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Strangle, smother, neck break

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     Divine Strangle
    21 minutes

      Divine Strangle - Featuring: Macy Divine

Macy has a footjob client she is meeting at his home.  She gets started right away with her footjob showing off her sexy toes.  It takes a while for her client to cum so she switches to a handjob.  He finally cums hard.

Later Macy is sitting on the bed with her client and she decides it's time to discuss payment.  She turns away for a moment and the client suddenly strikes.  He wraps a stocking around her neck and forces Macy back on the bed.  Macy struggles and fights but her client pulls even tighter until her tongue pops out.  After a few minutes Macy finally expires.  Her client takes a few moments to admire her dead feet.

Features: Strangling, handjob, footjob, interracial, bare feet, soles, sandals, cumshot.  Lets Hang Tracy Again Again
    13 minutes

      Lets Hang Tracy Again  Again - Featuring: Tracy C. Lixx

Tracy has been kidnapped and placed under the gallows with a noose around her neck.  The Hangman enters and hoists Tracy into the air by her neck.  Tracy strangles for a long time, and when she passes out, the Hangman takes her down.

Later the Hangman exposes Tracy's huge tits and wakes her up before hanging her again.  She is hoisted into the air again for that last time.  The Hangman pulls of Tracy's bare feet causing her tongue to pop out as she finally dies.  The Hangman takes a few minutes to admire his work before leaving her body to swing from the gallows.

Features: Hanging, topless nudity, bare feet, sandals, undressing, repeated hanging, huge tits, huge boobs, huge natural boobs.
     The Curious Amazon
    21 minutes

      The Curious Amazon - Featuring: Anna Cummings

Amazon Anna has been captured by the Hangman like her sisters before her.  She wakes up as the Hangman enters and starts to caress her body.  Anna has never been with, or even seen a man before, so she is curious.  She explores his body and sucks his dick.  Finally they fuck each other's brains out.  When they finish Anna is elated by what she just experienced.  She asks the Hangman what is next.  His answer is to knock her out.

When Anna wakes up she is under the gallows with a noose around her neck, and her hands bound behind her back.  The protests as the Hangman approaches and fondles her body.  Finally the Hangman pulls on the rope and hoists Anna into the air by her neck.  Anna's tongue pops out and her eyes start to roll back as she slowly strangles to death.  Finally Anna dies with her body twitching for some time before going fully limp.

Features: Hanging, knockout, amazons, armor, sandals, huge tits, MILF, Latina booty, fondling, body pans.  Fatal Breath Play
    19 minutes

      Fatal Breath Play - Featuring: Anna Cummings

Anna is a kinky girl who likes to try new sexual games.  She blows and fucks her boy friend in the cell.  Next she gives him an awesome foot job with her gorgeous long toes, and later he cums all over her pussy.

Anna decides she wants to try some breath play.  Her boy friend shows Anna a Spanish Garrote Machine he's made just for her.  She enthusiastically sits on it and lets him place the rope around her neck.  He starts to finger Anna's pussy as he turns the crank tightening the rope around her neck.  Anna's tongue pops out and her eyes bulge as she begins to slowly strangle.  It goes on too long and Anna tries to fight to free herself, but her boy friend is too into watching her strangle.  Anna's eyes roll back and she drools on herself as she finally strangles to death.  Her boy friend admires her body before leaving Anna on the Garrote machine.

Features: Garroting, Spanish Garrote machine, bare feet, foot job, sandals, MILF, huge tits, cumshot, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, blowjob, long toes, big feet.
     Debbie D Strung Up Value Pack
    35 minutes

      Debbie D Strung Up Value Pack - Debbie D Strung Up Value Pack

Two clips combined into one for a great price.  See the original descriptions below.

Featuring: Debbie D

Debbie D is a tough girl and this was her idea.  She wanted to try a REAL HANGING.  She dressed up like an Amazon Warrior, let me place the cloth noose around her neck, and the hoist her up.  She struggled and choked.  She kicked hard as she was pulled up by the neck.  Afterwards she said she can’t wait to do it again.

Features: REAL HANGING, choking, posing, sandal and foot shots.

Strung Up Part Two Featuring: Debbie D

Debbie D was out to show how tough she is again.  With a specially made noose she decided to try a real hanging again this time multiple times and for much longer.  She did a great job, and wants to do it again.

Features: Real Hanging, full suspension hanging, tied up hands and feet, bare feet, includes raw footage for people to make their own edit.  Candle Boxx and Dixie Comet Value Pack
    44 minutes

      Candle Boxx and Dixie Comet Value Pack - Featuring Candle Boxx & Dixie Comet

Three videos all up-scaled to full HD and re-edited together in a new value pack at a great price.  Description of clips below.

