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    10 minutes

Starring: SaraLiz and Belle Fatale

FULL 1920X1080 HD

This is a new series of pantyhose clad females, killing pantyhose clad females, in different stages of dress, sheer toe suntan pantyhose, stocking masked, and fully encased for a few. If you love pantyhose and female killers, you will love these short and very aggressive ambush kills. 

FPK1. A frustrated wife takes her revenge out on her husbands mistress by sneaking into her place and killing her with a wide latex sheet over her face. The angry wife does not mess around, she sneaks in through a window, hiding in the bathroom as she slowly takes off her heels, revealing the suntan pantyhose, and puts another stocking over her face for a mask. She tiptoes around the place to find the mistress room. As she locates the room the front door opens and the mistress is talking on the phone to the killers hubby. The killer wife moves behind the bedroom door, waiting for her prey. The mistress comes in wearing business attire and suntan pantyhose, with black sexy heels. She kicks them off and sexy talks to the wifes hubby, she is glaring at her from behind the door with her latex sheet, ready to kill. As she hangs up after incriminating and humiliating herself, she is doomed. The killer wife comes behind her swiftly, wrapping the latex sheet over her face and pulling her back. They struggle and she pulls her on to the bed. She pulls hard and the two roll around kicking with their pantyhosed legs. The mistress breaks free and but is quickly caught by the killer using her legs like a clamp to grab and bring her back in to the bed. She fights but the killer uses the latex sheet well, pulling her back and keeping her pinned down. Their suntan pantyhose legs are interlocked, the mistress is tipsy but she is trying hard not to die and sucking the latex deep into her mouth trying to get air, her nose and eyes cut off from the latex resistance band. After fighting and winding down she is dead. The pantyhose, masked killer looks at her disgusted. "I don't even know what he saw in you, I am much hotter than you." Maybe it was the suntan pantyhose, maybe she didn't think of that? She exits the room after rolling the body on her tummy so her ass and feet are in full view. Body views and long pans of the pantyhose clad legs and ass.

I absolutely love to shoot pantyhose fetish, it is a wonderful crowd to work with, very nice folks. This was some fun stuff to do, with 3 more in this burst coming in the next few days, and several more in line for the greatest fans. Thanks again for everything! Chris

Run Time: 10:00 minutes
File Size: 327 MB	Format: .MP4
    28 minutes

      DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted - DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted
Starring: Coco and Steevie w/ Rex

Almost a month has passed since Detective Lizbon was beaten, shocked with a taser, then raped by a diplomat, who's father runs the largest corporation in the first world, so he gets full immunity wherever he goes. The investigator for the Agency Detective Lizbon, who is still on the detail to protect the Diplomat wants a documented apology for the harm he caused her, and wants it to be mediated. Before arriving at the safe house to meet the Diplomat, Coco gets dressed up in a skirt and high heels, always wanting to look fashionable in public. With her badge tethered to her skirt, and her service weapon, .40 caliber pistol, tucked into the small of her back, she arrives. Before she got to the address, the Diplomat, and another crime friend of his, sex trafficker, and serial rapist Steevie, make plans to take her out, and have some fun in the mean time.

Detective Lizbon arrives, she comes in the door and is introduced to Steevie, not recognizing that she is the hoodlum that she tried to collar a few years back when she was a rookie, but never could finger. Steevie is very professional, explaining the apology, and how there are no weapons allowed at the safe house. She sees the Diplomat Rex, and his eyes bite right through her, she stammers back and gets frightened, covering herself, knowing that he has special vision powers where he can see under layers of clothing. She is very uncomfortable, but carries on, giving up her weapon, since they have none, and she is a strong fighter. She just wants the apology. As Steevie finishes the pat down, she takes the weapon to the safe, and offers Detective Lizbon a beverage. The sexy, and nervous agent says she will take some herb tea to calm her down, and so the disguised serial rapist makes her some tea, but adds a debilitating drug that will make her incapacitated for hours, which is more than they need to finish her off before she can go public with the apology. As she drinks the tea, and the Diplomat gives his spiel, patronizing her, and finally letting her know he is, well, sorry for what is to happen, and before long, she is staggering and falls in the arms of Steevie, who hoists her up so the Diplomat can take some shots to her face and body. The two take turns beating her down, punching her and kicking her all over her body, including the torso, face, tits, and pussy, they beat her senseless, making every shot count as planned. They beat her and toss her around, one holding her arms, while the other has their way groping and punching her.

After a long and tragic beating, Detective Lizbon, still trying to fight back, but drugged and helpless, gets knocked to the ground, then stripped and groped, including the vaginal claw, that makes her scream in pain. The diplomat asks her if she remembers their first meeting, and lets her know this is going to end way worse. After removing her panties, he sticks his dick in her and she screams out in pain. Steevie holds her down while he has his way, and she uses her fingers to gag Lizbon as she is being raped and defiled. He pounds her hard, forcing her legs high, her bare feet flexing and then limp with waves of drugged euphoria. He starts to choke her as he is about to climax, choking her hard as her face turns red, and her eyes roll into the back of her head. As he finishes cumming, she passes out, eyes half open and white from her eyes rolling up in her head.

The two perps get up, leaving her on the hard wood floor slightly moaning and out. The diplomat drags her up and puts her in a big chair in the corner, her pussy still oozing his cum, and her cunt glistening from all the juices. Steevei suggests a nice rope to finish her off, so she grabs one from the other room, and comes back to kill the Detective so she will not talk about what really happened. She starts to stir and try to fight back, but she is weak. They both grab one end of the rope and the middle is around her sexy neck, getting tighter as she tries to struggle. They pull super tight and it wakes her up a bit, she tries to fight and the adrenaline rushes into her body, she kicks her legs, but her arms are being held with the other hands not pulling on her death rope. She fights and tries to stick around but the strangle her hard, eventually letting her arms free so they can see her struggle a bit. Her arms are weak, and she is losing the battle. Her legs stiffen up and rattle with her whole body, her glistening vagina bounces up and down like a bobber in a lake, then finally going still after a lot of twitching. After a few seconds she is totally still, eyes open, tongue slightly protruding and swollen. She fought hard but lost the battle, and now she is dead. The two perps remove the rope from her neck leaving a scar and red burns on her neck. They leave to celebrate with a drink, and she is left in the chair, dead, and alone. Her body is panned and viewed in her sexy death pose.

