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    Clip Description

    This short clip brings you to the point of view of having sex with sweet young Chloe Toy; first she's riding you, and in the second part you're riding her.... In the third part, you're still riding her but also strangling her to death!

    Run Time: 4:36 minutes
    File Size: 202 MB Format: .WMV
    Category: Strangling

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv202.65 MB

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    HEADSHOT TESTS - This is a small collection of archive material: 4 models separately, 4 extra short scenes for testing purposes, made by Kings Cross when he started experimenting the headshot effect he later mastered in many of our videos.
The first 3 scenes are spectacular but really short (a few seconds each); the last one featuring Niki is longer and has a very hot buildup; the headshot is great too, but the scene is unfinished and instead of the bullet wound a tracking dot appears. Still an epic scene anyway.

Run Time: 1:48 minutes
File Size: 51 MB 	Format: .AVI
Category: Shooting

    PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR LAURA - Laura got access to the flat of a person who is suspected to be a serial murderer. She is searching for pieces of evidences. Looking around and in the desk she discovers what she was looking for. She is enthusiastic but suddenly she is surprised by the criminal who orders her to strip.
Scene fades back in and we see Laura tied up and gagged, laying on the floor struggling in the bondage. She is tied with ropes. The intruder has now a very good access to Laura’s tied bare feet. Laura moans loud through her gag.
Laura has no chance. We see her feet struggle, he licks her soles, sucks her feet with passion.
But she struggles a bit too much so he has another idea...
Scene fades back in and we see Laura tied up in kneeling hogtied-like position. Additionally there is a rope tied from neck to her feet and another rope tied from her neck to the ceiling.
She is struggling in the ropes, strangling herself to death. She cannot maintain this position for long. Finally we see her dead. Camera pans around the dead body.

    KILLING RIVALS  CHLOE TOY - This series is made of a set of customs having the same storyline.
All the episodes start with a POV tease and stripping with emphasis on high heels and nylons. The scene then evolves into a long solo masturbation ending in orgasm. After that, Caroline Pierce appears in the dark as a hitwoman and shoot the girl in the forehead point blank. The clip ends with pans on the dead body with a nice hole in the forehead.

Starring: Chloe Toy and Caroline Pierce
Keywords: Headshot, reality_pov, shooting


Run Time: 16:31 minutes

File Size: 554 MB
Category: shooting

    CARLEY JODIE STOPWATCH - Carley wants to play a game: he ties her real sister to a chair (the bondage is quite ridiculous actually), takes a stopwatch and stops her breath with her hand. She wants to see how long Jodie can hold her breath, and push her limit. Of course Jodie is not happy about it, but she's tied up so there's nothing she can do.
Carley does it several times, each time for longer, until the last time she kills Jodie

Starring: Carlie and Kodie
Keywords: bondage, suffocation
549 MB full HD 1080p

    CONTORTIONIST BONDAGE AND SUFFOCATION - Model Bendy comes in (POV) as she's supposed to shoot a custom; she reads the script and seems to be fine with everything. She starts by performing some contortions as a warm-up; then she is asked by the POV producer to assume the position for the custom, the classic feet behind head which became so popular.
Once she is in that position, she agrees to have her ankles tied up together, as that's part of the custom; the producer does the bondage, and at that point Bendy is locked and totally unable to move out of that position; that's when he whispers something horrible in her ear... Her eyes open wide in horror, she tries to escape but she can't! He firmly places his hand on her nose and mouth and prevents her to breathe: she is getting suffocated!
It is a nice long struggle, part of it POV so you get really involved in the scene; we also see her spread open legs trying to convulse, but she's helplessly locked in that position and there's nothing she can do but dying... At some point she collapses, goes limp, eyes open: she's dead!
The creep plays with her breasts, face, and focuses on limp play in that position. Her eyes stay open in a death stare, almost until the end of the clip. At some point he releases her ankles and her body collapses in a more relaxed position.
You will be simply perturbed by these spread thighs and luscious soles so exposed!

Starring: Bendy
Keywords: bondage, suffocation, handling, limp_play, reality_pov, feet, face_play
850 MB

    NAUSICA HOGTIE SELF STRANGLE - 1. Introduction (1 minute)
Nausica is full-clothed and   lies on her bed, reads and dangles with her shoes, when she hears a noise. "Who ist there?" - there is nobody to be seen but we see  Nausica lifts her hands anxiously
2. Nausica  is lying streched out alone without lifting her feet. (4 minutes)
We see male hands playing with the bra and Nausica's shoes. In the background we hear desperate and loud noises of a gagged person.
The camera starts on her beautiful gagged face and goes than on her back to her bound hands and down to her legs and her beautiful  tied  feet.

We see Nausica bound  and gagged in nude. The rest of the clothes is lying around her. We have a good  view on her bare backsite.
She lies in her bed in a lying position  on her stomach. Her hands are tightly bound on her back and her ankles are tied crossed.
 Her feet remain on the bed rubbing against on another.
3. Lying and  feet worshipped (4 minutes)
The intruder appears and licks her feet and sucks her feet. She moans angy through her gag.
4. Nausica  is alone hogtied and strangled (3 minutes)
The camera starts on her beautiful gagged face and goes than on her back to her bound hands and down to her legs and her beautiful tied  feet.
She lies now  in her bed in a hogtie postition  on her stomach.
Her neck is connected with her ankles by a rope. She will be strangled.
Her hands are tightly bound on her back and her ankles are tied together very close. Her big toes are tied together.
The intruder plays a bit with her body (ass) and licks her feet for a last time
5. Lying ON SIDE : The camera walks over the victim (3 minutes)

    FUCKING UP HER EARS  AS 4 - AltSiren has a fetish for "fingering" her own ears with cotton buds. She can't stop it, and literally has buds inside her ears all day long. One day she goes too hard and fucks up one of her ears. There is blood, and she gets into a mentally high state. She calls a friend in, who is shocked at first to find her with a bleeding fucked up ear... But she is excited, asks him to do more instead of seeking for help, and finally he gets involved. He ends up fucking up her other ear too, and now she is completely deaf... But she wants more, so he pushes deeper and the bud reaches the brain, stabbing it. Altsiren instantly falls limp, dead, eyes open in a death stare. It is suddenly silence.
The friend is not satisfied yet, so now he picks up her friend's head, takes one more bud, and stabs the other ear as well reaching the brain one more time. Of course there is no reaction this time, and her eyes remain motionless and unfocused in a death stare.

Starring: Altsiren
Keywords: suicide, willing, bloody, face_play,surreal
912 MB

    BELT SELF STRANGLE STELLA - This series is focused on self strangling as an erotic act, with a focus on foot fetish. The model pulls a belt around her neck while offering her feet for worship to the POV camera. Great shots of soles with face in the background.
She strangles herself during all the time, which causes her soles and toes to squirm in front of the camera.
The video ends with a lower angle of the model finishing to strangle herself until dead, as her toes squirm even more in stunning closeups.

Starring: Stella
Keywords: Feet, Reality_pov, Spasming, Strangling, Suicide, Willing

    CLONES ASSAULT CHLOE TOY pt1 - Please note that this is a low budget video; no great acting nor great editing - Therefore the low price for two naked beauties like these!

This is a set of scenes, each one containing a short fight between Ammalia and clone Chloe Toy, who passes out most of the times and gets terminated by necksnap.

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