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    11 minutes


Background: Olive (O) is a young woman awaiting execution in a foreign country, the result of being duped into carrying a bag of drugs at the airport for a stranger that asked for help.

The scene opens with her sitting at a table, writing a letter.  She is wearing a very short skirt, a simple blouse and high heels. Her legs are bare. We see her from the side…her legs are crossed, and we hear her thoughts as she composes her letter.

O:  This will be my last and only letter.  Today is the day that I am scheduled to lose my head.  I know… it will be hard for you to believe it.  It has been exactly 10 days since I was found guilty of drug smuggling and sentenced to beheading.  Who cuts peoples’ heads off these days anyways?  I would never have guessed that this beautiful country, a virtual paradise, would have such a brutal punishment for something that isn’t even a capital crime in the West.  When I said goodbye to you, I never thought I’d never see you again.  It is so ironic that I came to this country to find myself, but instead I find that I will leave it without my head.  I can’t believe I was so stupid to help that guy and hold that bag while he went to find his lost child…or at least that’s what he said.  Hours later I found myself hooded and cuffed in front of a judge….and within minutes, my fate was sealed.  And so I am now writing you this letter…very shortly the executioner will be here, so I might have to end this note.  I must tell you that the prison guard here has been very sweet and helpful to me, so I am not in any discomfort.  He visits me every day, and has helped me come to accept my fate…I hope my headsman is as gentle as he is. I hear them coming now….soon to take my head. I have to admit it both frightens and excites me.  I promise you I’ll be brave.   Till we meet in the next world…..

The executioner (E) arrives….he is the prison guard that has been so nice to Olive…she is surprised that it is him.

E: I’m sorry, my friend, it is time for your sentence to be carried out.  I hope you’ve prepared yourself to lose your head.

O: I’m surprised that you’re the one here for me….but I’m glad, you’ve been so kind.

E: I wasn’t scheduled to be here today, but thought that you’d find it easier if I was the one to behead you….now please, stand up and turnaround.

She stands and turns away from him…he binds her hands behind her back and tucks the collar of her blouse under to avoid the blade.

E: your hair is sufficiently short…we won’t need to cut it…most women are very upset with that part of this procedure.

O: You’ve executed women before?

E: Yes…many…it is sort of my specialty…they seem to find me less frightening than the other guards here….I promise you this will be right…I won’t be rough with you and it will be over quickly.

O: (worried). Will it hurt?

E: It is very quick…

O: but will it hurt?

E: it is but a momentary pain…..

He leads her to the guillotine….it is set up for a kneeling beheading. The blade is down and the lunette is closed …she stops in front of it and begins backing into him. She turns and faces him, leans into him and places her head on his shoulder.

O:  Oh my God!  I don’t think I can do this…I was going to be so brave, but this machine is terrifying…and it is so small…are you sure it will be quick…and painless?

E: (comforts her)  Come on now, we’ve talked about this…you can do this…it will be so quick, I promise. Now sit down while I prepare the machine.

O: May I look at it first?  (She walks around the machine) What is this leather thing for? Is that where my head will fall?

E: Yes…

She sits on the plank, crosses her legs. He raises the blade and opens the lunette.

O: What happens to my head and body?

E: (avoiding the question)  We send your head and headless body back  to your family.

O; Does my head stay separate, or do you sew it back on?

E: (uncomrtable) Why do you want to know all this?

O: I just need to know…I think you owe it to me to tell me (beginning to relax as she sits on the plank, legs crossed).  You seem to be avoiding the question….tell me everything.

E: Uh, no, we don’t sew the head back on.  We send the head and body separately….we pack the head in a box and send it first…as sort of a warning to people who would commit crimes here.

O: (sadly) oh…I see…so my family will get a box with my head in it….

He gestures that it is time. He stands her up, turns her and directs that she kneel. She does this submissively.  She stares at the blade and the open lunette…

E: Can you place your head in the machine? Or do you need my help.

O: I prefer to do it myself.

She bends over and slides her head in place. He assists her from the side, and closes the lunette.

