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  • Clones Assault
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    Most Recent ENUFF SNUFF Videos! more
    22 minutes

      NECKSNAP FOOTABUSE STELLA - Language: italian!

We spy Stella in a long introduction, alone at home while she does her business - sitting in the kitchen, standing in the bathroom, and making a long phone call with her feet resting on the table for amazing closeups of her soles.

After several minutes, when she walks out of the bathroom, we see an intruder waiting for her behind a corner; just enough time for her to walk past that point, and she is grabbed, and her neck is snapped! Her body collapses dead in the intruder's arms, and he drops it to the floor.
After some camera pans, the intruder carries Stella's limp body into the bedroom and tosses her on the bed. 

There he starts to play with her feet, and it's a pure foot fetish delight! Face up and face down, foot worship, extreme closeups including POV foot worship simulation using GoPro (literally, the foot filling up the screen!)

Starring: Stella
Keywords: necksnap, face_play, feet. handling, inspection, limp_play, reality_pov
    8 minutes

      NYXON MORGUE PT2 - After Nyxon's dead body has been stripped and examined in the morgue, another doctor sneaks in later once no one is in. He starts groping the body, but soon rolls dead Nyxon on her belly and fucks her doggiestyle on the slab (sex is simulated); once he's done he leaves the body there, naked and used.

Run Time: 7:57 minutes
File Size: 349 MB	Format: .WMV
Category: Morgue-CSI
    16 minutes

      NYXON MORGUE PT1 - In the beginning we see Nyxon talking to the camera, speaking about some kind of dangerous thing or mission she's going to do; she looks pretty relaxed and not worried at all, as she has done it many times before and nothing ever happened to her. The scene fades out, and we jump to the day after: her dead body lays on the slab, she has been stabbed on the belly and her dress is stained in blood. It looks like this time things didn't for for Nyxon!
Dr Ammalia steps in and begins the usual investigation on the body --- Inspecting it from head to toes, undressing it and collecting evidence, while things are being filmed using two cameras to always provide the better angle. 
After the inspection has been done and the body lays naked and tagged, Ammalia leaves the room as her task has been done. To be continued...

Run Time: 15:50 minutes
File Size: 695 MB	Format: .WMV
    1 minutes

      ADRIANA AND THE DOCTOR - Adriana is not feeling well; she calls the doctor, who arrives soon to visit her at her place. He makes her think all she needs is an injection and, despite she's quite scared of it, she becomes brave enough and gets it done. But, pretty quickly, the poison he has given her takes effect and she remains dead on the couch. He closes her eyes, and proceeds exposing her naked body, posing it, making fun of that situation, happy that she no longer complains about feeling ill.

Starring: Adriana
Keywords: poison, handling, limp_play
    7 minutes

      QUICKIE STRANGLING ALTSIREN CHLOE - AltSiren is secretly into her housemate Chloe Toy. One day she tells her, and surprisingly Chloe Toy accepts: they start kissing and touching each other on the couch, in a mild but very sensual girl/girl action.
Then, unexpectedly, Chloe Toy grabs a stocking and strangles AltSiren to death from behind. It is a very quick struggle, and AltSiren is finally dead in the arms of her new lover.

Starring: Altsiren and Chloy Toy
Keywords: strangling, lesbian, pantyhose, reality_pov  RUBY UNIFORM NECKSNAP
    10 minutes

      RUBY UNIFORM NECKSNAP - Officer Ruby is protecting an empty room. The situation is under control and she looks extremely confident. Unfortunately, suddenly Betty appears behind her and before Ruby can even realize she has her neck snapped!
Instantly dead, Ruby gets stripped out of her uniform, which is useful for Betty to wear and escape: once she has worn the uniform she takes the place of the dead officer, who gets dumped on the side of the room to be disposed of later.

Starring: Ruby and Betty
Keywords: necksnap, assassin, stripping, inspection, handling
    23 minutes

      JEWELL MARCEAU ZAPPED - Jewell is talking with colleague over mobile, discussing about next hit, assassination of public figure, fixing up details. An agent in plain clothes enters and says, I have information about, you, I need you to tell me about all your plans.
Jewell is upset and keeps denying, she tries to pull a gun. The cop uses a stun stick to neutralize her. She shudders, is stunned, her eyes cross and roll, her tongue protrudes and hangs out of her wide open mouth.  She spread-eagles her on the bed and then removes her bikini top.

