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    7 minutes

      LIVING HEAD ON A PLATE - This is VERY basic. Honour will pose with a sword and talk about finding it, and wondering what it would feel like to lose her head. She'll talk about how her lips and her hair make her head a great choice for a decorative piece.

After that, it'll cut to a shot of her head on the platter. At first she's a bit surprised and lets out a gasp as she realizes that her head has actually been taken. She'll be looking around and finally the person who took her head will interact with her. Playing with her face/lips and finally grabbing her by the hair as if to lift her up. 
This part starts with some dead head handling, and then moves on to a living and talking head.

Starring: Honour
Keywords: sword, willing, surreal, magic  LAURA SENSUAL KNIFE SACRIFICE
    13 minutes

      LAURA SENSUAL KNIFE SACRIFICE - THIS IS NOT A BEHEADING as the head is not fully severed, but the style, position and contents are appropriate for beheading fans mostly.
Laura is on her knees, bound and waiting. A guy comes in, holding a knife, ready to cut her throat for the ritual. She is a bit scared but she wants it. There are several minutes of sensual play, exposing and stretching the neck, talking. Then, finally, the guy grabs her by the hair and starts slicing her neck for a long time until Laura is dead.
The clip is mostly focused on the anticipation, neck play and talking.

Starring: Laura
Keywords: execution, throatslice, willing, bloody,reality_pov
     Chloe Toy and Brook NBM abuse 1
    5 minutes

      Chloe Toy and Brook NBM abuse 1 - Brook is alone with Chloe Toy's headless body, as Chloe Toy's living head lays on the ground nearby. The headless body is someway alive and responsive, but unable to walk away: Chloe Toy cannot control it, but her head can just stare powerlessly at the headless body being molested, aroused and abused by Brook. The talking severed head keeps begging for mercy, asking Brook to leave her body alone, but the evil babe keeps doing what she's doing to the headless body.

Although the clip is conceptually very hot, it is a poor quality one, more of a special effect experiment, and the girls' acting is not good as well. Therefore it is offered as a low budget one.

Starring: Brook and Chloey Toy  CHLOE TOY GUILLOTINES BROOK
    6 minutes

      CHLOE TOY GUILLOTINES BROOK - Brook has been arrested for being drunk and disorderly. She already has been in trouble many times before for the same thing. She only got out prison last week after serving 6 weeks in jail. When she got out of prison she agreed not to go out and get drunk and cause trouble agreeing if she did she would face the Guillotine.

The clip starts with Brook led in the room by agent Chloe Toy, straight from her arrest with handcuffs and legirons on her ankles. She's still dressed in her partying night outfit and high heels. Agent Chloe Toy Is wearing the police outfit. At first Brook is not taking her sentence seriously and she's laughing.
She says she would rather lose her head than go back to prison and wear that horrible prison jumpsuit and these horrible flat shoes.
But, soon she realizes the policewoman is serious, so she starts to kick off a bit and swearing at the agent. She is strapped to the guillotine. A long unnerving wait follows, and then, suddenly, the blade drops down and Brook's body jumps headless on the machine going instantly limp.

Once again you can see the blade DROPPING ON BROOK, a jet of blood coming out, and her body going limp in an awesome way!!

File Size: 235 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Just Execution
    8 minutes

      GERMAN GUILLOTINE EXECUTION - As a special thank you for our german customers, this video is in german language! (although I have no idea about what they are saying :)

Niky H is simply lead to the guillotine and executed by a rude headsman, who then starts fondling the legs of the headless body before getting a call and having to go.

Please note that the scenario and camera work in this video is not our top; therefore, the clip is being offered at a very low price!

File Size: 235 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Just Execution  NYXON GUILLOTINED
    19 minutes

      NYXON GUILLOTINED - Nyxon has been condemned to death, but has not realized it yet when the headsman leads her to the guillotine room; she only understands it once she is allowed to call her lawyer, who just leaves her alone. There she begins growing tense, trying to persuade the headsman to let her go, and also asking him details about the execution, still in a slightly comic way Nyxon is great with. She suspects that someone is going to take advantage of her body, but the headsman reassures her that everything is quite professional.
She gets arranged on the machine and the blade falls, cutting her head off; the body spasms for some time, then the headsman starts to put his hands on the body, regardless of his professional promises. He strips the lower part completely, exposing her feet, legs and butts; he starts fondling the body, then picks up her severed head and rests it between her legs before starting worshipping her dead feet. It is yet another footabuse (sorry!), before he goes out leaving the body there.