E:  Are you ready?

O: Give me a few seconds….you never told me when you send my body….it arrives after my head has been shipped?

E: Uh, not exactly….are you ready?

O: Wait!  What do you mean “not exactly”

E: You don’t want to know….please…are you ready?

O: Tell me! Please!

E: I didn’t want you to know this, but since you have asked…and are now strapped into the machine….we preserve your body, and keep it….as kind of a doll….okay? Now you know….

O: WHAT? No!  Really? You’re going to use my headless body….like that?

E: Yes…I’m sorry…but that is what we do…please, I have to release the blade.

O:  It’s okay…I suspected this all along…and surprisingly, I’m kind of okay with it. Thanks for treating me so kindly….I’m ready now. I’ve heard enough. Behead me, please…behead me.

The blade falls, we see the head drop into the basket. The body shudders, the legs kick slightly.

Starring: Olive
Keywords: guillotine, execution, surreal  HEADLESS CALVES WANK
    16 minutes

      HEADLESS CALVES WANK - A politician woman, smartly dressed, is led to the guillotine for executions for her crimes. We don't see her face, she's just one of the many politicians who would deserve this.
A moment of unnerving wait, we hear the blade dropping and we see the legs shook and drop to the side. The job is done, the executioner approaches the body and notices she was actually quite fit and had great legs. Now he can take his freedom with that body, so, he starts to grope these legs and ass through the clothing. He really enjoys that. He then exposes the calves and starts to grope them and lick them. He seems to be into these calves very much.
He then takes off the shoes and white socks, and starts worshipping these dead feet, as well as slapping his dick on them and fucking the soles by putting his dick between them. No response comes from the politician anymore, her big ego is gone and now there's nothing she can do.
He keeps getting back to these calves, licking them, groping them and also rubbing his dick on them... But also doesn't forget about the feet. Finally, wanking, he shots his cum all over these soles and calves.

Starring: Unlisted model
Keywords: guillotine, execution, feet, footjob 
602 MB
    9 minutes

      HEAD EXPERIMENT ALEXIA - The scene opens with the guillotine and a chair next to it. The guillotine is set up for a kneeling beheading. A woman scientist is sitting on the chair, legs crossed. She is wearing heels, a short skirt, blouse, glasses, her hair is up. She is recording her experiment.
She has long been interested in the conscious state of the brain after a beheading. How long does the head remain conscious?  She has been unsuccessful in finding candidates that will allow experimentation, so decides she will be the human subject.  Her plan is to set the guillotine on a timer, place herself under the blade, and behead herself. She has instrumented the basket to look for eye movement and other signs of life. Besides, she has always had a beheading fetish, so this is a “twofer” (two benefits for the price of one) for her.
She moves the chair, removes her lab coat, pulls out a pair of handcuffs, and kneels before the guillotine. After placing her head in the lunette, she cuffs her hands behind her back, to ensure she doesn’t change her mind, and waits for the blade to fall.  Throughout, she is still recording her thoughts into her phone. She talks openly about her beheading fetish, wonders how long her head will remain alive and what it’s thoughts will be, says it’s a pity her head won’t be able to see her headless body, apologizes to the people that will find her, and hopes that they will find a good use for her body and head.
The blade falls and takes her head.

The video ends with a NBM scene: after some time passes, her male colleague comes across her in the laboratory.  He finds her severed head on the guillotine, and her headless body sat on the chair, legs crossed.  He is shocked when her body moves as she crosses and uncrosses her legs.

Starring: Alexia
Keywords: guillotine, headless, magic, willing, surreal
    17 minutes

      HEADLESS GIRLFRIEND NBM - The NBM part is simpler in the video because of the language issues.
The effects in this clip are very basic, and Kelly's English is beyond crap, but the story is quite original and interesting, and also she has a super hot body and feet!

