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    Clip Description

    Cindy is in her living room having a LONG phone call with a lot of useless small talk. She didn't realize that hidden behind the couch is a criminal, who is just waiting for her to close the call . During the phone call we hear her sweet naive voice and see her legs and feet moving. Then, finally, she closes the call and she is assaulted (implied).

    Scene opens up again showing Cindy tied up and gagged with tapes, squirming on the couch as she's being molested by the POV camera and another guy. They grope her feet and say bad things to her, while she can just squirm and give angry looks to them.

    Then we see a video message shot on tripod showing the two criminals forcing her to say to the watchers that they have to pay the ransom soon, or they will kill her. Video ends abruptly.

    Final scene shows Cindy still tied up and gagged again. The two criminal approach her; there is something wrong. One of them wraps a tie around her neck and starts pulling. The ransom has not been paid. Poor Cindy realizes they're going to kill her, and starts struggling and squirming but there is not much she can do as she's tied up. Finally, she's dead, eyes open. The criminals are very disappointed that they didn't get the money, and now have to dispose of the body as well. But, first, they look at her once more.

    Clip Duration:      19 minutes
    Format Size
    avi853 MB

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    AKEIRA POISONED FEET - Alone at home, Akeira gets assaulted by a criminal and something gets injected in her neck. Still conscious, she says "please don't kill me" - But the guy answers "I already have", as that's a very powerful poison. She then says "don't kill my husband" - But he replies "You will". She doesn't understand, but there's not much time left. The poison takes effect, first by freezing her, and finally by killing her.
The criminal handles her dead body and carries it into the bedroom. He brushes more poison on her soles, gets her phone and texts the husband pretending to be her, telling him that he will find her asleep but she would like him to wake her up by worshipping her feet, as she has a surprise for him. And, later, all this happens and the husband dies poisoned with his face sunk between her soles.

Starring: Akeira
Keywords: poison, feet, handling, surreal
389 MB

    DOCTOR ADREENA BONDAGE STRANGLE - Doctor Adreena has to deal with one last patient for the day, so she tells her partner in work that he can go home, she will do the job. Alone in the area, she enters the patient's room but doesn't see him. She is assaulted (implied)

Scene fades back in showing the mentally deranged patient finishing tying her up. His plan is to steal her medical coat, badge and stethoscope so he can escape the hospital, as he doesn't like it. Before leaving, he plays with her feet, as she likes them, and gropes her body - But, since she struggles too much in the bondage, he decides to strangle her to death although he originally wanted to do no harm

Starring: Adreena
Keywords: bondage, strangling, medical, feet, limp_play, pantyhose, unconscious
187 MB


Hannah is doing some stretching at home, when a creep sneaks in and assaults her. There is a struggle, but finally he pins her on the couch and manages to snap her neck. She is instantly dead. The creep starts moving her limp floppy body around, groping her, undressing her, providing great shots of her feet, legs and genitals. Hannah always means quality!

Run Time: 8:53 minutes
File Size: 306 MB 	Format: .AVI
Category: Limp/Necro

    TRIPOD STRANGLE ALTSIREN - AltSiren has been kidnapped. She is tied up to a chair, her feet close to the camera, which has been set on a tripod and is recording. The kidnapper wants to get footage of her soles and toes, wrinkling and stretching. He orders her to do that, and, in order "help" her, he starts strangling her from behind using a rope. This causes powerless AltSiren to wrinkle and move her feet more intensely.

At first the strangling is just for that aim, but finally the kidnapper gets taken over and keeps pulling until the girl dies. At that point he moves to her feet, sets the camera closer to the soles and proceeds to wrinkle them by squishing her feet with his hands.

Starring: Altsiren
Keywords: strangling, torture, feet 
469 MB

    THE KINKY THERAPIST - Dr. Faye is a therapist. She specializes in putting people under hypnosis and helping them quit smoking, lose their inhibitions or whatever. But, while they are under, she loves to make them do sexy acts, especially if they are women with sexy feet.
Honour comes to visit Dr Faye. Dr Faye puts her under and has Honour do sexual acts for her, while Faye strips and masturbates. Suddenly Honour wakes to find herself in a compromised position. In a rage she strangles Faye with a stocking. Just then Dr. Faye's assistant Mick comes in and finds his mistress strangled. He strangles Honour in revenge.

Starring: Faye and Honour
Keywords: strangling, trance, masturbation, orgasm
253 MB

    Isabel Tied Up and Strangled - Isabel is looking forward to an evening with a guy she met online; she tells it to a friend at the phone, who is probably not too keen on that. She doesn't care, and when he finally comes, something bad happens (implied).
The video fades back in showing Isabel naked and tied up, struggling in her simple tape bondage; some minutes of this, before the creep comes in and starts playing with her feet for more minutes. In the end he can't let her go, so he sits on her back and strangles her to death using a stocking, while she can do nothing but struggle in her bondage.

Starring: Isabel
Keywords: strangling, bondage, feet


A murdered girl is kept in a trunk by a psycho who has tied some old ropes around her wrists and ankles turning her body into a creepy marionette.
In this very theatrical video we see the limp dead body being moved by the ropes: the hands get driven caressing the bloody face and neck, the legs get raised and the feet rubbed together.

This is a delicious limp fetish delight! Theatrical, different, artistic... made in Italy!

Run Time: 6 minutes
File Size: 188 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Horror

    ALTSIREN INCOMPETENT KIDNAPP - Lavinia is sitting at home reading a book. AltSiren sneaks up behind her, wearing a catwoman mask and chloroforms Lavinia in an awesome struggle.

Scene fades back in showing Lavinia laying on a bed, unconscious and tied up in bondage. AltSiren calls her boss; she is being told not to touch the hostage and not to take her mask off, as she doesn't have to see her at all. She says it's all right, but actually her mask is off and she's going to partially strip and enjoy the unconscious hostage's body for some time. While doing so, Lavinia comes back to consciousness, sees and recognizes her as "the girl from the gym". AltSiren is in trouble: she panicks for one moment, the she realizes she has to kill her. She takes a bag suffocates Lavinia, who can do nothing but struggle as she still is tied up in bondage. Good shots of her struggling feet.

Lavinia is dead, AltSiren is in trouble; she calls her boss and tells him what happened; she tells him she had no choice, she apologizes about it. Shortly after the boss comes, and sees Lavinia is really dead. he gets angry, takes a rope and mercilessly strangles AltSiren right over Lavinia's legs. he puts the bodies one next to the others, takes off AltSiren's top as to disrespect her, and leaves the bodies there for the camera to pan around

Starring: Altsiren and Lavinia
Theme: chloro, strangling, bondage, bagging, feet, accident, bodypile, handling, lesbian, reality_pov

908 MB

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