This production is by far one of our best, and all that acted and helped with the scene did a wonderful job. Lot's of punching and kicking, a beat down and assault on Detective Lizbon, then her death, what a great vid. Enjoy. CB

Run Time: 28:00 minutes
File Size: 495 MB 	Format: .WMV
    16 minutes

Pixie w/ Johnny

A young man needs to spice up his boring life as an executive. He orders a dancer/escort to join him in his office. She does a sexy striptease/dance for him and he asks her to role play with a nylon stocking. She agrees as long as there is cash involved. He starts to worship her neck, then he tightens the stocking hard and she fights him tough. She goes crazy, her tongue stretches way out to find air, she bucks, heaves and chokes to death. Afterwards Johnny throws her on the desk and plays with her body and perfect c cups!


Run Time: 15:55 minutes
File Size: 300 MB 	Format: .WMV

    42 minutes

Starring: Alisha Adams, Belle Fatale, and Lexxi

From the same author as: DESIGNING WOMEN, AND CHEAT, FIGHT, LOVE, DIE.

Three college coeds are coming home after partying with some friends, they are still laughing and enjoying themselves when they sit on the couch and remove their shoes, boots, and socks. After some coaxing to get Lexxi to get crazy with them, she still feels too tired to hang out and fool around so the other two make her sleep on the couch so they can take the bed for a while. Belle still wants to mess around with Lexxi and her sexy jeans, but Alisha drags her to the bedroom. Belle and Alisha roll around on the bed passionately kissing and rubbing each other as they lay in bed. First Belle takes charge and kisses Alisha, rubbing her tits through her shirt, and pussy through her jeans. The two rubbing each others crotches, and wearing their favorite jeans, Alisha rolls Belle over and gets on top, riding her leg and rubbing her crotch, Belle is aroused and wants the lead so she rubs her clit through her jeans and she makes Alisha cum hard, grabbing the pillow and bucking her hips. Belle then rides her and cums hard before the two are exhausted laying next to each other on the bed, still breathing hard and cuddling. After a moment Belle gets this gleam in her eye, chuckling and nodding to herself. She tells Alisha she has a craving to kill someone and is nervous to know exactly how she feels about it. She agrees it would be hot to see the life sucked out of someone, and they both talk more, until belle says, "Let's do it!" as she looks towards the living room where Lexxi is sleeping on the couch. Alisha is caught off guard, but agrees as long as it is not messy or leaves too much evidence like a gun or knife. They talk about smothering her with pillow before they come up with an idea. They will use plastic wrap and a stocking from Belle's drawer to do the deed, and the two sobering chicks head to the living room with bad intent. They quietly sneak up and sit down on either side of her, already made a plan so they execute quickly as Lexxi wakes up from her belt being pulled off, she has the plastic wrap over her face and mouth, with Alisha behind her pulling. Belle straddles Lexxi and holds her arms while she gets the stocking ready. She wraps it around Lexxis throat as Lexxi thrashes her legs, still stunned from being woken, but gaining intensity. Lexxi tries to get air but the plastic is not letting any in and the stocking is getting tighter as Belle gets her grip. This bucking machine thrusts about as Lexxi fights hard, Belle is being aroused by her jeans rubbing her clit as they cause friction together. She doesn't lose focus of the task though as she starts to cum and Lexxi bucks the hardest. Alisha is giving it all her might pulling and the struggle for Lexxi weakens as she is double teamed to death. The window into her mouth through the plastic tells she has met her match. Her eyes are wide with panic, until the last moment when the plastic comes off and it reveals she found her peace with death. Her eyes are wide but not with the look of fear, only death. After she is dead and they take of the plastic, they start to play with her body, Belle says she needs to grab something from her room, and to keep going with Lexxi get her ready. Alisha starts to undress Lexxi, checking her sexy body out, rolling her over and trying to pry off her tight jeans which is a chore but she manages to get the jeans off. She hikes up Lexxi's shirt to get to her tits as Belle brings back the strap on dildo. Alisha calls dibbs and mounts up on Lexxi with the strap on, digging in and fucking the hot dead chick with the strap on while Belle plays with her tits and sucks on them. After a long fuck Belle is ready to do her but Alisha wants to cum. Belle grabs the stocking and goes around to her back teasing her with the stocking and getting her to get into it until she is about to cum. belle wraps the stocking tight in her hands and pulls hard, pulling Alisha back a bit where she is still barely fucking Lexxi until she pulls hard and it goes into a full strangle. Alisha fights hard, with only one girl to fight her she gives it her all, but Belle is full of fight and takes over. She gets a good foothold and chokes her to death with the stocking. Alisha kicks and bucks her hips trying to roll out of the strangle hold but Belle has done this before and planned the whole night. It couldn't be any better for her. As she looks down, Alisha is eyes wide open and barely twitching, then completely still. Belle is still very aroused and needs to finish herself so she plays with the strap on still attached to Alishas pelvis. She gets it wet with Lexxis juices and then sits down on it reverse so she can stare at Lexxi, then look back to see Alisha as she slides up and down on the strap on. She goes hard and cums so hard as she looks over her thrill kills. She knows she now must unwind and pose the two girls on the couch, sucking in each of them as she kisses and caresses their bodies, before she gets a bottle of wine and rests up for the new roommates, time to place an ad.

