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    Most Recent CHRIS CORNER Videos! more
    34 minutes

      HIS FAVORITE SLAUGHTER - Starring: Lexxi w/ Chris B.


After meeting at a fetish event, Chris and Lexxi decide to take it to a whole another level and hang out together in the real world to have some fun. Lexxi shows up to his place in daisy duke's, flip flops, and a top, looking so sexy. he invites her in and they hit it off talking about the fun they have had and will have. Lexxi is obviously as horny as Chris so they start to make out and get pretty heavy, fast. Before long, after some major groping and handling, Chris puts his cock inside her and she rides him, it is a wild one too. They fuck hard and fast and lots of moans when they both climax for a long time, and then holding each other as they finish. They make out some more and Chris sends her to get cleaned up before they Role Play. When she comes back he is in the kitchen with his ropes, knife and a pad for her to kneel on. he talks to her and explains, she is hot and horny and wants more. He plays with her and ties her up, hands together, feet together, then connected with a third rope to hog tie her. He toys with her kissing her neck and extending it as he pulls her hair. He caresses her and then grabs the knife, she is so turned on by him and his slaughter fantasy. He plays with her more teasing her over and over with her neck extended playing with the sharp knife. After much teasing he goes through with it, slicing her throat deep, over and over to make sure he is all the way through the windpipe. She bleeds out as he extends her to the floor, then to her side. He removes the ropes after she is completely dead, then kisses and caresses her body before positioning her and then exiting for body views and pans of the sexy, beautiful, dead Lexxi.  HER DEADLY DREAMS 4
    1 minutes

Dream or Reality?
(4 Dreams)
Starring: SaraLiz and Belle Fatale
w/ Bronson


FULL RES 1920X1080HD

Belle is an adventurous woman that loves all of life's pleasures and especially PANTYHOSED FEET.
She constantly has dreams and day fantasies about her co workers, baristas, and everyday women on the street, in the throws of strangling, smothering, bagging, or choking out some hot chick in pantyhose, her favorite color being black. In most of her dreams and fantasies, she is dressed like a stealth assassin, clad in black, like a CAT, with black pantyhose, and a bandit mask, sneaking without shoes into the room where her victim is entranced, asleep, or even, distracted by what they are doing at the time. She always plays with them when she finishes, sucking on their pantyhose covered toes, sniffing and whiffing their bodies and especially the feet. Kissing and sucking all over their bodies, she makes her way out of the dream after a catchy line that mocks the victim. Every movement, cat like, feet arched and pointed, moving across the bodies taking in the pantyhose victims.

Something feels different about things begin in this episode. The scene starts out with SaraLiz masturbating to some strangle porn, sitting in her cozy den, legs up in the recliner rubbing her pussy through her sexy pantyhose. As the scene gets rougher, and more interesting, so do her orgasms. She rubs furiously not noticing the woman who comes through the door, dressed in a skirt, high heels, and a sweater blouse, jewelry, with her hair down looking sexy. She has a look of determination and a strut that is confident with each stride. As she sneaks up behind the young woman masturbating, she takes a long look at what she is watching, how she is stroking herself, and how sexy the victim looks wearing pantyhose. As the young lady gets closer and closer to the big O, the killer gets set with the length of pantyhose she will use to strangle the young woman to death. As she climaxes, the woman wraps the stocking leg of the hose around her neck and yards back hard, surprising the young woman as she goes absolutely crazy trying to claw and work her way out of the strangle. She even tries to reach for the laptop still playing the strangle porn video, like she is embarrassed, being caught in the act. Belle is relentless and uses her strength and will to strangle the young lady harder. The victims legs kick, she bucks her wet pantyhose legs and crotch. She claws at the hosiery but can not grasp underneath, fighting for her life but she is no match for a determined fanatic like Belle, especially in her element, and sometimes even her fantasy. As the young woman fights less and less, her head and tongue lolling, eyes wide and still, only a twitch of her pantyhosed feet after her death rattle. She is completely limp and dead. Belle removes the hosiery and gives a whiff, then heads around to the front of the woman to check her out. She has something clever to say before she works her way to caressing and checking out the young woman. She says she has her all to herself and that it seems way more realistic in this dream. She is starting to question her reality but in her trance and fantasy, she ends up not noticing the man who enters the room, it is the poor victims husband, and he is silent but unhappy that his wife is dead and some bitch is kneeling down talking to her like she is her new toy, he quickly grabs some pantyhose and wraps it around her neck, causing a whirlwind of reaction and a crazy violent strangle ensues all over the room, ending up on a chair and eventually on to the floor, where she fights hard for her life but the man is just too strong and upset about his woman being killed by some asphyxia crazed woman. He finishes her off and she gasps for no air, popping her mouth like a fish out of water, her eyes bugging and her face turning red like a sugar beet. Eyes bloodshot and lifeless, she falls to the floor and goes limp. The man positions them both in either chair, feet close together so he can sniff them and see what the craze is all about. He checks them out for a bit, then exits saying he supposes his dinner will not make itself. He exits and leaves way for pans and views of both dead beauties and their sexy death stares, and pantyhose clad feet and bodies. FADE OUT
FADE IN to Belle sleeping in her bed(It appears to be the same bed from her pillow smother dream) she tosses and turns, revealing she is wearing the same set of pantyhose in her fantasies, but they are the ones her victim wore. As her dream intensifies she is startled awake, grasping her neck, out of breath, looking terrified and confused. As she catches her breath, she realizes that she is still among the living and that she is in her bed, comfortable. It was all a dream, well some of it at least. As she reaches under her pillow, almost instinctual, she pulls out some used, worn, pantyhose her victim wore. She smells them, whiffing them hard, then smiling big, laying back and laughing maniacally as we see the room is the same one from her first dream. She is glad to be alive and know she is the real Bandit, or is she?

This was absolutely a blast to shoot, direct, edit, and release. The attention to detail is like no other and the story is fun. Death Fetish clips are fun and they serve a purpose, but it is so nice to be tempted, teased, and the brain used for a bit more than just a death star to send messages to and Thanks for your patience and understanding. All roads lead to success in all of our futures. Thanks! CB
    25 minutes

