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    Clip Description

    Starring: Vivian Jade w/ Thor & J. Wood

    Vivian is a new teacher to the Valley School District High School and has just had one of her students arrested for numerous offenses. Being that this is a small town, the young man's two older brothers are not too pleased with the scenario. Some young, bitch teacher coming into their town and putting their brother in jail. Thor, the oldest, goes to pay Vivian a visit in her office after school, he has a bad temper and barges in unannounced, screaming for his brother's release. She is not budging and tells him to leave or she will call security. he tells her it is a big mistake. She finishes up her call with her teacher friend, telling him not to worry, she will have coffee with him in the morning. She walks down the steps in her business suit, lace top thigh highs, and heels into her Rover and heads to her house. The two brothers are driving around chain smoking cigarettes, pissed off and decide to pay her a visit. Thor says he has his kit with him, so they show up, barge through the door, grabbing her up, slapping and punching her in the gut to subdue the feisty teacher. They wrestle her to the ground punching and slapping her, trying to get hand cuffs on her. They finally get her cuffed and beat her some more, taunting her with the fact that she screwed up and needed to fix things, but it is too late. She screams in terror so they slap and gag her mouth. They finger her pussy and get her to her knees where the younger brother unleashes his cock and slaps her on the face. Thor holds her and forces her to suck him off, she is resistant so they break out a big marine knife and threaten to cut her open if she doesn't do exactly what they say. She is reluctant but follows orders, but fights the whole way. After she licks his shaft and balls on command they cut her shirt open, cut her bra, and remove her suit jacket, then they take her to the bedroom for more pain and torture. They drag her to the bed, throwing her on and immediately start to tie her up in four points spread eagle to get her ready for some action. They slap and beat her, choking her with their hands, sometimes at the same time. They take turns fingering, sucking nipples, and raping her. She is still fighting as they cut the ropes to her legs, then hold her down and rape some more. John boy fucks her face while Thor screws her pussy, then says, "Hey we should celebrate, how about some wine"? He breaks out the wine bottle and sticks it in her pussy, slowly, then ramming her with it while his little brother gags her with his long dick. She gags and chokes, drooling all over.. Johnny is really feeling it and cums all over her face, then slapping her. Thor says, let's choke this bitch and john grabs a rope and starts to strangle her. She fights as hard as she can, whipped from the beating and long rape. Her face gets so red, drooling, fighting, her hands tied behind her back. Thor does her some more with the wine bottle while she is being strangled, then grabs on to one end of the rope and they both tug on her making her face turn so red, and her eyes puff out. Her makeup went from perfect to completely smeared.. After a long strangle, in many positions, mainly upright, drooling, gagging, twitching, jerking, and fishing for air with her swollen tongue. She finally dies on the bed, with a slight twitch and an amazing death stare. The boys contemplate what to do with her body, so while they gather what they need, we see long body pans and closeups of her lovely face and body. Then they return to pick her up and carry her up to her truck.


    Clip Duration:      44 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv799.37 MB

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Starring: Freya w/ Jigsy

Freya is a Gymnast in her prime. She wears her tight black spandex jumpsuit, no shoes, with her hair up in a pony tail waiting for coach to begin. Usually they train in the gym but coach wanted to do a session at his place. Freya is naturally beautiful, no makeup needed, a Brazillian orphan, and her coach is from Romania, or so he says. She always wins her meets and has several medals in the world championships. Her coach as of the last few years is strange, especially since his wife, also a gymnast(former) died during a training session with him, and he hasn't been the same since. She stuck with him though because he always got her the win with his tough regiment. He starts her out with a lot of stretching. He is very strict about stretching and having good tone, as you can tell by his subject. She is all muscle and very strong, but he must make her limber and be able to hold her breath longer. As he helps her stretch, he gets a bit closer than usual, grabbing closer to her ass, breasts, and pussy. As he stretches her, he takes advantage of the view and the touch. After a while she starts to be annoyed by it and calls him out but he quickly diverts her attention by telling her what she is doing wrong and why he is so close.  She lets it go once more but as soon as she is in a position stretching, he grabs her and tries to remove her top part of her jumpsuit and she reacts with a "no!" and resistance. He gets very aggressive trying to pull off her suit, then he snaps telling her she needs to learn how to, "hold her breath better!" He grabs her by her neck, using the other hand to fend her off and pull her suit off. He struggles to get a grip but eventually gains control as she uses her might to take over. He wrings her neck with his hand, gripping and throttling her as she tries to pull away and get his hand free from her neck. He gains the upper hand getting her suit down to her knees, her bare feet kicking at him as he handles her with both hands. He chokes her out hard, remembering what he did to his gymnast wife, and knowing he is teaching his long time subject a lesson as well. She fights but she can't get free from his grip, her eyes roll back and become whites as she tries to breathe, her tongue protruding, fishing for some bit of oxygen but not getting anything. Her kinky hair flies around and he moves her around the room as she kicks, bucks, and throws her perfectly shaved pussy mound up high, bouncing it like a ball. As she fights, she loses this round and will not get a metal in the next meet. She will be dead. He finishes her off and makes sure by choking her harder. After she is completely limp, he starts his process of ragdolling her around the room, flipping her over, rolling her and picking her up. He drops her limbs around the room tossing her arms up and down, getting her in the sitting position to ragdoll her arms, making her touch herself on her clit and pussy lips. Her eyes are wide and her neck lolls around as he jerks her body around the room extremely rag dolling her body around the room. He is so infatuated with her and her sexy, perfect body, he has to make love to her dead body before she changes. He picks her up and dances with her then tosses her on the couch for a nice hard fuck. He enters her and pounds her as she bounces around, her head jerking and her tits bouncing. He lifts her up and throws her limp corpse on top of him and rag dolls her dead body while he fucks her. After a while he cums inside her and tosses her to the floor. He scrunches her body up into many forms, tossing her around, carrying her and swaying her body around before throwing her back on the couch to sit. He kisses her and takes off, saying he will come back later to deal with her. Long pans of the beautiful, dead, sexy, gymnast follow. 

Freya, holy moly she is so beautiful and naturally hot. One of my all time favorites. Her death stare is so good and always a great actress, look forward to many more years with this young lady. Thanks everyone. CB

Run Time: 17:30 minutes
File Size: 400 MB	Format: .MP4

"Knocked out and carried"
38 mins
Starring: Ashley Lane, Belle Fatale, Genetica V. and Lexxi
W/ Bronson

It is Monday and that is GIRL'S NIGHT at Belle's place. She always has her besties over, trading sex secrets, showing off the latest shoes and lingerie, having drinks, and eventually making out in lingerie, possibly leading to wild sexual encounters. When Belle's backwoods boyfriend decides it is his night now, she tells him to leave in his beat up truck so she can have her night with the girls. After he leaves pissed off, her friends start to arrive and they start to have fun. They all talk and trade secrets, each gal having her own personality and class, Genetica shows her sexy spendy lingerie, and Ashley follows suit, Belle shows her lace and stockings, while Lexxi can't seem to not be bursting out of her top, with her growing tits. They have fun with it telling stories, talking smack about others and then drinking. They get drunk and that is when the boyfriend returns. He parks down the road and looks with his binoculars, seeing the sexy gals in lingerie make him even more mad that his girlfriend is having a lesbian party while his friends wait to meet at the pool hall in town.  As the gals lose inhibitions and get drunker, they start to undress each other and make out. He decides they are loud and wont hear him so he garbs his tank of nitrous oxide and a hose and moves to the window that sucks all the air in. He gets it going and gasses the house. As the women kiss, finger. and play with each other the gas takes affect. They start to feel ill then eventually are out, twitching all over the sofas, but then they are out cold. He gives it a minute to make sure then heads inside to get started. He has plans: First he needs to undress and fondle them, methodically and thoroughly, then he wants to splay them out so he can see their necks and arms stretched, also their feet and soles. He loves this part but then he brings the truck closer and parks. He carries each gal one by one across the gravel to the big truck bed, where he puts each body in a row, saving his now ex girlfriend in the back opposite from the other three. They are still out cold as he drives down the road to his place to strangle and dispose of them. The truck drives along the gravel road for a couple minutes, showing the bodies bouncing in the back bed of the big truck, on the way to their demise. TO BE CONTINUED....PART 2:

Gals are: driven more in the truck bed, carried, Strangled to death(In the tub, on the clothes washer, in the bed, and a neck snap while a strangle is in progress(so much for trying to help your friends). Then Necro and more carrying to the disposal site with extended views.

