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    Most Recent TABOO CINEMA Videos! more
    25 minutes

      COCOS MONSTER RAPE - Starring: Coco w/ Monster Rex

Coco is terrorized as she hangs in the Monster's dungeon by her hands. The monster comes in and rapes her repeatedly over and over again. She is very shocked,and shows: fear, pain, anger, and disgust, among other things. He screws her from front and back, then throws her on the mattress to rape her more. After he finishes the last time he comes back and finishes her off by choking her to death and then crushing her windpipe. Brutal and sexy. This is simulated but seems very real. More to come! Enjoy!  GAME CONTROLLER ELIMINATOR
    11 minutes

Starring: SaraLiz
w/ Doc Chavez &
Rex Hardcastle as: "Eliminator"

A busy video game developer is trying to finish his final level so he can get paid for his mods. He asks his hot girlfriend to make him a sandwich, and she is too busy hanging around in her panties and half shirt, texting her friend Jenny. She brushes him off but she has no idea about his new mod he will unlock, code name: Eliminator, who is a real like life form that generates when you unlock the level, and does the dirty work for you. After getting no sandwich and a bunch of lip, he unlocks the shooter and controls him to the target. When he appears without any sound she is startled and just says, "Honey one of your weird gaming friends is here". The drone announces himself as Eliminator and steps to square up with her. He pulls out his long silenced .40 s&w, and raises it at belly level. From the other room, on his monitor the controller cocks the hammer, and pulls the trigger. She is stunned with a shot half way between the navel and the mons pubis. She clutches as the blood begins to trickle out, she looks up at the expressionless lifeform who is getting into position for the next shot, as she slides down the fridge to the floor. Eliminator bends down and points the silenced gun pointblank to her right breast, then the controller pulls back and pops her, the slug going through her tit out the other side leaving an exit wound. She is in much pain as she flounders on the floor, clutching her breast and her belly, bleeding good from all 3 holes. She squirms, bucks, and kicks getting her legs in the other direction. The Eliminator is controlled to get square for the next shot, which is right in the clitoris. He bends down, aims and shoots her point blank right in the snatch as she cries out in pain, grabbing her pussy as the blood comes leaking out through her panties. He steps up and says, "target eliminated" and disappears off screen. She bucks and heaves, clawing at her wounds until she spits and coughs up a bunch of blood, and then dies. Having finished his game with success, he heads into the kitchen to see his handy work. He grabs some scissors to cut her tshirt and panties off to see the marks. He adds that the shots and aim are right on, so now he can get paid for his game. Successful, he says that it's too bloody to make a sandwich so it's burgers again tonight and exits for more body pans.
Lot's of fun, and awesome fetish! What a great talent SaraLiz is, not to mention my great actors, who really enjoy the fun! CB
    13 minutes