A man comes in carrying a headless girl on his shoulders: it was his girlfriend, and she has been guillotined because of an unpaid parking ticket.
The guy dumps the body on the bed: he should be sad, but he looks excited instead. He puts one of her hands in his pants and begins to stroke his dick with it. He takes her trousers, shoes and socks off, puts some sexy high heels on her feet and fucks the calves for some time. Then he sinks his face between her soles, worshipping them with great satisfaction, before moving on a footfuck cumming on the soles.

MOOD: Apparently, his girlfriend was a quite shy and conservative girl and had never allowed him to do anything kinky or unusual, so he’s now super excited that he can have her body and do everything he has always dreamed of, and she can no longer say anything about it.

The scene fades back in showing the headless body has been redressed sexy in bra, high heels and very short skirt, and it has been put on a chair. The legs are crossed and she sits in a slumped position.
The guy comes back in and starts playing with her dead legs, eventually moving and kissing them. Slowly she stirs, as if she’s waking up. The guy escapes out of the frame.
Gradually she comes to a full state of consciousness, and slowly/seductively crosses and plays with her legs.

She calls him back and he reappears, scared. She asks him what has he done while she was dead, and he says nothing. Bullshit she says, she cold feel him using his dick on her, and his tongue worshipping her dead soles!
He is speechless, he can’t believe he got caught despite she is now headless! But he gets even more speechless when she said that she actually loved it, and she wants to do a lot more…

Basically her body has always been sexual, but her head used to censor this all the time. Now that the head and the person is not there anymore, the body is NOW FREE to deliver its full potential and to be super naughty, as she loves his dick and enjoys the fact that he gets excited over her.

So she tells him to kneel down before her crossed legs and start to wank. Does he likes her that way? Does he think she looks better without her head? Does he like these long legs?

Growing excited, he starts to get naughty and confident again. He stands up, and tells her to grab his dick and wank him off. She loves it, and they keep talking about how good it feels, how great her headless body is, and how boring her girlfriend was when she still had a head!

Starring: Kelly
Keywords: Magic, stripping, feet, footjob, handling, surreal
    6 minutes

      RUDE GUILLOTINE EXECUTION - Simple execution clip but there is a lot of struggling and rude handling of the prisoner. Excellent results.
A fearful condemned and extended preparations. Starting with her cuffing in her cell, then the mugshots and straight to the execution.
Honour struggles and resists until the blade slices her head off.

Starring: Honour
Keywords: guillotine, execution, handling  CHLOE TOY SENSUAL KNIFE BEHEADING
    11 minutes

      CHLOE TOY SENSUAL KNIFE BEHEADING - Chloe Toy is tied up, on her knees, waiting for her execution to come. Faye is behind her holding a long knife, and they're willingly going to cut off Chloe Toy's head in a bloody ritual. They are both horny and excited about it, so there is a lot of preparation, grabbing Chloe Toy's head by the hair, pulling it back, exposing the neck and taunting it using the knife, as the victim grows aroused. Lots of neck exposure.

In the end a basic beheading by knife (the movement, gurgling plus a bit of fake blood - No special effects used) takes place. The video ends with a static shot of the girl's body on the floor.

Starring: Chloe Toy and Faye
Keywords: throatslice, bloody, willing, lesbian, surreal
138 MB
    12 minutes

      CINDY R GUILLOTINED JUDGE - A judge walks into the prison's execution room, meeting the headsman. A guillotine arrived just a few days before, and she is going to send people there in the future when she speaks death sentences, so she wants to have a look.
Very formal and distant at first, she talks with the headsman about the new device. She walks around it, asking some questions. But she keeps being very curious about it and at some point she ask if he can show her how an execution is actually carried on. Still tries to act professional, but she clearly wants to put her head through the lunette to experience some thrill. Maybe she wants to imagine how the people she sends to the guillotine actually feel, and feel powerful as it all depends on her.

The executioner tries to understand her bizarre request and gives her his availability to gentle put her into the guillotine explaining her the basic steps of an execution. Still, he is hesitant because she is the judge, one of his superiors so he cannot be rude or anything like that. So he gently drives her to her knees, has her blouse unbuttoned and her neck exposed, then he puts her head through the lunette and straps her body to the machine. The next step would be to release the blade, but of course they don't and he soon lets the judge out, who confesses she had her heart pounding.