FETISH ELEMENTS: formal execution, guillotine beheading, scared and resigned victim, body fondling, foot abuse

Run Time: 19 minutes
File Size: 565 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Foot Abuse
    11 minutes

      BENDY SENDUAL KNIFE BEHEADING - Bendy is on her knees, bound and waiting. A guy comes in, holding a knife, ready to cut off her head. She is a bit scared but she wants it. There are several minutes of sensual play, kissing the blade, exposing and stretching the neck, talking. Then, finally, the guy grabs her by the hair and starts slicing her head off until her body slumps headless on the floor.

The effects in this clip are really basic! It is mostly focused on the anticipation, neck play and talking.

Starring: Bendy
Keywords: headless, willing, bondage, bloody, reality_pov  HEADLESS LEGS OLIVE
    16 minutes


The scene opens up with a condemned prisoner (P), a remorseless hired killer, sitting in a chair as she awaits her executioner (E). She is quite famous for seducing, then poisoning her victims.  She is wearing a long, orange prison shirt but no pants (she is wearing panties or a thong). Her legs are bare and she is wearing high heel  shoes.
Her upper body has straps around it and her hands are bound/strapped to her sides.  She crosses her legs as she waits.
The executioner arrives and tells her it is now time for her execution.

E – That is an interesting outfit for you to wear for your execution.  It seems as though you’ve lost your pants…something you are quite famous for.   It’s now time to pay for your crimes….are you ready to take your last walk?

P- I’m glad you like it….since you’re going to hang me and I’ll be doing a sexy little dance on the gallows, I thought I’d show off my legs one last time.  They are quite lovely don’t you think? And the heels really accentuate my calves.     Unfortunately, I suppose it’ll be a long dance, since you don’t believe in a long drop here…a short drop hanging is very cruel, you know….you’re going to force me to twist and turn and strangle to death.  Do you make all ofyour women prisoners do a long rope dance? 

E- Actually, we don’t.  As much as I’d like to see your gallows dance, I have to tell you that we are very considerate of our condemned prisoners, especially famous ones like yourself,  so I’m told I can give you a choice…we have just received a new device…a guillotine to be specific.  So your choice…the blade or the noose….which do you prefer?

P-  (sarcastically) Can I have a couple of years to think about it?

E- Of course not…if you don’t choose, then I will choose for you…

P- Well…let me weigh those options.  On one hand, the noose is a very slow death…but at the end, this lovely body of mine will be intact. And I’m very sure all of you would enjoy my little dance at the end of the rope…these gorgeous stems of mine swinging back and forth, spinning around at eye level.  Do you think it will hurt much?

E- History would suggest it will…but you are painting a very sexy picture…perhaps the noose is a good choice for you.

P- On the other hand, I’m guessing a beheading would be very quick…but also messy, would it not? And I wonder how I’d look without my head?  Do you think my head would be conscious for a while after it was chopped off?  I’ve heard this has happened before….And how could I show off my legs? (sarcastically) All the effort I’ve put into my outfit…what do you think? I’ve really gotten my mind around being hanged, and now you’ve given me this choice…

E- A beheading would be very quick.. and given your history,  I’m sure you’ll do your best to attract attention to your legs. (annoyed) Anyways, enough of this, you need to choose….

P-Okay, okay…I’m not really into extended pain.  I’ll choose the guillotine… you may take my head. Do you think you could hold it up so I could see my headless body one last time?  That would be worth the price of admission, I think (sarcastically).

E-I’ll do my best to meet your needs…let’s go.

He stands her up and leads her to the guillotine.  It is set up with the long bascule for a prone beheading.

He walks her around it and shows her its features.

