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    Clip Description

    THE D.A.'s HUBBY
    Starring: Belle Fatale w/ Jigsy

    **FULL 1920x1080 HD**

    Focus on black stockings, limp play, ragdolling, and the intimate realities of finding his wife, whom he loved very much, dead. Trying to wake her in disbelief, then wanting to be with her and kiss, make love to her one last time. Very touching.

    A.D.A. Belle Pearson is on a drawn out, arduous, and very sensitive case. She is prosecuting a long time mafia ring leader Pasqual Marquez and he has been pulling all kinds of stunts; rigging the jury, eliminating witnesses, putting out high dollar hits on the D.A.'s office and even trying to bribe the judge, but crime rules in this setting, where the crooked get their way and the righteous, ethical folks get the raw end of the deal. After a long week of cross examinations and acute recesses, the court will re adjourn after the holiday weekend and hopefully A.D.A. Pearson will be able to be there, now that her star witness has disappeared. After court she is whisked away in a separate car to the airport where she will take a rental and hide out, leaving a large police detail on her house in the city so Marquez thinks her and her husband are home. She doesn't know how close to her the mafia is and knows her every move.

    After A.D.A. Pearson is strangled to death by a hit man, her husband arrives minutes later to find her strangled on the couch, unmolested sexually, still warm and sweaty from the fight of her life that ended in her death. A stocking still wrapped around her neck and flush from the struggle. She is still wearing her signature black lace top stockings and has a thin bruise mark from the stocking that hands around her neck. He comes in and checks her pulse, trying to revive her calling her name and baby. He tries to get a response and he shakes her head, feeling for breath. He moves her around dangling her dead body in his arms. He caresses her face and shakes her a bit(POV)to see if she will come to, but her eyes stay wide and her jaw slacked. He hugs her and kisses her mouth intimately. He moans but does not cry, still in shock from the realization that his wife is dead and he is alone with her. He moves her around a but swaying her body then throwing her on the long part of the sectional where he moves her legs around and kisses her feet and toes. He admires the way she is always beautiful and kept, even dead. He moves to her pussy, savoring it as he licks her and kisses her vagina. He flops her legs around a bit as he feasts on her. Her body is limp and he pays close attention to her. After he eats her out he moves her some more to the other part of the couch, with her sitting on top of him like a rag doll. He moves her across the sofa ragdolling her and flopping her arms as he tries to kiss and caress her with success. He moves her to many positions looking at her closely as he kisses and feels on her breasts, fingering her pussy as he plays with her tits and looks at her sexy soles through the sheer stockings. He sits her the other way facing him and makes out with her some more, kissing her mouth with his tongue and flopping her around, then laying her down and playing with her mouth, opening it then kissing her with his tongue in her mouth. He needs to have her so he throws her down and then sits her close as he gets his dick out. He wants to make love to her one last time as he asks her if it will be okay with no response, just head bobbing around from him grabbing her shoulders(POV). He makes love to her fast like they used to love it, then slows down to enjoy his final orgasm inside her, he would never waste it anywhere else. He takes his time finishing staying inside her. After he cums he gets his wits about him and remembers he should be getting her to a hospital and he is losing his marbles. He scoops her up and cradle carries her out the door, then in the driving cold rain back and forth asking her where he should go, which way he should take her as her body gets soaked from the cold rain.

    Belle is incredibly hot and sexy. She is very limp and such a great necro lover. After that tough bout with the hitman, she needed some loving and he gave it to her, what a sweet man. Crazy, but sweet. CB

    Run Time: 11:08 minutes
    File Size: 495 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      11 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v515.39 MB

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Starring: Coco w/ Sphen Wood

Coco is a model and personality. She answers interview questions about what she likes, what she wants to do and so forth. Very candid interview where she tells all. Then as she is coming home from the laundry room a man is waiting for her behind the wall outside her front door on the busy street. As she opens and walks inside he thumps her in the back of the head with a BlackJack. She goes down face first into the stairs and he locks the door, slowly picks her up to see her limbs flop, then he carries up up two flights of stairs to the bedroom where he tosses her onto the bed. He starts to ragdoll her throwing her, picking her up, tossing her, flopping and flailing her on the bed. He loves her wrists, and lets them drop to the bed as he watches and admires her limp arms, wrists, and hands. He moves the hair from her face, then kisses her lips, several times, touching her face, dropping her arms to the bed. He pulls her across the bed, then picks her up and moves her head to the corner. He plays with her face and mouth then flops her arms some more. he plays with her over and over, lots of limp arms, and body, ragdolling, carrying, and face play. 

