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    Crime House - Witness Protection

    Clip Description

    Fetish Elements:

    Police, shooting, jeans, boots, death stare, body inspection, postmortem striping, good girl death, cop, police girl death

    the first part starts in a room where a young rookie police woman prepares for her ordinary working day. She stands in front of the mirror just in her bra and panties and slowly puts her other clothes on. First she fasten buttons on her white blouse. Then she puts very tight light blue jeans with wide black belt and high boots with high heels. Finally from the table she grabs her holster with a gun and puts it also on. At the very end she applies her lipstick.

    When she is ready she watch herself in the mirror and smiles. She is very satisfied with her appearance. Then her phone rings. It is her chief who calls. The task she is ordered does not seem to be difficult at the first sight: she must bring a young man who is a wittness in a criminal case from his appartment to the court house where he will be interrogated in a trial. She must just assure that he comes to the court in time and safe but it is not risky, nobody supposes the problems because this man is not really important. Yes, I understand, I'll take care, she says to the phone and leaves her flat.

    The second part starts in front of the door. With her both hands on her hips she rings the bell and a guy opens the door. She introduce herself, says she is a police officer and informs him about her duty. He invites her in. They talk about the court trial, his and her work etc. They smile and both begins to feel that they really like each other. She flirts a little bit with him looking into his eyes intensively. He says her that she looks very attractive. Most the time she keeps her hands on her hips.

    Suddenly someone (out of the screen) breaks into the appartment and starts fire. She takes her gun briefly and returns firing. But as a rookie she does not have a chance. The man who has just appeared is a professional assassin who is hired by the cartel to kill the wittness. Because nobody is allowed to give evidence against the cartel, all must be killed, this is the cartel's command. In the intensive shootout the police girl is shot several times, she screams loudly and falls on the floor jerking for while in agony and then she dies. She remains lying on the floor with arms and legs wide spread, eyes and mouth open, still with a little bit suprise in her face.

    The wittness who was to be protected shockingly watch all the scene and the sudden death of the young girl with whome he was about to start a love affair. He is paralyzed still stares at the corpse but then he tries to escape but is also shot by the hired assassin to his back. He dies.

    In a complete silence the male assassin finally enters the room. He watches the girl with a weird grimace. He nods his head appreciatively because he can see how pretty and young she was. Then he starts slowly to search her perfect and slim body.

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    Clip Duration:      11 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4616.94 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - Witness Protection

    Crime House - Witness Protection

    Crime House - Witness Protection

    Crime House - Witness Protection

    Crime House - Witness Protection

    Crime House - Witness Protection
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Starring: Nata, Vika and Kit


Fetish elements:


Multi shooting, much blood, firefight, many bullets to one victim, belly shooting, chest-shooting, long agony before death, knife-fighting, stabbing to the belly, stabbing to the chest, death stares, blood from month, begging for life, body carrying, leather pants, blouses, bodypile




Two police women go to the maniac’s flat searching for proofs of his crimes. They have no order to enter his place. When they find computer with victim’s photos Vika says she can give this proof to her boss and she will receive a promotion. Nata is indignant about why they did it together, and the increase will only get Vika. Vika explains this by a hierarchy and offers Nate the humiliating place of her assistant. Nata takes out the trunk in anger and threatens Vicki with murder. A fierce, dynamic exchange of fire begins between two police women. Natha kills Vika with a lot of shots. Suddenly, the maniac returns to his den, and attacks a knife with a knife. After a fierce knife fight, the maniac very slowly and painfully kills Nata with a knife. Two new corpses on his account!


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