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    17 minutes

      SUICIDAL AGENT TASHA - Agent Tasha comes from really far away, carrying some vital documents with her. That was her task, and once the documents were delivered, she asks for a glass of water; when she is not seen, she puts some powder in the glass and drinks it.
When the guy asks if she needs any kind of delivery receipt she tells him that she will be fine, she is going to die as she has just poisoned the drink. Some people will come around to pick up her body later, and the body itself will be the proof of delivery. Also, she tells him not to be afraid, he will be fine, everything went as planned.
So the guy starts having a look at the documents, trying to distract himself, as beautiful Tasha falls into a deadly sleep. He can't actually concentrate as he has made plans. In fact, pretty soon he checks her out and realizes she's gone. he will have some time before the body is picked up, so...
He strips the body naked, gropes these massive tits of hers, worships her feet. He gives himself a footjob and cums all over her freshly dead soles.  TRICKED KITTY
    13 minutes

      TRICKED KITTY - Mick (POV) and AltSiren are an evil duo: they met Kitty at the bar, tricked her and brought her home, where AltSiren entertains her while Mick films everything POV. Kitty feels a bit embarrassed but tries not to make it visible. AltSiren acts very playful and friendly, but suddenly grabs a stocking and strangles Kitty to death.
Once Kitty is gone, Altsiren starts undressing her, inspecting her body and performing some limp play; that goes on for a while, while Mick keeps filming. Finally, Mick wants to go, but AltSiren wants to stay longer and play more. Mick gets furious, sneaks behind her and strangles AltSiren as well with a stocking. In the end he remains alone, with two dead beautiful girls...
    24 minutes

      ASSAULT ELLIE - Ellie comes in; she sits on couch and calls a friend to make a date to go to club. She mentions  that a weird guy followed her, but he disappeared.  She says being followed turned her on and laughs. She hangs up. The weird guy sneaks up. She is chloroformed in a struggle.

The guy then positions her over the arm of the couch and starts to explore her ass through her clothes, lifting the skirt and pushing the pants to the side. Pussy views from back. He goes to her feet and takes off her shoes, leaving her in socks. He then removes her skirt and then her panties and explores her ass / pussy  from behind.

After a while, he moves onto couch and positions Ellie is sitting position with her behind him. He takes off her top and bra and plays with her tits. She is just in socks. He then takes out a thin rope and gets in position to strangle her. She starts to wake and he starts to strangle her. Good strangle, feet pumping, pussy views. Finally she is dead. Eyes on death stare.

Next she is positioned over edge of couch face up, one leg on, other off, pussy open.  Socks on. Eyes open death stare. Long slow camera pans and extreme close ups.
Next, she is positioned over arm of couch, face down, legs open to show ass / pussy, and again eye open death stare. Long slow camera pans as above.

Finally, the creep takes off one of her socks and wanks over her bare foot.

Starring: Ellie
Keywords: Strangle, Foot fetish  STUDENT CSI LAUREN
    13 minutes

      STUDENT CSI LAUREN - Lauren is the most famous student of her school. She wears a school girl uniform with scarf. Today

she have a meeting with her professor. She must to explain her bad grades... during her conversation

she tries to seduce him with some caress with her feets, her hands. She knows how to manipulate

men. He proposes her a glass of wine and secretely she drugs her glass. The professor faints. During

this time she takes her memory card, sits down at the desk and tries to modificate her grades on the

laptop of the professor.

[POV style]Someone not visible approach behind her. She returns herself and says "Who are you?!"

[black screen]

The poor professor wakes up one hour after. He searchs Lauren and found her... strangled to death

lying on his desk !

Killed by her own scarf wrapping around her neck. Her blouse is wide open. Her eyes are open

(always open), her tongue is slighly out. He checks her pulse.

He see one of her hands is closed when he opens it gently he discovers the memory card !

After that he takes the dead body and dispose her on the ground and tries to reanimate her with cpr

but she is definetely gones !

He removes the scarf and discovers the strangulation marks (makeup ? :) ) he caresses her neck and

moves her face to left from right. He removes her clothes one by one until she wears only her sexy

lingerie. He plays with her beautiful hands/fingers, lets drops it.

He must hide the body before an another student comes... so he drags the body in an another place.

Starring: Lauren
Keywords: Strangling, CSI
    10 minutes

      STRANGLED MODEL NAUSICA - Nausica is a young model; she is shooting some normal pictures with a photographer, taking different poses, until the camera battery goes down and the guy has to go downstairs to get another one, leaving the girl alone.
Nausica sits on a bed nearby, and she is suddenly assaulted by someone who strangles her from behind, wrapping a rope around her neck. The strangling scene is very good.
Once she is dead, the killer dumps her body on the bed and disappears.

