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    Clip Description

    Officer Chloe is standing guard talking on the phone with her superiors, she is about to give the all clear sign when suddenly she is jumped from behind by our villainesses, she is put in a sleeper hold, she struggles hard and the only way of silencing her is by snapping her neck!! After the cracking sound she instantly goes quiet and limp, her hat falls of and she is slowly lowered down in
    a sitting position on the floor. The villainess whispers in her ear that she is going to love being her new doll.

    She shakes the body wildly as if to taunt the dead policewoman’s inapacity to react. She pinches her cheek and then kisses it, she plays with her mouth making her lifeless lips smile, she also opens it and checks to see her teeth. She does eye checks on both eyes, tilts the head backwards and forwards and from side to side. Then she plays with her hair in a sexy manner puts her arm around
    her, gropes one of her breasts and takes a selfie with her.

    She continues touching her breasts trough the uniform and then moves to the legs, she uncrosses them, feels them up to the tip of the heels, squeezes her inner thighs, as she slightly pulls up her skirt from the front, the she starts "practicing kicks" by making the legs go up and down, one by one, and then both at the same time.

    She finishes the leg display by opening them wide and getting and open leg upskirt panty shot.
    The dead officer’s upper body leans forward as if she were protesting the disrespect

    After that she grabs both her legs and drags her out of the couch to the floor. First she’s on her back dragged by the legs. Then she gets flipped over on her stomach with her arms extended upwards and the dragging continues, the camera focusing on her ass until the villainess stops the dragging and decides to grope it for a protracted amount of time, while also bending her legs and removing her shoes.

    Once the groping and leg worship is done she places the body on its side and lets the camera have a nice close-up of the ass with pulled up skirt and visible thong while also shaking it a bit.
    Back on the couch, she now initiates the stripping; she removes her shirt and bra, caresses her naked breasts and firm
    gut; She unbuckles her belt and then turns her around and places her front against the couch. She smacks her ass still covered in the short skirt; she decides to pull it up so she can remove her thong followed by the skirt itself which are left dangling on her ankles as she leaves!

    Starring: Altsiren and Chloe Toy
    Keywords: necksnap, stripping, face_play, handling, inspection
    733 MB

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
    Format Size
    avi733.23 MB

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    CLONES ASSAULT CHLOE TOY pt1 - Please note that this is a low budget video; no great acting nor great editing - Therefore the low price for two naked beauties like these!

This is a set of scenes, each one containing a short fight between Ammalia and clone Chloe Toy, who passes out most of the times and gets terminated by necksnap.

    SCHOOLGIRL ESCORT STRANGLER - Lesbian and conservative Ammalia likes young girls; this time she hired schoolgirl escort Chloe Toy, who performs a striptease and masturbation for her, and seduces her. Finally, when she's not alert, she sneaks behind Ammalia and strangles her to death with a stocking.

Starring: Ammalia and Chloe Toy
Keywords: strangling, sex, stripping, lesbian, reality_pov
580 MB

    MESSING WITH THE HOSTAGE - NOTE: These girls are a real, married lesbian couple, so the lesbian scenes are particularly natural and intense

Rascal is a secretary who has the key of a very important office, and Electric and a guy have a plan. One day Electric comes home with Rascal and seduces her: the two get involved in a sweet lesbian scene, with a lot of kissing, and at some point Electric chloroforms Rascal.
The guy appears, and the two carry Rascal's half naked limp body to the bedroom; they put her on the bed, get her keys, and the guy goes out to rob the office. before leaving, they tie Rascal's hand together and the guy recommend Electric not to mess things up. In fact she is a lesbian, and she often messes up with girls.

In fact, as soon as she's alone, Electric begins playing with Rascal's limp body, undressing her completely, licking her feet, her pussy, tits, groping her anywhere. Rascal begins to react a little in her sleep, especially when Electric licks her pussy... Soon the situation gets out of control, with Rascal facesitting Electric who licks her pussy deep, bringing her to wild orgasm (real orgasm).

The two girls relax, Rascal is happy, despite the fact that she has been captured. It looks like Electric still wants to play, and she gently moves Rascal to the edge of the bed, and, while she's not looking, she slips a stocking around her neck and begins strangling her. It's an intense, long strangle but finally Rascal is dead. Electric did it again.

