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    17 minutes

I saw this chick walking to her car and I just happened to have some chloroform in my pocket. I followed her, chloro''d her and stuffed her in her own back seat. Got her back to the hide out, stripped her clothes off and rigged into the beheading/banging headless hot chic hole block.Then I tormented her pussy with my blade. Then I cut her fucking head off a banged the hell out of what was left. Kinda hot huh?  DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted
    28 minutes

      DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted - DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted

Starring: Coco and Steevie w/ Rex

Almost a month has passed since Detective Lizbon was beaten, shocked with a taser, then raped by a diplomat, who's father runs the largest corporation in the first world, so he gets full immunity wherever he goes. The investigator for the Agency Detective Lizbon, who is still on the detail to protect the Diplomat wants a documented apology for the harm he caused her, and wants it to be mediated. Before arriving at the safe house to meet the Diplomat, Coco gets dressed up in a skirt and high heels, always wanting to look fashionable in public. With her badge tethered to her skirt, and her service weapon, .40 caliber pistol, tucked into the small of her back, she arrives. Before she got to the address, the Diplomat, and another crime friend of his, sex trafficker, and serial rapist Steevie, make plans to take her out, and have some fun in the mean time.

Detective Lizbon arrives, she comes in the door and is introduced to Steevie, not recognizing that she is the hoodlum that she tried to collar a few years back when she was a rookie, but never could finger. Steevie is very professional, explaining the apology, and how there are no weapons allowed at the safe house. She sees the Diplomat Rex, and his eyes bite right through her, she stammers back and gets frightened, covering herself, knowing that he has special vision powers where he can see under layers of clothing. She is very uncomfortable, but carries on, giving up her weapon, since they have none, and she is a strong fighter. She just wants the apology. As Steevie finishes the pat down, she takes the weapon to the safe, and offers Detective Lizbon a beverage. The sexy, and nervous agent says she will take some herb tea to calm her down, and so the disguised serial rapist makes her some tea, but adds a debilitating drug that will make her incapacitated for hours, which is more than they need to finish her off before she can go public with the apology. As she drinks the tea, and the Diplomat gives his spiel, patronizing her, and finally letting her know he is, well, sorry for what is to happen, and before long, she is staggering and falls in the arms of Steevie, who hoists her up so the Diplomat can take some shots to her face and body. The two take turns beating her down, punching her and kicking her all over her body, including the torso, face, tits, and pussy, they beat her senseless, making every shot count as planned. They beat her and toss her around, one holding her arms, while the other has their way groping and punching her.

After a long and tragic beating, Detective Lizbon, still trying to fight back, but drugged and helpless, gets knocked to the ground, then stripped and groped, including the vaginal claw, that makes her scream in pain. The diplomat asks her if she remembers their first meeting, and lets her know this is going to end way worse. After removing her panties, he sticks his dick in her and she screams out in pain. Steevie holds her down while he has his way, and she uses her fingers to gag Lizbon as she is being raped and defiled. He pounds her hard, forcing her legs high, her bare feet flexing and then limp with waves of drugged euphoria. He starts to choke her as he is about to climax, choking her hard as her face turns red, and her eyes roll into the back of her head. As he finishes cumming, she passes out, eyes half open and white from her eyes rolling up in her head.

The two perps get up, leaving her on the hard wood floor slightly moaning and out. The diplomat drags her up and puts her in a big chair in the corner, her pussy still oozing his cum, and her cunt glistening from all the juices. Steevei suggests a nice rope to finish her off, so she grabs one from the other room, and comes back to kill the Detective so she will not talk about what really happened. She starts to stir and try to fight back, but she is weak. They both grab one end of the rope and the middle is around her sexy neck, getting tighter as she tries to struggle. They pull super tight and it wakes her up a bit, she tries to fight and the adrenaline rushes into her body, she kicks her legs, but her arms are being held with the other hands not pulling on her death rope. She fights and tries to stick around but the strangle her hard, eventually letting her arms free so they can see her struggle a bit. Her arms are weak, and she is losing the battle. Her legs stiffen up and rattle with her whole body, her glistening vagina bounces up and down like a bobber in a lake, then finally going still after a lot of twitching. After a few seconds she is totally still, eyes open, tongue slightly protruding and swollen. She fought hard but lost the battle, and now she is dead. The two perps remove the rope from her neck leaving a scar and red burns on her neck. They leave to celebrate with a drink, and she is left in the chair, dead, and alone. Her body is panned and viewed in her sexy death pose.

