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    26 minutes

      ORGASMIC DUEL - Starring: Belle Fatale & Lexxi

Back to full 1920 x 1080 HD

A police detective(Lexxi) is on the hunt for a young serial killer(Belle) who killed her sister after taking her husband and disposing of him too. Lexxi finds her and calls her to discuss how she will get the death penalty when she is caught. After a long conversation and some smack talk, they agree to meet at Belle's hideout for a DUEL TO THE DEATH. They each choose weapons, Detective Lexxi her pistol, and Belle a kitchen knife to make it interesting. She also says she will be dressed in her long, black, high heeled boots, and lingerie just to give Lexxi more of an edge. Lexxi comments that she is naive and has no chance in her "Fuck Me Boots". They hang up each one hissing about the other, soon Lexxi is in the main room of the hideout, she calls for the bitch and slowly Belle comes down the hall scraping the knife against it to make a creepy sound, to intimidate the cop. When she gets into the room with Lexxi she up and downs her, kissing the knife then setting it on the floor, slowly, keeping her eyes on the cop and her gun in hand. She stands up and without words looks into the detectives eyes, she is getting a bit nervous with the young, sexy, serial killer pacing around her, but she is mesmerized by her sexiness. The serial killer tosses her coat in the corner, revealing her sexy, thin frame, bra, no panties, with thigh highs and knee high fuck me boots. She also wears long, black opera gloves with such elegance. She gets closer to the detective, smelling her as she goes around checking her out. Just as the detective is lulled, she goes in for a kiss. First Lexxi is standoffish and pulls away, but once Belle's sweet lips lock to hers she comes back to her, taking in the sexy kisses and long French kisses. The young serial killer seduces the sexy cop, and soon they are fully making out, the detective following orders to take off her clothes and she does, she is being kissed, caressed and rubbed down by the killer. She is fully entranced by Belle's sexiness and touch. After much heavy petting, and disarming the gun from the detective, she reaches in and twists her nipples hard, causing pain. She does this for a while, twisting them so she is in pain, then she kneels down and grabs a small vibrator out of her boot. She turns it on and sticks it up in the cops pussy, deep, so it goes all the way in. The cop is having a hard time concentrating because of the nipple twisting and the vibrator hitting her g spot constantly when she is in certain positions. With the vibrator deep, Belle gets behind her rubbing her clit as she forces the vibrator even deeper into her vagina. The cop is at bay now, she is putty as she cums very hard, but the serial killer is not impressed by it at all. She tells the cop she has a weak orgasm and needs to do better, but Lexxi just moans and tries to fight it. After more teasing and some playing with the knife she tosses the cop to the floor, and taunts her, standing over her and counting down, 5, 4, 3, 2,.. They both spring to their feet grabbing their weapons off the floor. Lexxi is in obvios discomfort as she tries to stand, each time she is erect, she starts to feel the vibrator on her g spot, making it hard to aim. She shoots and misses a couple times as Belle ducks and laughs at the pathetic cop. Just as she tries to shoot a third time, Belle moves in grabbing the gun arm and holding it up over her head as she plunges the large kitchen knife deep into her belly, right between the button and the mons, where the guts are vital. The detective, almost orgasmic when she was stabbed, takes the knife 2/3 deep and moans loud, and deep moans and grunts as the killer twists the knife into her guts, causing a bit of blood to leak out around the knife. Lexxi goes slowly to her knees with the knife still in her, but as she hits Belle pulls the knife out of her belly. The detective is about to cum as she clutches her belly, then falls back, her legs and feet tucked back, her arms to the side cumming hard and arching her back, fully nude. Belle taunts her a bit as she hovers over the dying, orgasming Detective. As she dies and goes limp, the serial killer crouches down to kiss her cheek and caress her dead body before exiting the scene. She also removes her bra revealing her signature diamond heart pasties she only wears to kill. The sexy woman dead on the floor is panned and viewed from many sexy angles.

These two i tell you what a pair together. They are really excellent to watch as they work together. Thanks to Irma for co directing this gem! Watching Lexxi writhe with the vibrator inside her is priceless! CB

Run Time: 26:03 minutes
File Size: 750 MB	Format: .WMV
    24 minutes

Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Olivia Glass, Ryanne Redd, Tessa Green, Winnie Delu
w/ Henry Samuels, Martin Chandler, Morris Baer, Thad Quigley, and Tom Bolt

A gang of ruthless bank robbers stop in to Iron Horse Saloon before robbing the bank across the street. Little do they know that word is out and their shenanigans are already known by the Sheriff and his posse. Whe the froggy Duputy Winnie comes asking questions, the answers are not what she wants to hear so she shoots Ryanne who is first to go for her gun. At the bar, Hannah and Tessa are dealing with the bartender who is trying to flirt, but gets no love as Hannah pulls out her gun and tells him it's a bad idea. Things get bad when the bartender pulls out and caps her in the dome. The Sheriff comes in and shoots Tessa, belle runs outside, but Winnie comes out to shoot her but takes a rifle slug to the chest. The sneaky bartender comes around the back and shoots Belle with the scatter gun. After the shootout, the mortician has his fun with his job, cleaning up the wounds and getting them ready for their coffins. As he preps them he says a few words, then has Jed the bartender carry them off to the caskets, where they are lined up and displayed. Guess robbing the bank in this town was a bad idea. 

