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    Crime House - MEATEATERS

    Clip Description

    Starring: Kit, Hass, Juliana, Luiza, Evgeny
    Today our YellowPress paparazzi took a video from Rich Cannibal party!
    Part 1 Strangulation time
    Part 2 Stripping and limp-fetish time
    Part 3 Cannibal gore party!
    Very sexy double strangulation: Man strangles woman and woman strangles woman
    Stripping and playing with dead bodies.
    Victims are in sexy evening dresses, white and black stockings
    Preparing to eat – putting apples into the mouths
    Poses like fried chickens
    Gory people-eating
    Exotic castle location
    VIP rich couple (Hass as a wife and Kit as a husband) live in rich vip cottage. They have a strange hobbie – eating people, They invite guests to the VIP-supper, but the main dish to this «crème-de-la-creme» meeting is the guests!
    Today two pretty young females visit this house of death. Luiza in her red dress and black stockings and Juliana in her black dress and white stockings. Butler opens a door. Hass and Kit strangles poor guests, then strips their bodies with sex pleasure – they put off stockings, dresses, play with bodies, legs faces and then serves the table.
    They put apples into victims’ mouths. Then then make corpses’ poses like chickens and cut their breasts with knives and eat bloody meat drinking wine.

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4573.49 MB

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    Crime House - MEATEATERS

    Crime House - MEATEATERS

    Crime House - MEATEATERS

    Crime House - MEATEATERS

    Crime House - MEATEATERS

    Crime House - MEATEATERS
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    Newsman - NEWSMAN
The new article of Yellow Press Newspaper – NEWSMAN



Starring: Hass, Anna, Juliana


************* from behind, manual *******, shooting (long sexy scene with surprise reaction, agony and sexy falling), death stares, 3 victims, legginses, short dresses, high heels, taking photos of dead bodues, sexy poses, bodipile, beautiful location, VERY HIGH QYALITY


It’s summer time in Paris.

Sexy, young, rich TV star Sheila Levansky  has her vocation in France. She has many fans all over the world. Café «La Sensation» is one of seldom places where she can rest without press.

But if you saw «Double Sensation» by Crime House you know about crazy newsman who makes sensations himself and sells them for world redactions for huge money. He found Sheila in that quite place for some fatal photoset…

He attacked her from behind and ********* her. Poor young star! What a unrespectable horrible death – to be ********* in her twenty two just for being corpse in Yellow Press covers!

Young waitress was a witness of this crime – Newsman ****** her.

Another witness – married Paris woman was shot twice in her chest  while her riding bike.

To make sensation more hot and sexy Newman stripped bodies and made sexy body pile in café.



    Spiritism - GORE EROTIC HORROR
Fetish elements
Blood, gore, cut-throat, blood-smashing, LONG AGONIES, full nude

Three sister decide to play dangerous game and invite Satan to their house. They read in satanic book how to do it. They stripped topless, cut hands and slashed blood to their bodies. Their read special spell but did it incorrectly, so they called not Satan but Evil Spirit who slept all the time in their attic. The spirit of Demon came to them and cut their throated like pigs. It was too late to beg him leave them alone, too late… He killed them with a knife very brutal and stripped full nude to leave their nude bloody corpses on Devil Star. 
If you like this one please also check:
Stabbing in the garden
It is a very High Quality Movie with horror effects of Devils Coming.

    Black Crane 3 - BLACK CRANE 3
Custom Video
************* in the car
Expressive ********* death stare
Much pantyhose fetishes
Foot fetishes and playing with dead body 

The Black Crane: Target/Client 

The prelude: The Black Crane was relaxing nude. Painting her toenails. She found it relaxing. It was the aniversery of her mothers death. When the Black Crane was in jail and known as Charlotte Bedlam at that time still she got the news that her ****** died of a terminal disease. Was no cure for it. Its the only remorse she felt. She received a white envelope with an image of a crane on it of her newest target: 

Target/Client Name: Dorene Fantasia 
Age: 40 
Work details: she is a secretary at a company called Wavetech Inc. 
Home address: 31 Pen St. 
Coltanier City 
Family Status: Single 
Orders: This may sound like a unsual assignment in compare to your other ones. You may find it interesting. Your newest target is also the client. She is dying from a terminal disease. No cure. She wants to die by her own way. You killing her. She likes horror movies and doesnt mind what kill method you choose. Kill any witnesses if they are above the age of 18. Notify the "Tidy Up Service" to help tidy things up after you have taken out your target. 