P-It seems so small…you said this just arrived…has it been used before? I want to ensure its going to do the job….if I’m going to lose my head, I want it to be quick. One stroke and done.

E-I have plenty of experience with this…it is only new to this prison. I assure you it will strike off your head cleanly…before you know it, you’ll have a close up view of the basket.

She sits on the bascule, crosses her legs, while he prepares the  guillotine. He opens up the lunette. He has her lay face down, pushes her head under the blade and closes the lunette….he begins to strap her in, while her legs kick slowly/gently. She stops him…


E- What? No more delays…let’s get on with this…

P- No! I want you turn me around, with my face up! I want to see the blade drop!

E- That is very unusual…why do you want to do that? It will only frighten you more….

P-No…I’m actually getting turned on at the thought of losing my head…I want to see the blade drop…come on, you can hardly refuse my last request.

Annoyed, he opens the lunette, and helps her turn around, closes it back on her neck. She looks up and smiles. He straps her upper body.

P- This is too much. Wow!

He begins to strap her lower body…she stops him

P-Leave my legs free…you promised I could show them off!

She crosses her legs, several times.

P- I’m ready when you are.  Behead me now…please…before I lose my nerve.

He releases the blade. We see the head drop into the basket.  The body shudder, but Her legs remain crossed (much like in the April script you did for me).   He REMOVES THE BASKET and carries it away. The camera pans the scene, and we see the headless body on the guillotine from all angles.

The scene switches, and we see the headless body on a medical table, face down.  He fondles and admires her legs.  We see the body from above and the side. He rolls the body over,  and again fondles the legs.  We see the camera angle from above and the side.


He bends the legs at the knee and forces a legjob at the knee and between the ankles. The heels remain on.

The scene ends in an NBM scene, with the headless body wearing her heels and seated crossing her legs...we hear the thoughts of the executed killer, musing over the outcome of her execution and how she must now look without her head....

Starring: Olive
Keywords: guillotine, execution, headless, handling, magic, morgue, necro
    14 minutes

      APRIL HOODED HOSTAGE GUILLOTINE - April has been kidnapped; she is lead into a room, hooded and handcuffed. She is angry and confident, as her boyfriend is a very influential one in the mob: the kidnappers will face serious issues if they only dare to touch her.
There is a guillotine in the room, but April can't see it because she's hooded. As the kidnapper calls her boyfriend to ask for the ransom, she also sits on it without realizing.
During the phone call, April understands that her head will be sent to her boyfriend if he doesn't pay the ransom. She starts to be inquisitive. It seems like the boyfriend is not interested in paying the ransom as he has a new girlfriend... April starts to panic, as she understands that she can no longer hope in her boyfriend's protection. The kidnapper is going to guillotine her, so she tries to beg him first, then seduce him, but in the end he straps her to the kneeling machine and after an unnerving wait her hooded head falls into the basket. She is dead.

The clip ends with a NBM scene showing her headless body sitting on a chair, crossing and uncrossing her sexy legs.

Starring: April O'Moore
Keywords: guillotine, headless, bondage, bloody, reality_pov, magic
    12 minutes

CindyR is a hitwoman. Dressed as above. Shot POV she does a tease routine for a guy (a bit like she did on the guillotine in the foot collector clip and also like we did Lavinia some time back. She strips off her top and skirt, leaves her panties, stockings and heels on...but at the last minute she pulls out a gun and shoots the guy, one shot he falls, camera sees her walk to him POV and she finishes him with final shot.

Second Part:
She's in guillotine room. She comes in as a prisoner. Same clothes. She is defiant and does not care.She is told to strip to her panties and heels, she is cuffed and laid face down on the long up (POV of face).The blade comes down. Body , legs, hands jerks and leg falls off and the shoes fall off. Some pans of the body especially feet and hands.

Final part:
Pans of the head on cushion with a little blood from the mouth.

