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    Clip Description

    Starring: Ryanne w/ Jigsy and Jiackson


    **FULL 1920X1080 HD**

    Ryanne is a defense attorney and when she initially took on the case to defend two brothers on a case of mistaken identity, she had no idea they were real criminals willing to go to any length for personal justice. After the preliminary meeting she tells them she doesn't want to go to trial, and despite their innocence in this case, she wants to plea bargain with the DA. The brothers are furious and decide if they are going down they might as well do a crime. The sexy redhead attorney wears business attire, skirt, white button down blazer, and ultra sheer pantyhose with high heels. .

    The two brothers return to their home with the lawyer, not even bound or gagged, they carry her into the garage as she starts to thrash around and cry, shedding tears and pleading with them. When they throw her on the floor and she looks up she sees the noose that is already been prepared and starts to panic more, crying her eyes out and pleading that she will go to trial. Her words are broken from shock and panic as she tries to get them to change their minds. The two brothers work together to bind her hands and feet with the rope, ripping off the blazer and ripping the buttons out of the shirt as they tear it and leave it around her arms as extra binding. She sees it is futile and tries to escape but is caught and one of the brothers wrestles her to the floor and holds her while she cries and tries to escape. The other brother gets the rope secured to hang her and watch her sway in the garage while they have their way and enjoy the justice. As they try to get her head in the noose she fights hard and almost breaks free but the brother holding her drops his arms and punches her a few times, couple in the body and some to the face, rendering her helpless and groggy. They finally lift her off the ground and into the noose, one brother tying it off so she dangles, and she does, immediately waking up and eyes bugging out as her tongue protrudes and she tries to get air, which she gets none, tears still stream down her face but now she is fighting for her life. The two men grope her tits hard, like hungry wolves as they knead her huge tits. One pulls hard on the rope as her feet dongle in the pantyhose, just off the floor. The two men have a lust for justice and the sexy lawyer. They rip off her bra exposing her huge knockers and as they bounce they drop her skirt to the floor, which her hanging dangling toes, in the sheer pantyhose kick the skirt a bit to expose the toes. As she dangles and her tongue protrudes, her eyes bug out and the tears roll down, the two men furiously suck and massage her tits like Kobe beef, and sucking like a baby calf. Hungry for justice and breasts they continue as she hangs from the thick manila rope. The younger brother wants to change it up so the older one grabs the rope and pulls to get it tighter while the younger brother drops the sheer pantyhose down to her knees so he can rub her pussy a bit. As he rubs her cunt, the older brother mans the rope and keeps it taught. She slowly jolts and kicks, but eventually just sways and is dead, eyes bulged out and bloodshot, her tongue swollen and pushing against her lips in a ball, drool coming out. As the two men see she is gone and continue to rub and suck her huge tits, the younger one realizes she is gone and tells the other they should finish up because she got what she deserved. As they let her down, and remove the noose, showing the red line where the rope dug into the soft and sexy neckline, they realize they are hungry and want to grab some food, so they do and her sexy body is panned and viewed, disheveled and dead, but still tied up and feet covered with sexy sheer nude pantyhose. Many angles and views follow. After grabbing a sandwich from the fridge the two men hunger for something more than food, they want to further their justice by defiling her corpse and getting a nut at the same time. They plan on some disposal that involves fire and disposing of the body for real, but for now they will take turns fucking her still warm pussy. They screw her hard each for a minute or so, being so wound up and the type of unremarkable morons that rarely get any tail that isn't bought or kidnapped. They got their justice though for this one.

    Ryanne is just absolutely on fire right now and I am so lucky to be an exclusive producer that she really trusts and loves to work with. The customer told me after he saw this one and the "Car Mugger Strangle" that after commissioning so many customs over the years and being uninspired by them, he finally found a studio that "gets it" and nails every single point even adding our own flair. It really feels great to hear that and just gives us more confidence to continue to excel doing customs for all kinds of people. Thanks so much and wow, I love my fans and customers. Thank you so much! CB

    Run Time: 16:06 minutes
    File Size: 630 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v630.2 MB

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Starring: Ryanne w/ Jackson

Written and directed by Chris B.

