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    Crime House - Hunt

    Clip Description

    We start summer season vith very hot, sexy deadly, expensive clips with many new fetish elements!

    starring: luiza angelina evgeniy dima

    a nice **** is walking in the forest alone. She is a student at summer holidays.

    a gang of rich cruel young people have some terrible fun. They come to the forest by helicopter every weekend to find ******, chase her and kill. Today they choose this innocent sexy ******.

    two men and one **** attack her and surprise. They grab her arms and legs and start stripping poor young chick. She has a terrible panic attack, she is writhing like a snake and can escape. She run thro the forest, but three rapists follow her. The **** decides to save her live and fight to the end!

    she hides herself behind a tree. When a bad **** from the gang turns back, out innocent babe attacks her and ********* by her own bra! After a long ********** scene good **** wins, and bad **** gets her due. Now she is dead with stupid ****** death stare. Rich bitch was very surprised to die instead to kill. A winner takes a gun from ****’s corpse and kills another person from the gang by headshot. She hopes to kill the last villain but…

    suddenly she takes a bullet to her chest. No more hope! She drops and has a long agony, then she dies and we see her dead body with tragic mimic at her face. She just wanted to walk at the clean forest but instead berry she found her death! But she fought as desperately as she could!

    fetish elements

    **** attacked by rapists, ****** stripping, near to escape, chase and run, sexy **** running away, topless, good **** vs bad ****, from ****** to killer situation, amazon, **********, cat fighting to death, death stare, legs kicking, tongue out, **** kills a man, headshot, female fatale, pov shooting, agony, good **** dies, slowly deaths, *****, sexy dead bodies, outside shooting.

    exciting dynamic erotic thriller with mega shooting effects, very sexy ***** and many unusual surprises.

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4499.82 MB

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    Crime House - Hunt

    Crime House - Hunt

    Crime House - Hunt

    Crime House - Hunt

    Crime House - Hunt

    Crime House - Hunt
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    3  Shotdead Cocktail - 25 female deaths in this video!

starring: hass, inga gros, angelina tihnenko (new model!!!), Kit

this is our first «shot-dead cocktail» made with professional camera with 3 *****.

this is really hot one! Great quality, great acting, different poses and sexy reactions. Many ****'s death. 

death stares, crazy poses, ***** killing *****, man killing *****, many reactions, agonies, bodies.

shooting, shooting in back, shooting in the chest, long death in agony, quiqk sudden death, ***** shooting each others,  carrying bodies, crying and shouting  and voices of agony, sexy clothes, execution, bodypiles.

    Death Kaleidoscope - This movie includes 12 independent clips with short scenes of two sexy **** death:

! Shooting (no-***** bit bullet sound effects, like in crime house shot-dead cocktails) – shooting in busts, headshots, in the back. Super surprised reactions, fear and terror before death, begging for life. Gi....Ls look very sexy and innocent  - bare legs, sexy socks, underwear, topless. They cought by surprise in their own home! Different interesting home furnishings are used: the piano, teeter-tooter, the staircase.

! Neck-breaks   with crunch sound and amazing death stare

sta.......Bing to the stomach and long agonic death, dead body postmortem writing, death stares

throat cut  - with panic, pain and death reaction

synchronous shots to two g.....S

ch.....Ng on the bed

st.....Ling g....L when she was swinging on a swing.

very fresh exotic video

23 female ultra sexy, good acted deaths

if you like many short deaths in one clip check our "shot-dead cocktails" category! Don't miss our other summer seasons clips!

    Mushrooms - This clip has no description.

    Do It Like My  - Do it like my ******
den and his girlfriend elvira are jet set students. Den’s ****** is a high official in government.

they study in prestige college where all teachers give them high marks only for their money and status.

but ekaterina, the young  economy teacher doesn’t value students according money of their parents. She needs knowledge.  Den and elvira fail their  test and decide to take a cruel revenge. They sneak into her apartment for massacre. If something go wrong, den’s ****** will help as usual!  Famous layers , friends in police… young people feel free and impunity. They watch «a clockwork orange» and trust in «ultra violence way» and every time courage…

ekaterina  comes home with her friend. Our friends are happy to see two ***** instead one. More ***** – more funny, isn’t it? Show begins. After short malicious conversation with hyper politic, like rich cruel teenagers from  rublevka or knightsbridge can speak, dens starts to ***** his teacher and elvira takes fun with her friend. After ******* aleksandra can escape and ****** elvira. Elvira is already near to be dead, and den is speaking about the art  and doesn’t help. Suddenly he shoots ekaterina and poor good young teacher has terrible agony and dies after painful shock.

they ***** her friend to take off her clothes and to play with her corpse. Then they throw lots who will kill another ****. Sexy elvira, the ******** of academician – rich, polite but very cruel sado **** wins. She shoots 3 times in ****’s body but den end her with headshot.