Call Girls Part 1 (Gassed) Featuring: Dixie Comet and Candle Boxx

Candle and Dixie are two fun loving call girls who love to play dress up for their clients.  They're told to wait in a room and change, however they fail to notice that they are standing under the gallows.  They undress each other and begin to play with their breasts while they get bored waiting.  They manage to find some swords to play with, but as they wait they begin to get light headed.  Before they realize what is happening gas begins to flood the room.  Candle is the first to collapse, soon followed by Dixie who crashes on top of her.  Once the gas is removed the hangman enters to look at his latest toys.

Features: Gassing, full nudity, undressing, women playing with their breasts, body pans, sandal and foot shots.

Call Girls Part 2 (hanged 2x) Featuring: Candle Boxx, and Dixie Comet

Still out from the gas, the hangman enters to look at his new toys. He plays with the a bit, but then its back to work.  When Candle and Dixie awaken they are standing on the gallows waiting to be hanged.  While they beg and try to bargain for their lives, the hangman takes a last moment to humiliate them by stripping them completely naked.  They still beg as the hangman releases the trapdoor.  they both struggle and hang for what to them seems like forever, until the hangman takes them down.  While they try to catch their breath the hangman puts a pair of high heel pumps on Candle, and a black nylons, and high heeled sandals for Dixie.  Just when they start to recover, the hangman pulls them up by their pretty necks and hangs them again.  The struggle and kick for even longer.  The hangman pulls hard on their legs.  Foam drips from their mouths as they finally strangle to death.  The hangman takes off their nylons and pumps and leaves their dead bodies hanging bare foot on the gallows.

Features: Full nudity, drop hanging, hoist up hanging, body pans, undressing, limb play, nylons, high heel sandals, high heel pumps, flat sandal, and bare feet shots.

Bed Time Dead Time Featuring: Candle Boxx, and Dixie Comet

Candle and Dixie are having a pillow fight on the bed.  Candle decides that she wants a little more and darers Dixie to take off her clothes.  Dixie agrees, but only if Candle does the same.  They tease each other as they strip down to nothing.  candle distracts Dixie and then suddenly wraps a cloth around her cute neck and begins to strangle her.  Dixie's tongue pops out and her bare feet kick as Candle taunts her.  Candle gives one last hard tug and Dixie expires.  The hangman enters later and Candle presents him with her gift.  The hangman is pleased, but then he decides to strangle Candle as well.  She begs for her life, and struggles hard, but the hangman is to strong.  He leaves her dead body next to Dixie with her tongue hanging out.  When he examines Dixie she wakes up and he has to strangle her again.  Afterwards the hangman poses their bodies and plays with their feet.

Features: Full Nudity, Pillow Fights, Undressing, Strangling, Girl on Girl Strangulation, Posing, Sandal and Foot shots.
     Hanging Documentary Part One
    22 minutes

      Hanging Documentary Part One - Featuring: Rory White, & Nadia White

Under the new drug laws in a future United States, anyone found dealing, or smuggling drugs is hanged by the neck till dead, by short drop hanging.  There is no trial and they are hanged on the day of capture or the following day depending on how many convicts are before them.  The hanging is designed to be as long and painful as possible, and the hangmen are allowed to sexually molest their victims in exchange for pulling on their legs to make the strangulation faster.

A documentary crew films the last hour of Rory White from her entrance to the cell to her slow death on the gallows.  A woman narrates the events as they unfold and gives further explanations on the details of the execution.  Rory White was picked up smuggling drugs in Chicago.  When she is brought into her cell she is made to watch the hanging of Nadia Cleary (Nadia White) as an extra punishment.  Rory agrees to strip and masturbate for the hangman while Nadia's body is left hanging for an hour to ensure death.

Rory is dressed, has her hands tied behind her back and is led to gallows.  Her breasts are exposed and fondled and she is hanged by short drop.  She takes nearly five minutes to stop kicking and dies with her tongue hanging out.  Her body is stripped naked and she is left to hang on the gallows for an hour.

Features: Hanging, short drop, documentary narration, undressing, solo female, masturbation, bare feet, soles, full nudity, breast fondling.  Killer BJ
    14 minutes

      Killer BJ - Featuring: Sadie Anne

MILF Sadie is going to give her long-time client a blowjob as per usual.  This time he seems a little more forward and eager than normal and it seems to turn her on.  The blowjob lasts ten minutes and he finally cums.

