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    Clip Description

    Love Is Forever
    Starring: Belle Fatale w/ Bronson

    Peter carries her body to the tub, and fills the bath with warm water so he can clean her body. He knows what he must do, especially after reading the note and knowing he is ready to move on to the next life. First he must fulfill her wish to clean her up and have sex with her dead body one last time. As he lifts her to the tub he caresses and kisses her telling her they will be together soon. He goes to get his knife and the note she left in his hand. He caresses her and washes her legs, removing the shoes one at a time and spending time with her sexy feet. He cleans her more, cleaning her legs and thighs, then gets his knife and cuts the dress, starting at the top and cutting his way down, each wound leaking blood into the already red water, from all the bullet holes, and exit wounds. He washes the rest of her with the dress, then cleans her up a bit more before he lets the drain open. As the last bit of blood, gore, and water go down the drain, he has her in the living room of the safe house where she went down in a blaze of glory. The clean up crew had been through and taken most of the carnage, so he lays out a nice blanket and sets her cleaned, dead body on to the floor. He immediately has a hard on and goes to town fucking her, she is sexy to him, dead or alive, she made him feel so special and powerful, and he was thinking about that right now, not the future. He fucks her dead, sexy body in many different positions and sucks her toes, and cums inside her hard, finishing and shivering while her blank stare is cold and expressionless. After getting off he is back n business mode, but wants to take his time, so he decides to dress her back in her original skirt and white top. He figures most of her blood is gone and she will have more holes soon anyway, so he starts with the shirt, lifting her up and getting the shirt on awkwardly. After she is buttoned up he gets the skirt on, then he plays with and sucks her feet. He smells the old pump, because he could not find the other one, he smells her feet in deeply into his nose. He puts on the new white sandal heels he cleaned up she wore with the wedding dress (QiPao). He fixes er hair from her face and makes sure she looks lovely, then lifts her up to the sofa sitting down. He tells her he loves her and he is ready to be with her again and stands up to make a phone call. He calls the boss and tells him he is at the safe house with Julie's body and that they are going away together unless her comes to get them.....FADE OUT...Unfortunately, it is a bittersweet ending...FADE IN to Peter and Julie on the sofa, machine gun in hand, shot again to pieces, and both dead now. Julie took at least 8 more and Peter a few to the brain. The boss sent in the real muscle for them. Body pans of both dead man and woman, because LOVE IS FOREVER!!

    Great finish to this epic film! Best actress ever! CB

    Run Time: 17:00 minutes
    File Size: 340 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v340.02 MB

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Starring: Nicole Oring w/Zander, Abe, and SWAT Will

Monica Chen is a spy for the Chinese Government, she has been trying to get some information from the Senator to return to her government. She thinks she has everyone fooled. Not Jack young, he is deep cover CIA and has been tracking her plan for sometime. They have been dating for several years, and working together for many. They have sex as soon as she comes home, then jack gives her a new tight white dress and high heel sandals for a gift. He also knows very soon when US Swat comes through the door, it will be her last pair of shoes, she changes, we see her perfect breasts and ass as she changes, then has jack assist putting on the shoes, then a little foot worship.


He goes to the bathroom, moments later 2 masked gunmen, one with 2 9mms, another with a Mac 11 fully auto. They come in guns blazing and fire away. Monica takes cover and gets several shots off, as she calls for Jack, telling him to get the car ready. When the smoke clears, Monica is left unscathed, with two masked gunmen on the ground. Jack comes through the door, cocking his gun, when she asks if it is him, he lets one fly to her belly, she is shocked but asks if it is him, “Jack, is that you”? He fires twice more, hitting her in her abdomen, she turns the gun over her shoulder and fires into Jacks arm, he falls to the floor. “Cia Jack”? I knew something was fishy. As she goes to point the gun at him, another masked backup swat team member rushes the door bearing another Mac 11, he fires a few bursts, hitting her with several shots in the stomach and chest, she is bleeding bad now and stumbles to the floor, her knees hitting the ground with a thud. She has blood in her lungs so she spits blood landing next to a large glass table, blood splats everywhere.


Monica is hurt bad, Jack tells her that he can call it off, if she gives up the chip with the stolen information on it, she tells him, “over my dead…” He obliges her giving her several more in the chest, as well as a few rounds from jack’s partner, with the machine gun. She is Swiss cheese by now and tells Jack she will never help him. He points the gun between her eyes and says, “Now you can go fuck yourself”, and lets one fly, blood splats all over the clean white wall and as her head slides to the table, it leaves a blood trail.