      DIAMOND DAY OFF - Starring: Belle Fatale w/ Hitman Rex

Belle is a thief, a very good one in fact who has been stealing everything from cosmetics, to pharmaceuticals, cigarettes to illicit drugs, and sold them on the black market. In the last few years she has upgraded her spoils to jewels, usually uncut diamonds, ruby's and or sapphires. When she made the jump to higher end booty, she had to have a boss to sell them. She started working with Chris a couple years ago and they have done well, heisting jewels and selling them to the mafia for a huge profit. She had agreed to meet Chris on Monday per usual and turn over her latest grab, over 50 uncut, Antwerp diamonds anywhere from .5 to 3 carats, possibly yielding several million in revenue for her and the boss to split. Unfortunately the buyer wanted a rush on the product so Chris sent a courier to pick up the loot a couple days early. Belle doesn't like things to change so when Chris calls her as she is heading out to the beach, she starts to get nervous, because of the change of plans. She pleads with him to wait till Monday and stick to the plan, but he likes to unload the stolen goods as soon as possible and today the mob wants the diamonds. Chris trusts his mafia comrades to send their own courier, who when he arrives is cool and calm, seeing that belle is nervous and shaky he sees the perfect opportunity to get some extra. She tells him to wait by the door as she goes to her secret stash, and heads to the kitchen, and he waits by the door, immediately assembling his silenced pistol. After screwing the suppressor to his 9mm pistol he slowly moves towards the kitchen where he clears his throat to let her know he is there watching. He keeps the gun hidden behind his back and when she turns to him she starts in on how he is invading her privacy. When he shows the gun she starts to back peddle and act nervous, so he seizes the opportunity telling her it is nothing personal and starts to hint that maybe she is fencing a few stones from the lot. She keeps pleading and begging him not to shoot her, and after growing tired of her yapping, puts the silencer in her mouth. She freezes and quiets down but as he lowers the gun he cocks and lets one fly right in her belly button, knocking her to the floor. She is in agony, clutching her belly as blood comes out through the material of her shirt. She backpedals a bit more pleading with him to count the stones and call her an ambulance. He knows he can come up in a big way if he just finishes her off. She begs trying to avert the gun from her body but he just fires into her heart, knocking her back even further against the door. Her shirt soaks with blood as it trickles out from the heart wound. She gasps and dies almost immediately, with a few twitches and jerks her eyes go wide, then still as she dies from the heart shot. He sets his gun down and opens the black pouch containing the diamonds. He counts them as he calls Chris, telling him how she tried to double cross them by fencing a dozen stones or more. As he tells this to Chris, he is putting that many in his pocket, then replaces the others in the cloth, and into the pouch. He agrees he will look around on her person, and in the house for the ones she stole from the lot, but instead he kneels down and cuts off her shirt, revealing the wounds to her belly button and breast. He then cuts her panties open and spreads her pussy to make it appear he checked her for the missing stones. He then exits asking for a cleaning crew and the sexy diamond thief on her day off, lays on the floor dead, wide eyed and a couple of bullet holes in her. Her beautiful body is panned and viewed from all angles showing the wounds close up, and full body shots. What a waste of a great thief, who was one of the only honest, trusted, jewel thieves in the US, only to be double crossed by a mafia hit man. She should have noticed one thing. A courier never wears expensive shoes. Only a hit man wears expensive shoes to work in this line of business.

Great dialogue and reaction from Belle, who you already know is one of the best all time actors in this genre. Silenced Belly and breast shots, great dying, and death stare. This is one to add to the collection. CB  LILITHS DREAM SLAUGHTER
    9 minutes

      LILITHS DREAM SLAUGHTER - Lilith is dreaming of some role play with her hot girlfriend Willow. As she squirms around getting hotter and hotter, even touching herself as the pictures of the dream pop into her head. When she wakes up, she is wet and hot, needing a shower. Her girl is already there and so is the props for the slaughter role play. They make out, and lilith takes over and slaughters Willow, slicing her throat deep and letting her bleed out. After she is dead, Lilith checks her body while Willow is being viewed.
    14 minutes

      HER LIFE BETWEEN HER TEETH - Written and produced by Mick, a small pearl full of tension and desperation!

Spy Cindy has been captured and is going to be executed by guillotine. For some reasons, she finds the idea of losing her head very humiliating, as she has always been a killer smart badass. She tries to persuade the headsman in order to get a bullet in the head instead, but apparently there is no way that can happen... Until she tries to corrupt him but offering him money, straight from her cuffed hands. the headsman ends up taking the money and says he can do something for her, but unexpectedly he chloroforms agent Cindy from behind, who rolls her heyes in a spectacular way and the scene fades out.

When Cindy wakes up, she finds herself on her knees, strapped to the guillotine, her neck in the lunette ready to be sliced. She is furious, she had a deal with the headsman and she can't believe that! He laughs as she keeps ordering him to let her out... Instead, he unlocks the blade and puts the rope which holds it up between her teeth: now, it's just a battle with time. He sits apart and enjoys the show: sooner or later Cindy will be unable to keep holding the weight, she will have to open her mouth and at that point she will behead herself!
While biting the rope, Cindy seems really confident, she says that she can hold the blade up all the time... But, as minutes pass, she starts to feel fatigue and her mood changes, from bossy badass to panic and desperation. Now she is begging for him to take the rope out of her mouth, but he just wants to enjoy the show. She is almost crying, she feels her mouth is getting weaker and she will have to let go at some point... She can't believe she's going to end up beheaded in the most humiliating way, but in the end her mouth opens exhausted and the blade falls merciless on her neck, slicing her head off.

It's suddenly silence, her headless body remains cuffed on the guillotine, her ass up and exposed. The bossy confident agent is now headless and annihilated. As if the money and the show were not enough, the headsman uncuffs the headless body, inspects the hands and takes her rings off just because she can't protest anymore...