This is a fine shooting that was co-directed and Shot by Chris B, and Hank S, with wound and blood f/x by Irma. Slow motions of the black powder shots and digital wound f/x edited by Hank S. Lots of fun and a great value!
Price: 25.00
Run Time: 23:40 minutes
File Size: 245 MB	Format: .WMV
Category: Shooting/Postmortem
    21 minutes

Starring: Coco w/ Hugh

A lovely model has agreed to do a shoot with a new photographer in town. When she arrives she asks about the plastic sheeting on the floor in front of the backdrop. As he sets his lights up he explains that it helps him make the floor look like water in post production, so the bikini shots will look better. She says ok and they begin. He takes a few shots of her in her skirt and tank top but quickly starts to dress her down. She takes off the clothing slowly, sexily, and with confidence. The shoot is progressing well as she loses an article of clothing, he tells her where to pose, eventually getting her nude, and taking some truly sensual shots. Coco poses in so many sexy ways, finally the photographer asks her to put on the bikini, and she abides. She looks so sexy in the black bathing suit, and he tells her he wants to pose her. He sets down his camera and heads to the stool where she is seated in front of the backdrop. He gets behind her, posing her arm with one hand, and fishing his Italian switchblade out with the other hand. He puts it to her face and opens the blade, startling Coco. She immediately becomes frightened. 

The photographer taunts her with his sharp blade, and a slight grin of enjoyment as he pushes the knife into her navel, he pokes her to where the point isn't breaking the skin, but then quickly jabs her in the navel with the blade, twisting it around in her belly. Coco is in unbearable pain and shows it in her face and the sounds she is making. He removes the blade quickly showing the blood covered steel, and a trickle of blood leaks from her belly. He pulls her hair back as she tries to hunch over and clutch her wound. He sticks the point in her right breast poking the skin where it barely scratches her, then jabs her swiftly in the breast. She screams out in orgasmic pain and pleasure, but with great fear. She starts to weep and plead for her life as he removes the bloody knife from her breast. He taunts her showing her the blood then heads the knife down to her pussy where he plays with her pussy with the knife, then stabs her pussy hard. He wrenches it around, screwing her with his knife, mushing in and out. After he removes the knife blood leaks on to the plastic, he lets her go and she falls face first on to the plastic, she bucks her ass up to the air, grinding and bucking her ass toward the ceiling.

After she moans, writhes, she flips over on to her back. He sees that she needs to be finished so he kneels over her and stabs her in the heart, she bucks hard, knowing it will end soon and does the greatest death twitch sequence. After she dies, he covers her with plastic and begins to fondle her, then flipping her over, kneading her ass, pussy, and breasts over the plastic. He flips her over, and back again for us to see.

*very light blood*


Run Time: 22:00 minutes
File Size: 310 MB	Format: .WMV
    28 minutes


With: Kyra and Nathan w/ Chris B.


It is a beautiful warm summer day on the mighty river. A great day for two friends to spend some time laughing and enjoying the solitude of the forest before going off to college. Nathan has a plan though. Bring his best friend who he has built a great friendship with and tell her he loves her and wants to follow her to the University she is attending. He hints that he wants to “talk about something”, and that he brought her to his favorite remote spot to break the news. She doesn’t know how to respond at first, so she avoids the conversation saying she needs to change into her new bikini. He obliges and we watch her switch from her jean shorts and Ugg boots, to a hot V.S. bikini she got for graduation gift from Nathan. She looks hot in the swimsuit, and he nestles up to the young girl to give her some attention. She says, “Hey, it looks like we do need to talk”. “I think I know what you are getting at, but I don’t see you that way, we are best friends”. He leaves it at that and says, “oh you are right” “Let’s go swim” she interjects. They hug and then head down the trail to the River. It is so spectacular as they frolic like best buds in the water. He helps her over the big rocks and climbing over the logs. As she cools her feet in the stream, Nathan goes to fix the blanket he put in the shade, and his back up plan, A LARGE CELLOPHANE BAG TO SUFFOCATE HER WITH!


As Kyra returns to the shady spot, she lays down on the quilt in the sand and takes a nap. After he knows she is really sleeping, he starts to caress and lightly fondle her. He knows form experience she is a heavy sleeper, especially after a long night of partying, so he goes a little heavier, sucking and pinching nipples, then migrating his fingers into her twat. She starts to respond with light breathing and little moans of ecstasy. She is starting to subconsciously enjoy the foreplay she is getting in her dreamland, she moans a little louder, but still so soft, sexy, and sleepy.


Nathan can’t help himself, he has planned this for a few months and has it working out in his head, either way he will get what he wants, or she will die. He forces his already hard dick into her mouth easily as she is still sleepy. She starts to stir but responds by sucking his dick, then she wakes up and realizes her best friend has his huge dick in her mouth and is grabbing her head and forcing her so take it all down her throat. She starts to vocalize the gagged words telling him to stop, and asking why, but they are only tones due to her full mouth and throat. He fucks her face hard for a while, then when she starts to bite and drag teeth, he grabs the bag and throws it over her head while she is still being face fucked against her will. He closes the bag off so no air can get in and still continues to ram her with his shaft. After a while he pulls his prick out and flips her face up so she can fight. He has the bag pressed to her face tightly, then she tries to breathe but only sucks the plastic and her own exhaust in each attempted breath, you hear her last words before she goes into panic. “Why”?


She fights hard and long, slapping at him, kicking and digging her sexy bare feet into the sand, and quilt. She bucks her hips, locks her muscles, all the while wide eyed and moth agape to try to muster some air. She fights hard but to no avail. She knows she is defeated so her attempts top free herself are feeble, and she lapses into a death stare. He removes the bag after he is sure she is lifeless. It is time for the prize. If he can’t have her, then no one will, or so he thinks. He takes her bikini off, and like a kid in a candy store, goes to town on her, fondling, sucking, fingering, oral, then he puts on a condom and does her nice and slow. Her body softly rocks as she takes the sex. She looks so serene and lovely.


After getting off, he gets up, grabs her shoes and bikini, plus any trash, and cuts. We see her still lifeless body in slow pans, until Chris, the crazy forest dweller comes through while hunting for some squirrels. He can’t believe his eyes when he sees the freshly dead, hot, young, co-ed. He walks to get a closer look and says “Forget the squirrels, I found me some squirrel bait” He fondles the hot girl in many ways before pulling her to him while he sits against the tree. He grabs her hair and makes the lifeless little lady suck him, while guiding her head in a forced, hard, necro bj. After using her mouth to get himself prepped for her tight snatch, he puts it in her, and gives it to her hard and rough.