Starring: Cindy R
Keywords: assassin, guillotine, execution, stripping, mature

    Random THE GUILLOTINE Clips more
     Guillotined Model Laura
    28 minutes
      Guillotined Model Laura - One of my best works to date, the making of "Laura Guillotine Execution", with a twist. This clip is exceptionally different, a true reality shoot where you get to see the model as a person, the backstage, the making of a custom video.
This is uncut footage of the shooting of the custom which was released last week, and you can see Laura asking questions, acting, messing up scenes because she has the giggles, and much more. 
You have to watch this video and "Laura Guillotine Execution" to understand what I mean and fully appreciate the erotic potential of this one.

Model Laura is in the studio, having a shooting break on the couch, eating a snack. She asks "What's next?". I introduce the next custom request, an execution clip where she loses her head on a guillotine. She is a bit surprised but fine. We will learn later that Laura doesn't even know what a guillotine is, but she trusts me as a producer, and is actually curious about that strange machine, so we shoot the custom clip in a very relaxed and easy going way. Laura is unaware that I'm filming the whole process; she keeps giggling, even when her neck is locked in the lunette and she has to act about losing her head. She has to imagine the blade drops, her body jerks and goes limp. She does that scene well, so I have everything I need for the custom. I am horny.
The basket camera catches her joyful smile and giggle when I tell her that the scene was good. She cannot even realize I have released the blade for real, and, in the middle of her giggle, she has her head chopped off and her body jerks again, but this time for real, dropping on one side but being held up by the guillotine belt. It is suddenly silence, a drastic change of mood after over 25 minutes of smiling and being totally professional.
I approach the headless body, take off the handcuffs and play with these hot hands; then I pull up her skirt exposing her fabulous thighs and bum, which I slap to enjoy the lack of response and the end of the professional experience. Now it's no longer a producer and a model working, but a weirdo playing with a headless model's body in his hands. I grope her feet, they feel so nice at touch... She would have never allowed anything like this as it was over her limits as a model, but I plan to spend the rest of the day pleasing myself with that body, regardless of her will, as that now belongs to me. I will have fun.
Her head lays in the basket in a bloody, dead expression; she didn't have the time to realize what happened.

    15 minutes
      BOOB ISSUE ON THE GUILLOTINE - Here comes the new horizontal guillotine!

Cassie has to be guillotined because of a traffic offence. She gets escorted in by two attendants (one is POV camera), hands cuffed behind her back, looking annoyed but obedient.
But soon a problem comes out: when they try to fit her face down on the machine, they realize her neck can't go through the hole because her boobs are too big: the machine is simply not designed to handle that!

It's an embarrassing moment: they keep trying but there's no way. Cassie is very annoyed by that, as she was expecting a very quick and smooth thing. She grows fussed. She blames them to be incompetent and expects them to take her head now and in a smooth way. She doesn't want to wait any longer.
In the end they agree to do her face up, so she gets handcuffed on the front and strapped to the machine. Things still go too slow, so Cassie keeps complaining. But, finally, they release the blade and her head falls. Cassie's body instantly goes limp but keeps spasming a little bit, causing her boobs to bounce.

The guys can finally talk, about how fussy this lady was, and about her boobs, which caused so much trouble. They are curious to see them, so they expose and start touching them. They take snaps with the phone. They recall how fussy she had been and now want to make fun of her: Ammalia starts to kiss and lick the bare boobs, they laugh as no protest comes from Cassie anymore.
Ammalia also takes the high heels and skirt off Cassie's body, keeping them for herself; she shows off her bare soles to the camera. They also look for any jewellery to steal off Cassie's body but find none.

In the end the sexy fussy lady's body lays headless on the guillotine, plundered of everything, the big boobs exposed and violated. She can no longer complain about it!

Run Time: 15:25 minutes
File Size: 677 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Surreal
    32 minutes
      CARMEL HEADLESS BODY DONATION - Carmel Anderson plans to raise a lot of money for charity: she gave her availability for a show in which she will perform an erotic tease on a stage, naked in high heels and pantyhose only, handling a sword, teasing the crowd with it. At the end of the show, she will kneel down and let the executioner behead her on stage. Of course all the tickets have already been sold out, and her head will be auctioned as well.
Carmel says she is gladly doing this extreme act for charity, but also confesses that it is something which excites her very much, as being beheaded in front of an audience is a fantasy she has been having for a long time...

