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    Clip Description

    Starring: SaraLiz with Freya

    **FULL 1920X1080 HD**

    Detective Sara Reed works the Homicide beat in midtown precinct. She has been working for a long time and trying to catch a killer who likes to strangle her victims to death then take photos of them, sending one to the cops after each kill. Detective Reed has a lead on victim #4 and another young woman she was allegedly hanging out with before her disappearance, and obvious murder. When Det. Reed knocks, dressed in her skiint jeans, knee high boots, button down shirt, and leather jacket, her badge on her belt, and the girl who answers the door is very polite but standoffish, and reluctantly says she can enter the dwelling. She is barefoot dressed in stretch shorts and tank top. As the Detective shows her the photos and asks her questions, she seems annoyed and distracted from the question, barely looking at the photo the Detective provided, instead asking if there is anything else she can help her with. The seasoned Detective asks her a couple more times, giving in that she was informed they had been together, but the woman's reply is, "nope, never heard of her." Just as the officer was about to leave the timer goes off for something in the kitchen and the young woman apologizes and offers the cop some cocoa, which she refuses and asks to use the facilities. The young woman points down the hall to the bathroom and Detective Reed walks to the bathroom shutting the door like she entered but going to the office down the hall instead. She digs around looking out for any sort of clue, she spots a manila envelope and looks through, seeing the woman who was murdered last in an array of different poses. When she starts to panic from finding the killer and being under the same roof with her, and knowing she needs to act fast. As soon as she snaps out of her thinking mode, she turns and there is the killer with a claw hammer ready to hit her and kill her. Detective Reed draws her pistol but the woman knocks it out of her hand and reach with the hammer. The Detective dodges a strike and runs to the living room to get in open space where she can fight her. The crazed and deranged killer is smiling and comes around the corner swinging the hammer hard, trying to bash the cops head in. Detective Reed uses her training to disarm and knock the killer back to the wall and she takes the handle of the hammer and places it across the killer's throat to calm her down while she figures out what to do. The psychotic killer smiles and spits through her teeth as she tells the cop "it's not over yet!" and right when the cop least expects it, the killer knees her a couple times sending her flying back and the hammer to the floor. The killer quickly seizes the opportunity as the cop gets to her feet with a judo chop to the throat sending Detective Reed to the floor on her knees grasping her neck and choking. The killer gets behind her and administers a choke hold. The Detective quickly feels the strain of the killers arm as she digs it into her throat, she fights but the killer is very good at this and responds to things well. Detective Reed kicks and flails but passes out after a fight. The killer pushes the cop to the side, knowing she will be out cold for a bit and goes to take care of a few things while she is out cold. Detective Reed comes to a few minutes later, gasping and choking from the strain on her neck and throat. She gains her composure jumping to her feet grabbing the hammer and her badge from the floor. She paces towards the room ready to fight, hammer in hand and looking around. She opens the door to the office and grabs her gun, she makes a call on her phone to her partner, but before she could get him to confirm he is bringing backup, the call drops. Frustrated she grabs her gun in one hand and the hammer in the other and goes to finish her task. She peers out the door and looks for the killer, then paces towards the living room again but as she almost gets to the kitchen she hears a ring of a cell phone. She sets down the hammer in the kitchen, and raises her gun going to the bathroom door, opens it and sees a phone ringing on the counter top and no one around. She shrugs it off and turns toward the living room but everything goes black when the killer hits her in the forehead with the hammer knocking her down and out cold again. The killer says 'Oh there is my phone" and grabs it to take some pictures of the cold Detective KO'd from the hammer. She drags the Detective to the living room and straddles her. She slaps her awake and as the Detective comes to she realizes what is going on and it is too late, the killer is on her throttling her with both hands. The killer chokes her hard, taunting her the whole time. As she tries to choke the life out of Detective Reed the killer enjoys the strangling and choking sounds and the way her eyes are rolling back into her head. The Detective fights back trying to free her hands from her throat and trying to get out of her killers clutches but there is no avail for this particular cop. She puts up a hard fight but she is no match for a deranged lunatic that says her favorite part is when she "sees the light leave their eyes", and then grunts hard pushing and squeezing with a jolt that crushes her windpipe and makes her rattle and then go limp, only a few twitches from her legs and her boots are visible. The killer goes to grab the phone and snap some pics. She rolls the dead cop over and sits her up a few times, removing her leather jacket and unbuttoning her shirt, checking her out all over. She comments on how sexy and beautiful the cop is from every angle. She rag dolls her around the floor, then takes several photos to find one to send to the cops, then she needs to move away or go somewhere else. She grabs the Detective by her boots and drags her away towards the garage for disposal.

