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    Clip Description

    Starring: Belle Fatale w/ Jigsy as The Green City Strangler(GCS)

    **FULL 1920x1080 HD**

    It's been nearly two years since we heard anything about the Green City Strangler, but that is about to change this evening. As the Strangler sleeps in his crappy storage unit, in his moth eaten blanket and old lounge chair, he tosses and turns, sweating and facial expressions mocking his dream of his last victim, Awesome, in his clutches, the sweat beading down her face and the rope digging into her neck, her scream that is cut off to choking as she is taken by him. He is obsessed and this evening he will make his mark again. As he finishes his sleep and his dream, the death stare of the first victim is embedded in his mind as he comes to and gets ready for his big day.

    He stands behind some trees, just out of sight from his new victim, he has been stalking er for a while and his dream influenced his actions as he watches the new victim getting out of her car from work and heading through her gate into her yard towards the door. As she goes through the gate she is distracted by the phone ringing and heads in the house to get out of her clothes and talk to her BF before they go out for dinner. The GCS waits for the coast to clear and heads to the gate, which didn't latch and is open, he has his ski mask on so just in case, he won't be made. He has his small day pack slung over his shoulder with his tools for the trade, some cord, rope, lock and window tools, and of course the only thing he owns which is a fancy smart phone to document his future victims, since he only has a memory of the first. While he sneaks and looks through the windows, he sees the young woman, in a silk robe and talking on the phone in a big chair with her sexy feet on the ottoman, crossed and rubbing her feet after a hard day. She talks sexy to her man and tells him she needs to shower before he gets there in a couple hours. As she heads to the shower the GCS is at the window with his tools, breaking in and coming through the window. As the shower starts the young woman sings beautifully, a rendition of a very good song as he cleans up and washes herself for her date and sexy time with her man. She is very content and happy as she finishes up her shower and song ready to have a fun night. She wraps in a towel and heads to the bedroom where the strangler has already made his way to. He has a thin black cords and waits unseen inside the door. The young woman sets her phone on the counter top in the kitchen as she heads toward her room, when she reaches her door, the phone rings, she hesitates and turns toward the phone and a black cord and a masked man are barely seen offscreen and take her down to the floor with lassoing his cord around her neck. Her feet kick and flail in many directions as they stick out of the door of the room. She fights but he is playing with her this time and he chokes her until she passes out, then drags her into the room placing her on the bed. He folds her arms across her chest mummy style and he sets the right leg over the left at the feet crossed. He gets his phone out and takes a few pics of her and her feet. After a few snaps of pics he slowly makes his way sitting next to her side and caresses her face and slowly down to her feet. He rubs, sniffs, and kisses her sexy feet and toes, taking his time with each foot separately then together. He is very meticulous about the feet and she has the nice ones, similar to the last victim. The GCS is feeling it now so he slides underneath her, positioning himself to be comfortable and pulls out a nice black section of rope. He slowly wraps the rope around her neck and gets his hands nice and solid so he can pull tight and make it a nice long strangle to the death. As he slowly squeezes and tightens the rope until she comes to, eyes going wide and after a millisecond pause starts to flail and kick her feet, grabbing at the rope with both hands, clawing them hard and with no success, she bucks her hips and points her toes out. She is definitely a fighter and he needs to win this one, but he is calm and in control, this is his wheelhouse, not the asylum where they keep you hopped up on Thorazine and can't feel. The struggle is long and every angle in fact his point of view is often reflected on and it wins big! He strangles her to death and as she is almost gone she mouths,

    He is thinking yes and keeps a nice firm rope taught on her neck as she changes colors and tries to gasp but gets nothing , losing the use of her limbs and where they go leaves her helpless, he continues to compress the rope on her neck as she dies. After she is dead, but still twitching he plays with her a bit, sliding down to smell her feet and caress her again. He puts her head on a pillow and closes her mouth, folds her arms mummy style again, and sits down next to her by her feet, enjoying them again one at a time, kissing, smelling, and rubbing them in his face. He is satisfied for a while now, but he has seen some hot women around town, he will build up his energy for the next one, maybe this brunette name Hannah...?

