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    Clip Description

    Starring: Ashley Lane w/ Jigsy


    A man has captured, tormented, and hung a beautiful young woman to death in his house. She is still strung up on the noose, dangling, only wearing knee high, high heeled BLACK LEATHER BOOTS. The man admires his handywork as he circles the freshly dead young woman. She has been through the gambit, but still looks unbelievably hot and sexy, dangling from the noose. He will end up spending the whole day and night doing exactly what he wishes to her, his Necro Lover. He caresses, kisses, sucks, and licks her entire body, including her boots, slowly. He kisses her mouth, fondles her breasts, and fingers her pussy. He spends lots of time checking to see if she is limp, doing limp hand and arm drops, as he fingers her pussy. He gets very excited and continues to massage and caress her body all over, spending lots of time fondling her ass and tits, and fingering her so furiously, the slaps to her pussy from the fingering make it loud, and she flops and dangles as she is being finger fucked. After he gets her nice and ready, he puts her hand on his crotch as he fingers her to get him ready. He pulls out his dick and enters her pussy from the rear, as she is still dangling. He fucks her hard, his big cock sliding in and out, as he fumbles to keep it in her. He fucks her for a while as she dangles limp, and her head bobs, and the rope bites into her sexy, elongated neck. A rash is there from where the rope burned her neck as she struggled. Her eyes are open and mouth slightly agape. He decides to try from the front side so he can see her face and suck her breasts as he fucks her dead body. He gets his dick in and starts to slam her, lifting one of her legs to get maximum penetration while he fucks her dangling. After a bit of a rest he lets her down from the rope, she crumbles to the floor as he lets the rope go. He heads to her removing the noose from her neck, her eyes wide open. He kisses her passionately, holding her hands intertwined with his. He rolls her over onto her back. He plays with her limp arms, dropping her limbs to see them flop, rag dolling her over and over. He sits her up, rag dolling her body, he drops the limp arms one at a time, then drops her to the floor before rolling her over and over, back and forth, rag dolling and checking her limp body. He kisses her thighs, legs and boots, he spreads her legs and licks her pussy then flips her onto her tummy and licks and gets his face all in her beautiful ass. He is so into it, he flips her back over and gets her legs up so he can get maximum penetration into her pussy. He sticks his big cock into her wet, pink hole and starts to fuck her, getting harder and faster as he fucks her faster and harder. He does her in a few different positions as you see his dick going in and out of her pink hole. He really wants to fuck her face and give her what he has been saving to blow all over inside her mouth. He gets her up to her knees, letting her limp arms dangle to the side as he rams her mouth harder and harder. His dick goes in and out, sounding like a dead person gagging on the big dick. He gets her in the perfect position upright on her knees and blows his load all in her mouth, there is so much he has been saving, it oozes out her mouth around his dick, dripping onto her tits and all over her chin. He pulls his dick out and rubs the cum all over her face and rubs his cock on her cum soaked tits as he catches his breath. He lets her drop to the floor and he positions her laying on the ground, rag dolling her a bit. He leans down to cress her thigh and her bladder releases. SHE PISSES HERSELF ALL OVER THE FLOOR. He exits to go get cleaned up and ready to dispose of her body. He had his way, just as he likes it, and now he wants to dispose of her. Her body is panned and viewed from many angles as well as close up death stare.

    I am just going to say...Holy Moly Geez what a freaking hot young lady. Her acting and being dead and limp is superb. I can not say enough about how awesome this film is, wow! CB

    Run Time: 30:00 minutes
    File Size: 588 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      29 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v558.29 MB

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Starring: Belle Fatale, Bronson, Rex, and Chris B.

