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    CHRIS CORNER - FetNoir Hotel Episode 2 Double Exposure

    Clip Description

    FetNoir Hotel: Episode 2: Double Exposure
    Starring: Saraliz as: Sara and Farah
    w/ Rex as "The Foot Strangler"

    Sara’s twin sister, Farrah, had become another victim of a serial strangler. The killer is vicious and strangles his victims mercilessly then uses their body for his sex toy. He is especially heinous in that after the murder, he takes photos of the woman, close ups of her face in contorted pain, and photos of his cum all over the victim’s body. He sends the photos to the police to taunt them—but the body of the victims themselves are never found.

    Sara has tried to be patient but she has lost confidence in the police department as the investigation has grown cold. Her love for her sister has caused her to set out on her own to find the killer, and take justice into her own hands. Sara has roughly identified the area where her sister disappeared and has taken a room at the FetNoir Hotel nearby.

    As she checks in, the hotel, as the management’s usual practice, provides each guest with a “specially treated” lap top computer to use for her stay. Sara has smuggled in a police department thumb drive containing a video of her sister’s last known appearance plus the murderer’s own photos of her dead sister’s body.

    As she begins to relax from her long trip, Sara opens her bag and removes the revolver she brought for her revenge. Then she removes the thumb drive and begins to strip down to just bra and panties. She puts the drive in place, fingering the ‘treated’ keys as she does so.

    As the video of her sister Farrah starts, Sara stares at the screen. Sara has long known her sister was an incurable flirt. And as she watches her sister’s last moments alive, she nods and sobs, knowing Farrah may actually have invited her own murder. Sara is shocked as the video ends, but forces herself to look at the photos the killer took of her sister, dead and raped repeatedly.

    Sara has been so intent upon the video, running and re-running the photos, that she has spent a great deal of time in contact with and touching the key board---the magical keyboard that induces dream sequences and also heightens sexual feelings in the user.

    Sara begins to breathe heavily and rolls her tongue over her red lips. One hand slips inside her panties and massages her pussy. Suddenly, her expression changes. She realizes this is wrong!! All wrong!! . . . To get off sexually at her sister’s murder. Sara shakes it off.

    She gets up---from the bed and studies herself in the dresser mirror. Is she not just as sexy and attractive as her twin? Of course she is. She decides to offer herself as a lure for the killer. Draw him to her. Suddenly, she thinks she sees a masked man in the reflection of the mirror. She is horrified, pulls out her revolver and . . . starts on the dream sequence that will “end” as it had to . . . Sara would have it no other way.

    Wow, the films keep getting better and better, things to come oh my! Enjoy and thanks! CB

    Run Time: 27:00 minutes
    File Size: 550 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      27 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4564.29 MB

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