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    Crime House - Sacrifice

    Clip Description

    Hass and angelina are full nude first time in this gory video!

    Clip Duration:      13 minutes
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    mp4425.54 MB

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    Crime House - Sacrifice

    Crime House - Sacrifice

    Crime House - Sacrifice

    Crime House - Sacrifice

    Crime House - Sacrifice

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starring: betty

a young woman is walking home when see a strange say dream when she is in great mood is dancing topless when suddenly shot dead by a hitman … she doesn’t understand why she has such a strange and dark feeling. But it wasn’t  just coincidence. She is shot by this stranger in real life. She is in shock and she is slowly dying in a bullet in her chest.

 fetish elements: two shooting scenes, shot dead, blonde, surprised death stare, surprising before death, jeans mini shorts, white blouse

Fountains of blood  madness  and ultra-violence are  waiting for you!
Bloody Horror
Starring: Victoria (Tora), Masha (Mary). Luiza, Angelina, Marina, Kit
3 cut throats!
Man and girls strangle girl
Man chokes girl
Bloody 5 girls body piles 
Marina is  the hairdresser. That day a strange visitor came her salon. He had long hairs and crazy eyes. He took her scissors and cut her throat. He undressed her bloody body, placed to the chair and started to cut her hair. Now his is the BARBER. 
Two sexy girls were waiting at reception for hairdressing. Luiza, businesswoman came in and started to tell about her hairstyle wishing, but the Barber just cut her throat, undressed body and carried to storeroom. 
Another client of this salon was daughter of rich parents, club-girl Vika. She was in  sexy white shorts and had expensive purse. She saw pools of blood and crazy barber and tried to run away, but she fell on the floor, The barber cut her T-shirt and stabbed her neck. Blood was flowing to her tits, she made expressive dying face, tried to creep away, showing her great ass-view and slowly died. 
The two girls was in  the queue. Lazy wife of businessman Angelina was reading a magazine, but young student Mary felt something wrong and looked through the keyhole. She saw how the barber was stripping Vika’s body in blood.  And she was exiting! She was fan of Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy, her favorite movie was « A Clockwork Orange»  and «The Texas Chainsaw Massacre». Her darkside burst forth when she saw the dead body and felt the smell of blood. When Angelina entered the salon she followed her. Angelina slipped in a pool of blood, fell on the floor, and Mary started to strangled her. It was her message for Barber: «We are the same people who love kill!». Barber hold Angelina’s kicking legs and Masha strangled her stronger and stronger, just laughing. Can you just imagine how was Angelina – usual wife living boding and richly, being strangled in luxury  salon? We can only guess, but we will never know because she will never tell. She is dead. 
Love and passion between the Barber and Mary was very short. She thought she would be serial killer’s lover, they would drive across America in Cadillac, kill people, eat burgers and hit the pipe. Yes, they could be great killers-couple, but the Barber works only alone. And he choked Mary… 
She was looking at him with her eyes full of terror and fear, twitching her body and trying to wheeze pleas for mercy. She wanted to kill but she didn’t want to die. But she did. Her leggy choked body with terrific death stare was just a one of bloody girl’s bodies in the storeroom. 
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    Crazy Doctor - Crazy doctor
one of the best emotional fetish ********** scenes we have ever seen!

new model: jenny!

please watch her talent in new ******* thriller «crazy doctor».

jenny plays a young womanl home alone. She is ill and calls doctor for help. Doctor comes her places but he is crazy and has split personality! His second side is a terrible maniac-choker. He puts a scary mask to become a killer and he brutally st...Angles poor ******! Jenny makes a perfect ch...Ng ****** – body kicking, sexy face reaction, death stare. When the doctor comes back to his normal side he says that his «college» has already been here and decides to play with dead body!

fetish elements:

medicine examination, home alone,  doctor and patient, underwear.
 st....Ling, fighting for life, legs kicking, agony, super sexy agony faces, surprise, death stare with tongue out, touching dead body.

 if you like this one please check , "you're fired!", "unhappy birthday" and "deadly home invasion-2"


4 Girls are kidnapped at home party by terrorists
Panic, begging for life
Walking to the noose
Forced stripping
Hanging 4 Girls  together: panic before execution, last begging for life  
Hanging: dying faces with eyes wide opened  and tongues out close-ups, front twitching  body views, back twitching body-views, agony
Putting dead bodies from nooses
Making dead nude girls’ bodypile
Much foot fetish postmortem views





4 Girls are kidnapped at home party by terrorists


Panic, begging for life

Walking to the noose

Forced stripping

Hanging 4 Girls  together: panic before execution, last begging for life  

Hanging: dying faces with eyes wide opened  and tongues out close-ups, front twitching  body views, back twitching body-views, agony

Putting dead bodies from nooses

Making dead nude girls’ bodypile

Much foot fetish postmortem views

    You39re Fired Shooting Version - Young man imagined how he ****** his boss in diferent ways. Now he is dreaming about the shooting murder!

fetish elements
shooting stories without *****, stockings, office clothes, legs, foot-fetish.