two dead fresh *****! Oh, it’s time fun and selfie with bodies. Elvira takes off her clothes and starts doing selfy with corpses. But… awareness of the offense comes. What have they done? Judgment… police… prison. No more shopping in new york, no more clubs in london, and black caviar in moscow manors…

 elvira is in panic! She is not bad cruel sexy bitch any more! She wants to come back to a hour elier and replay her life. Den calls his ****** and asks for law-support. But ****** tells to kill elvira as a witness and accomplice, play with dead bodies and show him this necro-party by video-chart.  Den does it. He forses elvira to take her clothes and shoots her to the neck. The gork has a freeze-look before death and now she is a third sexy corpse on the floor. Den plays with bodies but…. ******’S words was just his **** hallucination. ******’S true words are: «the cruel bustard! I won’t help you any more! You are not my son»! Den is seating near corpses depressed. Prison is waiting for him. Nothing is waiting for three young and beautiful ladies…

fetish elements:

bad ****, couple of killers. Three dead *****, shooting, hedshot, shooting, bloody, stocking, freeze look, begging for life, death stares, bodypile, playing with bodies, necro playing. Bad ****’s death.

    You39re Fired Shooting Version - Young man imagined how he ****** his boss in diferent ways. Now he is dreaming about the shooting murder!

fetish elements
shooting stories without *****, stockings, office clothes, legs, foot-fetish.

    Deadly Home Invasion - Sexy tall russian brunette with long legs

starring: luiza, angelina and kit

two ***** live together in the flat. They are young, beautiful. Their casual lifestyle is facebook, clubs, parties, college. So, it’s typical life, it’s typical day. Angelina is using her fitness machine,  luiza is relaxing in the bed next room and chating with her friends. It’s summertime. Birds are singing sings on the street, the sun is shining so brightly! Does this pretty day look like the last day in their young lives?

a man with a gun enters *****’ flat. Angelina gets a bullet in her stomach first. Her neighbor luiza is running iut  when she hears a bang but she gets a bullet too. They are suffering in agony. Why, why this warm sunny day is so cruel for them? They ae lying on the floor and  bleeding out together. They are begging for mercy but a murder shoots them ******.

they are dead with surprised faces. Their leggy bodies are still warm and sexy. A man carries corpses to the hall, strips them and puts into the wardrobe. Birds are singing their summer songs, indifferent sun is shining for all living people but not for the ***** any more. They are dead sitting in the dark wardrobe.


fetish elements

ultra sexy jean shorts, fitness clothes, shooting, *****, begging for life, deat stares. Body dragging, postmortem stripping, touching dead bodies. 

very realistic sexy movie made in 1980-s american slashers  and italian giallo style

    Twins Massacre - Starring: twins sisters betty and katty. 

it's real exclusive fetish movie!

enjoy how twins (actresses are real twins in life) are screaming like bitches when they are dying in agony. They are so helpless! They were born together, today they are diyng together. 

two agonic, super sexy death scenes. See how twins die touching each other in crazy agony and see how killer makes body pile with theis bleeding topless bodies!

we are proud of this movie indeed!

two  supermodels betty and katty are twins sisters in life! In this video they act twin ******! It’s their  debut in fetish video industry. Great actresses,  famous in russia east europe countries,  after long conversations now are agree to take part in our studio life! So twins act twins!

 long, agonic, very sexy death of two pretty blond young sisters in this video! The best crime house shooting video ever!


nika and vika are twins sisters. Nika is a bag ****, she meet with rich men only for their money and kid them. Her ****** vika is a good ****, university the excellent  student. She dreams about love and serious relationships with a good boy.  Bit suddenly contract killer bursts into the room. His boss ordered to kill nika (the **** had betrayed him). Killer is confused. He sees twins! What shall he do? Just to ask: «who is nika»?

but vile nika sais that nika is her ******, and she is not nika. Vika is surprised at such betrayal! And killer shoots poor good **** vika to her stomach. She is in agony. It pains! It is double pain. The first one is physical hellish pain, the second one is moral stress – she is dying unfairly. Instead  of her ******.

so the next bullet was to nika’s stomach! Now two ***** are suffering  bleeding on the floor. Vika is rending and tearing her ******’s stockings while she is in crazy agony. They are dying slowly. He put’s banknote to her month, then he puts corpses to a nise dead-twins body pile. We see them dead and forever together deadly looking to the ceiling.

fetish elements:

real twins actresses, young *****, schoolgirl sexy uniform, tights, black stockings, shooting in stomach. Shooting in chest, two twin-***** shot together, one **** is tearing stockings on her ****** leg  while in agony, stripping bodies, playing with bodies, dead twin dolls postmortem playing. Bodypile, sexy death stare.

art elements:

professional actors, ***** affects, super camera work, high quality. 
high cinematic quality, great sound effects, a lot of fetish-elements, this is exclusive for your collection!


4 Girls are kidnapped at home party by terrorists
Panic, begging for life
Walking to the noose
Forced stripping
Hanging 4 Girls  together: panic before execution, last begging for life  
Hanging: dying faces with eyes wide opened  and tongues out close-ups, front twitching  body views, back twitching body-views, agony
Putting dead bodies from nooses
Making dead nude girls’ bodypile
Much foot fetish postmortem views

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