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    Wanda fantasy production - TITAN

    Clip Description

    Titan is a powerful and bulletproof super heroine dressed in silver costume. She is very strong and powerful and she thinks that she is unbeatable and can not be killed but Titan has a weakness.

    Her weakness is armour piercing bullets fired from a high power sniper rifle. When Titan is shot with the armour piercing bullets she will be wounded and will slowly become weak as her power drains away.

    She can only die from a bullet to the heart.

    Titan has stopped a lot of crime and a bounty has been placed on her by the crime lords.

    elements: gun fight, machine gunning, bulletproof skin, sniper scop, shooting to belly, belly button, breast, chest, heart, cocky acting, tough talking, bullet wounds, fake blood, digital blood, back arching, talking in english and much more.

    Clip Duration:      13 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4937.46 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wanda fantasy production - TITAN

    Wanda fantasy production - TITAN

    Wanda fantasy production - TITAN

    Wanda fantasy production - TITAN

    Wanda fantasy production - TITAN

    Wanda fantasy production - TITAN
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    Wonder Wanda heroine ultimate demise - A.S.H.O. program wants to kill every superhero. They created "secret room" where they can summon for 20 min. any superheroine. As first they summoned half goddess, half amazon, Wonder Wanda, the daughter of Zeus. They got only 20 min. to kill her if dont she will be teleported back where she came from.

A.S.H.O. team have guns, knives, bows and "god killer weapon" ready for her. Will they kill her or will she kill them?
14 min. long video
Elements: - deflecting bullets, gun shooting, machine gunning, arrowing, knife stabbing, POV fist fighting and punching, "god killer" stabbing/staking.
- very long killing scene and long dying agony.
- she is arrogant from beggining, then agresive but at the end she will beg for her life to be spare.

    Deadly tournament - There are last 4 standing in our famous \"Deadly tournament\". Who will be the winner?, Supersoldier?, Cowgirl? Police girl? or Titan? It will be decided soon in last 3 duels.

the first duel: Supersoldier vs Police girl

the second duel: Titan vs Cowgirl

The final duel: ???, lets see.

Elements: gun duels, shooting, pistols, 4 outfits, fake blood, bullet wounds, chest shots, 1 belly shot, sniper shot to the heart, digital blood effects, sound effects, long dying agony, talking in english, bulletproof skin, superpower

    TITAN 2 porting room - In the first Titan video she was killed by armor piercing bullets but when Titan dies another Titan will reborn stronger and more powerfull than before.

Now, 3 sisters want to kill new Titan to prove each other who sister is the best.

They set a trap for Titan in porting room and invite her. They will port there 1 by 1 to try kill the Titan but they all will die. The first sister by heart atack (titan will crush her heart with mental force). The second by strangulation also by Titan super mental powers and the third one by neck snap but not before she suprise Titan by powerfull "god killer" bullet which fataly wounds Titan very heart.

elements: 4 death scenes, heart crushing (heart atack), strangling, neck snap, shooting, bulletproofskin, shot to heart, slow deaths, erotic agonies, back arching, talking in english, superpowers, fake blood + digital blood, new epic bulletwound effect and more.

    Ninja cowgirl - This is POV gun fun duel video. You vs sexy Ninja cowgirl. It is like in FPS game.

But it is not easy because she can dodge the bullets so you have to be fast.

9 scenes in this video.

elemenets: shooting to chest/breasts/heart, belly, head, back, pistol duel in POV style, you can see the bullets, dodging bullets, digital blood, latex costume, leather boots, hat and more

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