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    28 minutes

Starring: Freya w/ Ryan Renault


A young woman is the victim of an abduction and obsession. A man has been stalking her for a while, but the difference is he hears voices, in fact her voice telling him what to do. Sometimes she begs him to do things and the last thing she asked him to do was abduct, knock her out and have fun. He did. He has her back at her place, knocked out, hand cuffed behind the back and naked, only wearing knee high boots. The man stares at her waiting for instructions and she tells him, "now that you have knocked me out, time to have some fun with me, c'mon and play." His eyes light up and he does just that, kissing and sucking her breasts, kissing and making out with her mouth and lips. She is so willing and inviting, and as he continues, she starts to come to. She says to him, "You know you want to kill me and have your way with me, do it slowly, make it count." He gets behind her in position with a piece of black rope. He toys with her as she starts to wake and when her eyes come open, he tightens the rope he is using as a garrotte and pulls tight. She starts to choke and gag, then her body reacts kicking and thrashing, not able to use her arms because they are cuffed behind she tries to use her boots, but just grinds into the carpet with the high heels and bucks her hips. She fights and he takes her close to death, but she told him to take his time so when she is almost done, he lets go of the rope to give her air. She gags and coughs, gasping for air, but midway tto her second gulp of air, he tightens the rope again cutting her off and she starts to thrash again. He does this several times and takes her to the floor, getting her in a few different strangle positions, and then straddling her to strangle her to death when she says to him, "finish me off so you can have your way with me, I want your cock in my mouth." He finishes her off as she goes from crazy thrashing to limp and dead, eyes fluttering and rolling back in her head. He sits her up and pulls out his already hard cock and puts it in her mouth. He fucks her face slowly and methodically, stroking her face and rubbing his dick on her moist lips. He fucks her face for a few minutes enjoying every bit of pleasure and his dirty talk from her. He gets closer and closer and finally the build up gets to him and he orgasms in her mouth. It runs down in streams to the floor as he continues to cum after waiting so long. She confirms with him, "Yeah that feels goo doesn't it, you aren't done with me yet." He plays with her more, playing with the cum that ran to her tits from her mouth, rubbing his dick on it, and his hand in her pussy. He lays her down on the floor from kneeling to suck him and he mounts her face fucking her face more and more, enjoying it as he caresses and strokes her face some more. She begs him to do more, and fill her inside up with cum, so he looks at her, as her voice tells him to....

TO BE CONTINUED: SHE BEGGED ME 2 coming up next. With 75 minutes of raw footage and sensual obsession it would be a shame to degrade the quality, or cut out too much good stuff. Part two is a powerfully obsessed necro feast of many different positions of real necro sex. Lots of cum and saliva. Thanks for these spectacularly talented actors for their long day and wonderful attitude. Great outtakes too! CB

Run Time: 27:30 minutes
File Size: 1000 MB 	Format: .MP4
    18 minutes

Starring: SaraLiz and Freya

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Special Agent Sara Liz is a member of a missing persons task force in the Pacific Northwest. She has been actively looking for Freya Davis for a while, and finally feels like she is on her tail. She arrives at the address an informant gave her, and draws her pistol. She slowly checks the door knob and it is open. Inside Freya hears the door knob and the clack of the high heels on the porch. She grimaces like, "what now?" and goes back to reading her book. Agent Liz comes in waving her gun telling Freya to drop what is in her hands. Freya is playful but agrees and stands up. Agent Liz is nervous but still cocky and thinks her training can send her in without backup, but having something to prove to your colleagues will get you in trouble, especially if you don't follow protocol. She just wants to haul Freya in by herself and be a hero in the task force and Agency. Bad idea. Freya smiles and tells the agent she has no clue what she is talking about, a missing girl? She informs the agent that her safety is still on and Liz scoffs, but looks down and Freya knocks the gun out of her hand and across the floor, a shot goes off, then she immediately chokes her neck with both hands. They struggle and Freya has the upper hand, but Liz is fighting back, choking but fighting back, eventually she knocks Freya back to the floor, and Liz gets on top of her but Freya is crazy strong and bucks her off. The two square up and and Freya throat punches her, knocking her back to the sofa, but Agent Liz digs her heels into Frey and kicks her off of her. Liz gets up and punches Freya making her mad, and Freya delivers a combination knocking her back and bloodying her lip. She feels the blood on her lip and and tastes it, pissing her off, but when she goes to punch Freya, she gut punches her knocking her to the floor on her knees. The agent crawls for the gun but Freya kicks it further away from her grasp. Freya gets on top of her back and straddles her, putting her in a figure four choke hold, which Liz fights but can't do anything but struggle. Agent Liz tries to pry, kick, and even roll, but Freya just laughs and taunts her for not having back up. Freya keeps a tight hold and the agent fades out hard, knocked out cold. Freya gets up and pops the clip and empties the chamber, grabbing her phone to call her boss and let him know the feds are there. In the other room SaraLiz is out, but she is stirring and coming to. When she gets up she grabs her throat, it is sore from the choke hold. She tries to look for her weapon but it is gone, she pats herself down then remembers it is probably gone with the collar. Just as she thinks she is in the clear, Freya comes around the corner, holding her gun, but when Agent Liz throws her hands up, Freya throws the gun and clip in the trash and smiles as she advances to her to have some fun. SaraLiz squares up with Freya but a few attempts to punch her are fruitless and Freya knocks her down and gets on top of her, she grabs a phone charging cable and quickly fashions a garrotte and strangles Agent Liz. She straddles the agent on her midsection, feeling her kick her heels and legs in her tiny skirt. The agent fights back but is already exhausted from the beating she has taken so far, but that does not stop her fight, she chokes hard on the cord as it digs into her neck and her face turns red, then purple, tears flowing from the pain and excitement. She tries to fight back, even bucking Freya off but Freya just uses the move to get behind her and strangle her from behind. The Agent is fully exposed now, kicking and digging her high heels into the carpet. She tries to fight and grab but she is losing her motor skills. and eventually looks up at Freya, blank stare and goes limp. A tear rolls down as she lets out the last bit of air and dies. The cord was so far dug into her neck it stays there and peels off. Freya gets up and checks out the Agent, telling her when her boss gets here, he is going to have fun with her, but firs she wants to get her undressed and take some pics and selfies with her first Fed kill. She unbuttons her shirt and opens it up, showing the sexy agent's bra. Then she drags the agent to the couch, setting her up on the edge and starting with caressing her face and neck as he plays with the Agent. She takes off the shirt and blazer, then slides the skirt, leaving the heels on. She takes the bra off and caresses her tits before she takes selfies with her for her collection of dead cops, and now Federal agents. After pics and a caress goodbye, she leaves her there as the boss drives up and she goes outside to meet him. Body pans of the sexy dead agent follow.