This production is by far one of our best, and all that acted and helped with the scene did a wonderful job. Lot's of punching and kicking, a beat down and assault on Detective Lizbon, then her death, what a great vid. Enjoy. CB
    10 minutes

A young woman has been sentenced to death for an unknown crime. She is beautiful, but mournful and silent. She is bound, hooded and led to the guillotine and beheaded.  BETRAYED MISTRESS
    14 minutes

1) Laura was a professional dominatrix, but the archaic conservative government has been fighting this a lot to push women back into a submissive role. Whoever gets caught gets a quick trial and, if found guilty, is immediately sent to the guillotine and terminated.
Laura is a very demanded dominatrix, who has always felt safe considering many conservative MP's are amongst her clients. But, one day some traitor reported her and she is about to get trial. She is on the phone with her lawyer, who used to be another client of hers. She is dressed in casual clothing, trying to keep a really low girl next door profile.
The lawyer hasn't showed up yet. He informs her that he's trapped in a traffic jam and will be late. Now she's very scared and for the first time she is the one who begs, but he tries to reassure her reminding the fact that many conservative politicians are slaves to her so they won't allow this to happen.

2) The lawyer arrives just in time to see Laura, who has been condemned and will be guillotined in minutes. She is almost crying, saying that they have been absolutely ferocious, she didn't even get the chance to say anything. She clearly got the feeling that many of them were scared, and in order to protect themselves decided to turn the page and send their mistress to the guillotine. "Vile slaves, a beheaded mistress can't talk, and can always be replaced by another one", she observes.
"And you" - And she turns quite evil and angry - "You didn't even bother to show up on time to defend me. you really deserve to be under my soles!"

And she takes this literally: she says that she told the guards (as a last wish) to have her lawyer locked in the room where her body is placed after execution, as a moral punishment to "realize what he has done by being late, and make him feel guilty and responsible for her death"
"But, I didn't tell them that once you're in you are *obliged* to kneel down and worship my feet with devotion, as that's all you can do in your miserable life".

3) The lawyer gets locked in the dark room where Laura's guillotined body has been put. Still dressed in her casual style, still warm. laying on the slab on the tummy. The head lays on the slab as well, in a deadly expression.
He talks to her dead face "So here I am now, do you think I feel guilty, do you think I care?" - And he searches her pockets and steals what he can find on the body (such as rings etc.)
"But I loved how you treated me earlier. Guess who reported you to the police?" [closeup of her dead face, no longer able to hear him]
He kicks off her shoes and socks and licks her bare soles making fun of her, while her dead eyes stare into nothing.
"I do this because I love it, not because of your stupid orders.And your rates were so high. At least now I get to worship these feet for free, and use my money in a better way"

With her feet still in his mouth, he makes a phone call to a friend who works in the prison, asking how much it would take to make the body disappear from the records and "reappearing" in her car trunk. Things seem to work out well.
With the feet still in his mouth, he makes a second phone call to a NBM company, asking how much they charge for turning a female headless body into a living doll. Things seem to work out well again.

4) At home, we see Laura's body dressed in a sexy outfit (or underwear if you prefer), white stockings and high heels. The body has been reanimated NBM style and it's moving sensually. The lawyer steps in, and mocks her by kneeling before her calling her Mistress. He slips the shoes off and starts massaging the feet, then moving onto worhipping them, leaving the white stockings on. The body moves its feet sensually on his face.

