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    Clip Description

    Starring: Belle Fatale w/ Chris

    **FULL 1920X1080 HD**

    Belle and Chris are lovers from way back and have always role played together, always trying new things, expanding to others, and sometimes pushing Belle to her ultimate limits, dangling her life before her, and always intertwined with orgasms and satisfaction. Since they both travel for work, the times they share are fewer, but always pack a lot of sexy fun role play into their meetings. This time Chris has a few things in mind that don't go along with the role play, at least not what she has in mind.

    Chris arrives home after stopping at his postal box, excited to open his parcel, sent from Belle without instruction, only items to use in the games they will play. He opens it to find a zipper lock bag with white latex gloves, and a couple of clear cellophane bags, large enough to fit over her head to cut her off from the air, and a sexy card with, "see you tonight", signed with a kiss. It also has panty hose that can be used for encasement, her favorite brand, with some nice stockings for the both of them to wear over their faces as they pretend to be strangers. Chris reaches into his own bag full of tricks and comes out with a large bottle of chloroform and another pair of tan pantyhose to use as a chloroform rag. He prepares the room for Belle to come home and goes to hide as if he is not there.

    Belle gets home a bit later, smiling as she comes through the door and seeing the room all ready with the pretty bed cover, flowers; lilies her favorite type that he would bring her when they first met. She walks into the room and looks into the mirror to make sure she still looks fresh before she gets totally encased in pantyhose. She feels the tan hosiery, one pair for her bottoms, one with the crotch removed for her top, and a tan knee high stocking large enough to not distort her pretty face so much. She slowly removes her high heeled pumps on the bed, showing and caressing her sexy legs and perfect feet. She gets encased, slowly sliding the hose on to her feet, then removing her sexy black dress as she fits the tight hose over her plump little rear. She does the same to the top, peering into the hose as she stretches them with her fingers so they don't run and sliding them over her hands and arms, then her chest. She gets her hair up in a bun and fits the stocking over her face, carefully so she doesn't mess up her lipstick and eye shadow, she wants to be perfect for her stalker. After she is encased she puts her high heels back on and gets into bed, reaching into the drawer to grab her small but effective vibrator that she loves to use while role playing so it can stay on inside her as she is being suffocated and groped. She lays back and starts to use the vibe, first over her pantyhose, all the while rubbing her tits and clit to get as much self stimulation so she can be ready for her attacker. As she goes more and more, she moans with pleasure her heels digging into the plush bed cover. Her thin and sexy legs toned with muscle, flexing to her desires. She puts the vibrator under her pantyhose and starts to get really in depth rubbing harder and faster, when she hears a sound in the background, it just makes her hornier and she looks away from the door where she can hear the faint sound of rustling cellophane giving her a signal to get into position for an attack. As she works her way up to her knees, still using the toy to get off, knowing soon she will be in ecstasy, Chris moves behind her and quickly has the bag sealed off and tight so she will get no air. This does not stop her from using the vibe, but after a minute and tumbling to the bed, she needs her hands to naturally fight. She is so turned on and moving her legs all over the bed, still wearing her high heels digging them into his legs as he gropes her breasts through the pantyhose and rubs her pussy on and off. Belle is struggling for air and Chris takes her to her first limit then removing the bag just in time for her to take a huge gasp. She embraces him and he kisses her body as she catches her breath a bit. Chris is relentless and soon gets her up to her knees again and when she is not expecting throws the bag over but not letting her topple, he keeps her upright as he bags her, she flails her arms and also feels up herself and him as she fights for air. He takes her to the limits again, a little further this time and as he removes the bag she gasps and reaches to touch him and grab through his pants, she wants sex but she knows he will take her further. He lets her fall and gets behind her spooning her and tosses the bag over her head again and she still catching her breath. She fights a bit and feels horny as he rubs her pussy and helps the vibrator do its part. He lets her go a bit shorter this time he knows what she wants and he knows the surprise is yet to come. As he removes the bag she reaches around to grab his dick, and he moves off the bed, she thinks so he can remove his jeans. She is vibrating herself on the bed still trying to catch her breath. Chris grabs another ziplock bag he had stashed that has a freshly soaked pair of tan pantyhose that she is unaware of. As he gets on to the bed her face changes a bit and she says, "whats that smell?" Immediately Chris covers her nose and mouth with the chloroform rag and she goes crazy. He straddles her as her legs kick and her eyes flutter over and over. She fights for quite a long time and Chris is so excited wanting to have chloroform sex with her, something he has wanted to try, but has never been able to get her to approve. After a few twitches of her feet, she goes limp, out cold from the chloroform. He grabs the bag replacing the chloroform hose into the bag so it stays live when he needs it again. He takes the scissors and cuts a slit in her crotch pantyhose so he can fuck her while she out chloroformed. He takes off his pants and gets on top of her, sliding his dick out through his underwear and going inside her. He starts slowly as he pulls her head up and looks at her limp and out as he pumps her already wet pussy with his dick. After doing her for a while she starts to stir and he reaches to the nearby bag and grabs the still soaked chloroform pantyhose, covering her nose and mouth as he continues to pump. She tries to fight but she has been through an arduous evening already, but she still kicks her legs and tries to fight but he keeps her pinned. She goes out again and he continues to fuck her limp encased body. He pulls her over to the bed side so he can get better leverage and after pumping her more she starts to stir. He takes the chloroform rag again and covers her nose and mouth. She has been through the wringer so she fights less, but shill moans and makes muted protests before going out again. This is exciting Chris so much that he starts to climax and continues to fuck her harder as she flops around from him pounding her. He cums inside of her, finishing strong as he sweats over her encased body. He lays on top of her for a moment, kissing her and thanking her for the best night of his life. He dismounts her and gets himself together as he does. Her pussy still dripping wet from the sex. She is out cold, exhausted, limp and not moving a muscle as he kisses her face and tells her thanks again. He exits the room and her body is slowly panned over to see her sexy body and face encased in pantyhose, the vibrator still humming close to her face. He wonders if she will be upset, but he will explain that she would be selfish not to let him live out his fantasy, especially when he has been attending to hers for so long.

    Great video, great concept! I love pantyhose on a woman and never really got into the encasement thing. I obviously do I will say though that being the actor in this film, and along side Belle, it really got the juices flowing, damn she is sexy. I am so fortunate to have these great models. Some of the best! Thanks so much for checking this and other films out, we always go the extra mile for you. CB

    Run Time: 25:30 minutes
    File Size: 700 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      26 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v704.56 MB

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