Introducing: Freya w/ Jake Evans

Out in the woods, miles from any sort of community, or population, Freya is riding her horse Thunder. Ironically enough, Thunder got spooked and threw her off far away from where she was parked, and she walks to the nearest place she can find. She walks up the gravel road and hears someone clanging a shovel, digging, and approaches the man in the cowboy hat. She tells him what happened and asks if she can use his phone, her cell line has no service. He is quiet and standoffish, but he obliges her by saying yes to the phone. He invites her inside and points her to the phone and she sit down to make a call. Behind her he has already grabbed a chloroform bottle and a rag, soaking it real good as he replies to her saying the phone doesn't work. He explains that sometimes those storms knock out the lines but it will be back up. He surprises her with the rag over her nose and mouth. She bucks and flails as her eyes go wide with terror. He holds firm and her eyes flutter, then she passes out, completely limp. He makes himself comfortable by taking off his hat and jacket so he can enjoy this sexy visitor. He scoops her up off of the floor and carries her to the couch. He tosses her down and starts to molest her body, slowly working his hands over every inch. He sees the boots and the boot covers and starts to take them off, as he removes each boot and sock, he takes in her perfect soles and feet, sniffing them and rubbing them on his face. He has more to do before she comes to, so he starts to remove her shirt, then plays with her face, moth, and tongue. He kisses her chest, then he takes off the tight jeans and shows her perfect ass and sexy thin legs going to those perfect soles. Her matching bra and panties drive him wild with excitement. He kneads and caresses her ass and legs before flipping her back over to her back to remove the bra. He plays with her showing her sexy nipples, then taking off the bra and sitting her up, checking how limp her body is. He starts to remove her panties and notices that she is starting to stir a bit and he needs to get moving. He isn't too worried about it so he lifts her legs so he can see her perfect mound, ready for him. He wants to fuck her but he knows what he must do. As she wakes up and starts to figure out what is going on, he has already pulled a thin black cord from his pocket and wrapped it around her neck. Her eyes go wide in horror and she tries to get out of it and claws at him and her neck. She is still a bit groggy from the chloroform but still slowly fights him. He has her deep, dug into her neck the cord is tight, her face turning different shades of red as she bucks. After a few moments she comes to and really realizes she must try to survive, so she turns it on, bucking and kicking so high trying to get free, she goes completely nuts all over him and the floor, bucking her pussy high in the air and rolling on to her stomach, but he is so strong he handles her and she fights and fights, but eventually even the horse rider is not enough for a cowboy. After a long bout for her life, she is merely a pile of sweatty twitches, and her feet and legs twitch for a bit after she is dead. Here eyes and mouth open and he sits her up and throws her off like trash. It is time to have more fun and no worries about her coming back to struggle. He flops her around a bit checking her limp body, then he tosses her up on to the couch and pulls his pants down. He fucks her body hard and fast for a good long while, playing with her tits and mouth as he pounds her pussy. After he cums inside her, he positions her on the couch so he can see her sexy face, eyes, and soles. He heads out to the jeep to get a tarp, her body is viewed and panned from many different angles. When he returns he spreads out the tarp on the floor, then puts her in the middle. He takes all of her clothing and puts it in the tarp with her and rolls it up, leaving her sexy soles and face visible. He scoops her up and takes her out to the jeep and stuffs her in the back, then closes the door smiles and goes back inside to get cleaned up and have a beer. What a sexy visitor and like he said, "I don't get many visitors up here."  THE APPRAISAL
    34 minutes

Starring: Freya w/ Chris B.

An investment banker shows up at a property that is not listed on the market, but the owner tells her if she makes a good enough offer she can buy the property with old growth timber on it. The only problem is he forgot to mention it to his brother Chris, who lives on the property, and is very ecologically militant. She shows up at the door unexpected, out in the middle of nowhere talking about bull dozing the place down and there will be a problem. Chris lets her in and listens to her spiel. He is obviously having issues with what she wants to do with his land, but keeps his calm and changes the plan. He says he will make a call to him to find out and she can look around. As soon as she is looking at her phone he grabs her in a head lock and pulls her to him, off the ground, she kicks for a bit then her really goes hard on her taking her to the floor with a thump and then hand throttling her for a bit as he straddles her. He is so infuriated and treats her like she is a rag doll, tossing and throwing her around as he chokes her neck with force. She bucks and kicks, still in her long overcoat, leggings, and high heeled pumps. He gets even more mad when he thinks about her dozing all his trees and lifts her up by her neck with two hands, still choking her and gets her in the corner so he can get behind her. He still uses two hands and throttles down on the helpless bitch. He gets her into a position so she can buck and land on him, he loves to be smashed in the groin by a hot strangled girl. She is hard to kill so he gives it more, she is beet red, and he is covered in sweat, gritting his teeth and grunting. He finally gets the upper hand in her death and she twitches and then goes still. After a very long battle she is still and dead, he sits her up and flops her around as he thinks about his next move. He rolls her on the kitchen floor, then check her ass, and breasts and sexy bra panty combo. He really checks out her amazing ass in the tight, sheer leggings, he pulls them tight so he ca see through, then pulls them down so he can see her perfect ass in the nice panties. 
He scoops her up after some fondling and lays her on the counter top. He checks her out more then goes for the pumps. He takes them each off slowly, letting them dangle as he licked and kisses the toes. He removes the shoes finally and then takes a minute to check her feet out, smelling the odor, kissing, and licking the toes, shoving them in his mouth, face, and groin before he decides he wants to get her pants and shirt off. he saves them aside for later when he needs to get rid of her. He takes her to the sofa to get a bit closer. He carries her around a bit and then sets her down on the couch, then moves her to the other end of the couch. He shakes her around to make sure she is dead, and no doubt at all. He is so horny by now he starts to suck on her tits and eat her pussy as he flops her around on the couch. he primes her pussy for his dick, and after he gets ready to go he bends her up and shoves his cock deep into her, plowing her deep and hard he rams her. He fucks her so hard her body jerks and jolts, as you can hear their genitals slapping together and then finally he cums super hard, so turned on by killing one of the hottest women he has ever seen, and all to protect his family heritage, as well as the environment. As he dresses off screen, her sexy, dead body is panned and viewed. The man knows they will eventually look for her so that is why he kept all of her clothes together. He redresses her, as awkward as it may be. He gets her all dressed, well except he keeps the bra and panty set for his own. He tells her it is too bad she had to be who she was, and under these circumstances, but no one is going to take away the trees and water, nobody. He slings her over his shoulder and takes her to run her off the cliff at sand lake and make it look like an accident.

What a sexy freaking woman geez!! Will someone please give this chick a custom holy cow she is good, local, professional, and wow, hot!!! I love her!! CB
    33 minutes

Starring: Ryanne w/ Ryan Renault

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

In this series the GCS has escaped from the mental ward, killed Awesome, Belle, Hannah, and now he goes to visit his sister Ryanne at their childhood home, where she has been laying low for a while. Dozens of young females have died at the hands of the GCS, and his rein of terror is not over.

