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    Clip Description

    Starring: Sinn Sage w/ Drake

    FULL 1920X1080 HD

    A young woman who is in the witness protection program is heading to a safe house before she is a key witness in a mafia boss trial. The private cop who unloads her cuffed, from the van is not even remotely interested in her flirting or advances. He brings her in the house and pushes her to the couch. She is pretty salty about having to testify, but if she doesn't she will go away for a long time. She starts by acting like a brat, asking for things she is not allowed to have and writhing in her cuffs, pouting. He tells her he is not interested in her or her advances. He clues her in to the reality that the detective that was supposed to be guarding her is in a dumpster. As he tells her he puts on skin tight black rubber gloves. He tells her that he is here to enjoy what he does for a living which is a killer. She goes for broke and offers herself sexually, even saying she will suck his dick so good he will never know a better BJ. He says he is not interested and chokes her, letting her feel some pain and know he is serious. The hired assassin plays into it a bit, and lets her up as she continues to talk sexy to him. "You like it rough huh? I can take it rough" He takes the cuffs off and tells her she can do one thing for him, maybe a strip tease. She says she can do that and anything else he wants. He tosses her against the door and chokes her again, telling her to dance and no funny stuff or he will blow her jaw off. She works it, stripping and dancing, giving him dirty sexy looks. He pulls out his Glock and starts to play with her as she is finishing stripping. He uses the gun on her tits, and on her pussy burying the nose of the gun into her snatch. He gets her thinking she will be fine and seduce him but as she is almost fully undressed, and her slacks are down to the boots panties down, he pops her in the belly right between the button hole and the mound. She looks up in shock, wondering why as she slides down the door and blood leaks from her belly. She is in shock and goes down to the floor, smearing blood on the wall from her hand that was clutching the belly wound. She looks at her wound again, squirming on the floor and as she looks up to him to ask for help and a hospital, he points his Glock at her breast and goes pop hitting her in the heart and blood pours from the wound. She flounders around kicking her black Knee High boots. He feels her up as she slowly expires from the mortal heart shot. When she is dead and he is ready, he scoops her up and carries her to the sofa. He feels her up and removes her slacks, leaving the boots on her feet. He inspects her sexy body and legs in the boots. He lifts her legs to see the curve of her perfect ass, then squeezes her tits. He plays with her limbs and fingers her pussy, slowly checking out her still warm body. He spreads her pussy lips to see what he is getting into ready to fuck her and his phone rings. It is the boss and he needs him on another job fast. He is instructed to leave the scene and let the cleaners to come to finish. Money is money so he says "yes sir" and hangs up. He takes off, leaving his gloves on until her gets out the door. Her body is panned and viewed from many angles, close and wide.

    Sinn Sage is a sexy gal. She is hot! This is a great acting and shooting vid.

    Run Time: 22:20 minutes
    File Size: 400 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      23 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v391.26 MB

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    GIRLS NIGHT 2No Reservations - GIRL'S NIGHT 2 No Reservations
Starring: Ashley Lane, belle Fatale, Genetica V. & Lexxi
w/ Bronson

