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    10 minutes

Starring: SaraLiz and Belle Fatale

FULL 1920X1080 HD

This is a new series of pantyhose clad females, killing pantyhose clad females, in different stages of dress, sheer toe suntan pantyhose, stocking masked, and fully encased for a few. If you love pantyhose and female killers, you will love these short and very aggressive ambush kills. 

FPK1. A frustrated wife takes her revenge out on her husbands mistress by sneaking into her place and killing her with a wide latex sheet over her face. The angry wife does not mess around, she sneaks in through a window, hiding in the bathroom as she slowly takes off her heels, revealing the suntan pantyhose, and puts another stocking over her face for a mask. She tiptoes around the place to find the mistress room. As she locates the room the front door opens and the mistress is talking on the phone to the killers hubby. The killer wife moves behind the bedroom door, waiting for her prey. The mistress comes in wearing business attire and suntan pantyhose, with black sexy heels. She kicks them off and sexy talks to the wifes hubby, she is glaring at her from behind the door with her latex sheet, ready to kill. As she hangs up after incriminating and humiliating herself, she is doomed. The killer wife comes behind her swiftly, wrapping the latex sheet over her face and pulling her back. They struggle and she pulls her on to the bed. She pulls hard and the two roll around kicking with their pantyhosed legs. The mistress breaks free and but is quickly caught by the killer using her legs like a clamp to grab and bring her back in to the bed. She fights but the killer uses the latex sheet well, pulling her back and keeping her pinned down. Their suntan pantyhose legs are interlocked, the mistress is tipsy but she is trying hard not to die and sucking the latex deep into her mouth trying to get air, her nose and eyes cut off from the latex resistance band. After fighting and winding down she is dead. The pantyhose, masked killer looks at her disgusted. "I don't even know what he saw in you, I am much hotter than you." Maybe it was the suntan pantyhose, maybe she didn't think of that? She exits the room after rolling the body on her tummy so her ass and feet are in full view. Body views and long pans of the pantyhose clad legs and ass.

I absolutely love to shoot pantyhose fetish, it is a wonderful crowd to work with, very nice folks. This was some fun stuff to do, with 3 more in this burst coming in the next few days, and several more in line for the greatest fans. Thanks again for everything! Chris

Run Time: 10:00 minutes
File Size: 327 MB 	Format: .MP4
    29 minutes

Starring: Shy Toker w/ Chris B.

Chris is a laid back, quiet physical therapist who works at a clinic in town, and sometimes in his own place in the woods. He has been doing therapy on a young female client who tore her ACL and needs to rehab to get back to work. It is a long process and this session will be the last in a few months he has been working on her weekly. The sweet nineteen year old has really grown on him and he has no clue that she is now obsessed with him, even though he is an older man, and she has no clue weather he is even straight, never seeing him with a girl or talking about a girlfriend. After doing some massage and stretching her bad knee, he tells her to get more comfortable, usually she has shorts and a tshirt for easy access to the linking muscles and bones to be worked. She tells him that she would like to make this session extra long, and would like to continue to see him, even off the books. He still doesn't pick up the vibe and when she disrobes, she is in a sexy nighty, no panties, shaved bare, and looking really sexy. He asks if she just came from her boyfriends and she tells him she doesn't have a boyfriend and wore the sexy lingerie just for him. He is flattered and doesn't seem to push the idea away. He tells her first he must explain something, in fact the only thing that gets him off is doing role playing with the few gals he has met in his life that would even participate. He explains the situation and tells her that he loves to role play animal slaughter, using rope, binding his lovers and playing with them while they are bound, then running a sharp knife around there bodies and their necks. She is getting wet just thinking about it as he caresses her, kissing her neck and rubbing her arms and shoulders. He plays with her more, rubbing her breasts and then her tummy and ass. He grabs the rope and knife then starts to play with her more, removing her nighty and rubbing her ass and pussy which puts her into a frenzy. He whispers in her ears and she is putty in his hands. He ties her hands behind her back and grabs the sharp knife, running it to and fro on her soft sexy neck, not too hard so it cuts, but so she feels it. He continues to play with her and asks her if she wants him inside her while he plays and she begs him yes. He puts it in and starts fucking her from behind as he drags the knife across her neck over and over, grabbing her hips with the off hand and ramming himself into her. She moans in pleasure getting so close to climax and as soon as they both are orgasming, he drags the knife deep through her throat, even sawing back and forth(SHOWN A COUPLE TIMES FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES) until she gags and blood gushes from her neck. He pulls her head back and drops her to the floor. He rolls her dead body over so he ca see her face, which is covered in a bit of blood. He unties her hands and then rolls her onto her back. He goes to get some wipes to clean her pretty face up, and her body is panned and viewed from every angle showing her sexy toned figure, bare feet, and white teeth. When he comes back he wipes the little bits of blood from her face so he can see her better, then a bit on her hair. After he finishes cleaning her up he caresses her face and breasts one last time before he goes to get cleaned up and her body is viewed again.

Wow Shy is very sexy and so cute. When she moans or makes any sexy sounds I know I rise to attention. What a great find. Thanks for the support. Chris

Run Time: 29:29 minutes
File Size: 700 MB 	Format: .MP4
    19 minutes

Starring: Lexxi as "Dona G." w/ Chris B. as "Ojos"

Grace X and her good friend slash lover Eyes are hanging out together at Eyes' house having a cocktail, plotting their next adventure, aka making plans to extort some money by blackmailing tons of people, in high places. Grace has a sexy top, short skirt, and sexy satin panties, barefoot with her favorite, signature, wayfarer sunglasses on. Even though they are best of friends, they still enjoy double crossing the other, just for kicks. Eyes has the scheme set and on his computer, ready to launch. As the two friends with benefits sit on the sofa and drink, they talk about what to do with the spoils and how to do it all over again after the money is gone. After a little chat, it's time to fool around. They use their pet names for each other as they smooch and flirt in the living room. Eyes is quite the ass lover and Grace has a fine one, so he asks to check it out and she obliges after straddling him, she turns around and as he is mesmerized by her sexy hiney, she is dripping a date rape drug from a syringe into his rye and branch on the rocks. She hides the evidence and quickly goes back to seducing him, which he needs not much of, he is ready to go. After a little smooching they finish their drinks, Eyes sucks his down knowing it will add a punch in the bedroom. The two decide to make their way to the bedroom for some fun and lovin'...Fade out...