Ryanne goes to see Dr. Browning again, her last session in her mixed up world of uncertainty following the brutal murders of one of her friends, and a slew of others by her brother John Edward Costello. As she gets the same message from her Therapist in every session, that her "dreams are just dreams and not real, if your brother was coming to kill you, he already would have." This frustrates her to the core, simply because her dreams get more intense each time when her brother comes to call, ties her up and strangles her to death. So after her session where she is the one that calls the "times up" because the therapist tells her the same thing, like he is not paying attention. She heads back home to try and relax so she can get back to work again. Her life has been turned upside down. She gets home and locks the door, kicks off her heels in the middle of the floor then sits to rub her feet for a minute. Her feet are tired and sore from walking in heels, something she does not miss. She rubs her feet and decides it is time to take a warm shower. She tiptoes barefoot to the shower, turning on the warm water and getting undressed. She climbs in the shower, makes adjustments then rinses off, grabbing the wash cloth and soaping it up well. She starts to wash her body, trying to wash away the filthy thoughts and dreams she has been enduring for several months since Hannah's death. As she lathers up her perfect body and feet, a figure is breathing heavily in the rain outside her place. She continues to shower, not hearing anything and lost in her own world. The figure uses tools to jimmy the back door lock, and break in slowly and silently. He slowly creeps in and peeks around the corner and sees his little sister in the shower. He takes a quick look then moves on into the house as she is finishing up her shower, washing her bits and pieces. She gets out, towels off and then looks into the mirror swirling off the fog with a towel, then covering herself in the towel to head to her room to get into comfortable clothes. When she turns the corner and gets down the hall to the kitchen she looks up and there is a man at the window and says, "I never thought in a thousand years you would keep this old place little sister..." Ryanne's eyes go wide as she hears the voice of her big brother and chills up her spine knowing why. She asks him why he has lost weight and changed his appearance and he tells her because he has been on the lam and trying to not get caught. He gets her to sit on the couch and give him some much needed information. He wants to know where his wife Savannah is and Ryanne gives him the news that she died in a car accident a couple months back, and how she knew that Savannah helped him with the murders. John is upset about why Ryanne let Savannah lie on the witness stand and she answers "If you would have both been charged it would be conspiracy, and a capital offense. She genuinely cared and didn't want him to go the the gas chamber. He gets upset but soon calms down, his wheels are turning and rubbing his chin. His sister Ryanne pleading for him to understand. Out of nowhere he decks her to the sofa with a right cross. Her towel flies off revealing her beautiful breasts, and sexy hips and legs. She is KO'd out cold. He scoops her up after having a look and drags her under arm to the bedroom. He has her laying on the bed, head propped with a pillow, right foot crossed over the left, arms across her chest mummy style. Eyes are still closed from being knocked out. He goes to work taking cell phone pics, then to her feet. He slowly checks them out, touching them as they are no different than any of his victims feet as far a the way he treats them. He has his ritual and today is no different. He caresses, sniffs, and worships her feet and soles, toes and heels. He caresses her thighs, working his hands up to her thighs and eventually petting her face. After he does his ritual practice he gets underneath her and brings out a length of rope from his pocket. He gets it in the right place under her chin and on her neck, he wrap some around each hand for leverage, and pulls starting slow and getting tighter and tighter. She goes from being passed out to bugged out open eyes and coming out of her state of being out cold. She gains momentum and starts to fight harder and harder, gathering more steam and getting some good licks to her big brother, but he is so wiry and professional in his craft. He seems to take each hit from her hand and slap from her palm with an evil grin, and this frustrates her body. He legs fight and kick hard, digging into the bed, bucking her hips and slamming her ass on the bed when her body is at the arch of fight. Her eyes start to get red and become blood shot, she grasps and claws at her killers rope, but he is dug in like a tick in winter. He continues to dominate her, and also watch her sexy feet kick and express themselves in his honor. The fight is long and hard, and her winding down causes the body to spasm and twitch, stiffen then rattle before going limp and twitching more. In her final moments she does the same and ends with a death rattle, going cross eyed then still, with occasional post mortem twitching and spasms. He lest go of the rope and moves out from under her. He gets her legs and feet back on the bed and in a position he can enjoy and pose her again. He caresses her face and cheek, moving a bit of hair to the side. He goes to her feet, sniffing them and crossing them over again, getting her back into the mummy pose, head propped up on a pillow, and ready to photograph. He snaps a few shots first then has a few words as he kisses his sister good bye for the last time. Here eyes are wide and tongue slightly protruding in her final pose. Now he will have to find someone new to pursue, seeing that his circle of witnesses he has killed, and the tragedies that did the others in, knowing of his twisted string of killings, which we have yet to see end in anything but his favor. His little sister Ryanne, who he had loved at one time, but the news of his wife's tragic death and the revisiting of his childhood home where there were so many dark memories that constantly haunt him. He knows it's time to lay low for a while. Ryanne's sexy posed corpse is viewed in generous portions.  THE BETRAYAL BEATDOWN
    18 minutes

Starring: Freya w/ Jigsy


After beating on his ex partner for over an hour, The Shocker interrogates his ex as to why she betrayed him. He has her tied to a tall chair in the middle of the room. She is bruised, cut, and bleeding from beating. After she doesn't respond to him, he unties her and tells her if she can escape she is free, but she is beat and tired. She charges at him anyway and he just blocks her punch and punches her with a couple hard rights. She tries again but he deflects and punches her again. He beats on her and throws her against the wall. He punches her over and over in the face, then to the body. He sips his energy shock gloves and charges them as he grabs her pussy. She convulses wildly and her body shakes uncontrollably from the shocking. He pulls away and punches more, then shocking her breasts and pussy again. She pisses herself through his glove and he pulls away from her as she relieves herself on the floor after losing control. He punches her a few more times and shocks her more until his gloves run out. He will have to recharge them later for now he uses his fists and punches her till she falls down into his crotch after a blow of an uppercut knocks her to her knees. He rubs her face in his crotch then whips out his cock, plunging it down her throat as she gags and chokes. He forces her to choke on his dick and the blood mixes with the saliva and dribbles down her chin and to the rug. He fucks her face as she chokes and gags hard. He still wants to have fun with her so he lifts her up and punches her in the body and face until she hits the floor, then he scoops her up and punches her in the back of the head to the other side of the room. He goes to her as she is on all fours and lifts her up to his chest and drops her back on his knee, breaking it with a crunch and loud crack. Her back is broken but she is still alive and spinal cord in tact so still sending signals to her legs as he punches and then charges his gloves and shocks her pussy again, then her tits as she pisses again. He then pounds on her right left, ground pounding shots and hammer fists in rapid succession until she is dead. He doesn't notice that she is gone but he keeps punching and beating her until he has had enough. He gets up and takes a breath, excited and hungry for the next phase. He drags her dead body to the hard floor where he drops her and she pisses the rest of her fluids out and leaves a puddle on the floor. He stands over and looks at her for a few pans of her dead soaked, bruised body. He pulls her up to her knees from the floor as she drips pee, and forces his cock into her dead, bloody mouth. He plunges it in and out making her saliva that is left mix with the blood and pre cum he is releasing. He dicks her hard and fast, changing her position so she dangles as she is on her knees in front of him dead gagging on his hard cock. He rams her and cums in her mouth after a nice long, multiple angle BJ. Her mouth explodes with blood and cum dripping from her face and mouth, he then gets more to cum in her face and jets a hot load on her cheek and mouth as he dips his cock in and out of her mouth. Her eyes are wide and open as she is used up and beat down. He drops her pony tail and she ragdolls to the floor like a heap of garbage. He decides he needs to piss and takes a long piss over her dead, bloody, abused, body. He exits to move on to the next partner who he will find and train, hopefully not to betray him.

