed to it.  His body is shiny with sweat and blood drips from wrist to ground and along his triceps.  Blood flows from ankles wounds down cross to ground.

Young man is having trouble breathing, so he pulls himself up by his arms to lift himself up to get some breaths.  He screams in pain as he does so, gulps some deep breaths and then collapses so his weight is held up only by the spikes.

Young man’s body hangs limply on cross.  Sweat drips off his nose, chin, bottom of his triceps and from his hair.  His entire body is shiny with sweat.  His eyes are open in pain and suffering.  His body trembles.

Then his eyes go blank in a death stare.  

Last shot is masked man looking at full body shot of the crucified victim.

Young man wakes up screaming and looks at his wrists, but he is unharmed.  He is disturbed by all this since the dreams have seemed so realistic.


Young man goes to his bathroom, washes his face in front of a mirror.  He stands up and sees masked man standing behind him in the mirror.  Masked man then wraps thin wire around young man’s throat and garrotes him as he watches himself in the mirror being killed.

Wire cuts into young man’s throat; he struggles vigorously trying release himself.  Blood flows from wound and mouth / nostrils.  

Young man’s body trembles as he dies; his body goes limp with eyes open in a stare.

Masked man lets the limp body of the young man drop to the floor.  Masked man walks out of the apartment.  THE DETH SHOW
    29 minutes




YY and WW are policewomen in uniform and they can hear a ping from capt ZZs locator device.  They know she has been kidnapped and is scheduled to appear on The Death Show tomorrow night meaning they need to rescue her before the show begins as she will most likely be killed.  Plus if these 2 can shut down The Death Show it will be great for their careers


We see YY and WW enter the building of the death show in uniforms with guns drawn.  What they don't realize is that the ring doorbell has alerted the death show killers of them coming in. We see them coming into the room where Capt Judi is held still tied in uniform to a chair. As they untie her from the chair and walk to the door they hear several clicks.  They hear a male voice over the intercom " We know you are here.   We can see you on video.  We have locked all the doors to this room   you cannot leave. Put your guns on the ground. Put your hands up.  Walk across the room face the far wall with your hands up"


Gunmen enter the room collect their guns and laugh at them "you thought you could just come in here take her and go?"  

Gunmen photograph them from the front side and back - like mug shots of criminals arrested


Next scene the 3 women are gagged wearing only panties tied into chairs - hands are handcuffed behind them (Picture 1)

Gunmen tell them that tonight they will star I'm a special presentation of The Death Game.  It will be The Death Game Crucifixion Special


At the appointed time the studio lights come on the video cameras are turned on and the the host says

"Welcome to The Death Game  Tonight's game will be a little different than what you are used to but it will be great - we are calling it the Death Game Crucifiction Special!

You see we have 3 stars of tonight's game - they are all policewomen ZZ YY and WW. ZZ was brought to us yesterday and today we captured YY and XX trying to rescue her.   And tonight we are playinhg the Death Game a little differntly than we have in the past.   Here is how it will work:

"1 by 1 our captives'  gags will be removed while she remains tied into her chair and we will sew her mouth shut to keep her very quiet.  We then untie her from the chair, pull off her panties, and have her stand against an "X" frame of wood and then nail her hands to the wood - She will not be able to scream as her mouth is sewed shut.  We then place the wooden "x" frame to which she is attached outside - the 3 of them in a row - until noon tomorrow.   At noon tomorrow we will finish the show with a surprise.

Of course the video of the entire event starting now is available to you on pay per view - so go ahead and sign up and Enjoy!!! - We will begin the show in 1 hour:

And you can bid on the ladies' personal items to purchase from us - their uniforms - panties - guns - or even body parts - hair, fingernails, nipples - whatever you would like.


At the appointed time the studio lights come on and the show begins:

Host " Welcome to a special edition of The Death Show - The Crucifiction Special.  We have 3 policewomen starring in our show tonight - ZZ  YY and XX."