A little time has past and we cut back to the bedroom where Eyes is passed out and Grace is laying next to him with only her sexy panties on. She pushes him to see if he wakes, checking to see if he is breathing. He is obviously out cold and her drug worked. She creeps out of the bedroom and into his office. She knows where he keeps his flash drive and the blackmail info so she can wipe his computer drives, leaving him with nothing and taking all the money for herself. She starts the process and thinks she is home free. Just as she is about to take her info and go, Eyes sneaks up behind her with a silk stocking and quickly wraps it around her neck, crossing it in the back and pulling hard. Grace is such a fighter she arches her body back and her eyes go wide, tongue sticking way out. She grabs at the stocking but can't get under it, she kicks and bucks her sexy hips and ass off of the chair and back down again. Her muscles tense, her sexy painted toes curl and spread, her tits jiggle and wiggle as she tries to free herself. Eyes lets her know she should have remembered knock out drugs don't work on her and he is immune to her evil ways, as much as he loves them. He finishes her off nice and hard, pulling her back up and widening his stance to finish off the sexy Grace X. As she slowly twitches and then goes completely still, her beautiful eyes and wide open mouth are still. He lifts her up and carries her to the awkward desk. Mashing her head against the window and doing her dead, warm, body from behind. He loves the tush so he slaps it and admires while Grace's eyes stay wide and emotionless. After a bit from the back he lifts her dead body and sits her on his lap in the chair so he can finish with his second favorite sex position. He whips her around like a rag doll finishing hard as she jiggles around in his lap. He loves the ass and is all up in it! After he is finished he picks her up and cradle carries her to the awkward desk and drapes her over the corner. He stares at her for a bit telling her he will miss her bad ways, and how much he loves her eyes, then he puts her signature wayfarer sunglasses back on to her eyes telling her, "You have such beautiful eyes Dona G., but remember, I am always watching." and exits.

Her sexy stretched out frame is panned and viewed with and without the glasses so you can see her eyes, and her signature glasses! It is so nice to have our Lexxi back! She is so good at what she does and one of the sexiest females I have ever met in my life. She really has it going on and is one of the smartest people that I know. Looking forward to working more in the coming moths and years again! :-) CB

Run Time: 19:20 minutes
File Size: 331 MB 	Format: .WMV
    19 minutes

Starring: Genetica w/ Jigsy and Puck

Rico is a pimp and a drug lord. he makes most of his money running hot prostitutes on every corner in town. He is a very strange guy and when one of his hos doesn't have his money, he puts the Mack hand down. Rico sent his right hand man Kevin to go find Trixie and bring her back by telling her he has a surprise for her. When Kevin gets back with Trixie, he tells her how hot she looks in her super short skirt, high heels and a button down top that is tied up above the waist to make the boobs pop out. She looks hot and ready. He feels her up as he asks how she has been doing and suggesting she must be making tons of money. She stutters a bit, telling Kevin that things are weird and guys haven't been paying what she wants. All the while Rico is listening in the other room and as she spills the beans about not having Rico's money, he pops out and says hi. He is chewing on some other person's left over body part, a leg or something and asks Trixie where his fucking money is. She stammers and stutters into him as Kevin pulls out his .357 magnum and points it at her. She doesn't have a clear answer but she knows she can get her way out of it like she has before. She tells Rico she will do anything he wishes and then some. Rico just suggests they eat and leads her to the kitchen where there is a table, covered in plastic and a set of knives. She is really nervous clacking her heels on the floor walking towards the kitchen. Kevin slams her to the table and they interrogate her about the money and how many Johns she had taken without cash. Rico has had enough and says he is going to make her into sausage. He starts by having Kevin remove her clothes and then he tosses her back on the table. He holds her legs spread open as Rico orders him to punch her in the face a few times. He punches her hard and Rico punches her in the pussy hard, over and over again. They abuse her pussy pounding her hard over and over. She gasps and moans and screams in pain as they beat her pussy with their fists. After she finally tells Rico she doesn't have his money but will get it soon, he decides he wants to scramble her up inside so he plays a game, having her pick the bullet that will take her pussy out. He spins the cylinder and flips it back in then hands it to Kevin. "Shoot her in the pussy", "Right here" Rico points at her MONS PUBIS, centering it on her. Kevin pulls the trigger and "click" no shot is fired but you wouldn't know it by Trixies reaction she lets out a yell and pisses herself. As she pees all over the table and it starts to dribble down to the floor, He tells Kevin to spin the barrel and he does, he points the gun to the same spot and "POW", pops her right in the pubic mound, making her buck up and down, she grasps down at her mound and blood starts to come out and a lot of it. She screams in pain and pleasure as Rico insists she says she likes it. As they hold her down and she writhes in severe pain he tells him to load up the second round. He does and chambers the round, unbeknownst to trixie. Kevin sticks the barrel right in between her labia majora and pulls the trigger. The bullet causes immediate blood to flow and now she is hit deep inside her cunt and her mound. As she bleeds and bucks and kicks in pain, Rico pulls out his cock and starts to fuck her bloody. As her pain intensifies he pounds her harder making her moan and scream in pain while Kevin makes her look at what Rico is doing to her. Rico doesn't take long to finish and cums inside her. He puts his bloody dick away and pulls his pants up and loads the rest of the 4 rounds into the gun. As she writhes in pain asking to be taken to the hospital, the two men laugh and Rico tells her, your pussy is destroyed, you are no use to me anymore. He spins the cylinder of the magnum revolver and hands it to Kevin, who asks what he should do with her. Rico flies off the handle and yells at Kevin, telling him he wasn't talking to him so why is he talking at all. Kevin is pissed but still follows instructions from his psycho boss and pulls her up to her ass as she screams in pain. He puts the gun point blank to her right breast, teasing her for a minute before he pulls the trigger, leaving a big bloody hole in her tit. It knocks her to the table but he grabs her back up to sitting. Rico tells Kevin to finish her, but Kevin is disgusted that he would ruin such a hot piece of ass so he raises his hands up, saying, you do it. Rico snatches the gun from him and tells him to go away, but Kevin holds the hooker down while Rico finishes his job. He teases her by yelling bang as he fakes pulling the trigger, but then soon after pulls it for real, popping a gushing hole through her left breast and her heart. She slams to the table, kicking and bleeding out of all 4 holes and through her mouth. Blood gushes on to the table and on to her face. She lays in a pool of her own blood and urine as she shutters and twitches, kicking her legs and high heels that are still on her feet. She bucks hard and as she is dying Rico grabs her face and Kevins head averting his eyes to hers, "watch her die Kevin". Kevin is already done with this and starts to leave, but Rico shoots him between the eyes and he hits the floor dead. Rico surveys the damage he did to Trixie and then exits for pans of the dead, sexy, pussy abused, prostitute who was short on her money. Kevin lays on the floor dead from a gunshot to the head. Body pans follow.