 He doesn’t mind sloppy seconds, it’s way better than his crazy, fat cousin he is used to having sex with every month when she comes down from the hills to bring them moon-shine. After fucking her hard he pulls out and leaves a nice deposit on her tits and stomach just to make it even more enjoyable. After pulling up his britches, he goes back to hunting squirrel meat for supper. Yee haw!



Run Time: 26:00 minutes
File Size: 409 MB	Format: .WMV
    16 minutes


Starring: Lexxi

Lexxi is taking a trip out of town to visit a friend so they can see a concert. Unfortunately her car breaks down in the country, down a dirt road, without a car in sight. As she is looking at her car she hears a noise, chainsaws, motorcycles, shovels, and of course lots of screaming birds and bugs. She braves down a bunny trail into the woods, trying to find any signs of life. She calls her friend and tells her she is in the woods, looking for someone to help, oh and of course, her cell phone battery is dead, and soon she will have the same thing in common.

Dan is mopping up some piles he burnt for his daddy while he is at market selling hogs, he works hard with his shovel until he hears a faint hello, then another, getting closer, and closer. “Hello, anyone there”, “I need help…anyone”? The hot girl dressed in jeans, tight sweater, and flip-flops, hears his shovel and walks towards the property line. Dan sees her and jumps behind a large Cherry tree, averting himself to her line of sight, but keeping close tabs on her. She starts up the hill, past the tree, heading up towards the barn. She calls out again, and stops to remove some duff from between her toes. Dan makes his move and quickly has his thin cotton twine around her neck, crossed in the back, and is yarding her up against a smaller Cherry tree. The girl is surprised, but quickly tries to defend swinging and punching while he ducks and dodges. She is strong, but no match for a country boy. Dan lets her slide down the trunk as she weakens a bit, pulling hard on the garrote, making a nice dent in her pretty neck. He even moves her curly hair aside to show the entire neck and ligature. She kicks hard and the flip-flops come off, her toes grind into the fertile farmland, and the meadow grass and moss get caught between her toes. She fights, kicks, spasms, and jerks, tongue out, eyes wide open to her final air release.


The young man is excited, he needs to get going if he wants dibbs on the hot girls fresh body, around these parts, its first come first serve for your necro fun. He drags her for a bit, then picks her up, throws her over the shoulder and runs up the hill to the lush green grass by the Redwood tree. He lays her down, undresses her, then gives her some nice kisses and oral sex, then finally puts his dick inside of her and starts to make love to her hot warm body. He goes for a while, throwing the feet over his shoulders and gives it to her hard. She jerks and heaves with every thrust. She looks so hot dead, being screwed. After Dan cums, he flops her down and goes back to his chores. We see body pans in real time, with real sound..It all just happened in the comfort of his own land..Now pops can heve sloppy seconds!


Run Time: 16:10 minutes
File Size: 315 MB	Format: .WMV
    17 minutes

Love Is Forever
Starring: Belle Fatale w/ Bronson

Peter carries her body to the tub, and fills the bath with warm water so he can clean her body. He knows what he must do, especially after reading the note and knowing he is ready to move on to the next life. First he must fulfill her wish to clean her up and have sex with her dead body one last time. As he lifts her to the tub he caresses and kisses her telling her they will be together soon. He goes to get his knife and the note she left in his hand. He caresses her and washes her legs, removing the shoes one at a time and spending time with her sexy feet. He cleans her more, cleaning her legs and thighs, then gets his knife and cuts the dress, starting at the top and cutting his way down, each wound leaking blood into the already red water, from all the bullet holes, and exit wounds. He washes the rest of her with the dress, then cleans her up a bit more before he lets the drain open. As the last bit of blood, gore, and water go down the drain, he has her in the living room of the safe house where she went down in a blaze of glory. The clean up crew had been through and taken most of the carnage, so he lays out a nice blanket and sets her cleaned, dead body on to the floor. He immediately has a hard on and goes to town fucking her, she is sexy to him, dead or alive, she made him feel so special and powerful, and he was thinking about that right now, not the future. He fucks her dead, sexy body in many different positions and sucks her toes, and cums inside her hard, finishing and shivering while her blank stare is cold and expressionless. After getting off he is back n business mode, but wants to take his time, so he decides to dress her back in her original skirt and white top. He figures most of her blood is gone and she will have more holes soon anyway, so he starts with the shirt, lifting her up and getting the shirt on awkwardly. After she is buttoned up he gets the skirt on, then he plays with and sucks her feet. He smells the old pump, because he could not find the other one, he smells her feet in deeply into his nose. He puts on the new white sandal heels he cleaned up she wore with the wedding dress (QiPao). He fixes er hair from her face and makes sure she looks lovely, then lifts her up to the sofa sitting down. He tells her he loves her and he is ready to be with her again and stands up to make a phone call. He calls the boss and tells him he is at the safe house with Julie's body and that they are going away together unless her comes to get them.....FADE OUT...Unfortunately, it is a bittersweet ending...FADE IN to Peter and Julie on the sofa, machine gun in hand, shot again to pieces, and both dead now. Julie took at least 8 more and Peter a few to the brain. The boss sent in the real muscle for them. Body pans of both dead man and woman, because LOVE IS FOREVER!!

Great finish to this epic film! Best actress ever! CB

Run Time: 17:00 minutes
File Size: 340 MB	Format: .MP4
    17 minutes

Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Ryanne, Genetica, and Kiki

Belle is a serial killer who loves the party scene. Summers in Alaska are lots of fun, but people love to drink, dance, and there are lots of bisexual women, so it is a haven for a killer like Belle. She has worked her way through the party scene, killing a select few, but after she kills the detective that is on her tail, she has a clean slate and a new lease on her killer life. She will not stop until someone, or something stops her. She is a charming, but brutal killer.