Next Sadie mentions it is time to pay.  When Sadie turns to get her purse, the client wraps a rope around her neck and pulls Sadie back onto the couch.  Sadie struggles and fights but the rope tightens and she finally dies.  The client admires the purple rope burn he caused on her neck and plays with her pierced tits while posing her body.

Features: Strangling, posing, topless nudity, blowjob, handjob, sandals, MILF, undressing, cumshot.
     Hang The Foot Model Part 10
    28 minutes

      Hang The Foot Model Part 10 - Featuring: Little Buff Blondie

Blondie is a foot fetish model eager to entertain all her fans.  She shows off her feet to her Cameraman and tries on different sandals to entice him.  When she is done she decides to give him and her fans a real show.  She is going to have the Cameraman hang her by the neck for a little while.

Soon she is under the gallows being hoisted up by her neck.  She struggles and kicks for a long time kicking off one of her high heeled sandals.  The Cameraman lets her down just before she strangles to death.

After a few minutes of resting she puts on a pair of flip-flops and decides she wants to hang again.  She is hoisted up by her neck again.  She kicks off her flip-flops and hangs there in her bare feet as she struggles for air.  Her eyes roll back and her tongue pops out, and this time she dies.  The Cameraman feels her feet and leave her body hanging.

Features: Hanging, bare feet, sandals, foot fetish, handcuffs, willing hanging, bare soles, soles, heels.  Amazon Thief Part 17
    17 minutes

      Amazon Thief Part 17 - Featuring: Stephanie Anders

Amazon Stephanie has found another bunker from the old world filled with treasures.  She searches the bunker amazed at her luck, until it runs out when the room fills with gas.  Before she can escape the gas overcomes Stephanie and she collapses on the gallows.

Later Stephanie wakes up in a cell with the Hangman watching her.  She threatens him when she realizes he is the one who hanged her sisters.  First, she tries to threaten the Hangman, then she tries to entice him with her feet.

Later Stephanie is under the Gallows with a noose around her neck.  She threatens the Hangman until he pulls her into the air by her neck.  The Hangman lets her struggle long before pulling on her feet and finishing off Stephanie.  The Hangman takes off her sandals to see her beautiful bare feet hanging in the air.

Features: Hanging, gassing, topless nudity, tattoos, sandals, bare feet, redhead, amazons, booty.

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     Amazon Thief Part 13
    32 minutes
      Amazon Thief Part 13 - Featuring: Katie Kingerie

Amazon Katie has found the garage where she lost her sisters, who were researching for weapons and food.  During her search, the Hangman creeps up behind and knocks her out.  She is placed under the gallows and wakes up when the Hangman places the noose around her neck.  Before she is fully awake, the Hangman  pulls on the rope and hoists her in the air by her neck.  Katie struggles and kicks as she slowly strangles.  The Hangman starts to finger her pussy as she hangs, and then decides to take Katie down before she dies.

Next, Katie wakes up in the cell as the Hangman approaches.  The hanging made her horny, so she seduces him and proceeds to fuck him every way she can.  Later, Katie finds herself on the Spanish Garrote Machine with her hands cuffed behind the pole.  The Hangman slowly tightens the crank, taking his time to strangle her.  It takes a while, but she finally strangles to death.

Features: Hanging, Garroting, breast fondling, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, handjob, finger fucking, finger fucking on gallows, jail cell, amazons, sandals, armor and knock out.  Double Hanging
    10 minutes
      Double Hanging - Two naughty slave girls need to be taught to behave.  Unfortunately for them, the noose will be their teacher.  Features TOPLESS NUDITY, HANGING, CHOKING, HANDLING, AND SANDAL AND FOOT SHOTS.

     The Perils Of Tracy
    8 minutes
      The Perils Of Tracy - Featuring: Tracy C. Lixx, and Tommy Boy

Part 1
Tracy enters her movie set a little tipsy.  She slowly undresses herself, first taking off her dress then heels, stockings, and Bra.  She sits back on her bed when Tommy Boy enters.  Tommy gives her a back massage and then suddenly wraps her stocking around Tracy's neck and pulls her back onto the bed.  Tracy struggles and fights for a while, but one last good tug finishes her off.  Tommy poses her body and takes off her underwear showing off her pussy.  Tommy covers her body with the sheet, only leaving Tracy's head exposed.

Part 2
Tracy is a hit woman hired to kill another agent.  She slept with him the night before in his studio, and now she is calling her boss while still naked to let him know she'll need the cleaners to take care of the body.  She hangs up and gets her gun ready, planning to ambush the agent when he comes out of the shower.  Just as she starts to leave the room the agents gun comes into view, and he shoots her in the chest.  Tracy is blown back onto the bed dead.  The agent takes a moment to admire her naked body one last time before leaving.