\"Rarely do we get the chance to relax, have fun, and make films that are not customs. This film is a prime example of the quality performances we get from models and actors, and the way they can follow an idea and make it spectacular. I wanted to have as much awkwardness and reaction to said awkwardness, these two hit it on the head of the nail. This has so much content and things that we all love, especially with Ryanne\". -Chris

Ryanne has moved 4 times in the last 5 years. The reason: Poor dating choices on the internet and finding guys on kindling, and other hook up sites, those dates not always working out and some so awkward they make even an awful date seem legitimate. But, in Ryanne\'s mind this was to be a different date. This time she spent a few weeks getting to know the guy, instead of just a few hours. As she gets ready for him to arrive she makes them both coffee, to break the ice. She is dressed elegantly in her long, plum dress, black high heeled pumps, and some really sexy dark red lip gloss, plus her toes and fingers to match. She loved paying attention to details because when she does find the right man, she wants him to be satisfied. The new guy Jackson is from out of town on the coast and has been driving for hours to go on the date. Her only real mistake is going from flirting, to texting, to sexting, sending pics back and forth of each others\' junk, and getting off, but only after cocktails, or a rough day at work.

When she opens the door and meets him face to face she is taken a back, and thrown off by a few different things; but mainly just his height, looks, and the cheap rags he was wearing, not to mention that he drives an old van with no windows and she can smell his halitosis from the doorway. The first meeting is awkward and he goes in for the hug after the handshake. She asks him to have a seat on the sofa as she grabs the coffee, she takes a sip not noticing that he has turned to check her ass out, then scurries to sit on the couch, like a weasel. She sits on the opposite end of the couch trying to stay away from his B.0. He says the coffee is great but asks if she has some \"hooch\" to throw in, she has no clue what that even means. She tries to get through it, suggesting they go out to the local Thai place for cocktails and food, which he asks if they have burgers or a kid menu because he doesn\'t have much money. She tries to keep calm and not get him too excited but he just keeps coming back with jaw dropping comments and she says she needs to freshen up and heads to the bathroom. When she gets in and closes the door she throws her hands up and gives herself a pep talk in the mirror, saying that she would get him out to dinner then send him home and not ever text him again. She puts on more lip gloss and manufactures a smile to take back to the living room. When she gets to the edge of the room she sees him removing his boots and catches a whiff of his dirty feet smell which sets her back and makes her pinch her nose. She asks him nicely, but stuttering, why he is dressing down. He says that he has driven a long way and is tired, not to mention \"really horny from the texts\". He unbuttons his shirt and tells her to come sit down because she is \"making him feel uncomfortable...\". She seems to think he is the one making her uncomfortable but doesn\'t want to cause a rift so she sits on the couch as requested, but not within reach. She comments on his chest tattoo which gives him ample opportunity to scoot over to her and tell her to feel it because it still has texture after a few years. The tattoo of the mechanical heart that the fuel gauge is on empty, she gives up on hope at that point. He gets really aggressive and starts to move in, grabbing her breasts and telling her it is okay, she knows she wants it and he will give it to her good. He holds her down on the sofa kissing her neck she says, \"NO! No means No!\", but he replies that when they were texting No meant Yes, so he advances. She yells at him to leave but he is in too deep and takes his forearm to her throat, holding her pinned to the sofa arm just enough to keep grabbing at her and getting up her long dress. He pins her to the sofa, groping her as she chokes and kicks her heels off while thrashing revealing her sexy bare feet and painted toes. After a minute or so she starts to flutter her eyes and twitch until she is knocked out. After she is out he feels her up, hiking up her dress, then pulling the dress down to see the boobs, very awkwardly flopping her long limbs and sexy frame. He flops her arms to get her dress off but is unsuccessful, so he goes behind the couch and pulls it up over her head and takes the bra off too, checking out her enormous and perfect breasts. Very excited to finally fuck her and give her what she needs, he goes around and removes the panties, after rolling her on her tummy on the sofa, and knees on the floor. He leaves her panties on her soles and spreads her ass cheeks and pussy lips, seeing what perfection he was about to embark into. As he flips her over and gets her into position, ragdolling and limp flopping her the entire time, he unzips his trousers and that immediately springs her eyes open, she slowly comes to and realizes she is naked and he is on top of her ready to put it in her. She freaks out and backs up over the back of the couch running toward the side door to the garage, but he comes around and grabs her, spinning her around on to the heavy door. He grabs her by her throat and starts to throttle her hard. He squeezes hard and her eyes bug out of her head. He uses the other hand to firm up his grip and get her whole neck, her tongue protrude and her eyes bulge from her head as she chokes to death, her feet come off the floor and kick hard as he lifts her up and pushes his knee into her crotch to feel her. He is getting tired of the choking and is ready to fuck her now, so even though she is winding down and her face is red, eyes bloodshot and bulging, he takes a deep breath, choke with one hand and grabbing the other side with the other hand and cranking on it with a quick, crunch, crack...she crumbles to the floor like a sack full of sand, dead and wide eyed, tongue showing from being swollen from the choke out. He scoops her limp frame up from the floor in a cradle carry, holding and hovering her over the back of the sofa for a few seconds before dropping her. He is now ready for his feast. He heads around the sofa to her, moving her so she is sitting on the sofa but drags her ass up to the edge so he can get maximum penetration as he necro fucks her still warm corpse. He puts it in her and starts to pump which make her breasts jiggle back and forth and his pelvis slapping against her thighs gives him extra pleasure. He knows she has perfect feet so he lifts them over his shoulders so he can lick and suck them while he necro fucks her. He fucks her hard for a good while, enjoying her and cums hard, passionately orgasming into her. When he is done he tosses her aside, removing himself and showing a swollen, used, pussy that he banged out hard. He hits the bathroom to get straightened up for round two. After the sexy, dead, necro fucked corpse is viewed and panned from many angles the date returns from the bathroom and puts her high heels back on her feet, then takes the sexy lip gloss from the bathroom and gives her a second coat, doing a great job as he makes her even sexier dead. He tells the corpse that now he needs a drink and will be back soon from the liquor store for a long night ahead. The corpse obviously has no say in it so....