The guy comes back and discovers the mess. Angry, he jumps at Electric and strangles her in the same way, while Rascal's dead body stares into nothingness. In the end, the two naked dead girls lie on the same bed.

Starring: Rascal and Electric
Keywords: strangling, lesbian, chloro, bondage, stripping, orgasm, feet, limp_play


    DEADLY MASSAGE LEXY - Lexy goes to a professional therapist complaining about shoulder pain. The guy asks her to lie down on the massage bed and starts massaging her; but, very soon he starts to act dodgy, trying to grope her bum, and even touch her genitals. Lexy complains and stops him several times, but he keeps being dodgy.
In the end she stands up and want to go, but at that point he apologizes and offers her a different treatment: an injection in the sore area, which will relax the tensions and bring some pain relief. She accepts as this doesn't involve any further touching from him, so she lies back on the bed and gets the injection. Pretty soon she starts to feel strange, very bad, but the guy doesn't help her, as he's just waiting for the deadly poison to take its full effect. In fact, in a matter of seconds Lexy's dead body lies face down on the massage bed, available for him to do what he wants.
he starts to grope her and put his hands wherever he wants, enjoying the lack of response and complaints from her now. He takes his dick out and puts it in her hand, once again making fun of the lack of complaints. The he jumps on the bed over her and starts fucking the body soundly, from behind. This goes on for some time, then he jumps out and also fucks her mouth for a bit, before going back to her pussy and cumming inside her.
The fussy customer got what she deserved...

Starring: Lexy, 
Keywords: Handling, Limp play, Oral, Poison, Sex

    SHAY STRANGLED IN BONDAGE - Shay gets assaulted, tied up and gagged with tapes and foot abused by evil fetish CatSiren. She keeps struggling and being too noisy, so CatSiren ties her up in a hogtie first, and then strangles her to death. She keeps worshipping her feet

Starring: Altsiren and Shay Hendrix
Keywords: strangling, bondage, lesbian, feet

Run Time: 14:26
561 KB

    Isabel Tied Up and Strangled - Isabel is looking forward to an evening with a guy she met online; she tells it to a friend at the phone, who is probably not too keen on that. She doesn't care, and when he finally comes, something bad happens (implied).
The video fades back in showing Isabel naked and tied up, struggling in her simple tape bondage; some minutes of this, before the creep comes in and starts playing with her feet for more minutes. In the end he can't let her go, so he sits on her back and strangles her to death using a stocking, while she can do nothing but struggle in her bondage.

Starring: Isabel
Keywords: strangling, bondage, feet

    MATURE STRANGLE SCAM - Great acting!

Montse is a business lady come to London. She is head of world bank. After work, she is in search of special sexual pleasure. She goes to special place where she can do breath play.  She wants them to film her so she can masturabate in the hotel to it later.
They (you) take her to a special room with a couch (or could be bed if it is better for you). She takes off her top, bra, skirt, panties and shoes and stockings. Naked. Neatly putting the clothes to the side. She then takes the belt and pays back........she starts to play with her body, tits and pussy while wrapping the belt around her neck and pulling......we do a belt strangle routine...........she cums just as she passes out.............we have some pans of the out cold Montse.
She wakes and is happy. She takes the stockings from the neat pile of clothes, put them on. Then when she picks up her bra, before she can put it on.....a hit man has been sent to strangle her........comes up from behind the couch with a black stocking and strangles her.......for good a strangle routine as you can do. She finally dies.......on the couch. Mouth / eyes open death stare, legs open, paying on back on couch
Good camera pans as I like them.
I loved the death stare Montse did for us before,....with her dark eyes, dark eye liner, dark hair, tongue out, black stocking around the neck.....(some pics attached. Something like this).

Starring: Montse
Keywords: strangling, mature, masturbation, orgasm, reality_pov
204 MB

    CLONES ASSAULT CHLOE TOY pt2 - Please note that this is a low budget video; no great acting nor great editing - Therefore the low price for two naked beauties like these!

Continued from Part 1, this is a further set of scenes, each one containing a short fight between Ammalia and clone Chloe Toy, who passes out most of the times and gets terminated by necksnap.

Only one scene doesn't feature death, and is more about clone domination followed by Chloe Toy being hogtied with tape bondage

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