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    27 minutes

      TWINS TRAGEDY LAVINIA - Lavinia plays the parts of two twin sisters: Tracy, a policewoman, and Lavinia, a woman who easily gets in trouble with the wrong companies.
Lavinia calls her sister, telling her that she is in trouble as she stole some money from gangsters and they have found out. She looks and sounds very nervous. Tracy immediately realizes how dangerous the situation is, and tells her to stay there as she's coming.
Lavinia moves into the bedroom and is unexpectedly assaulted by a criminal, who strangles her to death in a long and intense struggle. Lavinia struggles for several minutes but eventually she's dead.
The criminal strips her body naked to open legs, ragdolling her on the bed, and finally spends some minutes admiring dead Lavinia's figure. he hears a noise, and immediately goes to hide himself.
Agent Tracy enters the house, calls for her sister Lavinia, but gets no reply. She walks around the house, getting worried, until in the end she gets into the bedroom and faces her sister's dead naked body. She can't believe that, she walks backward out of the room and gets surprised by the criminal, who points a gun at her. She tries to calm him down and in fact he puts the gun down, but actually he walks closer, pins her to the wall and in a struggle he breaks her neck.
Dead Tracy slides down dead, and the camera pans on the body.

Starring: Lavinia
Keywords: necksnap, stripping, strangling, handling, limp_play 
    27 minutes

      SEVERED LEG AMATEUR - Sexy Eleonore goes to bed normally, but she has a horrible dream, and when she wakes up she discovers her leg has been cut off... There is a bloody stump staining the bed, it's really painful, she's very desperate and agonizing.

Starring: Eleonore
Keywords: bloody, limp_play_surreal
1000 MB
    4 minutes

      FIONA HANGED - This short clip is very good if you like the preparation (although Fiona starts gasping from the moment in which the noose is placed around her neck, but the effect is nice), but not good if you're into the actual swing, as things are pretty much implied and really quick  there.

Starring: Fiona
Keywords: hanging, execution
    3 minutes

      ADREENA POV STRANGLE - This is the full version whose excerpts have been featured as flashes in the "Dead Hitwoman's Dreams" clip. It is a strangling sequence filmed with a chest mounted GoPro camera, giving the feeling that you are personally strangling Adreena, making eye contact with her and appreciating her agony until she is dead.

Starring: Adreena
Keywords: strangling, reality_pov, face_play
131 MB
    13 minutes

      CARLEY JODIE STOPWATCH - Carley wants to play a game: he ties her real sister to a chair (the bondage is quite ridiculous actually), takes a stopwatch and stops her breath with her hand. She wants to see how long Jodie can hold her breath, and push her limit. Of course Jodie is not happy about it, but she's tied up so there's nothing she can do.
Carley does it several times, each time for longer, until the last time she kills Jodie

Starring: Carlie and Kodie
Keywords: bondage, suffocation
    2 minutes

      ASHLEIGH POV STRANGLE - This is a simple POV clip showing Ashleigh being approached and hand strangled by the camera guy, until she's dead with eyes open.

Starring: Ashleigh
Keywords: strangling, reality_pov
88MB full HD 1080p
    27 minutes

      ALTSIREN ZAPPED - AltSiren is talking with colleague over mobile, discussing about next hit, assassination of public figure, fixing up details. An agent in plain clothes enters and says, I have information about, you, I need you to tell me about all your plans.

AltSiren is upset and keeps denying, she tries to pull a gun. The cop uses a stun stick to neutralize her. She shudders, is stunned, her eyes cross and roll, her tongue protrudes and hangs out of her wide open mouth.  He spread-eagles her on the bed and then removes her bikini top.

AltSiren is conscious but zapped, unable to move. The cop starts interrogating her. She insists that she does not know anything. So he then first tickles the model to make her laugh and then strangles her. This goes on for some time, tickle, strangle, tickle, strangle until the model confesses about her plans. The cop states we can't let this happen and says he has to terminate her.

AltSiren starts screaming and wriggling a bit and he uses the stun stick again. She is stunned, her eyes roll and her tongue falls out. He puts two fingers on her throat and presses slowly. AltSiren's eyes go wide and start rolling, her tongue comes out and fishes for air and she slowly dies with her tongue out.
The cop closes the eyes and then plays with the model's face, mouth and tongue, eye checks, mouth and tongue.