He presents their "mug shot" pictures to the camera saying "This is how they looked in uniform" and continues

  "Crucifiction will be torture and very painful for these ladies and we do not want to have to listen to them scream so for our first event tonight we will sew the ladies' mouths closed which keeps them more quiet than just a gag.  We will use regular sewing needles and coarse thread and sew them one by one"


** Examples of sewing front view - Screenshots 506 and 514

                           back of head view:  Screenshot 512        ** 


First to have her mouth sewn will be ZZ

Gunmen remove her gag and we see her mouth being sewn from a view from behind her head and also then we see her face.  When the sewing is finished we see a close up of her face - her mouth is sewed shut with 5 or 6 stitches and there are red marks on her face where the stitches go into her skin.   We hear her scream when the sewing begins and fades to a whimper as her mouth is sewed closed.


Next up is WW

Gunmen remove her gag and we see her mouth being sewn from a view from behind her head and also then we see her face.  When the sewing is finished we see a close up of her face - her mouth is sewed shut with 5 or 6 stitches and there are red marks on her face where the stitches go into her skin.   We hear her scream when the sewing begins and fades to a whimper as her mouth is sewed closed.


Last is YY

Gunmen remove her gag and we see her mouth being sewn from a view from behind her head and also then we see her face.  When the sewing is finished we see a close up of her face - her mouth is sewed shut with 5 or 6 stitches and there are red marks on her face where the stitches go into her skin.   We hear her scream when the sewing begins and fades to a whimper as her mouth is sewed closed.


We see 3 large wooden "X" frames lined up against a wall


  ** Picture of wall which could fit the 3 "X" frames if the couch is moved - Screenshot 516 **


Gunmen release ZZ from her chair and her handcuffs are removed so that she can take off her panties - she is led to one of the wooden "X' frames and her wrists are secured to the frame.  

Gunmen then produce a hammer and large nails and begin to nail her right hand into the wood and we see her face react to the nailing  including her silent screams as her mouth is sewn shut - then her left hand is also nailed to the frame and we see her face in misery and horror and the silent screams. (Screenshot 513)     When the hammering is finished we see a full body view of Capt Judi attached to the X Frame, hands bloody with nail heads in them - blood running down her arm and her mouth sewn shut - then camera shows up a close up of her face


Next gunmen release WW from her chair and her handcuffs are removed so that she can take off her panties - she is led to one of the wooden "X' frames and her wrists are secured to the frame.  Gunmen then produce a hammer and large nails and begin to nail her right hand into the wood and we see her face react to the nailing  including her silent screams as her mouth is sewn shut - then her left hand is also nailed to the frame and we see her face in misery and horror and the silent screams. (Screenshot 513)   When the hammering is finished we see a full body view of Mary Ann attached to the X Frame, hands bloody with nail heads in them - blood running down her arm and her mouth sewn shut - then camera shows a close up of her face


Next gunmen release YY from her chair and her handcuffs are removed so that she can take off her panties - she is led to one of the wooden "X' frames and her wrists are secured to the frame.  

Gunmen then produce a hammer and large nails and begin to nail her right hand into the wood and we see her face react to the nailing  including her silent screams as her mouth is sewn shut - then her left hand is also nailed to the frame and we see her face in misery and horror and the silent screams. (Screenshot 513)    When the hammering is finished we see a full body view of Merci attached to the X Frame, hands bloody with nail heads in them - blood running down her arm and her mouth sewn shut - then camera shows a close up of her face


Next scene the 3 women are attached to the X frames lined up outside.   Camera zooms in on each womans full body and then zooms into their faces - nailed and bloody hands, etc.

Gunmen set up camera telling them that the pay per viewers can watch them attached to the wooden frames until noon tomorrow when we will come back for the surprise ending we mentioned earlier - and that surprise is that we will machine gun them - all on camera.