I am constantly blown away when I give my actors and actresses an exercise to work on certain reactions and emotions, they basically knock it out of the park and make my job so easy. This is a prime example of that type of exercise. Great stuff! Wow! CB

Run Time: 18:30 minutes
File Size: 350 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Shy as Sarah w/ Chris as Mr. B.


***FULL 1920X1080 HD***

It's the most wonderful time of the year and Chris is putting the final touches on the Christmas Tree, wrapping gifts, getting into the spirit. He is really excited to see his daughter Tracy who is coming home for Winter break from college. She usually brings a stray roommate or someone from the dorms with no family, so Chris is always looking forward to company. As he gets his last strand of lights ready to go on the hearth, there is a timid knock on the door. He wonders who it could be since Tracy is still a couple hours away at State College doing her last final. When he opens the door it is a friend of Tracy's Sarah that she went to school with and is currently attending the same school. Mr. B invites her in, she is very shy and polite. Chris has always been a hit with his daughter's friends and so Sarah is very trusting. He invites her to stay and wait for Tracy, and help him finish some decorating, have some egg nog. He forgets Tracy is bringing the egg nog and so he asks Sarah if she wants to skip to the hard stuff. He knows she is still not drinking age but knows a little wont hurt, it will just get her lubed up for all of his questions about what goes on at college with the boys and Tracy, and Sarah. After a few sips of special bourbon whiskey, she is still shy but a bit more smiley. He asks if she has a boyfriend and she blushes and looks down, not saying anything. He asks if Tracy has a boyfriend and if they like to share when they do. Sarah is still very shy and timid, she looks away blushing and smiling, biting her lip, but giving up little to no information. He distracts her by asking what she thinks of his tree, and to help him sort out some gifts. As she helps him, he checks her out, looking at her little ass, and turtleneck sweater to see how she has grown. He loves her leggings and boots, and conservative look. He tempts her with another drink and she says sure, just a little bit more. As he pours he thinks about his next round of questions. Sarah is having fun decorating the tree with the last few glass balls, he makes a comment, then asks her if Tracy and her take naughty pictures and send them to boys at school. She blushes and looks back at him with a smile, still not giving in. He asks if she is sure she doesn't have a boyfriend and she replies she has never been with a boy, nor has she ever been kissed by a boy either. With a couple glasses of bourbon in his belly, he asks her, "So if you don't mess with boys, how do you relieve yourself sexually?" Sarah stands up and grabs her glass of whiskey, drinking it down to the bottom, then turns and looks at Mr. B. saying, "Let me show you." She gets on all fours and spreads her ass and pussy for him.