Starring: Altsiren
Keywords: spasming, torture, trance, surreal, reality_pov, inspection, face_play
    13 minutes

      ALTSIREN STRANGLED BY BURGLAR - AltSiren is sleeping in her bed when burglar Buffy sneaks in the room with a rope, jumps at her and strangles her to death in a struggle. Past this point, there is a lot of limp play and good ragdolling with with dead body.

Lots of funny out takes in the end

Starring: Altsiren and Buffy
Keywords: strangling, handling, limp_play
552 MB
    9 minutes

      AKEIRA POISONED FEET - Alone at home, Akeira gets assaulted by a criminal and something gets injected in her neck. Still conscious, she says "please don't kill me" - But the guy answers "I already have", as that's a very powerful poison. She then says "don't kill my husband" - But he replies "You will". She doesn't understand, but there's not much time left. The poison takes effect, first by freezing her, and finally by killing her.
The criminal handles her dead body and carries it into the bedroom. He brushes more poison on her soles, gets her phone and texts the husband pretending to be her, telling him that he will find her asleep but she would like him to wake her up by worshipping her feet, as she has a surprise for him. And, later, all this happens and the husband dies poisoned with his face sunk between her soles.

Starring: Akeira
Keywords: poison, feet, handling, surreal
    27 minutes

      HOSTAGE INCIDENT FOOTJOB - Hostage Ammalia lays strapped spread eagle on a bed, unconscious. She has been left in the hands of Ellie, who is supposed to be her guard, and has been instructed not to touch her as she is a very precious hostage who should bring lots of money to the gang.
But lesbian Ellie can't contain herself, so she starts perving around, touching, caressing and kissing Ammalia's body, worships her feet, inspects her genitals, all very gently with the touch of a fairy...
Unfortunately, after a while Ammalia wakes up and starts protesting soundly. Ellie has to silence her, so she pushes a pillow on her face; once she takes it off, Ammalia is dead, suffocated. That is serious trouble.
When the boss arrives, later, he finds Ammala dead; Ellie can do nothing but apologizing for what the incident, but he gets really angry and breaks her neck. He now has two corpses to deal with. What to do?He lays dead Ellie next to dead Ammalia. The criminal piles the bodies up, and uses their 4 feet to give himself a footjob until he cums on these luscious soles and leaves

Starring: Ammalia and Ellie
Keywords: suffocation, nechsnap, sex, lesbian, handling, feet, footjob, bondage, accicednt, bodypile
1157 mb

    Random ENUFF SNUFF Clips more
    14 minutes
      NECKSNAPPING AN OFFICER - Prisoner Ammalia is sitting on a chair, gagged, her arms tied behind her back; officer Fiona enters the empty room, annoyed and upset by the fact that she's been ordered to watch the prisoner for the night, and this means she will hardly be able to sleep. She talks to Ammalia, taunts her, protests about the situation.
After some time arguing she tries to relax, sitting on the floor and resting against the uncomfortable wall... Actually, after some time, the officer manages to fall asleep! And, at the same time, Ammalia manages to break free!
Silent like a cat, Ammalia sneaks by the sleeping officer and grabs her blonde head: she barely has the time to wake up and scream that her neck is snapped and she is instantly dead and limp.
Now Ammalia needs to escape: she needs the dead officer's uniform, to be able to confuse the guards and get out of there; so she starts stripping the limp body, taking the uniform off, and putting it on herself... Until the proud officer lays dead in her underwear, and Ammalia is now the new officer, ready to escape before Fiona's body gets found.

Run Time: 13:55 minutes
File Size: 415 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Limp/Necro  The Mistress and the Wife
    23 minutes
      The Mistress and the Wife - Carissa is naked, at the phone with his lover/sub, turning him on. She talks really dirty to him, when she is suddenly shot in the head. Ammalia (the guy's wife) steps in and gets the call, talking to his husband. She is furious as she discovered the affair, and she orders him to come there immediately.