Features: Strangling, shooting, gun play, undressing, full nudity, posing, rag doll, stockings, bare feet.  LilMizzUnique Double Play
    16 minutes
      LilMizzUnique Double Play - Featuring: LilMizzUnique


Velma has ditched the Scooby gang and gone out on her own to solve mysteries.  Girls have gone missing near a creepy warehouse, and she decides to sneak in for some investigating.  She skulks around for a while, when she is suddenly chloroformed from behind and dragged away.  While she is out, the Kidnapper places her in a chair and removes Velma's top and skirt, exposing her cute breasts.  He takes a few pictures for his employer and goes off to check on some other victims.  Velma wakes up and since her glasses are missing, she stumbles around the warehouse trying to find them, so she can make her escape.  The Kidnapper comes up behind Velma and as she struggles, he quickly snaps her neck.  The Kidnapper drags her body to a sheet on the floor and stripes Velma naked.  The Kidnapper wraps Velma in a sheet and gives her one last kiss on the forehead.

Chun Li

Chun Li has been captured by Shadowlaw (Shadaloo), and while she sits handcuffed in her cell, the Guard comes in with a statement from Major Bison for her to read.  Chun Li takes the statement, makes fun of it, and tosses it back at the Guard.  Chun Li turns her back to the Guard, who pulls out a nylon stocking and wraps it around Chun Li's neck.  As she fights, he lifts her off the bed and finally manages to strangle her to dead.  He drops Chun Li's body on the bed and proceeds to strip her down to nothing.  The Guard picks up Chun Li's body and places her against the bars.  He ties the stocking around her neck to the bars as if she choked herself to death and makes it look like she was fingering herself.

Features: Velma cosplay, Chun Li cosplay, cosplay, undressing, strangling, neck break, posing, lift and carry, dragging, full nudity, handcuffs
     Kinky Call Girl
    33 minutes
      Kinky Call Girl - Kinky Call Girl
Featuring Audrina Raine

Call Girl Audrina is dressed up like a school girl for her latest client.  He enters wearing a mask, and she lets him remove her knee socks.  While they fuck, she asks if her client wants to try something more kinky.  Secretly, Audrina likes to be hanged.

After the finish fucking, Audrina is at the gallows with a noose made from her socks around her neck.  The client approaches with a vibrator.  He teases her pussy with it, and finally forces an orgasm with it.  Just when Audrina cums, the client pulls on the rope and hangs her with her own socks.  Audrina struggles and kicks while the client fingers her pussy until she cums again.  Finally, Audrina strangles to death, and the client leaves her body hanging there.

Featuring: Hanging, forced orgasm, full nudity, missionary sex, cowgirl sex, thigh high socks, sandals, handjob, finger fucking, huge tits, vibrator.  Asian Asphyxia
    21 minutes
      Asian Asphyxia - Featuring: Krystal

Asian model Krystal has decided to film her own foot lovers video for her adoring fans.  She gets herself a cameraman, and a hotel room and proceeds to show off her lovely toes.  She starts with her favorite high heeled sandals and works her way down to a lovely pair of flat thong sandals.  She teases her views and cameraman.  Just when she finishes and things she can rest, the cameraman puts on a mask and proceeds to strangle her on the bed.  She struggles and fights hard, but the rope tightens.  Taking his chance the cameraman poses her and plays with her pretty toes.

Features: Strangling, posing, Lingerie, struggling, high heel sandals, flat sandals, bare feet, and soles.

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    Featuring 250 Clips / 4287 minutes of video!

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      Divine Strangle

    Divine Strangle

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      Lets Hang Tracy Again Again

    Lets Hang Tracy Again  Again

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      The Curious Amazon

    The Curious Amazon

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      Fatal Breath Play

    Fatal Breath Play

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      Debbie D Strung Up Value Pack

    Debbie D Strung Up Value Pack

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      Candle Boxx and Dixie Comet Value Pack

    Candle Boxx and Dixie Comet Value Pack

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      Hanging Documentary Part One

    Hanging Documentary Part One

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      Killer BJ

    Killer BJ

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      Hang The Foot Model Part 10

    Hang The Foot Model Part 10

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      Amazon Thief Part 17

    Amazon Thief Part 17

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      Amazon Thief Part 16

    Amazon Thief Part 16

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      Roleplay Gone Wrong

    Roleplay Gone Wrong

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      Lets Kill AsukaHome Invasion

    Lets Kill AsukaHome Invasion

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      Hang The Foot Model Part 9

    Hang The Foot Model Part 9

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      Choking Chair

    Choking Chair

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