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    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko

    Clip Description

    VAMP HUNTER Caroline v. Tomiko
    Starring: Caroline Pierce w/ Tomiko

    Caroline is a Vampire Hunter in town for a convention and looking or her mark. She comes into her room wearing boots that go all the way to her ass, a very tiny leather skirt and a tube top showing underboob. She slinks in with her pistol tucked into her boot and goes to her desk where she types on a computer after setting her pistol on the desk. As she types away to her boss, the Vampire moves her way to her from behind, in skirt and knee high boots, short skirt revealing her ass and sexy legs, and a tank top. She moves sneakily and sexily to the hunter. She pulls her hair to the side and starts to kiss her ear and neck sending the Vampire hunter into a frenzy of passion biting her lip and rubbing herself. She reaches for the gun but the vampire pulls her hand back, still kissing her but deeply with her tongue, biting the huntress tongue and kissing her. The huntress is lost in the moment and the vampire grabs the gun caressing the huntress body and pulling up her top with the gun, kissing on the huntress nose and face. She runs the gun between her legs and then goes to the belly. She carefully places the pistol on the huntress belly and pulls the trigger. The Vamp hunter squirms and writhes while the Vamp kisses her and then moves the gun down to her belly firing again, leaving two perfect small holes in her belly, almost resembling large bit mark. The Vamp Hunter bucks and writhes and the Vamp kisses away and then pulls her chair back so she can get in front of her as he kisses and caresses the huntress. The Vamp takes off her top and plays with herself pinching her own boobs and rubbing her crotch, aroused by the dying huntress. As she dies, the Vamp sits her up and rubs herself over the dead body. She plays with her more and then kneels down in the huntress belly and goes to feed.....

    What a blast working with Caroline and Tomiko, and can't wait to see them later this year! CB

    Run Time: 10:15 minutes
    File Size: 345 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v345.94 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko

    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko

    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko

    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko

    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko

    CHRIS CORNER - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko
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