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    Crime House - DEATH BY ORGASM

    Clip Description

    DEATHS BY ORGASM (Captured Clones)


    6 scenes

    5 Girls

    20 deaths

    Much limp fetishes, touching bodies, erotic stimulation, female last orgasms. Non-porn at all, but very erotic. See famous Crime House models (Luiza, Angelina, Mary, Marina, Tora) simulation their pre-death orgasms before their death.

    Shooting (no blood effects, machine gunned, death by strong orgasms, knocking out, fights )

    Part 1 - Infiltration
    Theme - special agent infiltrating the crime syndicate's HQ, eliminating as many enemy clone agents (girls of course) as he could find, using his power fists that will send the girls flying, or weapons like pistols, machine guns, swords, etc.. He then carefully searches some of the bodies (enjoying the touch of their sexy bodies and pantyhose-covered legs in the process) until he finds a special entry pass card on one of the dying enemy agents for entry to the next section of the HQ. He sends one of the dying clone girls' lives away by rubbing her crotch and giving her a massive orgasm before she dies.

    Clothes - similar to Clones 2 - white shirt/blouse, black miniskirt, black high heels and long dark-colored sheer stockings (NOT opaque tights) or dark-colored sheer pantyhose (note - those girls wearing pantyhose don't have to wear panties)

    Part 2 - Elimination
    Theme - special agent uses the pass card to gain entry into an area where young clone call-girls are gathered in different rooms. Some are just relaxing in a room while others are walking around, talking to each other or sleeping in another room, and still others are playing with themselves in front of webcams as part of a paid online live chat service, the primary source of this crime syndicate's revenues. Special agent kills all of them with guns, machine guns, power fists, bare hands and arms (for strangulation), neck snaps, etc. and he also used guns to destroy the computers. In the room with the most girls in it (the webcam room), he drags / carries them to the center of the room, checks out each dying girl, opening some of their clothes, For the one or two that are not yet dead but are moaning and rolling around in pain, he interrogates them as he touches their sensitive body parts, and rubs their crotches until they give out the answer he wants (where the ringleaders are located), and then they either die after a forced orgasm or get neck-snapped by special agent.

    Clothes - casual clothes of any color; mini dresses, jean shorts, bra/bikini and panties, very short shorts, mini skirts, camisoles, heels, sneakers, flats, flip-flops, etc. (just wear something that makes them look leggy and sexy, but NO SCHOOL GIRL look or long socks)

    Part 3 - Termination
    Theme - special agent arrives at an office/conference room where the 5 girl ringleaders are found. No clones - they are the originals from which the clones are made. They are all shocked at how this special agent could single-handedly breach their premises and reach deep into their lair. They all try and run for their guns. He approaches one of them (Masha please) and knocks the gun off her, and then knocking her out as he hits her head against a wall. The others try and hide behind cover to shoot him but they all miss. He shoots down 2 girls in sequence, scoring 2-3 hits on each of her chests and torso, leaving them writhing on the floor in pain. He then scores a couple of good shots on the fourth girl, sending her flying onto a table/sofa, and leaving her twitching as she dies. He tries to shoot the last girl but runs out of bullets, so he dashes to her, knocks her down and strangles her until she too is breathless and convulses. He then humiliates each of the girls, opening their clothes, touching their sexy bodies and sensitive areas. For the KO girl (the first girl - Masha) who's about to wake up, he carries her next to the safe, lays her down, removes her heels and interrogates her for the safe's password, which she refuses to give, so he tickles her hose-clad feet and legs and even her crotch and kisses her toes until she couldn't stand it anymore and gives out the password. He goes to the safe and takes the criminal evidence papers of the syndicate, while the girl silently gets up and tries to put her shoes back on to leave, only to be discovered by the special agent who then shoots her several times on her back (or snaps her neck) and she twitches and dies lying on the floor, one shoe off and one shoe on. Special agent then touches her feet and legs one more time before leaving the scene with the papers. Mission accomplished.

    Clothes - sexy office girl / provocative secretary clothing, light-colored pantyhose (no panties) or stockings, high heels.


    Fetish elements - death, KO, death twitches, legs kicking/convulsing, writhing in agony, moaning softly and sexily, closes eyes, opened eyes, mouth / lips open, undressing, body searches, disheveled clothing, ffondling legs, forced orgasm before death, light foot/leg tickling to accelerate death or for interrogation, long pans of death scenes, multiple girl deaths.
    THE PRICE HAS SALES TILL MONDAY. REGULAR PRICE IS 23$ for many models, many scenes and ultra erotic content.

