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    CHRIS CORNER - FetNoir Hotel Episode 2 Double Exposure

    Clip Description

    FetNoir Hotel: Episode 2: Double Exposure
    Starring: Saraliz as: Sara and Farah
    w/ Rex as "The Foot Strangler"

    Sara’s twin sister, Farrah, had become another victim of a serial strangler. The killer is vicious and strangles his victims mercilessly then uses their body for his sex toy. He is especially heinous in that after the murder, he takes photos of the woman, close ups of her face in contorted pain, and photos of his cum all over the victim’s body. He sends the photos to the police to taunt them—but the body of the victims themselves are never found.

    Sara has tried to be patient but she has lost confidence in the police department as the investigation has grown cold. Her love for her sister has caused her to set out on her own to find the killer, and take justice into her own hands. Sara has roughly identified the area where her sister disappeared and has taken a room at the FetNoir Hotel nearby.

    As she checks in, the hotel, as the management’s usual practice, provides each guest with a “specially treated” lap top computer to use for her stay. Sara has smuggled in a police department thumb drive containing a video of her sister’s last known appearance plus the murderer’s own photos of her dead sister’s body.

    As she begins to relax from her long trip, Sara opens her bag and removes the revolver she brought for her revenge. Then she removes the thumb drive and begins to strip down to just bra and panties. She puts the drive in place, fingering the ‘treated’ keys as she does so.

    As the video of her sister Farrah starts, Sara stares at the screen. Sara has long known her sister was an incurable flirt. And as she watches her sister’s last moments alive, she nods and sobs, knowing Farrah may actually have invited her own murder. Sara is shocked as the video ends, but forces herself to look at the photos the killer took of her sister, dead and raped repeatedly.

    Sara has been so intent upon the video, running and re-running the photos, that she has spent a great deal of time in contact with and touching the key board---the magical keyboard that induces dream sequences and also heightens sexual feelings in the user.

    Sara begins to breathe heavily and rolls her tongue over her red lips. One hand slips inside her panties and massages her pussy. Suddenly, her expression changes. She realizes this is wrong!! All wrong!! . . . To get off sexually at her sister’s murder. Sara shakes it off.

    She gets up---from the bed and studies herself in the dresser mirror. Is she not just as sexy and attractive as her twin? Of course she is. She decides to offer herself as a lure for the killer. Draw him to her. Suddenly, she thinks she sees a masked man in the reflection of the mirror. She is horrified, pulls out her revolver and . . . starts on the dream sequence that will “end” as it had to . . . Sara would have it no other way.

    Wow, the films keep getting better and better, things to come oh my! Enjoy and thanks! CB

    Run Time: 27:00 minutes
    File Size: 550 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      27 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4564.29 MB

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Starring: SaraLiz and Freya

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Special Agent Sara Liz is a member of a missing persons task force in the Pacific Northwest. She has been actively looking for Freya Davis for a while, and finally feels like she is on her tail. She arrives at the address an informant gave her, and draws her pistol. She slowly checks the door knob and it is open. Inside Freya hears the door knob and the clack of the high heels on the porch. She grimaces like, "what now?" and goes back to reading her book. Agent Liz comes in waving her gun telling Freya to drop what is in her hands. Freya is playful but agrees and stands up. Agent Liz is nervous but still cocky and thinks her training can send her in without backup, but having something to prove to your colleagues will get you in trouble, especially if you don't follow protocol. She just wants to haul Freya in by herself and be a hero in the task force and Agency. Bad idea. Freya smiles and tells the agent she has no clue what she is talking about, a missing girl? She informs the agent that her safety is still on and Liz scoffs, but looks down and Freya knocks the gun out of her hand and across the floor, a shot goes off, then she immediately chokes her neck with both hands. They struggle and Freya has the upper hand, but Liz is fighting back, choking but fighting back, eventually she knocks Freya back to the floor, and Liz gets on top of her but Freya is crazy strong and bucks her off. The two square up and and Freya throat punches her, knocking her back to the sofa, but Agent Liz digs her heels into Frey and kicks her off of her. Liz gets up and punches Freya making her mad, and Freya delivers a combination knocking her back and bloodying her lip. She feels the blood on her lip and and tastes it, pissing her off, but when she goes to punch Freya, she gut punches her knocking her to the floor on her knees. The agent crawls for the gun but Freya kicks it further away from her grasp. Freya gets on top of her back and straddles her, putting her in a figure four choke hold, which Liz fights but can't do anything but struggle. Agent Liz tries to pry, kick, and even roll, but Freya just laughs and taunts her for not having back up. Freya keeps a tight hold and the agent fades out hard, knocked out cold. Freya gets up and pops the clip and empties the chamber, grabbing her phone to call her boss and let him know the feds are there. In the other room SaraLiz is out, but she is stirring and coming to. When she gets up she grabs her throat, it is sore from the choke hold. She tries to look for her weapon but it is gone, she pats herself down then remembers it is probably gone with the collar. Just as she thinks she is in the clear, Freya comes around the corner, holding her gun, but when Agent Liz throws her hands up, Freya throws the gun and clip in the trash and smiles as she advances to her to have some fun. SaraLiz squares up with Freya but a few attempts to punch her are fruitless and Freya knocks her down and gets on top of her, she grabs a phone charging cable and quickly fashions a garrotte and strangles Agent Liz. She straddles the agent on her midsection, feeling her kick her heels and legs in her tiny skirt. The agent fights back but is already exhausted from the beating she has taken so far, but that does not stop her fight, she chokes hard on the cord as it digs into her neck and her face turns red, then purple, tears flowing from the pain and excitement. She tries to fight back, even bucking Freya off but Freya just uses the move to get behind her and strangle her from behind. The Agent is fully exposed now, kicking and digging her high heels into the carpet. She tries to fight and grab but she is losing her motor skills. and eventually looks up at Freya, blank stare and goes limp. A tear rolls down as she lets out the last bit of air and dies. The cord was so far dug into her neck it stays there and peels off. Freya gets up and checks out the Agent, telling her when her boss gets here, he is going to have fun with her, but firs she wants to get her undressed and take some pics and selfies with her first Fed kill. She unbuttons her shirt and opens it up, showing the sexy agent's bra. Then she drags the agent to the couch, setting her up on the edge and starting with caressing her face and neck as he plays with the Agent. She takes off the shirt and blazer, then slides the skirt, leaving the heels on. She takes the bra off and caresses her tits before she takes selfies with her for her collection of dead cops, and now Federal agents. After pics and a caress goodbye, she leaves her there as the boss drives up and she goes outside to meet him. Body pans of the sexy dead agent follow.