Two of the men that are killers for the Boss come in to clean her feet up, count the wounds, take pics and make a sheet that everyone will sign that fucks the dead bitch. They both fuck her hard and leave her oozing cum. Then what's left of the posse takes turns fucking the dead bloody corpse and discussing, talking smack about her and how she died. The last two fuck her more and get all the signatures together then count all the bullet holes to report back to the boss before they leave her dead, They all sign a sheet of paper that states in bold letters:


The fucked corpse is left there oozing their juices and her blood. After a while Peter comes too in the tub and rushes out to find his woman shot to pieces, but after he gets upset, he gives her her last wish which is to be fucked by him again, even after she is dead, ravaged, and left in shambles. After he finishes, he picks her up to take her to another place, but then he realizes they are still surrounded by a gang of thugs......(to be continued)

Pt. 3:

In the next part, Peter bathes and cleans his woman and her wounds so he can have sex with her a few more times before the final ambush that kills him and gets her dead body shot again and again....

This part is great if you love bloody necro and true love! Thanks! CB

Run Time: 14:30 minutes
File Size: 305 MB 	Format: .MP4

(On The Run)
Starring: Belle Fatale, Kiki, and Steevie
w/ Bronson, Rex, and Jake Evans

Pt. 1:(On The Run)

Julie is the Boss' long time girlfriend and hit woman. She is a merciless and efficient killer, who has finally had enough of the crime and falls in love with one of the main goons the boss has trusted for years, his number one. After a couple weeks of running and hiding out, Julie decides to end it at the training house in the hills, and make her final stand and run away with her lover. Things get crazy when he proposes, and they end up having sex and wasting time, but she loves him and it's what he wanted. When the posse gets to the safe house as they finish their sex escapades, they rush to the main room with all the guns and ammo, surveying what they are up against, but Julie has a plan. She loves her man and knows the boss won't stop until she is finished, so she tricks her new man by drugging him and hiding him away for safe keeping while she fights off the enemy, she has never lost but she will take them all out with her. After the posse starts in on her she kills them off one by one wasting no movement with sharpshooter precision, one by one they are all mowed down and she takes a bullet here and there, until the second and third wave come and she is just not enough, nor does she have the ammo to win, but she is determined and fights until the end. She is shot down then shot some more taking 50 total shots including the last one as she is trying to get back up, a headshot that blasts all over the plastic on the furniture. After she is finally dead the last few men and the leader call the boss and let her know Peter has escaped but they have his girl, and she is too far gone to make it back to the hospital. He gives them instructions to all fuck her dead body and sign a sheet of paper declaring so, to humiliate her even after her death. Body pans of all the dead bodies, including extended shots of Julie and her sexy heels and bloody dress.

Pt. 2(The Aftermath)

What's left of the posse takes turns fucking the dead bloody corpse and discussing, talking smack about her and how she died. The last two fuck her more and get all the signatures together then count all the bullet holes to report back to the boss before they leave her dead, fucked corpse there oozing their juices and blood. Extended body views.

Pt. 3:(Bathe and Fuck)

Peter wakes up to find his woman dead, fucked, and full of bloody holes. He takes her to the bath and takes off her clothing, washing her around the wounds as blood leaks into the tub. He caresses her reading the note she left him that says to do her one last time, so he cleans her up and takes her back to the main room where he has sex with her body over and over. He calls the boss letting him know that Julie killed all of those bodies he has stacked up and that he is ready to take on more. He fucks her body as they arrive he is finishing and gets himself on the sofa with her dead body full of holes and waits for them to arrive as he is firing they shoot him dead, and he fulfills his choice to die with his woman. Body pans of the dead couple follow.

This took so much to do and shoot, and edit, wow. It has taken me weeks off and on, the part 2 and 3 will follow the next two days, enjoy, the best acting and dieing I have ever witnessed in my career, wow, BELLE!!! CB

Run Time: 29:20 minutes
File Size: 750 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: SaraLiz and Belle Fatale w/ Jigsy