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4530.5 MB

    Select Format

    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - DEATH BY ORGASM

    Crime House - DEATH BY ORGASM

    Crime House - DEATH BY ORGASM

    Crime House - DEATH BY ORGASM

    Crime House - DEATH BY ORGASM

    Crime House - DEATH BY ORGASM
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    Midnight Strangler - Starring: Nata and Den


Office girl in black pantyhose  was strangled in her apartment

    Clones - CLONES

Custom clip 

Fetish elements: Bad *****, smoking *****, shot dead-cocktail, *************, shooting, digital *****, neck break,  headshots, breast shots begging for  life, clones *****, ski-fi, pantyhose, office style, spies   
Special effects! Many clones ****! 

Special agent takes a request to kill bad ***** in their rent apartment into North of Russia. But they have special abilities: they can do clones of themselves. But special agent kill all of them in different ways . 

    Clones 2 - CLONES 2 


Epic action sci-fi  thriller


Shooting by gun
Shooting by machinegun
Mass killing
Japan sword deadly fighting
Neck snaps
Plenty of dead poses
15 dead ***** in one scene
More than 100 killing
5 huge bodypiles! 
All clones dress in classic agent-office style  - white shirts, black short skirts, black stockings or pantyhose, shoes with high heels 

After mass clones killing in the first part, another clones were sent to kill anticlones agent to his own house.  Agent was warn that it could happen so he set traps in the garden. But he didn’t know that it would be SO MANY CLONES…

The first group of clones was killed by gun, another – by machinegun. But after the cruel fight began…

 It’s one of the best our action movies with plenty of killing, different ways to die and huge groups of deadly super sexy clones. Tarantino style!

    Deadly Home Invasion3 - This clip has no description.

    Capture Factory - CAPTURE FACTORY

Starring: Annabelle, Juliana, Pola, Kit, Anatloliy


3 garrote ************* from behind
Standing strangulations
Military theme
All victims have tongue out death stares, very aggressive death agony and fighting for life
Two men attack females
Two men carry bodies, strip bodies and search keys at dead bodies
Dead bad *****’ bodypile

It’s a secret factory where crazy dr. Ko  clones people for illegal army of  mercenaries. Two special agents, cold-blooded killer from East Europe were sent to steal programs codes. Three special female guards patrol compartment  A of the plant. Agents decide to operate silently. They creep up to the first guard. Unsusceptible young woman stands near fencing in her headphones. Agents ********* her suddenly with her own headphones cord! She couldn’t use her gun and cry for help – she could just wriggle in standing position and try to catch cord. She died standing and softly slipped to the floor with ********* death stare with tongue out her mouth and eyes opened very wide.

Agents moved to the next guard. A woman stood at the elevation. Kit ********* her with the cord from behind. They fought at the staircase but this battle was fatal for the female-guard.  

The third guard was standing with her machinegun. Young blond ****, he didn’t look like ****** employee of secret military structure bur she was it. Agent attacked her together, Anatoliy snatched machine gun  from her hands and started to ******** her, Kit hold her legs to not let her stir, fight and move. The miniature blonde was absolutely helpless  in deadly arms of two gigantic intruders. Terrible death!

After they killed her they brought the copses of two other dead guards. They carried them offhandedly, like trash, carrying them by hands and legs. They threw still warm bodies in bodypile and started finding keys from area B. They stripped one of guards full nude while searching, it was their courage of winners.  No keys. They searched frail soft body of dead blond, touching her legs and ass – no keys. They found keys in the pocket of jeans micro shorts of brunette. They left bodypile on the floor and moved to the area B…

Three dead female guards are lying in the floor like waste products. Three stupid young army ***** thought that they earn big fees just for standing with guns  guarding the safe places. But it was their mistake. They were implicated in crimes of cloning people and making monsters, they were involved in crimes against humanity. Just as guards, bun they were involved. And they were punished. They won’t be even buried, they will be stay in this secret desert  forever. With opened eyes full of terrible, fear and thirst for life. With tongues out making them look grotesque dead and silly. Nude, topless, leggy dead terrorists…


Recommendations. If you like this clip please also check Captured, Side Effects.

