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    Crime House - THE POLICE TRADEGY

    Clip Description

    Thank you so much Ugine! I just watched this movie! GREAT!
    Alice and Mira are as amazing as always, the acting, the emotions are the best! The new girl, Julia Wood, I like her! So beautiful and sexy. I will definitely want her to be the main actor in the future custom!
    Thank you again Ugine! Great work!
    «Customer’s Review»

    Nata and Alice M are 2 police girls searching an terrorist’s house. They enter the house and search for an very important file.But the house is a trap.
    The enemy (male) and his loyal body guard Mira Green is ready to hunt the police girls.

    Clothing: (I will send you some pictures of the cloth. I’m not sure if “translucent white shirts” is accurate enough.)
    Alice and Nata are both wear translucent white shirts, no bras, black short skirts, black stockings, high heels, and Nata wears a camisole inside the shirt.
    Mira is wearing a white shirt, no bra, black skirt, high heels, and garter stockings.

    Plot: (Just main ideas, I will send you a full script with details and pictures these days.)
    (1) The 2 police girls search the house. Alice caught the male terrorist first. She pointed her gun at the terrorist fan and asked him to stand against the wall with his head in both hands. But Mira attacked Alice from behind and shot her twice in the back. When Alice was injured and moaning, the male terrorist took Alice's gun. During the fight for the gun, Alice was shot twice in the stomach. Alice leaned against the wall weakly, and the male terrorist began to take off her shirt.
    (2) "You will not get away with this" Alice groaned in pain. "Neither you" the man said, and then precisely shot Alice's left and right nipples.
    (3) Alice was injured so badly that she had no strength. She fell against the wall, barely supporting her upper body. At this time, the man fired two shots at Alice's breasts, and Alice died in pain with groaning and struggling.
    (4) The man and Mira took off Alice's shirt and played with her body.
    (5) Here is a close-up of Alice's body
    (6) At this time, Nata also found the terrorists. She saw what the terrorists did to Alice outside the door. Nata was very angry and rushed into the house and shot the terrorists.
    (7) At this time Mira reflected, she stood in front of the man and shot Nata. Nata was shot many times ( including 2 precisely shooting in nipples and 1 in abdomen, other shots depends on you), Nata groaned, trying to stand firm, but fell in the end unwillingly. Struggling painfully on the ground.
    (8) At this time Mira found that she had been shot as well (She is shocked and pianful. She got a few shots in the chest, both nipples were shot), and fell unwillingly.
    (9) Mira begged the man to save her, but the man ignored her. The man play with Mira's body, pinching the wound on Mira's chest, making her groan in pain (if it can be filmed), and slowly taking off Mira's shirt to expose her beautiful body After playing, the man shot Mira's heart and ended the beautiful bodyguard.
    (10) On the other side, Nata was still struggling, and the man also took off her clothes. Nata didn't beg for mercy, saying that the man would be caught. The man shot Nata angrily, killed Nata, took off her clothes and played with her body.
    (11) Close-up of the bodies of Mira and Nata
    (12) Finally, the men dragged their bodies together and inspected the wounds. There are close-up shots here.


    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4930.31 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - THE POLICE TRADEGY

    Crime House - THE POLICE TRADEGY

    Crime House - THE POLICE TRADEGY

    Crime House - THE POLICE TRADEGY

    Crime House - THE POLICE TRADEGY

    Crime House - THE POLICE TRADEGY
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Custom video
Scene 1:
#3 laying on the bed, on her back, one leg angled, left arm straight away from her body, right arm angled.
skin is visible between t-shirt and panties. navel is covered.
Camera slides over her body with focus to her belly and covered navel. Some times she breathes heavy and bloat her belly. This scene may not longer run as 1 miunutes.
To pussyfoot #2 nears to her. #2 draw her colt and shoot one in the belly 1 inch below the navel and second bullet 1inch right side of navel (right side from shooters view). #3 moans and writhes small. #2 laying beside, right side of #3, #2 kiss her cheek,lips and meanwhile her hand slide down from her breast to her belly. grap her belly and poke her navel through fabric. Slowly push tshirt up #3 navel is now visible. Until here #3 moans and writhes small. #1 enter the room watching them (not longer as 1 minutes).
#1 have a pistol with silencer. #1 near to both, pull #2 hand away from #3 bellybutton, press the silencer to #3 bb and bang, bang. #3 moans loud and writhes and bloat her belly. #1 again shot twice #3 navel, same reaction. after a few seconds #1 finish off #3 with three fast bullets to her left breast.
Now #1 and #2 kiss eachother lips, poke/ fondle their bellies/bellybuttons (1 minutes) with hand and fingers. #1 and #2 undress #3 nude,  #1 check heart beat with stethoscope and pronounce. "She is dead". #1 spread navel of #3 and #2 makes fotos of #3 dead bellybutton, #1 cleans #3 navel with a tissue while #2 goes on with making fotos of #3 navel. change cam angles. Then exam her belly and navel press and probe. Now #1 and #2 cleans the  bellybutton of #3 more and then use qtips as medical instruments and try to remove the bullets out of #3 navel. now and then they stop with the qtips and wipe #3 belly and navel with a tissue. Check the pussy, spread labia, qtip probe. Then starts again bullet removement. This scence, bullet remove and belly wipe, pussy check may run 5 – 8 minutes. After this #1 and #2 both slide with their hands over #3 belly and navel and fondle her belly/Navel and breast (2 minutes) Important, focus to navel close ups in different angles.
Scene 2:
same plot, same actresses but changed roles.
Scene 3:
#1 laying sleeping on the bed as #3 in scene 1. #3 and #2 nears to #1 laying beside #1 and very carefully they open the zipper to set #1 navel free. #3 takes #1 silencer pistol, press it in #1 navel, bang, bang. #1 writhes and moan, again bang, bang. #1 still breathes heavy. they undress #1 , shoot #1 twice in her pussy and then three bullets in #1 left breast. now #1 is dead. They do the same, stethoscope,bullet removment as the scenes before.

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