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    Crime House - Failed Mission 2

    Clip Description

    Failed mission 2

    after tragic death of police woman in the first part (see failed mission at our store), dangerous crime escaped to east europe. Special agent from interpol pola was sent with mission to liquidate the terrorist. She found him in the cheap motel. But…
    fetish elements:
    shooting, sexy dress, agent and police theme, lather miniskirt, long death scene, two bullets, suffering, ****** stripping, *****, gore, sexy corpse in the bath.

    Clip Duration:      12 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4410.93 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - Failed Mission 2

    Crime House - Failed Mission 2

    Crime House - Failed Mission 2

    Crime House - Failed Mission 2

    Crime House - Failed Mission 2

    Crime House - Failed Mission 2
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    Good Buy My Love - Good buy my love!
starring: pola and kit.

full nude content

it’s sad story about jealous young man and his pretty innocent girlfriend. She is in love, she is gong to marry him but once the usual domestic quarrel because of his jealousy went to far… first they fought ant then he started to ***** her. He got. He has gone mad. He ****** her very long. It took him 10 minutes long to kill his girlfriend! 10 minutes long! What a painful death! He pressed to her throat not very strongly to enjoy her trying to escape, kicking and agony more time. When she is dead he understood his terrible mistake. He striped her body for hugging and caressing her nude dead still warm body last time. Good buy, my love, good buy!

this clip made based on different fetish elements. You will see:

 - much foot fetish, feet in agony, feet kicking, dead feet

 - legs fetish, kicking legs in different position

 - face suffering  - eyes wide open, tongue out of the month, mimic, suffering, death stare

 - pov views of *************

 - dead body in different sexy poses

 - stripping dead body

 - caressing with nude corpse

 - very long ************* scene

    Investigation - CUSTOM VIDEO

Police officers (male and female) come to finally arrest the **** lord's girlfriend. Rich **** from a good family, after a dose of cocaine did not calculate the ****** and decided to shoot the cops. In a shootout, a police woman is killed by a shot to the heart. Her partner was shot in the chest with a bad ****. After the agony, the bitch is dead. The policeman begins a long game with the bodies ...

Shot in the chest,
The dead person
Freeze look
Death stares
Much playing with bodies
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    Little Red Riding Hood - Little Red Riding Hood
Starring: Red Hood and the Wolf
Little Red Riding Hood, chasing,  stalking, animal attach, torment, tear-claws blood, gore, wounds, death stare, truing to escape

Beautiful horror adult fairytale about last walking of  Little Red Riding Hood in night forest full of beasts.

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