Starring: Laura Smith
Keywords: Feet, Headless, Necro, Surreal, Willing
    11 minutes

This is the followup movie for which Kitty's headless body was required, as the staff couldn't make the special effects on the alive actress. After the sacrifice, Kitty's headless body has been found and brought to the morgue. The head is missing so some inspections, focused on fingers and tattoo scanning using a laser, are performed in order to give that body an identity.

Starring: Kitty
Keywords: Handling, Headless, Inspection, Medical, Morgue  SCREAM KITTY PT2
    9 minutes

In this second part we see Kitty coming back home with a dvd and a pack of popcorn: we understand the previous episode was a movie she starred in, and now she got a draft to watch and she can't wait.
She strips down, puts the dvd in and starts watching herself while eating popcorn. We see closeups of her amazing feet most of the time.
She laughs at herself as she watches her performance back. She says things like "don't go there, silly cow" and finishes off with "I would never to that, that's not me"... At that point a blow comes out of nowhere and her head really rolls off. A creepy figure wearing a mask gets in and calls the director Tracy Hitchcock that he has done the job and they now have Kitty's headless body to be used for the followup - But first he needs a break, so he puts the movie back from the start and sits next to Kitty's headless body, watching the movie "together", eating popcorns off her dead limp hand.

Starring: Kitty,
Keywords: Feet, Headless, Surreal
    14 minutes


The scene is a bondage model/damsel in distress peril video and photography shoot for a bondage and leg fetish website. The model (A) arrives wearing a short skirt/blouse (in the John Willie/Gwendolyn tradition) and stiletto heels (alternately a latex or leather outfit….I don’t know what costuming is available).  The photographer explains that he will be tying her up and she will be posing in a variety of positions that highlight her “peril” but are focused on her legs. The guillotine is in the room, but currently covered up.  I would like this filmed so that her legs are viewable in their entirety throughout the video.

He asks her to put her hair up, and he binds her upper body tightly…hands behind her back, ropes around her elbow etc. He then directs her to pose in a variety of scenes, showing her “terror” and featuring her legs…writhing to get of her bonds, etc. She is moving around the covered guillotine, even sitting on the plank, crossing her legs, and wondering what it is under the sheet…he defers these questions as he tells her he wants to record her actual “shock” when she sees what it is…

He gets a phone call and excuses himself, and her curiosity gets the better of her and she manages to get the cover off of the guillotine while he is out of the room.  It is set up for a kneeling beheading. She is a little panicked at first, and asks him what it is all about when he returns….

He tells her he was hoping that she unveiled it as a camera has captured her shock. He assures her it is just a harmless prop and part of the scene. He tells her he would like to place her in it…she is unsure and resists, but he calms her and tells her it is just a prop. She tells him she is worried he’ll trick her or that it would accidently cut off her head, but  reassures her.

He has her pose on the plank in all sorts of positions with her legs, then finally asks if she is ready to put her head in the lunette under the blade… she is nervous, but she says she trusts him. Slowly and cautiously, she kneels down and she stares at the machine.

She is reluctant at first, but you convince her, and over time she slides into the lunette and you pull the stocks down. She is nervous at first, but kind of excited by it once her neck is under the blade.  She comments about how sharp it looked and how both scared and turned people must have been when faced with execution by the device. She asks how she might look without a head…you reassure her that although she would look great, that she needn’t worry about that…it is all safe.

She then muses about what it would be like to lose her head, how it is actually kind of a turn on to think about being a damsel in distress and having her head actually cut off, what you do with her once she was headless….and you both kind of laugh it off.

You tell her to act like she is really going to be beheaded and act afraid….in response, she “begs” you to save her head.  After a little of this, you ask her to now act like she wants to be beheaded…she’s getting into it and starts “begging” you to behead her…you ask her to do it, again and again….she’s getting into it, overacting… finally say, “well, if you insist”…she realizes what you are going to do, cries “no” but you release the blade…

..Her body shudders, legs kick.  The camera focuses on her headless body….you remove the leather basket….