As Kiki is sitting in the chair taking selfies for her instagrand, Belle sneaks behind her, pretending to photobomb her and say \"cheese\", and at the same time wrapping the cord hard around Kikis neck and pulling back. She strangles Kiki so hard on the chair, lifting her as she tries to get away but instead gets herself further choked by the cord. Kikis huge tits and her cleavage bounce around and her eyes bug out. You can almost hear her thoughts she is so expressive and kicks her legs hard but slowly she loses her battle. Her luscious ass cheeks bounce against the chair. She claws at the cord, her blonde hair tangled in her death. Her sexy mound bouncing up and down her luscious ass cheeks, where they meet her pussy hang out of her panties as they buck against the chair leather. Eventually she dies and twitches a few times before she is done. Writhing around and dead from the cord strangle. Belle is tired but she knows it is not over. She releases Kikis tits from her bra feeling and squeezing them. She thinks all the tits in this house are incredible. She thinks she has time for fun and scoops up Kiki off the chair and dropping her on the floor. She rolls her over and flops her around before dragging her to the room and tossing her on the top of the bed with the others. Belle starts to fondle and talk to the corpses. She grabs all the boobs, especially checking out the new Kiki still saving Hannah for when she is awake. As she plays with Kiki\'s tits on the bed, Hannah starts to stir, quietly, then when she realizes she is laying on a bed with 3 corpses and a crazy broad, she jumps up and blood curdling screams her way into the living room, but Belle is fast as a cheetah and comes out the door behind her and lassoing the pantyhose around her neck and taking her down to the sofa. She pounces on her and gets the stocking tight before she tries to get behind her in her favorite position. Hannah fights so hard and she figured as much. That is why Belle saved her for last and let her get a small head start. Hannahs eyes are wide and she claws at the tightly wound pantyhose on her neck. She fights and kicks, her feet pointing flexing and kicking at the end of the sofa arm. Belle uses her feet to move Hannahs top down so she can watch her big tits bounce as she is being strangled to death. Belle tells her to look into her eyes and show them, and as she strangles Hannah looks back, trying not to be defeated but it is tough, Belle is strong and a pro at killing women with her hands and some sort of garrote. As Hannah winds down, Belle savors the moment, loving her twitch on top of her and her bucking against her groin.Hannah winds down to twitches and kicks, random and slowing. Eventually Belle finishes her off and Hannah is still, eyes wide and tongue lolling out. Belle gets out from under her and lets her flop back to the sofa like a pile of dirty laundry. She catches her breath and grabs Hannahs arms pulling her up to her and throwing the petite but built Hannah over her shoulder and taking her to the bed with the rest of the sexy dead bodies. She arranges her with the others and starts to check them all out, grabbing tits and fondling mounds through the sexy panties. She goes to each one surveying her best work and then decides she needs to freshen up before she will come finish her job and move on to the next bunch of party girls. There is no end to the tragedies this serial killer causes. She is ruthless, but charming. Intense, but compassionate, until she has you in her clutches. Maybe you are next?

Don\'t worry folks, there are plenty of females that come through our neck of the woods to not run out of victims, and the day we do, there may be a cop or someone wanting revenge, but until then, she kills. Belle is by far my favorite killer in this genre, even moire than Thanks! CB

Run Time: 17:43 minutes
File Size: 410 MB	Format: .MP4
    40 minutes

Starring: Baby w/ Chris B.

Baby comes to Chris' place for a shoot and sees a cookie on the table. Without even asking she eats it. Oops! It is one of Chris' roommates hash cookies that put her right to sleep. Chris comes downstairs to discuss the shoot and finds her sleeping on the chair. He has an idea! He takes her to the table and plays with her body, stripping her down, and playing with her limp body and limbs like a rag-doll. Chris rubs her down all over with coconut oil and worships her beautiful feet. he kisses, sucks, and licks her toes while she is passed out, and not knowing what is going on. Chris pulls his dick out and whips her feet, then caresses her feet with his rod. He has sex with her oiled up bare feet until he cums on her soles. 


Run Time: 39:50 minutes
File Size: 500 MB	Format: .WMV
    22 minutes


Starring: Nicole Oring w/Zander, Abe, and SWAT Will

Monica Chen is a spy for the Chinese Government, she has been trying to get some information from the Senator to return to her government. She thinks she has everyone fooled. Not Jack young, he is deep cover CIA and has been tracking her plan for sometime. They have been dating for several years, and working together for many. They have sex as soon as she comes home, then jack gives her a new tight white dress and high heel sandals for a gift. He also knows very soon when US Swat comes through the door, it will be her last pair of shoes, she changes, we see her perfect breasts and ass as she changes, then has jack assist putting on the shoes, then a little foot worship.


He goes to the bathroom, moments later 2 masked gunmen, one with 2 9mms, another with a Mac 11 fully auto. They come in guns blazing and fire away. Monica takes cover and gets several shots off, as she calls for Jack, telling him to get the car ready. When the smoke clears, Monica is left unscathed, with two masked gunmen on the ground. Jack comes through the door, cocking his gun, when she asks if it is him, he lets one fly to her belly, she is shocked but asks if it is him, “Jack, is that you”? He fires twice more, hitting her in her abdomen, she turns the gun over her shoulder and fires into Jacks arm, he falls to the floor. “Cia Jack”? I knew something was fishy. As she goes to point the gun at him, another masked backup swat team member rushes the door bearing another Mac 11, he fires a few bursts, hitting her with several shots in the stomach and chest, she is bleeding bad now and stumbles to the floor, her knees hitting the ground with a thud. She has blood in her lungs so she spits blood landing next to a large glass table, blood splats everywhere.