The photographer comes back into the room and discovers the dead body of Nausica. He removes the rope around her neck and discovers a red mark. He checks her pulse but she is definitely dead.
Instead of seeking for help, he starts to play with her body a bit, and decides to take some more pictures of this beautiful dead model.

Starring: Nausica
Keywords: Strangle, Asphyxia  BLACKMAIL OR PUBLISH
    12 minutes

      BLACKMAIL OR PUBLISH - Electric is a reporter, while Rascal works at the town hall. They are lovers. Electric found out about Mayor Tracy Johns corruption scandals and also her sexual fetishes. But, she needed evidence expose her. So, Rascal used her access at the town hall to get the files.

Rascal comes home and finds Electric there. Electric has the disk. They discuss whether to print the story and expose Tracy Johns or blackmail her for money. Before they can decide , their lust takes over and they figure they can decide later. First, they wanted to enjoy each other and do so.

As they are exploring each other, a hit man has them in his sights. He lets them have some fun and then kills the women before taking the disk and leaving. 

Starring: Electric, Rascal
Keywords: Assasin, Headshot, Lesbian, Oral, Shooting
    6 minutes

      THREE STRANGLINGS PORTIA - This is a set of 3 strangle scenes, shot in one realistic take but using different shooting techniques:
1) POV, hand held high quality camera;
2) POV, chest mounted GoPro;
3) Tripod

Each scene starts as a sensual neck massage which suddenly turns into an evil strangle. Portia's performance is great!  SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP
    28 minutes

      SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP - Caroline P is a US agent and Lauren is UK agent. They meet on a joint assignment. Caroline says she's agent C from CIA. Lauren says she's agent L from MI6.
Caroline P the experienced spy talks about "special relationship" between them. Lauren the inexperienced spy asks what is it.C says she will show her.

C takes a rag and chloroforms L (good chloro scene)

C then rag dolls L, slowly stripping her clothes until is naked expect stockings. C then does some foot worship on the out cold L. Lots of foot play, body play, breast shots and good shots of the two.

Then C gets a call, it's from KGB. C is a double agent. She is told to kill Agent L
C then takes a stocking from L and gets behind her just a L wakes up. She asks whats going on, but C attacks and strangles her to death.
Once L is dead, she falls limp with eyes open death stare.

Next,  C is turned on by L's hot dead body, so she strips off her own clothes to stockings and starts to play with L dead feet..........and checkout her body............Imagine L does not want things to get too explicit, so this part can be mild......C gets excited......she doesn't see a sniper is pointing at her... So, while worshipping Lauren's dead feet, she gets a bullet in her head!  falls back (legs open / eyes open) and we have good body pans of the you know I like them......

Starring: Caroline, Lauren
Keywords: Strangle, Shooting
    30 minutes

      RAGDOLL STRANGLE STELLA - Stella is visiting a friend but she feels very tired after a long journey. The creep friend gives her a drugged drink and she soon falls deep asleep. At that point the creep takes off her shoes and starts inspecting her feet, playing with them. he also ragdolls limp Stella, plays with her face, performs eye inspections, limp hand drops and much more.
He rolls the body on her belly and goes on with some good foot worship, but after a while Stella wakes up and catches him in the act. He has to kill her. He grabs a stocking and sneaks behind her, delivering a spectacular strangle.
Once she's dead, he goes on ragdolling the body.

Starring: Stella
Keywords: Face play, Feet, Footjob, Handling, Inspection, Limp play, Reality pov, Strangling, Unconscious  HOSTAGE BRIONY SHOT
    11 minutes

      HOSTAGE BRIONY SHOT - This clip is focused on the blouse mostly: it contains continuous short pulling in a kidnapping/interrogation scenario with bondage. The kidnapper has a gun, and he will end up using it by resting it on the side of Briony's head and silencing her forever...

Starring: Briony
Keywords: Bondage, Headshot, Shooting

    Random ENUFF SNUFF Clips more
    19 minutes
      CONTORTIONIST BONDAGE AND SUFFOCATION - Model Bendy comes in (POV) as she's supposed to shoot a custom; she reads the script and seems to be fine with everything. She starts by performing some contortions as a warm-up; then she is asked by the POV producer to assume the position for the custom, the classic feet behind head which became so popular.
Once she is in that position, she agrees to have her ankles tied up together, as that's part of the custom; the producer does the bondage, and at that point Bendy is locked and totally unable to move out of that position; that's when he whispers something horrible in her ear... Her eyes open wide in horror, she tries to escape but she can't! He firmly places his hand on her nose and mouth and prevents her to breathe: she is getting suffocated!
It is a nice long struggle, part of it POV so you get really involved in the scene; we also see her spread open legs trying to convulse, but she's helplessly locked in that position and there's nothing she can do but dying... At some point she collapses, goes limp, eyes open: she's dead!
The creep plays with her breasts, face, and focuses on limp play in that position. Her eyes stay open in a death stare, almost until the end of the clip. At some point he releases her ankles and her body collapses in a more relaxed position.
You will be simply perturbed by these spread thighs and luscious soles so exposed!