Two friends sit in a hot tub in the garage next to the main house. Sara consoles her best friend because her husband left after years together. The girl is clearly upset, and doesn't know what to do. The young lady takes her dogs out to do their business, leaving her friend Sara to sit in the boiling tub while she walked them to the end of the block. Sara tells her to be safe, suggesting she go with her, but the young lady just says, "don't worry, it's a nice neighborhood, and I have the dogs". She sits with her back to the door, taking the whole tub to herself while her friend walks her dogs. A hooded intruder finds his way into the house through the back door. As he is rifling through valuables and jewelry, he hears a noise and follows it. He sees the hot tub, with what he thought was a single woman enjoying a hot tub. He sneaks up behind her and uses her bikini top to strangle her with. He gets it just right and the startling surprise attack makes a big splash, literally. She fights hard and water is going everywhere. She grabs at her bikini top as it digs into her sexy long neck. He pulls her body almost out of the water as he pulls hard on her top, making her face turn a pink to purple. He is really giving it to her hard. She kicks her feet and splashes, trying to fend him off but ends up dead, mouth open wide, eyes bloodshot and still soaking wet. He immediately pulls her soaking wet body from the tub, her hands and feet wrinkled from soaking too long. He carries her to the bedroom so he can molest her. He takes her wet bikini off so she can dry out a bit while he plays. He hears the door open and hides. After a couple of dead body pans and views, the house owner is coming back in from walking her dogs. She heads to the hot tub, noticing that Sara is not there so she gets in, figuring she was in the bathroom or shower. She lays back and relaxes, as the intruder sneaks up in his black hooded sweatshirt and uses her bikini tops strings to wrap around her neck. She is so surprised but she fights hard smacking him on the head, splashing and thrashing like wet and wild style. He just pulls tighter and she just keeps thrashing, going in and out of the water like a bobbing apple, but fighting back like a cat that has been dropped in a cold lake. She slows down after he reefs harder and harder, changing the color of her face a dark red, matching her bloodshot eyes. After a long thrashing bout she slows down and he watches her die POV, then lets her down into the water so she floats, only her head and open death stare seen. He drags her wet body out by her suit top and cradle carries her to the bedroom where he lays her down. He plays with her as he removes her wet swimsuit to match her dead pal. He takes his time to caress and molest them as her drops their arms and legs, kissing and sucking their clean toes and fleshy breasts. He is loving feeling them up and rolling their naked bodies all over the bed, feeling their asses, then their breasts, trying to figure out the best way to pose them. He really would love to screw them both silly but realizes it would hurt his career as a petty thief, and now murderer of sexy ladies in a hot tub. He gets them positioned and set how he would like them, but they tip over into each other on the bed. He takes off to the other room to collect some stuff to sell down the road when the coast clears, as we see their sexy bodies panned and viewed.

These strangles are so good. WET AND WILD! Lots of thrashing about in the water and such great attention to the details. Thanks so much, more customs being released as the weeks and days are upon us. Thanks again! CB

Run Time: 25:00 minutes
File Size: 750 MB 	Format: .MP4

(Cheerleader O.D. C.S.I.)
Starring: Paige Turner w/ Adrian

A cheerleader overdoses on some drugs whilst masturbating. She is found with her two fingers inside her vagina, so her hands are bagged. Scene picks back up in the morgue, as the doctor is getting his gloves on, and unzipping the bag.

He does a thorough investigation, including slow undressing and use of technical autopsy terms. He is very business, rolling and checking her with her clothes and shoes on, her hands bagged to preserve some clues. He also undresses her, slowly checking for details, finding clues, and noting abnormalities. After he moves her, undresses her fully, he checks her pelvis and swabs her vagina. He swabs outside and in her vagina. He bags all the evidence. he also checks deep in her mouth, getting a culture, and checking the tongue for swelling. He checks all over her body for any issues, and finds some problems in sternum and other areas. He gets his preliminary exam done, writing down his opinion of C.O.D., then noticing he has just examined a fresh, 10 cheerleader, and it gets him hotter (than when he found her fingers in her pussy, and when he pulled them out they were wet and juicy, they came out with a sound) he is very excited and has sex with her in many positions before the funeral home calls to interrupt. He tells them a few more minutes, then wraps it up, just like he did his penis with a condom, well, he is the final word in this county!!!

We are trying to get better and do some occasional CSI, Morgue stuff. We just got a table, and a gurney and have ordered some new blocks and such! Enjoy!! Oh yeah! PAIGE IS HOT!! PERFECT 10!!! 

Run Time: 20:00 minutes
File Size: 290 MB 	Format: .WMV

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