Pans of Cindy's severed head on the pillow follow.

Starring: Cindy
Keywords: execution, guillotine, torture, surreal  ANNOYING PANTYHOSE WIFE
    14 minutes

Introducing: Eve Lynn w/ Ted Michaels

A couple sits while the husband surfs to find a movie for them to both enjoy. She keeps playing with her hand held video console, and he is highly annoyed. Not a word is spoken as she goes to get some water, and her beautiful ass and thin waist look hot with her pantyhose clad sexy feet. She comes back and says nothing, but pays full attention to her game. He tries to touch her hair, and get closer, but she brushes him off like a flea. He finally gets the look and takes the game, she looks and gets in his face, he snaps her neck and she falls limp on the couch. Now he will have some fun playing with her limp body, and massaging her sexy ass in pantyhose. He fondles her body, moving the clothing around to see her sexy breasts, and suck and pinch the nipples while she is wide eyed and limp in her sexy suntan sheer hose. He rolls her on the floor exposing her ass and feet in hosiery. He plays with her body passionately and roughly before he places her on the sofa and positions her to play with her sexy tits again, then he sets her up in the corner of the couch. He positions her so he can see her as he sits and plays her game.. He gets bored so he leaves, positioning her again.

What a sexy woman, oh my gosh! She is very hot in her Pantyhose and Skirt. Such a big beautiful ass with a small sexy waist..!!
    15 minutes

Starring: Coco w/ Karma

This is part of the slaughter series, and we are just trying to mix it up with some different locations and different cutting tools. This pair is with a small box cutter with a razor blade.

Two cute lovers get a hotel room and do some role play with a box cutter, playing into the slaughter roles, with lots of caressing and neck play. Great foot play and slow sandal removal that adds so much from both gals(OVER THE TOP SEXY). Both of these gals have great feet and toes, and flat sandals that show everything. After undressing each other Karma slices Coco's neck open with the box cutter, and bleed her over the table. After she dies, Karma poses her and plays with her. Checking out Coco's sexy, perfect, body. Then she leaves for the body to be viewed and panned.  COCOS POV MONSTER R S
    17 minutes

      COCOS POV MONSTER R  S - Coco is tied up in a dungeon waiting for the monster, when she sees it coming her way she loses it, the monster has his way with her, groping, and fondling her, then raping her multiple times. She goes through many emotions trying to defend her own, but she is helpless, and can only take it. After the monster finishes he leaves for a bit, but only to return to choke her to death, as she struggles and her tongue fishes for any survival. After a long fight, she is dead, and her tongue protrudes barely, eyes roll back into her head, and she is dead.
    9 minutes

Starring: Belle Fatale and SaraLiz

FULL 1920X1080 HD

This is a new series of pantyhose clad females, killing pantyhose clad females, in different stages of dress, sheer toe suntan pantyhose, stocking masked, and fully encased for a few. If you love pantyhose and female killers, you will love these short and very aggressive ambush kills. 

FPK2. An Agent lays on the floor; encased in suntan pantyhose and suntan mask, gagged with a pantyhose ball gag, out cold, or so you think. When the other cocky agent is reporting back, about to dose her with more chloroform soaked pantyhose, she springs into action using a scissor leg lock to choke her victim to death. Even bound, the agent lay there waiting for the right moment to ambush the counter agent, who is dressed in business attire and black satin gloves, wearing suntan pantyhose. When the agent goes to "get a taste" before she puts her out cold, the encased, sleeper, springs to life strangling her victim with her encased legs, hands tied behind her and gagged. She still takes out the fighting agent who thrashes about showing off her sexy sheer toes and feet through the pantyhose. The agent fights hard, moving them both all over the floor, even letting out some drool from getting her air cut off with the pantyhose covered legs of the sexy killer. After she makes sure she is dead, she frees herself, takes a few looks of the dead agent and leaves in a hurry, still a bit woosey from the chloroform. Body pans and long views of the sheer feet in suntan hose, and eye open death stare. Her neck is red from the pantyhose friction and shows in her face. She is still and dead.  THE GRACE X FACTOR
    20 minutes

To Kill A Detective(Prequel)
Starring: Belle(as Grace X)
Starli(as Starla the twin )
w/ Thor as...The Detective

