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    Clip Description

    Starring: Vivian Jade w/ Johnny Wood & Chris B.(As The Boss)

    The Boss man is stressed out because his super sexy girlfriend Gina, is talking to the feds and selling out his whole operation. He sits in his nice hotel room, sipping red wine and thinking about what to do next. He has already made plans for Gina and when there is a knock at the door, it is R.J., his hit man, and he is dressed to kill, with his bag of tricks. They shake hands and he explains what needs to happen. Then Gina knocks, and when she comes in she is dressed so sexy in a RED Cocktail dress, ready to go out and party with her man. When the boss sits her down and introduces R.J., she changes her tone and is scared to death, but she still denies the whole thing. R.J. takes over and the boss says goodbye to Gina. R.J. slaps her and grabs her from behind, interrogating her. Asking her about the feds and when she lies, he slaps her. She has given up information about his business, but won't talk. After working her over, and threatening her with a knife, he cuts her dress with the large hunting knife, then he cuffs her from behind. She screams in terror, but will not talk. He then forces her with his fingers, sticking his fingers in her pussy. She squirms and moans and denies everything. He goes and gets the empty wine bottle from the table and sticks it up inside her. R.J. is dirty and he plays rough, so he does her hard, but she won't talk. He knocks her out, and takes her back to his place. When he wakes her up she is in a panic. He slaps her and says it is too late, even if she talks she will die, she says, "No please", and he forces her to the bed, then he forces himself in her mouth! He fucks her mouth hard, repeatedly then takes her from behind, and then with her legs up in the air, her heels still on. He does her in several positions as she moans and denies everything. He places her on her back and scoots to her face, forcing himself again into her mouth, then he blasts a large cumshot on her face, as she winces.

    Now it is time to strangle her to death with his garrote. He pulls her upright, then down onto the bed, she fights, even though she is worn from the 24 hour ordeal. He strangles her hard as she chokes, drools, and fights for air, tongue out, eyes wide open, she is still in denial and her eyes show it, though the redness of her face show that she is cut off from the world and will have nothing to do in a few minutes but lay there with no life and her eyes facing the sky. He pulls her upright so her feet are off the bed, and she squirms. She fights, little by little she gives up a bit. Finally, she lets out her final gasp and dies, flopping sideways to the bed. he closes the blinds and positions her. He then exits to call the boss. We see the lovely dead Boss' Girl Gina in sweeping pans and body views...what a hot death stare.

    Clip Duration:      36 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv562.18 MB

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Sequel to: Boss' Girl Gina(Vivian Jade)

Starring: Salang as Gina's sister
and Chris B. as "The Boss"

Salang is Gina's sister. We all know Gina as the Boss' girlfriend, the one who ratted his whole operation out to the cops for money, and ended up being interrogated, stripped, tied up, beaten, raped, and strangled to death, for wronging the boss of the largest crime syndicate in the state. Salang used to date Tony, who was Thor's brother, and Chris' right hand man back in the day, so when Chris wanted to find her sister, who he believes talked to the pigs too, he sets her up in a nice hotel room, gets her her favorite painkillers, and tells her to wait it out and he will be there to meet her. She talks to a friend telling her she is worried about her sister. Chris calls her and says he is in the elevator, and will be right up. She is surprised because she was told he was out of town on business. He was just laying low after having his now debunked hit-man, R.J., disposing of the body, but missing a vital piece, the sister. Chris starts to ask questions, and Salang is telling him she knows nothing. He keeps asking, but she gets mad. Chris pushes her onto the bed, and the next time she pushed him away he punches her right in the gut, she goes down, he slaps and punches her several times before he drags her up to the couch to smack around some more. He asks her again and again, "What did you say to the cops?" He cuffs and duct tapes her hands behind her back, she is stuck! After an ass whooping, he throws her onto the bed, then fingers her hard. He grabs a wine bottle and rams it in her pussy, interrogating her at the same time. She still wont talk after being fucked hard by a bottle so he steps up the game, pulling her off the bed and on her knees. he orders her to suck him off, and when she does not comply, he forces her!! He fucks her face for a while, ordering her to lick his shaft and balls, then stabbing her in the throat with his cock. She drools all over his dick so he smears her face with it. He is very intense and picks her up again off her feet and throws her onto the bed. He reams his fingers into her hole, gouging her vagina with fierce aggression. Then he plunges his cock deep inside her pumping hard, slamming her with each thrust.  Her arms are taped behind her so she can only verbally resist. She is still stunned by the beating and cries out for him to stop. He plows her hard, then pulls out and floods her chest with cum. He then tells her the night is young, time to talk! She refuses, so he grabs the bottle again and starts to fuck her with it. She cries out, "OKAY! I DID TALK!!" "I didn't say anything and they let me go." "Chris says, "You lying whore", he grabs her from the bed, takes her across the room, shuts the blinds, and strangles her. He puts his favorite tie he wore to the scene, and strangles her. He ties a knot in the tie and chokes her hard. he puts his knees in her back, pulling hard as she fights, drooling, choking, gagging, and rolling her eyes in her head. He strangles the gal till she can't twitch or drool anymore then slowly lets her slide off of him, with a dead stare. As she flops to the floor limp and dead, he grabs some stuff, then throws her to the couch, while he fixes the shoots on the bed for her pose. He throws her down, then flips her over and removes the duct tape and cuffs. He then removes his tie and poses her. Chris gathers everything the cleaner won't take, and all his gear, changes clothes, and all the while, we are seeing her body pans. When he is done, he calls RJ and says, "I have one last job for you to clean up this mess, then you are fired!" "You screwed this one up big time by letting her slip through your fingers" He hangs up and exits.....

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