This is so well acted and done, it is EXACTLY what the customer wanted, and one of the first times he said a producer has, "nailed it!". It seems to be the theme, another satisfied customs customer! Thanks! CB

Run Time: 38:42 minutes
File Size: 800 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Paige turner w/ Doc Chavez

A wife paces at home waiting for her husband to get home from work. He found out about her cheating on him with his co-worker, which was more than just painful, it was degrading. When he get's home she is dressed in only; bra, panties, black, sheer toe, thigh highs that have a bow on top of the leg, as well as her best Italian high heeled pumps. When they meet eyes, he looks down, she tries to explain, and say she is sorry, but he is very quiet. She starts to seduce him, to ironically take his mind from her infidelity, he obliges because he already has plans. She starts to undress herself and then helps him take off his pants, commenting on his attention. She gives him the eyes as she caresses him. He wants to be more in control so he pushes her to the sofa where he explores her tasty treat, and she grasps and moans. She says the magic words, "Please put it inside me"! He obliges giving her the cock. She thrusts and moans, reacting to his thrusts. They both fuck each other hard and then climax. She is satisfied sort of, and he surprises her by pulling her up doggy style and doing her from behind. She reacts feeling herself being filled. Then he pulls her hard by the legs so he can be flat on top of her for control. He grabs her panties and wraps them through the waist hole around her neck from behind, pulling lightly at first, she reacts as if he is getting kinky, she is oblivious to his intentions. He fucks and pulls harder, she starts to wheeze and choke harder, then reacting as if she is starting to realize what he is doing to her. he pulls back harder as she grasps and bucks her ass, but it just makes the sex better for both. She is so turned on, and in the process of crossing over at the same time. Her tongue protrudes as her noises turn to fully being choked. She fights, but she is pinned down, being fucked and strangled. He pulls hard, her eyes cross and her tongue sticks out, protruding to the side. Here eyes cross from lack of O2, and as they both climax, she fades away, eyes wide, crossed, tongue out. Her black stocking clad feet, and her sexy, still body lay on the couch. The man goes to the linen closet to grab a white sheet to use to dump her body with. He rolls her off the couch onto the sheet, he let's us pan over her sexy death stare and tall, sexy, frame before he rolls her in the sheet, waiting for dark to dump her. Pans of the wrapped body follow.

Cant say enough about Paige!! Awesome!

Run Time: 18:42 minutes
File Size: 365 MB 	Format: .WMV

Starring: SaraLiz and Belle Fatale w/ Jigsy

Two friends sit in a hot tub in the garage next to the main house. Sara consoles her best friend because her husband left after years together. The girl is clearly upset, and doesn't know what to do. The young lady takes her dogs out to do their business, leaving her friend Sara to sit in the boiling tub while she walked them to the end of the block. Sara tells her to be safe, suggesting she go with her, but the young lady just says, "don't worry, it's a nice neighborhood, and I have the dogs". She sits with her back to the door, taking the whole tub to herself while her friend walks her dogs. A hooded intruder finds his way into the house through the back door. As he is rifling through valuables and jewelry, he hears a noise and follows it. He sees the hot tub, with what he thought was a single woman enjoying a hot tub. He sneaks up behind her and uses her bikini top to strangle her with. He gets it just right and the startling surprise attack makes a big splash, literally. She fights hard and water is going everywhere. She grabs at her bikini top as it digs into her sexy long neck. He pulls her body almost out of the water as he pulls hard on her top, making her face turn a pink to purple. He is really giving it to her hard. She kicks her feet and splashes, trying to fend him off but ends up dead, mouth open wide, eyes bloodshot and still soaking wet. He immediately pulls her soaking wet body from the tub, her hands and feet wrinkled from soaking too long. He carries her to the bedroom so he can molest her. He takes her wet bikini off so she can dry out a bit while he plays. He hears the door open and hides. After a couple of dead body pans and views, the house owner is coming back in from walking her dogs. She heads to the hot tub, noticing that Sara is not there so she gets in, figuring she was in the bathroom or shower. She lays back and relaxes, as the intruder sneaks up in his black hooded sweatshirt and uses her bikini tops strings to wrap around her neck. She is so surprised but she fights hard smacking him on the head, splashing and thrashing like wet and wild style. He just pulls tighter and she just keeps thrashing, going in and out of the water like a bobbing apple, but fighting back like a cat that has been dropped in a cold lake. She slows down after he reefs harder and harder, changing the color of her face a dark red, matching her bloodshot eyes. After a long thrashing bout she slows down and he watches her die POV, then lets her down into the water so she floats, only her head and open death stare seen. He drags her wet body out by her suit top and cradle carries her to the bedroom where he lays her down. He plays with her as he removes her wet swimsuit to match her dead pal. He takes his time to caress and molest them as her drops their arms and legs, kissing and sucking their clean toes and fleshy breasts. He is loving feeling them up and rolling their naked bodies all over the bed, feeling their asses, then their breasts, trying to figure out the best way to pose them. He really would love to screw them both silly but realizes it would hurt his career as a petty thief, and now murderer of sexy ladies in a hot tub. He gets them positioned and set how he would like them, but they tip over into each other on the bed. He takes off to the other room to collect some stuff to sell down the road when the coast clears, as we see their sexy bodies panned and viewed.

These strangles are so good. WET AND WILD! Lots of thrashing about in the water and such great attention to the details. Thanks so much, more customs being released as the weeks and days are upon us. Thanks again! CB

Run Time: 25:00 minutes
File Size: 750 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Aubrey w/ Adrian and Doc

After her village was captured, a young lady is chased and captured in the woods. She is scared to death of the Slave trader who is a tall, dark, and handsome Jerk and loves to beat, whip, and rape women before he sells them off to Plantation and Mine owners> After he captures and whacks her over the head so he can snatch her up for the auction. She is his only seller for the day, and one of the last remaining, good looking, females to be sold. She is dressed in a Beer Wench costume with a pettycoat and stockings, heels, and no bra. He tits bounce up and down as she is chased and caught. She tells part of the story from her own point of view. The slave master stats to excite the crowd by showing her off. She is bound at the hands and a rope around her neck to drag her along. He punches her when she will not dance sexy for the men bidding. He threatens to whip her bloody as he slaps her, punches her and beats her tits. He tells the few owners that are interested to step up and feel her tits, then tells her to bend over and lets them see how tight she is and that she would make a great slave. He shows her off but everyone boos. He tells her to dance sexy and she refuses so he beats her more, then he cracks his whip, whipping her tits until she gives in to dance sexy. She starts to dance, hiking her skirt but he tells her to do it better, even telling someone to play the drum. She dances lackluster so she is punished. He whips her a bunch until her tits bleed and she is crying, bleeding from the mouth from being punched. He get's her to her knees out of the dirt and tells the crowd he will now show how good of a cocksucker she is. He forces himself in her mouth. She fights but obliges by sucking him off, better than he expected. She tries to do well, then he tells the one slave master left to come give it a try. Soon they are both getting the benefits at once, she is trading, until they both blow all over her face and tits. She is demoralized, and crying. He tells her to get naked now and start to dance. he whips her and yells at her to go faster, and do it better but she is so upset, in pain, and agony, that she can't do as they wish so he punches her face and knocks her to the ground again. He tells her she is worthless and that she needs to crwl to the truck because she will have to sell the next day she crawls towards the truck as we fade until.....To be continued....

