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    Clip Description

    Starring: Ashley Lane, Fallon, Steevie w/ Jigsy

    From the writer of: CHEAT FIGHT LOVE DIE, DESIGNING WOMEN, and many more...

    What a twisted game we play with love, always not knowing, not communicating, and living a love life that the grass is always greener on the other side. We,, not always...The only thing that is green is the shadow of envy that runs through Fallons body like a poison, and when she is upset, she always does something crazy. Fallon and Ashley have been dating for a year, and when Ashley goes rogue and shacks up with her ex boyfriend. Fallon finds her and comes to pay a visit.

    Ashley is settled into her new place, living with and screwing her ex boyfriend, and also another girl on the side, she loves to go both ways and is turned on by love triangles, and lovers fighting over her attention. She sits on the couch with her new lover Steevie who is there to mess around and listen to her story. The two start to kiss and fondle each other, Steevie taking the lead and removing Ashleys top, then petting some more, before taking her boots off for her. She fondles her ass in jeans and kisses her breasts and neck while hugging and kissing, moaning with pleasure. She stands Ashley up and looks her up and down, then removes her own top, Ashley removes Steevies bra for her and they embrace again falling to the couch and Steevie takes off her sexy high heel wedges, showing off her sexy size eleven foot with pretty gold polish. They are both wearing tight jeans and are topless and barefoot, Ashley has red painted toes and her sexy size nine foot. As they kiss and fondle each other on the couch, Fallon peers through the window steaming. She checks the front door but its locked so she moves to the rear of the house and goes through a window while the two new lovers roll on the couch. Fallon sneaks in and confronts them. Stevie stands up to protect Ashley who is arguing that she is no longer with Fallon, who disagrees. Steevie pushes Fallon and they go to fisticuffs, grappling each other fighting hand to hand. Fallon gets the upper hand and throws Steevie to the floor whacking her head on a end table, which doesn't do the job so she punches her in the jaw, with a stiff right cross as she straddles her. Fallon who is also wearing tight jeans gets up immediately and goes straight to Ashley grabbing a pillow on the couch and saying, "this is what I should have done long ago!" and puts the pillow on her face with a great deal of pressure smothering Ashley as she kicks and fights for her life. As she flails, Fallon gives her some last words and some unfriendly ones to boot as she keeps the pillow, pushing harder and harder as she straddles her on the couch. Ashley goes from fighting hard to barely struggling, then twitching as her hands and sexy toes go from curling and spreading to still and dead. As she is finishing and giving her a dead earful, Steevie wakes up from being KOd, she shakes it off and runs to Fallons back as Fallon removes the pillow, showing the dead Ashley eyes wide open and her nose still bent to the side a bit from the pillow smashing her face down. Steevie gets Fallon from behind in a choke hold, pulling her back as the two try to gain position. Steevie gets the upper hand and starts to hand throttle Fallon as she straddles her on the rug. Fallon is turning red as she tries to buck the tough Steevie who sis till a bit shaken up from the first scuffle. Fallon tries to escape and finally has enough to buck Steevie on to the floor and then pounces on her and strangles her with both hands, straddling her body as her tight jeans rub against Steevies jeans, legs, and crotch. Steevie fights harder and harder, her eyes bugging and her tongue sticking out while she tries to escape the clutches of Fallon who is furious and amped up on adrenaline. She chokes her harder and harder, eventually she loses steam and dies, her hands and sexy feet going from twitching and flexing, to still and dead. Her eyes go from wide to still and dead. Fallon sits the dead Steevie up, and breaks her neck slowly, then another time but swiftly and lets the corpse fall to the floor like trash, She does not notice that Ashleys boyfriend is now home and sees her snapping Steevies neck through the window. As Fallon gets her breath, she moves the two victims on to the couch again. Sitting them next to each other and saying they can now be together. She sits back on the chair to admire her handywork and behind her through the door he is readying his cord and as she sits back he quickly wraps the cord around her neck and pulls tiight. He has no wiords and needs none to show how he feels, he yards on her neck like he was pulling on tons of wood or steel, but she goes hard and is strong. She bounces around the chair as she finally realizes what is going on. She fights but there is not much to do when he is in control. She pulls him over the chair as they fight, he lands on her straddling her ass as he pulls up on the cord like reigns, high above her neck. The cord digs in as she fades, bucking her healthy ass and kicking her muscular legs in her athletic shoes. He moves off of her to watch her dioe and twitch her ass to shake and slam to the floor. He finishes her off as she goes wide eyed and then still. He is in a mood so he hoists the gals like rag dolls up on to the couch, next to each other. He goes to Ashley first as he caresses her and says he is sorry that bitch fucked up their plans. He flips her over and fucks her from behind on the sofa. He slams her as she bounces around. He pulls her hair as she likes it usually, but she is dead. He moves to the next gal, Steevie, who he was looking forward to having a three way with Ashley, but now he must do them dead, he removes the jeans down to her knees then sticks his cock in her fucking her as he plays with her tits, and then removes Fallons shirt and bra with his other hand, pinching Fallons nipples as he fucks Steevie. After getting close to cumming he pulls out and puts it in Fallons mouth to finish. He fucks her face telling her dead body that she is the reason he isn't going to have a threesome anymore. He finishes and gets them all set up, he flips Fallon and looks at her ass, massaging it over the sofa arm. He sets them all up in a row on the couch, spending extra time with Ashley, kissing her goodbye. He exits as they are panned and viewed.