Mr. B. is no fool so he sits back and sips his whiskey while she picks a glass ornament from his tree, hikes down her leggings just enough to have room for the ornament and her hand to fit. Mr. B. says there is a gift bag that was for him to "stuff his own stocking" so when she pulls out whats inside, it is a bottle of personal lubricant. She smiles big and spreads some on her fingers, then massages the ornament, sliding it slowly into her tiny and tight little pussy that is shaved bare. She moans and coos as she slides the long spiral glass ornament in and out of her pussy, her other hand furiously rubbing her clit(WHAT A MASTURBATION SCENE WOW!) She rubs and fucks herself with the ornament until she cums hard, making the most glorious moans and cum sounds a man could hear. She looks at him as she finished and he asks if she would like to hold his cock. She springs into action looking at him and unbuckling his belt and jeans. Still having a hand full of lube she grabs his cock and gets him hard, using her hand to jerk him stroking her small hands on his dick. She is still innocent but the inhibitions are getting broken down by sheer sexual tension being relieved. After a nice long hand job she is stroking him furiously and he asks her what she wants for Christmas and if she has been naughty. She moans "I want you inside me and yes I have been naughty" He tells her to show him her pussy and she gets on all fours again spreading herself. He fingers her for a minute, getting it lubed up to fuck her. He sticks it in and starts slamming her tiny frame slapping her little ass cheeks with his pelvis. She is moaning and panting louder and louder. After a minute he looks down at her and she has her phone and is filming them having sex. He gets upset and immediately grabs one of the Christmas light strands and wraps it around her neck. He yards her back onto his lap and she goes completely bonkers kicking and flailing so hard she kicks off one of her ugg boots. He digs in switching from two hands to one so he can grab her little tits and finger her pussy as he kills her strangling her to death. She is a fighter and has some energy from the sex and the whiskey. She was clueless and thought the video would be fun for him but he is very upset with her. He strangles her harder and harder, she fights him slapping, grabbing his wrists, trying to free herself from the cord, but she fails. After a long strangle, she flops around and twitches, eventually giving a death rattle and going blank stare, wide eyed and dead. Mr. B. is still in the mood so he feels her up playing with her tits and fingering her pussy. He carries her body to the cedar chest for a nice firm place to fuck her still warm corpse. He spreads her pussy so he can see inside, then he sucks on her pussy to get it even more wet before he plunges his dick into her. Pounding her dead body while she bounces and her blank stare stays in tact. He fucks faster and faster until he whips his cock out of her and shoots his load all over her belly, and shaved pussy. He fills up her belly and then lets her legs thump to the floor. He sees his phone going off in the background and grabs it. It is his daughter Tracy and he tells her they just need egg nog, and that "yes Sarah showed up and has been a huge help with decorating" and he cant wait to see his own girl. Will he have to explain, or do the same thing to her?
Mr. B. scoops her body up still covered in his cum, and moves her over next to the tree. He covers her with the remaining light strand that killed her first. He might need it later but figures he will keep it on her just to be safe. Now her body is viewed and panned while he waits for Tracy, Might need another whiskey.