Long pans of her dead body go on for a good amount of time before the agents make it back 24 hours later, finding that the Chinese Government still has not located the body, or the memory chip. They look around her body, manipulating the hot dead girl and then find a second chip that falls out of the new shoe he purchased for her. His partner asks if he would like to spend a few last minutes with the hot dead Chinese spy, and he says yes, so the two men give it to her, one in the mouth, the other in her pussy. They have their way with her dead body on the glass table, then leave her for more body pans.


Run Time: 23:00 minutes
File Size: 480 MB	Format: .WMV

Starring: Salang w/ Chris B.

Chris is a con man, drifter, and womanizer. he is on his next victim, a very sexy, beautiful investment firm's accountant. Her name is Salang. Since he met at the bar after her nasty break up, he has convinced her to embezzle large sums of money and send them to an offshore account, so that they can live happily ever after. They enter their hotel room 3 hours from home, after eating a nice dinner to celebrate the last deposit and their departure to somewhere tropical.  Chris is vague about the whereabouts of their paradise, but is elaborate in his plans. He fills her inn, soothing her worries, and getting her ready for the last ride of her life. They start to make out as he undresses her slowly. he pushes her back on to the bed then removes her shoes, kisses her breasts, licks her pussy and fingers her to get her hot, then she returns the favor by taking his clothes off of him and sucking his dick, She licks and sucks him, enjoying every bit. After a nice BJ, Chris pushes her back on to the bed and puts on his condom, claiming kids would ruin their plans, and plunges himself deep inside her. They have sex in many positions, and when he is fucking her hard from behind, pulling her hair, she claims she wants it, "harder, harder!" Chris obliges then flips her over to finish his fuck He cums inside of her and they both climax, and fall limp. He is laying in her arms when he says he needs some water. "Would you like some too dear?" She says yes. Chris goes to the bathroom and puts a poison pill in her cup, claiming he was taking his meds. When she drinks the water she immediately says, "this water sure tastes funny here." "I agree" says Chris. After a big swig she starts to cough and gag, saying that she couldn't breathe very well and she was feeling sick. She tries to go to the bathroom and falls down, she gets back to the bed and really starts to curl up and cough. He encourages her to drink more water, it will help. She downs the cup of poison water and goes into twitches and asks him what is wrong with her. He explains, "I had no choice, I couldn't be too safe, I did what I had to do."..."But I thought you loved me?" "You poisoned me?" she exclaims while choking. He explains more then says they should do one last round. He pulls her by her hair towards his body, whips out his cock and forces it into her mouth. He fucks her face as she gags, drools, and chokes on his hard cock. He cums in her mouth and tosses her head to the bed. She is fully twitching, eyes rolling back in her head, and then straight again. She foams at the mouth and jerks into a convulsive, then still state as she dies, eyes wide open, mouth open. He throws her spread eagle onto the bed, then exits to get things packed up. Right before he leaves he tells her he will miss her but will bury her deep in the desert on his way to his fortune in paradise. "You were good, but I will find another." Slow pans and views of her sexy dead corpse.

Run Time: 28:15 minutes
File Size: 700 MB	Format: .WMV
Category: POISONING/Poisoning

Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Ryanne, Genetica, and Kiki

Belle is a serial killer who loves the party scene. Summers in Alaska are lots of fun, but people love to drink, dance, and there are lots of bisexual women, so it is a haven for a killer like Belle. She has worked her way through the party scene, killing a select few, but after she kills the detective that is on her tail, she has a clean slate and a new lease on her killer life. She will not stop until someone, or something stops her. She is a charming, but brutal killer.

