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    Crime House - BLOODY NAVELS 3 parts in 1

    Clip Description

    3 Parts in one!
    40 minutes long
    25% sale!

    Custom video
    Starring: HASS, ANNA AND NATA

    Scene 1:
    #3 laying on the bed, on her back, one leg angled, left arm straight away from her body, right arm angled.
    skin is visible between t-shirt and panties. navel is covered.
    Camera slides over her body with focus to her belly and covered navel. Some times she breathes heavy and bloat her belly. This scene may not longer run as 1 miunutes.
    To pussyfoot #2 nears to her. #2 draw her colt and shoot one in the belly 1 inch below the navel and second bullet 1inch right side of navel (right side from shooters view). #3 moans and writhes small. #2 laying beside, right side of #3, #2 kiss her cheek,lips and meanwhile her hand slide down from her breast to her belly. grap her belly and poke her navel through fabric. Slowly push tshirt up #3 navel is now visible. Until here #3 moans and writhes small. #1 enter the room watching them (not longer as 1 minutes).
    #1 have a pistol with silencer. #1 near to both, pull #2 hand away from #3 bellybutton, press the silencer to #3 bb and bang, bang. #3 moans loud and writhes and bloat her belly. #1 again shot twice #3 navel, same reaction. after a few seconds #1 finish off #3 with three fast bullets to her left breast.
    Now #1 and #2 kiss eachother lips, poke/ fondle their bellies/bellybuttons (1 minutes) with hand and fingers. #1 and #2 undress #3 nude, #1 check heart beat with stethoscope and pronounce. "She is dead". #1 spread navel of #3 and #2 makes fotos of #3 dead bellybutton, #1 cleans #3 navel with a tissue while #2 goes on with making fotos of #3 navel. change cam angles. Then exam her belly and navel press and probe. Now #1 and #2 cleans the bellybutton of #3 more and then use qtips as medical instruments and try to remove the bullets out of #3 navel. now and then they stop with the qtips and wipe #3 belly and navel with a tissue. Check the pussy, spread labia, qtip probe. Then starts again bullet removement. This scence, bullet remove and belly wipe, pussy check may run 5 – 8 minutes. After this #1 and #2 both slide with their hands over #3 belly and navel and fondle her belly/Navel and breast (2 minutes) Important, focus to navel close ups in different angles.

    Scene 2:
    same plot, same actresses but changed roles.

    Scene 3:
    #1 laying sleeping on the bed as #3 in scene 1. #3 and #2 nears to #1 laying beside #1 and very carefully they open the zipper to set #1 navel free. #3 takes #1 silencer pistol, press it in #1 navel, bang, bang. #1 writhes and moan, again bang, bang. #1 still breathes heavy. they undress #1 , shoot #1 twice in her pussy and then three bullets in #1 left breast. now #1 is dead. They do the same, stethoscope,bullet removment as the scenes before.

    Clip Duration:      40 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41269.61 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - BLOODY NAVELS 3 parts in 1

    Crime House - BLOODY NAVELS 3 parts in 1

    Crime House - BLOODY NAVELS 3 parts in 1

    Crime House - BLOODY NAVELS 3 parts in 1

    Crime House - BLOODY NAVELS 3 parts in 1

    Crime House - BLOODY NAVELS 3 parts in 1
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