    Great fight and combat scene, great actors and damn hot sexy. Wow!. I am so fortunate. CB

    Run Time: 20:08 minutes
    File Size: 1000 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      20 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v1061.42 MB

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Starring: Coco

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Coco loves to play in her fantasy world. Today she decides to spend the day fantasizing about different "sharp objects" the imaginary hunters and perpetrators have in mind for her and her belly. She starts looking in the bathroom mirror and telling the story about how she likes to do what she does, and pretend she is stabbed in a dark alley, or shot with arrows by a band of hunting archers, closed in on by two walls of spikes, or sliced and slashed in her throat. As she explains and acts out what happens to her and what she likes, she also reaches down under her tight leggings, low rise to show entire belly, and a crop top to show the top of her tummy, which she uses to lure in the killers. It gets her so horny and wet to imagine and act out these situations, places, and things.

I made this into short clips, separated into different categories like #1 intro, belly stabs, self stimulation, self choking, and orgasmic stabbing with long sharp knife. #2 through #5 graduate to her body filled with arrows, her throat being sliced, a giant dungeon with closing wall of spikes, and more arrows in her belly, throat, and torso. The acting is impeccable. Coco is really on a whole new level. CB
Run Time: 10:00 minutes
File Size: 495 MB 	Format: .MP4

    SHARP OBJECTS 3 Coco Spikes - SHARP OBJECTS 3 Coco Spikes
Starring: Coco

***FULL 1920x1080 HD***

Coco imagines her fantasy with a wall of stone with spikes that will close in and pierce her body. She acts out her fantasy with no sound then says, "I have some audio I like to use for this fantasy"
She plays with herself and gets in the mood as the walls close in she is bound by chains in a dungeon. She tries to break the chains but it is too late, she tries to make herself skinnier by sucking in her gut but it's too late, the wall of spikes closes in and kills her, impaling her against the wall. After the sounds of the heavy stone walls grinding and the steel spikes piercing her flesh and blood dripping and leaking out of her from all the spikes until she is drained. She dies stuck to the wall. After playing dead she slowly starts to rub her pussy again under her leggings.

More spectacular acting! Way to go Coco! CB
Price: 7.00
Run Time: 7:50 minutes
File Size: 350 MB 	Format: .MP4

Throat slices/Arrows

Starring: Coco
This is a series of short clips with Coco acting out her fantasies..

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Coco loves to act out her fantasies and today she is going through them all. After a good warm up she is ready to move on to some throat slice fantasy from a dark figure coming from the shadows. She gives a great performance knowing the attacker is lurking, coming to slice her throat wide open. She uses her finger to simulate the blade on her neck and gags and tongue out when she is bleeding and in pain and ecstasy from the sharp knife to her throat. After a nice throat session she hears something in the distance. It is the archers mounted on their steeds, bows on their backs, she can hear them but can't see them yet. She hears the wind howling and then the sound of the bow being drawn, the wait for the aim, and thump the arrow strikes her belly, she hears the bows again, this time more than one and they shoot her in the throat, and the chest. She takes the hits and clutches at the arrows when they pierce through the flesh of her body. They stick her to the wall, she sticks her hand down her leggings and plays with herself while the arrows stick and she feels the sting inside that makes her hot. Sharp objects still fly with the feather, and her arrowing is superb. She is exhausted from all the arrows stuck in her body as she grasps each one after the hit. She plays with herself imagining what is next.

Number two, it is wonderfully done. Coco pretty much directs herself through most of these scenarios and I gave her directing credit. She has come so far from just being hot and a good actress, she is freaking GREAT!! These clips are full res and priced cheap because some folks are into belly, some into the throat, some knife some arrow, etc. Instead of having a 2500mb file and hefty price, you can choose from the menu. If you are hungry, eat the whole CB

Run Time: 8:00 minutes
File Size: 400 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Belle Fatale, Ryanne and Lexxi