As Kiki is sitting in the chair taking selfies for her instagrand, Belle sneaks behind her, pretending to photobomb her and say \"cheese\", and at the same time wrapping the cord hard around Kikis neck and pulling back. She strangles Kiki so hard on the chair, lifting her as she tries to get away but instead gets herself further choked by the cord. Kikis huge tits and her cleavage bounce around and her eyes bug out. You can almost hear her thoughts she is so expressive and kicks her legs hard but slowly she loses her battle. Her luscious ass cheeks bounce against the chair. She claws at the cord, her blonde hair tangled in her death. Her sexy mound bouncing up and down her luscious ass cheeks, where they meet her pussy hang out of her panties as they buck against the chair leather. Eventually she dies and twitches a few times before she is done. Writhing around and dead from the cord strangle. Belle is tired but she knows it is not over. She releases Kikis tits from her bra feeling and squeezing them. She thinks all the tits in this house are incredible. She thinks she has time for fun and scoops up Kiki off the chair and dropping her on the floor. She rolls her over and flops her around before dragging her to the room and tossing her on the top of the bed with the others. Belle starts to fondle and talk to the corpses. She grabs all the boobs, especially checking out the new Kiki still saving Hannah for when she is awake. As she plays with Kiki\'s tits on the bed, Hannah starts to stir, quietly, then when she realizes she is laying on a bed with 3 corpses and a crazy broad, she jumps up and blood curdling screams her way into the living room, but Belle is fast as a cheetah and comes out the door behind her and lassoing the pantyhose around her neck and taking her down to the sofa. She pounces on her and gets the stocking tight before she tries to get behind her in her favorite position. Hannah fights so hard and she figured as much. That is why Belle saved her for last and let her get a small head start. Hannahs eyes are wide and she claws at the tightly wound pantyhose on her neck. She fights and kicks, her feet pointing flexing and kicking at the end of the sofa arm. Belle uses her feet to move Hannahs top down so she can watch her big tits bounce as she is being strangled to death. Belle tells her to look into her eyes and show them, and as she strangles Hannah looks back, trying not to be defeated but it is tough, Belle is strong and a pro at killing women with her hands and some sort of garrote. As Hannah winds down, Belle savors the moment, loving her twitch on top of her and her bucking against her groin.Hannah winds down to twitches and kicks, random and slowing. Eventually Belle finishes her off and Hannah is still, eyes wide and tongue lolling out. Belle gets out from under her and lets her flop back to the sofa like a pile of dirty laundry. She catches her breath and grabs Hannahs arms pulling her up to her and throwing the petite but built Hannah over her shoulder and taking her to the bed with the rest of the sexy dead bodies. She arranges her with the others and starts to check them all out, grabbing tits and fondling mounds through the sexy panties. She goes to each one surveying her best work and then decides she needs to freshen up before she will come finish her job and move on to the next bunch of party girls. There is no end to the tragedies this serial killer causes. She is ruthless, but charming. Intense, but compassionate, until she has you in her clutches. Maybe you are next?

Don\'t worry folks, there are plenty of females that come through our neck of the woods to not run out of victims, and the day we do, there may be a cop or someone wanting revenge, but until then, she kills. Belle is by far my favorite killer in this genre, even moire than Thanks! CB

Run Time: 17:43 minutes
File Size: 410 MB	Format: .MP4


Starring: Lexxi

Lexxi is taking a trip out of town to visit a friend so they can see a concert. Unfortunately her car breaks down in the country, down a dirt road, without a car in sight. As she is looking at her car she hears a noise, chainsaws, motorcycles, shovels, and of course lots of screaming birds and bugs. She braves down a bunny trail into the woods, trying to find any signs of life. She calls her friend and tells her she is in the woods, looking for someone to help, oh and of course, her cell phone battery is dead, and soon she will have the same thing in common.

Dan is mopping up some piles he burnt for his daddy while he is at market selling hogs, he works hard with his shovel until he hears a faint hello, then another, getting closer, and closer. “Hello, anyone there”, “I need help…anyone”? The hot girl dressed in jeans, tight sweater, and flip-flops, hears his shovel and walks towards the property line. Dan sees her and jumps behind a large Cherry tree, averting himself to her line of sight, but keeping close tabs on her. She starts up the hill, past the tree, heading up towards the barn. She calls out again, and stops to remove some duff from between her toes. Dan makes his move and quickly has his thin cotton twine around her neck, crossed in the back, and is yarding her up against a smaller Cherry tree. The girl is surprised, but quickly tries to defend swinging and punching while he ducks and dodges. She is strong, but no match for a country boy. Dan lets her slide down the trunk as she weakens a bit, pulling hard on the garrote, making a nice dent in her pretty neck. He even moves her curly hair aside to show the entire neck and ligature. She kicks hard and the flip-flops come off, her toes grind into the fertile farmland, and the meadow grass and moss get caught between her toes. She fights, kicks, spasms, and jerks, tongue out, eyes wide open to her final air release.


The young man is excited, he needs to get going if he wants dibbs on the hot girls fresh body, around these parts, its first come first serve for your necro fun. He drags her for a bit, then picks her up, throws her over the shoulder and runs up the hill to the lush green grass by the Redwood tree. He lays her down, undresses her, then gives her some nice kisses and oral sex, then finally puts his dick inside of her and starts to make love to her hot warm body. He goes for a while, throwing the feet over his shoulders and gives it to her hard. She jerks and heaves with every thrust. She looks so hot dead, being screwed. After Dan cums, he flops her down and goes back to his chores. We see body pans in real time, with real sound..It all just happened in the comfort of his own land..Now pops can heve sloppy seconds!


