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    Crime House - DEAL OF FATALITY 2

    Clip Description

    «Hi! Glad to see that the video gives me much more than my expectation! The most applealing thing is the blood on the way---- especially compared to the white snow. All of the guys appear are fantastic, especially Juliana and I'm sure that I will choose her again next time. All of the scenes and plots show your professionalism of creating such high-quality film for the fifth time, and I look forward for next cooperation between us as long as I have new ideas. Keep healthy and best wishes!»
    Customer’s Review
    Mira Green, Max, Juliana, Sonya Krueger, Morsus, Alex

    Scene 1

    Mira, a brave but inexperienced policewoman has knocked the door. She starts searching the apartment with her gun.
    When Mira enters the bedroom, Max is waiting for her behind the door.The cop turns around, seeing him At that moment, Max kicked off the gun from her hand, and tries to beat her: “Die, Stupid cop!” Mira tries her best to fight with Max, but she seems to be defeated by the criminal. Although she punches Max for several times, it seems that Max has control the fight gradually. After beating the cop’s face and belly many times without any resistance, Max pushes Mira down to the floor, and strangles Mira.
    Mira is fighting to have her neck released, and it is useless. She has a strong sense that she is losing her breath second by second. At that time, she hears a sound of bullets through human’s body. Max falling on the ground with his eyes widely opened, and another cop---- Juliana appears behind him. The backup finally comes!
    Surprised and grateful, Mira stands up with pain and wants to say something to give thanks to Mira. However, her words are interrupted by Juliana.
    “ A completely failed mission if it were not me.” Juliana gives the conclusion without any emotion, “Your performance leaves a lot to be desired, especially compared with experienced cops.”
    Then Juliana looks down to the dead criminal and sniffed: “the result of not wearing bullet-proof vest”.
    A car stops on the road next to a pub. Three excellent policewomen---- Juliana, Helga, and Mira, are sitting in the car.
    “Mira, come on, happy hour.” Juliana says to Mira.
    “But we do not wear bullet-proof vests this time.” Mira asked.
    “Are you kidding?” Helga laughs at Mira, “We are going to enjoy the beer now, not a mission to arrest the criminal.”
    “Don’t think too much, baby. The only thing we concern tonight is drinking.” Juliana also agrees with Helga.
    With a bit doubt that cannot be explained, Mira leaves the car with other two cops.
    Scene 3
    Mira and Helga are drinking beers happily in the same table.
    “Do you mean we must close the case without finding out who’s behind the big picture?” Mira asks.
    “Do you think that anyone else are concerned about the truth expect for us? Now we only have three of us on our side.” Helga tells to Mira.
    At that moment, Mira is crashed by a drunk guy in the pub.
    “Hey? Are you blind?”
    “I think you are fucking blind.” The guy seems not afraid of them.
    “If you are drunk, the best thing you can do is to back home as soon as possible.” Helga stands up, walks toward that guy and urges.”
    “It’s none of your business.” The drunk guy punches Helga heavily.
    “What do you want?” Helga punches the guy as response, then gets a punch from him too.
    “Don’t spent time on him.” Mira asks Helga to end the conflict, “We are cops.”
    Just after Mira has shown the identification of policewoman, the guy pulls out a gun, and shot Mira for two times.
    Mira is falling on the table, and Helga hurries to hide behind the table.
    Scene 4
    When return back from washroom, what appears in the eyes give Juliana a big surprise: Mira is lying on the table, breathing in great pain, and keeps her eye opened, just like the picture below (which means she has not dead now). The bad guy is running away. Helga disappears, and Juliana does not know whether Helga was injured in the previous fight or not.
    “Helga, are you shot? Helga?” Juliana holds her gun and looking for Helga. Suddenly, Juliana gets a belly shot from her back. She moans heavily, then smiles, and says to the shooter behind her:“ Helga, is it you?”

    Two more bullets through Juliana’s body: one for chest, and the other for belly.
    “You should’nt do that.” Juliana smiles again, and gives Helga a shot without turning around and seeing where the target is. In fact, she is so excellent a cop, that she aires directly to Helga’s chest.
    Then Juliana turns around slowly, with three bloody holes can be seen from both sides.
    “Dirty cop?”
    Helga sitting behind the wall, nodding her head to commit her identity. “Please don’t shoot, we can make a deal. I’ll call them off.”
    “With three holes in my body?” Juliana crunches strongly because of the pain.
    At that time, the drunk guy we see before returns back to the pub and shoot Juliana on the back for another times. She drops the gun, falls to the floor like the picture below, picks up her gun again, and creeps to sit down next the wall, vomiting bloods through her mouth.
    “You fucking asshole! Are you know better than shooting a girl from the back?”
    Juliana aires bullets to the guy, but all of them are off the target. However, she gets two more shot in her body. She tries her best to stand up again (some close-up for her black long boots), but she fails. Her breath becomes deeper and deeper, and bloods continue to run out of her mouth. She uses her hand to cover her breast from bleeding, and haves a lot blood cough.
    The shooters are getting closer and closer. “We will send your body to the police station in one piece.”
    Juliana sweeps the blood around her mouth, saying bravely: “Over...... my...... dead...... pussy.......”
    Three more belly shot. Juliana can no longer say even a word. She struggles and moans for a minute, then goes wide eyed and still, dead from eight wounds in her body.
    “You cannot get away with this!” Helga shouted to the guy. She does not want to see the death of Juliana, even if they are enemies since Helga has joined the drug deals.
    “We never want to kill anyone, as long as they do not know who we are. Give you few seconds to goodbyes with your teammates, and we waiting for you in the car outside.” The guy leaves Helga in the pub, and goes away.

    Helga moves towards Juliana with tears and regret. “Baby, what happened to us is far beyond my expectation. Helga then takes off Juliana’s boots and black socks. She also takes off her ankle boots and white socks, and wear Juliana’s socks instead. “I will avenge for you, by wearing your socks.”
    She tries her best to stand up, but she cannot. So she keeps creeping with her strong mind, like the picture above.
    It takes her great pain and long time, but she finally comes on the street (Please also include some scenes of the officer walking downstairs) , and the man appears in her scenes again. With the help of another car, she tries hard to stand up, and gives a fatal shot to the man.
    Seeing the man dead, the cop feels that she can no longer control her body, She gradually lies on the ground, goes wide eyed and still, dead from the fatal wound given by Juliana.

    Clip Duration:      18 minutes
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    Crime House - DEAL OF FATALITY 2

    Crime House - DEAL OF FATALITY 2

    Crime House - DEAL OF FATALITY 2

    Crime House - DEAL OF FATALITY 2

    Crime House - DEAL OF FATALITY 2

    Crime House - DEAL OF FATALITY 2
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