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    Crime House - ALIENS

    Clip Description



    Cast: Judy, Hass, Nadya, Annabelle

    Alien-snake kills three girls by creeping into the vaginas, then mastered their bodies. After mutation an insectologist kills aliens-girls, hitting their heads by gun-butt, and crushing their necks with boot. She crushed them like insects!

    Fetish elements

    Worm penetrating the vagina, death by orgasm, foot fetish, body-control, mutation, poisoned eyes, lesbo, sleepy, unconscious, hypnosis, crushing necks, mutants, blue blood, fantastic death stare

    Erotic, full nude, bizarre horror movie! One of the most erotic movies!

    30 minutes long! English Subtitles! Full HD, DarkRooms Quality


    Judy goes to bathe in the tub. When she rests in the water, the alien worm crawls out of the drain and heads straight for her vagina. The girl experiences shock, then orgasm, and then dies from the toxic effects of the alien parasite. Then she comes to life - her eyes turn yellow. Now her body is controlled by a parasite.

    She goes to her neighbors, poisones them with sleeping pills, stripping them naked, and begins manipulating the infestation of other girls, sending worms to them in the vagina, making them feel like a murderous orgasm, dying in hell torment mixed with orgasm, and resurrecting as parasites.

    But they did not have long to live in a new capacity. A brave fighter with infections invades the house, beats them with a rifle butt, and then mercilessly crushes like cockroaches. A disgusting crunch of fracture of their necks is heard, as if pressed by beetles, and blue mutated blood flows out of their mouths. Yellow eyes remain open.

    Clip Duration:      30 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41350.33 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - ALIENS

    Crime House - ALIENS

    Crime House - ALIENS

    Crime House - ALIENS

    Crime House - ALIENS

    Crime House - ALIENS
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    Machine Gunned In The Water - MACHINE GUNNED IN THE WATER!

Do you like shot-dead cocktails or machine gunned projects by Crime House?
If you do, this one will be great for you!
Two sexy female special agents are being shot or shoot each other in swimming pool! Their wet bodies share in death agony being machine gunned and their pretty corpses fall to the water.
Many sexy scenes, some of them contain topless and full nude!
First underwater shooting by Crime House.

    COWGIRLS SHOOTOUT - Cowgirls Shootout
Starring: Angelina, Luiza, Tora, Marina
12 chapters
12 scenes of 4 girls death
48 deaths total
Firefights, much shooting, exotic poses and agonies reaction

Chapter 1 Country Killer. 4 country girls are shot by cowboy 
Chapter 2 Firefight near gallows. Cowboy and 4 cowgirls had a firefight near gallows. Cowboy won. The scene was shot in the same location where «Hanging-3 (Virtue Vice)» was shot (surprise for fans).
Chapter 3 Shooting in their bacs. Girls run away from farmer with a gun and take bullets to their backs one by one
Chapter 4 Cowboy VS Cowgirls. Girls run away from crazy cowboy and try to shoot them. They all die. 
Chapter 5. Sudden attack. Innocent country girls were shot by cowboy. 
Chapter 6. Town murder. Another shooting variation of 4 country girls deaths by shooting methods with shouting, agonies, great fallings, death stares and bodypile
Chapter 7. No rest for farm girls. 4 Country Girls were relaxing in the garden when  a man with gun went and killed them. They tried to ran away but they couldn’t. Good bottom-up dead poses
Chapter 8. Well. 4 Country girls were going to put water from the well but suddenly was shot by gangster. Angelina failed to the well, other girls died on the ground. 
Chapter 9. Country Racket. Cowboy kills 4 country girls to attack their farm. 
Chapter 10. Assassin. Cowboy kills 4 girls in the garden. 
Chapter 11. Assasin-2. Another variation of cowboy VS cowgirls firelight
Chapter 11 The last battle. Coiwboy wins the firefight with 4 cowgirls. He puts bodies to the bodypile and strip they nude

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«4 girls shooting execution»


Models: Pola and Nadya

Video Game Simulator from the 3d person

If you like shooter games like Lara Croft, Hitman, Max Payne, GTA and you dream about playing for sexy ladies and killing them – this clip is for you!


Two sexy girls have mission to kill bad guy. But this game is not kind for them. They are shot and killed. You will see 9 levels of this game and 18 deaths! Game over for these girls!



Nadya is seldom guest of our project! She’s so sexy!

Very good game imitation!

Great poses and death reactions



 Have you seen CADETS? Ir was shooting clip for shooting lovers about cadet killed 2 cop girls.

It’s next part.

Another police girls do  examination of their friends’ bodies in the morgue. They go to the object to arrest or kill the crazy cadet.

Cop-girls rush to the room but he cut the head of cop with machete.



Head  off

Jerking headless body

The head lives 1 minute, opens mouth, panics


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    DANCING TO THE DEATH - Dancing to the death

Vore fetish

Starring: Juliana, Luiza, Pola, Mary and Annabelle


Very much feet view in pantyhose

Frightened to the death

Illusions (disappearing, falling threw the floor, flying up forever)

Bed eating girls

Doors eating girls

Leg kicking’s

Deaths from fear

Grotesque death with tongue out and legs up

Many death

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Silly and Funny

    CLEANING SERVICE - Two crazy bastards attack a cottage, kill 6 girls and make huge full  naked bodypile in the hall. 

Dynamic shooting murders with realistic well-played falls 
6 deaths with blood and blood to the camera 
Shooting throw the window, window was broken 
Shooting from below 
Loud shot crying before deaths 
Excellent decorations  and FX effects 
Starring: (in order of appearance) Alex, Kit, Juliana, Mary, Luiza, Pola, Angelina, Hass

Two crazy bastards attack the rich cottage and its territory. Juliana sees them near gates, shouts, tries to scape but they shoot her in her chest. She falls to the ground, agonies and dies. They shoo to the balcony where poor Mary was relaxing. They shoot her to her heart.  They go to the yard and see Luiza in the dinning-room from the street. They shoot throw the window, break it, Luiza gets the bullet to her head. She slowly dies from headshot. They shoot from below Pola standing at the balcony killing her to the neck, then they enter  the building, catch Angelina to her head (sexy view). They carry all bodies to the second floor, strip them and seat at the table waiting for house owner – Hass. She see the horror picture of  5 naked dead friends, cries and gets the bullet to her head, falls to the ground. They strip her too and leave 6 naked dead dolls lie together at this horror summer night. 

If you like this one please also check RED PARTY 
HURRY UP to purchase this very fetish interesting movie just for 20$ before Monday. The regular price is 25$ after Monday and forever.

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