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    Most Recent ENUFF SNUFF Videos! more
    17 minutes

      DEAD COP CHLOE TOY - Officer Chloe is standing guard talking on the phone with her superiors, she is about to give the all clear sign when suddenly she is jumped from behind by our villainesses, she is put in a sleeper hold, she struggles hard and the only way of silencing her is by snapping her neck!! After the cracking sound she instantly goes quiet and limp, her hat falls of and she is slowly lowered down in
a sitting position on the floor. The villainess whispers in her ear that she is going to love being her new doll.

She shakes the body wildly as if to taunt the dead policewoman’s inapacity to react. She pinches her cheek and then kisses it, she plays with her mouth making her lifeless lips smile, she also opens it and checks to see her teeth. She does eye checks on both eyes, tilts the head backwards and forwards and from side to side. Then she plays with her hair in a sexy manner puts her arm around
her, gropes one of her breasts and takes a selfie with her.

She continues touching her breasts trough the uniform and then moves to the legs, she uncrosses them, feels them up to the tip of the heels, squeezes her inner thighs, as she slightly pulls up her skirt from the front, the she starts "practicing kicks" by making the legs go up and down, one by one, and then both at the same time.

She finishes the leg display by opening them wide and getting and open leg upskirt panty shot.
The dead officer’s upper body leans forward as if she were protesting the disrespect

After that she grabs both her legs and drags her out of the couch to the floor. First she’s on her back dragged by the legs. Then she gets flipped over on her stomach with her arms extended upwards and the dragging continues, the camera focusing on her ass until the villainess stops the dragging and decides to grope it for a protracted amount of time, while also bending her legs and removing her shoes.

Once the groping and leg worship is done she places the body on its side and lets the camera have a nice close-up of the ass with pulled up skirt and visible thong while also shaking it a bit.
Back on the couch, she now initiates the stripping; she removes her shirt and bra, caresses her naked breasts and firm
gut; She unbuckles her belt and then turns her around and places her front against the couch. She smacks her ass still covered in the short skirt; she decides to pull it up so she can remove her thong followed by the skirt itself which are left dangling on her ankles as she leaves!

Starring: Altsiren and Chloe Toy
Keywords: necksnap, stripping, face_play, handling, inspection
    17 minutes


2 young innocent schoolgirls sitting on the couch obviously watching a movie – they’re slid right down almost lying on the couch so their skirts ride up slightly. They’re both close together and both have their legs high crossed and entwined with each other and are playfully flirting and stroking each other’s legs. These two girls are close friends and fancy each other. They are teasing each other and start to handgag each other playfully – this escalates as their hands cover each other’s mouths at the same time and they move closer moaning softly. They don’t kiss – they just enjoy listening to their friend mmphing and groaning. You can tell they’re both getting off on this.

-After a while a man surprises them (he’s been watching the show) and forces each girl at gunpoint to make her friend drink some drugged drink (one after another) from a baby bottle or he’ll kill them. He tells them that the girl being given the drug should be lying between the legs of the girl forcing her. One hand feeding her the drug – the other handgagging her between gulps. They’re very frightened and don’t want to do any of this. They don’t want to hurt their friend. The man threatens them and the drug starts to make them feel woozy. They protest as the drug tastes horrible but after a few drinks he makes them force each other to drink more and more.

-They get sleepier and sleepier falling back on the couch, putting each other slowly to sleep. Lots of pleading, sobbing, especially lots of sleepy mmmmphing, moaning and groaning. They are so sorry for doing this to their friend. One girl goes under first frightening her sleepy friend even more and she then begs to be let go but with one hand still gagging her friend, we watch her slowly suck more drugged drink from the baby’s bottle and succumb to the drink. Both girls are now unconscious. Please have the girls’ legs high crossed and linked with the other girl’s as much as possible.

 - When they awake they are tied to 2 chairs side by side but positioned so each girl can see the other. They are still in their uniforms and tied with their hands behind the chair. Their legs have been tied in a high cross-legged position and their skirts have been pulled up enough to reveal lots of leg. The girl’s are gagged with red tape. Each girl’s neck has some ropes around it tying them to the chair and choking them slightly.

- The man points out the rope and tells the girls that they are to be filmed being killed and that they’re going to enjoy it. The girls panic and try to escape from their ropes. After a bit of struggling, their gags are removed and each girl is made drowsy by being forced to drink a special liquid (head tilted back) from the bottle.