Grace X and her sidekick Starla are on a mission to get some answers from the Head Detective Thor. They wait for him to arrive at his office and ambush him. They ask him questions but he is reluctant to say a thing except, "I am a detective, it is what I do". So Grace Gives the nod and Starla shoots him in the chest, he twitches and goes limp. Starla says he is gone and to do what they had planned. The two hot killers go at it, unbelting his pants, pulling them down, and going after his cock. The two sexy assassins play with their pussies with the detective's pistol and get hot and heavy, sucking Thor's cock, till Grace cums gun in her pussy. While the two are basking in the glow of the orgasms, Thor grabs both guns and holds them at point. As they tease him that guns make them horny and fear makes them cum. Then, at the same time, he blasts both clits straight on with hot slugs. They both jump up and writhe around the desk, getting off on the pussy shot, near orgasming at the shots. 

It gets more intense as they get deeper and deeper into the grunting and orgasmic feelings, twitching, bucking, and heaving ,and when they are both about to climax, he shoots them both in the pussy a second time. The two bitches take the shots hard but still orgasm as they are dying.  They twitch till death each one going out with toughness and sexiness. Then the detective has his way with the two dead killers, giving his dick to their mouths, and having necro sex with them both until he is satisfied, then positions them for the coroner.

If you saw "To Kill A Detective", and like pussy shootings, this is a good one!!!

    Random TABOO CINEMA Clips more
    18 minutes
Starring: Lexxi and Tessa

Two good friends from Prep School connect again after a few years, prompting them to write in their diaries about the times when they were young and free, role playing with each other. Both ladies have their favorite blades, and both like to switch seats when it comes to getting their throats sliced erotically. These are Slaughter Diaries.

Lexxi writes in her diary: Done in voice Over

Dear diary,

 "Tonight felt strange working a banquet at the country club, especially since the every chef at the big carving table had this large scimitar, it had to be at least ten to twelve inches, and shimmered through the room, catching my attention. I almost dumped an entire tray of champagne when I saw the edge on the blade. I made my rounds and stopped behind the table so no one was going to notice that I was staring at the knife. I had to go to the closest private bathroom and masturbate. It made me think of my favorite times with my ex dorm mate in college, how we would use the knife on each other in our slaughter role-play. I especially loved to use the knife on Tessa as her neck was extended, and offered herself to me as a ritual slaughter, pushing me to the point of complete ecstasy.

 "We spent so many snow days, and skipped class a multitude of times just to play with each other and live out our fantasies."

  "I often lie in bed at night and close my eyes, dreaming about my fingers touching her elongated neck, and wishing that our fantasy would continue when I opened them. I really do miss Tessa, but her memory lives on in my mind as my perfect animal for slaughter."

As she lays in her be, masturbating, flashing back to the times when she would play with Tessa, and how Tessa would use the straight razor, with the rose wood handle, she took from her grandpa's shaving kit, running it over her neck ever so slightly until Lexxi would burst into orgasm. Prep school had great memories, especially the ones Lexxi writes about in her diary. As she would play dead, she would imagine herself with a thin cut through her neck, with one quick pass of the razor, leaving her speechless, and full of good feelings, then stillness, and eyes wide open in death, the way that Tessa handled her and untied her from the chair, caressing her and handling her with care. They are kindred spirits that share something special in dreamland. It's time for bed and a good feeling that tomorrow is anther day, and another entry in the "Slaughter Diaries". 

This was so much fun. I must warn you be prepared for Lexxi's masturbation scenes, holy mole she is such a ridiculously gorgeous woman. Cop this one!Irma's blood f/x are way better, getting great! CB

Run Time: 17:35 minutes
File Size: 380 MB 	Format: .MP4
    15 minutes
Starring: Coco w/ Monster R

**FULL 1920x1080 HD**

Coco is laying outside on a blanket in the grass. She lives in a rural area so she doesn't worry about too many visitors or anyone bothering her. All that changes as soon as the monster emerges from the tree line surprising her as she relaxes. He gets up on her hissing and making a fuss, his pre rape ritual as he has done so many times before. He grabs on to her hips, playing with her tits and grabbing her. She gives in to him and he enters her as she writhes in pain and disgust. The monster constantly rapes her and menaces her much to her chagrin. Coco is so disgusted and turned off but she dare not try to fight or escape, only her face and movements show the torment she is going through at the time. Th monster is relentless banging her non stop the whole time as she goes through a gambit of emotions that show she is taking it, but not happily. The monster fucks her hard raising her leg to get deeper and fuck her with his monster cock. After he releases his venom and cums, he rund away back into the tree line disappearing. She lays there sobbing and eventually crawls away in pain finally getting to her feet as she leaves.