Jewell is conscious but zapped, unable to move. The cop starts interrogating her. She insists that she does not know anything. So he then first tickles Jewell to make her laugh and then strangles her. This goes on for some time, tickle, strangle, tickle, strangle until Jewell confesses about her plans. The cop states we can't let this happen and says she has to terminate her.
Jewell starts screaming and wriggling a bit and she uses the stun stick again. She is stunned, her eyes roll and her tongue falls out. She puts two fingers on her throat and presses slowly. Jewell's eyes go wide and start rolling, her tongue comes out and fishes for air and she slowly dies with her tongue out.

The cop closes the eyes and then plays with the Jewell's face, mouth and tongue, eye checks, mouth and tongue.

Starring: Jewell and Stacey
Keywords: strangling, torture, trance, lesbian, spasming, face_play  HEADSHOT VIDEOCHAT HANNAH
    16 minutes

      HEADSHOT VIDEOCHAT HANNAH - The beautiful Hannah is feeling horny. She 'Face Times' a husband of one of her friends and starts teasing him. She masturbates for him and eventually cums. She tells him to come or she'll share the call with his wife. He comes, but he has a gun. He shoots her in a breast and she pleads with him only to receive a bullet in her pretty navel. She looks at him in disbelief when BLAM, the last bullet hits her in the brain. Hannah goes limp and falls naked and dead on the bed. 

Long body pans of her spread legged corpse.

3 shots: chest shot, bellybutton shot, and finally headshot

Starring: Hannah
Keywords: shooting, headshot, assassin, masturbation, reality_pov
    11 minutes


All shot POV

Beautiful Jane comes in and sits in front of guy.....she says she's a consultant ...........we watch her play with her heels, which she slowly starts to dangle to entrance the guy..................she smiles as she does and talks......finally the guy is under.............

She tells him he will do what she says..........she asks for the user name of the company accounts..........he hesitates, but eventually give sit to her.......she then asks for the password......he says he cannot do it.......she need to go deeper under.........she opens her tops and pulls off her bra and entrances him with her tits, moving them slowly side to side.....right she says....what the password.......he gives it to her.........

She takes a laptop and transfers the money................

the guy wakes up and realizes what is happening .......she tires to put him under, but he pulls a gun....headshot ......she falls back in sexy pans.............

Starring: Jane
Keywords: shooting, headshot, reality_pov  CINDY KNIFE SACRIFICE
    13 minutes

      CINDY KNIFE SACRIFICE - Cindy is on her knees, bound and waiting. A guy comes in, holding a knife, ready to cut her throat for the ritual. She is a bit scared but she wants it. There are several minutes of sensual play, exposing and stretching the neck, talking. Then, finally, the guy grabs her by the hair and starts slicing her neck for a long time until she is dead.

The clip is mostly focused on the anticipation, neck play and talking.

Starring: Cindy
Keywords: throatslice, willing, surreal

    Random ENUFF SNUFF Clips more
    4 minutes
      FIONA HANGED - This short clip is very good if you like the preparation (although Fiona starts gasping from the moment in which the noose is placed around her neck, but the effect is nice), but not good if you're into the actual swing, as things are pretty much implied and really quick  there.

Starring: Fiona
Keywords: hanging, execution
    15 minutes
      BONDAGE INVESTIGATOR STRANGLE - Lucy Lume has got access to the flat of a person who is suspected to be a serial murderer. She is searching for pieces of evidences. She has a dictaphone and speaks what she sees "I enterend the flat of the suspiciuos person" - "He is 

not here " Here is a desk". Looking around in the desk she discovers a photo with a bound and gagged woman She is enthusiastic and speaks into the dictaphone �I have it! I knew it! He cannot escape me now� Suddenly she hears a noise, 

turns around, freezes and lifts her hands. She tries to explain that she had not seen anything Then we hear the order of the criminal : "Strip!" She strips till her underwear. 