Run Time: 16:10 minutes
File Size: 315 MB	Format: .WMV

(On The Run)
Starring: Belle Fatale, Kiki, and Steevie
w/ Bronson, Rex, and Jake Evans

Pt. 1:(On The Run)

Julie is the Boss' long time girlfriend and hit woman. She is a merciless and efficient killer, who has finally had enough of the crime and falls in love with one of the main goons the boss has trusted for years, his number one. After a couple weeks of running and hiding out, Julie decides to end it at the training house in the hills, and make her final stand and run away with her lover. Things get crazy when he proposes, and they end up having sex and wasting time, but she loves him and it's what he wanted. When the posse gets to the safe house as they finish their sex escapades, they rush to the main room with all the guns and ammo, surveying what they are up against, but Julie has a plan. She loves her man and knows the boss won't stop until she is finished, so she tricks her new man by drugging him and hiding him away for safe keeping while she fights off the enemy, she has never lost but she will take them all out with her. After the posse starts in on her she kills them off one by one wasting no movement with sharpshooter precision, one by one they are all mowed down and she takes a bullet here and there, until the second and third wave come and she is just not enough, nor does she have the ammo to win, but she is determined and fights until the end. She is shot down then shot some more taking 50 total shots including the last one as she is trying to get back up, a headshot that blasts all over the plastic on the furniture. After she is finally dead the last few men and the leader call the boss and let her know Peter has escaped but they have his girl, and she is too far gone to make it back to the hospital. He gives them instructions to all fuck her dead body and sign a sheet of paper declaring so, to humiliate her even after her death. Body pans of all the dead bodies, including extended shots of Julie and her sexy heels and bloody dress.

Pt. 2(The Aftermath)

What's left of the posse takes turns fucking the dead bloody corpse and discussing, talking smack about her and how she died. The last two fuck her more and get all the signatures together then count all the bullet holes to report back to the boss before they leave her dead, fucked corpse there oozing their juices and blood. Extended body views.

Pt. 3:(Bathe and Fuck)

Peter wakes up to find his woman dead, fucked, and full of bloody holes. He takes her to the bath and takes off her clothing, washing her around the wounds as blood leaks into the tub. He caresses her reading the note she left him that says to do her one last time, so he cleans her up and takes her back to the main room where he has sex with her body over and over. He calls the boss letting him know that Julie killed all of those bodies he has stacked up and that he is ready to take on more. He fucks her body as they arrive he is finishing and gets himself on the sofa with her dead body full of holes and waits for them to arrive as he is firing they shoot him dead, and he fulfills his choice to die with his woman. Body pans of the dead couple follow.

This took so much to do and shoot, and edit, wow. It has taken me weeks off and on, the part 2 and 3 will follow the next two days, enjoy, the best acting and dieing I have ever witnessed in my career, wow, BELLE!!! CB

Run Time: 29:20 minutes
File Size: 750 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Baby w/ Chris B.

Baby comes to Chris' place for a shoot and sees a cookie on the table. Without even asking she eats it. Oops! It is one of Chris' roommates hash cookies that put her right to sleep. Chris comes downstairs to discuss the shoot and finds her sleeping on the chair. He has an idea! He takes her to the table and plays with her body, stripping her down, and playing with her limp body and limbs like a rag-doll. Chris rubs her down all over with coconut oil and worships her beautiful feet. he kisses, sucks, and licks her toes while she is passed out, and not knowing what is going on. Chris pulls his dick out and whips her feet, then caresses her feet with his rod. He has sex with her oiled up bare feet until he cums on her soles. 