This is a brutal one. The actors and model always do their best top make things better. They did so well on this, not your average clip or film, but it has so many elements and of course the PUSSY ABUSE and PUSSY SHOTS are key to the story. I was shooting customs the other day and this script was confused with another one that is similar, and same actress...oops guess i have to do the other one next. Happy Holidays! CB

Run Time: 19:13 minutes
File Size: 399 MB 	Format: .MP4
    16 minutes

Starring: Ryanne

***FULL 1920X1080 HD***

A hot professional just can't get enough sex, so sometimes she loves to masturbate with her long vibrator that goes deep so she can cum harder. What she really wants to do is stab herself in the belly while she is orgasming but she always chickens out right before the fact. Today she walks into her bedroom and lays the vibrator and the knife on the bed. She is in her short robe and very clean and sexy from the shower. She gets up on the bed and sits side saddle while she caresses the knife then starts to masturbate her clit with her fingers. She rubs and moans lightly as she wets herself up for the vibrator which comes next. She turns it on medium and starts slow but in a few strokes hse is all the way in and by the look on her face it is hitting the spot. She fondles her breasts and pulls on her nipples as she slowly glides the vibrator in and out of her pussy. As she picks up the pace a bit she gets up to her knees so the vibrator goes up and down in and out all the way deep. She continues to masturbate with her other hand in between nipple and breast play. She is very involved biting her lip and moaning louder and more convincingly. She grabs the knife and plays with her nipples slowly guiding it down to her belly button and trying but to no avail and after trying a few minutes lays on her back and tries as the vibrator is now turns up and going at a faster motion in and out, making her so wet it shows. She continues and still cant seem to get the blade past the inside her belly button she is reluctant but wants it so bad. She gets an idea and gets over the top of the blade so she can fall on it and it will tear a hole in her belly button and make blood spew out. She continues with the vibrator when she lands on the blade going 2/3 in with the kitchen knife and still masturbating which sends her into a frenzy. The pain is not as much as the feeling of her building orgasm and she builds up speed with the vibrating dildo. As she gets closer and closer her moans get louder and more intense and she cums hard and loud, shaking and shivering in orgasm as she is having earth shaking orgasms. Blood runs a trickle from her belly but when she bucks and moves it gets a bit thicker and heavier. After coming down from her hard cum she pulls the blade out super fast and the blood comes out pouring, just puddling up in her belly hole as she bucks and shivers in excitement, pain, and the loss of so much blood, plus internal bleeding. She is getting really crazy now as her body is in shock and she shakes and bucks feeling like she is going to die. She strains and goes stiff then flops around before she goes completely limp and dead. Blood is all over as she loses a ton of blood bucking around with a bad stab to the belly with a sharp knife. Body pans follow as her vibrator continues to lose momentum from dying batteries.

Wow, this was hard to edit without a few trips to the shower...real masturbation, real orgasm, and very bloody death scene as she stabs her own belly! CB

Run Time: 16:20 minutes
File Size: 750 MB 	Format: .MP4
    15 minutes

Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B.

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

A very distraught young woman is in her robe, on the phone with her soon to be ex boyfriend, sobbing and pleading with him to stop playing games and give her another chance. Her boyfriend tells her it is because he is in love with another girl, even telling her who which further upsets the poor gal. As she begs for another chance he hangs up on her and she gets incredibly upset, going straight for her pills. She finds the benees and the opioids and mixes them taking a whole handful and chasing it with a glass of water. She is so upset she looks at her phone but no messages from her ex. She quickly starts to feel the battle that her body is having with the pills. She looks at the label again and thinks, what has she done. She drops the bottles and flops on the bed, looking around at a blur that is the world around her. She starts to convulse a bit then stretching out and her robe opens up becoming disheveled and awkward. She continues to writhe on the bed, her eyes expressing disbelief and loss of hope. As her toes curl and straighten out, her bucking decreases and she goes from a twitch to still, it was just too much for her body and heart to handle. She lays there eyes open and tongue slightly poking out, dead. Her ex has no clue, nor does he care, being the narcissistic POS that he is. He is having fun with the next woman he will dump and destroy.