Coco is so hot and such a fine actress! Great job Monster R out in that heat, that costume is no joke! Thanks! Chris

Run Time: 14:52 minutes
File Size: 1000 MB 	Format: .MP4
    14 minutes
      LESBO SLAUGHTER SARALIZ - Starring: SaraLiz and Lexxi

**FULL 1920X180 HD**

Two super sexy, fit lesbians are meeting on their business trip in a hotel room. They love to role play, kiss, caress each other, and discuss how they have been, and what is on their mind. This trip Lexxi is really into ritual slaughter of animals and has some props to role play, including a straight razor, some cord, a stocking, and a brand new plastic tarp for the bed. As they undress each other, and remove shoes, they check each other out. Lexxi as the dominate ties up her animal on the bed for slaughter. She plays with her neck after putting her hair up in a bun. She plays with her neck and body, tempting the beautiful blonde before she slits her throat, sawing through a bit to to get some extra blood. She lets her animal die, then lays her on the bed, keeping her on the plastic so she doesn't bleed all over. She goes to set her stuff down and unties her animals feet and hands, then seals the deal with a nice kiss and caress of her face before going to get cleaned up.  CREEPY FOOT FUCKER
    27 minutes
Starring: Willow & Lilith
w/ Chris B.

Two gals are hanging out by the river and a creepy dude just keeps staring, not even talking, just staring at the girls. They head home and when they arrive it's time to put things away and get cleaned up. They forget to close the door all the way and as they are attending to things the Creepy dude shows up, sneaks in and waits for Lilith to come around the corner. he grabs her quickly from behind and breaks her neck after jerking on it a few times, she drops like a stone to the floor. He leaves the corpse there while he heads up the steps to get the blonde. He sees her tending to her stuff so he hits her hard with an elbow to the back of the head and neck. She hits the bed face first and stays there, alive but motionless. The creep heads down steps and starts in with the short haired gal with the perfect bare feet. He molests her body playing with her feet, checking out her up-skirt and tits, then he scoops her up and carries her to the bed with the other chick. He tosses her down, rag-dolling them both for a bit. He is very interested in getting them mostly naked, and then fucking their feet. He sees that the blonde is wearing pantyhose, WOW, VARIETY!! He is excited so he undresses himself and starts to fondle, sniff, suck, and then fuck their feet ending up slapping them with his cock and fucking them hard until he unloads himself all over both feet, making sure he gets every bit there. After he cums he gets dressed and heads to make a sandwich, while the cum soaked feet are viewed and panned, then he comes upstairs and faces them up, he sees that the blonde is still showing vital signs, so he snaps her neck to make sure. He then starts removing his evidence before he exits, posing the bodies, opening the eyes and mouths.. Creepy Foot Fetish Dude strikes again!

Run Time: 28:00 minutes
File Size: 520 MB 	Format: .WMV
    16 minutes
Starring: Lexxi w/ Monster Rex

Once again the monster is hungry for sex and he doesn't just pick anyone to screw. They have to be sexy, beautiful, and have great tits. The monster has been on a roll lately, and the hotties keep coming, and cumming, so he has a new one he leads into his sex chamber. This one is hot, feisty, and strong for her size. She fights with the monster as he pushes her into the bedroom and tosses her on to the bed. He torments and menaces her, grabbing her big tits and tossing her around the bed. The monster drives his big monster dick into her and she reacts in pain and horror. She tries to scoot back but the monster fucks her hard. He rams her and keeps grabbing her tits and menacing her. He squeezes hard on her tits, pushing her into the bed. He bangs the hell out of her for a while before he jets his hot, monster load in her. After making sure he is done, he exits to get refreshed. She lays on the bed in agony, not knowing what will happen next. A while later she is on the bed, passed out from the trauma. The monster creeps in, checking her out while she sleeps. He tosses her a bit, then pulls her to him and enters her, she reacts in pain and agony as the monster starts to fuck her harder and harder. After a nice long shagging she is lifetd upright on the bed and the monster enters from behind. He screws her standing up from behind and her tits jiggle extra fast up and down, he also grabs her tits hard. He does another toss on the bed and drags up to him to do her for more. He bends her up in many ways, finally ramming so hard he cums extra hard, and for an extended period of time. He acts as if he is done and starts to mellow a bit, slinking back off of her, but then quickly grabs her again and starts to choke and fuck her at the same time, he goes too hard and she starts to choke really hard almost to death as her face turns very red, but he is too strong and as he finishes for the last time he crushes her throat, and she dies instantly. The monster shakes her for good measure making sure she is actually dead. He pushes her body roughly around the bed to make sure she is lifeless, and she definitely is. He then exits way for the pans and views of one of the sexiest females he has ever shagged!