The Black Crane looked over every detail that was supplied of her newest target. She hoped her target wore pantyhose and hoped her feet were smooth and sexy. She was going to make sure that Dorene didnt really suffer for long. I guess this assignment was going to hit what ever heart she had inside of her. 

That fateful Monday morning came. Around 7am Dorene walked into the garage to get into her car to go to work or have it in her mind too anyways. She knew the Black Crane was coming for her. She got into her car, she tried to open the garage door but it wouldn't open. She didn't know why. In the passenger side seat she saw a pair of her tan colored pantyhose. She said " time to become necro I guess" A voice from behind her seat said " time to become a sexy dead doll".The Black Crane wrapped her own beautifully smelling black colored pantyhose around Dorene's throat! She kept it wrapped nice and tight around Dorene's beautiful smooth throat. Her sexy tan pantyhose in cased legs kicked wildly as mixed emotions traveled through her mind. She was so frightened of dying but it was either that or suffering through the disease. The Black Crane didn't loosen the pantyhose around her throat at all. Her fears and worries were the last thoughts that went through her mind as her eyes rolled back into her head from the pain of the *************. When The Black Crane saw that Dorene went limp she then released the hold of the pantyhose. Dorene was now a sexy and dead target. The Black Crane looked into the mirror and looked at Dorene's lifeless eyes. Her heels didn't come off during the kill because they were heels with straps. 

The Black Crane got out of the car. Dragged Dorene's corpse to the bedroom. She flopped her body onto the bed. She stripped Dorene till she had just her tan colored pantyhose on. She unwrapped her pantyhose from Dorene's neck and put the black colored pantyhose back on her sexy legs. She then said "now I feel elegant and hot again. It’s time to enjoy what's in front of me." She rubbed up and down Dorene’s pantyhose cased legs. She put her smooth pantyhose cased feet to her face to breath in the smell from her hose and heels. She then put Dorene's feet down to her pantyhose incased crotch area. She could feel herself getting wet down there as she had an orgasm. She covered Dorene's body with a sheet and called the "Tidy Up Service". Before leaving she said "you have a sexy feet dorene. Im glad I was able to enjoy them and give you your death wish." Then she left.

The End!
Note: If you like this video please also check «Agent ********* in her car»

Classic office style old-school elegant shooting with blood
Very good acted special for shooting-lovers 
                            Starring: Crime House stars: Angelina, Juliana,  Hass, 
Fetish elements: classical style, shooting with blood, headshot, heart shot, stomach shot, red blood on white shirts, quick death, agony before death, sexy poses, legshow, death stare, silencer shooting, body carrying, bodypile


	3 young women are commercial spies. They arrive to New York from Moscow to get corporative secrets of new ERP-system of big company. But bosses of company knew about this intervention. They send Ivan  - contract killer from East Europe to shoot them dead. 
	He arrived to the hotel where they stayed. He looked like pizza delivery man. 
He entered the hotel-room, saw the first victim (Angelina) – the girl was working at laptop. She saw him. Tried to cry but was killed by bullet to her head. Exellent reaction and death stare!
 The second girl (Juliana) entered the room and was shot to her breast. She surprised, fall to her knees, suffered in agony and died in pretty pose. The third girl was shot in the stomach.  Expressive agony, pretty  dead pose and death stare!
The last woman entered the room and was took by stomach shot! Realistic shocked face, pain reaction, rolling to the floor, great death stare. 
Ivan carried bodies and put them to Jacuzzi.

    Inhappy Birhday 2 - Starring: Luiza, Nata, Julianne, Annabelle

Fetish elements:

*************, *******, stockings, tongue out, death stares, legs kicking, sexy situations. neck breaking, body carrying, 4 dead ***** bodypile

25 minutes! 4 ************* scenes and lots of dead playing!

Last summer, a terrible crime was committed (see Unhappy Birthday). 4 ***** were ********* at the party. It was probably manic-strangler. The case was never solved.

