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    11 minutes

      THE INFORMER AND THE COP - Kitty is sitting comfortably on her couch. Looks like she is watching TV, except for the fact that there is a bullet hole in her forehead and there are crime scene tapes around. POV detective MIck is in, together with cop AltSiren, who has been training in forensic, so she asks him if she can practice on the case. he agrees and invites her to put on the gloves and make some body inspections.
The two keep talking as AltSiren works around Kitty's dead body; they talk about the hit, as well as the person. AltSiren confesses she knows the girl: she had been one of her informers and recently she leaked information about two corrupt cops in the department. One is Tracy Johns, but she didn't learn about the other name in time. Mick is totally shocked to her the name of Tracy Johns and can't believe it. AltSiren confirms it, and when she looks back up she realizes Mick has a gun pointed at her... She immediately understands who's the other agent, but it's too late. Another bullet, another life gone: Cop AltSiren lies piled up dead on her informer's dead body.

Starring: Kitty and Altsiren
Keywords: shooting, headshot, crimescene, feet, inspection
    26 minutes


INTRO (short as the rest of it fills the 20 minutes)
Lavinia is lying on the bed sad because she lost her job when Altsiren comes to visit her. AltSiren and her lover Lavinia sit on the bed; AltSiren seeing Lavinia sad, then AltSiren asking her why are you sad then Lavinia telling I lost my job then AltSiren says to her donít be sad I have great news then AltSiren says to her lover Lavinia because she very trust on her lover Lavinia.
AltSiren won the jackpot on lottery.  Lavinia congratulated her for the prize but she get envy and jealous to AltSiren why she so lucky and why I'm so unlucky.

KISSING (5 minutes)
Then AltSiren and Lavinia start kissing to celebrate then lying down to the bed and continue the kissing

Lavinia gets so frustrated to her lover because AltSiren  always lucky with everything when Lavinia its always unlucky with everything then Altsiren says to Lavinia I give you the half from my jackpot but Lavinia so frustrated to AltSiren that she decide to kill AltSiren and take all the money  Lavinia start think about how she kill Altsiren with no evidence she decide to smother her with a pillow Lavinia ask AltSiren for a pillow fight.

PILLOW FIGHT (3 minutes)

SMOTHERING (4 minutes)
At the end of the  pillow fight Lavinia says to AltSiren who lies on the bed close your eye I have a surpize for you AltSiren close her eyes then Lavinia kiss AltSiren for the last time then Lavinia grab the pillow and hold AltSiren down with the pillow and sit on her and start to smother her to death then Lavinia says to AlltSiren I hate you you always have luck and success in life when I always was unlucky AltSiren starts struggling and fighting but Lavinia donít let AltSiren to breath anymore she push the pillow strongly down to AltSiren face to kill her but AltSiren still fighting for her life itís a long and hard fight AltSiren start getting weak then  Lavinia start getting really angry and push the pillow few time strongly into AltSiren face to finish her off then

AltSiren stop moving and her arm falling down to the bed the Lavinia not was sure AltSiren is dead or not so she keep the pillow on her face one more minute before she lifting the pillow from AltSiren face then Lavinia slowly lifting the pillow from AltSiren  face and she see eyes wildly opend and the fear in her eyes and her mouth wildly opend she still screaming Lavinia check AltSiren pulse to be sure she is death Altsiren body lying on back with wildly open eyes and mount After lover is dead .

BODY PLAY (3 minutes)
Lavinia calm down then Lavinia realize what she done but then was to late Altsiren is dead Then Lavinia want to play with AltSiren body for the last time Lavinia start to undress her to topples and playing with her dead body she start to kiss her lips and kiss her belly then Lavinia give a kiss to AltSiren lips for goodbye.

Lavinia panicks from what she done then she diceded to change her clothes (top jeans tall flat boots) use some makeup  then  leave the room She will deal with it later so Lavinia dressing up completely use some makeup she dress up to top jeans and tall flat boots then she takes the ticket from AltSiren bag. Then Lavinia look back to AltSiren and leaves the room with the ticket

PANS (2 minutes)
Then AltSiren death body showing some minuts her face and her body.

Starring: Altsiren and Lavinia 
Keywords: suffocation, lesbian, necro, limp_play, feet, handling
442 MB
    23 minutes


Kelli and Lauren are rivals for an acting job in a spy thriller starring famous actor. They are told the final exercise is to play a game of strip poker. Who ever wins will get the job. At the same time, they are told that each time someone loses the hand, they have to stab the winner with a fake knife as though they are upset and the winner must act dying. They play the  game while drinking wine. Eventually Kelli wins, but Lauren switches the fake knife for a real knife and stabs Kelli, who dies. But, Lauren did not see Kelli slip in poison into Lauren's drink. Soon she feels bad and dies next to Kelli.