    He takes plenty of photos of her to remember her by. He exits after taking the rope from her neck and making sure he left no physical evidence. Body pans and views of the aftermath are done in great fashion.

    I had a blast doing this, I spent a very long time getting it ready and did a few different things to mix it up, hope you all like it. CB

    Run Time: 24:30 minutes
    File Size: 850 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      1 minute
    Format Size
    m4v898.75 MB

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Starring: Ana Molly w/ J.D. Cameo by SaraLiz


Ana likes to be at home taking care of the house while her man works long days to bring home the bacon. As she straightens the living area of the place she notices a couple of her stockings in between the screen and keyboard of her man's laptop. When she opens the computer she sees something on the screen that shocks her and makes her take a seat. As she looks at the video on the screen she notices the woman(SaraLiz) is not moving and her eyes are wide open. She also has a stocking toed around her neck which is odd to her. As she continues to watch the video, she notices that the woman appears to be dead. She continues to watch as the woman's body is viewed naked and ravaged, from many angles. When she snaps out of her day dream she is playing with herself, pinching her nipples, and sticking her hands down her pants to play with her pussy. She knows, as a redhead she takes the cake when it comes to horny housewives. Sometimes her appetite for sex is so great she has to have it in the morning, afternoon, evening and in the middle of the night. Before long she finds herself getting very aroused. She has a plan that will serve her what she needs and give him a big surprise in his secret fantasy life needs. She undresses and heads to the bathroom where she puts on some make up and her sexy thong, leopard bra and nighty, along with some sexy heels that show off her painted toes. After some sexy red lip gloss she is ready to show him she can play dead too. She calls him telling him he must leave work immediately and come to her, she has a huge surprise for him when he gets home. After hanging up she opens the laptop and gets a refresher on how to tie the stocking around her neck and what pose to be in when he arrives from work. She lays on the rug in the room and positions herself to look dead, strangled, and ready to fuck. She gets into her position and stays that way, practicing until he gets home. When he walks in the door, he sets down his lunch box and smiles, saying alright in a this is a great surprise kind of tone. He kneels down and starts to grope her, his love and now fantasy playing dead wife. He gets a bit more aroused as he peels her nighty off, then her bra and panties. He sucks her nipples, and licks her pussy to get himself closer to being hard. He sits her up and rag dolls her a bit before he uses her hand to stroke his dick. He has to remind her to stay limp every couple of minutes but after a minute she gets the idea and stays still. He gets his dick harder as he gives himself a dead hand job.  As he kneels closer to see her face and his cock getting iron hard she breaks character with , "I can't take it anymore" as she grabs his cock into her mouth and starts sucking furiously. She sucks his dick so well, looking up at him as she spits on his rock hard dick, then licking his balls and shaft as she winks at him and uses her free hand to rub her pussy and finger herself deep. He loves a great BJ but she doesn't get that his fantasy is to have her dead face being fucked, so even though she is doing an A-1 job on the BJ, he tells her to play dead, so she lays back down and plays dead. He removes her shoes and kisses and sucks her toes as he enters her. He is hard as a brick so he starts to fuck her as she lays still, keeping her eyes open and not breaking character. He is holding her body like a corpse as he fucks her slowly getting full penetration, having to remind her to be still and not say a word so he can have his way. After a few minutes she starts to moan and can't stop telling him, "I want you to fuck me now!". He has tried but she doesn't get it so after she won't play dead for him like he wishes, he just grabs the ends of the stocking and pulls the ends tight as he detaches himself from her. She doesn't really understand what is happening until it's too late and he is behind her with the stocking ends wrapped around his fists and pulling tight so she can't get air. As she kicks and grasps at the stocking, he just pulls harder keeping his eye on the prize which is to necro fuck her fresh warm, twitching corpse. He sees her kick her legs and her painted, sexy toes straighten out, spread, and go limp after a long strangle. She is so intense and face red as her hair flowing on her head. He even goes a bit longer to make sure she is dead, digging the stocking in deep as she tries to mouth some air, but none is to be had. Now that she is dead, and her last twitches are vibrating, he looks down moving the stocking aside to see the lines the stocking dug into her freckled and fair neck. He moves her to a good position and is already hard as a rock so he goes right in after a little kissing and pussy licking. He gets on his knees and fucks her warm corpse, harder and faster, watching his dick go in and out of her mound as he builds up for a climax. He rams her hard and fast pumping her as he breathes heavy, not having to shush her or tell her to stay dead, she is one hundred percent dead and the thought of it make him pull out and cum all over her red bush. He finishes getting the cum out and then gets up to get dressed for work again, knowing that it was just a long lunch and he could come back after work for round two. As he gets dressed, her dead body is panned and viewed from all angles and after he leaves a bit more in peace and quiet. If she would have just stayed dead for him, he could have enjoyed her so many more times. Well, time to find another one.