    Freaking awesome stuff, you are going to love this one! Enjoy! CB

    Run Time: 28:00 minutes
    File Size: 669 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      28 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v669.8 MB

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Starring: Lexxi w/ Jackson

Story by: Silk Knot

A young woman is off work and ends up at a small lounge to get a couple glasses of Champagne and hope to meet some stranger who might bring her some chit chat or small talk. When she gets to the lounge it is around shift change and very dead, only the barkeep polishing crystal at the end of the bar. She walks in wearing a nice pencil skirt, white button down shirt, and lacy black high heel pumps, no stockings, and sits a the bar chair. The barkeep let\'s her settle in, nonchalant, checking her out while she gets seated and looks down at her phone. She orders a glass of bubbly and he pours at the bar, in the nice crystal. When he serves it she looks flushed and embarrassed, asking him if they take checks because she forgot her debit card. He says \"sure, no problem\" and goes back to his side work, while she sips her glass and looks at her phone and randomly dangles her high heel shoes, letting them slide almost off and then on again as she sips her drink and palys with her phone. The more he looks at her sexy figure, perfect legs, and cute smile, the more he wonders what is underneath, but keeps his mind on work. At the same time she is playing with her shoes, dangling and dipping them up on the stool, when the right one falls to the floor, he immediately notices she is wearing red toenail polish and has sexy pedicured feet and toes. Now he must find out what she is like. He let\'s her know he is taking off and the next bartender would be there in a few minutes to serve her again, so she decides to pay her check. She signs the check and hands it to him, as he looks at it he sees her address in the upper corner, he quickly memorizes it, already knowing that part of town on the West Side, he would have to make it back quickly to beat her back to her place, so instead of making her cash the check, he hands it back to her and says the drink is on the house. She blushes and and smiles with a Thank You as he exits after he clocks out. She smiles and almost seems disappointed he is leaving after making a connection. The loneliness of a single working girl, living in a tiny apartment, barely any furniture, but she did have a bedroom and a full length mirror. As he beats her back to her place and goes through her room, he ties some fishing line to a scarf hanging on a lamp so she would have to pick it up and he could have his way. As she is just finishing up at the bar, only a couple miles away, he gets in place to watch her undress and then...