Here is script.Two models come in and are told the rules of the last audition.
- They have to play strip poker.
- take off one article each time they lose
- The loser must pretend stab the winner with fake knife
- in different places each time. (can be stomach stab, throat cut, chest stab etc)
- Winner must do short dying scene (camera pans at the end of each one - eyes sometimes open / sometimes shut)

They start playing.  They chat and play. Good shots of the feet / heels / boobs / bodies.  Each time they strip an article , they do it sexily.

During the game, Kelli gets some wine for them and slips in some poison. They drink.

Eventually both are stripped to just panties and Lauren loses. She takes off panties and pulls (if we can do it) the real knife and grabs Kelli, spins her around holds her across the chest and stabs her in the back.....(so we don't need to see the stab - inferred).

Kelli slips down and dies.  (We can do the blood at lips like you did with Bendy).  Eyes open death stare if possible.

Then Lauren feels the poison. We do a short death by poison scene and she dies next to Kelli. Also blood at lips like with Bendy.

Good body pans of the both

Starring: Kelli and Lauren
Keywords: stabbing, poison, stripping
    16 minutes

      MATURE STRANGLE SCAM - Great acting!

Montse is a business lady come to London. She is head of world bank. After work, she is in search of special sexual pleasure. She goes to special place where she can do breath play.  She wants them to film her so she can masturabate in the hotel to it later.
They (you) take her to a special room with a couch (or could be bed if it is better for you). She takes off her top, bra, skirt, panties and shoes and stockings. Naked. Neatly putting the clothes to the side. She then takes the belt and pays back........she starts to play with her body, tits and pussy while wrapping the belt around her neck and pulling......we do a belt strangle routine...........she cums just as she passes out.............we have some pans of the out cold Montse.
She wakes and is happy. She takes the stockings from the neat pile of clothes, put them on. Then when she picks up her bra, before she can put it on.....a hit man has been sent to strangle her........comes up from behind the couch with a black stocking and strangles her.......for good a strangle routine as you can do. She finally dies.......on the couch. Mouth / eyes open death stare, legs open, paying on back on couch
Good camera pans as I like them.
I loved the death stare Montse did for us before,....with her dark eyes, dark eye liner, dark hair, tongue out, black stocking around the neck.....(some pics attached. Something like this).

Starring: Montse
Keywords: strangling, mature, masturbation, orgasm, reality_pov
204 MB
    10 minutes

      KIDNAPPED WIFE SHOT - Here we do a variation of the kidnapped wife........that is killed at the end
Scene opens..........Cindy is dressed as above, we hear her talking on the phone to her friend about her husband the banker.......always working hard, away, traveling a lot etc etc. (We have good pans f the heels, shoes dangling as she is talking)    After she hangs up.....POV someone(villain)  approaches.....she looks frightened as person gets closer and then we see a flash and screen goes blank........POV like she is knocked out......

Next scene - she wakes bound and gagged..........we have a nice scene of her struggling / moaning in the bounds.........legs, stockings showing (skirt pulled up), breasts / bra look...........this can be on floor in front of couch.....or on couch or bed.......finally the guy comes in and says.POV..stop....we have contacted your husband as soon as he pays we will let you go.........CUT

Final scene she is now on knees, hands tied behind gag........the guy comes in POV again...she looks up and says, well did my husband pay....let me go.......guy says sorry, your husband told us to get rid of you, he will not pay and bang........chest shots and she falls back similar position as above.......body pans and end..........

Starring: Cindy R
Keywords:  shooting, headshot, reality_pov, bondage
    17 minutes

      HEADSHOT THERAPIST FIONA - Fiona is a con artist psychiatrist, she is a psychiatrist and she is a thief: she hypnotizes clients to get their online bank details.

Mick is a very rich guy who comes for therapy with Fiona. They discuss his issues a bit: fetish for feet, heels, legs and boobs.
She says she can help him; she starts by using the watch, then using her legs and heels to further put him under.
Then she takes off her heels and gives him a foot show in the stockings; she then takes off her skirt and top and bra and finally uses her breasts. She is now in panties and stockings.

Between each step she asks him for user name and password of his bank account; each time he refuses, until the final part with the tits, when he finally gives the information.
She says "right just stay there" and takes out a laptop; she puts in the password and username and transfers the money.

She does not see Mick wake from the trans as she is transferring the money; she looks up to see a gun pointed at her.
He says "this is your last heist". She stands with hands in the air shocked asking for him not to kill her, but BANG, between breasts shot.
She looks down and up at him again - Headshot and she falls back dead.

Lots of final body pans as I like them.

Starring: Fiona
Keywords: shooting, headshot, reality_pov
165 MB
    23 minutes

      DESPERATE FOR BETTER GRADES - Kasia is a mom that wants to get the teacher to give her kid good grades. She meets him (POV) and tries to persuade him, fist by asking, then showing her body to him to excite him, finally making him so hot that he cums.
But, he still refuses.She has filmed him and threatens expose him, so he has to kill her. With an excuse he sneaks behind her and strangles her to death.