Wow, this is some great fetish film excellence. Hot gals, great wardrobe, guns, badges, and fighting, a choke out, and a garrotte strangle to death after another fight, then stripping, dragging, and pictures... This is really wonderful custom film. CB

Run Time: 18:00 minutes
File Size: 668 MB 	Format: .MP4
    20 minutes

Starring Ryanne(NINJA) and Steevie as THE NINJA AGENT

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

The N.A.A. or Ninja Assassin Agency has been clearing the West coast on a sting operation to take out Rogue Ninja Spies who are invading the land, and stealing information, sometimes killing the ones they steal from. The Ninja creeps around the house looking for information. She sneaks around looking in doors, peering around corners and looking out windows to make sure no one is around, and doesn't notice the Agent sneaking up behind her when she looks through a chest. It is too late when she realizes there is enemy behind her, and when she starts to make a move the agent is behind her getting her in a choke hold from behind. The agent is in full control as the Ninja flails, kicking and twisting trying to get out of the Agent's grasp, but the agent takes her back and tightens the hold. The ninja tries an elbow to the ribs but it just makes the agent mad and takes her to the sofa, wrenching on her neck, all the Ninja can do is try to pry the hold away but the agent is taller and stronger. The Ninja rolls some and bucks her hips high but eventually she loses and her eyes flutter. They go wide and flutter even coming back in and out but she is out in a matter of minutes. The Agent goes to work and flops the out cold Ninja to the side.  The Agent starts to caress her and slowly undress the ninja starting with her hood, she feels the Ninja up squeezing her big breasts through the suit and bra. She flops the ninja around on the sofa even removing the large pillows to have more room. She enjoys her smooth skin. This is one of the perks of the job, sometimes the Ninjas are hot! She rolls her and rag dolls the Ninja and undoes her bra, then she gets the suit down to her legs and plays with her ass, squeezing and slapping her ass to see if she will wake and have some fun in the mean time. She pulls the suit off, leaving only the mask, socks, and panties. She removes the bra and plays with her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. The Ninja barely reacts to the petting. She straddles the ninja and licks her from her tummy to her ear, spending more time by the ear and the Ninja starts to breathe heavy and unconsciously enjoy the kissing and petting by the Agent. The Agent gets behind the Ninja, doing more of the same, flopping her limbs and playing with her sexy and more than ample portioned body. The Ninja reacts by sighing, lightly moaning and scrunching between her eyes when the erogenous zones are touched or kissed, or even licked. The Ninja is getting a bit too close to being back awake so the Agent prepares for the few last minutes. She gets on her knees, getting the ninja up in her lap so she can break her neck by twisting it around so fast it kills her instantly. She gets a firm hold and does a few turns to test where she needs to go to break it well. After a few turns she snaps her neck with speed and grace, the Ninja slumping down to her chest and arms going limp. The Agent lets her flop to the sofa, getting above her checking her pulse. She is dead but there can be no what ifs. The agent takes one hand around her neck and crushes her windpipe, and the rest of the vertebrae breaking  a few with two hands. She checks the pulse again and know her helicopter is here, she must go. She caresses her face and moves her hair aside , and takes her suit for a souvenir. She leaves the dead Ninja on the sofa for someone else to clean up, and enjoy. Her body is seen from many different angles and views.

Ryanne and Steevie were Amazing in this, looking forward to editing the one Where Ryanne Kills a Ninja Steevie. Chris

Run Time: 21:21 minutes
File Size: 500 MB 	Format: .MP4
    13 minutes

Starring: Coco w/ Ryan Renault

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

This is a dreamy dream for Coco as she prepares for bed one afternoon and is lonely. She dreams of her sexy, dreamy strangler to come in and when she is playing with a nylon stocking on her neck, he appears and strangles her to death, as she masturbates, and dies orgasmically. She imagines the strangler as a wiry, but good looking young man, who is as fierce of a killer as he is a passionate lover of her strangled body.

Coco gets on her knees and offers herself to her dream killer, holding the extended stocking up high, stretched so she can hand him the reigns, and he can pull tight and savagely bring her to orgasm and a lovely death. She knows he will pull hard and put a deep red mark on her neck from the ligature. She knows he will strangle her to death in many positions, then her fresh, warm, barely twitching corpse will be offered at no extra expense to his desires, which are truly hers as well. She is in ecstasy and as she dies, she cums and goes still, only a couple of death twitches after the rattle, then he goes to work, doing exactly what she wants him to do. In her mind she is dead, and he is having his way. After he ravages her body passionately, then rough handles her perfect breasts, kisses her cheek and disappears, she lay for as long as she can take not exploding again just from the thought of him disappearing but coming back whenever she wants him. He dream killer and lover is there for her desires. After she plays dead for a while longer, making sure he is gone from her mind, she comes to life with a huge breath and a hum from being fully satisfied by her imagination and the killer she has perfected over the years. She tastes her fingers and knows she will see him again and be fully satisfied.