Freaking Brutal. Wow. This genre is not my thing but I definitely like to make great fims so this is raw, hardcore, and very rough video. Freya is amazing and loves the work so we are taking on customs for her at this time. She is good, and hot! CB
     THE 3 MARKS
    7 minutes

Starring: Anyanca, Belle, and Samantha
w/ Jimmy The Capper

3 hot chicks are getting ready to head to the beach on a nice sunny day. Anyanca lays on the couch texting her friend and yelling at Samantha to get done in the bathroom. Samantha is in the bathroom, primping for the beach in her short shorts and bikini top. Belle walks in from out on the back porch, in her sexy bikini, talking about how warm and sunny it is, and telling the others to get in gear so they can hit the beach. After some dialogue the hit-man, sent by their parents for living off of them, while they flunk college and get drunk, have sex, and go to the beach all day. Jimmy The Capper is a pro, he pops in from the bedroom, with his silenced .45 and black leather gloves, and his favorite dress shirt, and hits his first mark, Samantha, who looks at him and gets a tap between the eyes, thwerp...she goes down like a sack of potatoes to the floor against the tub. His paced steps waste no time and he points towards Anyanca who hears the silenced shot, looks up alarmed and gets a hot one to the dome, right in the forehead, she rolls off the couch like a bag of rocks with a thud. Jimmy the Capper takes a couple steps and he is in the kitchen, where Belle turns around and gulps and gasps real quick, surprised before she is pumped with a slug to the head, right between the eyes and hits the deck like a duffle full of dirt clods, as she lays for a second, she twitches, then dies almost instantly. Then he goes back to look at the others, checking them out before the blood even starts to trickle from their heads. He looks them all over, then transports them, dragging and lifting them to join Belle in the kitchen. He props them up so the cleaner can get a snapshot, to prove the marks are dead, and get paid. He makes a quick phone call, letting Tony know to send the cleaner, the job is done. He grabs his silenced .45caliber pistol, and heads out to the getaway car. The bodies are viewed and panned to see the sexy, dead, unproductive college kids that just made their parents happy finally.  THE BEST THERAPY Sopranos
    31 minutes

Starring: Ryanne Redd w/ Chris B.


**This is a homage to the dynamic relationship between Tony Soprano and his Therapist Ms. Malfi, and the sexual tension that leads to her demise, and him getting his way. We did not impersonate the characters, they are far better actors and have way more time to prepare, but we studied and prepared our characters so that we were ourselves, but with the same types of issues, and therapeutic techniques. This is a very feet, legs, pantyhose, high heels, and foot fetish driven video with obvious strangling and fondling as big part of the film. There are lot's of still framed sequences mixed with tons of POV, both from the patient/killer and therapist/victim, even after she is dead to show that point of view. Very long and detailed strangle scene with all kinds of angles, foot views, POV, and lot's of POV fondling of the breasts. Even the long silence between them in the beginning is powerful.**


  A local mobster who is going through a rough time in his work and personal life meets with his Psychiatrist to figure out why his dreams involve legs, feet, pantyhose, shoe play, and high heels, and every woman in his dreams have her legs and feet. She tries to help him through it but he has been going to her for years and has little faith of her results at this point. He goes for broke after getting nowhere with his therapy and asks her if he can have some therapy with her sexy feet. As they discuss things she is playing with her shoes, crossing her legs popping the shoe back on the heel and a lot of activity with her legs and feet. It finally drives him wild and as he asks her one last time and she puts him in his place, he excuses himself to the bathroom, only to return quietly, sneaking up from behind and strangling her with a stocking that he came prepared with. He has a great time strangling her and watching her pantyhosed legs and feet dance in the office chair. She fights hard and her tongue and mouth open wide like her eyes. After a long strangle, she dies, eyes wide open tongue out and twitching in her chair. He takes his time to caress, smell, and mouth her legs and feet, then her sexy breasts after unbuttoning her shirt. He leaves the stocking around her neck and checks her out more, handling and pinching her boobs and nipples. He tears the crotch in her pantyhose so he can check out her pussy and ass, then tears only the feet out so he can taste and fuck her bare soles until he cums all over them and then fucks them more, rubbing his cock and cum all over her soles and toes. After he has his way with her feet, he sets her so she looks hot dead on the couch where he did his sessions for years and fantasized about this day, the strangle being the bonus, and that he won't ever have to hear how he needs to open up, but when he does he is judged. He walks out after long body pans of the corpse and the cum soaked toes and soles, saying That was the best Therapy Session ever.
    11 minutes

Starring: Ryanne w/ Jigsy

**FULL 1920X1080HD**


A masked car mugger is checking door handles in a rural neighborhood looking for some loot, he has also seen the hot real estate agent who comes to show the property is there sometimes and what she drives. He finds her white SUV and checks the door handles, the back seat is open so he climbs in and shuts the door. Moments later the sexy real estate agent is coming out of the house, purse over shoulder, dressing in a tight skirt and button down white sheer blouse, and black high heels. She walks on the gravel to her vehicle and opens the door, climbing in looking in her purse for her keys. As she digs through the pile in her purse, she doesn\'t notice the masked man behind her holding a length of very thin rope coming from the backseat and over the headrest snaring her up and pulling back hard. She reacts confused and fearful but starts to fight. The mugger says nothing as he is there to get what she has and leave, but he has to get her secure first. She claws at the rope that is digging into her neck, unable to vocalize anything but choking sounds, not even a gasp, but she kicks and fights harder, kicking off one her her heels outside the door that is still open from her getting in. She bucks as he enjoys his time strangling her, but he needs to get some business done, and he figures she is a good mark so he makes a fancy knot behind the headrest and secures her fairly tight to the headrest of the seat. He checks to see if it is tight and climbs out the passenger rear door and climbs into the passenger front seat and closes the door. He grabs her purse and rifles through it as she violently thrashes. He finds nothing as she kicks her one shoe on one shoe off in at the gas and brake pedals trying to free herself, but only digging deeper. As she tries to fight him off with her right hand and claw at the rope on her neck at the same time, he sees a ring on her finger and removes it as she squirms. He rips her necklace off only to find it is cheap garbage. He knows this is just relieving some sexual tension and fun now so he looks over and grabs her breasts, hard and smashing them, kneading them like dough and grabbing them hard as she chokes to death, fighting and kicking. He wants more so he rips the shirt open and the buttons fly everywhere. He grabs her bra and big tits hard grasping and rubbing them, He rubs his crotch and continues to abuse her tits as he watches her squirm and buck. He rubs her belly and shoulders then rips her bra open between her tits with vigor and she chokes harder as she slumps a bit, a tear rolls down her face from the pain and anguish. The man is relentless and wants more, he pulls the shirt down a bit so it is harder for her to fight and he can get to her perfect tits. He lifts the mask only for a moment to suck her tits and bite her nipples then replaces the mask just in case someone comes and he has to flee. He is horny as hell and this is a rare opportunity to fondle and fuck with such a sexy woman. Especially for a regular car burglar. She still jerks and bucks trying to get just a bit of air as she slams back on the seat. She winds down some but still has some fight. The man reaches down her skirt and fondles her pussy over her sexy satin panties that are soaked from her juices. He lifts the skirt a bit to check out her wetness and continues to grab her tits. He is thinking she is taking too long to die so her grabs her by her throat up by the rope and manually chokes her hard, her face turns red and she sheds a few more tears, her tongue protruding out covering her whole airway in her mouth. He throttles her hard and she shimmys and rattles and twitches, face red and then darker getting closer and closer to her death. He still feels her up with his off hand and after she moves no more, he still grabs her neck and holds it hard. Shaking it just a bit to go harder. She is wide eyed, tear stained, and dead to the world. Hot dead redhead real estate agent hanging by a thin rope from the headrest, so he fondles her more, checking out her wet panties rubbing her crotch then again on her tits, fondling them roughly and getting his fill before he exits and leaves her there with the drivers door still wide open. The dead woman hangs from her chair and stares into the abyss. Her body is panned and viewed with care from every angle.  THIS SPY IS FUCKED
    15 minutes