Starring: Bendy
Keywords: bondage, suffocation, handling, limp_play, reality_pov, feet, face_play
    7 minutes
      FOOT FETISH ASPHYXIA NAUSICA - Nausica is having her feet worshipped by the POV camera. in the meantime, she boosts her pleasure up by squeezing her own neck using a belt, which she pulls, choking herself.
In the end we see her strangling herself to death with the belt, as her feet keep squirming.

Starring: Nausica
Keywords: strangling, willing, feet, suicide, reality_pov
253 MB
    16 minutes
      BONDAGE BAGGING ANASTASIA ELLIE - Ellie delivers a package to business woman Anastasia, who is pissed off as she had been expecting it for hours. Wrong time wrong place: a criminal rushes is to get Anastasia, and he gets both. 
The capture and bondage scene is implied, and the scene fades back in showing the two girls stripped to their underwear, gagged and tied together in bondage. Camera pans around for a while showing their struggling, then the creep comes in and starts groping and worshipping their feet which are tied together. 
In the end he cannot let them live, so he proceeds bagging them one by one, and leaves the bodies tied together there. 

Please note the bondage (especially the rope connecting the chests together) is very amateurish!

Starring: Anastasia and Ellie
Keywords: bagging, bondage, feet
    13 minutes
      ALTSIREN STRANGLED BY BURGLAR - AltSiren is sleeping in her bed when burglar Buffy sneaks in the room with a rope, jumps at her and strangles her to death in a struggle. Past this point, there is a lot of limp play and good ragdolling with with dead body.

Lots of funny out takes in the end

Starring: Altsiren and Buffy
Keywords: strangling, handling, limp_play
552 MB
    14 minutes
      JANE SNIPERED HITWOMAN - she is a hit woman and kills her victim......shot POV......she sneaks up on the victim gun drawn....she acts sexy.........pulling open her top to showing tits,,,,,,,,,teasing/ mesmerizing................but then the first shot puts him down and the camera falls to floor levels...then we see her walk up and do a long tease routine with legs, heels, upskirt looking down on victim...POV from eyes of vistim looking up, until she takes the gum and shots final round down and it goes black.

Then we have a shot with her standing........gun in one hand, phone in another hand, talking .....she is in a power pose......standing legs apart.....her top is still open to show her she talks we have camera pans....she is smiling.........she tells the person on the phone she has killed the target (Mick or Obren) ..........and she's moving to the next hit..........then we see the cross hairs...........we hear a bang..........we don't see an goes to her face.......she stops talking and looks down (then camera pans between her tits) to see the first between her breasts.......she freezes, drops the phone and gun and slowly goes to her slow motion..........we see the cross hairs again.....aiming at her head......we have headshot and she falls back dead.........

Camera pans...eyes open death stare,.....

Starring: Jane
Keywords: assassin, headshot, reality_pov, shooting  LOVER ADREENA NECKSNAP IN BONDAGE
    18 minutes
      LOVER ADREENA NECKSNAP IN BONDAGE - Adreena comes in and lays on the bed; she is free all day and talks to her lover (POV camera) asking what he would like to do to spend a hot day with her. Without replying, he tosses a roll of tape next to her, as to say that he wants to tie her up. In a naughty way she says yes.
The scene fades back in, Adreena is hogtied with tape on the bed and she's complaining that her lover is just playing with her shoes instead of playing with her. But he joins her very soon, and starts worshipping her nyloned feet while he gropes her legs and ass. She loves it, and she keeps licking her lips and being naughty.

At some point he approaches her and starts to gag her with the tape; as soon as she realizes it, she tries to resist, as she doesn't like it. But he doesn't care, and soon she is gagged silent. The mood is changing. He goes back to her feet and restarts worshipping and groping, but in a more violent way. Soon he rips the nylons open, literally in pieces, and goes on worshipping. She is really scared now, but there is little she can do... Even when he approaches her again, and without any hesitation breaks her neck, to have her more still and silent.

Once dead, he goes on worshipping these feet enjoying the lack of response from her, who lays eyes open dead on the bed. Finally he leaves, and the camera pans on her dead body

Starring: Adreena
Keywords: necksnap, bondage, handling, feet, reality_pov
595 MB

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