I will say it again. Coco. That is all. Wow! CB

Run Time: 12:55 minutes
File Size: 422 MB 	Format: .MP4
    38 minutes

Starring: Freya w/ Chris B.

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Classic tale of a soccer mom who notices flirting eyes at an all day soccer tournament, from a parent of the opposing team, and doesn't have the slightest she is already a part of an evil scheme that she falls right into. This story of a sex starved and 24/7 soccer mom who is used to doing everything, while her hubby works, travels, plays golf, and goes on fishing trips with his pals. She is still quite faithful and a good girl, after sewing the wild oats at a young age, but she knows fantasy is what gets her through till the next day, and more duties.

After arriving home to re supply the snacks and drinks for the teams afternoon rounds, she wants to share her flirting encounter from the soccer field with her friend. She talks to her about how she noticed him and then proceeded to show her ass to him in her tight jeans from a better angle, even rubbing her own leg and cheek for him as he gazes across the field. She talks about her sexy new jeans that are so not mom jeans at all and show all the curves and crevices. After her glowing conversation with her friend, she hangs up at the same time the guy from the soccer field is soaking a rag in chloroform and sneaking up behind her without a sound. He quickly covers her mouth and nose holes with the rag and keeps her at bay with the other arm. She thrashes about, fighting him off but he is too strong and she goes out, eyes fluttering in and out until she collapses. The supposed soccer dad let's her down to the floor and immediately goes to work getting behind her and undressing her so he can do his thing, have his ritual fun of: undressing, rag dolling, squeezing sucking, touching, fingering, ball gagging, tying her up so her feet and arms are tight together and everything is tethered so she can fight, but not get him or get away. He is obsessed with watching it during and after.. He enjoys knocking her out with one punch when she wakes up the first time, then the second time, after he is set up behind her with the stocking tight and wrapped around his hands and her neck,  strangling her to death with a nylon stocking, while he gets footage of it to have in his collection of favorite soccer moms. Of course after he kills her he is going to spend time with her feet, and have sex with her perfect figure and kiss her body from head to toe. He is going to rag doll her and get her in different positions so he can get maximum penetration and see her sexy soles, that are all natural and no polish. He is going to carry her body around and drag her here and there, before and after he strangles her beautifully. It is all part of his control and ritual after simple flirting seduction that soccer moms usually blow off or find cute and funny. The ones that get mad he doesn't bother with, he doesn't want them to be too uptight. After he finishes his ritual, he gets his things and calls his lovely wife to tell her he will be home soon and loves her very much. He is sincere, he does love her, like a fish wife, but he is infatuated and obsessed with soccer moms that dare to give him just the right eye.

Great story from one of my favorite writers. Freya is special lady for sure. So perfect in every way, and wow does she die so beautifully, some of the best eyes I have worked with. So much, and like I said I figured out the encoding tweak so I can do a 30 minute film in one file. Thanks! Chris