****** birthday **** *********, which was not in terrible fateful holiday, continued to live sweet. She inherited the estate of his ******. And today she celebrates her birthday with her best friend!

Keith Maniac read about the events of last summer from the newspapers. He was very excited by what had happened and decided to repeat the "feat" of his predecessor. He tracked down the sisters of the dead **** and rushed to her holiday!

First he ********* Nata in the bathroom. He put the corpse on the toilet. Then he attacked Juliana, while she was resting on the bed. At the end of ************* he broke her neck with a crunch! Later he attacked the very traitor and ********* her in the bathroom, shower cord, leaving her body in the jacuzzi. His last ****** was a club **** Annabelle. Later, he stripped the body and folded in bodypile, like his predecessor.



25 minutes long

4 sexy actresses: Oksana, Juliana, Angelina and Marina

Spy plot, office style, girls with guns fetish elements

3 amazing shootings + 1 sexy strangling scene

Oksana is shot in her chest, marina is strangled to death after fight, Angelina and Juliana are shot by one bullet while making love and then shot to their breasts

Much long sexy agonies before death

You will see all «dead» girls with opened-eyes death stare and closed-eyes death stare

Stripping bodies, touching bodies, carrying bodies, closing eyes, checking pulse

Very well made FX-effects, bullets effects, blood and art-elements like in crime comics for adults



                Angelina is a mob boss hiding out in secluded place with 3 body guards. There is a hitman from a rival mob family that is hunting her down and has finally found her hideout. Angelina has one of her body guards (Oksana) guard the outside to keep the hitman from sneaking up on them and has Marina guard the living room. Angelina has a thing for her body guard Juliana and she has her go to the bedroom to have sex with her. (Just story). The hitman reaches the house and then with a silencer machine gun. He sees Oksana on the porch and riddles her with bullets before she has a chance to react. She dies slowly and painfully with eyes closed.

Back in the house Marina is sitting on the couch or chair watching TV. The hitman sneaks up behind her and strangles her. She puts up a good fight and manages to break free. She then tries to use hand to hand combat on the hitman. The hitman then manage to take out a wire or string from his pocket and wraps it around her neck and slow strangles her to death. She dies with eyes opened. He lays her on the couch or chair in a position to make it look like she’s asleep to prevent anyone knowing he’s there and checks for a pulse and then closes her eyes and moves slowly to the bedroom.

Back in the bedroom Angelina and Juliana are in bed naked and Angelina is on top of Juliana and rubbing her pussy with Juliana’s. (You can fake it if they won’t do it) The hitman sneaks in the room and shoots Angelina in the back and the bullet goes through her chest and hits Juliana right in the center of her chest. Angelina falls in the position in the photos. They then die slowly and painfully. The hitman approaches the girls and see’s that they are still alive and Angelina begs him to spare her life and tries to offer him a job with better pay if he does. He refuses and shoots Angelina once more in the chest and then shoots Juliana as well in the chest to finish them off. He checks her pulse and then Juliana ‘s to see if they are dead and closes their eyes.  (Get some good body shots and close ups of the face before he closes their eyes.)

He then goes and undresses the other two girls and places them in the bed on their backs right beside Angelina and Juliana. Have it where all girls  belly buttons are showing with no belly button rings and don’t get any blood on the belly buttons and face but you can get lots of blood everywhere else. After the deed is done he takes some pictures of all the girls for proof and then calls up his boss Makarov to tell him the job is done.


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Job For killer (Yellow Press Store)

    Bar - BAR

Starring: Marina, Juliana and Nata

Custom Movie with directors edition

Warning: VERY HOT! Much ultra erotic angles!

Fetish elements: ***** *****, ***** Fetish, Military Fetish, Shooting to the chest, Two head shots, headshot and chest shot,  death stares, stripping bodies, limp fetishes, stockings, exotic death poses, bodypile, boot fetish  



Two soldier military ***** are drinking alcohol in bar. Their behave is too vulgar what makes a waitress get angry. After much provocations she takes a gun and shoots one of the soldiers  in her tit. Dead ***** chick! Her partner shoots a waitress to her head, but officer comes who decides to do his own judgment  - he shoots ***** soldier to her chest and head. Then he makes something surreal erotic with three dead bodies. They were alive during war but died so stupid in the bar!

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