As she returns from her drink, back to her lonely life and small abode, she walks in her bedroom, not knowing a thing, just another lonely night. She starts to undress, removing her shirt, revealing a sexy black bra, and slowly with her heels, rubbing her feet and admiring her own sexy toes. She stands up and slinks her skirt off, looking in the mirror the entire time focusing on how sexy and fit she is, not even knowing the bartender is in the closet checking her out. As she removes her panties, she dangles them off her toe for a a few seconds before tossing them with a lunge of her pointed toes. She checks out her tits in the mirror, feeling them and smiling, pushing her hair up with her hands to show the sexy form of her torso and fine neck. As she is looking she notices something moving in her peripheral vision and looks to see the scarf on the floor, when she picks it up and turns around to run it across her back and buttocks, she is lassoed around the neck by his thin necktie and the force of him pulling her upward cinches down the knot to start choking her out. She grabs at the tie and grabs his arms ad tries to free herself, but in his rush of adrenaline he lifts her body off the floor, holding the tie that is wrapped in his fist up high while he holds her under her breasts with the other arm. He slowly gets her over in front of the mirror so he can see more of what is going on as he does his deed. She is strong and fights back but is in shock and awe of the power. When they get squared up to the mirror and she gets a chance to see who is doing this to her, her eyes go wide with fear that just shortly before he was the gentleman behind the bar who gave her a drink on the house. He says absolutely nothing as he does his deed. You could tell he knew what he wanted by the way he strangled her, pulling her up then finally slamming her feet to the floor so he could set the ligature tight around her neck and get a few more tugs in so he could play with her and have her dancing for him in front of the mirror.  As he got a bit more intimate, sitting on the edge of the bed so he could see her in the mirror, and also have some fun with her. He holds her up, by the neck, her heels kicking on the floor in the mirror as she struggles he twists and pinches her nipples and gropes her breasts. As she starts to pass out he moves her chin to see how close she is as her eyes roll back and she tries for air. He spreads her legs apart so he can finger fuck and rub her pussy while he strangles her to death. As he starts to finger her and let\'s up a bit with the other arm, tightly holding the ligature up so she will dangle, he let\'s he sip small amounts of air while she is orgasming repeatedly as he strangles her a few times to almost unconscious, playing with her like it was a game, or a dance. He switches hands roughly letting her head swing from one shoulder to the next like a ragdoll head. After he makes her cum a few times, her gurgles and moans in the same voice render a bunch of her cum and juices to drip from her pussy and run through his fingers. Her wetness is apparent by sight and sound as he pumps her with his hand, and strangles her harder and harder because he needed her dead now that she is wet and ready to go. Her eyes go wide as he lifts her up and pulls her back to the wall so he can get some leverage and lift her off the ground again with an arm under her breasts. Her legs kick wildly at first but then dangle and kick slowly, almost down to a twitch. He moves her still dangling body over to the end of the bed and falls on top of her with all his force and weight, pushing what air was left in her out with one umph.

He pulled up and moved the hair from her face so he could see her in the mirror as he killed her. Straddling her lower back so her feet could barely reach his back with feeble and weak kicks and her tongue and eyes bulging out, face red from the lack of anything but pain. After a hard fight, she goes limp and her head dangles for a second before he lowers it to the bed again. He wants to be sure she is dead so he lifts her head up and snaps her neck a couple of times to be sure, the audible crack and crunch sounds tell him she is done. Now she is dead he dismounts her and plays with her ass, sensually rubbing and squeezing her ass, spreading it. He admires her ass and feet, then rolls her over, watching her body twitch and quake again with her death aftershocks. He stands up and gets behind her grabbing up her feet and looking and admiring her painted toes that are driving him wild with sexual passion. He rolls her over onto her back and drags her up. He sees her ass twitch after death, as well as her toes and feet. He lifts her head up from the necktie noose and her head dangles back as he checks out her tongue and then rubs his fingers across the ligature marks on her neck, checking the bruise and his handywork. He needs her now. He grabs her ankles throwing them up over his shoulders so he could taste and smell her sexy painted toes as he fucks her. He bangs her hard and rocks her body over and over, watching her tits and body jiggle and rock until he cums hard, finishing passionately inside her. After he is done he kisses her on the forehead and positions her in front of the mirror so she is posed for his finale\'. He let\'s her feet dangle off of the bed and puts her shoe on her right foot, and dangles her panties from the other sexy toes. He takes one last look as he exits her place, smiling like they had the greatest time ever. He did!

Very well written and I think we did the story justice and added our own flair. Mirrors are like my briar patch, please throw me in!!! Nice to use this wide beveled full length to show the other side of the views. So many different angles and the neck snaps and strangles are amazing. Lexxi is a vet and there really no one who has worked with me longer. Show her love by checking out some of her films, it gets back to her. Thanks. Great Job Jackson, very fucking good for your first strangle. CB
Price: 20.00
Run Time: 25:30 minutes
File Size: 590 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Belle Fatale, Ryanne(SHAVED), Lexxi
w/ Chris B.