Run Time: 33:19 minutes
File Size: 770 MB 	Format: .MP4
    16 minutes

Starring: Ryanne w/ Jigsy

Two federal agents who have been partners for 9 years are on a stake out, but today the director really wants some action, she is tired of all the surveillance with no busts, Agent Ryanne Red is a 26 year old, "by the book" agent who irons her shirt everyday and make sure her badge is perfectly lined up on her skirt, which is a bit shorter and more fashionable than most of the other agents. Agent Jay Jameson is a salty crooked cop who always plays the undercover role, infiltrating the gangs or the drug houses by playing the role, and his partner does the paperwork and makes them look damn good. Their last attempt to bust some of the drug criminals, she was assaulted and nearly killed. She blames her partner, who she barely trusts anymore. As they sit in their rig and discuss plans to take out the dopers, the extra time digs up some old habits. Agent Jay has always wanted to fuck his partner, I mean who wouldn't? She is sexy, long legs, perfect d cups and a fine ass. He notices how she takes her time in the morning to look sharp for the world, and he thinks for him. She on the other hand is utterly disgusted by his advances, to the point of them getting in a heated argument about it. As he makes his way to try and cop a feel as he explains how he can't trust her unless they have sex, and what better time while waiting on a stake out. As they argue the phone rings and it is the director, sending a strong message that they need to take down the house now, even though Agent Jay thinks they need to wait for the next shipment to come in. He gets upset at being put on the spot and tells her he will go in and start the bust, then she follow up through the back door to back him up. He exits the SUV and heads to the door unholstering his glock and going to the door. As she waits for him to do the initial bust she pulls the rig up closer to the door, exiting slowly, her sexy feet in her strappy high heels are focus as she gets ready and checks her service weapon. She moves slowly around the building, checking for any signs of foul play along the way. As she creeps up the back stairs, and looks into the back window of the door, she sees or hears nothing so pops through the door gun raised yelling, "DEA Freeze!" She is surprised and bewildered that her partner is standing at the counter in the kitchen, typing on his phone and distracted. She asks him what is going on and he says, "holster your weapon Agent Redd, they aren't even here." He is distracted and when she comes up she leaves the back door open so they can clear the rest of the house. She talks smack to him asking how he screwed this one up and didn't even make the bust. He goes to call the director but she has a better idea. She says, "hold up a minute I have a better idea, I have the number of their burner I will just call one of them and we can locate the signal. He seems distracted and says he is going to shut the back door, because she is letting all the heat out. At this point she is looking around noticing the house is lived in and not by dopers, as the burner line rings, she hears the phone ring in the same room, with the same ring tone as her partner, she puts it all together in her mind as she turns to her partner. "It's you!" "It's been you the whole time!" Since she was dialing and trying to get the signal, she set her gun down and it was on the counter a couple feet away. He closed the door and walks towards her pulling the tab back on his holster quickly so he is ready just in case. She sees this is not going to end well and lunges for her gun, doing a spin move to possibly outmaneuver him. He draws fast and the two square up. She is bitter and still in disbelief over this issue, she tells him he would never shoot her and that he is just being an asshole. He surprises her when he fires and hits her in the left shoulder, knocking her back into the counter. His .40 S&W service weapon really does damage and she is in pain and is having a hard time even raising her gun with the other arm, but she tries and he shoots her in her right arm, obviously shattering the bone and breaking the arm and knocking the gun on the counter. She is in pain but is very tough and as he tries to feel her up and run his gun up her skirt, she tells him off and tells him the director is going to have fun taking him out and putting him away. He laughs and shoots her in the right breast, popping the hollow point through the bra and through her tit, popping a nice hole through the shirt and bra. He gets a phone call and is obviously stressed and mad, he tells the person on the other line he is "doing it now and will need an hour". She is in awe when she finds out it is the director who is as corrupt as her partner, giving in to the thousands of dollars and keys of heroin that she has been getting for years due to this racket. He hangs up and tells her who it was, she is flabbergasted and in major pain. He wants to have fun with her and as she insults him he pops her in the left breast, above the heart so he doesn't spoil his fun right away. The bullet packs a punch at close range and knocks her up on to the counter top. He plays with her legs and grabs at her tits roughly as she struggles and moans grunting in pain and anguish. He pops her shirt open and blood leaks from the exposed wounds. He feels roughly on her tits and pulls out her nipples. He pulls her struggling to the edge of the counter and ready to fuck her while she is still moving around. She fights him still in severe pain and he pops her in the belly above the button and below the breasts. The blood leaks from her body. Her shaved pussy bucks up and slams on the counter. She says her last words of disgust of her partner and the director. She is really in pain and weaving in and out. He gets her ready to fuck and then as he looks down to her face, he shoots her right under the rib cage at the heart, pooing a hole right through the middle and forcing a bunch of blood to splatter out of her mouth. She jerks and spasms as the she spits up blood and her eyes go wide as he starts to fuck her. Her tits bleeding, bounce back in forth as he takes this tight pussy for the first time since he started working with the clod bitch after she came out of the academy. As he pumps her hard on the counter, her heels clacking together and her sexy legs up high after letting them dangle low off the counter. He is getting close to climax as she expires and right as she dies it sends him into a frenzy and he pumps more, excited that he is fucking her finally and he doesn't have to duck and dodge or listen to her complain about his trust. As he finishes inside her, her body is dead and tongue out, eyes wide open, blood leaking from her wounds. After he is done he dismounts her leaving her on the counter, her legs dangling off the counter and her pretty shaved mound out in the open from her skirt riding up. He calls the director and tells her it is done, then goes to grab her pistol. He handles it safely and then pops himself in the shoulder, screaming from the pain and setting the gun back in her hand. He grunts and grimaces as he calls the shooting into the dispatch channel so everyone would think she went nuts and shot him, then he had to finish her off. Between him and the director, they both know they will get this pushed through as a cop gone mad, and continue their bad business and taking advantage of the drug war to line their own pockets. Body pans of the sexy dead agent follow, what a waste, but man she was a cold ass bitch.

Ryanne is absolutely freaking hot. She is on fire right now and this will be a pleaser for all the shooting death lovers and working class federal agents who dress sexy and wear high heels. We love them. I am very proud of my actors and they always go above and beyond for me and my business. Thanks again for letting them know you want them to do more by picking up their films and letting everyone else know how you liked it, or not. We love feedback it is what makes it better. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 16:30 minutes
File Size: 400 MB 	Format: .MP4
    30 minutes

Starring: Ryanne w/ Ryan Renault

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

In this series the GCS has escaped from the mental ward, killed Awesome, Belle, Hannah, and now he goes to visit his sister Ryanne at their childhood home, where she has been laying low for a while. Dozens of young females have died at the hands of the GCS, and his rein of terror is not over.