Hot sexy gals doing their thing! Some fantastic acting in this for sure! Wow! Thanks! Chris

Run Time: 42:04 minutes
File Size: 750 MB 	Format: .WMV
    24 minutes

Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B.

The Chief Crime Scene Investigator for the Metro P.D. is back, and up to his old ways. In this episode he is on the scene of a homicide by strangulation of a gorgeous young woman with perfect figure. After panning over her body with his eyes, he checks the scene for any links to the killer. He notices a few things like the fact that the killer didn\'t even undress her all the way, or molest her body. He inspects a bit then imagines himself as the killer, sneaking up on the young lady as if she were a helpless lamb, using his force and power to surprise and overcome the beautiful lady with one of her discarded stockings. He strangles her to death as she thrashes on the bed, eyes bugging out, bucking her hips and slamming her ass to the bed as she slowly winds down, going from full bore to completely limp. Imagining himself as the killer he finishes the deed. When he comes back to reality, and exactly where the killer left her, he needs to make some adjustments so it feels more complete in his head. He rolls her around the bed, flopping her limbs, ragdolling her around and checking her body for any breaks or contusions that would suggest anything prior to the strangle, or a struggle, aside from the thrashing of the strangle. He inspects her pussy very closely to see if there are any signs of trauma and or fluids. When he sees she is clean, he wants to make the case a bit more colorful. He kisses and caresses her ass, tits, and gets in really close for his gyno inspection. His black gloved hands always paying attention to the succulent and voluptuous woman.
The fantasy of him being the killer and what he does after the kill is what drives him. As chief he can manipulate the video footage, the paperwork, the DNA. He solves many murders, and always takes care of the females. He gets her into position after he removes her clothing and has his way with her mouthing her breasts and face. He plays with her feet as he imagines himself inside her. He goes for it and pulls her to the edge of the bed, slipping his engorged cock into her already wet pussy from the strangle. He starts slow but pounds her so her breasts bounce back and forth until he lets loose his seed into her. The wise and experienced CSI does his best to keep things clean but he knows there isn\'t anyone to check his work and he gets his mark, so what does it matter right?

After finishing and getting himself straightened up, the CSI gets his stuff together then goes in for one last time as he reminisces about the good old days and how he loves his job. He checks her out with his black gloved hands, feeling her dead body and saying what is on his mind. This guy is back and back for a while! Chris B. Chief Metro C.S.I. 

Run Time: 24:43 minutes
File Size: 520 MB 	Format: .MP4
    24 minutes

Starring: Coco w/ Johnny

Coco is dreaming that a man is massaging her body, as she is in her sleepy dream, the man oils her up, massages every inch of her body, it gives her much sexual pleasure, but when he goes to mount her, he snaps her neck, she falls limp to the floor, so he plays with her, has sex with her dead, oiled up body, then flips her over for some nice ass worship, pussy licking and foot play  fetish, with a nice healthy cumshot on her lovely oiled soles. After he finishes, he cleans her up and sets her on the couch for some body pans!!

This is a great Dream! At least for us! There are several views of the necksnap from many angles, and as you know you will never see a hotter, healthier more beautiful woman, dead or alive!!!