Ryanne has a roommate and he gets back home shortly after she has her last twitch, in fact she is still warm when he comes in and notices his roommate is dead, half naked on her bed. He rushes over and checks on her, saying he knew he should not have left that day and knew something was wrong. He grabs her phone and sees she has been on the phone with her ex John, and he sees the empty pill bottles by the bed, he knows. He starts to go to dial the phone, but thinks for a few seconds out loud. He tells the dead woman that he had tried to warn her about John and his evil ways, not to mention that he offered to be a great man for her, supportive and kind, but also great at satisfying her needs. That was the point she friend zoned him and he took it as a slight, but he still cared. This was just enough though to have him take a few minutes and see what he was missing, and at least send her off with the authorities as another tragic overdose due to mental health issues combined with thinking she loved this narcissistic sociopath named John, who had been treating her like shit the whole time. He caresses her sexy soft skin, pinches her nipples and rolls her over to play with her ass. He goes to her feet and looks closely at the soles of her perfect feet lined up with her ass and the sexy panties. He talks about how he would love to put his cock on her feet, but would never do anything that risque without her permission. He checks her out from head to toe but also acknowledges he is not that piece of shit she was dating. He fixes her up and gets her presentable for the authorities and makes the call. Her perfect body is panned and viewed from all angles with lots of sexy foot views and close ups.

Ryanne is wonderful and puts up with my humor which helps things along. She makes every video special. Chris

Run Time: 15:15 minutes
File Size: 390 MB 	Format: .MP4
    8 minutes

Starring: Belle Fatale and Ana Molly

**FULL 1920X1080 HD** **BLOOD AND GORE**

Belle is taking a shower before heading off to an appointment to look at an apartment. Her roommate is super psycho and keeps going through her things and when she wakes up the girl is peering through the crack of the door at her with only a flannel shirt on. She is tired of her awkwardness and wants out. As she takes off her clothes and gets in the warm shower, she has no clue that her psycho roommate is going to be on a whole another level. Belle doesn't see that her psychotic roommate is tiptoeing across the floor towards the bathroom holding a sharp chefs knife, poised to stab her. She washes herself as the creepy roomie tiptoes barefoot on the wood floor. Belle is oblivious that she is in the bathroom now, Belle is so lost in the trance of her shower, and how it feels nice. When psycho bitch gets close enough and the knife is raised, she pulls back the curtain and starts to stab over and over again as the girl screams and tries to defend herself but the psycho bitch is completely lost her mind and is enjoying as she stabs the knife in her over and over, about 8 times until Belle looks at her in shock and she drops the knife. Belle is in awe and just breathes heavy and watches as the crazy bitch drops the flannel shirt on the floor and climbs in the tub with her, getting behind her and letting the bloody dying roommate Belle lay in her lap, floundering in the tub as she writhes from the pain and shock of multiple bleeding wounds. She twitches hard and her feet flex in the tub as she starts to die. Blood oozes from the black slits in her chest. She flexes and kicks her legs as she fights to stay alive, all the while being held by the psycho female that is obsessed with her to the point of killing her to have her way. As she dies her eyes go wide and her body limp. She is very limp as the roommate plays with her and then exits the tub. She washes the knife off in the sink as the dead bleeding Belle lays in the tub, still eyes wide. Never thought she was going to have to deal with a roommate like this, now she won't have to worry any longer.

Very hot stabbing, great acting and of course two hot ladies! Chris

Run Time: 7:30 minutes
File Size: 200 MB 	Format: .MP4
    16 minutes

Starring: Ryanne w/ Monster R.

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Ryanne is nude sunbathing on her farm, soaking in the rays on a blanket in the meadow. Listening to the birds and bees, and her chickens working in the yard. She is in bliss, and doesn't hear or see the Monster coming out of the woods. He stalks up on her and leaps on top of her, pinning her down and clawing at her breasts. The monster enters her with his green manhood, pushing and pumping slowly at first, then harder. He ravages her to her disgust, dismay, and disbelief.  She doesn't fight him too much she wants him to be done and leave and she does not want to die. The monster is powerful and dominating in every way shape and form. She succumbs to his ways and is disgusted and afraid, the monster continues to pound her as he claws at her tits and menaces her over and over. He screws her ragged for a long time until he climaxes and heads back into the woods. She lays there for a moment pretending to be submissive until she sees he is gone, she grabs her robe covers up as she frantically looks around for her monster rapist. She runs towards her house to shower away the monster and hide from his ways.

Epic outdoor monster rape scene. Nice and long and Ryanne is so hot. Okay back to work. Trying to get more videos out for you all to enjoy. Another happy custom. CB
Price: 15.00
Run Time: 16:25 minutes
File Size: 800 MB 	Format: .MP4
    19 minutes

Starring: Lexxi and SaraLiz

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Once again this scenario features two absolutely sexy models role playing their fantasy to enjoy the discussion, undressing, kissing, caressing, and fondling each other. The dominant sexy woman ties her animal up and caresses her neck with her hands and fingers, then the cold steel blade. The two lovers are fully into the fantasy and when they are about to burst, she slices the animals throat and blood seeps from her sexy elongated neck. After the animal is slaughtered and drained, she lays her down to untie and caress the animal more. She pays attention to her body, feet, and her lips before she leaves to get cleaned up and make way for the body pans of the sexy dead Lexxi.