Great acting and HOT BJ, SEX, AND CUM SHOT! Ana Molly is a hot one! It is nice to see natural beauty and natural looks. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 27:30 minutes
File Size: 1250 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Treasure w/ Johnny Wood

Finally the parents let Treasure stay at home while they go to a dental convention in Toronto. She is excited, talking to her friend, telling her she can't come over, this is the first time and she wants to behave..She already spent most of the money they left her but has just enough to get some Pizza Delivered. When the delivery guy gets there he is clean cut and smiling, she invites him in and thanks him for delivering to the back door, she has no idea that today she will also be getting it in her virgin back door! She accidentally drops her wallet and when she bends over to grab it, the pizza guy grabs her cunt, and ass, she turns and tries to slap him but he blocks her and punches her in the stomach. He punches her in the gut again, but harder, knocking her to the floor, he grabs her hair and says that she better just go with it or she is going to die. She is scared, and as he pins her to the floor he starts to finger her roughly, she struggles, then gets free, she runs, but he grabs her by her legs and pulls her hard to the floor. The man is rough with her slapping her and punching her, he also wants her to know that he is not fucking around..He slaps her again before he rips her shirt all the way open, exposing her huge titties, then twists, abuses, and has her way with them. He wants more, so he goes to the kitchen rifling through the drawers for something to bind her, Gaffers tape is the best option so he takes her to the floor, rips the rest of the shirt off and tapes her arms behind her back with great force. She is crying but his knee is in her neck holding her to the floor so she cant do a thing. He picks her up by the hands and hair, and sticks his dick in her face, she objects so he forces her with a sharp knife to suck, lick the shaft, and balls, of his cock..He gags and chokes her while he mouth fucks her hard. He gets bored and wants more so he grabs her up and throws her on her mattress on the floor. He jumps on her and forces his cock into her pussy, raping her over and over while she begs him to stop.. he does her every which way, then he tells her she is going to have a rough day, and is going to pay with her ass, he fingers her ass, then rapes her ass with his huge dick. She screams and pleads for him to stop, he is too big, and her ass hurts. He fucks her harder in the ass and does for a while, then he heads over to the kitchen to grab some cash before he leaves..He sees she only has $14 and change, it makes him so mad, so he grabs a rope in the drawers and heads to her room, where she lies in the fetal position, in pain and disgust.

he comes back to the room very upset and grabs her again and forces her to give him oral, sucking and licking the balls and shaft till he cums all over her face and eye. H then grabs the rope and says they are not finished, he is in a rage and strangles her hard, in many different positions around the room, upright, on the floor, the couch, and the bed. He strangles her so hard, she fights, gags, drools, and chokes more from the tight rope around her neck. She kicks, and grabs for the rope, twitching and gasping, eyes wide open, tongue fishing for air. He fights her hard and wins, after she is dead he removes the rope, showing the amount of friction and tightness around her neck. He then moves her around, carrying and positioning her for the body pans...Long pans and different views of the poor dead girl, as he leaves he calls his boss and tells him they were shorted and someone didn't answer at the house...