Run Time: 39:50 minutes
File Size: 500 MB	Format: .WMV

Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Ryanne, Genetica, and Kiki

Genetica's twin sister Jessica has been trying to find her sisters killer for a couple of months, after the Detective won't return her calls, and there are no leads, she knows she can't go out on the town to get answers, and it is too soon to0 have fun. She decides to invite a few friends over to have a few drinks and socialize. Jessica is still too distraught to go out. Some friends even drive a long way to come stay the weekend, but After killing the detective Freya, Belle found some numbers in the phone and called Jessica to introduce herself as Genetica's friend who was trying to connect with Jessica to try and find some answers. Belle shows up early for the get together to introduce herself and help out before guests arrive. As they hug and chat about Genetica, Belle offers to help make coffee, Jessica shows her how and as she is grinding the beans, Belle is taking off her g-string to strangle Jessica with and takes her from behind. She pulls hard getting her turned around and strangling her hard. Jessica tries to grasp at the g string and Belle just pulls harder, yanking on the panties to get a tighter grip. Jessica chokes hard and they make their way to the floor, Belle behind her as Jessicas ass hits the floor and her feet kick hard, making her heels come off and she is bare foot. Belle is pulling and making it very tight. Jessicas eyes bug out and her tongue tries to get air but all she is getting is strangled to death. The sister tries to grab at Belle and slowly fades as she continues to free herself to no avail. It is too much for her and she slows down, twitching and bucking her hips slower, spreading her toes and slamming her ass to the floor. No matter how hard she tries Belle gets the upper hand and Jessica dies, eyes wide open. She wants to check her out, and see if she is identical to her twin, so she frees the gals boobs and confirms the sexy tits. 
She picks her up and drags her to the room to stash the body. She undresses her except for her panties, then rag dolls her around before hearing a car coming up the drive. She closes the door and gets herself together before the two gals Hannah and Ryanne knock on the door. She answers and they immediately start to hug and introduce each other. Ryanne asks if she is Geneticas friend and she nods and they give her condolences. Ryanne is needing to go to the bathroom after the long ride and disappears to the back, while Belle leads Hannah to the sofa to chat. Belle quickly diverts her attention to coffee and so she sits on the sofa while Belle goes to brew a cup. She knows she needs to figure out a way to get them both, but there isn't enough time. She talks to Hannah as she sneaks up behind and before she knows it, Belle has her in a choke hold, and the she fights hard, kicking her pantyhose clad legs and her pussy showing through under her skirt as she fights. She grows weaker and weaker, eventually passing out from being choked. Belle is just saving her for later. She rolls out from under her and goes to check her out. She immediately starts to mess with her legs and removes her shoes so she can sniff and suck her pantyhosed toes. Hannah is sexy, choked out cold, and Belle wants to use the pantyhose to strangle her and her friend so she slowly removes them, checking her pussy before Ryanne interrupts her coming out of the bathroom. Belle grabs the hose and hides quickly by the door. Ryanne comes to the living room and sees her friend Hannah unconscious and half naked on the sofa and starts to panic. She is so stressed out she doesn't see Belle until it is too late and she is behind her with the stocking leg of the pantyhose wrapped tight and pulling hard. She pulls so hard Ryanne comes off the kneeling position to upright on her feet, her heels flailing off as Belle pulls her back. Ryanne is a real fighter and Belle is hip, she even says that Redheads fight better she hears. The pantyhose is so stretched out, it is a foot and a half away from Ryannes neck and Belle pulls her back to the chair, on top of her strangling her to death. Ryannes eyes bug out of her skull as she protrudes her tongue way out to fish for some kind of air. Ryannes sexy legs kick and her toes flex as she fights for her life but Belle is just too much for her to handle. She slowly fades, twitching and bucking her ass, then still. Eyes going from wide and stressed, to dead and still. 
Now she knows there is one more guest to arrive any minute so she looks around, seeing Hannah she pushes Ryanne to the side like garbage, rolling her on her side and flopping her on the floor. She goes to Hannah and picks her up, over the shoulder carries her to the bedroom, getting her next to Jessica in the bed. She arranges them and makes sure there is room for two more corpses, even though they are not dead yet. She goes out to grab Ryanne and rag dolls her body to get her into position to drag her by her underarms and into the bed. She pulls her up and on top of her flopping the dead body on top of her in the bed. She lays there for a moment sizing up what she has done with an evil smile, then gets up and the bodies arranged adjacent in the bed. She gets herself straightened too and goes into the living room, grabbing all the shoes and purses, tossing them into the bedroom and closing the door as she hears the car pull up. She rifles through the drawers and finds a piece of thin cord and tucks it in her bra for the newby. She straightens the furniture and the rug too so the new arrival can be persuaded to sit down. Belle looks in the mirror as she straightens her hair and says. "You can do this Belle, you can do this." Right as the door knocks. She answers and OMG it is Kiki, the real party girl, all blonde and bubbly. They introduce and Kiki doesn't even notice the other girls are gone, but Belle tells her they went to grab booze, but she would concoct a drink from her special stash. The scene fades out to credits.....TO BE CONTINUED  PART 5 TOMORROW WITH KIKI AND HANNAHS STRANGLES AND BODY PILE MOLESTATION. BELLE IS VICTORIOUS AND LIVES TO KILL AGAIN!

Run Time: 24:30 minutes
File Size: 610 MB	Format: .MP4

Starring: Coco as Grace X
Awesome w/ Belle Fatale

Four scenarios, each one with two gals that are struggling with some sort of dilemma, for doing something dirty or underhanded to their boss, or someone in crime. Grace X the hitwoman sneaks up on them, says something clever, and continues with the precise placements of her slugs. Two scenes are silenced head shots with quick deaths, and two scenarios are not suppressed. One scene she has dual 9mm pistols, and another the handy model 92A to do the deeds. Head shots, breast shots, pussy shot, belly shot. Full sound and gun fx, bullet holes, but no blood. Enjoy!