These two wow, they have legs forever and just absolutely gorgeous. I am a big fan! CB

Run Time: 18:36 minutes
File Size: 500 MB 	Format: .MP4
    20 minutes

Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Genetica, Ryanne, Kiki w/ Jigsy

A sexy house full of coeds is sitting in the living room discussing their plans for the evening. They each talk about what they are going to do, even joking with each other and poking fun at their characteristics. Each young sexy woman goes to get ready in their own spaces, while Belle goes to the kitchen to eat ice cream. Kiki goes out to her smoking room to smoke weed and rub one out, Ryanne heads to the bathroom to shower and wash her tits and pussy, shave her legs. Genetica and Hannah get ready in their room listening to music. As they all do their thing a drugged out, tweaking, dirty vice cop comes through the door and heads to Belle in the kitchen who thinks it is Kiki until he yells at her, "Where is Tony?" He is obviously drugged out and jonesing for a fix and thinks he is at a location where a drug lord resides. He thinks these are his girls and that they will lie to him. He asks Belle again as he gets close choking her and waving his gun at her, when she says she doesn't know he pops her in the belly button with his pistol. She hits the floor and writhes in pain and shock. He goes nuts and heads to the bathroom where Ryanne has been showering but is now toweling off. When he busts in the door waving his gun talking gibberish, she raises her hands and the towel drops. He yells in her face and asks where is Tony again and she acts dumb, so he thinks so he pops her twice, once in each breast the second being a heart shot. She clutches her wounds and slides down the wall of the shower and into the tub. She tries to climb out but is losing blood and spitting it up. She twitches and bucks then goes limp and wide eyed. Belle is still writhing on the kitchen floor in excruciating pain, the dirty vice cop comes out of the bathroom scratching his head and talking nonsense. Hannah comes out of her room to ask Ryanne a question and sees her shot and dead in the tub, she screams and tries to run but the cop is right there and busts her twice, once in the breast and one through her tummy and through the black pantyhose she is wearing. She hits the door and slides to the floor hard, going nuts as her body reacts to the hydro static shock of the 40s&w rounds. She flops and her pantyhosed feet kick the door, and she bleeds from the mouth, eventually going still. The cop is so angry nobody is telling him what he wants to hear and emerging from a good orgasm and a bong hit, Kiki comes through the door and he grabs her tossing her on the floor and asking the same question that nobody knows the answer to. "Wheres Tony, or is it Tommy", grabbing his head in his hands from the voices inside. He pops Kiki as he tosses her to the floor, once in the tit and the other one in the throat, she gurgles and coughs going hard as her eyes go wide and she twitches to death. Belle is still writhing but the pain and the deaths of her friends cause her to pass out from shock. It is complete chaos and Genetica storms out of the room surveying the damage in total shock. As she tries to escape the dirty cop pops her in the head and the breast, she falls to the floor bashing her dead and twitching head against the front door. She twitches her feet but goes limp instantly from the head shot. The cop is frazzled and still looking around for Tony or his stash. He drags all the victims into the kitchen. As he carries and drags the bodies to a pile in the kitchen, he also fondles them, checking out their tits especially the ones oozing blood from them, lusting for the dead broads as he thinks about his next move. Just as he arranges the last one Belle wakes up and starts to scream but he immediately pops her in between the yes and she dies instantly, right next to kiki who is wide eyed and dead. They are all dead in a pile now so he checks out their tits again squeezing them. His phone then rings and he stands up to answer it. It is his partner who is wondering where he is and why he didn't follow the plan. The dirt cop is so frustrated and asks if the drug dealer is there and storms out, obviously needing his fix. Meanwhile the hot dead, sexy gals are laying in a body pile, bleeding from their wounds, eyes wide open and still. Many angles and body pans, views follow.

I am so fortunate to have the best luck getting quality acting, making it way easier to make action and great film pacing happen. I take pride in the way these shoots turn out, even though they may not be for everyone. Thanks so much for checking this out. Putting it on Taboo Cinema to give that store a boost, it is just as good as any of Chris' Corner shootings. Thanks for your support. Chris

Run Time: 19:30 minutes
File Size: 420 MB 	Format: .MP4

    Random TABOO CINEMA Clips more
    30 minutes
Starring: Belle Fatale as: Party Girl Serial Killer
Lexxi as: Club Girl #1
Genetica V. as: Club Girl #2

This has extra strangle views with killer and victim perspectives, added to the full views and other angles, making this extraordinary for all who love asphyxia!

Belle has been attracted to the opposite sex since she can remember. She played the game with her family, getting married, but was never satisfied with her life. After her husband left a couple years back, Belle has been flirting with her desires. Not only to meet some young ladies, but some deeper, darker cravings to take one home, get her even more tipsy, make out with her and when she least expects it, boom she wraps her stocking around their neck and strangles them to death. What really makes her tick is controlling the situation from start to finish, putting all of her muscle, passion, and character into each and every step, move, and of course going with the flow when things are just right.

In the early morning hours; after spending all night at 2 different clubs in Anchorage, until finally meeting a sexy young hottie, dressed to the T in a cocktail dress, and open toed high heels, she buys her a few drinks, strikes up conversation, and gets them to come back home with her. This is the first time she will follow through with her plan, and the improvisation of her next few hours will determine the rest of her serial killing life, and how things will fare in the future.