Time passes as we see ZZ XX and WW in agony attached to the wooden "X" frames


At noon the next day the gunmen reappear with machine guns - take their positions, aim and shoot
    12 minutes


СAST: Emma, Annabelle, Li

Lynn wears a short dress (no leggings or pantyhose) with flat dress shoes, walks up to a door with Suzy, who

wears a white long sleeve blouse with a short black skirt (no leggings or pantyhose) and flat black dress shoes.

Lynn: “So you really have no idea what this is about?”. Suzy: “I honestly have no idea. Hopefully Jade will know”.

Jade, wears shorts with a regular shirt and shoes, sits waiting for someone to arrive, and holds a small box in her

hand. Someone knocks on the door, which she gets up to answer. Jade: “I didn’t know he called for you two. What’s

this about?”. Suzy: “We have no idea”. Jade lets them in. Lynn: “We were hoping you’d know.” They walk and

stand in the room. Jade: “He literally called me an hour ago and told me to come here and wait. Extremely short

notice”. Lynn: “Maybe this has something to do with his competitors?”. Suzy: “Oh boy, this business competition

hasn’t exactly been legal”. Jade: “Look, I only know I’m supposed to give this to you”. Jade holds out the box.

Jade: “He gave this to me yesterday and instructed me to make sure only you read it (pointing at Suzy)”. Suzy and

Lynn look a little confused as Jade hands Suzy the box. She opens the box to find a note that reads; “Jade is planning

to leave and defend my competitor. Lynn knows too much for her own good. If they leave that place alive, you

won’t wakeup tomorrow. There’s your reasons. Get it done”. The word “Flip” with an arrow under it is at the bottom

of the note. Suzy lifts up the note to find a pistol. She looks both confused and nervous. Jade beginning to look both

nervous and a little suspicious. Jade: “What is it?” Lynn realizes somethings wrong and doesn’t know what’s going

on. Suzy looks at Jade. Suzy: “You’re going to defend his competitor?” Suzy gets nervous and takes a quick deep

breath. Suzy: “It’s my ticket out of here”. Lynn: “What?” Jade: “Suzy”. Jade takes a step towards Suzy. Suzy pulls

the pistol out and throws the box away and aims at Jade. Jade stops and becomes more nervous. Lynn: “Whoa!”.

Jade: “Suzy please! Listen!”. Suzy: “I’m sorry. But I’m just trying to get through this”. Jade: “I’m trying to leave

this life!”. Lynn: “Suzy!”. Lynn takes a step towards Suzy, which Suzy aims at Lynn. Lynn stops for a moment,

when Jade runs and grabs the pistol in Suzy’s hand. They fight hand to hand for the pistol. Suzy is able to knock

Lynn back, smack Jade across her face with the pistol, nocking her to the ground, leaving her disoriented. Lynn runs

and fights Suzy for a short moment. Lynn knocks the pistol out of Suzy’s hand, then Suzy punches Lynn in the face,

knocking her back a few steps. Lynn kicks suzy to the ground. Lynn: “We’re all just trying to get through this with

our lives”. Suzy grabs the pistol from the floor, gets up and aims it at Lynn. Lynn: “Suzy”. Suzy doesn’t want to kill

Lynn. But... Suzy: “I’m sorry Lynn”. She shoots Lynn in the heart. Lynn looks at her wound for a moment, then

back up at Suzy. Lynn’s eyes and mouth close as she falls backwards to the floor, flat on her back, dead. Suzy looks

at Lynn’s body on the floor for a moment. Jade grabs the pistol in Suzy’s hand; they fight for it. They both have their

hands on the pistol. Suzy is able to force the pistol to aim at Jade’s stomach, and she pulls the trigger. Jade’s lets out

a grunt as the bullet penetrates her stomach. She looks Suzy in the eyes for a moment, then head butts her, knocking

way back, as the pistol comes out of her grip and into Jade’s grip. Jade’s aims the pistol at Suzy. Suzy just stands

there. Suzy: “I was just trying to follow my orders. He threatened me”. Jade: “I know”. Jade shoots Suzy in the

heart. Suzy looks at her wound before looks back at Jade and her eyes and mouth close as she falls backwards to the

floor, flat on her back, dead. Jade clutches the gunshot wound on her stomach as she walks away through a doorway

to another room. Panning shots of Lynn and Suzy’s bodies on the floor. In the other room, Jade stops walking and

looks at her wound. She knows she’s going to die. She takes her hand off her wound. She looks forward, her eyes

and mouth close as she falls backwards to the floor, flat on her back, dead. Panning shots of Jade’s body on the floor.