      THIS SPY IS FUCKED - Agent Black Swan is fairly new to the spy game, but she is always picked for the domestic jobs; like sneaking in someones house or office and getting away with the information. She likes to dress like a soccer mom, in jeans and a t shirt , sneakers, with her hair in a pony tail, to blend in with the locals to get her objective. This job was no different, a piece of cake, get in get out scenario. It was just before dawn when she broke in to the large house in a quiet neighborhood to get an envelope marked TOP SECRET. She tiptoed down the hall and up the stairs, moving quickly, checking drawers, files, desks, and books to find the info. She bounces back down the steps and into the kitchen, where there is a drawer with miscellaneous items and the large envelope with the documents. She pets it with her tight black gloves, and then her phone rings. She answers and it is headquarters, telling her she has been made, and a nasty hit man is right outside the door. Just when she gets the message he is there, and she hangs up. "Agent Black Swan I presume?" he says with his pistol already drawn and pointed at her. She just looks away with her eyes and says nothing. He tells her to take her pants off, then asks, "Where is the information?" She stutters to say "I don't know..." and he shouts "NOW!" She reaches down to the discarded jeans pretending to get the info, he advances closer with her in his sights. She throws the jeans at him and tries to run but right before she gets to the opening, he shoots her in the back, making a nice bloody hole in her shirt, and knocking her to the floor face first. She groans in pain and passes out from the shock. He comes around the corner and grabs her leg, flipping her over, running his gun over her thighs, belly button, and panties, which are already getting wet from the excitement. We know how spies love their work a bit too much sometimes. After he gun molests her, he slaps her back awake, and drags her down the hall to a bathroom, to contain the mess he is about to make to get his information, and finish the job. He throws her in the tub and she is in pain from the back wound. He kneels down and taunts her telling her he will kill her if she doesn't give up the info. She is reluctant so he cuts her shirt off with scissors. He presses the gun barrel up to her breasts hard, asking again the location of the secret info, reminding her he will kill her. She finally tells him it is in the drawer where they had the altercation, so he heads down the hall to get them. She sits up, and has lost a fair amount of blood. She is not in shock still, so she tries to get out of the tub but she is too weak and falls back in a few times trying. He comes back with the envelope, thanking her for her choice. She begs him to spare her, and he stands over the tub saying, "Now you die bitch!" He plugs her twice, one in the button hole and one in the belly an inch and a half below, she jerks and bucks,slamming into the tub as she clutches her belly wounds with her gloved hands. She begs again for him to help her and that she will do anything to get to a hospital. He says, "Anything?" and removes her panties as she bucks in pain as her belly bleeds. After he removes her panties he stands and fires two more rounds, a bit slower(SHOWN 2X) getting a hole in each breast. She cries out and grunts in pain, this is really starting to get her horny so she starts to masturbate. Her gloved hand sloshing in her wetness as she furiously works her pussy with her juices, and gags and bucks from the pain of 5 shots in some of the most sensitive, but erotic areas. She is going faster and faster, getting closer to cumming and being in agony and pleasure. Her pussy opens wide inviting him in. He knows he wants to make sure she is going to be almost done before he fucks her so as she is cumming he pops a slug between her breasts. She bucks high out and slams back into the tub as she shivers from her near death orgasm. She is in full shock as he pulls her by the feet, removing her socks first of course, He gets undressed while she writhes in pain and agony, bleeding on the white tile. He shoves his cock in her already pulsing pussy as she is still having orgasms as he fucks her. As he slams her she moans in pleasure and agony. He cums inside her hard, then pulls up, grabbing his pistol and pinning her down., He puts the pistol to her pussy, sticking it in and pulling the trigger, twice. She bucks and quivers, jiggling as her body quakes from the pain and pleasure, after a hard twitch and straightening out of her body, she goes limp. He gathers up his things, checking her to see if she is dead, her eyes wide from the final moment. He exits quickly, and leaves her corpse on the bathroom floor, fucked in so many ways. Poor spy. Body pans and close ups of the best parts.

    Random CHRIS CORNER Clips more
    18 minutes
Starring: Coco as Grace X
Awesome w/ Belle Fatale

Four scenarios, each one with two gals that are struggling with some sort of dilemma, for doing something dirty or underhanded to their boss, or someone in crime. Grace X the hitwoman sneaks up on them, says something clever, and continues with the precise placements of her slugs. Two scenes are silenced head shots with quick deaths, and two scenarios are not suppressed. One scene she has dual 9mm pistols, and another the handy model 92A to do the deeds. Head shots, breast shots, pussy shot, belly shot. Full sound and gun fx, bullet holes, but no blood. Enjoy!

Scene 1: 
Strip to death..
Two stupid strippers are getting dressed to make some money, but the owner of the club is tired of them being indecisive and stupid, so he sends in Grace X, his trusty Hitwoman to tie up a couple loose ends. Grace sneaks in and when she is in position, unannounced to the two sluts, she waits o get a word in edgewise which is, "Hey Cunts", thweep, thweep..they hit the floor from gunshots between the eyes and die instantly. Grace mulls over the dead gals, checking pulses and kicking their legs open. After inspection she exits to hit the ATM to cash her huge check! Body pans of the lovely dead slutty strippers follow. 

Scene 2:
The Long Trip...