The first part of the video is a sort of interview in which she discusses that; then we jump at the erotic tease and dance, on the stage, where she plays with the sword. It is very sexy, really teasing. The blade shines against the black background, sliding on her hard exposed nipples... As planned, at some point she kneels down, exposes her neck, and waits super aroused for the blow which takes her head off. The body drops down dead, instantly limp.

The video jumps forward in time: Carmel's headless body is now in a morgue room, and her head lays by into a box, ready to be properly packed and shipped to the person who won the auction. The headless body is still wearing the pantyhose and high heels which Carmel wore during the performance.
The organizer who had interviewed her in the beginning enters the room: he has made a lot of money thanks to her performance, and now her remains belong to him. It is no time for talking anymore: he approaches the body and starts groping these tits, tights and pussy. He rips the pantyhose open on the crotch area, exposing the genitals. He starts fingering Carmel's pussy, which is still warm inside, and also uses the headless body's hands to finger that pussy. he also uses a camera to provide some real closeups of these dead genitals.
He pulls Carmel's legs up and begins licking that pussy, which are now totally unresponive: Carmel's pale face stares at the ceiling from the box the head is in... The guy keeps kissing and licking that pussy for a long time. He then takes the pantyhose off, moves the body on its knees, ass up, and starts stroking his cock using Carmel's limp hand, slapping it on her stellar bum, until he cums all over her butt cheeks and her back.

Finally, we see the body being partially dressed, in white stockings and bra, getting ready to be exposed or shipped somewhere. For sure it won't tell anyone what happened in that morgue room...  ALTSIRENS GUILLOTINED FEET
    12 minutes
      ALTSIRENS GUILLOTINED FEET - AltSiren has sold her feet for raising a big sum of money. It's time, her feet are in the guillotine ready to go, and she seems to change her mind... Too late, there is no way back! The blade falls and her feet fall off. From that point, AltSiren is in pain but quite dazed by the drugs and painkillers. She grabs her severed feet, takes them off the shoes, starts to kiss them as if she would like to have them back. But it's not possible, and the evil guy grabs them and starts groping them while AltSiren can no longer walk and reach them!

Starring: Altsiren
Keywords: guillotine, bloody, feet, torture, willing, surreal
556 MB
     Cassie Beheaded Wannabe
    9 minutes
      Cassie Beheaded Wannabe - "Due to me giving you so much head over the years, I thought today I'd give you a different kind of head" --- "You can do so much with my head when I haven't got control over it" --- "You can use mu mouth as much as you like"... These are just some of the malicious things Cassie tells you while handling the sword which is going to behead her, a "big hard tool" as she calls it. In one minute you're taking her head off, and this is just her goodbye.

Please note that the video ends BEFORE the beheading! This is just a nice epic teaser, and you know how great Cassie is when it's about teasing!

This clip is offered in brilliant 1080p Full HD format  HEADLESS SUICIDAL GIRL
    18 minutes
      HEADLESS SUICIDAL GIRL - Please note that the quality of this clip is VERY POOR! But well, it's very explicit, so the price is not bad

The headless body of an unknown girl lays on the floor, still dressed in a sexy slutty way; she has been found laying by the train tracks, after a train took her head away. She has no name, no ID was found on her, but a tattoo and some scratches on her wrists indicate that she had been suffering of mental problems, maybe depression, and had a suicidal attitude for sure.

A guy comes in and starts inspecting and groping the body: it is so odd that she took her life dressed like that, as if she spent the night dancing... it is even more odd when he realizes she's wearing no panties and her pussy looks like an invitation to fuck.
Pretty soon the headless body is naked, being groped, slapped, licked and fucked: depression has no longer meaning, as the limp body's tits bounce at every stroke.

As a custom order, the clip ends with a masturbation on the body's feet, covered in white nylons, and a cumshot on the soles.

Run Time: 17:56 minutes
File Size: 455 MB 	Format: .AVI
Category: Hardcore

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      Chloe Toy and Brook NBM abuse 1

    Chloe Toy and Brook NBM abuse 1

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