    40 minutes

40 minutes!!

CAST: Merci, Max
Merci is a part of a spy agency who gives there spies Time Respon Pills. So if they die after eating the pills, time reminds to back to the point they swallow the pills.
    21 minutes



Ksusha Zaichik as an assassin and JUDI, TATIALA, LI, SALLY

Fetish Elements

Realistic Scenes of Strangulations, Garrote Strangulation, Choking, Sudden Attacks, Killing Innocent Victims, Killing Contract Killers, Female Domination, Girls Killing Girls, Strangulation Realistic Make Up

Tatiana and Judi are talking, Tatiana is worried that the two new tenants in their apartment are hired assassins\\\' and they\\\'re using both her, Judi and their apartment for something nefarious. Judi shoots her down saying she\\\'s known Sally for years and that they\\\'re just staying for a week. This angers Tatiana and she storms off after exclaiming that something isn\\\'t right. She unknowingly walks by a shadowy figure in the corner that follows her, the figure is the famous assassin Ksusha Zaichik who\\\'s been tasked with eliminating the rival hitwoman. Ksusha knows that Tatiana isn\\\'t one of her targets but she can\\\'t risk her compromising the mission, not to mention the fact she simply enjoys killing too much to resist. Once in a secluded spot the Ksusha quickly wraps a thin metal garrote around Tatiana\\\'s neck and crosses it tightly from the back, Tatiana lets out faint breathless gasp. Ksusha Shushes her as she backs into a wall out of sight and continues to pull the garrote (still standing). Tatiana starts to struggle fiercely and claws at the garrote squeezing her neck (Squirming and trying to wriggle out too), whenever she attempts to scream it comes out as a silent gasp and all she can muster are squeaks and the occasional gasp. Ksusha is clearly aroused by the sweet innocent girl fighting for her life and starts quietly moaning. Tatiana\\\'s neck starts bleeding from where the garrote is squeezing and she starts to panic, she continues to poke and claw at the wire as well as Ksusha\\\'s face. Ksusha quietly says \\\"Knock it off bitch\\\" and tightens the garrote even more around Tatiana\\\'s soft neck. This causes both of her clawing hands to go back to the garrote around her throat. She then starts trying to attack This causes Ksusha to moan slightly louder, she pulls Tatiana closer and continues to tightly pull on the garrote. Tatiana starts to lose strength and continues to claw and poke at her neck with one hand while the other drifts down eventually resting on ksusha\\\'s thigh, giving her almost infinite pleasure while finishing her victim off. Eventually Tatiana\\\'s eyes start to drift off and her arms droop (She drools as well), realizing her victim is dead she uncrosses the garrote from Tatiana\\\'s bloodied neck and quietly drops her corpse to the floor. Before Ksusha can fix herself, a cold garrote wraps around her throat and she finds herself in the same bitter struggle as her victim. The rival assassin\\\'s were using Judi and Tatiana as bait to lure out Ksusha and she walked right into it. One of the rival assassin\\\'s Li, was taking full advantage of the situation and quickly wrapped her own garrote around Ksusha\\\'s neck, turns her back to her and pulls the garrote downward lifting Ksusha slightly off the ground and onto her back and starts thrusting her hips upward digging the garrote into Ksusha\\\'s throat and violently strangling her. Ksusha is surprised by Li\\\'s technique and claws at her neck while gasping for non-existent air, the garrote is already causing bleeding. Ksusha starts to kick her legs causing Li to pull down on the garrote more getting closer to the ground continuing to violently strangle K. This almost immediately slows Ksusha\\\'s struggle as she\\\'s in a much tighter position than before. She continues trying to squirm and wiggle her way out of the deathhold to no avail and keeps clawing at her neck, this goes on for a while until Li attempts to change positions again but she fumbles due to Ksusha\\\'s struggle and they both fall to the ground. Ksusha quickly kicks Li in the face, stunning her, giving her a chance to catch her breath. Once relieved Ksusha quickly mounts Li and starts brutally strangling her with her bare hands. Li attempts to pull K\\\'s hair and waist trying to shove the assassin off but it is too late, K is dug in.  