About 20 days later, the judge has been found guilty of something and is sent to death on the guillotine for real. The headsman can't believe it, but now he is in an embarrassing situation as he really has to guillotine her. After the mugshots, he unbuttons her blouse to expose her neck, but this time properly, to the point that the judge's breasts are exposed. Nevermind, she will be beheaded soon.
He walks her into the guillotine room and tries to do as least as possible suggesting that she knows the procedure. So, very soon she is strapped and in position, and this time the blade falls for real.

Starring: Cindy R
Keywords: guillotine, execution, mature, willing, surreal  LAVINIA HOODED HOSTAGE GUILLOTINE
    13 minutes

      LAVINIA HOODED HOSTAGE GUILLOTINE - Lavinia has been kidnapped; she is lead into a room, hooded and handcuffed. She is angry and confident, as her boyfriend is a very influential one in the mob: the kidnappers will face serious issues if they only dare to touch her.
There is a guillotine in the room, but Lavinia can't see it because she's hooded. As the kidnapper calls her boyfriend to ask for the ransom, she also sits on it without realizing.
During the phone call, Lavinia understands that her head will be sent to her boyfriend if he doesn't pay the ransom. She starts to be inquisitive. It seems like the boyfriend is not interested in paying the ransom as he has a new girlfriend... Lavinia starts to panic, as she understands that she can no longer hope in her boyfriend's protection. The kidnapper is going to guillotine her, so she tries to beg him first, then seduce him, but in the end he straps her to the kneeling machine and after an unnerving wait her hooded head falls into the basket. She is dead.

The clip ends with a NBM scene showing her headless body sitting on a chair, crossing and uncrossing her sexy legs.

Starring: Lavinia
Keywords: guillotine, headless, magic, reality_pov, surreal
515 MB
    14 minutes

Anita is a hot hitwoman in a sexy dress. Shot POV she does a tease routine for a guy. She strips off her top and skirt, leaves her panties, stockings and heels on but at the last minute she pulls out a gun and shoots the guy.


2nd Part is in guillotine room. She comes in as a prisoner. Same clothes. She tries to seduce the headsman and strips down to just her heels. He resists the temptation and takes the murderess, she is cuffed and laid face down on the long guillotine. Build up (POV of face) Blade comes down. Body , legs, hands jerk and stop. one leg falls to the side and her shoes fall off. Some pans of the body especially feet and hands .....cut

Final part is pans of her head on a cushion with a little blood from the mouth.

Starring: Anita
Keywords: guillotine, execution, assassin, stripping  SEVERED HEAD EXPERIMENT
    17 minutes

      SEVERED HEAD EXPERIMENT - A story by Mick
A scientist is sitting on the guillotine, depressed. His sweet blonde assistant steps in and asks him what's wrong. He explains that he has so many ideas and theories, but he needs people to lose their heads in order to carry out his experiments, but he hasn't been getting any prisoners from the prison. Times are changing and nobody gets guillotined anymore. He would like to try out an experiment which would determine for how long a severed head remains conscious after beheading

The blonde assistant is so devoted to him, that she volunteers without hesitation. At first he tries to dissuade her, but she insists so much to serve him and his science that he agrees to behead her. Before they go, he explains her that immediately after beheading he will put her severed head in front of a recording camera, and try to interact with her and ask her simple questions she can asnwer with 'Yes' or 'No', such as "Can you hear me?", "Are you experiencing pain" - Which she can positively answer by blinking twice, as she'll have no voice anymore - And perform simple tasks such as move her eyes and her lips.

Once everything is cleared, Cindy kneels down on the guillotine and the scientist takes her head in his hands, as he will hold it up to prevent it to fall once it gets severed, and he will be literally ready to go
He says thanks to his assistant once more, and then drops the blade and gets the head for the experiment.