Scene switches to an NBM scene with headless body on a chair, crossing her legs.

Starring: Lycy Lume
Keywords: guillotine, willing, surreal  Taurus Beheaded and Footabused
    8 minutes

      Taurus Beheaded and Footabused - Taurus Beheaded and Footabused
NOTE: This clip has been previously released by PKF and is now available here only. This version has been better re-edited from the source files and rendered in HD 720p format.

The daughter of a police officer gets capured by some angry criminals; they lead her into a room where they cut her head off with a knife while she screams in terror and agony. Their aim is to deliver her head to the police station, so at some point one of the killers brings the head out while the other one remains alone with the body. He strips it naked, fondles the ass, vagina and legs, and masturbates while licking the girl's feet. 
Please note that this clip is pretty simple: no explicit beheading or headless state is shown!

Included is a very short interview to Taurus answering what does she think about her body getting used as a toy like that.

Keywords: headless, handling, feet, throatslice
    7 minutes

      LIVING HEAD ON A PLATE - This is VERY basic. Honour will pose with a sword and talk about finding it, and wondering what it would feel like to lose her head. She'll talk about how her lips and her hair make her head a great choice for a decorative piece.

After that, it'll cut to a shot of her head on the platter. At first she's a bit surprised and lets out a gasp as she realizes that her head has actually been taken. She'll be looking around and finally the person who took her head will interact with her. Playing with her face/lips and finally grabbing her by the hair as if to lift her up. 
This part starts with some dead head handling, and then moves on to a living and talking head.

Starring: Honour
Keywords: sword, willing, surreal, magic  Chloe Toy and Brook NBM abuse 1
    12 minutes

      Chloe Toy and Brook NBM abuse 1 - Brook is alone with Chloe Toy's headless body, as Chloe Toy's living head lays on the ground nearby. The headless body is someway alive and responsive, but unable to walk away: Chloe Toy cannot control it, but her head can just stare powerlessly at the headless body being molested, aroused and abused by Brook. The talking severed head keeps begging for mercy, asking Brook to leave her body alone, but the evil babe keeps doing what she's doing to the headless body.

Although the clip is conceptually very hot, it is a poor quality one, more of a special effect experiment, and the girls' acting is not good as well. Therefore it is offered as a low budget one.

Starring: Brook and Chloey Toy

    Random THE GUILLOTINE Clips more
    9 minutes
      PRISONER BRIONY GUILLOTINED - Young Briony has been arrested and condemned to the guillotine because of being drunk on a Saturday night; she appears in prison uniform before the executioner, and they start discussing about the punishment being too much compared to the crime. Anyway, Briony is resigned and the executioner can do nothing but his job, so they both cooperate in getting this beheading done.

In order to warn her, the executioner will count from 10 to 0 and then release the blade. Thanks to our brilliant special effects guy HeadHunterz, the blade is shown dropping on Briony''s body, which jumps up as a jet of blood gets sprayed high in the air.

A couple of random shots of the executioner manipulating the stripped headless body follow.  HEAD EXPERIMENT ANITA
    12 minutes
      HEAD EXPERIMENT ANITA - The scene opens with the guillotine and a chair next to it. The guillotine is set up for a kneeling beheading. A woman scientist is sitting on the chair, legs crossed. She is wearing heels, a short skirt, blouse, glasses, her hair is up. She is recording her experiment.
She has long been interested in the conscious state of the brain after a beheading. How long does the head remain conscious?  She has been unsuccessful in finding candidates that will allow experimentation, so decides she will be the human subject.  Her plan is to set the guillotine on a timer, place herself under the blade, and behead herself. She has instrumented the basket to look for eye movement and other signs of life. Besides, she has always had a beheading fetish, so this is a “twofer” (two benefits for the price of one) for her.
She moves the chair, removes her lab coat, pulls out a pair of handcuffs, and kneels before the guillotine. After placing her head in the lunette, she cuffs her hands behind her back, to ensure she doesn’t change her mind, and waits for the blade to fall.  Throughout, she is still recording her thoughts into her phone. She talks openly about her beheading fetish, wonders how long her head will remain alive and what it’s thoughts will be, says it’s a pity her head won’t be able to see her headless body, apologizes to the people that will find her, and hopes that they will find a good use for her body and head.
The blade falls and takes her head.