Ryanne goes to see Dr. Browning again, her last session in her mixed up world of uncertainty following the brutal murders of one of her friends, and a slew of others by her brother John Edward Costello. As she gets the same message from her Therapist in every session, that her "dreams are just dreams and not real, if your brother was coming to kill you, he already would have." This frustrates her to the core, simply because her dreams get more intense each time when her brother comes to call, ties her up and strangles her to death. So after her session where she is the one that calls the "times up" because the therapist tells her the same thing, like he is not paying attention. She heads back home to try and relax so she can get back to work again. Her life has been turned upside down. She gets home and locks the door, kicks off her heels in the middle of the floor then sits to rub her feet for a minute. Her feet are tired and sore from walking in heels, something she does not miss. She rubs her feet and decides it is time to take a warm shower. She tiptoes barefoot to the shower, turning on the warm water and getting undressed. She climbs in the shower, makes adjustments then rinses off, grabbing the wash cloth and soaping it up well. She starts to wash her body, trying to wash away the filthy thoughts and dreams she has been enduring for several months since Hannah's death. As she lathers up her perfect body and feet, a figure is breathing heavily in the rain outside her place. She continues to shower, not hearing anything and lost in her own world. The figure uses tools to jimmy the back door lock, and break in slowly and silently. He slowly creeps in and peeks around the corner and sees his little sister in the shower. He takes a quick look then moves on into the house as she is finishing up her shower, washing her bits and pieces. She gets out, towels off and then looks into the mirror swirling off the fog with a towel, then covering herself in the towel to head to her room to get into comfortable clothes. When she turns the corner and gets down the hall to the kitchen she looks up and there is a man at the window and says, "I never thought in a thousand years you would keep this old place little sister..." Ryanne's eyes go wide as she hears the voice of her big brother and chills up her spine knowing why. She asks him why he has lost weight and changed his appearance and he tells her because he has been on the lam and trying to not get caught. He gets her to sit on the couch and give him some much needed information. He wants to know where his wife Savannah is and Ryanne gives him the news that she died in a car accident a couple months back, and how she knew that Savannah helped him with the murders. John is upset about why Ryanne let Savannah lie on the witness stand and she answers "If you would have both been charged it would be conspiracy, and a capital offense. She genuinely cared and didn't want him to go the the gas chamber. He gets upset but soon calms down, his wheels are turning and rubbing his chin. His sister Ryanne pleading for him to understand. Out of nowhere he decks her to the sofa with a right cross. Her towel flies off revealing her beautiful breasts, and sexy hips and legs. She is KO'd out cold. He scoops her up after having a look and drags her under arm to the bedroom. He has her laying on the bed, head propped with a pillow, right foot crossed over the left, arms across her chest mummy style. Eyes are still closed from being knocked out. He goes to work taking cell phone pics, then to her feet. He slowly checks them out, touching them as they are no different than any of his victims feet as far a the way he treats them. He has his ritual and today is no different. He caresses, sniffs, and worships her feet and soles, toes and heels. He caresses her thighs, working his hands up to her thighs and eventually petting her face. After he does his ritual practice he gets underneath her and brings out a length of rope from his pocket. He gets it in the right place under her chin and on her neck, he wrap some around each hand for leverage, and pulls starting slow and getting tighter and tighter. She goes from being passed out to bugged out open eyes and coming out of her state of being out cold. She gains momentum and starts to fight harder and harder, gathering more steam and getting some good licks to her big brother, but he is so wiry and professional in his craft. He seems to take each hit from her hand and slap from her palm with an evil grin, and this frustrates her body. He legs fight and kick hard, digging into the bed, bucking her hips and slamming her ass on the bed when her body is at the arch of fight. Her eyes start to get red and become blood shot, she grasps and claws at her killers rope, but he is dug in like a tick in winter. He continues to dominate her, and also watch her sexy feet kick and express themselves in his honor. The fight is long and hard, and her winding down causes the body to spasm and twitch, stiffen then rattle before going limp and twitching more. In her final moments she does the same and ends with a death rattle, going cross eyed then still, with occasional post mortem twitching and spasms. He lest go of the rope and moves out from under her. He gets her legs and feet back on the bed and in a position he can enjoy and pose her again. He caresses her face and cheek, moving a bit of hair to the side. He goes to her feet, sniffing them and crossing them over again, getting her back into the mummy pose, head propped up on a pillow, and ready to photograph. He snaps a few shots first then has a few words as he kisses his sister good bye for the last time. Here eyes are wide and tongue slightly protruding in her final pose. Now he will have to find someone new to pursue, seeing that his circle of witnesses he has killed, and the tragedies that did the others in, knowing of his twisted string of killings, which we have yet to see end in anything but his favor. His little sister Ryanne, who he had loved at one time, but the news of his wife's tragic death and the revisiting of his childhood home where there were so many dark memories that constantly haunt him. He knows it's time to lay low for a while. Ryanne's sexy posed corpse is viewed in generous portions.

The saga continues. The next installment is in the works and the script is brilliant. I am excited to see it become an opus. Thanks for loving that we love the process of making films from scripts like these. Some truly great performers from both sides. Christopher Brown

Run Time: 30:10 minutes
File Size: 620 MB 	Format: .MP4
    29 minutes

Starring: Genetica w/ Chris B.

**FULL 1920x1080 HD**

A young cheerleader who took advice from her squad about strangling herself whilst masturbation, coining the act, "the best orgasm ever". After having an earth shattering orgasm and dying at the same time, and then a CSI work up, she is in the Field Office Morgue of a small Jackson County town where the CSI and Coroner are twin brothers and the family business is how they make ends meet. The Coroner takes his time to: inspect, take photos, document. and swab samples from her nails, vagina, anus, and mouth. He inspects her body looking for any trauma not caused by her own tragic, and accidental death. He cuts off her tight cheer uniform and inspects her further, even feeling up her breasts and ass, commenting how he would love to have her while she was in his morgue, but there are other plans for her after the work up. After the inspection and bagging up all the evidence, photographing the ligature marks, from the para cord makeshift noose that wouldn't release like the knot was supposed to. After he finishes his exam the coroner makes a phone call, which gives light to why he did not enjoy this young, fresh cheerleader on his slab. He calls a young man who she used to snub for pussy, calling him and his friends, "losers that are not good enough for her pussy". At fifty bucks a pop, Jake and his friends are going to have a lot of fun, and this small town coroner will have some spending cash, since his public employee salary doesn't let him enjoy the fly fishing and pheasant hunting he loves to do. What a hot body and sexy young woman.

It is a great deal of fun to be back in the "Field Office". I do love playing a coroner as much as a killer. Thanks for checking out my films, i take pride in every second of it. Thanks for the support. Chris

Run Time: 28:20 minutes
File Size: 450 MB 	Format: .MP4
    15 minutes

Starring: Coco

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Coco is in full orgasmic mode as she continues her "SHARP OBJECTS" fantasy but breaks out some real props, including a dagger that she stabs herself with in the belly and gets off as she is feeling the most from her fantasy. She then takes an ice pick, starts to play then slowly gets naked and plays more with the ice pick. "Enough play" she says as she takes a real ice pick to stab herself in the navel, the belly between the navel and mons pubis, then finishing herself off to the throat and dying, cumming with her back arched and belly high in the air as she goes from upright to on her knees, to bent back arched, and then eventually legs out and flat on her back, completely naked. Great ORGASMIC DEATH scene.