The two hot, scantily clad and topless coeds sit on the sofa discussing their trip to the islands. they seem content until they realize why the have to leave, and it hits Belle, she needs to be off the mainland because of a hit out on her. She smiles when she thinks she is home free, but around the corner comes Grace X, with two 9mm pistols, right and left handed she tells them, "You aren't going anywhere bitches", and bam bam, each gun hits each gal, Awesome right in the heart, and one in the right breast of Belle, purposely, so she can watch her suffer a bit before she finishes her off with a mouthful of one of the guns. After Belle tries to crawl away, Grace X grabs her, flips her over, and sticks the gun inside, deep into her mouth and pulls the trigger after some squealing, Belle dies instantly, mouth wide open. She checks them a bit then exits to cash out! Body pans of the sexy bitches follows.

Scene 3:
No Sick Days...

That is exactly what the boss says at the accounting firm, during tax Season, no days off, and absolutely no sick days. His two careless secretaries do not give a rat's ass, so they are laying in bed, talking about nipples, sipping on some beers, with their long socks on, just relaxing. Much to their chagrin, Grace, the bosses, "Acuntant" is in their flat and listening to them talk smack about her. She slowly moves to the room with her briefcase, and reaches in for the silenced pistol. The gals notice her audacity and question what she is there for and how she got in the flat. Grace is stone cold and just says, "The boss has a message for you, and taps them each with a shot to the head, they both die instantly on the bed, in their sexy long socks. The sexy hitwoman puts the gun back in her case and says, "No Sick Days you dumb bitches" and exits, leaving the two sexy babes to be panned and viewed for a bit. 

Scene 4:
Slip poker....

Someone forgot to tell these two idiots that they should not gamble with the bosses money, especially playing poker with the rival gang, that just left with their whole case of cash. They plot on how they are going to win it back by organizing another game and credit card scamming to get the down ante. They have no idea the boss has them tapped and now he is going to have them double tapped, but in a different way. The hitwoman comes in and wastes no time sending a message that you can't steal from the boss, she shoots Belle twice, once in the tummy and once in the left upper breast, killing her pretty quickly, she twitches and writhes a bit while the scared Awesome looks in shock as the Hitwoman grace kneels down and puts the gun against the scared bitches pussy and fires, sending the gal back in her chair a foot. She dies soon after and the hitwoman heads off into the sunset to collect her loot. The tow scantily clothed gals are slumped in their chairs by the table. They are viewed and panned with their lovely death stares. The End...

Well after all the outtakes, can't resits to show how we do it! The gals enjoy this stuff, and do prefer it over degrading porn! Thanks! CB

Run Time: 18:10 minutes
File Size: 324 MB	Format: .WMV
    16 minutes
      IN THE PUSSY Out The Belly - IN THE PUSSY Out The Belly
Starring: Dani and her favorite toy

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**


Dani is alone again and wants to set up her camera and play with her favorite toy. As she streams for the fans that love to watch her do a strip tease on the bed with her M190 pistol, fully loaded with nothing in the chamber. She tells her fans she is loving her favorite toy tonight and rubs her hard nipples with the barrel of the pistol, then her belly and her pussy. She licks the barrel of the gun in her sexy bed dance getting more comfortable, removing her button down shirt with the pistol. She is in just lingerie now, and a sexy silver necklace. The lingerie is very revealing, showing her breasts and just a sliver of lace in the crotch. She rubs her breasts and pussy moaning lightly and smiling into the camera as she does a daring slide back, chambering a round in gun with a smile and a wink. She gets into a different position laying back and moaning more and more as the gun rubs over her clit getting her wet. She is so hot knowing there is a bullet in the chamber and using the gun to stimulate herself getting close to losing it and climaxing, as she turns the gun towards her and into her pussy she goes insane jolting and accidentally pulling the trigger and positioning the gun just right enough to shoot through her pussy and out her belly, above her mound and below her navel leaving a huge bleeding hole. She is in shock at first still letting out grunts moans and cries of pain from being shot through the pussy and out the belly. She writes and grasps clutching the belly wound as it pours blood through her fingers, spilling all over her hands and into her sexy lacy underwear. She is in shock but writhes around in great pain moaning and moving around the bed crying and moaning from the pain of the burning wound. She gets to her knees and it starts to pour out of her belly, she grunts and moans more as she realizes she is leaking heavily in that position but it feels better, if it could at all. She tries to stay hunching and convulsing as she tries to maintain with some hope, but she knows she is going to die a long, slow, painful suffering death. She looks toward the camera extending her bloody hand out as if to ask a fan for help but they have nothing to offer, she is slowly dying on her bed she made, and is lying in writhing slower and slower, her responses and breaths become weaker and less frequent. She tries to stop the bleeding but it is too late, and the blood continues to leak out, every time she tries to look at the wound it boils up blood. She tries to keep it sealed but she is getting weaker and weaker until she eventually dies with only a twitch of anything left, expelling all of her final breath slowly eyes wide and then relaxed. Dead after an agonizing, long, and bloody gut shot wound. As her body is viewed by her camera, and other views and pans, the blood is still seeping out, but the body is still. Her face stays the same with the death stare and eyes that went from tragedy, to nothingness.

This was a special request that I think turned out well. The acting is absolutely believable and the blood and production work is top notch. Long death scene with a bunch of blood focused on the belly and pussy. Enjoy!! CB

Run Time: 16:20 minutes
File Size: 480 MB 	Format: .MP4
    20 minutes
Starring Ryanne(NINJA) and Steevie as THE NINJA AGENT