Starring: Kasia
Keywords: strangling, stripping, orgasm, reality_pov
    15 minutes

      FIONA HOGTIE SELF STRANGLE - Fiona lies on her bed, reading a book when she hears a noise. "Who is there?" - there is nobody to be seen but Fiona spots an intruder and lifts her hands anxiously.

Scene fades back in showing Fiona's beautiful gagged face. She's naked, tied up and gagged, and struggles in the bondage while the camera pans around her for a while.
She moans angry and loud through her gag. She tries to get free by struggling against the ropes and rubbing her feet together. But without any success. 

After a while, the intruder appears and gropes her feet. She moves her feet a bit tries to raise her backside but in vain. She moans angry through her gag.

The scene fades back in again and this time Fiona lies in a hogtie position on her stomach. Her neck is connected with her ankles by a rope. She will be strangled. Her hands are tightly bound on her back and her ankles are tied together very close. 
She tries to get free by struggling against the tapes and rubbing her feet together. But without any success, until eventually she dies. 

We have camera pans on the dead body.

Starring: Fiona
Keywords: strangling, bondage, feet 
194 MB
    19 minutes

      BETRAYED MISTRESS STELLA - Stella is a beautiful but cruel mistress and Nina is her groveling slave. After a quick drink Stella demands that Nina tend to her feet. The slave strips down to her panties and begins to rub her mistress' feet. Once Nina has completed her task, Stella tells her slave to kneel and wait. Predatorily, Stella sneaks up from behind her slave, slips a stocking around her throat and strangles her to death. Now that Nina has breathed her last, the murderous Mistress stands and realizes that she feels strange. More than strange, Stella is dying! The drink! The drink was poisoned! Nina gets her post mortem revenge as Stella collapses dead on her own victim. 

Starring: Stella
Keywords: strangling, poison, lesbian, spasming, feet
    27 minutes

      TWINS TRAGEDY LAVINIA - Lavinia plays the parts of two twin sisters: Tracy, a policewoman, and Lavinia, a woman who easily gets in trouble with the wrong companies.
Lavinia calls her sister, telling her that she is in trouble as she stole some money from gangsters and they have found out. She looks and sounds very nervous. Tracy immediately realizes how dangerous the situation is, and tells her to stay there as she's coming.
Lavinia moves into the bedroom and is unexpectedly assaulted by a criminal, who strangles her to death in a long and intense struggle. Lavinia struggles for several minutes but eventually she's dead.
The criminal strips her body naked to open legs, ragdolling her on the bed, and finally spends some minutes admiring dead Lavinia's figure. he hears a noise, and immediately goes to hide himself.
Agent Tracy enters the house, calls for her sister Lavinia, but gets no reply. She walks around the house, getting worried, until in the end she gets into the bedroom and faces her sister's dead naked body. She can't believe that, she walks backward out of the room and gets surprised by the criminal, who points a gun at her. She tries to calm him down and in fact he puts the gun down, but actually he walks closer, pins her to the wall and in a struggle he breaks her neck.
Dead Tracy slides down dead, and the camera pans on the body.

Starring: Lavinia
Keywords: necksnap, stripping, strangling, handling, limp_play 
1220 MB

    Random ENUFF SNUFF Clips more
    24 minutes
      LEXY DEAD SWIMMER HANDJOB - This is the same story as "Dead Swimmer Blackmail 2", but with a different model and more begging attitude.

An italian videomaker sneaks into some strange place; he doesn't know what it is, but it looks like a hospital or something like that. He keeps filming using his camera. There is something covered by a sheet; he's curious, but nearly freaks out when he feels a human shape underneath.
He takes the sheet off and reveals the body of a young girl, dressed in a swim outfit, and she seems to be asleep. He find out she's dead. He keeps filming, as he believes that unusual video is going to provide many extra visits to his website. To make it more interesting, he decides to take the costume off, revealing the dead swimmer's intimacy to the camera.
Useless to say groping that beautiful body excites him, so he starts using her dead hand on his penis, in a sort of dead handhob... But, unexpectedly, the dead swimmer wakes up from death and they're both shocked - But he keeps filming, realizing this is going to bring even more visits to his website.

When the girl realizes what happened, and that video footage of her being dead and exposed is going to be disclosed on the internet she goes desperate, as this is going to riun her life. The videomaker offers her a deal: he will keep filming but will not publish the explicit part, but she has to agree to give some spreads and closeups to the camera, and finally finish what he was doing by giving him a handjob. She is totally desperate, and not into it, but she has to obey, there's nothing she can do about it!

