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    Clip Description

    INTRO (3 minutes)
    AltSiren and Lavinia are roomates. They are laying on bed wearing their flat boots but Altsiren like to play with Lavinia feet she ask her but Lavinia refuse she says sorry i have a boyfriend Altsiren says ok but she donít want to miss the chance to play with Lavinia feet so she decide she kill her then can enjoy Lavinia feet she think alot how she kill Lavinia without evidence and silent so decide to smother her death with a pillow.

    SMOTHERING (6 minutes)
    She is lucky Lavivia is tired from work so it will be easy to smother her only have to wait to start a little nap when Lavinia its gone AltSiren take a pillow and smother Lavinia to death its a long and hard fight AltSiren push hard the pillow down but Lavinia still fighting so Altsiren push the pillow couple of time Lavinia start getting weeker then AltSiren push the pillow really strong in to her face then Lavinia stop moving AltSiren lift the pillow she she her eyes wildly open and mouth to she check her pulse to be sure she is dead the AltSiren takes her boots down and start to enjoy Lavinia feet.

    FOOT PLAY (3 minutes)
    She puts lots of attention to Lavinia feet, worshipping them and kissing them

    When she finish she put her boots back then let the body on the bed then Altsiren leaves the room

    PANS (3 minutes)
    Showing her dead face and her body 3 minute long after Altsiren leave the room

    Clip Duration:      20 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4311.26 MB

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    KITTYKILL NECKSNAPS AKEIRA - Akeira is very tired; she has a short phone call with her boyfriend while \nthe camera pans on her feet, and then goes to sleep. She doesn''t know that the evil foot fetishist CatSiren is there!

Once Akeira is asleep, CatSiren sneaks at the feet of the bed, moves the duvet and gets free access to her sleepy feet. She worships them for about 5 minutes, after which Akeira wakes up and catches her in the act. She is assaulted (implied)

Scene fades back in showing Akeira stripped naked, tied up and gagged by evil Catsiren. She is now fully awake and struggling, while the masked girl keeps groping and worshipping her soles! That goes on for a while, and finally CatSiren decides to put this to an end: she moves closer to poor Akeira, grabs her head and snaps her neck!

Before Leaving, Catsiren keeps worshipping the dead feet for a bit.

    DEADLY MASSAGE LEXY - Lexy goes to a professional therapist complaining about shoulder pain. The guy asks her to lie down on the massage bed and starts massaging her; but, very soon he starts to act dodgy, trying to grope her bum, and even touch her genitals. Lexy complains and stops him several times, but he keeps being dodgy.
In the end she stands up and want to go, but at that point he apologizes and offers her a different treatment: an injection in the sore area, which will relax the tensions and bring some pain relief. She accepts as this doesn't involve any further touching from him, so she lies back on the bed and gets the injection. Pretty soon she starts to feel strange, very bad, but the guy doesn't help her, as he's just waiting for the deadly poison to take its full effect. In fact, in a matter of seconds Lexy's dead body lies face down on the massage bed, available for him to do what he wants.
he starts to grope her and put his hands wherever he wants, enjoying the lack of response and complaints from her now. He takes his dick out and puts it in her hand, once again making fun of the lack of complaints. The he jumps on the bed over her and starts fucking the body soundly, from behind. This goes on for some time, then he jumps out and also fucks her mouth for a bit, before going back to her pussy and cumming inside her.
The fussy customer got what she deserved...

Starring: Lexy, 
Keywords: Handling, Limp play, Oral, Poison, Sex

    CAROLINE PIERCE ZAPPED - Caroline is arranging a murder at the phone, when a cop enters her room and tells her to confess. After an argument she tries to shoot him down, but he is quicker and unloads electricity into her neck, which causes her to get tranced. Dazed, she can barely move, barely speak. She is paralyzed, while the cop moves her body around, telling her to confess... But she still doesn't, so the cop begins motivating her by mixing belly tickling and neck strangling. This goes on for a long time, but finally she confesses her murder plans. This is not acceptable to the cop, and he replies he has to terminate her. Still unable to move, she gets her neck squeezed and pinched until she dies - Eyes open, tongue sticking out.
The cop then inspects her mouth, handles her tongue, plays with her dead face and tits for a while more. Finally, he poses the dead body in different ways and leaves.

Run Time: 24:22 minutes
File Size: 1400 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Asphyxia

    BRIONY DODGY MASSAGE - Briony goes to a professional to have a massage. She has pain mostly on her legs, and that's where the guy starts to massage, after putting oil on them. But, soon he gets a bit dodgy, and starts going a bit lower, groping her feet, and upper, touching and groping her bum as well.
Briony starts to get a bit uncomfortable and complains several times, but he keeps doing that and at some point it's too much for her. He has to stop and apologizes, and offer her an alternative way to the massage, to stop her pain: an injection, which she in the end agrees to even though she's quite scared of it.

The creep performs the injection; Briony is visibly nervous, and after a short while she starts to feel bad, very bad, and in fact soon everything calms down and Briony lays down on the bed, as a corpse in the hands of the bad guy!
At that point the creep slaps her bum and gropes is vigorously, shaking the limp body which now belongs to him, as he's free to go on oiling up and groping that luscious bum, legs and feet without Briony having a word on it...

Starring: Briony
Keywords: poison, necro, limp_play, handling, feet
209 MB

    FATAL BREAKING UP 2 - AltSiren and Lavinia coming home from work but AltSiren wants to be with Lavinia one last time. They sit on the bed and start a very long and hot kissing.

After the kissing they get changed for sleep and continue the kissing.Then AltSiren give a good night kiss to Lavinia mouth and then she said to her sorry but i wanna break up with you because I have a new girlfriend and love her.
Lavinia gets angry and starts to confront with AltSiren but AltSiren ask Lavinia to calm down and understand her but Lavinia still angry.
AltSiren asks Lavinia to sleep on it and speak again in the morning. Lavinia agrees, but AltSiren doesn't want to start again in the morning. She decide to kill Lavinia because she don't understand her she doesn't have other choice.

After Lavinia start sleeping on her back, AltSiren gets up and starts thinking how she can kill Lavinia with no evidence on her body. AltSiren decides to smother her she start to look around and than she touch the pillow AltSiren will smother Lavinia with a pillow.

AltSiren carefully grabs the pillow from the bed sit on her and push into Lavinia face strongly ands start to smother her Lavinia starts fighting and struggling under the pillow but AltSiren pushing the pillow into her face to kill her but Lavinia still fighting and struggling and Lavinia push away the pillow and says please I donít want to die but AltSiren  push the pillow back strongly to hold her down with the pillow AltSiren hold up the pillow to Lavinia face to cut off the air totally from Lavinia she said to her really sorry but i dont have other choice to breaking up wit you Lavinia still fighting and struggling but she start to getting weak AltSiren getting angry and push the pillow strongly into her face.
Lavinia stop moving after 5 minute of fighting then AltSiren push the pillow few time strongly into her face to be sure she is dead then she keeps the pillow on her face a few seconds then very slowly lifting the pillow to see her face AltSiren see her eyes wildly open and mouth to then she check her pulse to get sure she is dead.

AltSiren put back her on the bed lie on back and then AltSiren make with her some photo for memory with her phone and than starts a long playing with her body undress her to topless and start kisses her on the lips, suck her tits kiss her belly and her feet  then hug her and start sleeping.
The body please not be turned when AltSiren sleep please the body lie on back with wildly open eyes and mouth

In the morning AltSiren give her a last kiss for goodbye and then she puts on make up and leaves the room.

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