Coco's performance is spot on and there is no blood, just tiny black dots where the ice pick went in and out of her belly and throat. Can't get enough!! CB
Price: 15.00
Run Time: 14:44 minutes
File Size: 650 MB 	Format: .MP4
    27 minutes

      RELIEVE COCO debt slaughter - Description and pics to follow

    Random CHRIS CORNER Clips more
    19 minutes
Starring: Treasure w/ Chris B

Treasure is working at a Temp Agency and they left her alone to get some filing done when the power fails. She goes down to the Electrical room to see what she can do to flip a breaker or a replace a fuse. As she comes to the door, it creaks open, she walks down the stairs to the electrical panels, but there are eight large ones and she can not figure out which is hers. She tries to find it but gets scared, after she hears noises, then looks at her phone and it has no signal, so she says "forget this, i am heading back upstairs" As she turns and walks a creepy big guy comes out from behind the panel and grabs her. He pinches her air off to her mouth and nose, but she faints before it could take affect. The psycho picks up the girl in a fireman's carry over the shoulder and hauls her up the steps, down the long hallways and into his room where he keeps his tools. We fade back in to her hanging by her arms in the dungeon and he walks in, she is drugged but very skeptical of his every move. She is terrified, and starts to weep, and ask who he is and what he wants. This angers him and so he tries to ask her questions, she freaks and he stabs her in the belly, above the skirt line in her waist. She screams in pain and agony. After leaving it in for a minute, he pulls it out, tormenting her with the bloody blade. He stabs her again, but this time in the right breast, then after that he stabs her other breast, even closer to the nipple. She reacts with a grunt and scream to the stabs. After she is stabbed in the heart, she starts to twitch and bleed. The man decides to gut her down so she can quiver and twitch on the floor till she is dead. After she dies he cuts open her blouse and bra to reveal the wounds, then he watches her panned body after a little more manipulation, then he flips her on her belly with ass up. Long pans of the hot, dead, bloody, Treasure!


Run Time: 20:00 minutes
File Size: 240 MB 	Format: .WMV
    10 minutes
      VAMP HUNTER Caroline v Tomiko - VAMP HUNTER Caroline v. Tomiko
Starring: Caroline Pierce w/ Tomiko

Caroline is a Vampire Hunter in town for a convention and looking or her mark. She comes into her room wearing boots that go all the way to her ass, a very tiny leather skirt and a tube top showing underboob. She slinks in with her pistol tucked into her boot and goes to her desk where she types on a computer after setting her pistol on the desk. As she types away to her boss, the Vampire moves her way to her from behind, in skirt and knee high boots, short skirt revealing her ass and sexy legs, and a tank top. She moves sneakily and sexily to the hunter. She pulls her hair to the side and starts to kiss her ear and neck sending the Vampire hunter into a frenzy of passion biting her lip and rubbing herself. She reaches for the gun but the vampire pulls her hand back, still kissing her but deeply with her tongue, biting the huntress tongue and kissing her. The huntress is lost in the moment and the vampire grabs the gun caressing the huntress body and pulling up her top with the gun, kissing on the huntress nose and face. She runs the gun between her legs and then goes to the belly. She carefully places the pistol on the huntress belly and pulls the trigger. The Vamp hunter squirms and writhes while the Vamp kisses her and then moves the gun down to her belly firing again, leaving two perfect small holes in her belly, almost resembling large bit mark. The Vamp Hunter bucks and writhes and the Vamp kisses away and then pulls her chair back so she can get in front of her as he kisses and caresses the huntress. The Vamp takes off her top and plays with herself pinching her own boobs and rubbing her crotch, aroused by the dying huntress. As she dies, the Vamp sits her up and rubs herself over the dead body. She plays with her more and then kneels down in the huntress belly and goes to feed.....

What a blast working with Caroline and Tomiko, and can't wait to see them later this year! CB

Run Time: 10:15 minutes
File Size: 345 MB 	Format: .MP4
    17 minutes
Director's Cut
Starring: Andi, Melody, Feather
 Belle Fatale, Bree, Dani V., Fallon, London, Starli, Treasure, Zoey

W/ Johnny Wood and Adrian

As I thumb through my classics I am re editing/re mastering old material. With 4 years of added experience and vision, this is a gem. Corrected color, all new soundtrack and edit. Never seen angles, footage, and less cuts, more butts, bullets, and brawling with guns. Spending 12 hours on a reedit is so worth it.