Starring: Aubrey w/ Adrian and Doc

The slave is finally sold to a cruel master who uses the trader as a helper, he just changes his garb and still uses the whip on the poor young woman slave. They have her dressed only in a nighty. They make her move rocks in the beating son. No water, No break. They make her hoe in the field, but when she is not fast enough she is whipped by the master and the foreman. The master also breaks out his frog shocker which he uses to electrocute bullfrogs for dinner on occasion. He uses it to shock her all over her body, she tries to move the rocks and hoe the ground, but being slow they just whip her more. They make her work more, this time using the prod to motivate her. He leaves it on to long and she pisses herself. The dirt sticks to her blood and urine. She is a mess, still having to work hard. She begs for water, even offering up a blow job.. Well the master and foreman decide to wet her whistle, then make her wet theirs.. They both get sucked off then cum on her face and chest, pushing her to the ground and making her work harder. The master uses the gig shocker, and the foreman uses his whip to bash her tits, leaving slash marks from the whip, making them bloody mess. They tie her to a post and whip her almost unconscious.  They shock her some more till she passes out. The next day they make her do more hoeing and picking up rocks to move them to the pile. She slugs along trying to get it done but they crack the whip, beating her again and shocking her until she passes unconscious again. The foreman scoops her up, dumping the rocks from the wheelbarrow and putting her in to bring back to the house. The boss is standing there talking about how shitty of a slave she is and how they will get money back if she dies within a couple days. He throws the hoe to the foreman and he whacks her in the forehead killing her instantly. he body titches in the dirt for a moment, then she is still, staring into space, forehead gashed and bloody. They leave her there for a few while they put up the tools and lock the barn. The foreman puts the corpse in a pine box to display for the trading boss. Her body is viewed and panned. Thanks! CB

Starring: Belle Fatale w/ Chris B.

**FULL 1920X1080 HD***

This is a raw and rough lift up strangle. Perp wearing tight black leather gloves and a double hand throttle lift up, with kicking and dangling feet and lots of postmortem carrying, OTS, Cradle, and a few others, Rag Dolling and Limp play with the corpse. Customer specific with something for everyone.

Belle and Chris work together at an large environmental firm and are closely bonded in the workplace. One evening after a big meeting Belle gets a call at home from Chris. He asks her if she has time for a dinner later in the week to discuss some personal and work stuff. Immediately Belle gets defensive thinking he is hitting on her and trying to get in her pants, so she shuns him in a nice way and tells him "I don't date coworkers". She says she will see him at work, reiterating she doesn't date who she works with regardless of who else is doing it, obviously Chris has been silenced by her rambling accusations since the call began, so he hears her out and hangs up. She is single, home alone with her kitty, and says she "doesn't need anyone, especially from work". Well her kitty isn't impressed with her clingy nature to things other than men, so he runs away from her with a get away from me work. Belle shrugs it off and heads to the kitchen for some wine. She sees she is out so she grabs whiskey and an icy tumbler to pour it into. As she pops the cork and pours her glass, a figure appears behind her in tight leather gloves. When she spins around to set her glass on the counter he is already reaching for her neck, grabbing her throat with two hands and lifts her off of the ground. He chokes her as she fights with him slapping his arms and face as she kicks and thrashes about. He keeps her up off the ground with brute strength and thoughts of rejection and misunderstanding. He throttles her and starts to walk with her in the air to the counter. He sets her ass on the counter and lays her back getting a good grip as she straddles him kicking with her bare feet and legs, then wrapping them around to get leverage. He throttles her but wants to get the job done so he spins her as he walks around the counter to the living room and lifts her up again. He walks to the middle of the room and continues throttling her hard up off the ground. Her face gets red and her feet kick as they dangle off the ground. She tries to fight him but she is getting weaker and her arms are having a hard time doing anything to pry or claw. Her face gets redder and eyes bloodshot as she is now twitching and her feet pointing to the floor. After she is hanging there dead, dangling feet barely twitching postmortem, he drops her to the floor like garbage. He gets over her and checks her out, rolling her over and checking her limbs to see if she is dead. He picks her up like she is a small sack of potatoes and throws her over his shoulder. He carries her around a bit, back and forth letting her body sway back and forth limp as he holds her legs. He continues to carry her, then lets her down partially turning to a cradle carry and doing a few laps around the room slowly carrying her limp dead corpse, freshly strangled to death. After he carries her he takes her to the counter top. He lays her out lifting up her blouse and feeling her breasts with his tight kid leather gloves on, then pinching the nipples, then lifting her skirt and seeing her bare shaven pussy. He is not the type of man that wants sex on the first date, in fact she had him all wrong. If she wouldn't have been such a bitch, she would have met him for dinner to find out he was opening a new firm and asking her to be senior partner. So much for that plan, so Chris drinks a nice pull from her smoky whiskey and then puts her legs over his shoulders, then grabs her up in his arms, carrying her folded up with her ass on his chest and head on his shoulders in a frog position. He takes her to the sofa and sits down so she falls into his lap straddling him. He lets her arms and torso go back and to the floor then lifts her again repeating, pulling up her skirt to expose her sexy ass, then pushing her shirt up to show her tits. After a few times and rag dolling he picks her straight up legs dangling and carries her to her bed. He tosses her like rubbish on to the bed, but then straightens her up, flopping her around, rolling her over, undressing her while he caresses her perfectly toned body. He knows she was a total bitch and nobody will have to worry about her any longer. He will still move away and open his own firm. He plays around with her and then gets her set up on the bed, spread eagle, one arm up one down in a nice pose. She looks so beautiful and naked. Before he says goodbye he puts a blanket over her legs so she looks like she is sleeping with her eyes open. He tells her corpse about where she went wrong and the opportunities she missed. Then says, "thanks for the whiskey" as he heads back to the kitchen to finish the tumbler of smokey whiskey on the rocks. Her body is viewed and panned from different angles.

Belle Fatale. This young woman never ceases to amaze me with her ability to do just about anything. Lifted off of the ground and strangled over and over again takes so much strength and conditioning. I mean when you look at her abs geez you can really tell. What a great talent, we are really fortunate to have her with us, doing things others won't do. This year is going to be amazing film wise. Lots of fetish! CB

Run Time: 24:30 minutes
File Size: 700 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Coda w/ Chris B.