We see Lucy Lume�s gagged face. She lies on her stomach in a close hogtie,. She is tied with ropes. She doesn't move much. So we have more opportunities for wonderful feet close-ups Her feet are tied parallel and very close to her ass. 

Her toes are tied together with zip-tie, shoelace or tape Lucy Lume moans loud through her gag. She doesn't move much. The bay guy takes the rest of her clothes to reveal her naked body and occasionly he turns her on her side. 

The intruder decides to make an end and makes her stangle herself to death.. .
A lot of camera pans. 

Starring: Lucy Lume
Keywords: strangling, bondage, feet, handling 
168 MB
    17 minutes

2 young innocent schoolgirls sitting on the couch obviously watching a movie – they’re slid right down almost lying on the couch so their skirts ride up slightly. They’re both close together and both have their legs high crossed and entwined with each other and are playfully flirting and stroking each other’s legs. These two girls are close friends and fancy each other. They are teasing each other and start to handgag each other playfully – this escalates as their hands cover each other’s mouths at the same time and they move closer moaning softly. They don’t kiss – they just enjoy listening to their friend mmphing and groaning. You can tell they’re both getting off on this.

-After a while a man surprises them (he’s been watching the show) and forces each girl at gunpoint to make her friend drink some drugged drink (one after another) from a baby bottle or he’ll kill them. He tells them that the girl being given the drug should be lying between the legs of the girl forcing her. One hand feeding her the drug – the other handgagging her between gulps. They’re very frightened and don’t want to do any of this. They don’t want to hurt their friend. The man threatens them and the drug starts to make them feel woozy. They protest as the drug tastes horrible but after a few drinks he makes them force each other to drink more and more.

-They get sleepier and sleepier falling back on the couch, putting each other slowly to sleep. Lots of pleading, sobbing, especially lots of sleepy mmmmphing, moaning and groaning. They are so sorry for doing this to their friend. One girl goes under first frightening her sleepy friend even more and she then begs to be let go but with one hand still gagging her friend, we watch her slowly suck more drugged drink from the baby’s bottle and succumb to the drink. Both girls are now unconscious. Please have the girls’ legs high crossed and linked with the other girl’s as much as possible.

 - When they awake they are tied to 2 chairs side by side but positioned so each girl can see the other. They are still in their uniforms and tied with their hands behind the chair. Their legs have been tied in a high cross-legged position and their skirts have been pulled up enough to reveal lots of leg. The girl’s are gagged with red tape. Each girl’s neck has some ropes around it tying them to the chair and choking them slightly.

- The man points out the rope and tells the girls that they are to be filmed being killed and that they’re going to enjoy it. The girls panic and try to escape from their ropes. After a bit of struggling, their gags are removed and each girl is made drowsy by being forced to drink a special liquid (head tilted back) from the bottle.

- The drink makes each girl slowly become very sleepy and horny. They both keep trying to resist and are continually forced to drink more and more of the liquid. This makes them both even sleepier.
- As each girl gets sleepier, they start trying to make themselves cum by squeezing and rubbing their thighs together. Neither of them want to do this but they can’t help themselves. Kidnapper knows this so he tells them what is happening and that one of the girls will have to watch their friend cum and die first. He forces one of them to drink more and more of the liquid until she starts frantically trying to cum all while she gets get progressively sleepier and hornier.

-Meanwhile the rope is choking her to death as she keeps pulling against it. She knows what’s happening, is frightened and tries to stop but after a while she’s just too sleepy and horny to resist (nice gentle moaning and groaning). Once she’s too far gone the man no longer needs to force her the liquid.

- He leaves them looking at each other’s body and although they struggle at first they begin to feel drowsy and horny. Both know what's happening but both start to get off on watching the other girl choking against the rope around her neck. The drink makes them horny so they start rubbing their thighs together. All the time begging and pleading and getting drowsier and drowsier.
-  They don’t want to die. They don’t want to see their friend die either but they can’t help themselves from getting horny from watching them. They keep apologising for wanting to come but keep going all the time slowly choking themselves. Saying things like “No this can’t be happening”. “I’m sorry. I can’t help it”. Please have lots of groaning and dialogue here – remember the girls are drugged so they’re quite sleepy too.