Starring: Coco and Johnny
Run Time: 23:43 minutes

File Size: 280 MB 	Format: .WMV
    28 minutes

Starring: Steevie w/ Jigsy

**Absolutely brutal and sexual fantasy**

Astrid's sister Ingrid has been missing her for a while, after joining the military and fighting for two years in a brutal war, trying to avenge her sisters brutal murder. After her duty she rejoined her death metal band and went on tour for a few months. Now, back in Norway she is having her coffee and listening to music. Her old boss calls her and she tells him not to worry, she has the password safe and it is on her person. After calming the guy down and assuring him that the password is safe, she turns on some music and goes to a cedar wood trunk that has her guitar from tour. She picks it up and caresses her guitar for a moment, strumming the strings, then setting it carefully on to the wall. She sits back down listening to her favorite song. She is unaware of a masked man that is coming for her. She stands up and yells at him asking why he is here in her house. He tells her that "dead women don't need to know why", he is there to punish her for what she did during the war, and to collect the password to the mainframe of the rebellion. she tells him if he wants money he can have the money and reaches in the sofa cushions, bringing out a pistol and the masked man who is trained to fight, knocks it far away to the floor. He goes in with a hard punch to the gut, she fights back punching him in the kidneys. They brawls hard, she takes many head shots and then some body shots. She is holding her own but he gets the upper hand, punching her hard in the face to the point of her not fighting as hard. Inrgid is in trouble and tries to fight back. The man grabs her leg and breaks it with a hard kick, then again on her knee, she screams in pain but won't stop fighting. She crawls for the gun and gets to the pistol and he steps on her hand tossing the gun to the other side of the floor. Then he stomps and punches the blonde sister. He grabs her by her hair and punches her, picking her up by her hair and seeing her broken leg trying to stand. He beats on her harder and harder, breaking her arm at the shoulder socket, the sounds of the breaks can be heard as breaks her bones. He knocks her face down on the sofa and punches her hard, breaking her neck each punch, little by little. He drags her up by her hair, her neck loose from multiple breaks and at least 25 punches that crunch, as she wobbles and her tongue is out eyes rolling in her head. He picks her up again by her hair after beating her more and uses his forearm to beat her neck from behind, then spins her around for a couple of big punches to the face. The biggest punch knocks her back into the cedar trunk, which is like a big box that she fits in perfectly. Her twitching body falls right into the box and her legs stick up showing her boots and white socks sticking out from them. She continues to twitch and jolt as she is dead from multiple neck breaks, but still twitches with her tongue out and eyes wide open. After a couple of different views of her in the box, the man dumps her out of the box so she rolls on the floor like a rag doll. He goes through the room looking for the password. He rifles through asking the corpse where he can find the password. He goes to the body that is still barely twitching from brutal death and rifles through her clothing, checking her pockets frantically, then he removes one of her boots, revealing the dirty soles on her white socks. He finds the password in her sock and smells his hand remarking about her feet and the smell, she needs to "clean herself bitch!" Now for his fun. He rag dolls her around rough dropping limbs and rolling her back and forth. He plays with her moth and then grabs her tongue, playing with the dead girls tongue for a while. Then he removes her jacket rag dolling her around the floor, smelling and biting her socked foot minus the boot, savoring her sock covered feet. He sits her up and sticks her dead hand in his pants and manually rubs his cock with her. He is getting very aroused as he plays with her sexy body. He flattens her out and removes her pants to her knees and bends her into a fucking position. His dick is hard and he is ready so he fucks her hard, in many different positions; missionary, legs over the shoulder, kissing the bootless foot in the sock,  from behind, and then he removes the other boot, checking out her dirty soles of her socks. He fucks her socked feet for a while, rubbing his dick all over her soles and socks. After he fucks her harder and cums for the first time, he pulls his cock out and she pisses all over the sofa. He says something to the affect that it is disgusting and she is a dirty whore. When he is done he scoops her limp body up and heads to the bedroom where he tosses her down and falls asleep. He sleeps with her all night, she is still in her clothes and socks. When he wakes up he sees the hot corpse laying next to him and wants more. He puts her hand on his cock through his pants and has her rub him. He manually uses her dead hand to get him hard then he pulls her pants down to her knees, flings her over on her tummy, and plows her from behind flat on the bed hard for a short time, being so aroused from his dreams he cums hard. After he cums he rolls her over he checks out her body for a moment, then rolls her over to her back, playing with her mouth and sexy tongue that still sticks out from her mouth. After caressing her and playing with her a bit more he knows he has to leave to get supplies to dispose of her. He leaves and body pans follow. When he returns from gathering the supplies, after a few hours, he drags her across the bed and picks her up and carries her to the sofa again. Setting her so her legs and ass are on the sofa and her head and shoulders on the floor. When he sets her down and stands back for a moment she pisses herself again, making a puddle on the sofa. He comments that she is gross and should have finished earlier. He checks out her feet as he puts one of the boots back on so he can check her out for a bit before exposing disposal. Body pans of the dead sexy neck broken woman, Astrid's sister Ingrid. They were both fierce warriors that died brutal deaths for their war crimes, and paid dearly for them.

This is extremely brutal and the bone breaking and mashing sounds are prevalent in the mix. So much wonderful content for the person that loves the brutal beating and fight scenes, limb play, rag dolling, moth and tongue play and after death twitching, cradle carrying, moving dropping, dragging, and bladder release x2. Sex, more sex, foot sex(with socks on). So much in this film. Great acting and production value. I love Steevie, she is freaking sizzling hot! CB

Run Time: 28:03 minutes
File Size: 650 MB 	Format: .MP4
    21 minutes

(Cheerleader O.D. C.S.I.)
Starring: Paige Turner w/ Adrian

A cheerleader overdoses on some drugs whilst masturbating. She is found with her two fingers inside her vagina, so her hands are bagged. Scene picks back up in the morgue, as the doctor is getting his gloves on, and unzipping the bag.

He does a thorough investigation, including slow undressing and use of technical autopsy terms. He is very business, rolling and checking her with her clothes and shoes on, her hands bagged to preserve some clues. He also undresses her, slowly checking for details, finding clues, and noting abnormalities. After he moves her, undresses her fully, he checks her pelvis and swabs her vagina. He swabs outside and in her vagina. He bags all the evidence. he also checks deep in her mouth, getting a culture, and checking the tongue for swelling. He checks all over her body for any issues, and finds some problems in sternum and other areas. He gets his preliminary exam done, writing down his opinion of C.O.D., then noticing he has just examined a fresh, 10 cheerleader, and it gets him hotter (than when he found her fingers in her pussy, and when he pulled them out they were wet and juicy, they came out with a sound) he is very excited and has sex with her in many positions before the funeral home calls to interrupt. He tells them a few more minutes, then wraps it up, just like he did his penis with a condom, well, he is the final word in this county!!!

We are trying to get better and do some occasional CSI, Morgue stuff. We just got a table, and a gurney and have ordered some new blocks and such! Enjoy!! Oh yeah! PAIGE IS HOT!! PERFECT 10!!! 

Run Time: 20:00 minutes
File Size: 290 MB 	Format: .WMV
    14 minutes

Starring: Belle Fatale, Bronson, Rex, and Chris B.

Two of the men that are killers for the Boss come in to clean her feet up, count the wounds, take pics and make a sheet that everyone will sign that fucks the dead bitch. They both fuck her hard and leave her oozing cum. Then what's left of the posse takes turns fucking the dead bloody corpse and discussing, talking smack about her and how she died. The last two fuck her more and get all the signatures together then count all the bullet holes to report back to the boss before they leave her dead, They all sign a sheet of paper that states in bold letters:


The fucked corpse is left there oozing their juices and her blood. After a while Peter comes too in the tub and rushes out to find his woman shot to pieces, but after he gets upset, he gives her her last wish which is to be fucked by him again, even after she is dead, ravaged, and left in shambles. After he finishes, he picks her up to take her to another place, but then he realizes they are still surrounded by a gang of thugs......(to be continued)

Pt. 3:

In the next part, Peter bathes and cleans his woman and her wounds so he can have sex with her a few more times before the final ambush that kills him and gets her dead body shot again and again....

