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    Clip Description

    Starring: Belle Fatale, Ashley Lane, Karma, Odette Delacroix, w/ Jigsy

    ***EXPLICIT CONTENT*** *Male Death Scene*

    Belle Fatale continues her spree as Anchorage serial killer, and most wanted. She loves to go to night clubs, and venues to find beautiful young ladies to strangle and molest, taking them back home, taking care of business, then using other people in the community as scapegoats and perps for her framing ways. She has been a bit more careful and less frequent in her attempts since her first encounter with Detective Freya, and killing of her very first victim(Prequel not yet released) so she changes up a bit for her early run to the clubs to find a victim, this time it is a couple, that just met at the bar and have been offered and have taken ecstasy(a hallucinogenic, euphoric elicit drug that enhances feelings, but hinders decision making process) so as they sit on Belle's couch, the drug starts to take effect. As the killer makes drinks the two newcomers acknowledge the drug taking effect, and get excited about the threesome. Belle gets them started and then makes her move, getting the attention of the man, saying she should get him off while they wait for Karma to finish her drink. They all agree and she pulls out his cock and sucks him good, as the Karma party girl plays with herself and is getting rubbed off by the man. They are all excited, but the two new comers are really into it. She gets in the guys head as they undress Karma. She asks him if he wants to try something new and fun, which he replies "YES" of course, so as she licks Karma's pussy he removes his belt and gets it around Karma's neck, who is in the moment and not protesting at all, she is seeming to get hot from it. Belle gets closer and closer to the man, in his ear arousing him with her hands and kisses to the ear and neck, but also coaxing him to go further and further as the young party girl is choking more and more, turning different shades of red and purple as she loses air and is cut off completely. The man is getting off on it and Belle continues to coax him being in his ear. Eventually Karma can take no more loss of air and dies, her arms and painted toes twitching, her eyes bugged out and blood shot from the lack of air and pressure straining. Her eyes are wide and her tongue barely protrudes. Belle makes the euphoric and completely loaded man think she came and is laying on the floor passed out. She moves the corpse and goes straight for his cock, sucking him off until he cums so she can harvest his DNA, to plant on all the victims and look like he is the real killer, and not Belle. AS HE SHOOTS HIS LOAD IN HER MOUTH, SHE SNAPS HIS NECK AND HE DIES INSTANTLY, SHE FINISHES SUCKING TO GET ALL THE GOOD STUFF.. then lets his dick flop. She rag-dolls Karma's body but has a lust for some new blood so she plays with Karma's feet and licks her toes, molesting and rag-dolling the body, and moves the bodies to the South bedroom....Fade Out..

    Fade in...
    Ashley and Odette, traveling friends and rich party girls, up for a weekend of partying, enter with Belle into her house. They sit at the bar as Belle looks for wine she knows is not there. After some small talk Belle breaks the embarrassing news that she is completely out of alcohol. Ashley, still wanting the party to go on, so as she leaves Odette continues to explain how the two met and their trips together, as Belle is behind her removing her own heels and grabbing a thigh high out of her ottoman, and creeping behind her as she uses her soothing voice to continue the conversation. Before long Odette is up off the bar stool and in the air as Belle takes her down and back off the chair on to the floor. The tiny young lady, in a sexy dress and heels weighing 90 pounds, is going crazy, fighting like mad to get free from her clutches but Belle has her good and the stocking is wrapped tight. Up-skirt views shows Odette not wearing panties and here shaved cunt showing as she bucks and fights Belle. As she is on top of Belle fighting she kicks off one heel, then slowly starts to fade, but passes out from lack of air before Belle has a chance to finish the job. Belle is pissed this has not happened yet in all her kills, but she uses it to try something new. she rolls the body off like a pile of sticks that crumble to the rug, then undresses Odette, checking her shaved pussy and then her tiny tits as she molests the tiny young ladies body. She molests her limp playing her arms, rag-dolling Odette back and forth, showing how limp she is. As she is about to do more the car comes up the gravel driveway. It is Ashley, so belle hurries to pick up the body, stocking still around her neck and takes her to the bed with the other bodies. She hurries back to the kitchen and Ashley comes in with the bottle of wine, and as she gets to the bar, sees that Odette is not there. Belle explains that Odette wasn't feeling well so she let her pass out in her bed, and points to the Bedroom right by the front door, and "while she opens the wine, Ashley should check on her friend." The scene fades as she walks towards the bedroom and Belle grabbing a cable from a laptop, comes behind her........Scene fades


    Thanks, Belle Fatale is absolutely amazing and by far the best actress that has ever been on film in our niche. I will put my entire career on it. Please grab Belle Fatale films if you do not already have them, and add them to your collection, you will not be disappointed.