Continuation of GIRL'S NIGHT. The jealous boyfriend drives the gassed out bodies around the woods, but needs to finish them off so he stops and unloads them from the truck, handling the bodies as he off loads them to the house. After removing all the gals the scene fades in to Genetica in the tub, still out from the gassing, the jealous man removes his shirt and grabs some paracord, he wraps it around her neck jiggling and jerking her around, slapping her face to wake her up. As she comes to he toy fully strangles her as she kicks and knocks all the shampoo bottles everywhere trying to get at the cord, he bends her back over the tub wall and finishes her off as she fights to live but is already dead. She twitches a bit and he removes the cord, heading into the laundry hall where Ashley is laying across the washer and dryer. He has her splayed out to see her long legs and her long neck extend as he wraps the cord and she wakes up simultaneously. She fights and kicks the wall, starting the dryer as her arm jerks to reach the cord. She fights but he pulls her extending her neck. As Ashley is being finished off Lexxi wakes up on the kitchen floor, realizing what is going on she calls out to Ashley and runs towards the man. With one arm he grabs Lexxis chin, still holding the garrote in the other hand strangling Ashley, and snaps Lexxis neck, and she slumps to the floor with a drop thump. She is instantly dead, eyes wide, and Ashley is finished off as she looks down at Lexxi, not having the strength or sense to mutter  thing. After Ashley is dead, the man fondles her and caresses her face, he did have a thing for her but he is enraged by his now soon to be ex girlfriends bullshit. He heads to the bed where he has his girl laying there. He takes the cord still wrapped around his hands and goes towards her neck. He looks at the cord and tosses it aside, he wants this to be close and personal, a hands on guy is he. He sits her up grabbing her by one hand throttle and starts to choke her as she comes to. He yells to her that he had reservations and now they are ruined. He chokes her as she tries to free herself, but he is so upset as he throws her to the bed he goes hard and crushes her wind pipe. Even breaking her neck in the process he still wants to get more. He throws her back down and fucks her dead body. He pounds her ard and fast letting her know he was the best and that he cant be replaced. He finishes up and then lays down on her. He spends a few moments then carries all the bodies across the field to a tarp where he will use them again later before disposing of her corpse. He adjusts them in a row so he can see them as the bugs and mosquitoes start to buzz around and the birds sing.

Very cool Horror movie type kills with lots of carrying and handling. Very cool video, the gals did so fantastic, proud of my cast and crew. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 13:00 minutes
File Size: 340 MB 	Format: .MP4

    GIRLS NIGHT 1Gassed and carried - GIRL'S NIGHT(Part 1)
"Knocked out and carried"
38 mins
Starring: Ashley Lane, Belle Fatale, Genetica V. and Lexxi
W/ Bronson

It is Monday and that is GIRL'S NIGHT at Belle's place. She always has her besties over, trading sex secrets, showing off the latest shoes and lingerie, having drinks, and eventually making out in lingerie, possibly leading to wild sexual encounters. When Belle's backwoods boyfriend decides it is his night now, she tells him to leave in his beat up truck so she can have her night with the girls. After he leaves pissed off, her friends start to arrive and they start to have fun. They all talk and trade secrets, each gal having her own personality and class, Genetica shows her sexy spendy lingerie, and Ashley follows suit, Belle shows her lace and stockings, while Lexxi can't seem to not be bursting out of her top, with her growing tits. They have fun with it telling stories, talking smack about others and then drinking. They get drunk and that is when the boyfriend returns. He parks down the road and looks with his binoculars, seeing the sexy gals in lingerie make him even more mad that his girlfriend is having a lesbian party while his friends wait to meet at the pool hall in town.  As the gals lose inhibitions and get drunker, they start to undress each other and make out. He decides they are loud and wont hear him so he garbs his tank of nitrous oxide and a hose and moves to the window that sucks all the air in. He gets it going and gasses the house. As the women kiss, finger. and play with each other the gas takes affect. They start to feel ill then eventually are out, twitching all over the sofas, but then they are out cold. He gives it a minute to make sure then heads inside to get started. He has plans: First he needs to undress and fondle them, methodically and thoroughly, then he wants to splay them out so he can see their necks and arms stretched, also their feet and soles. He loves this part but then he brings the truck closer and parks. He carries each gal one by one across the gravel to the big truck bed, where he puts each body in a row, saving his now ex girlfriend in the back opposite from the other three. They are still out cold as he drives down the road to his place to strangle and dispose of them. The truck drives along the gravel road for a couple minutes, showing the bodies bouncing in the back bed of the big truck, on the way to their demise. TO BE CONTINUED....PART 2:

Gals are: driven more in the truck bed, carried, Strangled to death(In the tub, on the clothes washer, in the bed, and a neck snap while a strangle is in progress(so much for trying to help your friends). Then Necro and more carrying to the disposal site with extended views.

This is so well acted and done, it is EXACTLY what the customer wanted, and one of the first times he said a producer has, "nailed it!". It seems to be the theme, another satisfied customs customer! Thanks! CB

Run Time: 38:42 minutes
File Size: 800 MB 	Format: .MP4

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