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  • VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko
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    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko

    Clip Description

    VAMP HUNTER Caroline v. Tomiko
    Starring: Caroline Pierce w/ Tomiko

    Caroline is a Vampire Hunter in town for a convention and looking or her mark. She comes into her room wearing boots that go all the way to her ass, a very tiny leather skirt and a tube top showing underboob. She slinks in with her pistol tucked into her boot and goes to her desk where she types on a computer after setting her pistol on the desk. As she types away to her boss, the Vampire moves her way to her from behind, in skirt and knee high boots, short skirt revealing her ass and sexy legs, and a tank top. She moves sneakily and sexily to the hunter. She pulls her hair to the side and starts to kiss her ear and neck sending the Vampire hunter into a frenzy of passion biting her lip and rubbing herself. She reaches for the gun but the vampire pulls her hand back, still kissing her but deeply with her tongue, biting the huntress tongue and kissing her. The huntress is lost in the moment and the vampire grabs the gun caressing the huntress body and pulling up her top with the gun, kissing on the huntress nose and face. She runs the gun between her legs and then goes to the belly. She carefully places the pistol on the huntress belly and pulls the trigger. The Vamp hunter squirms and writhes while the Vamp kisses her and then moves the gun down to her belly firing again, leaving two perfect small holes in her belly, almost resembling large bit mark. The Vamp Hunter bucks and writhes and the Vamp kisses away and then pulls her chair back so she can get in front of her as he kisses and caresses the huntress. The Vamp takes off her top and plays with herself pinching her own boobs and rubbing her crotch, aroused by the dying huntress. As she dies, the Vamp sits her up and rubs herself over the dead body. She plays with her more and then kneels down in the huntress belly and goes to feed.....

    What a blast working with Caroline and Tomiko, and can't wait to see them later this year! CB

    Run Time: 10:15 minutes
    File Size: 345 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v345.94 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko

    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko

    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko

    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko

    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko

    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko
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    FIGHT CLUB The Newbie - FIGHT CLUB The Newbie
Starring: Belle Fatale and Hannah Perez

Club Captain and grand champion Belle is cleaning up after a long week hosting Fight Club and about to lock up when a woman comes to the door asking around, saying she knows Coco and a couple years back she gave her the address to the club and said, "If you ever want the best fighters in a death match, go visit PDX Fight Club. Belle lets her know she is closing and she must have an appointment, but when she hears that Coco sent her, and then hears the name Hannah, she gets a look in her eye and a lump in her throat. She has heard about Hannah for years, a muy Thai kick boxer that has been working the UFCW circuit and winning all across the board. Belle can not resist a fight and has never lost, obviously because she is still standing with a heart beat.

The two start stretching and immediately you can telle Belle is a bit salty and is putting her game face on. As they stretch and get ready Hannah tries to make small talk but Belle shuts her down in a second. As they square up and start talking smack, Hannah lunges a like she is going to punch, then surprises Belle with a couple of side kicks to the hip, knocking her back. The two go at it and trade blows. They really brawl and Belle uses her boxing skills and length to get in good punches while Hannah kicks and punches to gain ground. After a good brawl and change of power Hannah surprises Belle with a combination and uppercut to the jaw knocking her out cold. She smacks her around a bit, toying with her, then to humiliate her then takes her clothes off, leaving only the g string. She claims she could kill her with a neck snap but wants to fight more. She drops her and grabs water. As her back is turned, belle wakes up and grabs her hair punching her. The two get back to fighting, trading blows, but Belle gets the upper hand punching Hannah hard and knocks her to the floor.  Belle mounts her and starts pounding her face, then pounding her head in the floor over and over like she saw Coco do. She hits with a combo left and right, then Hannah bucks her off then punches Belle over and over again with a combo. She punches her with an uppercut before Belle comes back at her and uppercuts her to the sofa, knocking her out cold, her body slightly twitches as her open, fluttering eyes shut as she goes KO. Now it is Belles turn to have her fun humiliating Hannah. She gets behind her, flopping her around removing her sports bra exposing her huge tits. Belle smacks her tits around a few times hard, then again a few times more to check them out and to hang over her head when she wakes up, more humiliation for Hannah. She moves her head around and flops her a few times. She drags Hannah out to the middle of the floor and as she is talking more trash, Hannah comes to and kicks her right square between the legs, knocking her back a few feet stumbling. Belle gets punched, then kicked a few times, even with a running front kick that is brutal, but she uses her reach to punch Hannah with her bony hands and cause damage. Belle punches her again and knocks her silly, Hannah tries to recover but belle gets her by two handed drop to the back , knocking Hannah on the floor that is when Belle attacks. Belle has fun too as she slaps Hannah and the ass and pushes her down, just her G string in tact. She rolls the stunned Hannah over and punches her over and over right left combos to the jaw then feels like she wants to be done with the whole thing and chalk up another Win, she grabs Hannah behind the head and pulls her up, choking her out from behind. She chokes her hard while she lifts her up then breaks her back and the young woman starts to go limp, but still manages to use one of her arms so Belle just finishes it with the neck snap. She breaks her neck pulling up and twisting it to the side with much roughness causing an awful break, leaving Hannah limp and dead. She drops the fresh corpse and Hannah crumbles to the floor, eyes open and belle removes the hair from her face to show her sexy eyes and dead stare, mouth open from the shock. Belle tells her she should have waited and made an appointment then goes to freshen up. Body pans of the sexy dead woman fighter follow. When Belle comes back to the room she says she is glad to get rid of the rug in the room so she piles all of Hannahs stuff in with her dead body and rolls her up in the rug to take to the dump. Time to call the maid. What a hot roll of fight club meat, yum!