Chris attended a local music festival close to his pad, meeting this hot chick that gave him the eye near the beer tent. He approached her because she was wearing a tight purple, low cut dress, with high heels and opera gloves. She also had the longest legs he had seen in quite a while, covered in sexy fishnets. He couldn't pass this opportunity so he asked her back to his place for a drink and some fun. As they spoke on the way to his place he discovered she likes rough play, sex, and bondage, including some breath play and strangulation. When they walk through the front door it's apparent that she is a tall, sexy, willing nubile that is ready for action. He wants to make sure she will lose her inhibitions so he asks her if she would like a whiskey as she heads to freshen up in the bathroom. When she is out of sight he adds some powder from a baggie into her drink and mixes it with his finger to make sure it is dissolved. He is adding some molly powder(ecstasy) to her drink and that will for sure make her turn into a wild whore. They cheers to some good fun and music as she powers down her drink, taking a bit more for good measure. He slips behind her sizing her up and caressing her sexy body. he helps her take off the dress and feels her up, checking her hips and shoulders, then her neck. He removes her matching bikini top that goes with her garters and stockings, panties and such, then starts to play more. He leaves to grab a stocking to play with after confirming again that she is ready to fuck around. They start to get hot and heavy as he continues to finger her under her sexy underwear, wrapping the stocking around her neck and squeezing it a bit to test the waters. She stretches and bucks as he finger fucks her and pulls tight on the stocking with the other hand. After getting wet they slide to some pillows on the floor. She is rubbing his dick as she grinds on him in a straddle. He holds the stocking and crosses it to get good and tight affect on her sexy long neck. He asks if she wants to fuck and she says yes, not knowing that the drug is taking affect and making her even hornier. He grabs at her and he slips his dick in through his boxers, not wanting to waste any more time. He is so aroused as she moans and jerks with his strangling and fucking. They both climax as they both had a ton of build up. He throws her on to the floor and continues by finger fucking her and strangling her with the other hand, holding both sides of the stocking around her sexy neck. As he pulls tighter and she orgasms again she passes out from the lack of air. He checks her out a bit but then wakes her up. He gets her some more whiskey and she asks if there is anything else he can use to make it tighter like rope or something. He responds with a yes, elaborating about his garage where he has a hangman's noose and a heavy eyelet for them to play with. She is intrigued and ready to try. She asks if she can smoke first so after the drink they head to the garage where she smokes with her sexy holder, sitting on his project car and watching as he loops the rope through the eyelet and gets ready for some more fun. After a nice sexy smoke with her sexy holder, looking fancy on the hood of his car, he gets her to stand on a box so he can loop the nice thick rope around her neck. She is very willing to try and knows he can be trusted, or can he? He tightens the noose and runs the soft rope through her legs and pussy lips, asking her to pull on it and get a good feeling of what it is like while stimulating her pussy. She is getting hotter, as the mild dose of Ecstasy is taking full affect now. He tells her to hold on to the rope and stimulate herself as he goes to grab some more toys to make it even better. He comes back with a ball gag and some handcuffs, which he adds to her dilemma, and grabs the rope to take control of the reigns. She is enjoying the hanging so far but he asks her to step off the box so she can feel the hypoxia high. She is reluctant so he pulls the pistol from his back and points it at her, giving her a choice, "Take the plunge or I will waste you right now!" She is hesitant but knows she will die if she doesn't so she jumps off the box, hanging and kicking for a bit as he pulls on the rope. She turns red, fighting for air and just when she starts to panic, he lifts her back up to the box. He removes the gag and cuffs as he holds on to the rope. He tells her it is time to plunge again, but she wants no part of it, wanting to just be done and go home. He pulls out the gun again and points it at her, but when she won't go he just pushes the box out of the way and she plunges dropping, the noose cinching up on her sexy neck. She is flailing and kicking, swaying quickly back and forth as she panics. Her tongue protrudes and her face gets red as she starts to asphyxiate from lack of any air in the system. He pulls and lets her hang and dangle until she is dead. After a long bout with the noose she is a goner, he thinks she is dead, but she gives one last twitch and death rattle leaving her swollen tongue protruding just a bit. He lest her swing for a moment then grabs her with one arm, letting her down with the other to keep some tension on the rope. After he lets her down he lays her on the rug on the garage floor. He checks her out, lamenting about their fun time and her sexy death. He removes the rope and she has a nasty looking scar from the rope leaving a red mark around her neck. He leaves her to be viewed and panned from many angles. What a sexy bitch who was willing and able to go almost all the way. Too bad for her she is now joined with the others that disappear from music festivals in the area without a trace!!

Coda is so damn sexy, and really into this kind of stuff. I know we will have even more fun next time we see her and get even more down and dirty. Great job too! Thanks! CB

Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Ryanne, Genetica, and Kiki

Belle is a serial killer who loves the party scene. Summers in Alaska are lots of fun, but people love to drink, dance, and there are lots of bisexual women, so it is a haven for a killer like Belle. She has worked her way through the party scene, killing a select few, but after she kills the detective that is on her tail, she has a clean slate and a new lease on her killer life. She will not stop until someone, or something stops her. She is a charming, but brutal killer.

As Kiki is sitting in the chair taking selfies for her instagrand, Belle sneaks behind her, pretending to photobomb her and say \"cheese\", and at the same time wrapping the cord hard around Kikis neck and pulling back. She strangles Kiki so hard on the chair, lifting her as she tries to get away but instead gets herself further choked by the cord. Kikis huge tits and her cleavage bounce around and her eyes bug out. You can almost hear her thoughts she is so expressive and kicks her legs hard but slowly she loses her battle. Her luscious ass cheeks bounce against the chair. She claws at the cord, her blonde hair tangled in her death. Her sexy mound bouncing up and down her luscious ass cheeks, where they meet her pussy hang out of her panties as they buck against the chair leather. Eventually she dies and twitches a few times before she is done. Writhing around and dead from the cord strangle. Belle is tired but she knows it is not over. She releases Kikis tits from her bra feeling and squeezing them. She thinks all the tits in this house are incredible. She thinks she has time for fun and scoops up Kiki off the chair and dropping her on the floor. She rolls her over and flops her around before dragging her to the room and tossing her on the top of the bed with the others. Belle starts to fondle and talk to the corpses. She grabs all the boobs, especially checking out the new Kiki still saving Hannah for when she is awake. As she plays with Kiki\'s tits on the bed, Hannah starts to stir, quietly, then when she realizes she is laying on a bed with 3 corpses and a crazy broad, she jumps up and blood curdling screams her way into the living room, but Belle is fast as a cheetah and comes out the door behind her and lassoing the pantyhose around her neck and taking her down to the sofa. She pounces on her and gets the stocking tight before she tries to get behind her in her favorite position. Hannah fights so hard and she figured as much. That is why Belle saved her for last and let her get a small head start. Hannahs eyes are wide and she claws at the tightly wound pantyhose on her neck. She fights and kicks, her feet pointing flexing and kicking at the end of the sofa arm. Belle uses her feet to move Hannahs top down so she can watch her big tits bounce as she is being strangled to death. Belle tells her to look into her eyes and show them, and as she strangles Hannah looks back, trying not to be defeated but it is tough, Belle is strong and a pro at killing women with her hands and some sort of garrote. As Hannah winds down, Belle savors the moment, loving her twitch on top of her and her bucking against her groin.Hannah winds down to twitches and kicks, random and slowing. Eventually Belle finishes her off and Hannah is still, eyes wide and tongue lolling out. Belle gets out from under her and lets her flop back to the sofa like a pile of dirty laundry. She catches her breath and grabs Hannahs arms pulling her up to her and throwing the petite but built Hannah over her shoulder and taking her to the bed with the rest of the sexy dead bodies. She arranges her with the others and starts to check them all out, grabbing tits and fondling mounds through the sexy panties. She goes to each one surveying her best work and then decides she needs to freshen up before she will come finish her job and move on to the next bunch of party girls. There is no end to the tragedies this serial killer causes. She is ruthless, but charming. Intense, but compassionate, until she has you in her clutches. Maybe you are next?