- The drink makes each girl slowly become very sleepy and horny. They both keep trying to resist and are continually forced to drink more and more of the liquid. This makes them both even sleepier.
- As each girl gets sleepier, they start trying to make themselves cum by squeezing and rubbing their thighs together. Neither of them want to do this but they can’t help themselves. Kidnapper knows this so he tells them what is happening and that one of the girls will have to watch their friend cum and die first. He forces one of them to drink more and more of the liquid until she starts frantically trying to cum all while she gets get progressively sleepier and hornier.

-Meanwhile the rope is choking her to death as she keeps pulling against it. She knows what’s happening, is frightened and tries to stop but after a while she’s just too sleepy and horny to resist (nice gentle moaning and groaning). Once she’s too far gone the man no longer needs to force her the liquid.

- He leaves them looking at each other’s body and although they struggle at first they begin to feel drowsy and horny. Both know what's happening but both start to get off on watching the other girl choking against the rope around her neck. The drink makes them horny so they start rubbing their thighs together. All the time begging and pleading and getting drowsier and drowsier.
-  They don’t want to die. They don’t want to see their friend die either but they can’t help themselves from getting horny from watching them. They keep apologising for wanting to come but keep going all the time slowly choking themselves. Saying things like “No this can’t be happening”. “I’m sorry. I can’t help it”. Please have lots of groaning and dialogue here – remember the girls are drugged so they’re quite sleepy too.

- Lots of moaning groaning and rubbing their thighs together. One girl finally cums and softly chokes to death before the other and this turns the other girl on even more despite herself. She then starts to build to a MASSIVE orgasm which then too slowly chokes her to death.
-She eventually sleepily chokes herself to death while cumming, pulling with her body to make the rope tighter and give herself pleasure. (Nice moans and grunts – she’s aware of what she’s doing and doesn’t want to die but she can’t help herself – helpless protesting and crying). Please have the video end with soft choking and her eyes closed ( like a sleepy desperation video rather than a death one please). No tongue sticking out.

Starring: Faye and Honour
Keywords: suffocation, bondage, orgasm, reality_pov, pantyhose, torture
    19 minutes

      DEAD PONY - Faye is a business lady that comes home from work. She takes shit from her boss Tracy all day, every day. To relieve her stress, when she comes home, she takes it out on her slave pony Chloe, who is patiently waiting for her mistress. Faye calls her Pony Tracy and she makes her walk, crawl and do humilating things. She makes her masturbate until Chloe cums and at the same time, she masturbates and they cum together. She then strangles Chloe until she unconscious. After this Faye is relived of stress and can have a nice evening.

Today, she comes home extra as her boss has been giving her a very bad day as usual. She goes through the same routine with her Pony Chloe. Only she is very angry and at the end, she goes too far and strangles her Pony dead.

When she realizes what she's done........she takes some poison an dies next to her beloved Pony Chloe.

Starring: Faya and Chloe Toy
Keywords: strangling, poison, masturbation, orgasm, lesbian, feet
    10 minutes

      CARLEY ROMANTIC STRANGLE - Carley lies comfortably while a guy is being nice to her: caressing her face, massaging her neck, being very gentle... But, the thing subtly builds up to the point that Carley finds herself being strangled by him, but still someway in a gentle way.

Once she is dead, the guy plays with her limp hands and her face.

Starring: Carley
Keywords: strangling, face_play, limp_play, surreal
    22 minutes


Kasia has some to UK to interview for job of highly paid personal assistant for special mysterious client Obren. Mick is the recruiter and has to film the interview for Obren. Mick's instruction - applicant either passes and gets the job - or is killed at the end of the interview.

Opening scene
Kasia comes in for the interview. Mick explains the job is for highly paid PA for special client Obren
He explains the applicant needs look good in heels, be sexy, smile a lot and be ready for strangle services. But no sex. He explains needs to test her. She says OK. he explains he will film the interview. 
They go live on camera..........