This part is great if you love bloody necro and true love! Thanks! CB

Run Time: 14:30 minutes
File Size: 305 MB 	Format: .MP4
    29 minutes

Starring:  Ashley Lane w/ Jigsy


A man has captured, tormented, and hung a beautiful young woman to death in his house. She is still strung up on the noose, dangling, only wearing knee high, high heeled BLACK LEATHER BOOTS. The man admires his handywork as he circles the freshly dead young woman. She has been through the gambit, but still looks unbelievably hot and sexy, dangling from the noose. He will end up spending the whole day and night doing exactly what he wishes to her, his Necro Lover. He caresses, kisses, sucks, and licks her entire body, including her boots, slowly. He kisses her mouth, fondles her breasts, and fingers her pussy. He spends lots of time checking to see if she is limp, doing limp hand and arm drops, as he fingers her pussy. He gets very excited and continues to massage and caress her body all over, spending lots of time fondling her ass and tits, and fingering her so furiously, the slaps to her pussy from the fingering make it loud, and she flops and dangles as she is being finger fucked. After he gets her nice and ready, he puts her hand on his crotch as he fingers her to get him ready. He pulls out his dick and enters her pussy from the rear, as she is still dangling. He fucks her hard, his big cock sliding in and out, as he fumbles to keep it in her. He fucks her for a while as she dangles limp, and her head bobs, and the rope bites into her sexy, elongated neck. A rash  is there from where the rope burned her neck as she struggled. Her eyes are open and mouth slightly agape. He decides to try from the front side so he can see her face and suck her breasts as he fucks her dead body. He gets his dick in and starts to slam her, lifting one of her legs to get maximum penetration while he fucks her dangling. After a bit of a rest he lets her down from the rope, she crumbles to the floor as he lets the rope go. He heads to her removing the noose from her neck, her eyes wide open. He kisses her passionately, holding her hands intertwined with his. He rolls her over onto her back. He plays with her limp arms, dropping her limbs to see them flop, rag dolling her over and over. He sits her up, rag dolling her body, he drops the limp arms one at a time, then drops her to the floor before rolling her over and over, back and forth, rag dolling and checking her limp body. He kisses her thighs, legs and boots, he spreads her legs and licks her pussy then flips her onto her tummy and licks and gets his face all in her beautiful ass. He is so into it, he flips her back over and gets her legs up so he can get maximum penetration into her pussy. He sticks his big cock into her wet, pink hole and starts to fuck her, getting harder and faster as he fucks her faster and harder. He does her in a few different positions as you see his dick going in and out of her pink hole. He really wants to fuck her face and give her what he has been saving to blow all over inside her mouth. He gets her up to her knees, letting her limp arms dangle to the side as he rams her mouth harder and harder. His dick goes in and out, sounding like a dead person gagging on the big dick. He gets her in the perfect position upright on her knees and blows his load all in her mouth, there is so much he has been saving, it oozes out her mouth around his dick, dripping onto her tits and all over her chin. He pulls his dick out and rubs the cum all over her face and rubs his cock on her cum soaked tits as he catches his breath. He lets her drop to the floor and he positions her laying on the ground, rag dolling her a bit. He leans down to cress her thigh and her bladder releases. SHE PISSES HERSELF ALL OVER THE FLOOR. He exits to go get cleaned up and ready to dispose of her body. He had his way, just as he likes it, and now he wants to dispose of her. Her body is panned and viewed from many angles as well as close up death stare.

I am just going to say...Holy Moly Geez what a freaking hot young lady. Her acting and being dead and limp is superb. I can not say enough about how awesome this film is, wow! CB

Run Time: 30:00 minutes
File Size: 588 MB 	Format: .MP4

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    13 minutes
      GIRLS NIGHT 2No Reservations - GIRL'S NIGHT 2 No Reservations
Starring: Ashley Lane, belle Fatale, Genetica V. & Lexxi
w/ Bronson

Continuation of GIRL'S NIGHT. The jealous boyfriend drives the gassed out bodies around the woods, but needs to finish them off so he stops and unloads them from the truck, handling the bodies as he off loads them to the house. After removing all the gals the scene fades in to Genetica in the tub, still out from the gassing, the jealous man removes his shirt and grabs some paracord, he wraps it around her neck jiggling and jerking her around, slapping her face to wake her up. As she comes to he toy fully strangles her as she kicks and knocks all the shampoo bottles everywhere trying to get at the cord, he bends her back over the tub wall and finishes her off as she fights to live but is already dead. She twitches a bit and he removes the cord, heading into the laundry hall where Ashley is laying across the washer and dryer. He has her splayed out to see her long legs and her long neck extend as he wraps the cord and she wakes up simultaneously. She fights and kicks the wall, starting the dryer as her arm jerks to reach the cord. She fights but he pulls her extending her neck. As Ashley is being finished off Lexxi wakes up on the kitchen floor, realizing what is going on she calls out to Ashley and runs towards the man. With one arm he grabs Lexxis chin, still holding the garrote in the other hand strangling Ashley, and snaps Lexxis neck, and she slumps to the floor with a drop thump. She is instantly dead, eyes wide, and Ashley is finished off as she looks down at Lexxi, not having the strength or sense to mutter  thing. After Ashley is dead, the man fondles her and caresses her face, he did have a thing for her but he is enraged by his now soon to be ex girlfriends bullshit. He heads to the bed where he has his girl laying there. He takes the cord still wrapped around his hands and goes towards her neck. He looks at the cord and tosses it aside, he wants this to be close and personal, a hands on guy is he. He sits her up grabbing her by one hand throttle and starts to choke her as she comes to. He yells to her that he had reservations and now they are ruined. He chokes her as she tries to free herself, but he is so upset as he throws her to the bed he goes hard and crushes her wind pipe. Even breaking her neck in the process he still wants to get more. He throws her back down and fucks her dead body. He pounds her ard and fast letting her know he was the best and that he cant be replaced. He finishes up and then lays down on her. He spends a few moments then carries all the bodies across the field to a tarp where he will use them again later before disposing of her corpse. He adjusts them in a row so he can see them as the bugs and mosquitoes start to buzz around and the birds sing.