    I am having major surgery on Monday the 2nd, and will be recovering for up to three weeks, so if you are concerned about a project, email me and I will get back to you as soon as I am well. If I emerge in good form, it will be a new awakening for Chris B., so watch out for the best yet to come, regardless of sales and the market. I AM AN ARTIST FIRST AND FOREMOST, NOT A SELL OUT! LOVE YOU ALL TO DEATH! CB

    Run Time: 23:15 minutes
    File Size: 533 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      23 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v533.44 MB

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    DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted - DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted
Starring: Coco and Steevie w/ Rex

Almost a month has passed since Detective Lizbon was beaten, shocked with a taser, then raped by a diplomat, who's father runs the largest corporation in the first world, so he gets full immunity wherever he goes. The investigator for the Agency Detective Lizbon, who is still on the detail to protect the Diplomat wants a documented apology for the harm he caused her, and wants it to be mediated. Before arriving at the safe house to meet the Diplomat, Coco gets dressed up in a skirt and high heels, always wanting to look fashionable in public. With her badge tethered to her skirt, and her service weapon, .40 caliber pistol, tucked into the small of her back, she arrives. Before she got to the address, the Diplomat, and another crime friend of his, sex trafficker, and serial rapist Steevie, make plans to take her out, and have some fun in the mean time.

Detective Lizbon arrives, she comes in the door and is introduced to Steevie, not recognizing that she is the hoodlum that she tried to collar a few years back when she was a rookie, but never could finger. Steevie is very professional, explaining the apology, and how there are no weapons allowed at the safe house. She sees the Diplomat Rex, and his eyes bite right through her, she stammers back and gets frightened, covering herself, knowing that he has special vision powers where he can see under layers of clothing. She is very uncomfortable, but carries on, giving up her weapon, since they have none, and she is a strong fighter. She just wants the apology. As Steevie finishes the pat down, she takes the weapon to the safe, and offers Detective Lizbon a beverage. The sexy, and nervous agent says she will take some herb tea to calm her down, and so the disguised serial rapist makes her some tea, but adds a debilitating drug that will make her incapacitated for hours, which is more than they need to finish her off before she can go public with the apology. As she drinks the tea, and the Diplomat gives his spiel, patronizing her, and finally letting her know he is, well, sorry for what is to happen, and before long, she is staggering and falls in the arms of Steevie, who hoists her up so the Diplomat can take some shots to her face and body. The two take turns beating her down, punching her and kicking her all over her body, including the torso, face, tits, and pussy, they beat her senseless, making every shot count as planned. They beat her and toss her around, one holding her arms, while the other has their way groping and punching her.

After a long and tragic beating, Detective Lizbon, still trying to fight back, but drugged and helpless, gets knocked to the ground, then stripped and groped, including the vaginal claw, that makes her scream in pain. The diplomat asks her if she remembers their first meeting, and lets her know this is going to end way worse. After removing her panties, he sticks his dick in her and she screams out in pain. Steevie holds her down while he has his way, and she uses her fingers to gag Lizbon as she is being raped and defiled. He pounds her hard, forcing her legs high, her bare feet flexing and then limp with waves of drugged euphoria. He starts to choke her as he is about to climax, choking her hard as her face turns red, and her eyes roll into the back of her head. As he finishes cumming, she passes out, eyes half open and white from her eyes rolling up in her head.