POV: Mick asks her to state her name.....then asks her to show her sexy look to the camera, her smile to show her legs, heels, feet, (she sits and does dangling of shoes), shoes the feet. She shows off he boobs through her top, then pulls up or unbuttons the top and pulls put her tits. Always she is smiling and looking at the camera. 
Mick then says, she needs to chloroform herself and let him play with her feet as it will be part of the job.......he gives her a rag.........she does a good willing self chloro scene - and falls out cold........try to make it last a bit and do some eyes flicker.......
Mick then does eye checks, some rag dolling to the camera of the limp Kasia and then finally some good foot worship / foot play. 
Mick goes back behind the camera as Kasia wakes......he tells her to strip off clothes to just stockings and show her body (as explicit as she is comfortable to do)...........she does it........she always smiles in sexy way to the camera...........
Finally Mick says....thanks........that's it.......she asks if she got the job......she then sees the gun and has a shocked look.......BANG, headshot and she falls back dead........Mick explains that she did not get the job and so he had to dispose of the candidate as per his instructions............

Nice pans of the dead body as usual, close ups and full body....eye open death stare of she can do it and legs open, if she will do it.  

Starring: Kasia
Keywords: shooting, headshot, reality_pov, mature  CORPSE FEE BRIONY
    5 minutes

      CORPSE FEE BRIONY - Briony's corpse lies dead on the morgue table, covered with a sheet. It's dark and there is nobody in the room. Maybe it's night.
An attendant walks in, pulls the sheet up uncovering her bare feet, and starts recording video footage with his camera, for a later wank. The closeups are impressive, and the contrasted light emphasizes the softness of the curvy, fleshy dead soles.
Once he's done, he leaves; Briony will not tell anybody about what he did to her...

Starring: Briony
Keywords: morgue, feet, reality_pov
    12 minutes

      CRIME SCENE LILY MARIE - This clip is a set of slow pans on Lily Marie's dead body, posed in multiple ways and different locations. Death is by strangulation, once by poisoning. Eyes are open all the time

Starring: Lily Marie
Keywords: strangling, crimescene, suicide
    16 minutes


A young very innocent schoolgirl is sitting on the couch watching tv – usually with her legs high crossed but sometimes she spreads her legs revealing her panties. Lots of rubbing of her legs and breasts and body. She’s sexy and she knows it.
- Her daddy comes home and is angry at her girl for being such a slut with her tight clothes and short skirt. Despite her crying and begging he forces her to sexily strip down to her underwear keeping her shoes on and fondle her breasts for him.  He forces her to drink some drugged drink from a baby bottle and as she slowly succumbs to the drug he gets her to crawl around the floor on all fours still sucking the  drink from the bottle
-After that he makes her sit down again and after tying her hands behind her wrists with rope (you can do this quickly as it should be out of sight) he holds the bottle to her lips and  forces her to suck out more and more of the drug. Lots of woozy eye rolling and moaning as she slowly goes under until she passes out.
- She wakes up still in her underwear, socks and shoes tied and gagged tied to a chair. A thick black choker has been tied around her neck   (tie like before will do) Her hands are tied together in front of her with rope and she is grunting and moaning trying to get free. Keep her legs high crossed. Lots and lots of whimpering and moaning.
-Her daddy comes in - removes gag saying things like "you have been a very bad girl. You must be punished. You want to dress like a slut then i’ll treat you like a slut”.
-He  forces her to drink some more of the drink to keep her calm. Girl pleading and slowly gets drowsier. She sleepily protests and is groggy the whole time. Have her frightened with lots of begging and pleading and saying “Daddy” a lot through this – saying things like “Please don’t.” “Dont kill me daddy.” “I dont want to die.” “I’ll be good daddy”. She can't believe her daddy wants to kill her.  Daddy starts to hypnotise her with a watch and to break down her resistance he keeps making her drink the drug again and again all the time hypnotising her to want to be killed. Finally she is nearly out and begins talking in a monotone begging to be killed “please kill me daddy” – she begs to be killed several times.
- while she's still begging for her daddy to kill her,  daddy puts a thick white noose around her neck and pulls tight on it gently stretching her neck (please have her mostly keep her legs crossed.  Lots of squirming – lots of emphasis on her drowsy face with slightly parted lips and sleepy eye rolling. ). She's so woozy. She slowly and gently chokes to death with lots of soft moaning and groaning and soft choking grunts. She’s content to die as she’s finally a good girl. Have her slowly passes out like it’s a sleepy fetish video not a necro one. No tongue sticking out - lips slightly parted as if asleep and eyes closed at end.  

