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    Clip Description

    Simple execution clip but there is a lot of struggling and rude handling of the prisoner. Excellent results.
    A fearful condemned and extended preparations. Starting with her cuffing in her cell, then the mugshots and straight to the execution.
    Honour struggles and resists until the blade slices her head off.

    Starring: Honour
    Keywords: guillotine, execution, handling

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
    Format Size
    mp457.57 MB

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    LAURA CARDS BLOCK - Laura has lost everything in a very unlucky card game, she begs the man to give her one more round, he agrees but another loss means he’ll keep her head! She takes it as a bluff and agrees to the terms. She soon realizes it’s all too real when she loses again and finds herself on the cutting block.

Fetish elements female distress, gambling, decapitation, implied but head in puddle with dying face

Starring: Laura

Run Time: 8:12 minutes
File Size: 282 MB 	Format: .AVI
Category: Severed heads

    GERMAN GUILLOTINE EXECUTION - As a special thank you for our german customers, this video is in german language! (although I have no idea about what they are saying :)

Niky H is simply lead to the guillotine and executed by a rude headsman, who then starts fondling the legs of the headless body before getting a call and having to go.

Please note that the scenario and camera work in this video is not our top; therefore, the clip is being offered at a very low price!

File Size: 235 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Just Execution

    SOPHIA GUILLOTINE HOSTAGE - Sophia has been kidnapped; she is lead into a room, hooded and handcuffed. She is angry and confident, as her boyfriend is a very influential one in the mob: the kidnappers will face serious issues if they only dare to touch her.
There is a guillotine in the room, but Sophia can't see it because she's hooded. As the kidnapper calls her boyfriend to ask for the ransom, she also sits on it without realizing.
During the phone call, Sophia understands that her head will be sent to her boyfriend if he doesn't pay the ransom. She starts to be inquisitive. It seems like the boyfriend is not interested in paying the ransom as he has a new girlfriend... Sophia starts to panic, as she understands that she can no longer hope in her boyfriend's protection. The kidnapper is going to guillotine her, so she tries to beg him first, then seduce him, but in the end he straps her to the kneeling machine and after an unnerving wait her hooded head falls into the basket. She is dead.

The clip ends with a NBM scene showing her headless body sitting on a chair, crossing and uncrossing her sexy legs.

Starring: Sophia
Keywords: guillotine, execution, bondage, headless, magic

    SAMANTHA WANTS TO LOSE HER HEAD - A woman lures her building superintendent (in the U.S., usually a maintenance guy that lives in and maintains an apartment building) to her apartment, claiming that repairs were needed. When he arrives, she tells him that she wants to lose her head for him…but he needs to fix her home made guillotine first.  Somewhat shocked, but also intrigued, the super agrees.  She sits on the guillotine plank while he repairs it, chatting about her fetish while he fixes the machine. Subsequently, she talks him into actually beheading her. He muses over how he will use his new headless girlfriend.   The scene ends in an NBM pose with her crossing her legs and musing over her mistake.

Starring: Samantha Alexandra
Keywords: Guillotine, Magic, Surreal, Willing

    LIZ GUILLOTINED PRISONER - A woman sits on a chair, hands bound behind her, awaiting execution...she is frightened and sits pensively, crossing her legs. She is wearing a short skirt, heels and a blouse. 

the executioner arrives, and asks if she is easy to lose her head...she is surprised...she thought she would be hanged. The idea of beheading is repulsive to her...she doesn't want a bloody, messy death. He taunts her, telling her how he will hold her bloody head up...if she is lucky, she will see her leggy headless body one last time. all of his victims seem to remain conscious for a little bit of time. She asks if it will hurt...he says it most certainly will...he says she should think about being beheaded and still conscious, knowing she is dead....she is now very upset as he stands her up and leads her to the guillotine.

he brings  her to the is set up for a kneeling beheading. She doesn't want to look at it, but he forces her to...he walks her around it, telling her how it will strike off her her head will end up on a pike, while her lovely body...well, he'll leave that to her imagination....he is certain all the witnesses watching will be aroused...especially him.

He forces her to kneel and she struggles as he places her in the lunette.... She pleads for her life...We see her anxious face from inside the basket as she begs him to not take her head....

The camera lingers on the scene of her in the guillotine from the side...he finally announces it is time for her to lose her head...the blade drops, we see the head fall...and he removes the basket with her head in it. We see the headless body in the machine.

Ends in NbM fashion with her bound in the chair, legs crossed.

Starring: Liz Rainbow 
Keywords: Execution, Guillotine, Headless, Magic

    AltSiren Guillotines Stacey - Stacey is shown standing in front of a wall, the death sentence is read out by AltSiren. The next AltSiren leads her to the execution room; she straps her onto the machine. She lowers the collar of her blose, carefully adjusts the condemned in position. She asks if she has any last words, and Stacey says that AltSiren could be next. AltSiren doesn't pay attention, the blade falls, and Stacey's body goes limp, headless (the blade is explicitly shown falling on Stacey).

Sometimes later, we see AltSiren on trial, getting condemned to the same death; she no longer looks confident. Might be a nice followup...

    Laura on the Chopping Block - Laura learns she will be executed the next day; she is given the option to choose the method of execution and she chooses beheading as she thinks it's the quickest and less painful way to go.
On the day after, Laura is lead to the chopping block, barefoot and handcuffed; she is visibly nervous, and as a last wish she asks the headsman to wait for her signal: she will tell him when she is ready and he can proceed chopping off her head. He agrees.
He pushes her down on her knees and helps her to rest and stretch her neck on the block; she looks visibly scared, and a long unnerving wait follows... Finally, she says "I'm ready, behead me!"
The axe crushes on her neck (not visible), chopping her head off. the body shooks and relaxes , and finally we see the headsman taking the cuffs off the headless body while Laura's dead head rests on the floor.

    MARY GUILLOTINED - Mary is put to death by the guillotine. Surrounded by black, she's alone with the headsman; he ties up her wrists and ankles, straps her to the machine, cuts her shirt around the shoulders and tears it off exposing her bare breasts. He sets the bascule in position, exposes her neck to the blade... Finally, he releases it, and her young red head gets instantly cut off. Her sexy headless body begins spasming, and is shown using many angles before it goes totally limp

Run Time: 8 minutes
File Size: 246 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Just Execution

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