    Killer Absolution - Introdusing new model mary!

this stylish erotic movie is based on the famous game «hitman absolution». It’s dark, gothic thriller with head shot, ch...King, bodies carrying and funeral entourage

young cruel murder loves beautiful rock brunette. She is his partner. He is going to leave city forever and decides to have a last meeting with his g...Rl. They choose abandoned monastery as a place for meeting – this place has a very big value for them both: one day he saved her life and kept her there in safe from enemy organization.

but she lied all the time. She invited him to the last meeting just to lure him into a trap… she and her new partner from enemy organization, female killer dressed in fetish nurse costume, are waiting for him to shoot him to the death. When he came to monastery, his g...Rl is waiting for him in red dress. They are dancing last time saying good buy when a female killer suddenly appears. But he has great instincts and kills her. Headshot, long ****** headshot, made like in games. May be her reaction to headshot is too long, but she feels strong fatal pain and shock realizing her end with a 45 mm bullet in her brains!

she is dead. And now is time for revenge to the traitress.   It’s not easy choice – he loves her, but he doesn’t forgives. He ch....Kes her very strong with all his power he acquired in assassin-******. She can’t do anything to get free, and just writings in agony and horror of her mortal fail, last fail in her life. She dies with a face full of hopeless looking with her death stare to the sky where the court is waiting for her…

he carries two corpses to the corner of the prayer hall. Long time ago people repented and prayed here, and now he has just committed a mortal sin. He puts his dead lovely doll to the throne as a symbol of her roual value for him and throws to her legs a corpse of nurse-assassin as a symbol of treachery and discord…

now two bodies are resting in pease in this gloomy forgotten old gothic building. They conceived a murder but became victims. They didn’t expected death. Now they are like sculptures lost forever…

fetish elements:

sexy red dress, fetish nurse, long headshot scene, *******, death stares , carrying bodies, sexy sitting and lying death poses.


gothic location looks like old church, expensive postproduction effects (thunder and lighting), interesting plot with bad ***** as victims.

    2 SPIES - 2 SPIES
Custom movie

Fetish elements:
Knocking out
Limp fetishes with uncensorious girl
Touching face, boobs, body 
Shooting to the back, shooting to the breasts (twice)
Searching USB in under skirt of girl in her dead pussy (non-porn scene)
Shooting to the breasts 
Death stare with open eyes
Death stare with closed eyes 
Two dead sexy bodies 
Black stockings
Spy theme 

Annabelle is dressed in a low neck black dress and Mary in something similar to Black Widow’s outfit she has unzipped the frontal part. The theme is shooting.
A door opens and Annabelle enters in a hurry. She leans against the Wall, she is afraid of something and is breathing heavily, her breasts rise and fall. When she calms down, she extracts from her bosom a USB and go straight to a computer that is on a desk in front of her.

She inserts the USB in the computer and do not notice Mary who silently walks toward her and hits her in the head with the butt of a pistol with silencer.
Annabelle cries and falls unconscious to the floor. She is on her left side. Mary turns Annabelle´s body so she rests on her back and we can see that her left breast is exposed because of the low cut of the dress.
Mary, checks Annabelle´s pulse and then caresses her exposed breast and then her face. Anabelle takes out her cell and calls someone. She says that, as they supposed, Annabelle was the doublé agent and that she has the information in a USB.  A voice in the other end tells Mary that she has to hide and let Annabelle think that everything is alright, but before she leaves the room she has to kill her.
Mary cuts the call and sees that Annabelle is recovering, so she hides away and waits. Annabelle is stunned by the blow, but she stands up and rearranges her dress to keep her breast in its place. She takes the USB, puts it inside her bosom and walks toward the door. In that moment Mary shots her in the back.
Annabelle reacts to the shot and turns around not understanding what happened, then Mary shots her two more times in her left breast, her hands go to her breast and she sees the blood in them.  We see Marys satisfying expression and hear Annabelle´s body falling to the floor.
Annabelle is on her back. Her eyes closed, her mouth slightly opened. A line of blood is coming between her breasts to her neck. Mary put her fingers in Annabelle’s bosom and extracts the USB stained with blood.
Mary goes to the door but when she opens it, she sees someone and her face is full of surprise and fear. She pleads: No, no please and she walks backwards inside the room. We hear 3 shots and Mary falls backwards. Her eyes and mouth open in disbelief and 3 blood stains in her left breast. Someone takes the USB from her clutched hand and leaves. The 2 beautiful spies lie dead in the room.