Her first choice and sexiest female she has landed in the club is Lexxi, a young bank teller that loves the women that hang out in the clubs and want to take her home to have sex and drink more after the party. Lexxi is already a bit tipsy and when they come through Belle's door, they are making out. Belle offers Lexxi a drink and she says for sure, because in Alaska, it is never to early, or late to drink. As things progress they undress each other kissing, and fondling each other, Belle always in control and giving the directions. When Lexxi has a few more drinks of her glass she gets into the heavy petting and as soon as she least expects it Belle has her looped around the neck with a silk stocking she keeps in a pair on the arm of the sofa, just in case she has company, andf wants to follow through. Well tonight she is following through and has already started the ball rolling to a new life of serial mischief and sexy young ladies that will die by her hands, and the warm bodies will be prime for sex. As she strangles Lexxi hard, Lexxi fights back, slapping and clawing Belle as she tries to free herself. They move all over the chase lounger and even to the floor, Lexxi is strong but Belle is stronger, more dominant, and has a psychotic edge that comes with her dark secrets. She finishes Lexxi off and even after she is dead she continues to strangle the body as it twitches, then finally still. When she releases the stocking there is a red line where the silk dug into her neck, as well as evidence of the struggle. Her sexy neck is dead and ready to be kissed and sucked on, then move down to the breasts then lick her pussy as she lay dead on the floor. As she tastes her sexiest gal yet, Lexxi's phone rings. Belle is startled but an idea pops into her head. When she goes to the phone she sees it is Lexxi's hot friend Genetica, who was another choice, though she was a bit standoffish at the club, but she looked like she was worthy. Belle makes up a story that her sexy friend came home with her, but got sick and passed out in the bathroom, Belle asks Genetica if she can come pick her friend up and give her a ride home. Genetica obliges and agrees to be there in 20 minutes. Belle quickly stashes the evidence, rolling Lexxi and her things into a rug and dragging her off. She then gets the place ready and re dresses so she looks like she is fresh from the club. When Genetica arrives she comes in, looking around for Lexxi. Belle asks her if she wants a drink, but Gen is really looking for her friend and wanting to go home. Belle says, "well the bathroom is down the hall, she is passed out in there.." As she moves towards the bathroom Belle grabs the stocking from her knee high boot and wraps ity around her sexy pale white neck, pulling her to the chase lounger so she can get a tight grip. Genetica unleashes her fight and oh my! Belle is taken by surprise, but handles Genetica like a pro. The hot sexy gall, dressed in a red fuck me dress, and tall stiletto red heels, toes painted fire engine red, and her make up light and glamorous. She fights so hard, digging her heels in the floor as Belle stretches her out fully, yarding on her neck like a twenty mule team pulling a load of old growth timber. Her muscles flex, veins popping out in her arms, her face beet red from all the exertion. Genetica fights and rolls around trying to get free, her eyes and mouth wide and expand as Belle pulls tighter and tighter on the stocking. After pulling her around a bit trying to kill her, Genetica loses her steam and starts to twitch and spread her toes in the heels. She dies and is completely still, eyes wide and tongue out. A look of shock in her eyes changes to nothing as she dies. Belle immediately starts to get her undressed, removing her dress, then her stilettos, and playing with and sucking her red polished toes. After checking her feet, she removes the panties and goes in for some pussy, but not neglecting her tits and sexy neck with the red mark from the friction of the stocking. As she sucks her pussy the phone rings again, she looks up kinda miffed being disturbed a second time, but a light goes off in her head. She answers the phone, obviously talking to another party girl looking for her two friends. Well, we know where the after party is going on in Alaska this morning. Belle smiles and winks to herself as she says, "yes, I'll text you the address..."

WOW!!! DOUBLE WOW!!! I usually like to promote my films, but this one is so damned hot and sexy, I had to take many breaks in editing process, serious breaks and cold showers. I have never seen a woman strangle two hotter gals with NO TATTOOS OR PIERCINGS in this film or these gals at all. The acting is absolutely phenomenal and goes to show that the collaborative films between my loyal customers and friends usually render something special and this is no different! MY GOD GENETICA STRANGLE! ;-0. Of course plenty of pans and views of the hot dead beauties. She will kill more, especially if you tell her to by grabbing this...CB

Run Time: 27:00 minutes
File Size: 690 MB 	Format: .MP4
    19 minutes
Starring: Belle Fatale w/ SaraLiz

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Twin beauties traffic sexy ladies for slaves to ship overseas. A sister of one of the victims is out for revenge and has a plan in place to take the two sisters out, one at a time and exact her revenge, and payback. The first twin sits in her home waiting for her sister to arrive with another victim to ship out. As the devious twin emails her client, letting him know the package would be shipped in the coming days, and expect a very lovely young woman. She takes off her shoes, dangling them from her suntan pantyhosed feet. She finally kicks them off all the way and lays back finishing her email. Meanwhile in the bathroom of the twin's home, the sister is fully encased in suntan hose, and takes a stocking out of her purse and puts it over her head and face just in case to seal her identity. As she readies herself she removes her high heels to make a more stealth approach during her ambush. She takes out some completely clear plastic in a roll from her bag and gets it ready. The twin is talking on the phone letting her sister know all is a go and to bring the victim and she would get the chloroform ready to go. The twin goes to a table with ziplock bags and chloroform with a pair of pantyhose to soak so her sister can grab the sealed bag and take it to the car. As she seals the bag and closes the chloroform, the encased revengeful woman is behind her with the plastic and covers her face pulling her back to the floor. There is a violent struggle and the two go crazy, the vengeful sister fully encased controls the fight, and the twin just fights trying to get air and peel off the plastic but it isn't helping until she manages to break free, but the encased woman grabs her leg and pulls her back, getting her with the plastic and rolling her over, legs wrapped around her waist to control her. The twins pantyhosed legs and feet kick, and her skirt starts to rise showing her pantyhose and crotch. She bucks and fights hard but can't seem to gain any ground as the enraged and encased woman gets her revenge against half of the trafficking ring. The twin is fighting but not as much, kicking has turned to twitching and jerking of the legs and her feet, after a strong fight the twin is doomed and mouths the plastic getting no air. As she twitches her last twitch and her mouth and body go still, the killer removes the plastic sheet sticking to her face, eyes wide in death. She checks her mouth to see if she is gone and then closes the dead twins eyes before she rolls her off of her like a pile of trash. The vengeful sister goes to the table with the chloroform and grabs the bag with the soaked pantyhose, she has plans for her sister who will come to find her and meet her fate.

Belle's twin will show up and it will be payback time in the second part:

The acting and action these two generate is almost What a wonderful performance! Thumbs up! CB

Run Time: 10:35 minutes
File Size: 475 MB 	Format: .MP4
    8 minutes
Starring: Ryanne, Lexxi, Ashley Lane

Rex comes home to his apartment to find 3 dead chicks on his couch, they are all so hot that he calls his friend and tells him to come over with beer. In the mean time he strips, fondles, sucks breasts, then removes panties and fondles them, then removes  their boots, except for Lexxi who is already bare foot. He checks out their lovely feet  as he moves around playing with each one. He poses them and waits for his friend and we see body pans and views of the naked, hot, spies.