I just have to say that this was so HARD to edit if yo know what I mean. This is a HOT video that we had a blast making. Talented young lady that Shy is, I am going to get her into all kinds of trouble!! Her sounds alone make me have to cold shower, or do something about it. Chris

Run Time: 25:30 minutes
File Size: 800 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Freya w/ Jigsy


**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

From the same writer as: SHOT TO HELL, BEATDOWN BETRAYAL, and HUNG DEAD LOVER, this one being his favorite so far.

It is focused on a brutal hitman who gets the pleasure of a great, and very long BJ by using the gun to shoot the body over and over in different places to feel the jolts, jerks, spasms, twitches, on his dick while he shoots her. It is very erotic and Freya is amazing at staying dead and is so convincing in being shot over and over after dying in the first few minutes.

A well dressed hit man sits on a couch, looking at the doorway, and the plastic, towels, and absorbent materials he has compiled around the folding table that is also taped up in plastic. He knows that in a few seconds his mark will come through the door and not even know what is going on. She comes in and asks him, "who the f are you, what do you want?" He has a simple, "I almost feel sorry for you but I am going to have so much fun, thwerplunk...she grasps at the base of her neck, which squirts blood on the door as she gurgles and is knocked back in the corner,  she bleeds and tries to make any sense of it, but he is on her grabbing her hair and dragging her on her feet to the table, where he tosses her onto the table and pulls out a survival blade, cutting her straps and then middle of her shirt to see her perfect tits as she bleeds profusely from her throat. He is calm and collective, enjoying every moment as he sucks her brown nipples and rubs her pussy through her jeans. He puts his knife down and replaces it with the gun and goes back to enjoying her kissing her face, brushing her body and tits, licking her and getting horny. He takes his dick out and sticks it hard in her mouth, he strokes it inside and out a few times, bending it in her cheek as she gags like a fish, causing it to feel like he is getting a grade A blow job. He lets her gag a while on his cock as she drips blood from her throat and a bit from her mouth. He fucks her face and slides his dick over her face and mouth to get some extra pleasure, grabbing the silenced pistol and pointing down at her lower pelvis in her jeans, as he gets his dick in and out he stills for a moment to shoot her in the pelvis and feel the jerk on his dick. He shoots a couple of quick rounds in her pelvis in the same hole, making it bloody and large, he feels her move on his dick and he needs more. As he fires in her pelvis again she jerks hard and her eyes flutter back in her head and she dies with a nice jiggle and she pisses herself. Her blue jeans get dark and piss comes from her underside onto the plastic, dripping off her boots. All the while he is getting his dick sucked by a now dead mark, that is very appealing and now that she is finally dead, he will enjoy her more. He fucks her face and continues to shoot rounds into her, even changing out his magazine a few times to reload. He shoots her everywhere on her body he can reach, shooting into many of the same holes multiple times which just opens them wider and causes more hemorrhaging and the blood flows from the body. After 60 or more shots into her and he needs to blow his load into her mouth, he shoots her a few more times in the temple, and pelvis, breast and chest, as he cums and fucks her face, popping her here and there as the cum and blood drip from her mouth as he rams his dick in and out. Loving his long orgasm and watching the bitch jolt when he shoots her, he wants to do more. The hit man goes down to her pussy and shoots her in the cunt a few times, around the same hole, digging it out and soaking the table in blood, pools of it. She pisses herself again. Each time he loves to see her body jerk and her boots kick out and hands flail up and down as he shoots her over and over for his own pleasure. After he amuses himself with the multiple shots he decides he needs to unload another clip into her so he moves up to her head and sticks the gun in her mouth, fucking her mouth really good with the silencer. He pulls the trigger once as her head jerks, then lays it down.He grabs her head by the hair and shoots her over and over in the forehead before shooting her in the mouth several times again as the blood puddles up under her hair. He lets her head fall after looking at her, then pops his last few rounds into her pelvis and pussy, then checks them with his fingers before exiting while removing the suppressor. The totally shot to pieces and violated over and over in her mouth lays dead on the table, covered in blood and piss from multiple shots and multiple bladder releases throughout her obliteration.  Brutal. Body pans follow.