He arrives, shocked. He tries to obey as he realized his wife is crazy. Dead naked Carissa is still there, and Ammalia orders him to worship her dead feet just like he used to do when they used to secretly meet up. She wants to see that with her eyes. He hesitates but in the end he has to obey: he kneels down and starts to kiss Carissa's feet, but Ammalia wants more emphasis, so she grabs her legs and drives the dead feet on his face, swearing at him. it's too much for him, he jumps at her and strangles her to death.

Starring: Ammalia and Carissa
Keywords: strangling, shooting, headshot, feet, reality_pov
    17 minutes
      ZAPPER BOYFRIEND  THENA - Thena is waiting for her boyfriend, visibly angry. Once he comes, she starts questioning him (in Italian) as she suspects he is hiding something to her. He doesn't know what to say, so he grabs her by the waist and pulls her closer. She closes her eyes, ready for a passionate kiss, but he pushes his fingers on her neck instead, zapping her! She opens her eyes wide, and starts choking, until she falls unconscious.
At that point, the creep puts some music on, grabs her limp body and starts dancing embracing her limp shape. Then he moves her to the bed and starts ragdolling and groping her. he discovers she is wearing no panties, as her round ass and pussy keep coming out of the tight minidress.
He bends again on her face, to kiss her, but she suddenly comes up to life and starts to escape! He grabs her, and strangles her with his bare hands! Finally, she is dead.
Back on the bed, he goes on ragdolling her body, ands strips her naked, keeping groping her, posing her on the bed in many explicit positions - Legs spread and ass up.
He finally leaves her in the lovely doggiestyle position, her genitals exposed to the camera...

Starring: Thena
Keywords: strangling, stripping, limp_play, knockout, unconscious, inspection, handling, feet
    21 minutes
      DROWNED SWIMMER BLACKMAIL - Ava has drowned in the swimming pool; her body lays on the morgue slab, covered in a sheet, still dressed in her swimming outfit. The examiner walks in, starts the inspection, undresses and rolls the body, but soon he realizes it would be a pity not to take advantage of such a hot chick's body... So he takes his dick out, and begins using her dead hand to give himself a handjob, while groping the naked body in complete freedom.

Suddenly the unexpected happens: the girl wakes up from her death state and catches him in the act. She feels totally disoriented, astonished, she doesn't remember much - But the examiner is not supporting her at all: he is excited and now wants her to finish the job, or he will kill her one more time with an injection. If she goes on masturbating him, he will let her go and get her life back.
The girl is scared, and totally disgusted by such a creep weirdo: she hates so badly doing handjobs, but she has to accept the deal. So she takes his penis in her hand and starts doing the disgusting task.

It's a long handjob, during which we can see Ava's hot naked body kneeling down on the slab as she works the weirdo's dick out.
In the end he cums, and she looks disgusted at his cum wetting the slab; she believes she has done the job and she can go now, but the dick grabs her and injects the poison in the back of her neck, killing her instantly. He lays the naked body back on the wet slab, ready for going on with his inspection. Nobody will ever find out what happened.

Run Time: 20:31 minutes
File Size: 636 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Morgue-CSI
    21 minutes
      BODYGUARD MUTINY - A fussy spanish princess is held in a secret place for her security
2 body guards (one POV camera) are getting sick of her being that fussy.
At some point one of the bodyguard gets pissed off, points a gun at her, orders her to give him blowjob and cums on her tits.
In the end she is furious. They understand they're going to lose their job so they strangle her to death.

Starring: Montse
Keywords: strangling, stripping, oral, reality_pov

Run Time: 20:51
    24 minutes
      CAROLINE PIERCE ZAPPED - Caroline is arranging a murder at the phone, when a cop enters her room and tells her to confess. After an argument she tries to shoot him down, but he is quicker and unloads electricity into her neck, which causes her to get tranced. Dazed, she can barely move, barely speak. She is paralyzed, while the cop moves her body around, telling her to confess... But she still doesn't, so the cop begins motivating her by mixing belly tickling and neck strangling. This goes on for a long time, but finally she confesses her murder plans. This is not acceptable to the cop, and he replies he has to terminate her. Still unable to move, she gets her neck squeezed and pinched until she dies - Eyes open, tongue sticking out.
The cop then inspects her mouth, handles her tongue, plays with her dead face and tits for a while more. Finally, he poses the dead body in different ways and leaves.

Run Time: 24:22 minutes
File Size: 1400 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Asphyxia

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