Run Time: 19:00 minutes
File Size: 295 MB	Format: .WMV

    COWGIRLS ONLYdot com - COWGIRLS ONLY(dot com)
Starring: Genetica w/ Chris B.

No animals or humans were crushed or harmed in this movie....... ;-)

Chris has had the worst luck trying to find a good honest woman without a stick up her ass and a skewed vision of what a cowgirl really is, and the new one is the worst. As he cleans up the manure in the pen, he tries to get her to help, even collecting eggs is gross to her. Chris pleads with her a few times but her responses just send him through the roof with anger. After she won't leave and is trying to chase his favorite bantams, he says she has to go. He comes up behind her and gets her in a choke hold, taking her to the ground on top of him and continuing to apply pressure to her throat while she kicks in her daisy dukes, knee high brown boots with tall socks underneath, white lace top with no bra, white sheer panties. He chokes her out hard but she kicks in the manure and dirt getting the boots all mucked up. After a nice struggle, she starts to wind down and eventually goes limp, eyes open, and tongue barely out. He catches his breath while he slowly sits her up and gets out from under her. He stands up and drags her to the gate, and eventually carries her to a nice shady patch of soft grass so he can enjoy the now quiet wannabee cowgirl. He plays with her limp body, hiking her shirt to see her perfect breasts and beautiful tummy. He rubs her crotch and legs then slowly removes one of the boots, noticing the sole of the sock is a bit dirty, he smells her feet anyway. He takes it all in, whiffing her sexy feet in long socks. He removes the other boot and smells the next foot, then both, then notices her sexy crotch. rubs and caresses her then rolls her on to her tummy so he can check out her ass and feet. He pulls her shorts down a bit so he can see her ass and feels her up, then rolls her back to grab her tits and finally get some pussy. He lifts up her panties and puts the socked feet over his shoulder. He unzips and sticks his dick in the warm fake cowgirl starting slowly and finishing pretty quickly from all the excitement. After cumming and giving her the cowboy cuddle, he gets up and gets her straightened out. He pics her up and carries her around the pasture to the back porch where he lays her on a chair and sets her up so we can see her sexy face, tits, and sexy legs in knee high socks. He brushes the pine needles and lichen off of her face and legs so she is just as pristine as when he met her, before she spoke of course...

Body views, pans and sock views follow.

We love to mix it up and have fun, it was too hot to shoot inside so we made a fun bit out of it, make sure to check out the outtakes..funny stuff. Where else can you get this type of action? Nowhere but here on Taboo Cinema, Chris' Corner, and Will's Kills. Thanks so much everyone. CB

Run Time: 14:00 minutes
File Size: 550 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Candee w/ John Wood

Neck fetish and worship are the main focus besides a beautiful set of several strangles...

The boss and his assistant, the lovely Candee, are on a business trip to Portland, they stay at a fancy hotel and after their meeting check into the room to relax. As soon as they are in the room, John starts playing with Candee's elegant neck, she is embarrassed and doesn't understand why he is always groping, kissing, squeezing her neck tendons, muscles, and her sexy skin. He gets her to sit on the bed, then the couch where he squeezes her neck harder. He finally goes too tight and she panics, which sends him into a Frenzy! He first hand throttles her on the couch with her neck stretched out, then he takes a black thin garotte and wraps it quickly around her neck. She starts to fight hard, asking him, in a choked out voice, "Why John", he is so into her neck and squeezing it he forgets that he is hurting her, but he can not stop. He moves her around, using his hands, and then a rope, stocking, and then his hands again. She passes out a few times and when he wakes her up she starts struggling again. She drools and gags, and then when he changes to his tie she gasps for air, and tries to escape, he grabs her leg and pulls her back to him, he has her upright on the bed with the neck tie firmly around her neck. After she is dead, he lets her hit face forward, then he drags her around the bed, playing with her neck, he positions her and his dick whips out, hard as a rock. He rubs his cock on her neck, then moves her to the table and finishes it off, fucking and squirting a hot load on her neck. After cumming he rubs his dick on her neck some more, before leaving the room for amazing death stare and body pans!

Welcome back Candee! She looks so hot blonde!!!!