This is a straight out turf war and times are tough in the hood right now. Belle's gang which used to run things have been overtaken by a much smaller, more devious faction, and Dani Valentine runs the show. She is a rogue that survived the last war and split off from the main group together her own minions and run the crime in the borough.  Belle gathers the troops, having them meet at the hideout dressed to kill, and ready for action. She gives the girls a little pep talk before sending them down to meet their fate, or at least knock them down a bit till reinforcements arrive. She gets volunteers and sends them down across the way to the building adjacent. In the Boiler room, Dani, Bree, and Starli, the three aces left over from the West side connection click. They are around because they are the best, and have great cover. Even though they are out gunned, and outnumbered they feel confident that they will prevail. Unfortunately no woman will be left standing when the smoke clears. First treasure and Zoey bum rush the boiler room, but the cover is too good and Zoey catches a hot slug in her button hole, she grunts out in pain flying back by weight of the slug. Then Treasure comes running but Dani scoops her up and puts a lead nugget it her side boob, point blank. Two gals are on the ground grunting and moaning in terror from the pain of the wounds. Two more gals creep down the steps through the mangle of piping and conduit, only to see their sisters on the ground gagging and grunting from hot lead. Mandy runs in yelling "Zoey" and takes two slugs to the chest and stomach, hitting the door and sliding down, but she manages to get one good shot off to wound Dani V. in the tit, then bucks and heaves giving a sexy death, in her thigh highs. Feather comes in and catches a hot one in the back and it goes though her and she falls face first into Mandy's legs. Starli runs to grab her gun and turns her over to see if she has expired, but she gurgles and goes quick. Just then they hear the stomps of the troops, the rest of the girls are coming, guns blazing. Fallon runs in first, diverting to the cover, getting off a round that misses, but covers the others. Andi runs in and hits Dani with two more slugs, and Dani returns the favor. Both women fall to the floor and die courageously. Bree has had the best spot but sees that Fallon has a bead on Starli, who just shot Fallon in the belly button, but it is too late Fallon puts the mark between the lovely eyes of Starli, she slides down the wall and is immediately wide eyed and dead. Her gun slouches to the floor with a crack. Bree runs toward her popping Fallon in the side boob, which hits her heart, Fallon twitches and groans on her way out. Bree now raises up and delivers the final shot to London's throat, she goes down bleeding and gurgling. Her eyes go wide and her hips buck as she does a lovely death scene. Bree stands alone yelling, "Where is your boss, where are your friends now"? Just then Belle shows up, looking disgusted, but tries to compromise saying they should slit the loot, everyone's stuff and call it good, but Bree is not cool with that. They both fire, shooting each other multiple times, the both die as the two Detectives arrive. Thor says, "Looks like we are too late, well might as well search them and pile them, you know how the Captain loves his body piles.

They strip their tops exposing their wounds and breasts, while gathering up all the weapons. After they are all piled, they are viewed and panned, with individual montage of each girl too. Enjoy! We had fun and this has action and lots of movement! Thanks CB

Run Time: 17:20 minutes
File Size: 395 MB 	Format: .MP4
    20 minutes
Starring: Freya w/ Chris B.

A hot young woman is on a long road trip to visit a boy. She just bought a used car for cheap she could trash on her journey. She takes a long windy cut off road towards the valley, but her car dies on breakdown ridge and she is stuck. She looks under the hood to see what is wrong but has no clue, and no service on her phone. After a couple minutes a man walks down the road towards her. She asks him for help and he is very courteous and soft spoken. He tries to start the car but it won't go so he tells her he will hike back to his place and get his truck to tow her to a fix. He tells her to sit on the car and wait for him to return because she is in high heels and a short skirt. She is so happy that he is doing her a favor, she is also blown away by the trees and the beautiful scenery so when he points out his favorite tree and she stares off at it in the distance, he surprises her with a clear plastic bag quickly over her head and cutting off her air. She goes into a completely crazy, frenzy to get free, but he is so strong and has done this before. She bucks and kicks on the hood of the car, causing dents in the hood as she bounces up and down, her legs spreading wide and kicking, then rolling on the hood so her ass is totally visible, and her panties show. She fights him hard all over the hood of the car, her high heels clacking on the gravel road as she fights for anything, but gets nothing, no air to breathe. She rolls all over fighting hard but to no avail, he finishes her off and takes a bit extra just in case. His goal is to get her while she is still warm and wet so he flops her around like a ragdoll on the hood after he removes the bag from her face. He strips her down, removing her tight sweater and sexy panties and bra so he can have his way with her before he leaves her on Breakdown ridge to be found. After he gets her nude he plays with her body limp playing with her ragdolling her on the hood of the car. He sucks her pussy and tits to get hard then whips out his cock and plunges straight into her wet pussy. He fucks her corpse slowly, then rapidly until he cums inside of her. After getting all of it out, he pulls his wet dick out and puts it back in his pants, then uses his shirt to wipe off the cum from her pussy. He rag dolls her on the hood of the car more, then starts to re dress her to set up the scene. He sloppily gets her dressed enough to make due, then carries her back to the car and sits her up in the seat. He puts one of her hands into her panties, and one on her breast, then puts the bag back on her head to make it look like she did herself in AutoErotic style. He gives one last bit of wisdom then heads back up the road to his cabin. Her body and bagged face are viewed and panned from many angles. The death stare through the bag. Wow!

Man, I really love Freya, can't work with her enough. We are working on a very cool scene we will release in a few weeks with lots of hardcore, etc. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 20:00 minutes
File Size: 670 MB 	Format: .MP4
    16 minutes
Starring: Ryanne w/ Jigsy and Jiackson


**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Ryanne is a defense attorney and when she initially took on the case to defend two brothers on a case of mistaken identity, she had no idea they were real criminals willing to go to any length for personal justice. After the preliminary meeting she tells them she doesn't want to go to trial, and despite their innocence in this case, she wants to plea bargain with the DA. The brothers are furious and decide if they are going down they might as well do a crime. The sexy redhead attorney wears business attire, skirt, white button down blazer, and ultra sheer pantyhose with high heels. .