Awesome film and they are great actors, wow that really took it out of me editing all thje Enjoy this it will NOT disappoint! CB
Price: 20.00
Run Time: 20:21 minutes
File Size: 800 MB 	Format: .MP4


Starring: Samantha


What a bummer, being so young and pretty with so much life a head of you, then you find out that you are terminally ill. This young lady found this out a couple weeks ago and has come to grips with death. She checks in to the suicide ranch, “Final Journey”, and gets settled in. After a nice consultation, spa, final meal, and a smoke, she decides its time. She heads to her “Light Room Suite”, a small economical room, fitted with clean sheets, flowers, and a nice surgical steel dagger, to do her final bidding, and die in orgasm, happy and content.


She slowly looks around, seeing the sun peak through the windows, and the flowers in the vase, after a moment she stands up and unzips her sweater revealing her perfect body in a lovely red pair of stockings, as well as garters, a bra, long opera gloves, and heels. She applies some lip-gloss so she looks her best as she goes out! She sits down, picks up the sharp dagger and runs it over her body several times to get her in the mood for death, her final fantasy to take her own life with a dagger, while having a great orgasm.


She stands up, positions the knife, and takes the plunge, groaning with sharp pain to the gut, she doubles over a bit but then stands back up straight to show the trickle of blood leaking from her new gash. She twists the dagger in her belly, trying to increase the level of pain while she pinches her nipples, and runs her fingers through her hair, all the while keeping the dagger in her belly, and twisting her guts inside. After a few minutes of pain and pleasure she goes deeper, and wrenches harder, which makes her lie back on to the bed and then trickles of blood come from her mouth, as a result of puncturing organs, she is too far to turn back, and is turned on.

After a while of twisting the knife in her gut she settles into her orgasm, then dies with a final twitch and gasp. She looks so lovely laying there with blood spilling from her belly, and mouth, dead to the world. We then see lots of views and pans of the suicide lover.


Run Time: 18:50 minutes
File Size: 378 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Stabbing/Throat Slice