Run Time: 29:00 minutes
File Size: 450 MB	Format: .WMV

Starring: Lexxi w/ Chris

Two adults meet online and correspond for a few months, then go on a few dates before they decide to hang out for the weekend and do some of the things they discussed as they became more comfortable with each other. They found out in their late night discussions that they both really like some of the same things, similar fantasies, but opposite roles, and this drives them to be closer. They are already attracted to one another so when they arrive at the country cottage, she has her bag of tricks, and he has his devices, and plenty of rope, different kinds with hangman's nooses on one end. He offers her a beer and they laugh and talk for a moment about the time they will share. Chris shows her some rope, and then another element she wanted, drugs. Chris knows a great chemist and he concocted Love potion # 10, a clean, ecstasy like drug that makes you lose your inhibitions and everything is amplified. They both consume the foul tasting powder and then begin their journey into uncharted waters. As they start to feel high, Lexxi shows her bag of tricks, with lingerie', new shoes, which she changes, dangling her shoe slowly to entice him, sprays, oils, gags, cuffs, and lots of other stuff. She also has her smokes and her fancy holder for when they are in between sessions of fun and fantasy. After they drink more beer, they loosen up on the sofa, Chris dives into her, kissing her and sucking her breasts, playing with her pussy through the pink and black panties. Her black thigh highs, long opera gloves, and sexy high heels look so good on her, and Chris is ready for more. He has his rope close so after some heavy making out, fingering, and pussy sucking, he tosses her on top of him like a feather, wrapping the first rope around her neck and pulling tight. He pulls his dick out and sticks in in her, pulling her panties to the side and ramming her pussy as he pulls on the rope. She starts to choke and orgasm quickly. He chokes her hard and fucks her even harder, so her eyes bug out and her tongue goes out for air. She quickly loses consciousness and falls on him and he immediately cums with the sight of her passing out on top of him. He cums inside of her then flips her up like a ragdoll tossing her around before he snaps out of it and slaps her awake. She comes to and smiles wide, asking him if he has something that can take her further, all the way to the most incredible feeling she has ever imagined. He smiles and says, "why of course i do" He tells her they should head to his tool shed where he has the hooks and beams to hang the rope, and she could also have a nice smoke with her fancy holder, all dolled up in sexy lingerie, thigh highs, and high heels. They go to the shed and she is really turned on and intrigued by the rope as she imagines herself being strung up by him. He goes to the house to get something else, as she smokes and plays with the noose. When he returns they talk a bit about what they will do and he tells her to stand on the platform he made to get her off the ground to his level. He has her put the noose around her neck and tighten it. He helps her to get it right, and runs the rope through her pussy lips and makes her pull tight as he fingers her and kisses her neck. He gets behind her and fingers her hard as she moans and chokes by the rope. He tells her he wants to try some other stuff, and he undresses her except for thigh highs and heels. He kisses and fingers her pussy and sucks her tits getting her hot as she pulls on the rope choking herself. He handcuffs her behind her back and she gets excited. He tells her he wants her to jump off of the platform and she starts to get reluctant, looking a bit worried and puzzled. She does not know that he has a pistol in his waist band, and pulls out the gun, pointing it at her jaw as he pulls on the rope, that is now coiled in his right hand, pulling tight. He pushes her off and kicks the platfor so it moves. He lets her hang for a minute then pulls her up on to the pallet nearby. She pleads for him to stop so he pulls out the gun again and threatens her with a quick shot to the head, she says no and pleads, asking why he turned out bad. He continues and kicks the pallet out from under her and pulls hard on the rope. She kicks her high heels, just off the ground so she cannot reach, an sways trying to free herself, but cuffed and the rope digging deep into her neck. She starts to panic and choke harder, and he just pulls setting down the gun and using the off hand to play with her pussy and tits. He hands her hard and long as she kicks and twists, her eyes wide, bugging out and her tongue fishing for air, but to no avail, she gets weaker and weaker until she barely kicks and twitches her heels, then she is dead, swaying there for him to finish the job. he admires her on the rope and makes sure she is dead, still twitching from the death throws and final rattle. Her eyes are wide and still, he lets her down on to his back and fireman carries her to his place, then tosses her on the sofa to fuck her body......(Part 2: "HANGING AROUND FOR NECRO" coming out tomorrow, only exclusively on nicheclips!

Lexxi is smoking hotter than ever right now and is so sexy in the video, wo am i so lucky to be the actor! Great job Irma as always with the Photography duties. Must have at a great deal! CB

Run Time: 44:45 minutes
File Size: 860 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Belle Fatale w/ Chris B

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Focus on Black stockings and extreme strangling in multiple positions...