You know the mean kids in high school, the ones that played pranks on you, made fun of you even hurting you in many ways just for a laugh, all the while at your expense. Most mean kids go on to be slightly normal people if they make peace with their demons, but some just don't get it and will always be mean, shallow, and completely oblivious to others feelings. The same goes for some old high school beauty queens who were invited by one of their old class mates to brunch and to catch up on some juicy stuff from all the people they knew. Belle was the one girl who just wanted to please everyone, who was artsy, crafty, kitschy with all of her craft projects, and was genuinely a nice person. This made her an easy target also being the homely gangling nerd who hung out in the back row with the glasses, unnoticed unless she was upside down in a trash can, or stuck to a frozen flagpole. This brunch was special for her, she was going top finally make piece with herself and show them she did just fine and is beautiful just like they are. After brunch she invited them back for tea and to look at the old yearbook. As soon as the two still obviously mean and shallow girls get to her place they automatically start poking fun at her decor, crafty projects and quaint abode. She hoped that it would not be the same as it was but something struck a nerve and when she served them tea she used her own blend, one with a blend of powerful herbs that will make a person groggy and sleepy. Ryanne turned her nose up to it and asked to go to the bathroom because of all the mimosas. Lexxi drank her tea and made an underhanded comment about the taste and her kitchen set up. When Ryanne came back from the bathroom Belle led them to the sofa and plopped between them with the year book for Junior Year, because by Senior year Belle had to be institutionalized for her issues. Neither girl remembers as Belle goes through the yearbook pointing out pranks at her expense, some even leaving her hospitalized. The girls laugh it off and try to leave. belle says she needs to go to the restroom and she will get their stuff for them to leave. When she pretends to go to the bathroom she listens in and confirms that they are still mean, making fun of her then and now, making her hurt and want revenge. As they poke fun at her on the sofa Lexxi starts to act funny, getting light headed and tired. Ryanne looking concerned, more for herself than Lexxi, though she did not drink the tea, she tells Lexxi they need to leave but Lexxi starts to pass out when Belle comes around the corner with a handkerchief behind her back asking what is wrong. As she pretends to care she gets behind Ryanne and plants the chloroform kerchief over her nose and mouth making Ryanne bounce and fight but Belle keeps her contained. Ryanne struggles hard for a while, trying to get away but her movements get weaker and her eyes roll back in her head as she slows and eventually goes limp. Lexxi drugged from the tea starts to stir a bit and Belle refolds the cloth and administers it to her too Lexxi getting a bit of energy to fight some but not with any intensity, she tries to buck and kick and open her eyes but they are all weak., soon Lexxi is out and chloroformed too. A bit later after moving some stuff around to make more room, Belle takes some time to check out the two sexy mean girls and slowly undress them. She flops them around going back and forth talking to them here and there like they are coherent and friends. Belle is completely nuts but totally justified.After getting them naked she does herself too, then plays with them touching her crotch with their hands and kissing them and touching them. After getting them set up she wants to take some pics to add to her reunion yearbook, so she takes selfies with the chloroformed babes. As she is getting her last shot she tells them to say something for a smile word and Ryanne repeats it under her breath starting to come to. Belle knows it's time and grabs a silk stocking from the sofa cushion, she is prepared and gets behind Ryanne, getting the stocking around her neck like a pro before the girl can even realize what hit her and she is off to the races, kicking and bucking, slapping at Belle as she comes out of her sleepy stupor. Belle looks in her eyes as she fights her by pulling tightly on the garotte while she taunts her. Ryanne turns beet red and her tongue swells, her eyes are bloodshot as the hose digs into her neck. Ryannes toes curl and flex showing off her sexy feet and painted toes. As she dies Belle looks at her telling Ryanne to look at her in the eyes. Ryanne dies looking at Belle, no remorse from belle, no reply from Ryanne. Belle leaves the sexy dead redhead on top of her for a moment, trying to get positioned to see her face and her tits. Belle slides her down to her ass on the floor and tilts her head back and forth lolling it as Lexxi starts to wake up from her dose. Right as Lexxi's eyes open Belle is breaking Ryanne's neck so fast it scares her awake and she crawls fast toward the front door but Belle slowly gets up, grabs the stocking from Ryanne's neck and walks to get Lexxi getting to her right in the nick of time. She loops the garotte around Lexxis neck and pulls back so hard Lexxi flips around to the other way, getting pulled and crab crawling to by where Ryanne is, as the two struggle, Belle gets control but not before Lexxi reaches and flips Ryanne over to see her eyes open and dead. Her eyes go wide with terror and she tries to fight but all the built up years of angst and aggression in Belle is coming to a head. She finally gets Lexxi in a good position and gets to tightening hard, making Lexxi's tongue poke out and her mouth open wide. She kicks and bucks her bare pussy in the air going hard for a while until she starts to wind down. Belle doesn't let up until she is sure Lexxi is limp and dead, then she wants to make sure more and grabs Lexxi's head, breaking her neck and catching her limp body. Belle has other plans but first she needs to get cleaned up. She looks over the bodies and tells them she will see them in a minute to do more....

WOW OH MY! Great stuff from all of these gals. wow. I am blown away by acting and action. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 31:20 minutes
File Size: 775 MB 	Format: .MP4

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