This was after we finished a custom request that had no nudity, s we made some nudity..Fun cool story and the gals are all so top notch ad sexy.

Run Time: 8:00 minutes
File Size: 140 MB 	Format: .MP4
    15 minutes
Starring: Belle Fatale w/ Chris B

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Focus on Black stockings and extreme strangling in multiple positions...

A.D.A. Belle Pearson is on a drawn out, arduous, and very sensitive case. She is prosecuting a long time mafia ring leader Pasqual Marquez and he has been pulling all kinds of stunts; rigging the jury, eliminating witnesses, putting out high dollar hits on the D.A.'s office and even trying to bribe the judge, but crime rules in this setting, where the crooked get their way and the righteous, ethical folks get the raw end of the deal. After a long week of cross examinations and acute recesses, the court will re adjourn after the holiday weekend and hopefully A.D.A. Pearson will be able to be there, now that her star witness has disappeared. After court she is whisked away in a separate car to the airport where she will take a rental and hide out, leaving a large police detail on her house in the city so Marquez thinks her and her husband are home. She doesn't know how close to her the mafia is and knows her every move.

A.D.A. Pearson is now at her cabin upstate, acting paranoid and looking through the window, she is dressed in business attire, skirt, top, blazer, and her favorite lace top thigh highs of which she has an obsession with. She calls her hubby who is still in town working as a public defender and plans to meet her at the cabin later. She tells him she has a hit out on her and not to worry, they are the only ones that know about the cabin and she will be happy to see him soon when he arrives. She constantly rubs her tired, stocking covered feet and obsesses over the stockings and how her legs look in them. The rain comes down harder and harder outside as the she hangs up with her hubby and starts to get comfortable, undressing so she is only in her sexy black, lace top sheer thigh high stockings. She takes another new pair and starts to play with them on the lounger, rubbing them on the soles of her sexy stocking covered feet as she lifts her legs in the air, showing off her perfect body and sexy little pussy, pantiless, only wearing thigh highs. As she pulls and stretches the new stockings she is playing with, she starts to get hot, rubbing them new stockings through her pussy and ass, getting her wet. As she is getting into it, losing her focus on the trial and Marquez, she doesn't realize there is a hit man peering down the hall, slowly putting on his tight black leather gloves, and moving stealthily towards her as she plays with the stretched out nylon stocking. Before she knows what is coming the hit man who's every move is fluid and calculated, like he has strangled many before her. He grabs the stocking as close to the ends as he can and wraps the middle around her neck crossing the nylon in the rear so it will clamp down on her airway. He is professional and is all about the passion of the kill. She springs up and immediately starts to fight, like she knew she was ready but didn't act until she felt the ligature around her neck squeezing. She fights him, slapping his face, grasping at the tightly wound stocking and kicking her stocking covered legs and feet(LOTS OF FOOT VIEWS) As she fights for her life with much vigor and enthusiasm, he takes her on a strangle journey that will last almost ten minutes and many different positions, almost like he was taking her on a sexual tour, but all business in strangle positions with lots of POV and intimate views of her demise. All the while she is wide eyed, tongue way out, trying with every ounce of energy and real live sweat that she wants to live. If this hit man wasn't so seasoned and seamless in his attack, she might prevail. After he gets her almost to the point of no return, he gets her in a comfortable position so he can enjoy her ass slamming down on to his cock and balls, and the closest thing he will get to having sexual fun with her. This killer is all business and can not contaminate the crime scene with his DNA. If it was one of those turn and burn the body jobs, it would be a sure thing, but this is a hit, made to look like the mafia did it, when in reality, it was probably ordered by the judge who is now richer than most CEO's. A.D.A. Pearson is dead and her last failed attempt to live is thwarted by a tighter garrote and more intensity. The Attorney is dead and her twitching subsides and he releases the stocking. A large bruise and redness is there where the stocking was on her neck and he sits her up from laying on him. He flops her around and on to the floor where he scoops her up in a cradle and sets her on the lounger. He positions her to be facing the door for when her husband arrives, and he moves her around the lounger into different positions until he is satisfied. He says a couple words and chuckles as he leaves the body to be found by the hubby in a very short while. The hit man exits into the stormy dark night as the sexy corpse of the A.D.A. lays positioned on the sofa lounger with her sexy stocking clad soles exposed and her pussy wide open to inspect. Soon the husband will find her and spend some time with her body, mourning the loss of such a powerful, sexy, stocking obsessed A.D.A.

Okay the second part of this awesome strangle film is up next, with all the necro elements and lots of carrying, even in the rain outside at night....How sexy I love to strangle Belle she is always making up new faces and positions of demise. CB

Run Time: 15:30 minutes
File Size: 670 MB 	Format: .MP4
    37 minutes
Starring: Lexxi w/ John Wood

Lexxi is new at the construction company. Two months have passed and she is up to her scheming ways already. She waits till everyone is gone for the day and walks into the boss' office. He is surprised to see her, thinking she had gone home earlier in the day with everyone else. She says, "I wanted to wait till everyone was gone to talk to you". Mr. W says, "How do you like working for the construction company Lexxi"?, "It is great except for the pay, I have expensive taste and need my raise now". "I can do way better and more stuff for you, like this". She grabs his cock from his drawers and starts to tug and lick his long shaft. She sucks him so good licking and sucking his dick. He cannot resist so they stand up and he starts to grab her ass, her Lacey Thigh High clad, sexy, long legs are lifted off the ground as he passionately kisses her, and then puts her up on the big desk. He rubs her pussy through her sexy, expensive panties, and grabs her perfect c cups through her bra to match. He gets her so riled up they move to the leather sofa to get more comfy and they do. They make out heavy and he fingers and licks her snatch to get her going even more. She is raring to go so they stand up and undress each other with so much passion the room is consumed with it. They start to have sex in many different positions, he does her so good, she moans with pleasure, meeting him with every push, every stroke. She gets on top and cums so hard she squirts a stream from her pussy, he then takes her doggy, by now she is trembling with desire. He fucks her hard and finishes inside her. After some winding down, making out, they sit on the couch.

