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    Crime House - WOODLAND SPORT

    Clip Description

    Starring: MaryAnn, Keila, Alice Miren, Max
    Sniper, Shooting, Stalking, Hunting

    A secret meeting has been planned in the forest between two girls and a third girl who is selling them a gun.
    The hitman is sitting waiting in his car for his targets to arrive. His employer has information that a gang of girls who have been blackmailing rich men are looking for weapons and he has planned the hit before they can arm themselves.
    The hitman waits patiently and suddenly receives a call that the girl’s meeting is confirmed to take place at the location he has been given. He picks up his pistol and begins to screw a suppressor to it and cock it, he admires it as he places it on the seat beside him.
    Just then a single girl in a car drives by, we see her driving front view in car. We see her seatbelt pressing her breasts apart seductive and sexy look as she drives by. The hitman checks his phone to confirm her identity as one of the targets. He begins to follow her car discretely.
    We see her parking her car by the forest and getting out; she texts a message to the girls to arrange the meeting place.
    She opens her trunk and checks out a couple of pistols she intends to sell, she slips them in a bag and returns to the front door of the car to retrieve something.
    The hitman is waiting and walks up behind her while she is looking inside the car. He knows she may be armed so he wastes no time in despatching her while she is stretching over the seats trying to pick up something.
    We see her ass and shapely figure from behind as she reaches into the car; she is dressed in very tight stretch pants that cling to every part of her body and a cropped top with a brassier slightly visible from under the crop top. The crop top hangs tightly over her breasts and the brassier presses her breasts together We see her cleavage from the other side of the car and her face as she is reaching across the seats.
    We then see the hitman raise his weapon firing a single shot, hitting her in her lower back to the side.
    We see her face as she is hit, her expression changes to shock and pain and we see her reach her hand to the wound as she lies over the car seats.
    We see her from the hitman’s view as she begins to slide out of the car, she holds onto the seatbelt strap as she falls turning as she drops down to her knees. She recognizes the hitman and sees his weapon. She cries between her difficult (quiet) slow soft breaths… “stop”
    The hitman casually walks up to the wounded woman lifting her head by her chin; he presses his silenced weapon between her breasts and tugs the cropped top down to reveal the mounds of her full breast flesh; he enjoys the view then moves away from her to retrieve her phone.
    She pleads with him as he checks the text messages…
    She speaks “Please don’t do this”
    He is standing about 3 metres from her when he executes her; raising his weapon he fires two shots watching her body slam against the car and jolt. She grunts with an open mouth as her face shows her fear and agony as she takes the bullets in her stomach and under her breast. She slides loosely down the side of the car backwards, her eyes lifting into her eyelids as she loses consciousness and her legs fold under her perforated body. She lies on her side next to the car.
    He stands over her and finishes her with a single shot to the side of her breast the bullet rips through her lungs and heart from one side to the other and she is dead, a cold dead look on her face mouth partially open with her eyes very slightly open.
    The hitman always appreciates a beautiful body, he sends a text to the other girls with the woman’s cell phone to give him time to prepare for them.
    He begins to check out the woman enjoying every moment as he drags her to the back of the car, he rolls her and checks her wounds he squeezes her ass and breasts, slipping her brassier above her chest before rolling her over and removing it. He drags her tight pants down her legs and partially drags her panties down just leaving them below her hips revealing a tantalizing view of the top of her groin.
    He lifts her under her arms and her head is hung down her chest as he lifts her up to place her in her own trunk.
    We see her arm/leg hanging out of the trunk of the car, he gently places it inside and closes the trunk.
    The hitman believes that the girls may already be armed so he will take no chances. He is going to snipe them from a distance and returns to his car to collect his sniper rifle.
    The two girls are waiting in the clearing exactly where the hitman had instructed using the dead woman’s cell phone. They had complied and had occupied themselves messaging their co-conspirators.
    The hitman had collected his small calibre hunting rifle and made his way round to a good view point he could see both girls, one sitting with her legs crossed and the other looking bored leaning against a tree next to a small hill.
    He views each target in turn though his telescopic sights, he takes pleasure in the view he has of the girl sitting with her legs apart. She is facing away from her friend and has small earphones in, she is moving to the music playing from her phone. He could see her inner thighs and the crotch of her panties under the lose pleated skirt. It is wrapped and partially folded around her thighs, after all, she isn’t expecting to be spied on. Her blouse is tightly pressed against bare breasts, her handbag strap separating her breasts, pushing them out and making them more prominent.