The second part of the video shows the experiment with the severed head. It lasts a few minutes, during which Cindy delivers a stunning expressive performance, ending into oblivion when finally life fades away and her eyes defocus into a death stare.

Starring: Cindy
Keywords: guillotine, headless, willing, bloody, magic, surreal

    Random THE GUILLOTINE Clips more
     First Guillotine Test
    5 minutes
      First Guillotine Test - This video shows the first time our guillotine struck: in the first part we see the girl walking around and naively playing with the guillotine, as if she has no idea what use the machine is for; in the second part, she is strapped face down to it and smoothly executed: after some very tense moments during which she rubs her hands and feet together, the blade falls, her arms drop down and the body remains there, lifeless. Although there is no explicit content, you will be amazed by how quick and effective the beheading looks like! And this girl's legs and ass are close to perfection!  Chloe Guillotined Footjob Pt1
    9 minutes
      Chloe Guillotined Footjob Pt1 - Please be advised that this video is in ITALIAN LANGUAGE!

Chloe has been arrested and is brought in the execution room to have her head cut off by a shabby headsman; they are alone, there are no assistants and she absolutely doesn't trust him. She asks why they are alone, what will they do with her head, and her body, and keeps being inquisitive, a true pain in the ass. She even insinuates that he might use her body after execution... On the other hand, the headsman sounds a bit hesitating and this causes her to doubt more. She keeps bothering even when she's down in position, so the headsman cuts it short and lets the blade drop down: Chloe gets instantly beheaded and suddenly silence comes into the room. We can only hear the headless body's spasms and see her ass bouncing, and this is far better than her annoying questions.
Then the headsman comes closer: he holds her wrists up, raises her gown to expose her butts, and then moves down and takes one of her shoes off: he grabs her dead foot and starts fondling it, taking his time to inspect it and make his dirty plans. Looks like her predictions were true, but now she can no longer know about it or do anything to prevent this!
He leaves, but he will get to the body later in the prison morgue, and spend some time with it doing exactly what she was afraid of...

    17 minutes
This is pretty much a masterpiece.

Officer Roswell has been captured on a mission and is now being detained somewhere in another country. In a kind to last speech to a camera she talks about her situation: she's hiding a memory card on herself containing vital information about her prime minister. She knows she's going to be executed shortly as a war prisoner; she can just hope her body is not going to be undressed or searched, just quickly disposed of, so the data will disappear with her. That is her ultimate attempt to hold the information, but she's aware once she's dead there will be nothing she can do. She can just hope her body to be recovered by her country and her team, and in that case she invites to inspect it.

The speech footage ends, we jump forward in time and we see officer Roswell handcuffed, being arranged on the guillotine, ready to lose her head for her own country. There is silence, tension, fear. It takes ages for the blade to drop, and in the meantime she has to wait face down on the bench, listening to the sound of her beating heart.
Then it all happens suddenly, without notice: in less than one second the blade drops on her and, before she can realize it, her headless body spasms on the plank, relaxing in its dead limp state...

We jump forward in time once again: later, nobody is in the execution room. It's dark. Roswell's severed head rests on a pillow, while her headless body has not been taken off the guillotine yet. A spy who probably comes from a third country sneaks in. She seems to know things about the data, as she goes straight to the target: she approaches the headless body, opens the cuffs, starts to pat it all over, searching for something. She takes off the headless officer's high heels, exposing her juicy soles. Nothing seems to be in the shoes, so she rips off the body's stockings, pulling the sexy juicy legs out for inspection; we see gorgeous shots of these legs and soles being flopped around.

The headless body is plundered before Roswell's dead eyes, which fortunately can no longer realize what's happening... It would be so degrading if she could see that memory card getting taken off her panties, and a "Thank you" post-it being sticked to her bum before the spy leaves, stealing away the data Roswell had died for...

Run Time: 15:49 minutes
File Size: 504 MB 	Format: .WMV
    39 minutes
      ADREENA HEADLESS BODY DONATION - Porn star Adreena signs a very special contract which grants her 1 million dollars for enjoying life, but after one year she has to be willingly terminated, donating her body and head to the company. She's actually really excited about it, even because the head will be exposed at the Porn Star Hall of fame museum gallery, while her headless body will be sold to a private guy in China who will use it in any way he wants.