Monica is hurt bad, Jack tells her that he can call it off, if she gives up the chip with the stolen information on it, she tells him, “over my dead…” He obliges her giving her several more in the chest, as well as a few rounds from jack’s partner, with the machine gun. She is Swiss cheese by now and tells Jack she will never help him. He points the gun between her eyes and says, “Now you can go fuck yourself”, and lets one fly, blood splats all over the clean white wall and as her head slides to the table, it leaves a blood trail.

Long pans of her dead body go on for a good amount of time before the agents make it back 24 hours later, finding that the Chinese Government still has not located the body, or the memory chip. They look around her body, manipulating the hot dead girl and then find a second chip that falls out of the new shoe he purchased for her. His partner asks if he would like to spend a few last minutes with the hot dead Chinese spy, and he says yes, so the two men give it to her, one in the mouth, the other in her pussy. They have their way with her dead body on the glass table, then leave her for more body pans.


Run Time: 23:00 minutes
File Size: 480 MB	Format: .WMV
    23 minutes

Starring: Karma w/ Adrian

Two lovers are meeting after a very tragic week of betrayal and insensitive behavior on the part of Adrian's Lover Karma. She has broken her trust and vows to him so he wants to talk to her about the ordeal, and gain some closure. They discuss it briefly, he grabs a rose that he got for her the night she left him waiting at dinner and compared it to their love, withering and dead. She asks for one last favor, she knows this is serious and she will pay with her life. The reason she came tonight is simply because she knew she had to face the music. Her favor is one last kiss, foot worship, and sensual moment. A man of honor he gives her these spending lost of time with her feet legs, and the most on her delicious pussy. After he gets her almost off, he stands her up, then sits her in his lap, kissing her neck, fondling her breasts through her soft shirt. As he fingers her clit and she moans and gets close, he pulls a thigh high stocking from his pocket and hands one end to her, she knows her fate and wraps it around her neck, with his help. She ties a knot in the stocking and he hands her the other end. She pulls while he fingers her, her feet expressing with toes and such. He gets close to getting her off then takes over on the pulling and she reacts, trying to breathe, trying to free herself from everything that is going on but also knowing that this is her fate. A sensual, erotic, leg and foot filled strangle to the death ensues, until she twitches, bucks, and straightens her toes out, then slowly fading till her death stare. The lover makes sure she is gone, then he lifts her up, and places her back on the sofa. After he places her he gives her soft caresses, kisses, and more foot worship, then he kisses her lips before exiting for body pans, foot views,and up-skirt shots.

This is one of the most erotic foot fetish strangles... and OH MY GOD!! KARMA HAS THE SEXIEST LEGS, FEET, AND PUSSY!!!

Run Time: 23:00 minutes
File Size: 415 MB	Format: .WMV

    Random CHRIS CORNER Clips more
    20 minutes
Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Ryanne Redd, Ryanne Purple, and Freya
w/ Jigsy as "mild mannered hiker"

**FULL 1920 X 1080 HD**

Focus on: Henchwomen, Martial Arts, Hand to Hand Combat, Ninja Clones, Shooting/Postmortem undressing and handling, and face down deaths(only some) We did Blood FX on the last round of kills. Same crowd as Operation Empty Quiver

The fight scenes are reminiscent of old Kung Fu films. 

This was supposed to be a group project but ended up just being one customer and myself footing the bill leaving us with limited budget and space, time and props. I am so proud of cast, crew, and the actor for making this way bigger and better than I could imagine with these limitations. Imagine this type of scenario with 10 or 12 gals in a large open setting with different actors. Jussayin Anti up!


A mild mannered young man is making his way to his grandfather's house to visit and care for him in his old age. He decides to take a short cut through someone's property. As he steps over the fence he is engaged by two ninja Henchowmen on patrol who tell him he will be detailed. He is very kind and gentle but this man has been taught by his grandfather to defend himself and take action if needed. He tells them he needs to go and he is sorry. They look at each other and get in stance to fight. He uses his walking stick to block them and when he feels cornered, he returns blows with his stick, almost effortlessly knocking the henchwomen out. After the second one is knocked down the one ninja left calls out intruder, and then droves of ninjas come to fight and the young man defends himself with very little motion, blocking most of what they throw at him or kick at him, then knocking them down with a stick. He just wants to make it out because his grandpa needs him. After several battles with many ninjas he finally knocks them all out and kills some with blows to the head and to the heart with his staff. He tries to use his phone but there is no service due to a scrambler the henchwomen have at their compound. He leaves to his grandpas house, but drops his phone in haste, not wanting to fight any longer. When he gets to grandpas, he has been captured. The Ninja's call him on his phone and let him know they have his grandpa. He is not happy and makes his way to their place. The ninjas are now armed with machine guns and pistols, pacing all over the outside and inside of the compound. One is pacing back and forth in the main room armed with a mac11, she doesn't notice the man sneaking up behind her, setting his staff against the wall because he is meaning business now and this is death, not defense. He stealthily cracks the neck of the buxom ninja and she crumbles over an ottoman on to the floor. He hears the stamping of many ninjas headed his way, and they are not holding hands, but machine guns and pistols. He grabs the mac11 on the floor and takes them out as they come around the corner firing at him, he miraculously never gets shot. The man keeps firing as they keep coming then heads to the other parts of the house to sweep the place of ninjas and find his grandpa. He takes two out in a side room as they fall face first into the pile of boxes and clothing in the junk room. He keeps searching and eventually ends up back in the main room. He hears them coming so he checks the mac, but its empty, so he grabs the revolver on the floor and waits, picking them off as they come into the room with fatal shots, 2 of them to the heart/breast, and 2 of them with fatal shots to the head, killing them fairly instantly, aside from some twitching which is totally sexy. He takes stock checking around for others, but he thinks this is the last patrol, for now so he goes to each of the ninjas and exposes their breasts, rolling them and checking them for any information, or his phone he misplaced. After not finding anything but naked breasts and gun wounds, he places them all in a body pile, next to each other so he can remember their faces, just incase the spawn again and he will recognize the clones anytime.