Very cool Horror movie type kills with lots of carrying and handling. Very cool video, the gals did so fantastic, proud of my cast and crew. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 13:00 minutes
File Size: 340 MB 	Format: .MP4
    15 minutes

Introducing: Sinn Sage w/ R.A.E.

***FULL 1920x1080 HD***

"This was our first shoot together and a warm up to learn each others style and tempo. Well right out of the gate we have a triple crown winner when it comes to hotness, acting, and all out dedication to your craft. Welcome to our little corner of the fetish world Miss Sage!" -C.B.

A young woman is home from college visiting her relatives and house sitting while they are away. She takes the opportunity for peace and quiet, away from the city and it's constant bustle. She listens to music and plays on her phone as she sunbathes in her bikini. She is starting to warm up in the sun, so she loosens the straps on her bikini top and squirts her chest with water and takes a drink in between. She has her music up loud and she is grooving in the sun. As she cools off and continues to sunbathe a contractor shows up in his truck. He brought some materials and tools to help his crew finish a new out building and starts to unload when he gets a call. He answers and it is the home owners, away on vacation, who have contracted him to finish the job. They are upset because his crew did not show up that day and they are not going to pay him his balance for not meeting the deadline. He tells them that is not going to fly and he will find something of value to take for his compensation. When you hire a company called "Killer Construction", you should probably think about crossing them. The owner who is an ex con, who has been reformed, but still has his wild side. He has no clue what he is about to stumble upon as he goes to the back yard to get his tools and materials back to leave the job. As he rounds the corner, he sees some sexy skin and painted toes sunbathing. He moves back and peers through some bamboo to get a better look. He obviously knows who has been reporting that his crew is tardy, and he has a thirst for his old job as a hit man. As she continues to smile and bounce her head to the music, he goes back to his truck to find something to finish her off with. He looks and grabs the hammer, but thinks that will be messy, he grabs the razor knife and feels the same way about that. He sees a long thick length of rope he uses for climbing and harnessing for roofs, he grabs it and winds it across his tattooed hands and arms, walking towards where the young lady lays on the reclining beach chair. She is oblivious and doesn't notice as he wraps the rope tightly around her neck and pulls hard, causing her to jerk up and start to thrash around in the chair. She grabs for the rope as it digs in to her neck. He pulls even harder, getting some distance from her to him so he doesn't get smacked in the face by her wild thrashing arms. Her sunglasses come off and fall to the grass and she kicks the flip flops off hard and they fly off on to the grass. His point of view looking down at her struggling and flailing, and the priceless expressions as she turns her head to see her killer. This sends the hardened criminal into a frenzy. She digs her sexy soles into the chair and flexes the purple painted toes, trying to kick and thrash hard to get free, but this only makes it so she is dispatched faster. Her gurgles and grasps at air are not enough like having a drop of water when you need a gallon, she is red faces and eyes bugging out. Her tongue protrudes and she starts to look as if her body is not getting the message the brain sends, spasming, jerking violently as she fights off her attacker to no avail. He pulls harder and her eyes cross, she straightens her sexy legs and her bottom bikini digs into her crotch. Her perky tits bounce around and he looks down at her sizing her up for his next portion of the adventure, and message to the world, "do not fuck with me." Her final attempts at staying alive are thwarted by a harder pull and her head tilts as she rolls to the side, eyes crossed, out of air and the last death breath is accompanied by a perfect stare of defeat and death. He does not let go even after she is dead. He pulls harder and up a few more times, causing her body to spasm and toes to spasm. She is dead and he lets the rope go and goes straight for her body. He pinches her nipples that are hardened from the strangle. He plays with her sexy face and mouth, pushing his fingers in and out like he was screwing her mouth, inspecting her tongue as he pinches it, and pulls on it to see how long it is and how it is still pliable. He moves his hands down and squeezes her tits hard, then moves around to her thighs and pussy, rubbing her wet pussy through the bikini bottoms, even grabbing her pussy lips between his fingers and pulling them up. He rubs her thighs and ass before he decides to carry her to his truck. This is the perfect compensation for not paying him. He was starting to get tired of construction anyway and wanted to get back in the game, what a perfect way to bridge that gap. He lays her in the bed of the truck, legs dangling down, only in her bikini bottoms. He checks her out ragdolling her and rolling her on the side so he can feel her amazing ass. He squeezes and spreads her ass apart, pulling them tight into her cheeks and lips. He rolls her on to her back again and molests her nipples more, then removes the bottoms to inspect her perfect pussy, he spreads her lips and looks inside, lusting for what he will do to her when he gets her back to his place, or maybe a new hideout. He jumps in the truck, moving some siding and tools so he can drag her into the truck bed. He doesn't even bother to close the tail gate just for the thrill. He drives away and she is in full view from different angles jiggling around in the bed of the truck on her way to being used and abused before being dumped. Probably not a good idea not to pay the contractor.