I am absolutely impressed with the young ladies and their skills to help me get some great fight content. Belle is awesome and Hannah is such a special treat to have here, looking forward to seeing her back soon. This fight is absolutely great in every way! KO! CB

Run Time: 22:49 minutes
File Size: 605 MB 	Format: .MP4

    ORGASMIC DUEL - Starring: Belle Fatale & Lexxi

Back to full 1920 x 1080 HD

A police detective(Lexxi) is on the hunt for a young serial killer(Belle) who killed her sister after taking her husband and disposing of him too. Lexxi finds her and calls her to discuss how she will get the death penalty when she is caught. After a long conversation and some smack talk, they agree to meet at Belle's hideout for a DUEL TO THE DEATH. They each choose weapons, Detective Lexxi her pistol, and Belle a kitchen knife to make it interesting. She also says she will be dressed in her long, black, high heeled boots, and lingerie just to give Lexxi more of an edge. Lexxi comments that she is naive and has no chance in her "Fuck Me Boots". They hang up each one hissing about the other, soon Lexxi is in the main room of the hideout, she calls for the bitch and slowly Belle comes down the hall scraping the knife against it to make a creepy sound, to intimidate the cop. When she gets into the room with Lexxi she up and downs her, kissing the knife then setting it on the floor, slowly, keeping her eyes on the cop and her gun in hand. She stands up and without words looks into the detectives eyes, she is getting a bit nervous with the young, sexy, serial killer pacing around her, but she is mesmerized by her sexiness. The serial killer tosses her coat in the corner, revealing her sexy, thin frame, bra, no panties, with thigh highs and knee high fuck me boots. She also wears long, black opera gloves with such elegance. She gets closer to the detective, smelling her as she goes around checking her out. Just as the detective is lulled, she goes in for a kiss. First Lexxi is standoffish and pulls away, but once Belle's sweet lips lock to hers she comes back to her, taking in the sexy kisses and long French kisses. The young serial killer seduces the sexy cop, and soon they are fully making out, the detective following orders to take off her clothes and she does, she is being kissed, caressed and rubbed down by the killer. She is fully entranced by Belle's sexiness and touch. After much heavy petting, and disarming the gun from the detective, she reaches in and twists her nipples hard, causing pain. She does this for a while, twisting them so she is in pain, then she kneels down and grabs a small vibrator out of her boot. She turns it on and sticks it up in the cops pussy, deep, so it goes all the way in. The cop is having a hard time concentrating because of the nipple twisting and the vibrator hitting her g spot constantly when she is in certain positions. With the vibrator deep, Belle gets behind her rubbing her clit as she forces the vibrator even deeper into her vagina. The cop is at bay now, she is putty as she cums very hard, but the serial killer is not impressed by it at all. She tells the cop she has a weak orgasm and needs to do better, but Lexxi just moans and tries to fight it. After more teasing and some playing with the knife she tosses the cop to the floor, and taunts her, standing over her and counting down, 5, 4, 3, 2,.. They both spring to their feet grabbing their weapons off the floor. Lexxi is in obvios discomfort as she tries to stand, each time she is erect, she starts to feel the vibrator on her g spot, making it hard to aim. She shoots and misses a couple times as Belle ducks and laughs at the pathetic cop. Just as she tries to shoot a third time, Belle moves in grabbing the gun arm and holding it up over her head as she plunges the large kitchen knife deep into her belly, right between the button and the mons, where the guts are vital. The detective, almost orgasmic when she was stabbed, takes the knife 2/3 deep and moans loud, and deep moans and grunts as the killer twists the knife into her guts, causing a bit of blood to leak out around the knife. Lexxi goes slowly to her knees with the knife still in her, but as she hits Belle pulls the knife out of her belly. The detective is about to cum as she clutches her belly, then falls back, her legs and feet tucked back, her arms to the side cumming hard and arching her back, fully nude. Belle taunts her a bit as she hovers over the dying, orgasming Detective. As she dies and goes limp, the serial killer crouches down to kiss her cheek and caress her dead body before exiting the scene. She also removes her bra revealing her signature diamond heart pasties she only wears to kill. The sexy woman dead on the floor is panned and viewed from many sexy angles.

These two i tell you what a pair together. They are really excellent to watch as they work together. Thanks to Irma for co directing this gem! Watching Lexxi writhe with the vibrator inside her is priceless! CB

Run Time: 26:03 minutes
File Size: 750 MB	Format: .WMV

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