-- Please not that the killing and beheading scene is entirely implied and not shown! --

In a room, we see Adreena's headless body and severed head dumped on a table for later preparation: she has just been beheaded and the body is still dressed and warm; doctor Cummings (the previous interviewer) walks in and begins undressing her, putting his hands on the body in a kinda disrespectful way. Adreena can no longer mind that he slaps and fondles her ass and breasts, or uses her dead hand to stroke his cock, or slaps it on her stunning smooth soles until he cums all over them. The body is simply just a toy now and legally belongs to the company.

Once he's pleased and the cum has been reasonably cleaned off Adreena's feet, he starts preparing and dressing up the headless body in the outfit required by the person who bought it. It will be preserved and shipped soon to him.

Then we see the severed head, mounted on a device; an attendant performs some inspections and eye checks on it, then the head gets resuscitated. Adreena's brain is now back to life, confused, as the doctor keeps taunting the head testing the reactions. Looks like she will have to stay exposed forever in the museum, alive, while her headless body is used as a toy doll somewhere in the world.

Run Time: 39:20 minutes
File Size: 1390 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Body Inspection
     Cassie Beheading Foot Teaser
    8 minutes
      Cassie Beheading Foot Teaser - "As a matter of fact I'm gonna order you tomorrow, I want you to go in that room where my body is just laying there, headless, and I want you to lick both my feet, sniff them, in-between each and every toe, and slowly suck each toe." --- "You pathetic little pig wanking over a headless girl's body and feet" --- "And if you get caught you're gone: you're gonna have no job, no life and no woman will ever gonna on you again, cause you were actually wanking and sniffing a headless corpse's feet!"
This is what Cassie tells you, looking straight into the camera, as she caught you looking at her feet while she awaits her execution by guillotine in her cell... This is the most bizarre teaser ever, as she knows she's going to lose head and you will surely play with her headless body, but still can treat you like a pathetic, poor loser, just pointing out the fact that you could never deal with such a hottie in real life, as long as she keeps her head.

Please note that there is NO death scene here, just a really hot, explicit talking about her execution and dead body! Also, for a couple of minutes Cassie refers to her dead body as "she", don't know why

    15 minutes
      BOOB ISSUE ON THE GUILLOTINE - Here comes the new horizontal guillotine!

Cassie has to be guillotined because of a traffic offence. She gets escorted in by two attendants (one is POV camera), hands cuffed behind her back, looking annoyed but obedient.
But soon a problem comes out: when they try to fit her face down on the machine, they realize her neck can't go through the hole because her boobs are too big: the machine is simply not designed to handle that!

It's an embarrassing moment: they keep trying but there's no way. Cassie is very annoyed by that, as she was expecting a very quick and smooth thing. She grows fussed. She blames them to be incompetent and expects them to take her head now and in a smooth way. She doesn't want to wait any longer.
In the end they agree to do her face up, so she gets handcuffed on the front and strapped to the machine. Things still go too slow, so Cassie keeps complaining. But, finally, they release the blade and her head falls. Cassie's body instantly goes limp but keeps spasming a little bit, causing her boobs to bounce.

The guys can finally talk, about how fussy this lady was, and about her boobs, which caused so much trouble. They are curious to see them, so they expose and start touching them. They take snaps with the phone. They recall how fussy she had been and now want to make fun of her: Ammalia starts to kiss and lick the bare boobs, they laugh as no protest comes from Cassie anymore.
Ammalia also takes the high heels and skirt off Cassie's body, keeping them for herself; she shows off her bare soles to the camera. They also look for any jewellery to steal off Cassie's body but find none.

In the end the sexy fussy lady's body lays headless on the guillotine, plundered of everything, the big boobs exposed and violated. She can no longer complain about it!

Run Time: 15:25 minutes
File Size: 677 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Surreal

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