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    Crime House - OFFICER DOWN

    Clip Description

    Fetish Elements
    Female Fighting, Catfighting, Beating, Choking, Knocking Out, Firefight, Shooting, Shot 3 times to the chest (very good effects when wounds appears in the screen). Shot four times to the body, Death Stare, Chasing, Deadly Wounded, Police Woman, Woman Kills Woman, Woman Kills Man, Good Girl dies, Agony, Foot fetish and socks elements
    NEW ACTRESS IN DARKROOMS (Available For Customs - XENA).
    NATA RETURNES TO PRODUCTION and Available For Customs AGAIN!

    A very experienced officer is sitting on the sofa, answering her cell phone.
    “Hello? Really? Some called them ? Oh my god, we have been tracking this guy for months. You think you are positive on their location? Great. OK, yeah, I will be in right away. Listen, these guys have been terrorizing the city for years, and now we finally got him. Thanks.”
    After hearing the good news, the officer wears on her leather jacket and long black leather boots, and starts to search her own apartment.
    After several minutes a girl standing opposite her, saying with a smile:
    “Detective Nata, it’s me. Looks like you will be the number six.”
    “You are sick. I am gonna take you down.” The cop punches the girl heavily, and beat her brutally. The girl falls on the ground and starts to moan. When the officer tries to take out handcuffs to arrest her, the girl suddenly kicks the scotch of the cop heavily. The cop is too painful that she falls on the ground. She tries to stand up, but gets another kick from the girl. The girl stands on the back of the cop, strangling her necks. After struggling and moaning, the girl gets more and more control, and the cop kicks her off with her boots. She fights hard, choking hard, moaning hard, trying to escape, getting weaker until her eyes cross and roll up in her head as she dies crossed.
    At that time, the door opens again. A man enters the house, and he is the boyfriend of the girl.
    “The dead cop had investigated us. We need to leave the city now.”

    “I agree with you”, the man thinks the same as the girl, “but I have heard that the daed cop has a brilliant collection of jewellery. I think we can take some of them, so that we can have a decent life in other countries.”
    “Sure. But we need to do another thing first.” By eyes communication, each other knows what s/he wants. They carry the cop into the bedroom, and put her on the bed.
    “Find out the jewellery as soon as possible, otherwise her backup will find us.” The girl orders her boyfriend to leave the bedroom.
    The girl decides to deboot the female cop first. After taking her boots off, two beautiful feet with black socks appear. She plays with her feet for a while, and goes out of the bedroom.,
    When the couple is going to leave, the cop wakes up, picks up her gun, and walked outside the bedroom, with great shaking since she has been strangled and punched heavily. She points the gun to the killer, slowly but firmly.
    “Don’t move! I am a cop! Drop your weapon, and and place your hands on your head, now!”
    The couple is so surprised, and they never thought that the cop is not dead. “OK. Take it easy.” The man drops of his gun, and put the gun on the floor.
    “Kick it over.”
    The man kicks his gun to the detective.
    The cop bends over slowly, to pick up the gun. However, the girl pulls of her gun, and points the gun to the cop 4 rounds: one in chest, and three in belly. Vomiting blood from her mouth, the cop tries to control herself. She makes great effort to stand up again, and gives another shot to kill the girl. Although his girl friend was killed, the man runs out of the door and walked downstairs.
    After lying on the ground for about half a minute (like the picture above), the cop decided to catch up the man, and kill him to solve the case.
    She tries her best to stand up, but she cannot. So she keeps creeping with her strong mind, like the picture above.
    It takes her great pain and long time, but she finally comes on the street (Please also include some scenes of the officer walking downstairs) , and the man appears in her scenes again. With the help of another car, she tries hard to stand up, and gives a fatal shot to the man.
    Seeing the man dead, the cop feels that she can no longer control her body, She gradually lies on the ground, moaning, and her legs struggle heavily. Her whole body was shaking, and she is no longer able to say anything now, just like this picture.

    After one minutes, she goes wide eyed and still, dead from the four fatal wounds, with two feet on black socks.


    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4874.08 MB

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    Crime House - OFFICER DOWN

    Crime House - OFFICER DOWN

    Crime House - OFFICER DOWN

    Crime House - OFFICER DOWN

    Crime House - OFFICER DOWN

    Crime House - OFFICER DOWN
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Fetish Elements
Catfighting, Girls fighting, Pillow Suffocation, Knock Out, Unconscious, Passed Out, Pretended to be dead, Strangulation, Garroting Strangulation, Fighting for the life, Strangulation from befind, Death Stare, Girl Kills Girl

Clothes Fetish Elements:
Boots, Over knees Boots, Jeans, Denim Shorts, Leather
1.Angelina is killed by the pillow but… she is alive!
2.Angeline strangles Steals with a pillow!!!

A wife learns from her girlfriends that her husband has a lover. She is angry, disappointed, wants to meet and talk to the beloved. Through a small note in her husband's wallet she finds out the address of his beloved. She goes to this house in the evening and breaks into the beloved's apartment. She hides there and waits for the rival to come home. Then she hears a noise at the door. A young woman enters the apartment. Her clothes are very provocative and disreputable: black leather jacket, short blue jeans pants, black fishnet stockings and horny overknee leather boots with heel. Horrified, the wife finds out that her husband's lover is apparently a cheap hooker. She's still hiding and waiting. The hooker sits on the couch, lights a cigarette, her long legs crossed and drinks a whiskey. She opens her leather jacket, only a black lace bra under. The wife watches the hooker exactly. After the third whiskey, it seems like the rival is pretty drunk. The wife comes out of hiding and quarrels with her competitor: "You are a filthy hussy, leave my husband alone, or I'll kill you!" The beloved is surprised and horrified. She tries to get up, staggers, can barely hold on her feet. "He loves me and wants to marry me, what do you want anyway?" she cries back. The wife attacks the beloved, roars, a fight begins. Both fall to the ground, fight hard and brutally continue. They hit, kick and scratch. The lover is stronger than the wife, sits down on her body and at that moment grabs a pillow on the sofa. This puts it on the face of the wife. She doesn't get any air, fights, but doesn't have a chance. She becomes weaker and eventually no longer moves. The lover takes the pillow from the wife's face and thinks she's dead, but she's just unconscious. The hooker stands up, picks up the phone and calls her beloved, the husband. She tells him about the incident. At this moment, the wife wakes up again, sneaks up from behind the hooker, takes her belt and lays it around beloved's neck. She scares, the phone drops, moans. Since she is still drunk, she has little strength to fight back. The wife slowly pulls the lover to the ground. She sits behind the hooker on the floor and tightens the belt more and more. The beloved must suffer long and painfully. She's struggling for air, getting weaker, her body starts twitching. One last up, then she dies agonizingly with wide open eyes. The wife stands up and rejoices at the death of the rival. She's leaving the apartment. The lifeless body of the hooker alone at home.


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