    Mass Mueder In Sauna - New: mass murder in sauna

starring: pola (new blonde model), juliana (new sexy model), angelina & luiza

mass  4 ***** full nude erotic death show!

2 new  models!

very hot content! The most erotic crime house clip ever!

4 nude sexy ***** duy in extra erotic agony!

4 pretty young ***** during their rest in russia decided to visit  legend russian bath, type of sauna.

this spa is very good for their health. They gossiped  laughed when air  temperature became higher and higher. But ex-boyfriend of one of them ran to the sauna, opened a gas and locked the door. When it was too hot in the sauna ***** decided to come out… but the door was locked. First they didn’t understand   all horror of their situation. Bit utter unlucky trying to open the door and when gas was already in the little sauna room and it was very hot they realized that it was the end, that it was the death.

they were suffering in agony, kicking, trying to open the door, touching each other in erotic agony before death but slowly died together. 4 nude hot dead **** are lying in one bodypile.

fetish elements: mass massacre, nude bodies, wet bodies, ********, 4 ***** in one bodypiles, kicking, slow death agony, touching each other while dying, death stress, exotic poses. 

if you like mass killings and sexy bodypiles please also check:

"unhappy birthday" (4 ***** *********, some nude, topless and  sexy stockings content - super clip, bestseller)

"red party" (4 ***** shooting + bodypile, one **** was  shot while making love with her boyfriend)

    4 Women Execution - This clip has no description.

    Sheriff Mrjonson - Sheriff, mr.Jonson!
angelina as a business woman
hass as a cop
luiza as a country woman 
anatoly as a worker 

this erotic horror film  made in classic slasher-movie style. 

the countryside, hot weather, old factories and cowboys, so, it’s rather strange and dangerous place. 
when government closed an old factory, many people left the town searching new job. But jim, an ex-worker, decided to stay and live in left house. 
young realtor, a woman from big city (angelina), came to this town for houses assortment. She had a meeting with mr jonson, a seller. But angelina got lost and went to the wrong house. Jim saw her – young, sexy, groomed city bitch.
he had never seen such womans before. She was calling mr jonson. Jim said that he was mr jonson and suddenly attacked her.
angelina fought as desperately as she could , but redneck was much more stronger that city gal, so – he killed her. 
she was lying on the ground, long leggy with black nylon, in short office skirt and shirt, with her tongue out. Jim decided to play with the dead doll but heard police noises. He hid  the body…
fetish elements in angelina’s death scene:
look: black stockings, high heels, office skirt and shirt
character: young city business woman is in wrong place in wrong time
death scene: sudden attack from behind, trying to escape, long ******* scene with legs kicking, trying to fight, guttural sounds, scared face, death stare with tongue out
after death playing  - stripping, touching her boobs, body carrying.  
police woman, the ******** of sheriff and sheriff assistant came to him. She thought it was a simple case about the eviction of the homeless, but stupid young cop didn’t know it was her last case. New «mr jonson» attacked her, drew her pistol and… shot her to the head. 
attention – it was very fruity long headshot scene. 
poor cop died not so quickly as we used to seeing before in movies or clips. She was standing with a bullet in her head, with freeze-look and after her last  moments, she died in ultra sexy pose. 
maniac takes off her dress, touches her fresh body and takes her hat. Now he is a sheriff! 
fetish elements in hass’s death scene
look: sheriff hat, black ultra short police dress 
character: the  town sheriff’s ********, brave good woman 
death scene: sudden attack, fighting, head shot, long   «how could it happen?»  Reaction», freeze look, dead body’s agony, very long fetish style headshot
after death playing sexy body views, stripping, carrying

a woman (luiza) who bought a house in this places was just walking when she met crazy sheriff. 
he shot her three times  - in her stomach, in her chest. She died slowly. He put three dead woman to the house and made a terrible tea break with three nude dead dolls! 
fetish elements in luiza’s death scene
look: white t-shirt and jeans mini shorts
character: nice country woman just walking 
death scene: pov shooting, 3 bullets shooting in her stomach and the chest, long death reaction, surprised face, death stare
after death playing sexy body views, carrying

three womans are sitting nude together
common fetish elements:
3 womans killed in different ways, *******, *************, legs kicking, black stockings, office style, long headshot, police fetish uniform, surprised face before death, freeze look, shooting in the stomach, shooting in the heart, agony, stripping.

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