Li claws  at the hands squeezing her neck trying to dig her fingers and in her struggle pushes on K\\\'s breasts in an attempt to shove her eventual killer but this causes K to once again become aroused and she starts to faintly moan as Li\\\'s hands desperately slide up and down her body. Eventually Li\\\'s neck starts to bruise from K\\\'s Tight grip and she starts to fade, K hears a loud snap and slowly lets go of Li\\\'s now bruised and lifeless corpse. K taunts Li\\\'s lifeless body, calling her a slut as she fixes herself. She enters another room where she finds Jodi, she knows that this is another decoy but her bloodlust gets the better of her and she quickly wraps the garrote around Judi\\\'s neck and brings her to the ground.  Judi struggles just as fiercely as the other girls, she kicks wildly, grabs at K\\\'s hair, clawing desperately at the wire. She almost breaks free by headbutting K causing her to temporarily let go of the garrote and giving her a bloody nose. \\\"Not so fast bitch\\\" K Says as she once again grabs ahold of the garrote and Yanks Judi back towards her, she is now looking into Judi\\\'s eyes as she pulls the garrote Judi\\\'s struggle starts to slow and she stops kicking and squirming so frequently. K starts to shush Judi and she starts to stroke her hair with one hand while continuing to pull the garrote with the other, Judi starts to fade and eventually stops moving. K gives her a kiss on the forehead and pushes her corpse off of herself. She stands up but before she can fix herself Sally, the final assassin, puts K in a Tight Chokehold. K immediately grabs the assailant\\\'s arm with both hands but is too winded from the previous fights to do anything more than shuffle her feet, squirm and claw/latch onto Sally\\\'s arms. After a long faint struggle from K, she starts to go limp and Sally starts taunting her calling her a bloodthirsty fool and that she\\\'s enjoying squeezing the life out of her. Sally then starts to seductively rub K\\\'s body a little enjoying her form, after a few moments of this she says \\\"Time to end this little game\\\" and pulls back on K\\\'s neck making the choke hold higher and tighter causing K to stand on her tippy toes. K Starts to struggle a little more fiercely and starts hitting Sally\\\'s sides with her palms and pulling her clothes eventually she gets lucky and elbows Sally in the stomach and follows up with a headbut this stuns Sally and before she can recover K quickly wraps her trusty garrote around Sally\\\'s throat and she pulls tightly, she decides to take her time with Sally loosening and tightening the garrote and letting Sally struggle and claw at her clothes and body. K can\\\'t help but be aroused at how close she was to death and no longer hides it. She fully shows her arousal in her facial expressions and moans.pan  Once Sally\\\'s struggle slows K slowly drops her to the floor where she continues to tighten the garrote until she hears a crunch. She unravels the garrote and lets Sally\\\'s body fall to the floor. She stands up, fixes herself and leaves. Mission Accomplished!

BONUS: Some different versions of murders scenes (some extra angles and takes in the end of the movie)

    14 minutes


CAST: Emma, Max

Background: Emma is a policewoman and is tasked to interrogate important criminals.  


Scene 1: At home in her underwear, Emma received a phone call to get information from a target and was sent a picture on her computer. Her boss warned her that the target had many security and possible snipers. She reviews the picture and starts to dress in her professional outfit and gets her gun.  