The video ends with a NBM scene: after some time passes, her male colleague comes across her in the laboratory.  He finds her severed head on the guillotine, and her headless body sat on the chair, legs crossed.  He is shocked when her body moves as she crosses and uncrosses her legs.

Starring: Anita
Keywords: guillotine, headless, magic, willing, surreal
389 MB
    10 minutes
      KATE GUILLOTINE LOVER - A woman is introduced to her boyfriend’s secret beheading fetish…turns out she shares the same desires. He shows him his secret guillotine room…and she  agrees to lose her head.  NEWBIE SPY BEHEADED
    16 minutes
      NEWBIE SPY BEHEADED - A newbie spy gets a call from the government. She's offered to carry on a mission which is very important but very dangerous at the same time: in case she gets caught, the enemies will execute her by guillotine on the spot. She doesn't mind and agrees, and in fact a couple of days later we see her execution: in about two minutes she gets bound to the machine and formally executed --- But, once her head has been taken off, the military guy changes his mood and begins fondling the body with confidence, making fun of her dead state; he takes off her gown, exposing her legs and pussy, and takes off her shoes, as he seems to be curious about her feet. He actually begins worshipping them, as her head lays lifeless in the basket and she can no longer protest; he takes his dick out and begins slapping it on her senseless soles, until finally he cums all over them. No reaction comes from the headless body: the girl has failed her first important mission, and her body has been abused by the enemy.
Note: the girl speaks italian language; but, starting from the execution scene, english is spoken by the military guy. The foot fuck and orgasm is real!
    14 minutes
      HEADLESS FOOT WORSHIP LAURA - This is a reduced and modified version of the clip "Deadly Massage Laura": it is the same video, but starting from the point in which Laura is dead and the creep starts to enjoy her feet, and in this version her body has been made headless beheading fans. The head is not shown.  HEADLESS DRUG SMUGGLER CINDY
    10 minutes

Background: Cindy  (O) is a lovely woman awaiting execution in a foreign country, the result of being duped into carrying a bag of drugs at the airport for a stranger that asked for help.

The scene opens with her sitting at a table, writing a letter.  She is wearing a very short skirt, a simple blouse and high heels. Her legs are bare. We see her from the side…her legs are crossed, and we hear her thoughts as she composes her letter.

O:  This will be my last and only letter.  Today is the day that I am scheduled to lose my head.  I know… it will be hard for you to believe it.  It has been exactly 10 days since I was found guilty of drug smuggling and sentenced to beheading.  Who cuts peoples’ heads off these days anyways?  I would never have guessed that this beautiful country, a virtual paradise, would have such a brutal punishment for something that isn’t even a capital crime in the West.  When I said goodbye to you, I never thought I’d never see you again.  It is so ironic that I came to this country to find myself, but instead I find that I will leave it without my head.  I can’t believe I was so stupid to help that guy and hold that bag while he went to find his lost child…or at least that’s what he said.  Hours later I found myself hooded and cuffed in front of a judge….and within minutes, my fate was sealed.  And so I am now writing you this letter…very shortly the executioner will be here, so I might have to end this note.  I must tell you that the prison guard here has been very sweet and helpful to me, so I am not in any discomfort.  He visits me every day, and has helped me come to accept my fate…I hope my headsman is as gentle as he is. I hear them coming now….soon to take my head. I have to admit it both frightens and excites me.  I promise you I’ll be brave.   Till we meet in the next world…..

The executioner (E) arrives….he is the prison guard that has been so nice to Olive…she is surprised that it is him.