Body pans are shown throughout for each of the kills, and group kills, the final pans are with f/x and makeup/blood. Like I said before, we did a really stellar job for lack of space, time, budget, and crew, not to mention me having to take many breaks due to being weak and ill. Just shows you what we can do with nothing but talent and the will to be better. CB

Run Time: 20:00 minutes
File Size: 1300 MB 	Format: .MP4
    12 minutes
Starring: Steevie w/ Jake

Special Agents Steevie Paine and Jake Evans are on a special operation, meeting an operative for a drop. As they clear the last room Agent Evans tells Paine they need to have a chat, and asks about something that happened, or was supposed to happen, in Bulgaria in May of 2014, but never did. She has betrayed the Agency and he has his orders to kill her. She seems taken a back by this but quickly uses her special training and starts to try and make a deal with him. She asks him if he remembers what he has always been after since they started working together many years ago. Yes he has always wanted her sex, but he is the ultimate professional, so when the director tells him to take her out and retrieve the missing thumb drive, with all the information she has been selling to the enemy, he must follow through. He figures he will have a little taste and knows she could never take him out so he makes her drop her service weapon, and raise her hands high. She is fully stretched out in her sexy black skirt and tight turtle neck, thigh highs and black leather boots. Her nipples protrude through her white turtleneck and become even more rigid as he slinks up behind her, feeling her breasts and letting her know he will put a slug in her brain if she tries anything funny. She agrees and they both fall into passionate caressing, her hands still above her head, but eventually start to rub his arms and cheek. As he starts to get lost in her scent, sexiness, and slight breaths that escape as she bites her lip and licks her upper lip in ecstasy. She has him nearly seduced but keeps her cool. Right when he least expects it she disarms the silenced pistol from him and turns the tables. Now with the gun on him, he starts to back peddle, letting her know he really wasn't going to kill her, he just wanted to get some. She doesn't believe him and makes him kick her gun, that is on the floor, back to her. As he does he does a sweeping move and grabs her, taking her to the ground and wrestling the silenced pistol back from her clutches, and at the same time she frees herself and goes for her service weapon. They both roll out of their moves into perfect position, guns drawn on each others vitals, Agent Evans has the silencer pointed right between her eyes. She questions him, "I thought you weren't going to do it?" and he quickly responds with, "I lied.", "So this is it huh?" she asks him in desperation, "yep" he retorts followed by the sound of the suppressed forty five caliber slug hitting Agent Paine right between the eyes. Her eyes go wide and head snaps back a bit as she loses all expression and goes backwards to the floor.(Shown a couple times for good measure) She is immediately dead, no movements just still. The bullet wound is round and deep, bruised all around immediately from the impact. Barely any blood shows as it is all escaping into her brain, so there is no mess. Agent Evans immediately and slowly goes to her side, checking for a pulse, and confirming her demise. She is wide eyed and still as he searches for the information and the thumb drive. He knows that she keeps things in her boots, but he wants to check every other place first to make sure she is not hiding anything else, or any boobie traps. He feels her breasts, and then her legs in the thigh highs. He clutches her hair, and rolls her on her side to feel her buttocks. He has always wanted her but is the most professional Agent. After checking and patting down her entire body, as well as feeling and fondling her through her clothing, he starts on the boots taking time to feel and examine each boot, and when he confirms there is a thumb drive in her right boot up by her shin, he unzips the boot, secures the drive, and zips her sexy boot back up. Thank god the agency has new slugs that stop inside the scull and do not cause too much mess, her body and all of it's beauty are in tact on the floor, and her sexy death stare is beautiful. He tells her they could have been a great team, and exits with both weapons.

Her beautiful body in boots is panned and viewed. I will say this now, you will never buy a clip for this price with better acting and production quality. What a pair these two make. Much more to come, but I had to give my head shot fans some action! from the mind of CB

Run Time: 12:07 minutes
File Size: 250 MB 	Format: .MP4
    20 minutes
Starring: KIKI w/ Rex

Agents Jack and Kiki are on a long haul stakeout. Two weeks have gone by for these partners of six years, and the tension is building. When Jack takes a Bathroom break, Kiki looks at the house across the way, stretching her legs a bit. When Jack comes back from the bathroom he tries to put the moves on Kiki, who is disgusted by his behavior and tells him she will report to the director. The director calls, she wants them to clear the house and check for some movement reported by a neighbor. Kiki is upset because his distraction let the criminals in without notice. She moves quickly towards the target. She comes through the door first and no one is there, only a cell phone on a table. She checks to see if it is rigged, or boobie trapped. Jack comes in nervous, she says lets scroll through and call some of his contacts, she calls the number last dialed and Jacks phone rings. She looks perplexed but realizes Jack has been the one all along and she has a gun pulled on her. Before she can reach for her piece Jack puts one in her right breast, it hits her hard with the .40 caliber issue, and as she comes towards the one to the right shoulder knocks her back to the wall. He pops her again as she tries to lunge towards the table, and she comes towards him, asking why he did this to his partner and the Agency. She asks him to call medical but he pops her in the belly close range. She falls back onto the floor showing her panties up skirt. After getting up then taking one to the left breast, she falls to the floor coughing blood and wheezing, grunting from the sharp pain and agony of the hot lead. Jack kneels to her side, watching her sexy movements, waiting for the right moment to hoist her up to the table. He gets her up and starts to get her panties off to fuck her right as she dies. He tells her what an "Ice queen" she has been and she should have just agreed to the sex before she found out. Her twitching, convulsing and erotic death throw him overboard and he must have sex with her corpse. He screws the sexy fresh agent, clothed, from many angles, then he pops her buttondown shirt open to see the magnificent breasts she has been hiding from him all the years. He screws her again topless, finishes and heads out of the room with her body draped over the table, legs hanging down. What a cold ass bitch, but she is a beauty. He exits and her body is viewed from many angles in her sexy bloody death.