Scene 2: Emma arrives at the criminal\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s apartment and opens the door with a universal key. She gets her gun out and enters the room, carefully moves to the bedroom, and sees the target is sleeping. She points the gun and yells at the criminal to wake up, and the criminal is surprised and scared. Emma told him to get up and tell her where is the safe and the passcode. The criminal does not want to tell her, but she threatens to keep him and use the gun to strike his head. The criminal is angry but scared and tells her where the safe is and the passcode.  


Scene 3: Emma holds the criminal at gunpoint, exits the bedroom, and moves toward the safe. The criminal suddenly decides to attack Judi, knocks her gun off, pushes Emma to the ground. Emma is angry and strikes him back in the head, and the man becomes weak. Judi then gets on top and starts strangling the man, and the man begs for life, but Emma says,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" you will be dead for violating m.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". A sniper scope view appears, and Emma\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s back is in the crosshair. Then a gunshot goes off twice, and Emma is shot in the back. Two Realistic Bullet holes appear on her back and front, and blood is sprayed on the criminal. Emma is shocked, looks at her wounds, and lets go of the man. While still on top of the man, she starts to vomit blood, and her blood also gets on the criminal. Her body also twitches and writhes in pain. He then pushes Emma off to the ground and stands up. Emma continues to puke out blood. She also agonizes and convulses in pain and arches her back.  


Scene 4: Emma is struggling to breathe on the ground and is in a lot of pain. The man goes back to the room, calls his security, and thanks to them for saving him. During this time, Emma struggles to stand up, retrieve her gun, and move toward the bedroom in pain. Just as Emma was about to fire, the security on the phone told the man to be careful, and he turned around and dodged the bullets. Without aiming, he gets his gun in the drawer and fires in Emma\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s direction. Only the last shot hit Emma in the neck, and a Realistic Bullet hole appeared on her neck, and a lot of blood came out of it. Emma drops the gun, holds her neck in disbelief, and continuously pukes more blood. The criminal says, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Damn, I am lucky today,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and gets another clip from his drawer and reload the gun. He then aims it at Emma and says,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" For a dangerous woman like you, you are better dead.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" He then shoots her three times in her chest and belly, and a Realistic Bullet hole appears. Emma falls to the ground, and her hands No longer hold her neck as she is too weak. She struggles on the ground and gasps for air while puking blood. She also arches her back in pain.  


Scene 5: The criminal walks up to Judi and sees her in such pain, and says, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll end the struggle for you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and fires two shots at her head, and one Realistic Bullet holes appear on her forehead and left cheek. Brain matter sprayed on the ground. Judi\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s body twitched a few times and stopped. Her eyes are wide open with a death stare. He then humiliates her, saying,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Oh, so pretty blonde girl does have a brain.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" 

    40 minutes

      THE RESPON PILLS - Merci is a part of a spy agency who gives there spies Time Respon Pills. So if they die after eating the pills, time reminds to back to the point they swallow the pills.

Merci comes to her safe house from her mission but an assasin with a gun is waiting calmly in a seat. He tells her to sit and says that the agency thinks her performance isn't worth the price of time pills they give her. She pretends to be sad and begs for her life but swallows a time pill that's hidden on her.
Then merci breaks character of being sad and arrogantly says "I just swallowed my immortal pill, The pills only works on females so if you kill me ill keep coming back until I kill you. You death is guaranteed" 
The assasin says "I was hoping you'd do that, I volunteered for this mission. Ever since I saw how long and sexy ur neck was, strangling you was all I ever dreamed about."
Merci says, "does my long neck turn you on. Your little penis is going to get you killed, any last word assassin"
The assasin attacks her in a rage and strangles her to death.
Eveytime she dies the assassin strokes her neck and Adam's apple.
Then time resets to wear she eats the pill, she remembers each time she died but no matter what she does differently she is strangled to death. She is trapped in strangling he'll.