Lexxi gets that look in her eye like she is up to no good and walks to his desk. She pulls a picture out of his wallet, "So this is your wife and daughter huh?" "Would be a shame for them to find out about today." Mr. W's face turns red and he gets so mad he grabs her in a choke hold, taking her down to the sofa. She fights hard but he chokes her out till she passes out in about a minutes time. While she is unconscious he grabs some rope out of his truck, and makes a call to his Superintendent. "Hey, are you pouring concrete tomorrow at the site?" "Great I think I will throw on the boots and come join you, I need to get out of the office" "Yes, i will be there early back filling the forms so we can pour, I will bring the coffee and donuts."

What he is going to do now is strangle Lexxi to death so he can go bury her in the footing of the high rise he is building, along with the other two girls that supposedly "Quit", after trying to blackmail for more money. He wakes her up, then forces her to suck him off, forcing the BJ so hard that he blows his load all over her face and neck. he leaves her there to beg for her life before he comes with the rope. She sees him coming and starts to run to the door, but he loops it over her head and pulls her to the sofa. She files around the sofa, working to live, working so hard, choking, gasping, drooling, and spitting, trying to claw at the rope to free herself, but to no avail. he chokes her all over the couch, then gets her upright to finish her off. She is on her knees at first but ends up on her butt, thigh highs still on her feet, kicking, twitching, drooling, until she is no more. Mr. W says to her "I will never let my company that has been passed down for many generations be swindled by some stupid greedy bitch." "Tomorrow i will bury you in the earth and concrete".

He flops her on the floor, then looks at her neck, seeing the red marks from the rope digging in. He grabs his clothes and shoes, while body views and gazing happens, then he drags her off scene, still eyes wide, and tongue out, dead.

Fantastic movie all the way through. I have been holding on to a few Lexxi customs that I will put out every once in a while. Here we go! Enjoy everyone's hard work, including Lexxi and the crew! CB

Run Time: 36:35 minutes
File Size: 595 MB 	Format: .WMV
    44 minutes
Starring: Treasure w/ Chris B. and Johnny Wood

Chris has been friends with Johnny for all his life, when Chris goes offshore to work on an Oil Rig in the Gulf, Johnny has missed him dearly. Chris is coming home on leave for a week and Johnny told him to pop over to catch up. They start talking about life and the question of dating arises. Johnny says he has been dating this new girl for many months, and he really likes her. The only issue is that she wont put out, and says she wants to wait until she is married, as a Virgin. Johnny mentions her name and Chris gets a look on his face, then when he shows Chris the picture, Chris bursts into laughter. "Beth Montgomery"? "She is the whole reason me and my fiance' broke up, she blackmailed me for money and told my girl, she broke me of my money and ruined my life." "Man, Beth used to beg me to fuck her ass everyday, saying she wanted more and more". This makes Johnny angry at his Girl, and come to find out she even slept with Chris on his leave a few months back when Johnny was out of town on work detail. Johnny says, "I have a plan, go up to my bedroom and wait for me, she will not know what hit her when I confront her with you"!

Chris goes upstairs and Beth comes over, she is so sweet and innocent looking in her curls and bows in her hair, but Johnny says hey meet my friend, he came in from out of town, he may go to dinner with us. When Beth gets to his room and sees Chris smiling on the edge of the bed, her jaw drops and she looks at Johnny with puppy eyes. He punches her in the gut and says, "I know all about you whore, and your anal love, and sucking cocks! Whore". He beats her more and Chris joins in getting a rush from seeing the punches. Chris grabs Beth and throws her on the bed like she was a doll. He immediately snatches her and they get her held down. Then they force themselves on her by fucking her pussy and mouth at the same time, then switching, as well as slapping her several times, shutting her up and making her be quiet. "Hey Johnny, I think you need to give it to her in the ass, she does love it more than in the pussy"! Chris fucks her face while Johnny puts it to her from behind, then they change it up. After a bunch of abuse and forced sex Chris says you messed with the wrong guys and now you will take this..He blasts a huge load on her face, neck, and ear, then slaps the bitch. After that he lets Johnny fuck her face again, then he goes and grabs Johnny's belt from the floor, showing it and wrapping it around Beth's neck and the strangle begins! Chris strangles her while Johnny forces oral and sex for a bit, then pulls her upright hard and continues as she grabs for the belt, trying to live, punching and fighting back. Then Johnny takes his turn finishing her off in the super long strangle, she fights hard and long, keeping her upright, then she dies with a great death stare, eyes wide open, then he lets her drop to the bed, checking out her body while he grabs his belt and leaves her on the bed. He and Chris get her spread Eagle then heads to grab a brew...

Excellent job! If you like the Rape and strangles we have been doing than this will be right up your alley!!!! Lots of great things in this one! CB

Run Time: 43:00 minutes
File Size: 720 MB 	Format: .WMV

    Welcome to TABOO CINEMA
    Hello and welcome to Candee and Chris B.’s new collaboration of strange, off the wall, and intriguing fantasy erotica, including Taboo, Death fetish, Necro fantasy, Bondage and Domination, Romantic Death erotica, GG and BG fantasy death scenarios, and lot’s more, with no limits to where the reaches of the mind will travel, and all for a great value... If you love Fantasy Erotica, and are on a budget. This is where you get real quality.

    Featuring 56 Clips / 995 minutes of video!

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