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    Clip Description

    Starring: Freya as the Princess w/ Chris B. as Hit Man

    **FULL 1920X1080 HD**


    Disclaimer: Chris' Corner and it's affiliates do not discriminate against: Color, Creed, Religious affiliation, or sexual orientation. The Arabian Princess, like any other character in our films is not real, but portrayed by actors, models, and handled with the same care as any other. We know that all people are created equal so we don't discriminate on who we end up killing.

    Princess Freya is one of seven wives of the Prince, and is the one who is going to be made an example of. The Prince is less than impressed with her ability to stay out shopping all day, spending his fortunes on shoes, clothes, fancy luncheons, and of course prepping and preening herself, but when it comes down to her night with the Prince, she is always unavailable for sexual intercourse, and she gives him all kinds of attitude and excuses.

    The Prince wants to ensure that her rebellious nature does not infect the other wives and lead them astray with attitudes, high expenses, and with nothing in return. He has already heard her say to the others, "If you wouldn't open your legs every time the Prince wishes you to, you wold get more respect, not to mention diamonds and gold." This outraged the Prince and made him look weak and incapable of controlling his harem, thus making him look weak to his fellow friends, and associates. He is set on making an example of her and thus making the other wives stay in line and do as he wishes on the day they are to be together.

    The Prince made a plan: He sends his rebellious wife Freya to a small remote cabin in the forest without her limo or driver, and without the amenities she is accustom to on a daily basis. This does not do any good on straightening her up, but instead makes her rebel more. She gets ready, applying makeup, perfume, a new pair of leggings and high heels, and a new hijab so she is still traditional in some of her attire, although she is wearing a lacy, sleeveless top, and sexy bra and panties underneath. She has a long over coat to cover her body for when she is in the mall. She is clever and knows where the Prince's hand keeps the keys to the Truck used to work on the farm that supplies their food, and makes plans with her friends to meet up close to the mall, so they can have pedicures, and drink champagne, which is absolutely forbidden in the Princess culture. She thinks the more she rebels, the more she gets her way, and the less she has to give to the Prince. The Prince is not a stupid man, quite the contrary, it is all in his plan.

    His plan has been set: Hire his Armenian hit man to chloroform his rebel wife, bind her with ropes, gag her, and molest her, then strangle her to death and finish with some necro action, only one condition, the killer is not to put his dick inside of her vagina or mouth, but make the crime look like it is a crime of passion, and done by someone who is lusting for something different, like her feet, and a hand job after she is dead. The Prince makes this request all along with having the Hit Man film the entire ordeal and send the footage to the Prince so that he can show the other wives what will happen if they choose the same rebellious path of disobedience.

    The Hit man does just that and his accounts of the entire ordeal are filmed in full frame, as well as his point of view. The princess gets dressed, puts on makeup, high heels, and calls her friend to set up the plan. As she leaves a man comes from out of nowhere and chloroforms her. She struggles but he is a professional and takes her down. He then drags her inside and sets up the cameras, doing exactly what the Prince asks and more. Gagging, bondage, torture, rag dolling her, more chloroform, undressing, fondling, fingering, spreading of ass and pussy, more rag dolling, to get views, close ups, and getting her set up for a strangle which he uses one of the stockings he finds in her room. He strangles her to death showing her demise from many angles, he never removes the Hijab as requested by the Prince. After he strangles her to death, he carries her around the room and into the bedroom. He fingers her and sucks her beautiful breasts, getting aroused for his shocking video for the other wives to see. He gets the dead Princess hand, oiling it up and getting a long DEAD HAND JOB. He uses her dead, still warm hand to jerk him off and get him ready to fuck her feet and cum on her soles, toes, and up her legs as far as he can. He does this to the fullest extent, and after continues to rub his glistening cock on her feet, mashing his balls and dick with her sexy size nine soles. After getting his fill and enough footage to get the rest of his enormous paycheck, including lots of pans of her dead, sexy body, feet, and cum soaked toes, legs and soles, he exits to get the video footage edited and sent to the Prince. The Prince will be very pleased with his work, and if any of his other wives think they can rebel, he has even more vile and demeaning plans for them too.

    WOW. Freya is so beautiful and this film really accentuates her beauty with the make up and Hijab that focuses her face and beauty. This is a full meal deal movie with all the trimmings for your holiday feast. I must say that this was a blast for me. I love being a character, and of course it shows how much I do love a sexy dead woman's feet, and body. It was not too difficult to show. Thanks for all your support, I feel like we know how to portray this type of material better than anyone, especially for the price. That is in big part a Thanks to the person writing the custom and knowing what it costs to make a sexually charged film that will appeal to the masses and at least invoke some curiosity. Thanks so much! Chris B.

    Run Time: 35:27 minutes
    File Size: 960 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      35 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v965.77 MB

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