Run Time: 41:00 minutes
File Size: 690 MB 	Format: .WMV

Starring: Belle w/ Alexander & J. Wood

A television reporter has a few informants on her side, and she is holding out for the big story to expose a militant group that trades weapons, and is involved with major organized crime in the city. The reporter thinks she is home free and comes to her hotel room where she is in hiding. The two men that are in charge of alleviating these types of problems are waiting outside her place plotting their plans. They break into her room, set up and hide to surprise her and get some answers. When she arrives she settles in, then calls her editor, explaining how she is ready to finalize the story, and when she hangs up and goes to the table, the two men surface and grab her. The boss asks her who her informant is, she says she does not know so he punches her in the gut. The woman is stunned and cries "please no"! The man asks again while his partner, known as "The Ass Man", holds and taunts her. The boss grabs his tazer and zaps her for a few seconds, making her body jerk and heave. He asks her again, but she does not supply anything so he knocks her out with the tazer.

The two men take her to their room and tie her up to the top of the pantry door, hands above her head. They ask again, removing the black sack from her head, covering her from knowing the location. The two men beat her, tazer her body and then rip her dress off. They fuck with her while she cries that she knows nothing. The boss grabs a couple beers from the fridge, they enjoy them while she squirms and cries. The Ass Man puts a bottle to her pussy and fucks her with it as she begs to please stop. She can't fight because her hands are duct taped together. After she still will not give up her source, they take her to the bedroom, fucking her face till she gags and spits up drool and fluids. Both men force her to suck them off, then the "Ass Man" takes over. he fingers her from behind then rapes her vagina from behind. She cries in terror as the large cocked man fucks her hard. Then he pulls it out, fingers her ass then takes her anally, very rough from behind. Then he flips her over, screwing her ass from the front as he looks in her eyes. Then he pulls out grabs her hair and serves her up a large facial, cumming all over her, then re entering her mouth for a swabbing. He throws her to the carpet as the boss takes over, he too fucks her face and then cums in her mouth deep throat, after he finishes, he throws her to the side and goes to grab the rope. He puts the rope around her neck, keeping her upright so the Ass Man can finger fuck her while she is strangled hard; drooling, gagging, choking, gasping, and bucking her hips and trying to claw at the garrote. She fights hard twisting, eyes bulging as the rope digs into her neck. After she fights for a while she slows, then twitches till she is still, dead, eyes ope, tongue out. The two men discard her and go to the fridge for the rest of the beers. We are left to pan and view her dead corpse.

Run Time: 42:15 minutes
File Size: 650 MB 	Format: .WMV

    Fetnoir Hotel Ep 1 - Fetnoir Hotel Ep 1
Starring: Savannah Costello
w/ Rex and Chris B. as "The Red Toes Strangler"

Stunning 1280 x 720 HD Mp4

Story by: Silk Knot

Savannah has a death fetish profile and loves to hit the death fetish boards looking for great role play collaborations, and of course buy fetish clips that have all of her favorite things in them such as: Strangulation, Necro Sex, Neck breaks after the strangle for good measure, Stockings wrapped tight around her neck, and of course being rag dolled around the bed and screwed over and over. Getting herself filled to the brim with the killer's offerings, and it running down her chin, and dripping off of her painted toes. She had the biggest fetish appetite so when she saw an ad for "Fetnoir Hotel" and what their fantasy packages involved, she decided to book a stay at the old Hotel and what transpired after she checked in, was a wild ride ending in complete and utter......