Scene 1: 
Strip to death..
Two stupid strippers are getting dressed to make some money, but the owner of the club is tired of them being indecisive and stupid, so he sends in Grace X, his trusty Hitwoman to tie up a couple loose ends. Grace sneaks in and when she is in position, unannounced to the two sluts, she waits o get a word in edgewise which is, "Hey Cunts", thweep, thweep..they hit the floor from gunshots between the eyes and die instantly. Grace mulls over the dead gals, checking pulses and kicking their legs open. After inspection she exits to hit the ATM to cash her huge check! Body pans of the lovely dead slutty strippers follow. 

Scene 2:
The Long Trip...

The two hot, scantily clad and topless coeds sit on the sofa discussing their trip to the islands. they seem content until they realize why the have to leave, and it hits Belle, she needs to be off the mainland because of a hit out on her. She smiles when she thinks she is home free, but around the corner comes Grace X, with two 9mm pistols, right and left handed she tells them, "You aren't going anywhere bitches", and bam bam, each gun hits each gal, Awesome right in the heart, and one in the right breast of Belle, purposely, so she can watch her suffer a bit before she finishes her off with a mouthful of one of the guns. After Belle tries to crawl away, Grace X grabs her, flips her over, and sticks the gun inside, deep into her mouth and pulls the trigger after some squealing, Belle dies instantly, mouth wide open. She checks them a bit then exits to cash out! Body pans of the sexy bitches follows.

Scene 3:
No Sick Days...

That is exactly what the boss says at the accounting firm, during tax Season, no days off, and absolutely no sick days. His two careless secretaries do not give a rat's ass, so they are laying in bed, talking about nipples, sipping on some beers, with their long socks on, just relaxing. Much to their chagrin, Grace, the bosses, "Acuntant" is in their flat and listening to them talk smack about her. She slowly moves to the room with her briefcase, and reaches in for the silenced pistol. The gals notice her audacity and question what she is there for and how she got in the flat. Grace is stone cold and just says, "The boss has a message for you, and taps them each with a shot to the head, they both die instantly on the bed, in their sexy long socks. The sexy hitwoman puts the gun back in her case and says, "No Sick Days you dumb bitches" and exits, leaving the two sexy babes to be panned and viewed for a bit. 

Scene 4:
Slip poker....

Someone forgot to tell these two idiots that they should not gamble with the bosses money, especially playing poker with the rival gang, that just left with their whole case of cash. They plot on how they are going to win it back by organizing another game and credit card scamming to get the down ante. They have no idea the boss has them tapped and now he is going to have them double tapped, but in a different way. The hitwoman comes in and wastes no time sending a message that you can't steal from the boss, she shoots Belle twice, once in the tummy and once in the left upper breast, killing her pretty quickly, she twitches and writhes a bit while the scared Awesome looks in shock as the Hitwoman grace kneels down and puts the gun against the scared bitches pussy and fires, sending the gal back in her chair a foot. She dies soon after and the hitwoman heads off into the sunset to collect her loot. The tow scantily clothed gals are slumped in their chairs by the table. They are viewed and panned with their lovely death stares. The End...

Well after all the outtakes, can't resits to show how we do it! The gals enjoy this stuff, and do prefer it over degrading porn! Thanks! CB

Run Time: 18:10 minutes
File Size: 324 MB	Format: .WMV

Starring: Coco as Grace X & Xander X
W/ Rex as Spy Rex
& Chris B. as Boss X

Grace is sitting in her office awaiting news of her sister's demise. She gets a knock at her office door, it is Boss X with a DVD that was sent by the Double Agent spy who killed her sister Xander, who was a fledgling Agent who was on her first mission. Grace plays the disk and it shows Xander seducing Agent Rex, and as things get hot they kiss, and Rex is groping her, kissing her lips and neck. They fall to the bed, getting hotter as Rex lowers his hand to her pussy and starts to rub her. He gets her going and soon he thinks he is in control. GRACE WATCHES AND STARTS TO GET HOT. Rex is fingering Xander and she starts to get off and as she cums, she sneaks the gun under the bed and slowly brings it up then tries to shoot him, but misses and he disarms her. They exchange blows, and some punches, Rex tries to slam her but she rolls out and gets free, running towards the gun and grabbing it up, she points it at him but he grabs it and points the revolver at her belly and fires into her waistline at close range.WATCHING THIS GETS GRACE REALLY GOING... It throws her back to the bed and she sinks down to the floor. Spy Rex is in control and he heads over to her, punching her a couple times, then he undresses her shirt, then puts the gun to her right breast and fires, popping her tit, which starts to bleed. She is in shock and reacts with a groan and a yelp. He taunts her more and puts the gun to her other breast, punching her in the shot tit. He shoots her in the left breast and she is in major pain. GRACE CONTINUES TO WATCH THE VIDEO, FINGERING HERSELF IN HER THIGH HIGHS....He taunts Xander, smacks her a bit, and then taunts her more with the gun, putting it to her head, then mouth, then pussy. She tells him, "Just shoot me in the pussy so I can have my last orgasm as I die!", "Please shoot my pussy." He puts it, holding out for a second then POP, right in her clit, she reacts and cums hard, then after a few twitches and a buck or two she dies.GRACE CUMS WILDLY, OVER THE MOON WITH DESIRE TO KILL THE SPY AND AVENGE HER SISTER'S DEATH.... Eyes wide and mouth open. Spy Rex loves to fuck them while they are warm so he goes right in and strips her panties, just leaving the black boots and fucks her bloody pussy with the shot clit. He screws her dead body as she bounces, he loves grabbing her tits and legs as he pumps. He cums on her mound and then gathers himself, tossing her to the side and exiting, leaving the gun to show she died by her own weapon. GRACE FINISHES UP AND GRABS HER GUN HEADING TO THE LOCKER ROOM...

