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Under Water


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    Gallows Games - Hoisted High

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Anastasia Lux

    Anastasia is a hot young goth getting ready for a date. She enters her dungeon decorated bedroom and begins to get ready. She takes off her flat thong sandals, and switches to her dark nylons, and high heeled sandals. She loves her shoes so much that she spends a few minutes admiring her feet and stroking her legs. Just when she's ready to leave the hangman strikes. He puts a thin rope around her neck and drags her back down to the bed. She's a tough girl and puts up a long fight, but the hangman is too strong for her. Once she is choked out the hangman carries her off to the gallows. Anastasia wakes up on the floor as the noose begins to tug her into the air. She barely has time to realize that she is topless and dressed as an amazon in flat lace up sandals. Once in the air she struggles and kicks hard until one of her sandals falls off. Finally she expires hanging there with her tongue sticking out.

    Features: Hanging, strangling, topless nudity, undressing, carrying, hoist up hanging, high heels sandals, nylons, flat sandals, bare feet.

    Clip Duration:      12 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4480.16 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Hoisted High

    Gallows Games - Hoisted High

    Gallows Games - Hoisted High

    Gallows Games - Hoisted High

    Gallows Games - Hoisted High

    Gallows Games - Hoisted High
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