Another great Monster Rape, and the quick strangle throat crush is way worth it. I love doing customs for this guy, he is great, thanks for checking it out, I will make lots of these type vids, so low prices they will be! Thanks! CB

Run Time: 16:00 minutes
File Size: 450 MB	Format: .MP4
    29 minutes
Starring: Shy Toker w/ Chris B.

Chris is a laid back, quiet physical therapist who works at a clinic in town, and sometimes in his own place in the woods. He has been doing therapy on a young female client who tore her ACL and needs to rehab to get back to work. It is a long process and this session will be the last in a few months he has been working on her weekly. The sweet nineteen year old has really grown on him and he has no clue that she is now obsessed with him, even though he is an older man, and she has no clue weather he is even straight, never seeing him with a girl or talking about a girlfriend. After doing some massage and stretching her bad knee, he tells her to get more comfortable, usually she has shorts and a tshirt for easy access to the linking muscles and bones to be worked. She tells him that she would like to make this session extra long, and would like to continue to see him, even off the books. He still doesn't pick up the vibe and when she disrobes, she is in a sexy nighty, no panties, shaved bare, and looking really sexy. He asks if she just came from her boyfriends and she tells him she doesn't have a boyfriend and wore the sexy lingerie just for him. He is flattered and doesn't seem to push the idea away. He tells her first he must explain something, in fact the only thing that gets him off is doing role playing with the few gals he has met in his life that would even participate. He explains the situation and tells her that he loves to role play animal slaughter, using rope, binding his lovers and playing with them while they are bound, then running a sharp knife around there bodies and their necks. She is getting wet just thinking about it as he caresses her, kissing her neck and rubbing her arms and shoulders. He plays with her more, rubbing her breasts and then her tummy and ass. He grabs the rope and knife then starts to play with her more, removing her nighty and rubbing her ass and pussy which puts her into a frenzy. He whispers in her ears and she is putty in his hands. He ties her hands behind her back and grabs the sharp knife, running it to and fro on her soft sexy neck, not too hard so it cuts, but so she feels it. He continues to play with her and asks her if she wants him inside her while he plays and she begs him yes. He puts it in and starts fucking her from behind as he drags the knife across her neck over and over, grabbing her hips with the off hand and ramming himself into her. She moans in pleasure getting so close to climax and as soon as they both are orgasming, he drags the knife deep through her throat, even sawing back and forth(SHOWN A COUPLE TIMES FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES) until she gags and blood gushes from her neck. He pulls her head back and drops her to the floor. He rolls her dead body over so he ca see her face, which is covered in a bit of blood. He unties her hands and then rolls her onto her back. He goes to get some wipes to clean her pretty face up, and her body is panned and viewed from every angle showing her sexy toned figure, bare feet, and white teeth. When he comes back he wipes the little bits of blood from her face so he can see her better, then a bit on her hair. After he finishes cleaning her up he caresses her face and breasts one last time before he goes to get cleaned up and her body is viewed again.

Wow Shy is very sexy and so cute. When she moans or makes any sexy sounds I know I rise to attention. What a great find. Thanks for the support. Chris

Run Time: 29:29 minutes
File Size: 700 MB 	Format: .MP4

    Welcome to TABOO CINEMA
    Hello and welcome to Candee and Chris B.’s new collaboration of strange, off the wall, and intriguing fantasy erotica, including Taboo, Death fetish, Necro fantasy, Bondage and Domination, Romantic Death erotica, GG and BG fantasy death scenarios, and lot’s more, with no limits to where the reaches of the mind will travel, and all for a great value... If you love Fantasy Erotica, and are on a budget. This is where you get real quality.

    Featuring 117 Clips / 2193 minutes of video!

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