This is just the beginning. I am finally back to where I can shoot and getting the rust off so I can get back to producing award winning customs. Please enjoy and look for more of Sinn Sage in coming days, weeks, years. Big plans with her. Chris

Run Time: 15:00 minutes
File Size: 695 MB 	Format: .MP4
    18 minutes
Starring: Lexxi and Tessa

Lexxi has a fetish that burns deep inside her, she loves to be tempted and sexually charged by throat slice and all the sexual tension that comes along with the build up. She knows her Roommate Tessa works late today, so she at least has a bit of free time after work to pleasure herself as she fantasizes about the knife against her neck. She turns on the screen and watches a fetish video of two sexy ladies, one with the knife, Kiki, and the sexy Coco who is nearing orgasm from the fantasy of knife across her throat and sexy body. As Lexxi closes her eyes and gets deeper and deeper into her fantasy, opening them just to see the video then getting deeper into her panties, finally pulling them aside to get in good. She is starting to work into a feverishly fine orgasm when Tessa comes home. The computer is loud so Lexxi doesn't notice her quiet and shy roomie and friend come in. Tessa hears noises coming down the hall so she tip toes over to investigate more. She peers through the crack of the door and is surprised to see what Lexxi is into, which is herself obviously, furiously rubbing her pussy and getting closer and closer to cumming. As she looks through the door, Lexxi gets way down arching her back as the knife on the video goes across the sexy Coco's neck and Lexxi loses it, cumming very hard, climaxing and slowly working her way back down. The whole time, Tessa is rubbing herself, starting with her tingling breasts, then sliding down to clutch the bottom of the dress and hike it up to tough herself. She walks into the room Lexxi still sitting there winding down from her climax. She taps Lexxi on the shoulder and it scares the crap out of her, she is immediately embarrassed that Tessa saw her masturbating so she begs her not to tell. Tessa surprises Lexxi when she tells her she has a fantasy of being the one holding the knife and has for a while. They start to relax a bit more and Lexxi pops the question, "would you want to lay with me?" The answer is of course "Yes" and so they start to play. Tessa spends lots of time touching and teasing Lexxi's sexy neck, tons of neck play from her to Lexxi's neck. As she plays with her Lexxi goes back into her fantasy world, thinking about how they would be, sitting in an open, well lit room, with tarps and a chair in the middle. In her visions Tessa and her are already naked, so Lexxi starts to remove her dress, asking Tessa to unzip her. Tessa obliges, checking out the back of her neck as she unzips the sexy dress. Lexxi's tits are so perfect, and Tessa is getting into it, so she removes her own dress, revealing a sexy thong on her perfect round ass. Lexxi opens her eyes and looks at the sexy, naked, and perfect beauty of Tessa. She starts to breathe a bit heavier due to her turn on getting way bigger. She closes her eyes and imagines Tessa running her finger across her arched neck, pulling on her pony tail to extend the veins and tendons in the neck. Lexxi flashes back to her fantasy of her on the stool in the middle of the open room, Now Tessa is grabbing the knife which sends Lexxi into a feverish pant of sex. She rubs harder as Tessa runs the blade across her neck to practice. The whole thing gets crazy as she is fantasizing about the slaughter from her perspective, while Tessa is doing the same. Their imaginations and attention to fantasy detail show they are really truly into it. As they both get closer to the final cut, they are both enjoying, Lexxi a bit more openly, moaning and cumming hard as Tessa runs the blade over her neck and cuts her deep all the way from one side to the next with one quick slice. Blood starts slow but then starts to pour and pump out of the artery. Tessa pulls the hair on Lexxi's head leaning her forward to drain the blood on to the floor, then sets her back again holding her pony tail to inspect her neck and body. She then kisses Lexxi on the forehead to seal the fantasy and Lexxi's sexy body is shown slaughtered, and in the chair in the computer room fantasizing and playing dead. After a minute Tessa asks her if she "enjoyed her fantasy", Lexxi comes to and lets out a huge breath. "Oh my gosh Tessa, that was the best orgasm ever!" Tessa agrees and tells her they need to go to the bedroom right away to finish the sex!

Wow, this is one of my favorite movies lately. I spent a great deal of time on it making sure it is perfect. Thanks to these two sexy gals who really do a fantastic job with this type scenario, hell any scenario. Thank you all so much for checking us out and seeing our attention to details with these customs. CB

Run Time: 17:44 minutes
File Size: 395 MB 	Format: .MP4
    21 minutes

Starring: Belle Fatale as AMAZON TWINS w/ Jiggery as: THE BROTHERHOOD

Written by: TS SOLSTICE(amfight)

The eternal battle of warriors: The New Amazons vs The Brotherhood. The amazons are very sensual and hot blooded women. They focus on lust and blood. They live (and die) only for this. Members of the Brotherhood appear cold, but they canīt hide that they are attracted to them. The amazons have a deep desire of death in them and some actually WANT to be killed in a fight to the death and please their killer with a very sexy death. They may not know it, but itīs in their soul. Thatīs why The Brotherhood has an advantage sometimes.

Belle talks to her twin sister on the phone that their location was spotted by an assassin of The Brotherhood and to be prepared. The twin undresses for battle, she canīt wait to fight the assassin. As she senses his presence, she gets a pistol and shoots, but gets immediately shot in her bellybutton and dies an agonizing death.

Belle, who is spiritually related to her twin, experiences her fate, too. She gets more and more aroused as the assassin enters her room. At first it looks like her magic powers can save her, but in the end she gets up stabbed in the bellybutton and dies and even more outrageous death as her twin sister. The assassin is very pleased with her death struggle and the Brotherhood can detract two amazon warriors off their list.

Written by TS Solstice (Amfight), Belle gives the performance of her life as two wild amazon sisters who experience her ultimate sweaty, bloody demise. A MUST for all lovers of amazon warriors and bellybuttons!