The two perps get up, leaving her on the hard wood floor slightly moaning and out. The diplomat drags her up and puts her in a big chair in the corner, her pussy still oozing his cum, and her cunt glistening from all the juices. Steevei suggests a nice rope to finish her off, so she grabs one from the other room, and comes back to kill the Detective so she will not talk about what really happened. She starts to stir and try to fight back, but she is weak. They both grab one end of the rope and the middle is around her sexy neck, getting tighter as she tries to struggle. They pull super tight and it wakes her up a bit, she tries to fight and the adrenaline rushes into her body, she kicks her legs, but her arms are being held with the other hands not pulling on her death rope. She fights and tries to stick around but the strangle her hard, eventually letting her arms free so they can see her struggle a bit. Her arms are weak, and she is losing the battle. Her legs stiffen up and rattle with her whole body, her glistening vagina bounces up and down like a bobber in a lake, then finally going still after a lot of twitching. After a few seconds she is totally still, eyes open, tongue slightly protruding and swollen. She fought hard but lost the battle, and now she is dead. The two perps remove the rope from her neck leaving a scar and red burns on her neck. They leave to celebrate with a drink, and she is left in the chair, dead, and alone. Her body is panned and viewed in her sexy death pose.

This production is by far one of our best, and all that acted and helped with the scene did a wonderful job. Lot's of punching and kicking, a beat down and assault on Detective Lizbon, then her death, what a great vid. Enjoy. CB

Run Time: 28:00 minutes
File Size: 495 MB 	Format: .WMV

Starring: Belle w/ Alexander & J. Wood

A television reporter has a few informants on her side, and she is holding out for the big story to expose a militant group that trades weapons, and is involved with major organized crime in the city. The reporter thinks she is home free and comes to her hotel room where she is in hiding. The two men that are in charge of alleviating these types of problems are waiting outside her place plotting their plans. They break into her room, set up and hide to surprise her and get some answers. When she arrives she settles in, then calls her editor, explaining how she is ready to finalize the story, and when she hangs up and goes to the table, the two men surface and grab her. The boss asks her who her informant is, she says she does not know so he punches her in the gut. The woman is stunned and cries "please no"! The man asks again while his partner, known as "The Ass Man", holds and taunts her. The boss grabs his tazer and zaps her for a few seconds, making her body jerk and heave. He asks her again, but she does not supply anything so he knocks her out with the tazer.

The two men take her to their room and tie her up to the top of the pantry door, hands above her head. They ask again, removing the black sack from her head, covering her from knowing the location. The two men beat her, tazer her body and then rip her dress off. They fuck with her while she cries that she knows nothing. The boss grabs a couple beers from the fridge, they enjoy them while she squirms and cries. The Ass Man puts a bottle to her pussy and fucks her with it as she begs to please stop. She can't fight because her hands are duct taped together. After she still will not give up her source, they take her to the bedroom, fucking her face till she gags and spits up drool and fluids. Both men force her to suck them off, then the "Ass Man" takes over. he fingers her from behind then rapes her vagina from behind. She cries in terror as the large cocked man fucks her hard. Then he pulls it out, fingers her ass then takes her anally, very rough from behind. Then he flips her over, screwing her ass from the front as he looks in her eyes. Then he pulls out grabs her hair and serves her up a large facial, cumming all over her, then re entering her mouth for a swabbing. He throws her to the carpet as the boss takes over, he too fucks her face and then cums in her mouth deep throat, after he finishes, he throws her to the side and goes to grab the rope. He puts the rope around her neck, keeping her upright so the Ass Man can finger fuck her while she is strangled hard; drooling, gagging, choking, gasping, and bucking her hips and trying to claw at the garrote. She fights hard twisting, eyes bulging as the rope digs into her neck. After she fights for a while she slows, then twitches till she is still, dead, eyes ope, tongue out. The two men discard her and go to the fridge for the rest of the beers. We are left to pan and view her dead corpse.

Run Time: 42:15 minutes
File Size: 650 MB 	Format: .WMV

Starring: Belle Fatale, Ashley Lane, Karma, Freya, and Odette Delacroix
w/ Jigsy

Continued from PART 2...