Wow, this is some great fetish film excellence. Hot gals, great wardrobe, guns, badges, and fighting, a choke out, and a garrotte strangle to death after another fight, then stripping, dragging, and pictures... This is really wonderful custom film. CB

Run Time: 18:00 minutes
File Size: 668 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Ryanne Redd, Ryanne Purple, and Freya
w/ Jigsy as "mild mannered hiker"

**FULL 1920 X 1080 HD**

Focus on: Henchwomen, Martial Arts, Hand to Hand Combat, Ninja Clones, Shooting/Postmortem undressing and handling, and face down deaths(only some) We did Blood FX on the last round of kills. Same crowd as Operation Empty Quiver

The fight scenes are reminiscent of old Kung Fu films. 

This was supposed to be a group project but ended up just being one customer and myself footing the bill leaving us with limited budget and space, time and props. I am so proud of cast, crew, and the actor for making this way bigger and better than I could imagine with these limitations. Imagine this type of scenario with 10 or 12 gals in a large open setting with different actors. Jussayin Anti up!


A mild mannered young man is making his way to his grandfather's house to visit and care for him in his old age. He decides to take a short cut through someone's property. As he steps over the fence he is engaged by two ninja Henchowmen on patrol who tell him he will be detailed. He is very kind and gentle but this man has been taught by his grandfather to defend himself and take action if needed. He tells them he needs to go and he is sorry. They look at each other and get in stance to fight. He uses his walking stick to block them and when he feels cornered, he returns blows with his stick, almost effortlessly knocking the henchwomen out. After the second one is knocked down the one ninja left calls out intruder, and then droves of ninjas come to fight and the young man defends himself with very little motion, blocking most of what they throw at him or kick at him, then knocking them down with a stick. He just wants to make it out because his grandpa needs him. After several battles with many ninjas he finally knocks them all out and kills some with blows to the head and to the heart with his staff. He tries to use his phone but there is no service due to a scrambler the henchwomen have at their compound. He leaves to his grandpas house, but drops his phone in haste, not wanting to fight any longer. When he gets to grandpas, he has been captured. The Ninja's call him on his phone and let him know they have his grandpa. He is not happy and makes his way to their place. The ninjas are now armed with machine guns and pistols, pacing all over the outside and inside of the compound. One is pacing back and forth in the main room armed with a mac11, she doesn't notice the man sneaking up behind her, setting his staff against the wall because he is meaning business now and this is death, not defense. He stealthily cracks the neck of the buxom ninja and she crumbles over an ottoman on to the floor. He hears the stamping of many ninjas headed his way, and they are not holding hands, but machine guns and pistols. He grabs the mac11 on the floor and takes them out as they come around the corner firing at him, he miraculously never gets shot. The man keeps firing as they keep coming then heads to the other parts of the house to sweep the place of ninjas and find his grandpa. He takes two out in a side room as they fall face first into the pile of boxes and clothing in the junk room. He keeps searching and eventually ends up back in the main room. He hears them coming so he checks the mac, but its empty, so he grabs the revolver on the floor and waits, picking them off as they come into the room with fatal shots, 2 of them to the heart/breast, and 2 of them with fatal shots to the head, killing them fairly instantly, aside from some twitching which is totally sexy. He takes stock checking around for others, but he thinks this is the last patrol, for now so he goes to each of the ninjas and exposes their breasts, rolling them and checking them for any information, or his phone he misplaced. After not finding anything but naked breasts and gun wounds, he places them all in a body pile, next to each other so he can remember their faces, just incase the spawn again and he will recognize the clones anytime.

Body pans are shown throughout for each of the kills, and group kills, the final pans are with f/x and makeup/blood. Like I said before, we did a really stellar job for lack of space, time, budget, and crew, not to mention me having to take many breaks due to being weak and ill. Just shows you what we can do with nothing but talent and the will to be better. CB

Run Time: 20:00 minutes
File Size: 1300 MB 	Format: .MP4

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