Run Time: 21:13 minutes
File Size: 488 MB 	Format: .MP4
    23 minutes
Starring: Sinn Sage w/ Drake

FULL 1920X1080 HD

A young woman who is in the witness protection program is heading to a safe house before she is a key witness in a mafia boss trial. The private cop who unloads her cuffed, from the van is not even remotely interested in her flirting or advances. He brings her in the house and pushes her to the couch. She is pretty salty about having to testify, but if she doesn't she will go away for a long time. She starts by acting like a brat, asking for things she is not allowed to have and writhing in her cuffs, pouting. He tells her he is not interested in her or her advances. He clues her in to the reality that the detective that was supposed to be guarding her is in a dumpster. As he tells her he puts on skin tight black rubber gloves. He tells her that he is here to enjoy what he does for a living which is a killer. She goes for broke and offers herself sexually, even saying she will suck his dick so good he will never know a better BJ. He says he is not interested and chokes her, letting her feel some pain and know he is serious. The hired assassin plays into it a bit, and lets her up as she continues to talk sexy to him. "You like it rough huh? I can take it rough"  He takes the cuffs off and tells her she can do one thing for him, maybe a strip tease. She says she can do that and anything else he wants. He tosses her against the door and chokes her again, telling her to dance and no funny stuff or he will blow her jaw off. She works it, stripping and dancing, giving him dirty sexy looks. He pulls out his Glock and starts to play with her as she is finishing stripping. He uses the gun on her tits, and on her pussy burying the nose of the gun into her snatch. He gets her thinking she will be fine and seduce him but as she is almost fully undressed, and her slacks are down to the boots panties down, he pops her in the belly right between the button hole and the mound. She looks up in shock, wondering why as she slides down the door and blood leaks from her belly. She is in shock and goes down to the floor, smearing blood on the wall from her hand that was clutching the belly wound. She looks at her wound again, squirming on the floor and as she looks up to him to ask for help and a hospital, he points his Glock at her breast and goes pop hitting her in the heart and blood pours from the wound. She flounders around kicking her black Knee High boots. He feels her up as she slowly expires from the mortal heart shot. When she is dead and he is ready, he scoops her up and carries her to the sofa. He feels her up and removes her slacks, leaving the boots on her feet. He inspects her sexy body and legs in the boots. He lifts her legs to see the curve of her perfect ass, then squeezes her tits. He plays with her limbs and fingers her pussy, slowly checking out her still warm body. He spreads her pussy lips to see what he is getting into ready to fuck her and his phone rings. It is the boss and he needs him on another job fast. He is instructed to leave the scene and let the cleaners to come to finish. Money is money so he says "yes sir" and hangs up. He takes off, leaving his gloves on until her gets out the door. Her body is panned and viewed from many angles, close and wide.

Sinn Sage is a sexy gal. She is hot! This is a great acting and shooting vid.

Run Time: 22:20 minutes
File Size: 400 MB 	Format: .MP4
    18 minutes
Starring: Freya and Kiki

Coco's sister and Detective Freya, is hunting down her sister's killer and has a great lead. She was pointed towards a serial killer Kiki by local law enforcement who say they are too busy to catch up with Kiki, who is very elusive. Freya sneaks up on Kiki's hideout, with her pistol, and a switch blade knife, using the knife to pick the deadbolt, then heading through the door quietly trying to sneak up on Kiki. Kiki is sitting in her living room finishing her coffee as Freya approaches gun drawn. Her high heels click clack on the hardwood floor as she approaches. Kiki stands up and Freya confronts her about killing Coco. "Which one was she? Oh I remember, yeah she was fun to kill, and if you didn't have that gun or knife, you would end up the same." The detective thinks about it, and as if it were a challenge. She sets her gun down then the knife and starts to up and down Kiki as they pace each other around the table, talking smack on how they are going to kill one another. Kiki suggests Freya remove her high heels or Kiki would have an unfair advantage. Kiki acts nonchalant but bum rushes Freya, who uses her training to deflect and put Kiki in a choke hold. Kiki has always choked her victims by hand, and is how she has killed all of her victims. Freya would love nothing more than to inflict the same demise on Kiki. The struggle ensues and each girl gets the upper hand and there is lots of change of power, with Freya on top choking Kiki, then Kiki choking Freya with lots of hands on slapping and clawing of the arms trying to free themselves. Freya gets Kiki good and has her for a long hold and both hands wrapped around her neck. After a long battle Kiki retains the upper hand, breaking free and wrestling Freya to the table, then kicking Freya in the pussy to stun her so she can catch her breath. Freya leans back into the sofa, bucking her hips in pain, and at the same time grabs a long cord from the sofa. She pounces hard and gets some great choking in, Freya dropping the cord just out of reach, but after some struggle, hair pulling and wrestling, Freya has Kiki across the table, straddling her and choking her hard with two hands. She chokes Kiki hard and kiki fights but she loses the battle, going out and limp. Frey celebrates her victory by raising her arms in the air and saying Yes, it's done. She does not see Kiki has grabbed the long cord as she was pretending to lose, and just when Freya least expects it, Kiki flings the long cord up and wraps it around Freya's neck. She takes control, like the reins of a horse, hanging on tight and picking Freya up by the cord and getting her to the cou7ch. She strangles her with the cord as she straddles Freya, telling her she can't wait for her to die to compare her tits and pussy to Coco's. After she strangles her a while with the cord she let's it go, and Freya gets a deep breath in before Kiki hand throttles her hard with both hands. She goes hard pinning her down she she can't fight as much, as well as talking smack. Freya struggles, bucking her hips spreading her toes, sticking her sexy pussy mound in to the air.  She slows down to just twitches and her eyes flutter as her death rattle approaches and she goes limp. Kiki is not done with her and starts to undress her a bit to compare and yes she has better tits than her sister, she checks her pussy and confirms the same thing. She flops her around and checks her out feeling her up and letting the dead hands caress her breasts too. What a phenomenal struggle that ends in another one down to the serial Killer Kiki.

Whoa what a great struggle and fight scene. You already know Kiki is a fighter but Freya will have to go down a few times. Looking forward to some other fight movies with more punching and such(Fight Club style) coming soon! One more custom video down making the list grow shorter! CB

Run Time: 17:46 minutes
File Size: 425 MB 	Format: .MP4
Category: CATFIGHT/Multi Strangle/NECRO

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