A.D.A. Belle Pearson is on a drawn out, arduous, and very sensitive case. She is prosecuting a long time mafia ring leader Pasqual Marquez and he has been pulling all kinds of stunts; rigging the jury, eliminating witnesses, putting out high dollar hits on the D.A.'s office and even trying to bribe the judge, but crime rules in this setting, where the crooked get their way and the righteous, ethical folks get the raw end of the deal. After a long week of cross examinations and acute recesses, the court will re adjourn after the holiday weekend and hopefully A.D.A. Pearson will be able to be there, now that her star witness has disappeared. After court she is whisked away in a separate car to the airport where she will take a rental and hide out, leaving a large police detail on her house in the city so Marquez thinks her and her husband are home. She doesn't know how close to her the mafia is and knows her every move.

A.D.A. Pearson is now at her cabin upstate, acting paranoid and looking through the window, she is dressed in business attire, skirt, top, blazer, and her favorite lace top thigh highs of which she has an obsession with. She calls her hubby who is still in town working as a public defender and plans to meet her at the cabin later. She tells him she has a hit out on her and not to worry, they are the only ones that know about the cabin and she will be happy to see him soon when he arrives. She constantly rubs her tired, stocking covered feet and obsesses over the stockings and how her legs look in them. The rain comes down harder and harder outside as the she hangs up with her hubby and starts to get comfortable, undressing so she is only in her sexy black, lace top sheer thigh high stockings. She takes another new pair and starts to play with them on the lounger, rubbing them on the soles of her sexy stocking covered feet as she lifts her legs in the air, showing off her perfect body and sexy little pussy, pantiless, only wearing thigh highs. As she pulls and stretches the new stockings she is playing with, she starts to get hot, rubbing them new stockings through her pussy and ass, getting her wet. As she is getting into it, losing her focus on the trial and Marquez, she doesn't realize there is a hit man peering down the hall, slowly putting on his tight black leather gloves, and moving stealthily towards her as she plays with the stretched out nylon stocking. Before she knows what is coming the hit man who's every move is fluid and calculated, like he has strangled many before her. He grabs the stocking as close to the ends as he can and wraps the middle around her neck crossing the nylon in the rear so it will clamp down on her airway. He is professional and is all about the passion of the kill. She springs up and immediately starts to fight, like she knew she was ready but didn't act until she felt the ligature around her neck squeezing. She fights him, slapping his face, grasping at the tightly wound stocking and kicking her stocking covered legs and feet(LOTS OF FOOT VIEWS) As she fights for her life with much vigor and enthusiasm, he takes her on a strangle journey that will last almost ten minutes and many different positions, almost like he was taking her on a sexual tour, but all business in strangle positions with lots of POV and intimate views of her demise. All the while she is wide eyed, tongue way out, trying with every ounce of energy and real live sweat that she wants to live. If this hit man wasn't so seasoned and seamless in his attack, she might prevail. After he gets her almost to the point of no return, he gets her in a comfortable position so he can enjoy her ass slamming down on to his cock and balls, and the closest thing he will get to having sexual fun with her. This killer is all business and can not contaminate the crime scene with his DNA. If it was one of those turn and burn the body jobs, it would be a sure thing, but this is a hit, made to look like the mafia did it, when in reality, it was probably ordered by the judge who is now richer than most CEO's. A.D.A. Pearson is dead and her last failed attempt to live is thwarted by a tighter garrote and more intensity. The Attorney is dead and her twitching subsides and he releases the stocking. A large bruise and redness is there where the stocking was on her neck and he sits her up from laying on him. He flops her around and on to the floor where he scoops her up in a cradle and sets her on the lounger. He positions her to be facing the door for when her husband arrives, and he moves her around the lounger into different positions until he is satisfied. He says a couple words and chuckles as he leaves the body to be found by the hubby in a very short while. The hit man exits into the stormy dark night as the sexy corpse of the A.D.A. lays positioned on the sofa lounger with her sexy stocking clad soles exposed and her pussy wide open to inspect. Soon the husband will find her and spend some time with her body, mourning the loss of such a powerful, sexy, stocking obsessed A.D.A.

Okay the second part of this awesome strangle film is up next, with all the necro elements and lots of carrying, even in the rain outside at night....How sexy I love to strangle Belle she is always making up new faces and positions of demise. CB

Run Time: 15:30 minutes
File Size: 670 MB 	Format: .MP4

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