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  • Clones Assault
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  • Killing Rivals
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    27 minutes

      A PLAYFUL SESSION WITH HER CORPS - Bee is a young student who likes to earn a little easy money. She has a friend who allows to play with her feet while she pretends to be asleep, mostly because they are both shy to to that openly... But no foot worship not anything too much! Just touching, basically, or she would stop pretending and stop the play. That\'s a very innocent game, but he likes it and she gets a little money.
One day they arrange that on the phone. She gets ready.

While she\'s waiting for him, an assassin surprises and strangles her. He inspects her corpse (eyes open) and notices how sweet and innocent she looked, so he decides to close her eyes and leave her like a sleeping beauty, robs the apartment and leaves.

Then the friend comes for the session, leaves the money on the table and starts to play with her body, very gently. He feels her very limp and it turns him on, but he doesn\'t want to push too much. Still, he dares to gradually get more intense, take more freedom, ends up ragdolling her, posing her, worshipping her feet, and he can\'t believe it.
He suspects she is testing him to see how far he will go, and stop the game kicking him out at some point... But she still doesn\'t, so he even takes some pics as he suspects he won\'t be that lucky again.
He ends up doing a lot (as much as she allows in reality), and finally leaves happy, ignoring that he has just played with her friend\'s corpse!

Starring: Bee
Keywords:  willing crimescene strangling unconscious handling feet reality_pov limp_play surreal assassin  STEPSISTER SHOT AND FOOTFUCKED
    28 minutes

      STEPSISTER SHOT AND FOOTFUCKED - Lola Rae is step sister to Mick. She soon figured that he was attracted to her, especially her feet. She would tease him and strip for him, letting him touch her feet, but nothing else. She would strip to underwear and flash her tits, pussy and feet. 
He wanted a HJ, FJ.
Teasing him, making him so horny that he would masturbate for her. 

One day it got too much for Mick and he decided he would get his FJ. With Lola dead. 

Starring: Lola
Keywords: shooting, headshot, masturbation, necro, reality_pov, feet, footjpb, handling
331 MB
    20 minutes

      ZAPPED COP ALTSIREN - Stacey is arranging a murder at the phone, when cop AltSiren enters her room and tells her to confess. After an argument she tries to shoot her down, but she is quicker and unloads electricity into her neck, which causes her to get tranced. Dazed, Stacey can barely move, barely speak. She is paralyzed, while the cop moves her body around, telling her to confess... But, this time we have a plot twist: Stacey manages to get the zapper, and AltSiren gets attacked and becomes the victim!
At this point, Stacey wants to know everything AlstSiren knows about her, but she won't confess. So, Stacey begins motivating her by mixing belly tickling and neck strangling. This goes on for a long time, but finally AltSiren confesses. Now Stacey can kill her: she says she has to terminate her. Still unable to move, she gets her neck squeezed and pinched until she dies - Eyes open, tongue sticking out.
Stacey then inspects her mouth, handles her tongue, plays with her dead face and tits for a while more. Finally, he poses the dead body spread eagled on the bed and leaves.

Starring: Stacey and Altsiren
Keywords: starngling, torture, trance, spasming, handling, face_play
    13 minutes

      NAUGHTY PSYCHIATRIST OLIVE - Scene opens with Honour talking to the camera / the guy ..She tells him that he is here because he cannot hold onto long term relationships with women. His dad was concerned asked her to help. She asks the guy (you reply) some questions - asking him some questions, like how many girlfriends, how does he like sex, what positions he likes, some stuff like this. far she is professional . ...but then she suddenly asks what type of women he likes./ turns him on.....he is not sure..maybe you like someone like me......and she starts to act teasing....showing her legs, opening her top and flashing....teasing.....she can develop this routine ..... She then tells him to pull out his penis and give instructions to jerk she herself strips and teases to naked......... then maybe she starts to lay with herself as she instructs the guy to do it.......... This all gets more intense, until he cums............ She smiles and seem normal? I don't see why you can't keep long term relationships? He says -cumming is not the problem ......the problem is this............and he pulls a gun (POV)..... Honour sees the gun and says something like "no, wait? What are you doing?" and BANG headshot.........Honour falls back dead in sexy pose.......... Lots of good camera pans like I like leg pussy views, if she will do it....... During the pans we hear the guy make a call and says ........"Dad, I don't think this doctor helped me" We have to keep looking............