Three absolutely gorgeous professional young women lounge around in their button down dress shirts, nude on the rest of their bodies, and completely shaved and clean pussies. They talk about the projects they have going on and decide their plans for the evening. One has a deposition early in the morning so she takes a nap, the other has a case study she is prepping so she studies her emails and reads, and the other has a big deal to close downtown, trying to lure the others for drinks, but the two want to stay and be good. The redhead takes a nap on the sofa while Belle heads to the bathroom to blow dry and do makeup, while Lexxi sits in the chair and studies. Behind her the door creaks open and a man comes through the door with a black stocking wound around his hands, he loops it over Lexxi's head and pulls back hard. She fights him and claws at the tight stocking cutting off her air. He keeps her at bay using all his might to pin her to the chair with the stocking around her neck. She straightens out her legs and bucks her hips, pointing her toes, looking at her killer to try to see who it is, but it is a random crazed man who just wants to kill her and get to the redhead he is obsessed with. She claws at his arms and the stocking but he is too much for her and after a long bout she is finished and her tongue tries, eyes go vary wide then relax. He lets the stocking go and grabs another from his back pocket, slowly moving toward the redhead. He studies her and caresses her with the back of his hand as she sleeps, and she stirs a bit asking Lexxi to give her a few more minutes to sleep. All of the sudden Belle comes out of the bathroom trying to convince them to go with her one more time, the killer hides and crouches so she doesn't see him. He lunges at her using his stocking to pull her back, she grabs his arms coming off the ground a few feet into the air and kicking, kicking hard. She kicks and is making too much noise. He wants his way with the redhead and so he drags her by the stocking to the middle of the room so she doesn't wake the redhead. He strangles her hard and she bucks up and down smashing his pelvis and balls. He is getting irritated with her making too much noise grasping and clawing at her neck and bucking trying to fight her way out. The crazed killer puts his one hand with the lace top of the stocking over her mouth as he continues to strangle her. She claws and tries to reach out for her friend but is barely too far away. She bites at his palm as he tries to quiet her down so he snaps her neck like a dry branch and she dies instantly, eyes wide open tumbling to the floor like a mass of flesh that has just expired. The redhead is stirring buts till barely asleep. He gets up rolling the dead sexy woman off of him, he moves towards the redhead, finally alone with her. He caresses her face and touches her thigh, knowing he is about to see her go all out. He grabs another stocking from his back pocket, stretching it out and holding it to her neck, he gets it fashioned. He gets it crossed and wrapped in his hands as she wakes and figures out what is going on. Her eyes go wide in terror as she goes absolutely bonkers trying to get free from him but he pulls so hard he lifts her from the sofa. He strangles her hard as she bucks her bare pussy towards the ceiling. She tries to claw him but can't get free but she elbows him square in the balls right at the perfect spot and he lets go of the stocking with a grunt. She tries to get away crawling fast scurrying towards the door but he grabs her leg and pulls her back towards him, the stocking still tied around her neck so he gets over her and pulls, then leaps over the sofa using his feet as chocks to pull back, using his body as leverage. The air is cut off from her and she goes wild thrusting he bare shaved pussy towards the sky, bucking her sexy hips and her huge, breasts bouncing and jiggling as she tries to grasp at the stocking digging into her sexy long neck. The harder he pulls, the weaker she gets and eventually he is way too much for her. The crazed man finishes her off as he pulls extra hard, her beet red face and bloodshot eyes are wide in despair, then to nothing. He lets go and rubs his sore hands, moving around to see her in the flesh, looking at her sexy shaved mound and sexy breasts. He feels her up and raises her legs to check her feet, and sexy red painted toes. He looks over at the other sexy broads, lifting up Belle by her pelvis and setting her on the sofa next to the sexy redhead. He checks her out, looking at her feet and then checking out her pussy and caressing her face and hair. He goes to Lexxi and picks her up in a cradle carry. He carries her around for a few moments then sets her on the other side of the redhead, caressing her pussy and checking her sexy breasts. He spends some time checking their feet, then opening their mouths so their death stares are similar. He looks at their all shaven pussies and the fact they are wearing button down dress shirts and nothing else, Belle does have a skirt but it is hiked up. He touches them again then exits out the door, leaving them there to be discovered, hopefully soon. The killer got what he wanted and is complete, until the urge strikes again for a professional round of strangles.

WOW this is history! Ryanne has never shaved in her life until now and we have exclusive first dibs. Get it while you can! She looks so sexy too, not to mention these two sexy stars she is working with, talk about pros! I am lucky to work with all of these sexy stars. Chris

Run Time: 22:30 minutes
File Size: 420 MB 	Format: .MP4

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