Immediately as the scene opens Ashley is ambushed by Belle who, barefoot, has to jump up to her tip toes and wrap the computer cable and loop it over her head, and she does so with much vigor and success, almost taking her down like she was a horse, with a rope. Ashley's long legs and body fight hard and buck, but Belle holds on like a champion rider in the winning race. She pulls the tall young woman on to the sofa, then pulls her upright so she is on her knees to fight and feel the fighter buck against her groin and feel good. She loves to use long garrotes and cords, nylons to strangle so she can see the neck and the way the victim dances on the end of the cable, swaying like a dancer to and fro, almost like a ballerina, or a marionette. Ashley thrashes in her dances, arms clawing at the cable when they are not swaying. After a long bout with the tall blonde with amazing sexy legs and feet, she lets go of the long cables and Ashleys frame drops to the side like a bunch of poles crumbing to the landing, hitting the floor with a thud, eyes open tongue barely sticking out, and hair messed up by the crazy affair. She wants to deal with her in the body pile so she takes Ashley to the bed with the others and removes her top of the dress to see her perfect breasts and sexy face. She checks out all her lovely corpses and touches each one talking to them like they are alive, well one of them still is and she is focusing on her, Odette, just then she hears the sound of a car racing to the gravel, then a car door shut and a knock. It is her arch nemesis, Detective Freya Brooks who has been trying to foil her plans since they first met a few years back, when Belle had her in her grip, but lost it and the young cop escaped, only to work hard and earn her gold shield, so she could take on the unsolved murder cases, and find the killer. As Belle grabs a long spool of para-cord, she has stashed in the pantry, she hides in a position to strike. The cop, who finally has a warrant invites herself in, taunting Belle as the killer is tucked behind the bar. To her advantage a limb breaks outside startling the detective, who spins around to point her gun, only to be ambushed from behind by Belle who takes the cop down fast, and she drops her service weapon to the floor. Belle is brutal and this is the day she has waited for for a long time so she goes hard and harder. She is behind her taking her to the floor, where she is over the top, commenting on how the detective let herself in, when she replies, in a choking voice, "Fuck you bitch, i have a warrant!" which just makes Belle go nuts and flip her over so she can have her in position she knows will be fatal. She gets the cop on top of her and pulls the cord hard from behind getting the leverage that pops Freya's eyes out and makes her tongue try to lick the sky. She pulls so hard that the cop tries to grab her and grab at the cord, but it is so tight and Belle has so much rage and strength, she has no chance. She still fights hard with all of her might but the serial killer pulls her around the floor, keeping it tight, so her eyes are rolling back into her head. Belle breathes hard and continues until the bitch is no longer moving, or even an inch, she is dead. Belle is in a trance and laughs hard and creepily as she undresses the detective and checks her out feeling her up and showing her crotch. She removes the clothing and bra and thud, drops her to the floor, molesting her tits more. She hears noises and whining in the distance, almost like a cat, but knows it is Odette coming to and coming her way. She stashes the cop dragging her to the other room by the door, just getting out to the living room as Odette comes into the kitchen and to living room, pointing in shock towards the room full of dead bodies. As Belle tries to comfort her, noticing she still has the stocking wrapped around her neck goes to console her as the young girl realizes she is the killer that did it all and was going to finish her too, she freaks out but it is too late for her escape, Belle has her hands on both ends of the stocking and has her lifted of the ground to get her on to a surface she can kill her on. She pulls so tight on the thigh high stocking that it makes several creases in her neck where they cross in front, getting red as they rip against her skin. Odette, though small, is fighting harder than anyone she has strangled in her serial killing career. The tiny frame just means she is harder to reign in, and Belle has to get behind her standing above her on the couch, pulling hard using all of the thigh highs. She actually looks as if she is trying to pop the little things head of, but Odette still fights until her death, digging in her tiny size 5 feet, spreading her painted toes apart as she chokes to death at the hands of the best. The most ruthless, female sociopath killer known in the entire Western hemisphere. Odette fades and twitches, tongue lolling, head cocked to the side, and finally dead, still. Belle gets up shoving her to the side like a pile of rubbish. She rag-dolls the corpse a bit, getting her to the floor so she can eventually take her away with the others. She sets her up, lets her fall, checks out her ass and pussy then drops her on the floor as she hearts another car coming up the gravel drive....This just may be her luckiest day yet! The scene cuts to body pans and views of Odette's dead, sexy corpse and stare, right after Belle leaves with a wicked smile, heading for the door. Who could it be next?

To be continued.....

What an amazing cast and killer. The best! Oh my God ODETTE!!! I can't wait to be healthy and have her much to do so little time. These are top notch strangle kills and as smeone told me today, "Belle actually scares me!" Maybe this will be a Halloween treat!!!!
Okay off to deal with this crap in my skull, talk to you all when I get back to earth, hopefully!! Muahahahahahaha. Chris B

Run Time: 20:00 minutes
File Size: 500 MB 	Format: .MP4

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