The two brothers return to their home with the lawyer, not even bound or gagged, they carry her into the garage as she starts to thrash around and cry, shedding tears and pleading with them. When they throw her on the floor and she looks up she sees the noose that is already been prepared and starts to panic more, crying her eyes out and pleading that she will go to trial. Her words are broken from shock and panic as she tries to get them to change their minds. The two brothers work together to bind her hands and feet with the rope, ripping off the blazer and ripping the buttons out of the shirt as they tear it and leave it around her arms as extra binding. She sees it is futile and tries to escape but is caught and one of the brothers wrestles her to the floor and holds her while she cries and tries to escape. The other brother gets the rope secured to hang her and watch her sway in the garage while they have their way and enjoy the justice. As they try to get her head in the noose she fights hard and almost breaks free but the brother holding her drops his arms and punches her a few times, couple in the body and some to the face, rendering her helpless and groggy. They finally lift her off the ground and into the noose, one brother tying it off so she dangles, and she does, immediately waking up and eyes bugging out as her tongue protrudes and she tries to get air, which she gets none, tears still stream down her face but now she is fighting for her life. The two men grope her tits hard, like hungry wolves as they knead her huge tits. One pulls hard on the rope as her feet dongle in the pantyhose, just off the floor. The two men have a lust for justice and the sexy lawyer. They rip off her bra exposing her huge knockers and as they bounce they drop her skirt to the floor, which her hanging dangling toes, in the sheer pantyhose kick the skirt a bit to expose the toes. As she dangles and her tongue protrudes, her eyes bug out and the tears roll down, the two men furiously suck and massage her tits like Kobe beef, and sucking like a baby calf. Hungry for justice and breasts they continue as she hangs from the thick manila rope. The younger brother wants to change it up so the older one grabs the rope and pulls to get it tighter while the younger brother drops the sheer pantyhose down to her knees so he can rub her pussy a bit. As he rubs her cunt, the older brother mans the rope and keeps it taught. She slowly jolts and kicks, but eventually just sways and is dead, eyes bulged out and bloodshot, her tongue swollen and pushing against her lips in a ball, drool coming out. As the two men see she is gone and continue to rub and suck her huge tits, the younger one realizes she is gone and tells the other they should finish up because she got what she deserved. As they let her down, and remove the noose, showing the red line where the rope dug into the soft and sexy neckline, they realize they are hungry and want to grab some food, so  they do and her sexy body is panned and viewed, disheveled and dead, but still tied up and feet covered with sexy sheer nude pantyhose. Many angles and views follow. After grabbing a sandwich from the fridge the two men hunger for something more than food, they want to further their justice by defiling her corpse and getting a nut at the same time. They plan on some disposal that involves fire and disposing of the body for real, but for now they will take turns fucking her still warm pussy. They screw her hard each for a minute or so, being so wound up and the type of unremarkable morons that rarely get any tail that isn't bought or kidnapped. They got their justice though for this one.

Ryanne is just absolutely on fire right now and I am so lucky to be an exclusive producer that she really trusts and loves to work with. The customer told me after he saw this one and the "Car Mugger Strangle" that after commissioning so many customs over the years and being uninspired by them, he finally found a studio that "gets it" and nails every single point even adding our own flair. It really feels great to hear that and just gives us more confidence to continue to excel doing customs for all kinds of people. Thanks so much and wow, I love my fans and customers. Thank you so much! CB

Run Time: 16:06 minutes
File Size: 630 MB 	Format: .MP4
    36 minutes
Starring: Treasure w/ Johnny Wood

Finally the parents let Treasure stay at home while they go to a dental convention in Toronto. She is excited, talking to her friend, telling her she can't come over, this is the first time and she wants to behave..She already spent most of the money they left her but has just enough to get some Pizza Delivered. When the delivery guy gets there he is clean cut and smiling, she invites him in and thanks him for delivering to the back door, she has no idea that today she will also be getting it in her virgin back door! She accidentally drops her wallet and when she bends over to grab it, the pizza guy grabs her cunt, and ass, she turns and tries to slap him but he blocks her and punches her in the stomach. He punches her in the gut again, but harder, knocking her to the floor, he grabs her hair and says that she better just go with it or she is going to die. She is scared, and as he pins her to the floor he starts to finger her roughly, she struggles, then gets free, she runs, but he grabs her by her legs and pulls her hard to the floor. The man is rough with her slapping her and punching her, he also wants her to know that he is not fucking around..He slaps her again before he rips her shirt all the way open, exposing her huge titties, then twists, abuses, and has her way with them. He wants more, so he goes to the kitchen rifling through the drawers for something to bind her, Gaffers tape is the best option so he takes her to the floor, rips the rest of the shirt off and tapes her arms behind her back with great force. She is crying but his knee is in her neck holding her to the floor so she cant do a thing. He picks her up by the hands and hair, and sticks his dick in her face, she objects so he forces her with a sharp knife to suck, lick the shaft, and balls, of his cock..He gags and chokes her while he mouth fucks her hard. He gets bored and wants more so he grabs her up and throws her on her mattress on the floor. He jumps on her and forces his cock into her pussy, raping her over and over while she begs him to stop.. he does her every which way, then he tells her she is going to have a rough day, and is going to pay with her ass, he fingers her ass, then rapes her ass with his huge dick. She screams and pleads for him to stop, he is too big, and her ass hurts. He fucks her harder in the ass and does for a while, then he heads over to the kitchen to grab some cash before he leaves..He sees she only has $14 and change, it makes him so mad, so he grabs a rope in the drawers and heads to her room, where she lies in the fetal position, in pain and disgust.

he comes back to the room very upset and grabs her again and forces her to give him oral, sucking and licking the balls and shaft till he cums all over her face and eye. H then grabs the rope and says they are not finished, he is in a rage and strangles her hard, in many different positions around the room, upright, on the floor, the couch, and the bed. He strangles her so hard, she fights, gags, drools, and chokes more from the tight rope around her neck. She kicks, and grabs for the rope, twitching and gasping, eyes wide open, tongue fishing for air. He fights her hard and wins, after she is dead he removes the rope, showing the amount of friction and tightness around her neck. He then moves her around, carrying and positioning her for the body pans...Long pans and different views of the poor dead girl, as he leaves he calls his boss and tells him they were shorted and someone didn't answer at the house...


Run Time: 41:00 minutes
File Size: 690 MB 	Format: .WMV

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      RELIEVE COCO debt slaughter

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