Mostly neck fetish video and strangle fetish video

    53 minutes

CAST: Maryann, Christy, Annabelle, Marina, Mary, Jidy, Liza Trofimova, Mira Green, Kit, Anatoliy, Ted, Alex
Bathroom is the most private area for the people. It’s the place of the rest, being alone, being nude with no clothes. When intruder rushes to the bath where a person is nude, helpless, unsuspecting, focused on his toilet and other intimate, closed matters to himself, this is the most vulnerable feeling.
It is not for nothing that the legendary scene of the massacre of a naked girl in the shower in the famous film "Psychosis" by Alfred Hitchcock became a cult film in cinema and pleased a whole string of parodies, remakes and opened a new page of horror films.
In this medley we suggest you to see our top-10 showers scenes. 
In different situations nude helpless girls found their terrible death in the most obscene position. 
In the first scene two girls who decide to try lesbian sex in the shower were brutally stabbed by intruder. They died scared, bloody and nude. 
In the second scene one girl enters to her ex-partner’s bathroom and stabbed her civically in her stomach. But after that she was found by the killer, he made her take her clothes go to bath and be shot to her nude body to her death. 
In the third scene  a girl was stabbed many time when she was taking a shower (typical remake of «Psycho»)  but with more erotic. Her roommate was surprised why she was so long in the shower and decided to go to the toilet. But she found her dead body and had her neck slashed just on pan. She lost so much blood that seems all her blood was in the floor. She was dead on the pan like a doll. 
In the fourth scene the girl was shot in her bath by a hitman. 
In the 5th scene a girl was on toilet when two crazy bastard in fear masks suddenly entered  and stabbed her many times. She was nude and surprised from pain and animal fear, her suffering was finished by stabbing in her neck. Before her death, bloody masses and bloody strawberry-flavored chewing gum poured out of her mouth. Killers threw her nude corpse to the bath. 
In the 6th scene a girl was stabbed in the shower again. 
In the 7th scene it’s the remake of «Psycho» again…

    Random Crime House Clips more
    18 minutes
CAST: Ksusha Zaichik, Max
Ksusha is a spy in black suit with black bikini underneath. She is investigating a house when a man strangles her with a garrote from behind and brings her to the ground. He then unzips her suit partially so the top part is open down to the leg area and strangles her for a few minutes. She then wakes up tied to a chair with suit only on her legs and black bikini still on. Man says he is going to torture her and strangles her for 2 minutes, some saliva comes out and tongue is sticking out. Man that puts a plastic bag over her head for 4 minutes, with her panicking and suffocating until almost dead. Man then gives her time to breath before finally strangling her to death with tongue out and some saliva coming out, about four minutes. Last couple minutes show her dead with different angles on chair and then on the ground. Throughout the torture she begs for mercy but man laughs and taunts her.  THE ARCHER
    30 minutes

Custom Movie

Remake of 1996 movie according customer’s original idea

30 minutes fetish horror movie

Starring: Luiza, Annabelle



Much boot-fetishes (putting on boots, putting off boots, dancing with boots, talking about boot-fetish, teasing with sexy boots)


Bellybutton torture

Bondage to trees

Bellybutton terror

Arrowings to bellybutton

Great Pain and panic

Agonic deaths


Putting off arrows from bloody bellies


Two young sexy dancers drive to the forest for picnic. They wear swimsuits and take boots for some outside dancing for each other in boots. Both girls like boots. They don’t know the forest is very dangerous for them because strange archer hunts for people in this deep places. He sees young girls and decides to play his game.

He catches them one by one, chloroforms them, bondages to trees, tortures their bellybuttons with finger and arrow and then shoots by bow to them.
    23 minutes
CUSTOM (written by xj900)
Starring: Annabelle, Lyalya Fox, Sally, Max
The Eastern European model was arrested by the secret services on suspicion of political conspiracy and espionage. She completely denies all charges, will the truth about innocence save her?
    10 minutes
«Thank you.  Nicely done! The women did a great job!!!»
Customer’s Review

