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    Crime House - DOUBLED DOWN

    Clip Description

    CAST: Luiza, Xena, Max
    Girl 1: LUIZA

    Hitman enters Girl1’s room , Girl1 will say “Ohh hello honey , glad you came” , Hitman says “You know the rules right? I will test your endurance level so if you stay alive you are alive , otherwise you will be forgotten” Girl says “Its alright honey , you see my sexy body ready for this test alsooo my nice looking belly ready for test” and touches her belly softly.

    Hitman says “Be calm and dont get anxious or nervous “ Girl says “Alright honeyy” and asks “When will you shoot me “ Hitman says “When i am getting sure enough” ,

    Girl walks to the body mirror takes of her bra , looks her body last time and then she stand on her knees like OnKneePicture1 on the floor and starts to softly touch her belly , nipples , she is very nervous and dont wont to get shot but she got no chance

    Hitman looks at her and says “Get ready cutie” , Girl gets ready looks at hitman like she wants mercy , bloats her stomach more and says “I am ready honey” , she gets shot from bulletposition1 (blood slowly pours from wound (not much blood to make it realistic)) she looks at her stomach and start to agonize (this scene can take 1 minute) She says “Ahhhh that pain is intense but not powerful to kill me look , you can shoot me moree” Hitman shoots her from bulletposition2 , she agonizes (for 20 -30 seconds) then she stands up , goes to mirror and looks her body but she got no power to walk she stands like OnKneePiicture2 she says “Ahh that pain is gettin intense but i think i can stand more look i already not loss too much blood ahh but the pain is like gettin punched thousands times“ She shows bullet position 3 and says come on shoot me here , Hitman shoots her from bulletposition3 , she agonizes for (20-30 seconds) slowly walks up , and stays like OnFootPicture1 (she can put her hands to side) shows her stomach and says “Look i got 3 holes in my stomach but i can stand more” , Hitman says “You got nice stomach curves , it looks very sexy in this position” ,she waits for Hitman to shoot her and says “Oh yeah is it? but you fucked it” , Hitman gets closes to her looks to wounds “Seems it really messed up” Hitman again gets back points his pistol and shoots her from bulletposition 5-4 , this time she agonizes more she slowly walks to the bed and lays to bed like BedLaying1 picture and agonizes for 40 seconds , she bloats her stomach says “ahhh i cant stand more pain , come on finish mee please” , Hitman shoots her from bulletposition 6-7 she holds her belly from sides takes deep breaths agonizes for 20-30 seconds Hitman gets closes her , she holds his hand and says “I have failed the test honey..” blood starts to come from her mouth(not much blood) she starts to crawl on bed and slowly dies.

    Girl 2:XENA

    Hitman enters Girl2’s room ,Hitman say to girl “Get ready your stomach will fill with bullets” , Girl says “ Please dont do that dont shoot me” Hitman denies and says “ Denied , you will survive or die make your best move “ , Girl understands she got no chance

    and says “Alright then.. show me your best” She stands like OnFootPicture3 , and takes her bra she gets close to the Hitman like picture CloseUP then she holds Hitmans hand to touch her nipple , Hitman plays with her nipple , belly but then Hitman says “Okay enough of drama!” and shoots her from bulletposition2 , XENA starts to agony in pain for (1 minute) she gets on bed and stays like bedpicture2, says “Ahh it hurts you fuckin shot mee my belly hurts soo much” Hitman says “This is nothing honey , we just starting” and shoots her from bulletposition5 she agonizes for (20-30 seconds) she stands on her knees on the bed like BedPicture5 and says “it hurts a lot but i think i can stand to more!!” she looks to her belly , takes some breaths and bloats her stomach Hitman ask” Are you ready for the next bullets?” She says “Yes honey send them , she shows her belly and says this cute thing only loaded with 2 of them and still hungry” Hitman says “Cool” and shoots her from bulletposition1 she agonizes (for 15-20 seconds) then shoots her from bulletposition4 , girl agonizes (20 seconds) and says “Ahhh okay stop for a while i want to see my body”, She slowly walks up to the body mirror and looks her wounds she says “Till how many bullets can i survive” Hitman replies “Maybe 7 , maybe 8” she says “Alright” and moves to the bed she stays like BedPicture3 and says “Come on now shoot me from lower abs” Hitman points his pistol again and shoots her from bulletposition 6-7 this time it hurts more and she agonizes for 2 minutes then she lays on bed like BedLaying1 picture , looks to her stomach - wounds and says “Shoot me more honey , i cant stand to pain anymore”. Hitman smiles and starts to shot her from stomach with each shot she moves on bed , she gets shot from her nipples to also blood slowly comes from her mouth and she dies.


    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4670.67 MB

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    Crime House - DOUBLED DOWN

    Crime House - DOUBLED DOWN

    Crime House - DOUBLED DOWN

    Crime House - DOUBLED DOWN

    Crime House - DOUBLED DOWN

    Crime House - DOUBLED DOWN
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