Run Time: 19:30 minutes
File Size: 289 MB 	Format: .WMV
    20 minutes
Starring: SaraLiz with Freya

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Detective Sara Reed works the Homicide beat in midtown precinct. She has been working for a long time and trying to catch a killer who likes to strangle her victims to death then take photos of them, sending one to the cops after each kill. Detective Reed has a lead on victim #4 and another young woman she was allegedly hanging out with before her disappearance, and obvious murder. When Det. Reed knocks, dressed in her skiint jeans, knee high boots, button down shirt, and leather jacket, her badge on her belt, and the girl who answers the door is very polite but standoffish, and reluctantly says she can enter the dwelling. She is barefoot dressed in stretch shorts and tank top. As the Detective shows her the photos and asks her questions, she seems annoyed and distracted from the question, barely looking at the photo the Detective provided, instead asking if there is anything else she can help her with. The seasoned Detective asks her a couple more times, giving in that she was informed they had been together, but the woman's reply is, "nope, never heard of her." Just as the officer was about to leave the timer goes off for something in the kitchen and the young woman apologizes and offers the cop some cocoa, which she refuses and asks to use the facilities. The young woman points down the hall to the bathroom and Detective Reed walks to the bathroom shutting the door like she entered but going to the office down the hall instead. She digs around looking out for any sort of clue, she spots a manila envelope and looks through, seeing the woman who was murdered last in an array of different poses. When she starts to panic from finding the killer and being under the same roof with her, and knowing she needs to act fast. As soon as she snaps out of her thinking mode, she turns and there is the killer with a claw hammer ready to hit her and kill her. Detective Reed draws her pistol but the woman knocks it out of her hand and reach with the hammer. The Detective dodges a strike and runs to the living room to get in open space where she can fight her. The crazed and deranged killer is smiling and comes around the corner swinging the hammer hard, trying to bash the cops head in. Detective Reed uses her training to disarm and knock the killer back to the wall and she takes the handle of the hammer and places it across the killer's throat to calm her down while she figures out what to do. The psychotic killer smiles and spits through her teeth as she tells the cop "it's not over yet!" and right when the cop least expects it, the killer knees her a couple times sending her flying back and the hammer to the floor. The killer quickly seizes the opportunity as the cop gets to her feet with a judo chop to the throat sending Detective Reed to the floor on her knees grasping her neck and choking. The killer gets behind her and administers a choke hold. The Detective quickly feels the strain of the killers arm as she digs it into her throat, she fights but the killer is very good at this and responds to things well. Detective Reed kicks and flails but passes out after a fight. The killer pushes the cop to the side, knowing she will be out cold for a bit and goes to take care of a few things while she is out cold. Detective Reed comes to a few minutes later, gasping and choking from the strain on her neck and throat. She gains her composure jumping to her feet grabbing the hammer and her badge from the floor. She paces towards the room ready to fight, hammer in hand and looking around. She opens the door to the office and grabs her gun, she makes a call on her phone to her partner, but before she could get him to confirm he is bringing backup, the call drops. Frustrated she grabs her gun in one hand and the hammer in the other and goes to finish her task. She peers out the door and looks for the killer, then paces towards the living room again but as she almost gets to the kitchen she hears a ring of a cell phone. She sets down the hammer in the kitchen, and raises her gun going to the bathroom door, opens it and sees a phone ringing on the counter top and no one around. She shrugs it off and turns toward the living room but everything goes black when the killer hits her in the forehead with the hammer knocking her down and out cold again. The killer says 'Oh there is my phone" and grabs it to take some pictures of the cold Detective KO'd from the hammer. She drags the Detective to the living room and straddles her. She slaps her awake and as the Detective comes to she realizes what is going on and it is too late, the killer is on her throttling her with both hands. The killer chokes her hard, taunting her the whole time. As she tries to choke the life out of Detective Reed the killer enjoys the strangling and choking sounds and the way her eyes are rolling back into her head. The Detective fights back trying to free her hands from her throat and trying to get out of her killers clutches but there is no avail for this particular cop. She puts up a hard fight but she is no match for a deranged lunatic that says her favorite part is when she "sees the light leave their eyes", and then grunts hard pushing and squeezing with a jolt that crushes her windpipe and makes her rattle and then go limp, only a few twitches from her legs and her boots are visible. The killer goes to grab the phone and snap some pics. She rolls the dead cop over and sits her up a few times, removing her leather jacket and unbuttoning her shirt, checking her out all over. She comments on how sexy and beautiful the cop is from every angle. She rag dolls her around the floor, then takes several photos to find one to send to the cops, then she needs to move away or go somewhere else. She grabs the Detective by her boots and drags her away towards the garage for disposal.

Great fight and combat scene, great actors and damn hot sexy. Wow!. I am so fortunate. CB

Run Time: 20:08 minutes
File Size: 1000 MB 	Format: .MP4
    38 minutes
Starring: Freya w/ Chris B.

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Classic tale of a soccer mom who notices flirting eyes at an all day soccer tournament, from a parent of the opposing team, and doesn't have the slightest she is already a part of an evil scheme that she falls right into. This story of a sex starved and 24/7 soccer mom who is used to doing everything, while her hubby works, travels, plays golf, and goes on fishing trips with his pals. She is still quite faithful and a good girl, after sewing the wild oats at a young age, but she knows fantasy is what gets her through till the next day, and more duties.