Don\'t worry folks, there are plenty of females that come through our neck of the woods to not run out of victims, and the day we do, there may be a cop or someone wanting revenge, but until then, she kills. Belle is by far my favorite killer in this genre, even moire than Thanks! CB

Run Time: 17:43 minutes
File Size: 410 MB	Format: .MP4

Starring: Molly w/ Chris B.
Camera and Direction by: Belle Fatale

Molly is super pumped for her date, she has been chatting with an older guy on a dating site for a few weeks and is going on a date with him. She talks to her friend on the phone about do's and dont's of a first date. After she hangs up she tries on some outfits and shoes, and after she has the perfect combination, the knock at the door breaks her from her concentration, but she smiles and heads down the steps. She opens the front door and invites Chris in. He is dressed nicely and has a bottle of wine, though it is open he claims he needed to let it breathe for an hour, and knows they need to be downtown in a short time. They sit on the bare hardwood floor, she has just moved into a new house and has no furniture. Chris pours her a small glass of the red wine, claiming he wants to be sober to drive and looks forward to having a night cap. The reminder on his phone says they need to leave soon, so she chugs the wine, then starts to blur immediately. He is asking her questions, how she is doing, etc. The scene spins and blurs as she is getting very dizzy. He tells her, "Of course you are it is all the drugs I put in your wine silly." She falls face first to the floor and tries crawling for the door.He laughs and when she gets close to the door, he pulls her by one ankle towards the stairs to her room. He lays her face down on the steps, sets down the wine bottle and plastic glasses on the hardwoods, and starts to check out her dress, and what is underneath. He fingers her pussy on the steps, then takes her upstairs to her room, by throwing her over his shoulder. When he get's to the top he flops her down and starts to play with her limp body, undressing her and touching her all over. He gets her in position for some fun and fingers her more, then he flips her over  to her face. he walks down to his truck to get his bag of rope, then comes back to her. he finishes getting her undressed, then he flips her on her belly, binding her hands behind her back with rope. When she is tied up he gets her in position to do oral sex on her. He slaps her face, sticking his fingers in her mouth, then her pussy, then her mouth, slapping her face to wake her up. He fingers her harder, raising her legs, as she winces and moans in pain. He then stands her up to her knees, then removes his pants, belt, and grabs her by her hair. He whips out his dick telling her to make it hard, and suck his dick. he tells her to lick the shaft and balls. He commands her to do a good job and suck him off. She is crying and gagging as he forces himself into her mouth, deep throating her, as she drools and spits all over his cock. She is not happy at all, and he then throws her down on the floor for a good fucking. He rapes her from the front, over and over, then from behind, grinding her into the carpet, he beats it up for a while, and flips her on her back, legs in the air pounding her as she cries in pain, saying, "Your too big, please stop!" He pulls out, takes his condom off and forces his dick into her throat again, she drools and gas as he fucks her face until he pulls it out, jerking it and getting her head tilted just right then, "OPEN YOUR MOUTH.." he serves a big facial all over her face, chest, mouth, and even in her eye, as her makeup smears into the semen and tears mixed. He laughs as he taunts her, "Stupid idiot, I can't believe you broke the rule of letting strangers into yooour home." "Serves you right, dumb bitch." He pushes her face first to the floor as he gets dressed, then sees a nice black thigh high stocking on the floor, he gets behind her and pulls her to her knees, then strangles her. He wraps the stocking around her neck and pulls her almost off the carpeted floor, and you can tell he is getting a rush from it too. Sweat drips on her as she drools and chokes all over herself, trying to wiggle free and kick out her legs, he then gets his knee in her back and strangles her harder, her eyes bug out and her tongue tries so hard to find air, but there is none, he has cut her off from being one of the the breathing, she winds down and he lets her slowly fall to the floor so he can watch her twitch and die. She slows to nothing but a blank, smeared make-up eyed stare. Dead, worn out, and covered in fluids, he slides her over to the blanket on the floor. positioning her with the stocking, which he lowers to expose the red ligature marks, then ties a knot in the stocking on her kneck in the front, then exits to get a beer before clean up. Body pans and views of the freshly dead young dater, follow.

I must say for her first film, BELLE DID FANTASTIC JOB, as you will all see. This is a great video, and the intensity and acting is very well done! Thanks!

    AIR P  P Pow and Pop - Starring: Belle Fatale, Ryanne, and Lexxi

w/ Chris B.


This is a bit different, similar pacing and action, just seen from different angles and points of view for the shots and kills, as well as the aftermath. We also left deleted scenes and some outtakes to show our skills and attention to making the fans happy with their product. We do love feedback. Nothing fancy as far as sfx goes, gun sounds, bullet hits and muzzle flash with small wounds and a tiny bit of blood. Enjoy!

Three webcam porn stars sit around after a shoot, still in socks, panties, and nothing else, discussing the place they rented for the shoot and their plans for the evening. Things are juicy like the gossip and details of their ideas for a party, but the guy who is renting the place out on Air P & P, isn't too happy about it and comes in to take care of these bitches trying to throw a socks only sausage fest at the rental house. The guy comes in gun blazing with marksman's precision and accuracy. He checks the bodies over to make sure the are dead afterwards and leaves. The bodies are also viewed and panned after the action and the absence of thew killer.

Starring: Ashley Lane w/ Rex

Ashley Lane is a sexy Graduate student finishing up her degree in Philosophy before joining the workforce and a new exciting career. She is always so busy, and has no time to date, but she yearns for companionship and definitely someone to man handle her. Ashley is five foot nine, and slender, a fashion models body, and a one in a million smile. In a silk blouse, tight skirt, and open toed heels, her painted toes show off her sexy feet. Her azure blue eyes and genuine sweet smile make her irresistible to Rex as they chat on the couch after brunch. Rex asks her to check out his indoor garden, and she is very interested. As he explains and she is looking at the flora, he grabs his bottle of chloroform, and a small rag from the drawer as he lulls her with his voice. He walks up behind her explaining the plant names as she asks what they are, and just like a doe, sipping water in a cool stream, she is unaware of the poacher right behind her. Rex swiftly covers her nose and mouth with the chloroform drenched rag and pulls her close to him, her eyes go wide with panic and fear as she tries to free herself. He is very strong and as she kicks her long legs and tries to escape, it just makes him more into it. As she slowly falls unconscious, he lets her down with him to the chase lounger, so he can check her out as he messes with her sexy, long body. He fondles her getting her just the right position, her long, sexy, arms and slender hands, with long fingers are so limp and floppy as he moves her around to smell her hair, kiss her neck, face and inspect her mouth and tongue. He takes his time, going over her perfect body, unbuttoning her blouse just enough to reveal her perfect, natural, C cups. He grabs them roughly, pinching the nipples hard and groping her roughly. He moves around checking her out, playing with her legs and feet in the sexy heels, unbuckling the buckles on the shoes so he can watch them come off during the struggle. He hikes the skirt, revealing the freakishness, she has her clitoris pierced with a sexy little silver stud. he goes wild as he gropes and sniffs, licks and sucks her body, breasts and shaved, little pussy. After getting very aroused he starts to be a bit more rough with her, biting her nipples and pinching and groping her hard. It has been a while since he put her down with the chloroform and she starts to react a bit to the advances, bites, grabs, and pinches. When he grabs her pussy and uses her own hand with his to stimulate her clit she starts to slightly moan and get more into it, subconsciously, she flexes and bucks her hips against his hand trying to get into it. Deep down she is trying to wake up, but the chloroform is still affecting her. As she finally flutters her eyes and starts to come to, it is too late, he has removed a long, silk stocking from his pocket and is wrapping it around her neck and getting into position as she realizes what is happening. She starts to come to a bit more as he bears down on her pulling the stocking wide away from her neck so he can see her sexy neck as she struggles. She finally opens her baby blue eyes wide and mouth open with a loud gasp as he pulls tight cutting off the air. He toys with her as she tries to grab him and the stocking digs into her long sexy neck. He pulls very hard and her back arches, feet kick and she goes wild, in such a sensual way, as if he just found a girl that likes it. She bucks and kicks hard, trying to get free, her movements are long and sexy, and she tries to move around the floor but he just moves with her, then he gets her in a position so he can see her better, she is still draped over him and then he is behind her letting her move about on the floor as she thrashes, her size nine perfect feet flex, toes spreading as she flexes her long, leg muscles. As it goes on she slows down, dying so erotically, face red, stocking digging deep into her neck, so right at the line is two tone from the blood trapped in her head. Face beet red, torso milky white and tits pink and sexy. As she is being finished off, she tries to roll, but it just gets him to go harder, seeing her perfect ass, legs, and soles, that are a bit soiled from walking on the boardwalk after brunch. He goes absolutely nuts and finishes her, rolling her back over and pulling tighter than ever. Her eyes go wide and her tongue protrudes a bit and she rattles, twitching as she dies, blue eyes wide open, mouth slightly agape. He is so turned on he flops her around on the floor, then pulls her sexy body to his as he kneels on the floor, so she is in his lap, laying back head on the floor, he raises her up and screws her as she sits in his lap, her head on his shoulder. He them moves her to the chase lounger and drops her down, she thumps on the sofa and he puts it in her, pumping her hard, her head and tits bobbing as he pummels her with his sex. He flips her over like a rag doll, and pumps her from behind, so hard that he lifts her whole body up and them buries her head in the arm of the chase. As he cums very hard he collapses on her for a few seconds, then puts himself away before grabbing her up in a carry. he carries her to the bed, tossing her like a rag doll onto his King sized bed. He checks her out kissing her and playing with, checking out and kissing her feet. He looks in her eyes and kisses her face and neck, then arranges her on the bed for later. He tells her if she liked brunch, wait till you see what he brings home for dinner... He exits to go find his next victim, or dinner date, as we take a look at this sexy, over the top hot gal, dead on the bed, with the sexiest soles you have seen. Beautiful.