E: I’m sorry, my friend, it is time for your sentence to be carried out.  I hope you’ve prepared yourself to lose your head.

O: I’m surprised that you’re the one here for me….but I’m glad, you’ve been so kind.

E: I wasn’t scheduled to be here today, but thought that you’d find it easier if I was the one to behead you….now please, stand up and turnaround.

She stands and turns away from him…he binds her hands behind her back and tucks the collar of her blouse under to avoid the blade.

E: your hair is sufficiently short…we won’t need to cut it…most women are very upset with that part of this procedure.

O: You’ve executed women before?

E: Yes…many…it is sort of my specialty…they seem to find me less frightening than the other guards here….I promise you this will be right…I won’t be rough with you and it will be over quickly.

O: (worried). Will it hurt?

E: It is very quick…

O: but will it hurt?

E: it is but a momentary pain…..

He leads her to the guillotine….it is set up for a kneeling beheading. The blade is down and the lunette is closed …she stops in front of it and begins backing into him. She turns and faces him, leans into him and places her head on his shoulder.

O:  Oh my God!  I don’t think I can do this…I was going to be so brave, but this machine is terrifying…and it is so small…are you sure it will be quick…and painless?

E: (comforts her)  Come on now, we’ve talked about this…you can do this…it will be so quick, I promise. Now sit down while I prepare the machine.

O: May I look at it first?  (She walks around the machine) What is this leather thing for? Is that where my head will fall?

E: Yes…

She sits on the plank, crosses her legs. He raises the blade and opens the lunette.

O: What happens to my head and body?

E: (avoiding the question)  We send your head and headless body back  to your family.

O; Does my head stay separate, or do you sew it back on? 

E: (uncomrtable) Why do you want to know all this?

O: I just need to know…I think you owe it to me to tell me (beginning to relax as she sits on the plank, legs crossed).  You seem to be avoiding the question….tell me everything.

E: Uh, no, we don’t sew the head back on.  We send the head and body separately….we pack the head in a box and send it first…as sort of a warning to people who would commit crimes here.

O: (sadly) oh…I see…so my family will get a box with my head in it….

He gestures that it is time. He stands her up, turns her and directs that she kneel. She does this submissively.  She stares at the blade and the open lunette…

E: Can you place your head in the machine? Or do you need my help.

O: I prefer to do it myself.

She bends over and slides her head in place. He assists her from the side, and closes the lunette.

E:  Are you ready?

O: Give me a few seconds….you never told me when you send my body….it arrives after my head has been shipped?

E: Uh, not exactly….are you ready?

O: Wait!  What do you mean “not exactly”

E: You don’t want to know….please…are you ready?

O: Tell me! Please!

E: I didn’t want you to know this, but since you have asked…and are now strapped into the machine….we preserve your body, and keep it….as kind of a doll….okay? Now you know….

O: WHAT? No!  Really? You’re going to use my headless body….like that?

E: Yes…I’m sorry…but that is what we do…please, I have to release the blade.

O:  It’s okay…I suspected this all along…and surprisingly, I’m kind of okay with it. Thanks for treating me so kindly….I’m ready now. I’ve heard enough. Behead me, please…behead me.

The blade falls, we see the head drop into the basket. The body shudders, the legs kick slightly.

The scene shifts and we see the headless body on a table face up, from above and the side.  The executioner has just finished dressing it in lingerie, flesh-colored stockings and heels….

E: Are you ready to start your next career as a headless sex doll?  We’re going to have a lot of fun together….

The camera lingers on the scene.

The video ends with the headless body in a chair, crossing her legs. She is still bound and in the original clothes she went to the guillotine on.  We can hear her musing about her new role as a headless sex doll…

Starring: CindyR
Keywords: guillotine, execution, headless, magic

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      DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted

    DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted

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      Taurus Beheaded and Footabused

    Taurus Beheaded and Footabused

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      Chloe Toy and Brook NBM abuse 1

    Chloe Toy and Brook NBM abuse 1

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