Please also check out TRUE ART by YELLOWPRESS

Starring: Annabelle, Pola and Mary

Pola was strangled by tie
Annabelle was strangled at the table with her buttom up
Mary was choked across the window with her legs kicking in the other side (Strangulation+Vore Fetishes!)
Many pantyhose, stockings, foot and legs fetishes in this movie

Fedor is a simple manager in his father’s small travel agency. He works with a young girl Rita who spends her time in the agency only at her free time. She always teases him: he is poor, he can’t do anything without his father, he is stupid. 
This day two rich women come to his firm. They want to travel in luxury tour. Rita offers them to purchase tour to Monte-Carlo, but it’s too boring for Russian wives of oligarchs. Fedor gets woo angry, seems he’s going to loose control - why these bitches have all and he have nothing? 
He suggests one of clients to come to VIP-room and discuss special offer. But he takes off his tie and starts to strangle rich blonde. She is so surprised that haven’t time to cry for help and just gasps in agony jerking her slender legs. He does some great deadly strangling antics and then dies.
The strangulation scene is 4 minutes run time with many fetish elements like legs, face, fighting to life, fear, wheezing, trying to free herself, a feeling of hopelessness. 
When the second rich women comes to VIP room she sees her dead companion, topless, in pantyhose only, with empty dead stare, with eyes wide opened. She was terrible frightened and Fedor attached her and started to strangle with his tie. She falls to the table, face down and in this pose she has no chance to get free. All she can is to catch the tie and try to weaken the stranglehold, make strange face, swollen eyes and struggled to pull legs in stockings. She has 4 minutes to die but it seems for her it’s 4 months. She was dead with sexy death stare and mouth deadly opened and a big cross lied on her face. 
Curious Rita saw this scene in her window. She was so shocked looking how Fedor finished two females and stripped them than forgot to call the police. She just sees this terrible show. But Fedor sees her and attacks. He catches her throat and pulls across the window. She is suspended in air, he pulls her and srangles her. We see her choking dace and we see her jerking legs in black pantyhose, upskirts vies,how shoes fall to the ground and her feet. He vores her lifless strangled body to the room. 
Now three dead fresh females are sitting on the sofa in pantyhose and stockings. Nude bodies, empty stares, glass-eyes, opened mounthes. 15 minutes ago they were people. Now they are corpses.

20 minutes long!

Np dialoges! Short intro!


Very sexy long strangulation clip about murder of a nurse and her neighbor by a maniac!

Trying to escape, many different poses, wonderful death stares and reaction


If you like this clip please check

Nurse and her strangler

Hospital !

    Office Killer - OFFICE KILLER
Starring: Angelina & Luiza
 Great movie with noir atmosphere.
Fetish elements: office clothes, pantyhose, feet (many views of feet of alive and dead females), silencer shooting, head shot, backshots, begging for life, carrying.
NOTE: If you like this style of videos please check out our another shooting video with office style:
Shooting in the office, Crime and Punishment, Divorce.

Two office women are working late at the office. 
 Angelina is in the office with her shoes off working on the computer. The killer enters through the door and orders Angelina to stand up against the wall, yelling at her and inquiring about the whereabouts of a certain computer disk. Angelina is terrified and pleading with the killer that she does not know where it is.
 During this, Luiza casually walks into the office through the door and closes it, not realizing what is happening yet. She is carrying her shoes and some folders. She stops short when she finally sees Angelina and the killer and realizes what is happening. She also becomes terrified asking what is going on. The killer orders Luiza against the wall next to Angelina. He begins again yelling where the computer disk is.
 The camera is stationary behind the killer, at an angle and distance where both Angelina and Luiza can be seen head to toe.
 The killer now orders both women to turn and face the wall. He shoots Luiza twice with a silencer pistols. She lets out an "Ugh" with each hit. She arches her back slightly and drops her shoes and the folders she is still holding on to. She slumps down the wall  down to her knees and then her upper torso collapses sideways to the floor (legs bent and soles of feet facing out towards camera). She is dead before she even hits the floor. Open-eyed death stare.
 Angelina seeing this is terrified out of her mind. She now turns around and faces the killer begging for her life. In mid-sentence, the killer shoots her once in the head, showing a single forehead bullet hole with a blank stare. She falls back against the wall and slides down the wall and crumbles very limply onto the floor next to Luiza. She is dead before she hits the floor with open-eyed death stare.
 The killer drags Angelina out of the room by her ankles. The camera remains fixed on Luiza as she still lays dead on the ground. After dragging Angelina into another room, the killer returns and drags Luiza out of the room by her hands or wrists.
Both women are laying side by side on their backs in another room. The camera is stationary at a low angle/position, back far enough where both women are in view, with pantyhosed soles of feet facing the camera. The killer removes both women's clothing except for their pantyhose and bra. He lifts up their upper torso to remove their blouse shirts (still with open-eyed death stare and ***** visible from mouth and forehead bullet-hole). The killer inspects the clothes for the computer disk but cannot find it. He places the clothes inside a bag.
The killer now drags both bodies by their arms/wrists (very limply) down a long office hallway. The camera is stationary at one end of the hallway at a low angle, capturing the soles of the pantyhosed feet as they are dragged away. In this scene, the bodies are actually being dragged further away from the camera as the camera is stationary and does not follow the dragging. 
 Both bodies are then seen being dragged into the bathroom. Both bodies are placed into a single stall to conceal them. 
Run Time: 17:00 minutes
File Size: 700 MB	Format: .MP4
Category: Shooting