Starring: Olive
Keywords: shooting, headshot, masturbation, stripping, reality_pov
    14 minutes

      BECKY TATTOO INSPECTION ASSAULT - Becky is wasting time on her laptop when she gets assaulted and chloroformed by Ammalia and a POV guy. Once she is out, Ammalia drags her onto the bed and starts inspecting her. The two have been sent to look for an encrypted code in her tattoos... But the two get quite upset realizing this girl is literally COVERED in tattoos!
So Ammalia starts inspecting the tattoos on the arms, legs, neck, etc; lots of limp play and ragdolling,  but the two don't find the code. Occasionally Ammalia forgets about her work and gets a more sexual attitude to the limp girl, worshipping her feet.
Towards the end, the poor girl wakes up and before she can realize what's happening she gets her neck snapped.

Starring: Becky and Ammalia
Keywords: necksnap, chloro, stripping, feet, face_play, handling, inspection, lesbian, limp_play, unconscious
    4 minutes

      BRIONY GOPRO STRANGLE - Briony is laying on the bed, topless, relaxing. I'm just above her and I caress her face and neck; she enjoys it, and lets me do it. Suddenly i wrap my hands around her neck and start to go stronger. She realizes something is wrong, and soon starts struggling, looking desperately into the camera, mixed with shots of her kicking legs and squirming feet... But there's no hope for her, so we see her getting weaker and finally dying by strangling!

As soon as she's gone I close her eyes and some time handling her head and playing with her face and hands. Her deadly expression is hot.

Video is shot with a GoPro on my chest. This is real POV and the clip has been shot in one go.

Starring: Briony
Keywords: strangling, hanging, reality_pov, feet, face_play. limp_play
    15 minutes

      MATURE HOGTIE SELF STRANGLE - Montse lies on her bed, reading a book when she hears a noise. "Who is there?" - there is nobody to be seen but Montse spots an intruder and lifts her hands anxiously.

Scene fades back in showing Montse's beautiful gagged face. She's naked, tied up and gagged with ropes, and struggles in the bondage while the camera pans around her for a while.
She moans angry and loud through her gag. She tries to get free by struggling against the ropes and rubbing her feet together. But without any success. 

After a while, the intruder appears and licks her feet. She moves her feet a bit tries to raise her backside but in vain. She moans angy through her gag. At last intruder ties her big toes together using a ziptie.

The scene fades back in again and this time Montse lies in a hogtie position on her stomach. Her neck is connected with her ankles by a rope. She will be strangled. Her hands are tightly bound on her back and her ankles are tied together very close. 
She tries to get free by struggling against the ropes and rubbing her feet together. But without any success, until eventually she dies. 

We have camera pans on the dead body.

Starring: Montse
Keywords: strangling, suffocation, mature, bondage, feet, realty_pov
    6 minutes

      BENDY ABORTED HEADSHOTS - This video was never completed because of a set of inconveniences; the footage remained unedited for a long time, and I was finally going to trash it, but I watched it back. I realized the Bendy's acting in the multiple headshot takes is great, despite the special effect hasn't been applied and she's wearing the tracking dot on her forehead... So I decided to edit the intro anyway, and collect all the headshot takes into this small but very nice clip. bendy is so hot that she doesn't deserve trashing in any case!

Starring: Bendy
Keywords: shooting, headshot
    16 minutes

      SCARLETT AND THE CRAZY MASSEUSE - Please note this clip is in ITALIAN language!