I am absolutely so impressed with Ashley lane, remember that name because she will be around for a long time, and do so much for this community! She is a natural, more to come already scheduled! CB

Run Time: 33:22 minutes
File Size: 900 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: London w/ Johnny Wood

A young beautiful secretary is at work early to get some overtime. She starts the day by doing some light cleaning, then typing a quick letter before her boss comes in. When he gets to the office he enters with a smile and heads over to greet London, who is dressed in her nice grey business suit, he immediately starts to caress her lovely neck, commenting on how sexy her neck is and how she looks. She is shy but very willing and loves a man in a suit. He moves her to the nice chair in the open space to explore her body and get a better look at her neck. He pinches and plays with her, then he plays with her nipples through her shirt, then her pussy. She is panting and getting wet, wanting him to give her the dick. Instead, he gets up and starts to obsess over her sexy neck tendons, and the way her long black hair flanks the brown skin of her sexy neck. The boss is so obsessed he takes his necktie and quickly wraps it around her neck and pulls for dear life. She immediately goes into crazy mode, kicking and actually flailing herself off the chair and onto the floor. She pulls her supervisor along for the ride, and he follows her with the necktie stretched out high over her head as she rolls, grabbing and clawing at the tightly wound tie. London fights hard, tongue out, eyes wide open, kicking her legs out the whole time trying to buck him off. he gets her in many strangle positions before finally getting the necktie wound around and him over the top, sitting on her belly as she bucks and twitches her life away. Her final death stare is so lovely as he starts quickly getting her ready to have necro sex, and obsess on her neck a bit more. When he removes her bra, he gets distracted. The huge, perfect, golden brown breasts lay there ready to be taken with the rest of her body. he moves her to the desk and takes off her panties, kisses and plays with her body, tits, pussy, and ass before he straps up and fucks her in many different positions. He fucks her till he cums all over her large boobs. After he finishes, he walks away for a few pans of her hot body, dead stare and freshly showered fun bags, he cleans her up and gets her in position. Then he leaves after saying goodbye. Lots of great views and pans of her sexy, dead stare..

Fantastic job by this beauty! She will be a good asset to this fetish community with her hotness and work ethics. good hard strangle, and a body that wont quit. Her attire is very classy with a business suit, thigh highs, bra, and panties, with a frilly purple, satin blouse. My type of strangle!

Starring: Lexxi w/ Johnny Wood and Doc Chavez

Lexxi is a real estate agent who sells lots of properties, one of which is a house that was taken over in a bitter divorce where the wife took everything. She is dressed in a black skirt, white button down shirt, and thigh highs, bra, and panties, all matching.Doc calls his friend Johnny over to talk about what is going on, and why he is so desperate to get the house back, and in fact he paid every mortgage  payment, property taxes, and even did all the repairs himself, and has scars to prove it. Johnny finds out that he knows the realtor and when this revelation occurs he get's an idea. He calls Lexxi and says he wants to bid on the house, and she informs him that there is a bid on the table and they want to close first thing in the morning. He tells her that if he offers more, and has his financing set up, she must honor the bid. "It would mean more commission right?" She says, "True". As he talks to her at the property Doc(Ex Husband) walks in. She immediately tells him his wife has issued a restraining order and he is not to be at the property at any time. "Well I am here to see my friend, he is right behind you." At this point Johnny reaches from behind and grabs her, she struggles but he over powers her and takes her to the floor. They both wrestle with her and Doc slaps some sense into her, knocking her to the floor. He cuffs her arms behind her. He pulls her up and they both grab limbs, putting her on the couch. They mess with her body, Johnny pulls out a knife and takes her top and bra off, then moves her panties aside for some fingering. They grope her and interrogate her about the house and why she won't return calls. She won't talk so Johnny whips out his cock and shoves it in her mouth, fucking her face and mouth till she drools and chokes, spitting up stuff on to the floor. He rams her mouth and Doc gets an idea with the wine bottle on the table, "Let's celebrate." He shoves the bottle in her pussy ramming her vagina with the neck of the wine bottle, she begs and pleads in between gurgles of the deep throating.

Doc says they should move to the bedroom to get more comfortable so they pick her up under each arm and carries her to the bed throwing her face down. Johnny starts to remove her panties and skirt, then forces his cock into her from behind. She screams in pain, "No you are too big, stop, you are hurting me". The two men continue to hold her down and force sex in several different positions. After a hard fucking in many different ways with the poor girl screaming and moaning, Doc suggests they check out the "Back Door", so Johnny puts it in her ass, forcing it hard into her butt hole. She screams loud and cries out in pain. He rapes her hard from behind and when she tells him to stop after a while he says, "What, you want to to put it in your mouth bitch?". He pulls his dick out and fucks her pussy some more, then puts it in her mouth, face force fucking her so hard that she gas and drools all over his dick. He commands her to lick his balls, then his shaft, then he cums all over her face, mouth and chest> he busts such a huge load on her, and she is defeated, she falls back on the bed, ashamed, hurting, and in pain. Doc says, "Well we cant keep her here so"...He grabs a wire rope from his pocket and wraps it around her neck and pulls tight. She wakes up immediately and fights for her life, thrashing and hitting the guys, clawing at the cable around her neck. She bucks her hips high and her lace top thigh highs slide down on one leg, the other remaining high. She fights hard but loses the battle with two men, one with a side, each with cord in hand, pulling tight. She fights very hard but ends up losing. She twitches and drools on her way out. When she is done, they let go of the wire rope and she slumps on to the bed, head cocked. The two men plot to get rid of her when Johnny realizes he has an uncle in the construction business, so there is no problem. We see her sexy body spread eagle on the bed.