Starring: Belle Fatale as: Detective Martin and Freya as Spider Woman

A long list of missing persons from this area has detective Erica Martin coming the specific region where the disappearances have all occurred. She is alone, only her service weapon, a radio, and dressed in heels and skirt, with a button down top, not really the best attire for traipsing through the woods looking for a killer, who leaves no trace of the victims. As she moves tactically through the woods, down an old service road, Erica encounters all kinds of bugs and webs, one thing she really does not like is spiders, and spider webs. Ironically enough, moving behind her without a trace, A Spider Woman, moving quickly like a shadow through the woods from tree to tree without a noise. Erica is freaked out by all the bugs but keeps her composure. The spider playfully grabs a stick from the ground, snapping it loudly so it startles the Detective, and she spins around pointing her gun. The spider loves to have fun with her prey before ever feasting on her. There is a process, and to feed on this woman's juices and fluids, she must get her ripe and ready. Part of that process is the chase and the on set of fear and adrenaline pumping through her veins increasing the blood flow. The spider moves again, and Erica makes a call on the radio, sounding confident, but also mentioning there are a shit ton of bugs and it is creeping her out. After she tells HQ she needs NO Backup, the spider licks her chops and spills copious amounts of saliva readying her mouth for the feats of blood, cum, and plasma. She breaks another stick startling Erica who spins around and sees something out the corner of her eye. She is freaked out but keeps her stance, the Spider advances and breakneck speed and is upon her, shredding the detective's top with one swipe of her sharp claws, and disappearing into the brush, only to reappear and do the same thing to her bottoms skirt, and biting her on the ass twice, sinking her fangs and getting the first dose of venom in the detective's body, then vanishing into thin air. Erica trips staggers and falls face first in the dirt, writhing in pain from the bites. She moves around in agony, then quickly jumps up with blurred vision from the toxic venom that renders the victims helpless, but still fully aware, awake, and with enhanced physical feelings. As Eric spins around firing of her pistol at thin air, the spider makes herself seen and the Detective starts to back up pointing the gun but not being able to fire for some reason, the toxins are in full effect. She keeps backing up and the spider taunts as Erica backs straight into the web, immediately being entangled in the web and flailing freaking out as the spider laughs and taunts Erica. As she gets caught even more into the web trying furiously to escape but just making it worse every time she tries to break free. The spider knows this is part of the process and it is time to stimulate the body to bring forth the juices. She moves around to her back behind the web, reaching through and twisting and pulling on the detective's nipples to get the blood flowing. The spider moves around and takes a big bite into Erica's breasts, immediately the detective moans in pain and pleasure, sounding like she is having sex, slowly getting more and more into it as the spider sucks her breast, then massaging the nipples with her bloody tongue, almost vampire in nature. Erica moans in pleasure and pain as the venom takes effect more so in her sexual organs. She starts to buck and heave, moving around and breathing heavily as the spider has her way with her. She bites her breasts again and sucks them hard, leaving bite marks and tons of blood and plasma leaking out. After she sucks the breasts and the Detective is in full swing of her first assignment as a feast for a spider, and definitely her last. She asks the Spider, "what are you and what do you want from me?" "You are my food, and I am preparing you for my feast." the spider relied with a chuckle, then returned to her, but this time she was focusing on her panties, then removing them with a shred of her sharp claws. She starts to touch and massage her clit, stimulating the pussy to make the blood and juices taste best. She flicks her tong, biting the detective's pussy, blood and cum start to leak out as she is going full bore on her pussy. Erica is in convulsions orgasming and going into shock at the same time, her eyes rolling back in her head as the spider drains her body of its juices. She is relentlessly sucking and getting as much as she can, Erica is fading quickly and starts to buck and shake hard, then dies, but the spider keeps going and revives her for one last orgasm and final spurt of blood and juices to take in for her feast. As Erica's body revives, her eyes stay wide, but her body shakes and orgasms hard as the spider drains her of everything she desires, the cream of the crop. The Spider pulls back checking her work and laughing maniacally, removing the shell of a woman left on the web. The detective is limp and drained, and falls to the ground as she is released from the web. The Spider will continue to take what it needs over the next few hours and days, so she rolls the body over and drags her off into the woods to her pile of bones and hair.

HOLY MOLY! THE ACTING IS SO WELL DONE! You already kno0w Belle but she is on some times 100 stuff in this wow! Crazy good and so well worth it. I spent over 30 hours editing this with the 3 camera set up and f/x. Wow! This is what sets us apart. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 17:00 minutes
File Size: 795 MB 	Format: .MP4