    Christmas Lawlessness - Name: Christmas Lawlessness
Runtime: 22 min
Starring: Hass, Anna, Juliana
Format: MP4
Different super sexy short scenes showing three sexy ***** celebrating Christmas night and being killer or dying in different erotic ways: they were shot,  stabbed, ********* or shocked to death by electric. 
Fetish elements and tags: shooting, stabbing, agony, death stares, nude dead ***** in the snow, winter death fantasies.  
Many angles with HASS full nude and dead
Much BOOT fetishes
Very different clothes: leggings, skits, shorts, boots, winter fetish clothes

    Firefight - FIREFIGHT
ONE OF THE BEST OUR CLASSIC SHOOTERS EVER! We did this film in classic death fetish traditions, taking the most favorite fetish elements in one movie!
Fetish elements:
Type of killing: Much shooting with *****
Clothes: White shirts, black miniskirts, black stockings, high heels 
Death stares: Open eyes, closed eyes 
Postmortem –stripping, touching

Great erotic shooting spy thriller

First part. Shoot out. 
The movie starts when 3 sexy female agents are waiting for their enemy – agent 0016.
They are special female army, machines for killing. Well educated in prestige special high ******, very sexy and smart they seduce their victims, take all they need and then.. kill! But agent 0016 is very professional contract killer from Mi6. 
During shooting out and firefight he kills them all  - Juliana falls by shooting in her back, Luiza was wounded in her arm, then she gets bullet to the chest and then to the neck (bullet time slow motion effect). 
Hass takes the bullet in her bellybutton and then falls by headshot. 
Second part. Postmortem. Agent 0016 checks  dead bodies. He searches for secret flashcards, documents, so he needs to dresses them for nude staying their nude corpses inly in black stockings. He closes their eyes, puts bodies in different poses.

    Unhappy Birthday 4 Bodypile - Crime house summer season: unhappy birthday

4 young women ********* one by one, bodies are stripped and lift to one place for 4-women’ mega sexy bodypile!

it’s the most sexy crime house clip.

introdusing new model – anna rose.

 luiza celebrates her  birthday in the cottage and invites her 3 best friend. They have fun, but they don’t know a maniac-strangler is walking near the house.

he attacks poor g...Rls one by one and brutally ********* the, with his strong deadly hands. His first ****** was angelina. She came to the kitchen for some water when he surprised her, grabs to the floor and ********* slowly. Angelina makes very sexy agony and dying face.

luiza goes to the first floor to have a little rest. She takes off her shoes and massages her feet. Maniac surprised her, attacks and after a fight he ********* her. She does active legs kicking, her tongue  out from her mouth. Dead one! Her topless body in black stockings is lying on the bed.

hass goes outside to have a smoking break. Smoking kills! Maniacs ****** her and snaps her neck.

ann  doesn’t understand where are the *****… in this time the maniac is carrying bodies to the living room, stripes them and makes a bodypile of young *****’ corpses. Ann comes back and sees her friends naked and dead  in pile of corpses. She is in panic but too late. Maniac grabs her and strangler to her death. He takes off her clothes and puts her in the bodypile. 4 dead g...Rls in one pile now!

-          all ********** scenes are long and very sexy – different angles and body views. Death stares, naturalistic death reactions,

-          all *****’ dead bodies are carried and lift

-          -all body is stripped

-          great ultra sexy bodypile


fetish elements:

**********, death stare with open eyes and tongue out, death stare with clothed eyes, lifting bodies, carrying dead *****, black stockings, bare legs, foot fetish. Short party’s dresses, many dead poses, fear, fighting for life, sounds of *******, underwear, stripping bodies, playing with bodies, touching bodies, smoking ****, 4 ***** bodypile.  

price: 24.00
run time: 23:00 minutes
file size: 462 mb	format: .Mp4
category: strangluation, *******, dead play, necro

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