Starring: Lauren
Keywords: strangling, bondage, hanging, suffocation, willing, reality_pov, trance
    14 minutes

      DETECTIVE KASIA FOOT WORSHIP STRANGLE - Agent Kasia is looking for some evidence in the house of a criminal; she finds what she was looking for, but unfortunately the creep catches her and forces her to strip. She is then assaulted (implied).
Scene fades back on a bed, where the girl wakes up naked, hogtied with ropes and gagged. The creep comes in and starts groping and worshipping her feet, as the detective protests helplessly through the gag.
At some point the creep decides to strangle her, so he sits on her and does it using a stocking. Muscular Kasis struggles like a horse, but there is not much she can do...

Starring: Kasia
Keywords: strangling, bondage, feet  LESBIAN LOVERS STABBING
    21 minutes

      LESBIAN LOVERS STABBING - The two girls are lovers and they have decided to do a suicide pact. Before they end their lives they want to make love one more time. They start kissing and tongue licking and then eventually start taking each other’s clothes off. They then take turns licking each other’s belly buttons and pussies.

The lesbian scene goes on for a while, then they then grab a knife and then stab themselves in the center of their torso. They then die a slow and painful death and they die in a sexy pose together, with eyes closed and their faces looking at each other and close enough to where their mouths are almost touching.

Starring: Brook and Chloe Toy
Keywords: stabbing, willing, lesbian, masturbation, oral, orgasm, suicide, bloody

    Random ENUFF SNUFF Clips more
    11 minutes
      SNIPERS ROXANA 3 - In this clip, agent Roxana finds herself surrounded. She fires several bullets killing several snipers, and in the meantime she gets hit many times. Soon she's running out of bullets, she has to use them better by choosing the worse snipers. When she runs out of bullets, she lets the remaining snipers kill her, without losing her courage and dignity.

There are no special effects except for the shooting sounds.

Starring: Roxana
Keywords: shooting, reality_pov, suicide, surreal, willing
    26 minutes
      ELLIE STRANGLES MONTSE - Lesbian business woman Montse has an unusual punker lover. She's young, sweet and weird. one day, during some intimacy, she unexpectedly goes nuts and strangles the business woman to death. Good explicit shots

Starrring: Ellie and Montse
Keywords: strangling, lesbian, stripping, limp_play, feet, mature, inspection
1210 MB
    15 minutes
      BONDAGE CSI BENDY 2 - This is essentially a remake of "Bondage CSI Bendy": new video shot over the same custom script.

Bendy's dead body lays hogtied on a bed, in a dark room; part of the bondage wrapped her neck and she ended up strangling herself helplessly. A detective enters the room and starts inspecting the body. As he inspects, flashbacks show us the moments which lead to Bendy's demise... From the evening in which she dated a psycho who ended up tying her up like that, to the very final moments in which she struggled strangling herself.
The detective is going to mess the crime scene up: he focuses his inspection on the corpse's gorgeous feet, until he gets excited and starts worshipping her soles, sucking the toes and sliding his tongue between them, in the darkness, while Bendy's open eyes can no longer see him and she can only let him do what he wants with her gorgeous body...

Starring: Bendy
Keywords: strangling,bondage, crimescene, inspection, feet
    8 minutes
      HANDLING STRANGLED AMBER - Amber is strangled in the opening scene, while gagged and tied to a chair. When the stocking gets pulled off her neck, a nice mark is revealed. The killer moves her body on the bed and handles her limp hands mostly, for some time. Focus is on the strangle mark and eyes open.

Starring: Amber
Keywords: strangling, handling, limp_play, reality_pov

Run Time: 08:05
355 MB
    10 minutes
      SEVERED LEG NIGHTMARE - AltSiren goes out to a party; she probably comes home drunk, as that night she has a very bad nightmare: she lays in the darkness with her leg severed below the knee. Her lower leg and foot is there, all bloody, and she cannot reach it as some evil hands are touching the severed leg undisturbed.
She wakes up abruptly, still scared by the nightmare. She has pain in the leg, and she is in shock when seeing the lower part of it dropping onto the floor. It is a strong pain, and desperation, as there is nothing she can do but wrapping bandage around her leg stump, and calling for help... 

Starring: Altsiren
Keywords: bloody, torture, surreal
    12 minutes
      KILLING RIVALS  LAVINIA - Differently from the rest of the series, this clip starts with Lavinia drressing up for a date, very excited. She looks at herself in the mirror, tries different shoes, puts jewellery and make up on... At some point the bell rings and the rest of the clip is a remake of the famous "Heartless" movie scene, where a woman opens the door and is shot point blank in the head, and then jewellery is taken off her body. 

Starring: Lavinia
Keywords: shooting, headshot
535 MB

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