- Lots of moaning groaning and rubbing their thighs together. One girl finally cums and softly chokes to death before the other and this turns the other girl on even more despite herself. She then starts to build to a MASSIVE orgasm which then too slowly chokes her to death.
-She eventually sleepily chokes herself to death while cumming, pulling with her body to make the rope tighter and give herself pleasure. (Nice moans and grunts – she’s aware of what she’s doing and doesn’t want to die but she can’t help herself – helpless protesting and crying). Please have the video end with soft choking and her eyes closed ( like a sleepy desperation video rather than a death one please). No tongue sticking out.

Starring: Faye and Honour
Keywords: suffocation, bondage, orgasm, reality_pov, pantyhose, torture  SCARLETT AND THE CRAZY MASSEUSE
    16 minutes
      SCARLETT AND THE CRAZY MASSEUSE - Please note this clip is in ITALIAN language!

Scarlett lies on a massage table, in a professional studio; masseuse Ammalia walks in and starts massaging her. As the perv she is, she soon offers her a new "special massage technique", which Scarlett gladly accepts: it is basically a foot worship session, which feels pleasant to Scarlett, so she accepts it even if she thought this is more suitable for private play than for a professional studio.
But Ammalia doesn't have enough, and offers her another special treatment, which Scarlett accepts: she pulls out a magic wand and starts using it on Scarlett's pussy, who experiences a forced, intense orgasm.
Ashamed with herself, Scarlett stands up saying that she's going to report the fact to Ammalia's superiors. Useless to say, the crazy masseuse jumps at her and strangles her to death on the massage bed, using her bare hands. She then covers the body's face using the massage towel and leaves.

Starring: Scarlett and Ammalia
Keywords: strangling, sex, feet
681 MB
    41 minutes
      MESSING WITH THE HOSTAGE - NOTE: These girls are a real, married lesbian couple, so the lesbian scenes are particularly natural and intense

Rascal is a secretary who has the key of a very important office, and Electric and a guy have a plan. One day Electric comes home with Rascal and seduces her: the two get involved in a sweet lesbian scene, with a lot of kissing, and at some point Electric chloroforms Rascal.
The guy appears, and the two carry Rascal's half naked limp body to the bedroom; they put her on the bed, get her keys, and the guy goes out to rob the office. before leaving, they tie Rascal's hand together and the guy recommend Electric not to mess things up. In fact she is a lesbian, and she often messes up with girls.

In fact, as soon as she's alone, Electric begins playing with Rascal's limp body, undressing her completely, licking her feet, her pussy, tits, groping her anywhere. Rascal begins to react a little in her sleep, especially when Electric licks her pussy... Soon the situation gets out of control, with Rascal facesitting Electric who licks her pussy deep, bringing her to wild orgasm (real orgasm).

The two girls relax, Rascal is happy, despite the fact that she has been captured. It looks like Electric still wants to play, and she gently moves Rascal to the edge of the bed, and, while she's not looking, she slips a stocking around her neck and begins strangling her. It's an intense, long strangle but finally Rascal is dead. Electric did it again.

The guy comes back and discovers the mess. Angry, he jumps at Electric and strangles her in the same way, while Rascal's dead body stares into nothingness. In the end, the two naked dead girls lie on the same bed.

Starring: Rascal and Electric
Keywords: strangling, lesbian, chloro, bondage, stripping, orgasm, feet, limp_play

    23 minutes
      DESPERATE FOR BETTER GRADES - Kasia is a mom that wants to get the teacher to give her kid good grades. She meets him (POV) and tries to persuade him, fist by asking, then showing her body to him to excite him, finally making him so hot that he cums.
But, he still refuses.She has filmed him and threatens expose him, so he has to kill her. With an excuse he sneaks behind her and strangles her to death.

Starring: Kasia
Keywords: strangling, stripping, orgasm, reality_pov
255 MB

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