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

The N.A.A. or Ninja Assassin Agency has been clearing the West coast on a sting operation to take out Rogue Ninja Spies who are invading the land, and stealing information, sometimes killing the ones they steal from. The Ninja creeps around the house looking for information. She sneaks around looking in doors, peering around corners and looking out windows to make sure no one is around, and doesn't notice the Agent sneaking up behind her when she looks through a chest. It is too late when she realizes there is enemy behind her, and when she starts to make a move the agent is behind her getting her in a choke hold from behind. The agent is in full control as the Ninja flails, kicking and twisting trying to get out of the Agent's grasp, but the agent takes her back and tightens the hold. The ninja tries an elbow to the ribs but it just makes the agent mad and takes her to the sofa, wrenching on her neck, all the Ninja can do is try to pry the hold away but the agent is taller and stronger. The Ninja rolls some and bucks her hips high but eventually she loses and her eyes flutter. They go wide and flutter even coming back in and out but she is out in a matter of minutes. The Agent goes to work and flops the out cold Ninja to the side.  The Agent starts to caress her and slowly undress the ninja starting with her hood, she feels the Ninja up squeezing her big breasts through the suit and bra. She flops the ninja around on the sofa even removing the large pillows to have more room. She enjoys her smooth skin. This is one of the perks of the job, sometimes the Ninjas are hot! She rolls her and rag dolls the Ninja and undoes her bra, then she gets the suit down to her legs and plays with her ass, squeezing and slapping her ass to see if she will wake and have some fun in the mean time. She pulls the suit off, leaving only the mask, socks, and panties. She removes the bra and plays with her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. The Ninja barely reacts to the petting. She straddles the ninja and licks her from her tummy to her ear, spending more time by the ear and the Ninja starts to breathe heavy and unconsciously enjoy the kissing and petting by the Agent. The Agent gets behind the Ninja, doing more of the same, flopping her limbs and playing with her sexy and more than ample portioned body. The Ninja reacts by sighing, lightly moaning and scrunching between her eyes when the erogenous zones are touched or kissed, or even licked. The Ninja is getting a bit too close to being back awake so the Agent prepares for the few last minutes. She gets on her knees, getting the ninja up in her lap so she can break her neck by twisting it around so fast it kills her instantly. She gets a firm hold and does a few turns to test where she needs to go to break it well. After a few turns she snaps her neck with speed and grace, the Ninja slumping down to her chest and arms going limp. The Agent lets her flop to the sofa, getting above her checking her pulse. She is dead but there can be no what ifs. The agent takes one hand around her neck and crushes her windpipe, and the rest of the vertebrae breaking  a few with two hands. She checks the pulse again and know her helicopter is here, she must go. She caresses her face and moves her hair aside , and takes her suit for a souvenir. She leaves the dead Ninja on the sofa for someone else to clean up, and enjoy. Her body is seen from many different angles and views.

Ryanne and Steevie were Amazing in this, looking forward to editing the one Where Ryanne Kills a Ninja Steevie. Chris

Run Time: 21:21 minutes
File Size: 500 MB 	Format: .MP4
    27 minutes
      Fetnoir Hotel Ep 1 - Fetnoir Hotel Ep 1
Starring: Savannah Costello
w/ Rex and Chris B. as "The Red Toes Strangler"

Stunning 1280 x 720 HD Mp4

Story by: Silk Knot

Savannah has a death fetish profile and loves to hit the death fetish boards looking for great role play collaborations, and of course buy fetish clips that have all of her favorite things in them such as: Strangulation, Necro Sex, Neck breaks after the strangle for good measure, Stockings wrapped tight around her neck, and of course being rag dolled around the bed and screwed over and over. Getting herself filled to the brim with the killer's offerings, and it running down her chin, and dripping off of her painted toes. She had the biggest fetish appetite so when she saw an ad for "Fetnoir Hotel" and what their fantasy packages involved, she decided to book a stay at the old Hotel and what transpired after she checked in, was a wild ride ending in complete and utter......

Savannah arrived soon after check in to the 5th floor, she had to walk down to the end of a very long, and empty hallway to her room which was one of the last in the row. It was quiet and eerie, a great start to this escapade. She entered her room and set her stuff down, she was dressed in a short skirt, and sheer white blouse, and stiletto heels that showed off her long, sexy legs. She immediately looked over to the bed and there was a note, and a pink lap top, her favorite color. She opened it up and the hotel computer prompted her to type some additional info, she did not know that this was already part of the plan. The keys on the computer had a drug that makes you sleepy, and lose all inhibitions, making your dreams lucid and sexual feelings mounting. She started to read about her particular package.
"The Red Toes Strangler?" It was starting to make sense as to why they had her dress a certain way, very specific, as well as painting the toes with red polish. She started to get the picture a little, but she had no idea what was to happen next. As she read further she started to get sleepy, because of the drug, she also started to feel very aroused from the story of "The Red toes Strangler" and his many victims, the last being very similar to her. As she got comfy removing her shirt and bra, then putting the sheer, long sleeve shirt back on like described in the story on the lap top. She dozes off and right away she is in dreamland, dead, stocking wrapped tightly around her neck, and dead, eyes wide, tongue protruding to the side. She imagined the strangler choking her to death as she lay on the bed, then roughly grabbing her breasts and fucking her corpse that moved to and fro, while her eyes were wide and tongue was out. She was loving it and speaks about it in her dreams(voice over) She imagines him atking her in many ways from behind, then strangling her to death upright, behind her until she drooped and her arms went limp to her side. He snapped her neck and she imagines it, acting it all out in her dream, on the bed, choking, and being screwed with no visible killer. In her dreams though he is strong, sexy, young and virile, giving her dead body what it craves with sex. After she moves around on the bed, imagining herself being mouth sexed, and screed silly, and the Red Toes Killer sucking on her painted feet, she blacks out and crosses to another dream of her laying on a desk, face to the mirror, dressed with one shoe dangling off. She wakes up to sleep walk to the bathroom, remembering it a couple ways and her brain adjusting it correctly. She imagines herself in the bathroom, looking down at her red toes, and scrunching them a bit then looking up to horror and strangling she is receiving is intense, he strangles her in the bathroom, then putting her in the tub, she imagines he is screwing her many ways in the tub and bathroom, and him sucking on her painted toes and sexy soles being licked. She is in ecstasy, feeling light as a feather dreaming about the different ways he would strangle and fuck her body afterwards. Suddenly she is startled and woken, by her phone in the room. She answers and it is a message asking her to meet a tall dark man in the lobby bar of the hotel, she accepts knowing this is her strangler, taking her out after a few drinks and seduction. She grabs her bag with the sexy new dress and slides she bought for this special occasion. She straightens her toe rings and anklet as she puts on the sexy slide, slowly checking it out as she shoe plays. She brushes and fixes her long, blonde hair. She applies lipstick to match her toes and fingers red. She is ready and takes one last look in the mirror to make sure she is good top to bottom, grabs her purse and heads to the door. She opens it to leave but is shocked when a man is there with a stocking at eye level and heading quickly towards her neck. He rushes in and wraps the stocking aro0und way faster and tighter than the guy in her dreams. This man was a bit older and stronger, and taller, he had amazingly strong hands and right away had her wrapped tightly in his clutches and soon was under her and she was on top of him on the edge of the bed. The "Red Toes Strangler" made quick work of the her and strangled her hard, tightening the stocking around her neck tighter as she fights for her life, kicking so he can see her red toes. He finishes her off after a few minutes and she dies, tongue out to the side of her mouth, eyes wide with expression and shock. The man tosses her to the floor, grabbing and swooping her in his arms, then tossing her like a rag doll on to the bed. He goes to work removing the dress, rolling her over flopping her dead limbs like match sticks. He rolls her again and then picks her up, not caring about her dead body or how he flops her hard. He grabs her up and positions her for his fuck. He screws her hard, fucking her and her tits jiggling hard back and forth. He is so aroused by the strangle and build up he pulls out, cumming on her pussy, mouth and then cumming again on her sexy painted red toes. After glazing her mouth, pussy, and toes, he kisses her forehead, then exits. She wonders if this is a dream or real, but she knows after a while, she is not coming back from this fantasy any time soon, at Fetnor Hotel, we have one strict policy, if you are female and checking in, you will not be checking out. Her sexy dead corpse, covered in the cum of the Red Toes Strangler from head to toe, is panned and viewed from many angles and so sexy. What a pleasant stay! Thanks for staying at Fetnoir Hotel!