Introducing: Ashley Lane w/ Rex

Ashley Lane is a sexy Graduate student finishing up her degree in Philosophy before joining the workforce and a new exciting career. She is always so busy, and has no time to date, but she yearns for companionship and definitely someone to man handle her. Ashley is five foot nine, and slender, a fashion models body, and a one in a million smile. In a silk blouse, tight skirt, and open toed heels, her painted toes show off her sexy feet. Her azure blue eyes and genuine sweet smile make her irresistible to Rex as they chat on the couch after brunch. Rex asks her to check out his indoor garden, and she is very interested. As he explains and she is looking at the flora, he grabs his bottle of chloroform, and a small rag from the drawer as he lulls her with his voice. He walks up behind her explaining the plant names as she asks what they are, and just like a doe, sipping water in a cool stream, she is unaware of the poacher right behind her. Rex swiftly covers her nose and mouth with the chloroform drenched rag and pulls her close to him, her eyes go wide with panic and fear as she tries to free herself. He is very strong and as she kicks her long legs and tries to escape, it just makes him more into it. As she slowly falls unconscious, he lets her down with him to the chase lounger, so he can check her out as he messes with her sexy, long body. He fondles her getting her just the right position, her long, sexy, arms and slender hands, with long fingers are so limp and floppy as he moves her around to smell her hair, kiss her neck, face and inspect her mouth and tongue. He takes his time, going over her perfect body, unbuttoning her blouse just enough to reveal her perfect, natural, C cups. He grabs them roughly, pinching the nipples hard and groping her roughly. He moves around checking her out, playing with her legs and feet in the sexy heels, unbuckling the buckles on the shoes so he can watch them come off during the struggle. He hikes the skirt, revealing the freakishness, she has her clitoris pierced with a sexy little silver stud. he goes wild as he gropes and sniffs, licks and sucks her body, breasts and shaved, little pussy. After getting very aroused he starts to be a bit more rough with her, biting her nipples and pinching and groping her hard. It has been a while since he put her down with the chloroform and she starts to react a bit to the advances, bites, grabs, and pinches. When he grabs her pussy and uses her own hand with his to stimulate her clit she starts to slightly moan and get more into it, subconsciously, she flexes and bucks her hips against his hand trying to get into it. Deep down she is trying to wake up, but the chloroform is still affecting her. As she finally flutters her eyes and starts to come to, it is too late, he has removed a long, silk stocking from his pocket and is wrapping it around her neck and getting into position as she realizes what is happening. She starts to come to a bit more as he bears down on her pulling the stocking wide away from her neck so he can see her sexy neck as she struggles. She finally opens her baby blue eyes wide and mouth open with a loud gasp as he pulls tight cutting off the air. He toys with her as she tries to grab him and the stocking digs into her long sexy neck. He pulls very hard and her back arches, feet kick and she goes wild, in such a sensual way, as if he just found a girl that likes it. She bucks and kicks hard, trying to get free, her movements are long and sexy, and she tries to move around the floor but he just moves with her, then he gets her in a position so he can see her better, she is still draped over him and then he is behind her letting her move about on the floor as she thrashes, her size nine perfect feet flex, toes spreading as she flexes her long, leg muscles. As it goes on she slows down, dying so erotically, face red, stocking digging deep into her neck, so right at the line is two tone from the blood trapped in her head. Face beet red, torso milky white and tits pink and sexy. As she is being finished off, she tries to roll, but it just gets him to go harder, seeing her perfect ass, legs, and soles, that are a bit soiled from walking on the boardwalk after brunch. He goes absolutely nuts and finishes her, rolling her back over and pulling tighter than ever. Her eyes go wide and her tongue protrudes a bit and she rattles, twitching as she dies, blue eyes wide open, mouth slightly agape. He is so turned on he flops her around on the floor, then pulls her sexy body to his as he kneels on the floor, so she is in his lap, laying back head on the floor, he raises her up and screws her as she sits in his lap, her head on his shoulder. He them moves her to the chase lounger and drops her down, she thumps on the sofa and he puts it in her, pumping her hard, her head and tits bobbing as he pummels her with his sex. He flips her over like a rag doll, and pumps her from behind, so hard that he lifts her whole body up and them buries her head in the arm of the chase. As he cums very hard he collapses on her for a few seconds, then puts himself away before grabbing her up in a carry. he carries her to the bed, tossing her like a rag doll onto his King sized bed. He checks her out kissing her and playing with, checking out and kissing her feet. He looks in her eyes and kisses her face and neck, then arranges her on the bed for later. He tells her if she liked brunch, wait till you see what he brings home for dinner... He exits to go find his next victim, or dinner date, as we take a look at this sexy, over the top hot gal, dead on the bed, with the sexiest soles you have seen. Beautiful.

I am absolutely so impressed with Ashley lane, remember that name because she will be around for a long time, and do so much for this community! She is a natural, more to come already scheduled! CB

Run Time: 33:22 minutes
File Size: 900 MB 	Format: .MP4

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