Savannah arrived soon after check in to the 5th floor, she had to walk down to the end of a very long, and empty hallway to her room which was one of the last in the row. It was quiet and eerie, a great start to this escapade. She entered her room and set her stuff down, she was dressed in a short skirt, and sheer white blouse, and stiletto heels that showed off her long, sexy legs. She immediately looked over to the bed and there was a note, and a pink lap top, her favorite color. She opened it up and the hotel computer prompted her to type some additional info, she did not know that this was already part of the plan. The keys on the computer had a drug that makes you sleepy, and lose all inhibitions, making your dreams lucid and sexual feelings mounting. She started to read about her particular package.
"The Red Toes Strangler?" It was starting to make sense as to why they had her dress a certain way, very specific, as well as painting the toes with red polish. She started to get the picture a little, but she had no idea what was to happen next. As she read further she started to get sleepy, because of the drug, she also started to feel very aroused from the story of "The Red toes Strangler" and his many victims, the last being very similar to her. As she got comfy removing her shirt and bra, then putting the sheer, long sleeve shirt back on like described in the story on the lap top. She dozes off and right away she is in dreamland, dead, stocking wrapped tightly around her neck, and dead, eyes wide, tongue protruding to the side. She imagined the strangler choking her to death as she lay on the bed, then roughly grabbing her breasts and fucking her corpse that moved to and fro, while her eyes were wide and tongue was out. She was loving it and speaks about it in her dreams(voice over) She imagines him atking her in many ways from behind, then strangling her to death upright, behind her until she drooped and her arms went limp to her side. He snapped her neck and she imagines it, acting it all out in her dream, on the bed, choking, and being screwed with no visible killer. In her dreams though he is strong, sexy, young and virile, giving her dead body what it craves with sex. After she moves around on the bed, imagining herself being mouth sexed, and screed silly, and the Red Toes Killer sucking on her painted feet, she blacks out and crosses to another dream of her laying on a desk, face to the mirror, dressed with one shoe dangling off. She wakes up to sleep walk to the bathroom, remembering it a couple ways and her brain adjusting it correctly. She imagines herself in the bathroom, looking down at her red toes, and scrunching them a bit then looking up to horror and strangling she is receiving is intense, he strangles her in the bathroom, then putting her in the tub, she imagines he is screwing her many ways in the tub and bathroom, and him sucking on her painted toes and sexy soles being licked. She is in ecstasy, feeling light as a feather dreaming about the different ways he would strangle and fuck her body afterwards. Suddenly she is startled and woken, by her phone in the room. She answers and it is a message asking her to meet a tall dark man in the lobby bar of the hotel, she accepts knowing this is her strangler, taking her out after a few drinks and seduction. She grabs her bag with the sexy new dress and slides she bought for this special occasion. She straightens her toe rings and anklet as she puts on the sexy slide, slowly checking it out as she shoe plays. She brushes and fixes her long, blonde hair. She applies lipstick to match her toes and fingers red. She is ready and takes one last look in the mirror to make sure she is good top to bottom, grabs her purse and heads to the door. She opens it to leave but is shocked when a man is there with a stocking at eye level and heading quickly towards her neck. He rushes in and wraps the stocking aro0und way faster and tighter than the guy in her dreams. This man was a bit older and stronger, and taller, he had amazingly strong hands and right away had her wrapped tightly in his clutches and soon was under her and she was on top of him on the edge of the bed. The "Red Toes Strangler" made quick work of the her and strangled her hard, tightening the stocking around her neck tighter as she fights for her life, kicking so he can see her red toes. He finishes her off after a few minutes and she dies, tongue out to the side of her mouth, eyes wide with expression and shock. The man tosses her to the floor, grabbing and swooping her in his arms, then tossing her like a rag doll on to the bed. He goes to work removing the dress, rolling her over flopping her dead limbs like match sticks. He rolls her again and then picks her up, not caring about her dead body or how he flops her hard. He grabs her up and positions her for his fuck. He screws her hard, fucking her and her tits jiggling hard back and forth. He is so aroused by the strangle and build up he pulls out, cumming on her pussy, mouth and then cumming again on her sexy painted red toes. After glazing her mouth, pussy, and toes, he kisses her forehead, then exits. She wonders if this is a dream or real, but she knows after a while, she is not coming back from this fantasy any time soon, at Fetnor Hotel, we have one strict policy, if you are female and checking in, you will not be checking out. Her sexy dead corpse, covered in the cum of the Red Toes Strangler from head to toe, is panned and viewed from many angles and so sexy. What a pleasant stay! Thanks for staying at Fetnoir Hotel!

Thanks to Silk Knot for his wonderful writings and Savannah for her excellent ability to take direction and make it way better. This is a very intricate script with lots of details, voice overs, dream sequences and a few different death scenes as well as a great strangle at the end...what a crazy thing but we did it! More episodes to come soon, stay tuned! CB

Run Time: 26:15 minutes
File Size: 512 MB 	Format: .MP4

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