Scarlett lies on a massage table, in a professional studio; masseuse Ammalia walks in and starts massaging her. As the perv she is, she soon offers her a new "special massage technique", which Scarlett gladly accepts: it is basically a foot worship session, which feels pleasant to Scarlett, so she accepts it even if she thought this is more suitable for private play than for a professional studio.
But Ammalia doesn't have enough, and offers her another special treatment, which Scarlett accepts: she pulls out a magic wand and starts using it on Scarlett's pussy, who experiences a forced, intense orgasm.
Ashamed with herself, Scarlett stands up saying that she's going to report the fact to Ammalia's superiors. Useless to say, the crazy masseuse jumps at her and strangles her to death on the massage bed, using her bare hands. She then covers the body's face using the massage towel and leaves.

Starring: Scarlett and Ammalia
Keywords: strangling, sex, feet
    17 minutes

      DEAD COP CHLOE TOY - Officer Chloe is standing guard talking on the phone with her superiors, she is about to give the all clear sign when suddenly she is jumped from behind by our villainesses, she is put in a sleeper hold, she struggles hard and the only way of silencing her is by snapping her neck!! After the cracking sound she instantly goes quiet and limp, her hat falls of and she is slowly lowered down in
a sitting position on the floor. The villainess whispers in her ear that she is going to love being her new doll.

She shakes the body wildly as if to taunt the dead policewoman’s inapacity to react. She pinches her cheek and then kisses it, she plays with her mouth making her lifeless lips smile, she also opens it and checks to see her teeth. She does eye checks on both eyes, tilts the head backwards and forwards and from side to side. Then she plays with her hair in a sexy manner puts her arm around
her, gropes one of her breasts and takes a selfie with her.

She continues touching her breasts trough the uniform and then moves to the legs, she uncrosses them, feels them up to the tip of the heels, squeezes her inner thighs, as she slightly pulls up her skirt from the front, the she starts "practicing kicks" by making the legs go up and down, one by one, and then both at the same time.

She finishes the leg display by opening them wide and getting and open leg upskirt panty shot.
The dead officer’s upper body leans forward as if she were protesting the disrespect

After that she grabs both her legs and drags her out of the couch to the floor. First she’s on her back dragged by the legs. Then she gets flipped over on her stomach with her arms extended upwards and the dragging continues, the camera focusing on her ass until the villainess stops the dragging and decides to grope it for a protracted amount of time, while also bending her legs and removing her shoes.

Once the groping and leg worship is done she places the body on its side and lets the camera have a nice close-up of the ass with pulled up skirt and visible thong while also shaking it a bit.
Back on the couch, she now initiates the stripping; she removes her shirt and bra, caresses her naked breasts and firm
gut; She unbuckles her belt and then turns her around and places her front against the couch. She smacks her ass still covered in the short skirt; she decides to pull it up so she can remove her thong followed by the skirt itself which are left dangling on her ankles as she leaves!

Starring: Altsiren and Chloe Toy
Keywords: necksnap, stripping, face_play, handling, inspection
733 MB

    Random ENUFF SNUFF Clips more
    25 minutes
      LILLI DEAD TRUNK DOLL - In this old archive clip we see Lilli talking (in italian!) with her friend Ammalia, who is actually a very evil and jealous woman: Lilli tells her how good her boyfriend is to her, how many attentions and presents she gets, etc. Ammalia gives fake smiles, but she is actually frustrated by all this, as she is getting none of that out of life.
So, in order to compensate she decides to make Lilli her own dead doll: with the excuse of a shoulder massage, she moves behind her and suddenly snaps her neck: Lilli,s dead body flops down on the couch, Lilli now belongs to Ammalia. She closes her eyes and begins undressing the body, until Lilli is naked. Lots of limp play in the meantime.
At this point, witch Ammalia moves the naked body into a wooden trunk nearby, closes the top and leaves for some time.

Later, Ammalia is back, opens the trunk and admires Lilli's dead body inside. She moves it to a sitting position and gets her legs out. She worships her bare feet just to entertain herself; then she proceeds half dressing the body as a dead doll: white stockings and sexy high heel shoes. She is happier now; she puts the body back in the trunk and leaves again. maybe later she will come back to play more.