Grace gets dressed to kill in her tight skirt and lacey tight top, black/red bra, red g-string, and lacey black thigh high stockings,  with high heels. She gets made up, brushes her hair and checks her sidearm. As she looks in the mirror she vows to get revenge. She heads to the spies house, late at night as he sleeps, she creeps down the hall. She gets to his room where he lies on a sofa, covered with a blanket. As she aims and readies her gun he does a diving roll and she fires trailing him, hitting him in the shoulder with the .40 s&w which causes him to be in shock for a moment. She gets over him and points the gun. She tells him he is done, and she is going to get off while he lies in pain, but she will make it slow and painful like Xander's death. She grinds him and tells him as she puts the gun on his dick that hse will fill his dick with lead if he doesn't take her heals off and suck her toes in the thigh highs. He does as he's told, enjoying her feet before she stands over him. She rubs one out over him with the gun first and then her fingers, which she licks clean before she points her piece to finish him off. As she is basking in the glow of a good orgasm, he has freed his extra gun from his waist and has it aimed straight at her clit. As she taunts him she realizes she is doomed and POW! He shoots her in the clit as she stands over him, making her lift off the ground, and let out a yelp and grunt. She goes down holding her crotch, dropping her gun and he kicks it out of the way. She is in great pain and showing it as she bucks and grunts and whines. He gropes and punches her, then removes her bra and top. He takes the gun and punches her tit with it before blasting her right breast. She shrieks in terror and pain, grabbing her wound, and then as he punches her shot tit, she screams in pain. He shoots her in the other breast and she grunts and cries out in pain. He squeezes her tit and the blood pours out of the hole in her tit. She is in major pain. He adds more to her plate and puts a slug right in her buttonhole, making her scream orgasmically. Then he kicks her in the side a few times to add insult to injury. She is bucking and spreading her hosiery covered toes, and he stands up over her, telling her she was an amateur like her sister and that her Agency is weak. He shoots her in the head, killing her instantly, and her body twitches a bit, plus a couple of jerks, and she is out. Her eyes are wide and a trickle of blood comes from her head wound. He knows it is time to remove her panties and fuck her warm pussy good. He screws the hot twin spy and blows his wad on her mound too, it is his signature move. He then rolls her and he takes off to round up some intel, and make a call. Her body is panned, and Xander's as well back and forth. The two dead, sexy spies loved their jobs and loved the final death being shot in their pussies. Rex comes back to Grace, she is a legend and he must take one last look. He grabs her face, looking her over, puts her face up and spread eagle, then exits to leave her for the viewing. Grace X and Xander X fought well, but they were no match for Agent Rex.

This is my best work to date, and the reason why people don't mind waiting for their finished product. CCC

Run Time: 32:33 minutes
File Size: 497 MB	Format: .WMV

Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B.