Another great custom by Lexxi! CB

Starring: Andi, Belle, London, and Starli w/ Mr. Wood

London is a hard working fashion magazine columnist, too busy to redecorate her house so she decides to hire some model friends that moonlight as interior decorators, to re do her place. The gals are all dressed up in their tight designer jeans, waiting for London to get home and cut them checks because they are 99% done with their contract, just waiting on new curtains, and a shipment of paint to touch up, and cut in edges. When London comes in she has a whiskey in her hand and doesn't look too happy. She tells the excited gals that they will not be getting any checks till they are fully done and the list of mess ups needs to be taken care of. Belle is new to this game so she grabs a brush and paint and starts to try and get done, the other two grab a bag and put it over London's neck, taking her to the floor. Belle is confused but instantly gets aroused by the action, and the tight bag over the bitchy London's face. They all touch themselves, and London, as well as each other, very turned on by the jeans and the bagging. London's eyes bug out and her tongue tries to pierce the bag to get a sip of air, but nothing, and after a long hard fight she expires. The bag is taken off and her death stare is worth commenting on by the newbie, and even the vetrans. Starli goes to London's room and grabs her purple strap on cock and comes back in with it on, while the other two undress London. She spreads London out, her pussy already wet from being bagged, and stuffs her good. She screws London hard pounding her legs in the air, while the other two girls hold on and play with themselves. As she is fucking the dead London, Andi comes around with the bag and puts it over her partner's head, Starli bucks hard, which makes her screw London's dead body with more vigor, Starli's body jerks and heaves, making the cock bend all around inside London's pink snatch, Andi pulls hard and Starli is off the ground and back on the floor, Belle and Andi finish off the fighting Starli, Belle takes the last leg of the bagging. After Starli is motionless, Belle removes the bag and Andi stares with a smile, sucking on Starli's breasts, playing with her pussy through her jeans. Belle has the juice, so she looks at the bag on the sofa, and looks at Andi who is in dreamland, creeps behind her on the couch and bags her head. Andi comes up off the ground and fights hard, thrashing her arms and bucking her tight jean covered hips. Belle has power so she prevails, even getting mangled up in the bodies as she tries to reign her down. Belle pulls the bag off Andi's dead head, and her tongue is poking out of her mouth, eyes wide open. Belle is so charged up that she pulls London to the other girls and starts to molest her dead body. At that time London's fiance comes home and he surprises belle with his necktie around her throat. He pulls hard and lifts her off the ground off of London and strangles her hard and long till death. Belle fights very hard, wanting to kill again, but Mr. Wood doesn't ever let up till she is dead, then he grabs each woman, placing each one neatly into position, then exits to have a whiskey while he figures things out.

Awesome custom. This has top notch acting as well as some great asphyxia, bagging, strangle, strap on necro sex, and much more. High Heels, jeans, and hot women!



Introducing: Lacey and Thor Starring: Candee


Two girls are interested in their new coach and History teacher Mr. Johnson. He is just making a new start in this small town and his students want to make sure he is welcomed. Candee and Lacey are best friends and they have manipulated teachers over the years, milking them for their cash flow, relationships, and dignity. When they arrive at his home for their tutorial on “D-Day”, the two ladies seem only interested in how buff and hot the new coach is and how much they want to frame him, fuck him, and take his money. They picked the wrong guy to screw over and blackmail!


After taking some inappropriate pictures, while making him pose for a regular photo for the school newspaper, they start to come on to him. He tells them he is faithfully married and that he already has trust issues with his wife. They show him the pics and he lunges for the phone. Candee lets him know that she automatically uploaded them to a friend and until he complied with the plan, she would send them viral to everyone. He stays calm thinking of a plan, and stalling the two little hussies. They undress and make him lose his pants. The girls start fondling his dick through his shorts and they are very displeased when he can’t get an erection. They finally get to him by telling him he has a problem with his libido, and he flips, punching Candee in the head and dropping her to the floor. Lacey freaks out and tries to run,  so he lunges for her and grabs her sock, which comes off and she gets away. He finally pins her by the couch, grabs her pony tail and whips her around, clutching her string bra in one hand, looping it around her lovely neck and commences to strangle the holy geez out of her. She fights so hard punching and slapping his face and arms. She is so intense that she moves him around, being so aggressive, from the seat, to the floor, back upright and down again. She fights so hard and looks so hot you will not believe your eyes! After a long bout with Lacey the coach picks her up and carries her to his bedroom, and throws her on to the bed. Still very upset about the ordeal, he paces to Candee picking her up like she was a bag of laundry and carrying her to the bed. He drops her next to the first victim and prepares himself with the skimpy bra to strangle Candee. He readies himself and positions behind her, wrapping the weapon around her lovely neck and then waking her groggy little ass up. He slaps her face to get her to respond, and when she does come to, he bears down with his garrote. She starts slowly but then starts to pick up momentum and strength as she comes to the reality that she is powerless and this guy is really going to kill her for being a bad person! He strangles her hard, she lunges, bucks, tongue protruding the entire time. After a while, he gets her upright to finish the job, because now, as he finishes her off, his cock is hard as a rock! Must be strangling and necro! Well you know whats next! He finishes off Candee, then heads to Lacey to start putting his long dick into her pretty mouth. This is where he can be happy. A hot young nubile with a big dick in her mouth, and she is saying absolutely nothing! After a mouth fuck he heads to lick her pussy. He fingers and licks, sucks on titts and then drives his dick into Lacey, slamming and slapping her ass with his pelvis with a smack, smack, smack. He gets his fill of the hot little lady, then decides he will fuck Candee next. He sticks his long dick into the small frame and wrecks her body with a brutal postmortem fucking. After cumming inside her little snatch, he decides to pose them before he says a few words and leaves us with a nice view of the two dead, lovely ladies!




Starring: Belle Fatale, Ashley Lane, Karma, Odette Delacroix, w/ Jigsy

***EXPLICIT CONTENT***    *Male Death Scene*

Belle Fatale continues her spree as Anchorage serial killer, and most wanted. She loves to go to night clubs, and venues to find beautiful young ladies to strangle and molest, taking them back home, taking care of business, then using other people in the community as scapegoats and perps for her framing ways. She has been a bit more careful and less frequent in her attempts since her first encounter with Detective Freya, and killing of her very first victim(Prequel not yet released) so she changes up a bit for her early run to the clubs to find a victim, this time it is a couple, that just met at the bar and have been offered and have taken ecstasy(a hallucinogenic, euphoric elicit drug that enhances feelings, but hinders decision making process) so as they sit on Belle's couch, the drug starts to take effect. As the killer makes drinks the two newcomers acknowledge the drug taking effect, and get excited about the threesome. Belle gets them started and then makes her move, getting the attention of the man, saying she should get him off while they wait for Karma to finish her drink. They all agree and she pulls out his cock and sucks him good, as the Karma party girl plays with herself and is getting rubbed off by the man. They are all excited, but the two new comers are really into it. She gets in the guys head as they undress Karma. She asks him if he wants to try something new and fun, which he replies "YES" of course, so as she licks Karma's pussy he removes his belt and gets it around Karma's neck, who is in the moment and not protesting at all, she is seeming to get hot from it. Belle gets closer and closer to the man, in his ear arousing him with her hands and kisses to the ear and neck, but also coaxing him to go further and further as the young party girl is choking more and more, turning different shades of red and purple as she loses air and is cut off completely. The man is getting off on it and Belle continues to coax him being in his ear. Eventually Karma can take no more loss of air and dies, her arms and painted toes twitching, her eyes bugged out and blood shot from the lack of air and pressure straining. Her eyes are wide and her tongue barely protrudes. Belle makes the euphoric and completely loaded man think she came and is laying on the floor passed out. She moves the corpse and goes straight for his cock, sucking him off until he cums so she can harvest his DNA, to plant on all the victims and look like he is the real killer, and not Belle. AS HE SHOOTS HIS LOAD IN HER MOUTH, SHE SNAPS HIS NECK AND HE DIES INSTANTLY, SHE FINISHES SUCKING TO GET ALL THE GOOD STUFF.. then lets his dick flop. She rag-dolls Karma's body but has a lust for some new blood so she plays with Karma's feet and licks her toes, molesting and rag-dolling the body, and moves the bodies to the South bedroom....Fade Out..

