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    Gallows Games - Lovers Vengeance

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Tracy C. Lixx, and Jasmine

    Tracy is in a cage unconscious. Jasmine enters the cages and wakes Tracy up. Tracy is confused, but Jasmine stops her and accuses Tracy of sleeping with her boyfriend. Tracy denies it and tries to leave, but Jasmine attacks her. After a brief struggle Jasmine manages to get a rope around Tracy's neck and begins to strangle her. Tracy struggles and kicks but she is soon choked out by Jasmine.

    Jasmine has Tracy in her homemade Spanish garrote machine. Jasmine wakes Tracy up who soon finds she tied to the machine with a rope around her neck. Tracy tries to free herself, but Jasmine begins to turn the crank and the rope slowly tightens around Tracy's neck. Tracy tries to free herself and her tongue pops out as she begins to slowly strangle. Jasmine takes some time to mock Tracy before she tightens the rope further. Tracy eventually dies with her tongue hanging out and her eyes wide open. Jasmine checks Tracy's body and then moves off to leave her boyfriends lover for him to find.

    Later Tracy is topless on a table. Jasmine's boyfriend is there to play with her body pone last time. He poses her a little bit, and takes off her sandals. He pulls down her shirt to expose her orange underwear. He leaves when he gets bored hoping to make up with Jasmine and get a little makeup sex.

    Features: Garroting, cat fighting, strangling, death stare, posing, post-mortem, sandals, bare feet, undressing.

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4672.65 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Lovers Vengeance

    Gallows Games - Lovers Vengeance

    Gallows Games - Lovers Vengeance

    Gallows Games - Lovers Vengeance

    Gallows Games - Lovers Vengeance

    Gallows Games - Lovers Vengeance
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