    She still had her long white socks and sneakers on since leaving the college grounds with her friend’s Insistence that she keep her company.
    The girl leaning against the tree was getting restless and was wondering if they had been forgotten. She didn’t want to leave and miss the opportunity to buy a gun.
    She was dressed in a tight thin woolen style top buttoned at the front, the top forced open between each button, a teasing view of flesh and her half-cut brassiere through the thin gaps. It looked too small and shows the flesh of her belly between the blouse and her short tight skirt she wore for college that morning. She has short colored socks on with her sneakers. The assassin views them patiently through his scope admiring the contours of the young girls. He mouthed to himself as he prepared his first shot...
    “What a waste”
    He took the shot…
    The girl by the tree had moved closer to the edge of the hill and she had begun to sit and get comfortable, she was toying with the grass and viewing the direction she was expecting the seller to arrive. She checked her cell phone…
    The bullet struck her chest at the side with a thud, her phone dropped from her hand as she grunted, her head dropping forward onto her chest. Her body tipped to one side and she began to roll down the small bank over and over, her body relaxed and limbs rolling awkwardly. She came to a stop at the bottom of the bank. Her leg shook lightly as her life drained from her still unaware what had hit her.
    The hitman viewed her crumpled body through his scope, enjoying the view of her exposed flesh her clothing dishevelled, her skirt twisted revealing her ass and thighs. He aimed again and fired a final shot to see if she would react. Her body jolted as the bullet struck her in the side of her lower back. She kicked and shook momentarily then went silent.
    The other girl who had been sitting listening to her music, suddenly became aware of the commotion and turned to look for her friend but she was missing. She stood pulling out her earphones and moved closer to where she had last seen her. She picked up the cellphone confused and looked down the bank then froze in shock. She sees her friend lying at the bottom of the hill.
    The hitman had her in his sights and fired Just as she leaned over the bank to get a better look, the bullet missing her body by centimeters thudding into the tree. She felt the force of the passing projectile and knew the danger immediately. She screamed and dived to the ground in fear trying to keep still but trembling uncontrollably.
    The assassin searched for his final target frustrated that he had missed. The girl made her move and headed for cover unsure which direction the shot had come from. Fear took over and she ran in the opposite direction to where her friend lay slain.
    She found a small hill with bushes for cover and crept cautiously toward the top hoping to get some idea of her situation. She viewed her surroundings looking for a way out and to safety unaware the hitman had found her and had his sights. He adjusted the sights before training the rifle on her, she was looking the wrong way.
    She is still holding on to her bag and we see the strap trapping her breast to one side. She is looking over the bushes when the bullet struck her in her back. She gurgled a scream and arched backwards, tipping back from her kneeling position and falling, arms outstretched down the slope. She slipped and rolled before coming to a stop upside down on her back, legs spread open and kicking. She turned slowly, painfully, her hand searching desperately for the wound, she arched away from the ground pushing desperately with her legs exposing her panties and groin to the watching hitman.
    The hitman reviewed the sight of both hits through his scope before placing his rifle down.
    We see the hitman walking towards the first victim his suppressed handgun drawn and ready, he places it down then rolls the first victim over checks her wounds rips open her top and slips her brassiere over her breast playing with them before gripping her skirt and as he begins to strip her; he grips her ass slapping it playfully. He rolls her over gripping her chin and brushing her hair with his hand.
    Her clothing is partially off revealing most of her sexy body he moves away aims his weapon and shoots her in the stomach and breast watching her lifeless body jolt. He knows she is finished; we see him preparing to take her to the car.
    We see the hitman arrive at the next victim’s location… she is missing. Just her handbag is left.
    The hitman doesn’t have to look far, we see the victim crawling on her belly moaning in agony as she desperately tries to flee.
    The hitman watches for a while as she struggles then, without mercy, he rolls her over. She screams in pain, weakly raising her hands in surrender. The hitman blasts her with two rapid shots to her chest and we see her breasts and body shake as she takes the bullets immediately falling still.
    The hitman begins his ritual again. Checking her pulse checking her wounds before partially stripping her body rolling and handling her corpse.
    We see the hitman lining the two girls up by the car trunk ready to join their friend.
    We see the car drive off for the end.


    Clip Duration:      18 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4957.08 MB

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    Crime House - WOODLAND SPORT

    Crime House - WOODLAND SPORT

    Crime House - WOODLAND SPORT

    Crime House - WOODLAND SPORT

    Crime House - WOODLAND SPORT

    Crime House - WOODLAND SPORT
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