The Chief Crime Scene Investigator for the Metro P.D. is back, and up to his old ways. In this episode he is on the scene of a homicide by strangulation of a gorgeous young woman with perfect figure. After panning over her body with his eyes, he checks the scene for any links to the killer. He notices a few things like the fact that the killer didn\'t even undress her all the way, or molest her body. He inspects a bit then imagines himself as the killer, sneaking up on the young lady as if she were a helpless lamb, using his force and power to surprise and overcome the beautiful lady with one of her discarded stockings. He strangles her to death as she thrashes on the bed, eyes bugging out, bucking her hips and slamming her ass to the bed as she slowly winds down, going from full bore to completely limp. Imagining himself as the killer he finishes the deed. When he comes back to reality, and exactly where the killer left her, he needs to make some adjustments so it feels more complete in his head. He rolls her around the bed, flopping her limbs, ragdolling her around and checking her body for any breaks or contusions that would suggest anything prior to the strangle, or a struggle, aside from the thrashing of the strangle. He inspects her pussy very closely to see if there are any signs of trauma and or fluids. When he sees she is clean, he wants to make the case a bit more colorful. He kisses and caresses her ass, tits, and gets in really close for his gyno inspection. His black gloved hands always paying attention to the succulent and voluptuous woman.
The fantasy of him being the killer and what he does after the kill is what drives him. As chief he can manipulate the video footage, the paperwork, the DNA. He solves many murders, and always takes care of the females. He gets her into position after he removes her clothing and has his way with her mouthing her breasts and face. He plays with her feet as he imagines himself inside her. He goes for it and pulls her to the edge of the bed, slipping his engorged cock into her already wet pussy from the strangle. He starts slow but pounds her so her breasts bounce back and forth until he lets loose his seed into her. The wise and experienced CSI does his best to keep things clean but he knows there isn\'t anyone to check his work and he gets his mark, so what does it matter right?

After finishing and getting himself straightened up, the CSI gets his stuff together then goes in for one last time as he reminisces about the good old days and how he loves his job. He checks her out with his black gloved hands, feeling her dead body and saying what is on his mind. This guy is back and back for a while! Chris B. Chief Metro C.S.I. 

Run Time: 24:43 minutes
File Size: 520 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Freya w/ Jigsy

Freya is a Gymnast in her prime. She wears her tight black spandex jumpsuit, no shoes, with her hair up in a pony tail waiting for coach to begin. Usually they train in the gym but coach wanted to do a session at his place. Freya is naturally beautiful, no makeup needed, a Brazillian orphan, and her coach is from Romania, or so he says. She always wins her meets and has several medals in the world championships. Her coach as of the last few years is strange, especially since his wife, also a gymnast(former) died during a training session with him, and he hasn't been the same since. She stuck with him though because he always got her the win with his tough regiment. He starts her out with a lot of stretching. He is very strict about stretching and having good tone, as you can tell by his subject. She is all muscle and very strong, but he must make her limber and be able to hold her breath longer. As he helps her stretch, he gets a bit closer than usual, grabbing closer to her ass, breasts, and pussy. As he stretches her, he takes advantage of the view and the touch. After a while she starts to be annoyed by it and calls him out but he quickly diverts her attention by telling her what she is doing wrong and why he is so close.  She lets it go once more but as soon as she is in a position stretching, he grabs her and tries to remove her top part of her jumpsuit and she reacts with a "no!" and resistance. He gets very aggressive trying to pull off her suit, then he snaps telling her she needs to learn how to, "hold her breath better!" He grabs her by her neck, using the other hand to fend her off and pull her suit off. He struggles to get a grip but eventually gains control as she uses her might to take over. He wrings her neck with his hand, gripping and throttling her as she tries to pull away and get his hand free from her neck. He gains the upper hand getting her suit down to her knees, her bare feet kicking at him as he handles her with both hands. He chokes her out hard, remembering what he did to his gymnast wife, and knowing he is teaching his long time subject a lesson as well. She fights but she can't get free from his grip, her eyes roll back and become whites as she tries to breathe, her tongue protruding, fishing for some bit of oxygen but not getting anything. Her kinky hair flies around and he moves her around the room as she kicks, bucks, and throws her perfectly shaved pussy mound up high, bouncing it like a ball. As she fights, she loses this round and will not get a metal in the next meet. She will be dead. He finishes her off and makes sure by choking her harder. After she is completely limp, he starts his process of ragdolling her around the room, flipping her over, rolling her and picking her up. He drops her limbs around the room tossing her arms up and down, getting her in the sitting position to ragdoll her arms, making her touch herself on her clit and pussy lips. Her eyes are wide and her neck lolls around as he jerks her body around the room extremely rag dolling her body around the room. He is so infatuated with her and her sexy, perfect body, he has to make love to her dead body before she changes. He picks her up and dances with her then tosses her on the couch for a nice hard fuck. He enters her and pounds her as she bounces around, her head jerking and her tits bouncing. He lifts her up and throws her limp corpse on top of him and rag dolls her dead body while he fucks her. After a while he cums inside her and tosses her to the floor. He scrunches her body up into many forms, tossing her around, carrying her and swaying her body around before throwing her back on the couch to sit. He kisses her and takes off, saying he will come back later to deal with her. Long pans of the beautiful, dead, sexy, gymnast follow. 

Freya, holy moly she is so beautiful and naturally hot. One of my all time favorites. Her death stare is so good and always a great actress, look forward to many more years with this young lady. Thanks everyone. CB

Run Time: 17:30 minutes
File Size: 400 MB	Format: .MP4

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