After arriving home to re supply the snacks and drinks for the teams afternoon rounds, she wants to share her flirting encounter from the soccer field with her friend. She talks to her about how she noticed him and then proceeded to show her ass to him in her tight jeans from a better angle, even rubbing her own leg and cheek for him as he gazes across the field. She talks about her sexy new jeans that are so not mom jeans at all and show all the curves and crevices. After her glowing conversation with her friend, she hangs up at the same time the guy from the soccer field is soaking a rag in chloroform and sneaking up behind her without a sound. He quickly covers her mouth and nose holes with the rag and keeps her at bay with the other arm. She thrashes about, fighting him off but he is too strong and she goes out, eyes fluttering in and out until she collapses. The supposed soccer dad let's her down to the floor and immediately goes to work getting behind her and undressing her so he can do his thing, have his ritual fun of: undressing, rag dolling, squeezing sucking, touching, fingering, ball gagging, tying her up so her feet and arms are tight together and everything is tethered so she can fight, but not get him or get away. He is obsessed with watching it during and after.. He enjoys knocking her out with one punch when she wakes up the first time, then the second time, after he is set up behind her with the stocking tight and wrapped around his hands and her neck,  strangling her to death with a nylon stocking, while he gets footage of it to have in his collection of favorite soccer moms. Of course after he kills her he is going to spend time with her feet, and have sex with her perfect figure and kiss her body from head to toe. He is going to rag doll her and get her in different positions so he can get maximum penetration and see her sexy soles, that are all natural and no polish. He is going to carry her body around and drag her here and there, before and after he strangles her beautifully. It is all part of his control and ritual after simple flirting seduction that soccer moms usually blow off or find cute and funny. The ones that get mad he doesn't bother with, he doesn't want them to be too uptight. After he finishes his ritual, he gets his things and calls his lovely wife to tell her he will be home soon and loves her very much. He is sincere, he does love her, like a fish wife, but he is infatuated and obsessed with soccer moms that dare to give him just the right eye.

Great story from one of my favorite writers. Freya is special lady for sure. So perfect in every way, and wow does she die so beautifully, some of the best eyes I have worked with. So much, and like I said I figured out the encoding tweak so I can do a 30 minute film in one file. Thanks! Chris

Run Time: 33:19 minutes
File Size: 770 MB 	Format: .MP4
    32 minutes
Starring: Ashley Lane and Odette DeLacroix
w/ Jigsy as Frank

This clip is an experiment in expanded dialogue, almost to the point of a stage play, and consequent enhanced emotional complexity, though with plenty of passionate death too.

Story: Involved in a trafficking gang for whom life is cheap and death comes free, Ashley and Odette have for months been engaged in a hot but erratic love affair, in defiance of organization policy. Following their most recent, worst breakup, Odette, on a self-destructive impulse, has stolen valuable contraband and sensitive, incriminating data in a desperate, misconceived ploy to break free. But her betrayal is soon discovered and retribution will be swift, cruel and absolute.

In the opening scene, Odette comes home drunk from a night of unsatisfying dissipation and masochistically masturbates before a portrait of Ashley and then falls into a troubled, drunken sleep. Meanwhile, Ashley, finds out what's to happen. Driven by pity, vestigial love and irrational guilt over their failed romance's role in Odette's sealed fate, she decides to act, barely in advance of the gang's retaliation. She pays Odette a nocturnal visit to offer, not salvation, but relatively merciful, sensual deliverance vastly preferable to the torments Odette will suffer at the enforcer's hands.

Going to Odette's side on her bed, Ashley first uncovers and then touches the sleeping girl and, becoming increasingly aroused, brings her to climax. Odette wakes up in confusion, which soon turns to horror as she learns her fate. But Ashley offers to deliver her from the gang's justice, and offers her a quick death on the point of her knife. Odette, stalling for time, tries to seduce Ashley into erotically strangling her instead, to which Ashley agrees, but has hardly begun when Odette breaks away and produces a hidden gun, with which she unsteadily menaces Ashley.

Ashley slyly reasons with and seduces Odette to distraction and, with a sudden lunge and grab, tries to get control of the gun. They struggle over it, and it goes off. For long moments, it's uncertain who's been shot, at last revealed to be Odette, grievously wounded in the lower chest, her life slowly ebbing away. Unable to help in any other way, Ashley toys with her sexually. Odette's weakness grows, along with her intensity of erotic sensation, until finally, as she climaxes, Ashley crushes her throat and brings her to a doubled final orgasm as she dies.

Preparing to leave, Ashley is seized by a strange fascination with Odette's inert body and, only partially clad,  climbs back onto the bed to embrace the corpse, then falls asleep.  A dream comes upon her in which Odette, wounded and throttled, but full of life, seduces her into an erotic strangulation in which, after a sensually ambivalent struggle, Ashley dies, only to be called back to life by Odette – "time to wake up, pretty girl" (what movie's that from?) -- still in her dream. "Am I dead now too?" Ashley wonders." "No," Odette tells her, tapping her on the center of her forehead, "There's one more veil to be lifted."

Ashley wakes up with a jolt to find herself in bed with dead Odette and confronted by the gang's enforcer. She begs for her life, trying to seduce him, picks up Odette's hand and masturbates with it, trying in vain to get a rise out of the killer. Letting her know her final moment is at hand, the killer slowly takes aim and shoots her in her forehead where Odette tapped. With a last cry "Odette!" Ashley flops onto the bed, exhibiting decerebrate and then decorticate posturing, the musculoskeletal physiologic signs of massive brain trauma. Then with an explosive bladder release, she's gone.  Pans of wide-eyed corpses complete the scene.

Ashley and Odette, two perfectly opposite embodiments of both beauty at rest and grace in action,  provide, along with their accustomed fine physical acting,  erotic intensity and emotional authenticity that give this rendering of the fantasy its passionate dynamism. Highly recommended for fans of the complex and unusual.

Fetish elements: Masturbation, sleep molestation, knife menacing, garotte strangling x 2(at least!), catfight over weapon, low chest (nonfatal) and forehead (fatal) gunshot wounds, tracheal crush with ligature, traumatic abnormal posturing (decorticate and decerebrate), dream death, corpse hand masturbation, bladder release, body pans, spectacularly beautiful women, more....

This custom took a long time to shoot and edit, what a beautiful writer. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 32:00 minutes
File Size: 590 MB 	Format: .MP4

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