Stefania, Sara
Firefight, Shooting, Guns, Girls and Guns, Breasts Shooting,  Stomach Shooting, Agony, Blood From mouth, Death Stares, Girls Killing Each Other
Stefania is a "madam" operating a group of call girls/escorts. We see her on the phone with Sara who is one of her "girls".  Stefania is very angry , Sara owes her money from several jobs. Stefania tells Sara she will be at her home and she expects to get her money. Sara pleads for a few more days but Stefania will have none of it. We then see both women check their guns and look determined to get their way. Next, Stefania arrives at Sara's. They start relaxed, cordial talk,  smoke cigarettes and speak calmly. When Sara continues to refuse to give Stefania her money, Stefania pulls her gun out of her bag and shows Sara she means business. Sara appears to relent and goes to a drawer where there is money and her gun. Sara shows Stefania the money and holds it out towards Stefania who gets up and walks towards Sara to take the money. Sara then pushes Stefania to the floor. Sara grabs her gun. Stefania scrambles to her feet but Sara gets off a shot which hits Stefania in the belly. She reacts to the pain. Sara now laughs at Stefania and says" You came here to kill me and take my money and now you will die". Stefania then raises her gun and shoots Sara in the belly. Now they exchange shots, one at a time , each shooing three times. They are both still standing but Sara is weaker and falls on to her back. Stefania goes and stands over Sara and empties her gun into her. Sara's body jerks with each shot until she dies staring at the ceiling mouth open wide. Stefania now tries to pick up the money but drops much of it, stumbles and falls, rolls onto her back saying "She will never steal from me again." Smiles briefly, then grimaces and  spits blood from her mouth. Dies looking at the ceiling with her legs spread wide and tongue protruding.
    18 minutes
«Incredible film!! I just finished watching and I am really happy with it. You guys followed the script exactly, which was very important to me. Thank you so much. It was well worth the wait! Annabelle and Vika/Tori were stunning, and the male actor did a great job with his reactions and playing the villain.»
Customer’s Review 
Actors: Vika and Annabelle + Alex
Characters and plot: Vika and Annabelle are kidnapped by a group of three thugs who have perverted intentions. They awaken in separate rooms at a warehouse (or similar location) and have to fight their way out, using their feminine wiles and ballbusting tactics to gain the advantage and ending each fight with a ballbusting finale that results in castration. Annabelle encounters one guy, Vika encounters another guy, and then finally the two women find each other and team up to defeat the boss.
Note for the groin kicks: The main thing that’s important to me is that the ballbusting attacks look very hard and as realistic as possible. Please make note of both points throughout the movie:
•	I would really like the actresses to kick with the momentum of her whole body to make it look like she’s putting her full force into it (not simply lifting up the leg while the rest of her body stays still). She should naturally move her arms and body as she’s kicking, and grunt/yell “hi-yaaa!” as if she is kicking for real).
•	Also, please have the woman’s foot make contact from underneath his balls (not from the front like a push-kick). The male actor may wish to wear a groin cup for his safety, so that the woman’s kicks can look more painful.

    46 minutes
      GIRLS FIGHTING SWORDSGUNS - 4 GIRLS FIGHTING (Guns and Swords) – 45 minutes!



Luiza, Yana, Annabelle, Judi






Sword Attacks, Gun Attacks, POV, bodypiles, fighting and many other surprises!

DarkRooms quality!



    Welcome to Crime House
    Crime House Fantasy Studio (also Crime House & Crime House and Dark Rooms) is independent production company with female death fetish orientation. Crime House does very erotic stuff, but not porn. Why we advice to offer our videos? 1. SEXY VICTIM-ACTRESSES ONLY 2. REALISTIC DEATH SITUATIONS 3. GREAT ACTING 4. CSGFX EFFECTS 5. NEW MODELS EVERY WEEK 6. ALL DEATH FETISH GENRES 7. NOT PORN BUT VERY-VERY EROTIC AND HOT 8.RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPE HOT MODELS 9. WE DO KNOW HOW TO PLAY SEXY DEATH 10. ALL MOVIES ARE MADE IN VERY HIGH QUALITY

    Featuring 871 Clips / 14707 minutes of video!

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