Thanks to Silk Knot for his wonderful writings and Savannah for her excellent ability to take direction and make it way better. This is a very intricate script with lots of details, voice overs, dream sequences and a few different death scenes as well as a great strangle at the end...what a crazy thing but we did it! More episodes to come soon, stay tuned! CB

Run Time: 26:15 minutes
File Size: 512 MB 	Format: .MP4
    8 minutes
Throat slices/Arrows

Starring: Coco
This is a series of short clips with Coco acting out her fantasies..

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Coco loves to act out her fantasies and today she is going through them all. After a good warm up she is ready to move on to some throat slice fantasy from a dark figure coming from the shadows. She gives a great performance knowing the attacker is lurking, coming to slice her throat wide open. She uses her finger to simulate the blade on her neck and gags and tongue out when she is bleeding and in pain and ecstasy from the sharp knife to her throat. After a nice throat session she hears something in the distance. It is the archers mounted on their steeds, bows on their backs, she can hear them but can't see them yet. She hears the wind howling and then the sound of the bow being drawn, the wait for the aim, and thump the arrow strikes her belly, she hears the bows again, this time more than one and they shoot her in the throat, and the chest. She takes the hits and clutches at the arrows when they pierce through the flesh of her body. They stick her to the wall, she sticks her hand down her leggings and plays with herself while the arrows stick and she feels the sting inside that makes her hot. Sharp objects still fly with the feather, and her arrowing is superb. She is exhausted from all the arrows stuck in her body as she grasps each one after the hit. She plays with herself imagining what is next.

Number two, it is wonderfully done. Coco pretty much directs herself through most of these scenarios and I gave her directing credit. She has come so far from just being hot and a good actress, she is freaking GREAT!! These clips are full res and priced cheap because some folks are into belly, some into the throat, some knife some arrow, etc. Instead of having a 2500mb file and hefty price, you can choose from the menu. If you are hungry, eat the whole CB

Run Time: 8:00 minutes
File Size: 400 MB 	Format: .MP4
    17 minutes
Starring: Belle Fatale as: Detective Martin and Freya as Spider Woman

A long list of missing persons from this area has detective Erica Martin coming the specific region where the disappearances have all occurred. She is alone, only her service weapon, a radio, and dressed in heels and skirt, with a button down top, not really the best attire for traipsing through the woods looking for a killer, who leaves no trace of the victims. As she moves tactically through the woods, down an old service road, Erica encounters all kinds of bugs and webs, one thing she really does not like is spiders, and spider webs. Ironically enough, moving behind her without a trace, A Spider Woman, moving quickly like a shadow through the woods from tree to tree without a noise. Erica is freaked out by all the bugs but keeps her composure. The spider playfully grabs a stick from the ground, snapping it loudly so it startles the Detective, and she spins around pointing her gun. The spider loves to have fun with her prey before ever feasting on her. There is a process, and to feed on this woman's juices and fluids, she must get her ripe and ready. Part of that process is the chase and the on set of fear and adrenaline pumping through her veins increasing the blood flow. The spider moves again, and Erica makes a call on the radio, sounding confident, but also mentioning there are a shit ton of bugs and it is creeping her out. After she tells HQ she needs NO Backup, the spider licks her chops and spills copious amounts of saliva readying her mouth for the feats of blood, cum, and plasma. She breaks another stick startling Erica who spins around and sees something out the corner of her eye. She is freaked out but keeps her stance, the Spider advances and breakneck speed and is upon her, shredding the detective's top with one swipe of her sharp claws, and disappearing into the brush, only to reappear and do the same thing to her bottoms skirt, and biting her on the ass twice, sinking her fangs and getting the first dose of venom in the detective's body, then vanishing into thin air. Erica trips staggers and falls face first in the dirt, writhing in pain from the bites. She moves around in agony, then quickly jumps up with blurred vision from the toxic venom that renders the victims helpless, but still fully aware, awake, and with enhanced physical feelings. As Eric spins around firing of her pistol at thin air, the spider makes herself seen and the Detective starts to back up pointing the gun but not being able to fire for some reason, the toxins are in full effect. She keeps backing up and the spider taunts as Erica backs straight into the web, immediately being entangled in the web and flailing freaking out as the spider laughs and taunts Erica. As she gets caught even more into the web trying furiously to escape but just making it worse every time she tries to break free. The spider knows this is part of the process and it is time to stimulate the body to bring forth the juices. She moves around to her back behind the web, reaching through and twisting and pulling on the detective's nipples to get the blood flowing. The spider moves around and takes a big bite into Erica's breasts, immediately the detective moans in pain and pleasure, sounding like she is having sex, slowly getting more and more into it as the spider sucks her breast, then massaging the nipples with her bloody tongue, almost vampire in nature. Erica moans in pleasure and pain as the venom takes effect more so in her sexual organs. She starts to buck and heave, moving around and breathing heavily as the spider has her way with her. She bites her breasts again and sucks them hard, leaving bite marks and tons of blood and plasma leaking out. After she sucks the breasts and the Detective is in full swing of her first assignment as a feast for a spider, and definitely her last. She asks the Spider, "what are you and what do you want from me?" "You are my food, and I am preparing you for my feast." the spider relied with a chuckle, then returned to her, but this time she was focusing on her panties, then removing them with a shred of her sharp claws. She starts to touch and massage her clit, stimulating the pussy to make the blood and juices taste best. She flicks her tong, biting the detective's pussy, blood and cum start to leak out as she is going full bore on her pussy. Erica is in convulsions orgasming and going into shock at the same time, her eyes rolling back in her head as the spider drains her body of its juices. She is relentlessly sucking and getting as much as she can, Erica is fading quickly and starts to buck and shake hard, then dies, but the spider keeps going and revives her for one last orgasm and final spurt of blood and juices to take in for her feast. As Erica's body revives, her eyes stay wide, but her body shakes and orgasms hard as the spider drains her of everything she desires, the cream of the crop. The Spider pulls back checking her work and laughing maniacally, removing the shell of a woman left on the web. The detective is limp and drained, and falls to the ground as she is released from the web. The Spider will continue to take what it needs over the next few hours and days, so she rolls the body over and drags her off into the woods to her pile of bones and hair.

HOLY MOLY! THE ACTING IS SO WELL DONE! You already kno0w Belle but she is on some times 100 stuff in this wow! Crazy good and so well worth it. I spent over 30 hours editing this with the 3 camera set up and f/x. Wow! This is what sets us apart. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 17:00 minutes
File Size: 795 MB 	Format: .MP4

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