Fade in...
Ashley and Odette, traveling friends and rich party girls, up for a weekend of partying, enter with Belle into her house. They sit at the bar as Belle looks for wine she knows is not there. After some small talk Belle breaks the embarrassing news that she is completely out of alcohol. Ashley, still wanting the party to go on, so as she leaves Odette continues to explain how the two met and their trips together, as Belle is behind her removing her own heels and grabbing a thigh high out of her ottoman, and creeping behind her as she uses her soothing voice to continue the conversation. Before long Odette is up off the bar stool and in the air as Belle takes her down and back off the chair on to the floor. The tiny young lady, in a sexy dress and heels weighing 90 pounds, is going crazy, fighting like mad to get free from her clutches but Belle has her good and the stocking is wrapped tight. Up-skirt views shows Odette not wearing panties and here shaved cunt showing as she bucks and fights Belle. As she is on top of Belle fighting she kicks off one heel, then slowly starts to fade, but passes out from lack of air before Belle has a chance to finish the job. Belle is pissed this has not happened yet in all her kills, but she uses it to try something new. she rolls the body off like a pile of sticks that crumble to the rug, then undresses Odette, checking her shaved pussy and then her tiny tits as she molests the tiny young ladies body. She molests her limp playing her arms, rag-dolling Odette back and forth, showing how limp she is. As she is about to do more the car comes up the gravel driveway. It is Ashley, so belle hurries to pick up the body, stocking still around her neck and takes her to the bed with the other bodies. She hurries back to the kitchen and Ashley comes in with the bottle of wine, and as she gets to the bar, sees that Odette is not there. Belle explains that Odette wasn't feeling well so she let her pass out in her bed, and points to the Bedroom right by the front door, and "while she opens the wine, Ashley should check on her friend." The scene fades as she walks towards the bedroom and Belle grabbing a cable from a laptop, comes behind her........Scene fades


Thanks, Belle Fatale is absolutely amazing and by far the best actress that has ever been on film in our niche. I will put my entire career on it. Please grab Belle Fatale films if you do not already have them, and add them to your collection, you will not be disappointed.

I am having major surgery on Monday the 2nd, and will be recovering for up to three weeks, so if you are concerned about a project, email me and I will get back to you as soon as I am well. If I emerge in good form, it will be a new awakening for Chris B., so watch out for the best yet to come, regardless of sales and the market. I AM AN ARTIST FIRST AND FOREMOST, NOT A SELL OUT! LOVE YOU ALL TO DEATH! CB 

Run Time: 23:15 minutes
File Size: 533 MB 	Format: .MP4


Introducing: Sinn Sage w/ R.A.E.

***FULL 1920x1080 HD***

"This was our first shoot together and a warm up to learn each others style and tempo. Well right out of the gate we have a triple crown winner when it comes to hotness, acting, and all out dedication to your craft. Welcome to our little corner of the fetish world Miss Sage!" -C.B.

A young woman is home from college visiting her relatives and house sitting while they are away. She takes the opportunity for peace and quiet, away from the city and it's constant bustle. She listens to music and plays on her phone as she sunbathes in her bikini. She is starting to warm up in the sun, so she loosens the straps on her bikini top and squirts her chest with water and takes a drink in between. She has her music up loud and she is grooving in the sun. As she cools off and continues to sunbathe a contractor shows up in his truck. He brought some materials and tools to help his crew finish a new out building and starts to unload when he gets a call. He answers and it is the home owners, away on vacation, who have contracted him to finish the job. They are upset because his crew did not show up that day and they are not going to pay him his balance for not meeting the deadline. He tells them that is not going to fly and he will find something of value to take for his compensation. When you hire a company called "Killer Construction", you should probably think about crossing them. The owner who is an ex con, who has been reformed, but still has his wild side. He has no clue what he is about to stumble upon as he goes to the back yard to get his tools and materials back to leave the job. As he rounds the corner, he sees some sexy skin and painted toes sunbathing. He moves back and peers through some bamboo to get a better look. He obviously knows who has been reporting that his crew is tardy, and he has a thirst for his old job as a hit man. As she continues to smile and bounce her head to the music, he goes back to his truck to find something to finish her off with. He looks and grabs the hammer, but thinks that will be messy, he grabs the razor knife and feels the same way about that. He sees a long thick length of rope he uses for climbing and harnessing for roofs, he grabs it and winds it across his tattooed hands and arms, walking towards where the young lady lays on the reclining beach chair. She is oblivious and doesn't notice as he wraps the rope tightly around her neck and pulls hard, causing her to jerk up and start to thrash around in the chair. She grabs for the rope as it digs in to her neck. He pulls even harder, getting some distance from her to him so he doesn't get smacked in the face by her wild thrashing arms. Her sunglasses come off and fall to the grass and she kicks the flip flops off hard and they fly off on to the grass. His point of view looking down at her struggling and flailing, and the priceless expressions as she turns her head to see her killer. This sends the hardened criminal into a frenzy. She digs her sexy soles into the chair and flexes the purple painted toes, trying to kick and thrash hard to get free, but this only makes it so she is dispatched faster. Her gurgles and grasps at air are not enough like having a drop of water when you need a gallon, she is red faces and eyes bugging out. Her tongue protrudes and she starts to look as if her body is not getting the message the brain sends, spasming, jerking violently as she fights off her attacker to no avail. He pulls harder and her eyes cross, she straightens her sexy legs and her bottom bikini digs into her crotch. Her perky tits bounce around and he looks down at her sizing her up for his next portion of the adventure, and message to the world, "do not fuck with me." Her final attempts at staying alive are thwarted by a harder pull and her head tilts as she rolls to the side, eyes crossed, out of air and the last death breath is accompanied by a perfect stare of defeat and death. He does not let go even after she is dead. He pulls harder and up a few more times, causing her body to spasm and toes to spasm. She is dead and he lets the rope go and goes straight for her body. He pinches her nipples that are hardened from the strangle. He plays with her sexy face and mouth, pushing his fingers in and out like he was screwing her mouth, inspecting her tongue as he pinches it, and pulls on it to see how long it is and how it is still pliable. He moves his hands down and squeezes her tits hard, then moves around to her thighs and pussy, rubbing her wet pussy through the bikini bottoms, even grabbing her pussy lips between his fingers and pulling them up. He rubs her thighs and ass before he decides to carry her to his truck. This is the perfect compensation for not paying him. He was starting to get tired of construction anyway and wanted to get back in the game, what a perfect way to bridge that gap. He lays her in the bed of the truck, legs dangling down, only in her bikini bottoms. He checks her out ragdolling her and rolling her on the side so he can feel her amazing ass. He squeezes and spreads her ass apart, pulling them tight into her cheeks and lips. He rolls her on to her back again and molests her nipples more, then removes the bottoms to inspect her perfect pussy, he spreads her lips and looks inside, lusting for what he will do to her when he gets her back to his place, or maybe a new hideout. He jumps in the truck, moving some siding and tools so he can drag her into the truck bed. He doesn't even bother to close the tail gate just for the thrill. He drives away and she is in full view from different angles jiggling around in the bed of the truck on her way to being used and abused before being dumped. Probably not a good idea not to pay the contractor.

This is just the beginning. I am finally back to where I can shoot and getting the rust off so I can get back to producing award winning customs. Please enjoy and look for more of Sinn Sage in coming days, weeks, years. Big plans with her. Chris

Run Time: 15:00 minutes
File Size: 695 MB 	Format: .MP4

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