Run Time: 24:41 minutes
File Size: 996 MB 	Format: .AVI
Category: Limp/Necro  SWEET CINDY HANGS
    7 minutes
Sweet little Cindy decided to hang herself for your personal entertainment: she stands before you, the noose around her neck, and looks very determined and teasing to step off - But, first, she thinks it's nice to open her blouse and show off her pretty breasts and nipples.
It's time to jump, but she suddenly realizes she's actually scared to do that; she hesitates several times, embarrassed as she was supposed to give a sexy show, so that she keeps apologizing about her hesitation. Give her one more minute, and yes, she jumps!
She is hanging by the neck! her legs kicking in the air, providing that hot Dolcett view which means quality. 
In the most epic upskirt ever you see her legs kicking, her ass squirming, her feet trying to seek for a support, unsuccessfully... and then things start to calm down, and poor little Cindy dangles dead from the noose...

This is just a first test in hanging, therefore you can see le lights and lots of studio things in the upskirt shot... But we'll get better, and as a first test this one rocks, huh?

Run Time: 7 minutes
File Size: 281 MB 	Format: .AVI
Category: Asphyxia
    18 minutes
      FUCKING UP HER EARS  AS3 - AltSiren has a fetish for "fingering" her own ears with cotton buds. She can't stop it, and literally has buds inside her ears all day long.
One day her friend comes to visit her and she asks him to help her with that. He is a bit worried in the beginning, but then agrees to use the buds on her and soon gets involved. So involved that, at some point, he listens to AltSiren too much and pushes harder. One of her ears is fucked, there is blood, she is in a mentally high state. She wants more, so he pushes deeper and the bud reaches the brain, stabbing it. Altsiren instantly falls limp, dead, eyes open in a death stare. It is suddenly silence.
The friend is not satisfied yet, so now he picks up her friend's head, takes one more bud, and stabs the other ear as well reaching the brain one more time. Of course there is no reaction this time, and her eyes remain motionless and unfocused in a death stare.

Starring: Altsiren
Keywords: Bloody, face_play, reality_pov, suicide, surreal, willing

Run Time: 18:02
    10 minutes
      SEVERED LEG NIGHTMARE - AltSiren goes out to a party; she probably comes home drunk, as that night she has a very bad nightmare: she lays in the darkness with her leg severed below the knee. Her lower leg and foot is there, all bloody, and she cannot reach it as some evil hands are touching the severed leg undisturbed.
She wakes up abruptly, still scared by the nightmare. She has pain in the leg, and she is in shock when seeing the lower part of it dropping onto the floor. It is a strong pain, and desperation, as there is nothing she can do but wrapping bandage around her leg stump, and calling for help... 

Starring: Altsiren
Keywords: bloody, torture, surreal
330 MB
    21 minutes
      REALITY SHOOT STRANGLE APRIL - April is having a fetish shoot with a producer; they have to shoot a custom clip where she pretends to have a pov slave at her feet who gets humiliated verbally, while she shows off her shoes and nyloned feet to the camera.
They shoot it, and at the end of the video everything seems to be finished, but the producer says there is one last thing the customer ordered... he moves behind April and unexpectedly strangles her to death with a stocking. It's a long struggle but eventually she dies.
The producer takes his time in taking the stockings off her body (which will be sent to the customer as a special order), admires her feet providing stunning closeups of dead April

Starring: April O'Moore
Keywords: strangling, stripping, feet, handling, limp_play, reality_pov
    15 minutes
      CREEPY FOOT SESSION - Please note this video is in ITALIAN language!

Niki is a hooker, she leads a guy into her bedroom; she is very friendly and available to him, she asks what he wants to do and it turns out he's a foot man into cheesy feet, limp fetish and silly roleplay.
All sounds of to her, so she gives him her feet and they start to play. He takes off her boots, smells her feet in socks, and soon starts to ask her to drop down limp and leave him alone.
That happens more than once, in different positions and always in a silly/willing mood. He plays with her limp feet a little and then she wakes up again, to drop down again after some talk.
There is no actual death but lots of roleplaying of shootings, strangling and chloroforming, after which Niki ends up playing dead or passed out.

Starring: Niki
Keywords: feet, chloro, strangling, handling, inspection, limp_play, unconsious, willing

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