Starring: Lexy
Keywords: sex, stripping, handling, reality_pov,inspection, surreal  BONDAGE CSI BENDY 2
    15 minutes
      BONDAGE CSI BENDY 2 - This is essentially a remake of "Bondage CSI Bendy": new video shot over the same custom script.

Bendy's dead body lays hogtied on a bed, in a dark room; part of the bondage wrapped her neck and she ended up strangling herself helplessly. A detective enters the room and starts inspecting the body. As he inspects, flashbacks show us the moments which lead to Bendy's demise... From the evening in which she dated a psycho who ended up tying her up like that, to the very final moments in which she struggled strangling herself.
The detective is going to mess the crime scene up: he focuses his inspection on the corpse's gorgeous feet, until he gets excited and starts worshipping her soles, sucking the toes and sliding his tongue between them, in the darkness, while Bendy's open eyes can no longer see him and she can only let him do what he wants with her gorgeous body...

Starring: Bendy
Keywords: strangling,bondage, crimescene, inspection, feet
372 MB
     Isabel Tied Up and Strangled
    17 minutes
      Isabel Tied Up and Strangled - Isabel is looking forward to an evening with a guy she met online; she tells it to a friend at the phone, who is probably not too keen on that. She doesn't care, and when he finally comes, something bad happens (implied).
The video fades back in showing Isabel naked and tied up, struggling in her simple tape bondage; some minutes of this, before the creep comes in and starts playing with her feet for more minutes. In the end he can't let her go, so he sits on her back and strangles her to death using a stocking, while she can do nothing but struggle in her bondage.

Starring: Isabel
Keywords: strangling, bondage, feet  ALTSIREN TIED UP AND STRANGLED
    14 minutes
      ALTSIREN TIED UP AND STRANGLED - Agent AltSiren sneaks into a criminal\\\'s apartment and finds some documents which can send him to jail. Unfortunately she is surprised by him, stripped, tied up and gagged (off camera). The scene fades back in showing her struggle in ropes, for several minutes, with special attention on her luscious soles. The criminal comes in, and starts groping and worshipping these feet while she can\\\'t do nothing but protest.
Scene fades back in showing AltSiren has been hogtied, and a rope goes around her neck. The criminal watches her self-strangling demise, until she lays dead in the hogtie. Then, undisturbed, he moves to her feet and spends some more time enjoying and worshipping them, as she can no longer protest.

Starring: Altsiren
Keywords: bondage, strangling, feet
608 MB
    11 minutes
      YOUNG JODIE HANGS - Real life sisters Carley and Jodie are sitting together discussing about making money. Jodie wants to shoot a fake suicide clip to be sold on the internet, as she believes that would earn well; her plan is to step on a pile of books and make it look like she's hanging down from a door. Carley is seriously worried about it, and tells her not to do it and that she's not going to help her at this.

Obviously Jodie doesn't listen to her and, once alone, she puts a camera on a tripod and shoots a very amateurish video of her fake suicide by hanging. Later on, she shows it to Carley, who is actually surprised about the result and sees Jodie is still alive. She volunteers to help her by doing some better camera work than tripod, but it has to be one time only. Jodie agrees.
So they do a second video of her fake suicide, and this time it looks better; they are both satisfied when they watch the video back, later. Carley goes and recommends Jodie not to do it again. 

Of course Jodie doesn't listen to her, and, as soon as she's alone, she goes to the noose and does it again. But something goes wrong, her foot slips off the books and she hangs, this time to death, after a desperate struggle with the noose which kept her suspended. Carley is going to find dead Jodie very soon...

Run Time: 11:17 minutes
File Size: 519 MB 	Format: .WMV
    19 minutes
      CONTORTIONIST BONDAGE AND SUFFOCATION - Model Bendy comes in (POV) as she's supposed to shoot a custom; she reads the script and seems to be fine with everything. She starts by performing some contortions as a warm-up; then she is asked by the POV producer to assume the position for the custom, the classic feet behind head which became so popular.
Once she is in that position, she agrees to have her ankles tied up together, as that's part of the custom; the producer does the bondage, and at that point Bendy is locked and totally unable to move out of that position; that's when he whispers something horrible in her ear... Her eyes open wide in horror, she tries to escape but she can't! He firmly places his hand on her nose and mouth and prevents her to breathe: she is getting suffocated!
It is a nice long struggle, part of it POV so you get really involved in the scene; we also see her spread open legs trying to convulse, but she's helplessly locked in that position and there's nothing she can do but dying... At some point she collapses, goes limp, eyes open: she's dead!
The creep plays with her breasts, face, and focuses on limp play in that position. Her eyes stay open in a death stare, almost until the end of the clip. At some point he releases her ankles and her body collapses in a more relaxed position.
You will be simply perturbed by these spread thighs and luscious soles so exposed!

Starring: Bendy
Keywords: bondage, suffocation, handling, limp_play, reality_pov, feet, face_play
850 MB

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